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‘OFFICIAL OUTFITTER AGREEMENT ‘TS OFFICIAL OUTPITTER AGREEMENT (Agrees fective of uy 1, 2017 Eee Das" by among Under ‘Amour, Inca Majd croton (Units AREA, on he on hd and Georgia Sate Uersty thle Asoc Ine (CGSUAA" andthe Bou cep of he Unveny Sytem of Grr yan on bai of Gna Sate Unity Gorin ‘Ste Univer) nein Anta Gangs (SUA and Grrl Site Univerty sal bea eked 9 se“Usters fm he ote fad Aug Unéer Aro, nite contacting party, de rips red hen by Unversity Unde Aout ‘Slee Under Arm's ses, iby sain, and ny successor comps: poe, however atch Cees willbe die snes tal enue he Under Armour bud lel se UnersiyMi sine ow ‘Sete by hs Agee sod Under Armour il be epee foray beach of hs ABreeman ben Sch en Praiminar Statements ara Sate Usivesiy panies incline Division I atetc programs and employs the coming sta fr mck evga Unter Armor Gre) provi sie poder Geng St User rope snl crating ane ean eau uid ae cera ademas ore he Unive promt een beeen Users nd Under ‘rool set ond isecrdme wh the esa codon tale ecument 1 coset of he sul covenants et fn hs Agreement andor god and vb soniye esp snd eiciny of which re ery akon he pares his eres apes We 1. Dsfniions. 1. Accessor means ll scsi ate en incuig st ot iid Beda, wisn, ove, ‘oct, on peptone (nln bt ie gles am sleeve calor, age 12. Apparel? mene lapse ali are nln. but mot ied to priv a aed app game niin, pte wee, de par une, orey, hs of pe shot sess, uct, pene mapa and ‘thle seeing opel 13, "Apparel categories” meas a's, women's youth a tena 15, “Confrene” mean te tcl be confuse to which Team log 16, “Connell Fitness Products” mets helt lS 0, aplions hardware (tong mats, tess sb heart re oad ss, hah at popes ss, an aber were) ote bson ses nd elated ‘noms (pestclyinloing leet heeded Appar, Asser, Footwear, and Equpmest whb capebly of ‘esing metic i an sec und wlcaly-ised ating and exseent see, mee tel pron). 17, “Diet Competitor” ean Nike ai, Rest, Rall, ama snd Nee Bans, |, “Dsrbutn Channel” mean any oo or oe fhe lowing pin of es 11 ater Departmen Store / Boutiques (ui sect we highend ote depart ore sing wide ge of rod with spedomen mersande ne tal sping ot a specie nei sn shoe ems 142, Campus / Loc (ie at re meer fhe Nationa Ascition of Unveriy Sons cry ebook, cay eihy pect (10%) of thse every fron (1) Ute o epee Fai chops {Seed ine melas commun or sieved oul, ling stale owned oprd Se) 14 mere TV / Catalog Mi Te (les of mii o errs tna nln xeon of caput ne ad mieten sy erst ole comes Wa ioping etwas es QVE HN ap EC) dpb slg at aed dely 0 be cms) 1.84 Spay MidTer (il sores speci ina specif nge of mercedes rel ems. Most ‘sores have tn eee wih an Soph of tose in tem ie wth hey Hele ad prove igh Ivo sei nd xpi ing pty ine mn Mh ge eg on eh pd etsy of mci nd 14S Sporting Gods / Sport Specay an Sheps (ei ses at prey fsa on sport Appr anor Sime at 146 Mae Mates! Wholele Club (i cate nd wine cnet eo gh ume, ova smechandeing (2g, Wale Ca, Tar. 19, Equipment” mens sport supment we by th Tea and Cone ining. but ot ied bls splcabe ntetes fmt te mais, moth ans mouth ies, ehers eee bating loves, em elbow ‘Bryan lcs bar gona ce se! oh in Sectan 2d ihe cxepton a forth Scan SLL 110, foowear meaneall nce alti nate icing ba nt itd on ‘toes, eg and in tent en an ie 112, PefrmaneeFroues mens Product tat (0) havea ig construstin (eg, compresionih ger dor ‘ey beve oie viking es the wae din extend pnt ale ts nl pes of wear ano) ‘nated a assing such costucty, iiestony adr sei cacti Ib, Produce mens Se Access, Appel, Coane Fines Pred, ulpment and Feat, LA tal Pricing” meas Under Amount etl pring forthe Under Amour Pros, 11S, Suit eae people providing serve othe Tea ining, it tii ti epement ployee ‘eqpment manager, nee ae 116, Team Dele” meas tum der avian by Under Armor sell Ute Amour Pods wich a of he ctv Da, tall be BSN Spr a7, Team Png" mane Team Del'then ire ring fr te Under Arnot Prada 1 Teme means lof sie itl hte 118, Under Armour Maris mens cera tadenais un ori ofan ome by Unser Aros wich Under _Aroou pois ales i ia fet In sess eh Lan, “Under Armour Praduci™ meas he Padus povided by Under Armour Universy fru by he Teams, “Ceshs nd ST bening he Under Amour Mar or ter adr Amour of ig 121, Univers Mark mens crn teks ad tend of rig ome by Univery which Unive prove inde Armour wring ase cence rei 2. Tam The em ofthis Agoment conmencet on he Eftve Dt nd conte tne 30,202 (Tam), urs ‘ule ete in acdc ithe ms and onto: of his Aree. ox ura is Agreement "Cannt Ys" ‘Seis each pero oftele (1) mses monte commencing onary aed ening ot lowing Jane tdi he Term ‘3. Under Armours Obtain i Universi 2.1, Prndact Alans. Under Armour hl provide Univer with Under Armoe roosts in eh Cont Your ‘Pri Aluans slows” wom -eoarey mgnit_s30r "Upon etn of is Agreemens der Armour sal further provide Univers witha rit Allowance of 13540.00 valued ate Ping contng prod gat 72016 30,2017 2 ECT ope se (aina ena) S300 AMIE S350000 aera ea03) ‘Sso00 ar (iiias=en024) $0250 ‘TOTAL 50000 ‘The Prod Allovance sal bv a Rei Pring, Univesity sl pci he uni pea sa Under Amour Proc ‘ote provied Unser Armour ail fe Pod Alownne td hl n'y Unrr Arr ofthe eae nig Te ont of ‘Shipping he Une Amour Pda for Unter Armour Univrty ening ed Ex sani prod shiping) wil cage fast Uneriys Pet Allene ad suc cos etn Ei. ataehed Rea Une ctnovldges dace ‘Sei eal be ponte fo ening ht ol Unt Armour rh edt se ace conse ih Under Amour Pret tcerng roses end NCAA ules nd ulatns. Univers tlle porated aloe nd doth Prof Aco ‘Team, Crack nd Satin oe den 3.11 Pind Allownos Reon for Tem Santon, Noticing he regi, adion oy oer et or sedi dec Arr ny bv ny Cato Yer wich Teun lath bebow monty NCAA ing [the prbinnofteevsionapprarnces or reaction of postseason ay of Confer chenpnp game py pps) by ‘be Team, Under rmar sal veh ht ore he oder Alwane frac Cate ex yay peat) tal Team, wen five (259) forthe Mens Basket Team, net yee’ (20) We Wome’ Beal Team. Such ‘edie ah ol became 31 RedigneSanting ‘mntiontnany erties tinker arr ing Cone. ‘Year in ih aT mea ipa” or per Under Armour Prod lr css he ser Arar Natron ty Unt ‘Aout Pofu (ter te ora jr sand by sick Team meme eat eres ping erably pps, proved ht rivet provits Under Arr wine of uch uy wh areas tne pod lowing ah ini, nal ineacee Wort ticommencenenf he nex gan) Under Aro Sl veh ih eau Proc wane ove oUt) ‘Bauch Cone Yer ar oe Besar Ratan Tec a Piecarrece nda Fagor coon rear Fox the evodanet of dot, sme eto al be cumiatv ina Conc Ven (ag, 3orcrence ns Cnt Yo wold ‘eth Prod lowe being eed ty wal 0520000 a ch Conta Ye 4.13 Allotment Regotag Upon Universi’ sri btn mor ta on) in per mnt Unde Amour sta ove a rere Unvey eng rh (fe umout of Pod Allowance ea sabes be Une ee cre Conc eer moor of rst Alsanc rs inthe pesing math) he amount Ped Allowance een {sal drng the en curent Conte! Yeu nd) spi he smoot of Prec, soe and bons a pve oe ‘Product Alone ha he Uniery has ord rng th the-art Canna Ya. 32. Aion Product. 