[AAA]Will Jyotish _Remedies group shine in future?

It is directly hit by some members that this group has not to shine. But my views differ from others and I’m optimistic. This group will shine after July 2, 2011 when Saturn will be in direct motion though the Saturn is getting its direct motion before this date. Members will be celebrating its anniversary on March 20, 2011 and to erect horary chart for JR & to check its fate I took random No.20. DOJ-March 11, 2011; TOJ-22:08:13 hrs; Ayanamsa-23:56:12KP; POJ-My residence. On March 11, 2011 at 22:08:13hrs DAPSP of MOON-MARS-VENUS-MERCURY-SATURN is running.

Cusp position is as following:
Cusp 1st 2nd 3rd 4th 5th 6th 7th 8th 9th 10th 11th 12th Deg-min-second 27-20-07 Aries 24-31-19 Taurus 17-54-53 Gemini 12-00-55 Cancer 10-40-47 Leo 16-51-27 Virgo 27-20-07 Libra 24-31-19 Scorpio 17-54-53 Sagitar 12-00-55 Capricor 10-40-47 Aquar 16-51-27 Pisces Sign lord Mars Venus Mercury Moon Sun Mercury Venus Mars Jupiter Saturn Saturn Jupiter Star lord Sun Mars Rahu Saturn Ketu Moon Jupiter Mercury Venus Moon Rahu Mercury Sub lord Moon Rahu Sun Moon Saturn Saturn Venus Rahu Mars Rahu Saturn Mercury

Table of significators is as following:
Planets SUN MOON MARS MERCURY JUPITER VENUS SATURN RAHU KETU Star Lord JUPITER MOON RAHU SATURN SATURN MOON MOON KETU MARS Sub Lord VENUS MARS MOON VENUS JUPITER SATURN VENUS MOON VENUS Significators 11, 1, 5,9,12 4, 8,11,1 6,11,3,10 6,9,10,12 1,10,2,4,7 4,10,11, 2,8, 2,11,1,8

11, 1,6,

Will this group prosper? Is it promised? 11th cusp shows the fulfillment of desire and the 10th indicates name ,fame,reputation etc.
11th cusp falls in Rahu Star and Saturn Sub.At the time of judgement Saturn is deposited in 6th as retrograde planet.Saturn is significator of 1,6,4,10,11. Sign lord and Sub lord of 11th is significator of 1,6 which shows the institution is at present sick.How ever Saturn also signifies 4,10,11. Thus the interference may be drawn that the institution will prosper if disease or sickness is cured.

10th cusp is in Moon Star and Rahu Sub.Moon in 1st shows success.But Moon’s sub lord is Mars who is strong Significator of 8th and weak significatos of 11,1.Sub of 10th cusp i.e Rahu in 8th shows Bandhan as it is Significator of 2nd & 8th cusp.

Is Sickness of JR group curable which has been caused by Saturn?
To judge this, note where the 11th cusp has fallen. It is in Saturn sign;Rahu Star and Saturn Sub who is in 6th as retrograde planet Causing sickness till it is in retrograde motion and not transiting in LIBRA sign of its exaltation. Saturn will get its direct motion on June 13, 2011 and JR group has to shine once again since July 2, 2011 during MOON-RAHU-JUPITER period and onward. This is my humble submission that till then all the elderly and well experienced astrologers of this group may keep patience. Retrograde motion of Saturn indicates that JR group will only shine at the earliest, if hard labour is done sincerely to restore the glory of this group once again leaving behind all what is hurting to member’s self respect. With thanks & regards, www.awgp.org Dhirendra Nath Misra. March 12, 2011; 00:58AM.

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