1in any Cone Yew Use requis adda! Produ ora by he Tem, Coaches, sutbeyond he Pact Allowance sc Canc Yur of ees Prodi ay Couch oF Unset opens psc lie, or oer aloterued vet dla Prac), Unventy sal case ya al sch Under Armour Addon ‘Products fom Tum Dora Team Png acotnce Wb Eb, and Sl tt pase eh Addon Ped my ‘irr. Tiny Couac Year, Univ paras ast $4000 woth of Unter Armour Adon! Peet ow Ten ‘Desir Team Pig, Under Armour wl prove Unvesy wi don Under Armour Podat at tt Unive i he a PO Tet Re PD) S500 ‘sno S1300 Sioggen 5.5. Peformance nuts. Unter Armour sul py Unies ics te bona compat st thn hibit sched ht, Bue comperaon ll bp to Univer wai sity (6) a ar Uateny proves Under Ara ih 3 wien nots th abide rer nee fr payment of sh bono ompenstn, Benue! fe Ei sl be ‘Soecunive er tere nde an exp ry Conc oft Yea tone. Use eal te perm date ‘Sy mses red heanr in insertion. ‘Renato of FinannL Term tte event Unveriy’sTems nove up os Power 5 Contec” cing te “em uns rtd tos ae ep pol Br pd fay ey 0) Beal ett ‘erin A-Power Confers” sal ear of he oloing cc cofeetee ACC SEC, ig 10, Big ,orPAC 12 Inte ‘enh pres are mle reach rere win th ity (0) day pedo thereat tems oe Aenea tal ‘ain let acumen ext fr te emanng train he ere, 3.5 utente Pend Sls by University Annceed Vendor, iver ecole tat) Unier Armor urea an xing Le an Disbuon Agent wit GFS, In, dbl ea fx Sore OFS), ce wih FST has eran eighth espe o cra Under Aout Prous ering eolegte der cern ales Gna and) {GFStad University's eal sesing ep (Real Asa”) hve wn exiing worse eal lege ewe ner Wich PSI ‘ysl ceain Prac being certain Unie Mast pur eee he esac peo 3.31 Unveil nae that Under Arar and FS pecs tal ave height sl Under Amour Pros bering th Ue Maks 332 Uiveiy herby gas wo Under Amout he acs rig epi onthe Ete Dao si fowingProtacbeing the Ue Mat (all athe competion apparel wor by the Teams and tie pce Cathe ding rates, umes, exibition and ober fialUnverty aves, (0) __allortereptin ven of seh utenti vioms developed x isl nich Appr tgs provided hone, tat (nth vet Une Amr opt el en int nan pre sey ' pra Disiation Chan! (Mass Mat) en Unersty oy sos mer ese te Une Mito my ede {oor utente Caer ina perc Dstton Chama lsc mea Uner Arms ing ‘ep nfs ata Ape! Caer in ol Diba Chael tren xcept Unvrnty shalla m tine sree ‘te Unersy Marks rt pupose os ope of Under Armond (er he ure of is Sean 3.52, Under Aout hs at rout an Apparel Cogory pra’ Dsibaion Chanel wl he pice wll ean spe, ad lhe aes ht preaar Deribuon Chae a (a Pemanes Pode 333. subjetinalintuceso Sst 3.6 belo, Une heby gato Under Amour nani eh esinsng onthe Eee Dnt sl on Pamance Pade nd bade bag Univers Mas 34 Under Armour may ec heres granted ern ite ef one prsint ots apes Wi SL xan eth pry with wom Une Armor ay cota tefte,provied Under Ar FS, hid prt bat Hees agement with Univ Real Ac (or retort party whic Une bas pad he ito sbi sient Ms) hat oni roe sn ei 3.55 Prout proved for under hi Setin3.4 mast efi unong he il Pcs feo eats depart ofc nine de of Universi’ wee, Unrverty, rough Rel Age, sal ety al Unersty Henes of ‘clive ihe gute rin itn try (0) ay flowing non a ie Aseenet In an, Unies Rel Age ‘Sasol rset ta thy ye pce nds ey neater sn (6) de feces on hg nay moet ‘Mose ene whieh Under Arourhs bom yased cave gh hr 5.56 Unienity greesnoto ees or emi te sing ofthe University Ma by ay Diet Comper an ey roduc (ching Poti) or orcs 3.327_theroayanouns poyabe Unive pest the sal of Prods beat Une Mr nd ‘Under Armour Marsal be else hep eal ene nena betwen Under Aout or GPS and Univers 44 Usha Obata toner mou, 41, Contes, Stand Teams Univesity baby grant Undor Amur te exci right spl the Teas, Conch, and St hth Proc Unie shal entre anagram (fr he uc gifs pons, whee remota, sndsemen or svertarnen a an Pros ath apo Teams, Coches OS ran fe Tes ie, 3 x) wh ny hed arf sch hid pry hae “AoA any te of snl ero its nae ‘theme of is procs or eles ls ters opoved in avareby Under Armour, Far Unversity al not ashore ‘Sy Cec Sino Team mere endo, rmbt, or acer th party Prods Usivety wil eg Coches, Sa, ‘Teams wou and we th Unies Aton Profit echaiely fr (Ten evi, Workouts, pci, ges o et mpi, an prt campo lis operated by Univers () aleteiedplropnps (whebe slo morn nd) ‘nese or rs cnfreens abe sprarnc sing ny Coaches, sed when seking foo scng aaron ct ‘he Tous. Nesting ahve, Unde Arabaretnolederané rer t Css, Stan eam sy war aro ‘ert cieumsinoes (eg, eqs of ears ser, meting od ge eve ete om aster or splot asa ai) i comecon wh he ofil das snd at wearing suc apt Sal oe cone mae re of it ‘Asem Except say bv cheri utoaedy Pe Ensig Agrees (sie blow, Utes ataliow Concher, [Sor Tams we wor anerate ny Pots rie by myth for. Unversity sl nt pons, Soaps or ends lpia any Proctor st my Utes opera sors cp ce, lures aie eve ed ny Univer epante apo clini rose Pera rst fo camp orn tence nach Peromane Pos ibe Under Armour ruc. Unie Armies expe achnowledgs and ars a Users doe Sonn, o-Ps, Operate Head Goose” pve prt cso cn and my Under Amr eu dos ot endo ne pty port cp of ln; bomeer, Unters wil exconge Hind Cates lee Under Arour Preuss Ut ry Une, Hea Comoe emp and sinc bosome poms, cosponsored or opened byte Unt the tee spa saps tne al b eject te ths Secon ily te event that any Uner Amour Prout vats NCAA rls, Under Armour gee west ‘pedinny hn Uieny to povidone oleing Pact bt a eso low he Unie fo ae ‘ieoatve aetna (ch must eno rand incase of appar, bowen dase) Ute AO ‘tao provides ubstuton a emery enable prof ie Unter Amour hl compete the Unverty fn) Fenyoned os inired by Unters sce alee Prof ft anal bse rode na nly maser 411 _ Pein Ames Nowwittning myhing conto’ in ts Apemeat whe conta, Under Armour kong tat ws ofthe Hecve Du, Uva as ting apes wi lr pares fr te spl fee Pris (Stn Teens Easing Atma) 2 ohn Ee Detached ere. Following the enpton remo of ay ‘reiting Agreement onset ay ih of et mgt ft ef conned tare) od inte vet Une Amor ‘upp te Profs covered yh palabePe-Esing Agrees, Unveil oc sch occ excel fom Unde ‘Aron rete. If a xine Under Armour doe ot supply te Profits covered by the aplalePreExsing Agreement, ‘Onvenymay source uch Pred fom sno Dit Compa 412 Bows. Contac, or NCAA Evens eh even hat Tea contact cg! by be NCAA, yb ‘ae orto or he Contec wen Products of pu ra peal eet ee ede eral Contec ‘Stmpnsip tl une ocallegeFootal Pye CFP) ge) Unive Sl vide Use Armour wi lance ies ‘to of wy sch contact slain fhe Team, ad Team mer hl be permed to we sa ir pty rac. NO ‘ean ner sal wear pry Prout ane th onectlyeuedNatethsanng he gig, Uvery ‘silts etre to wear npr saon owes evet Prac tach hy Dist Compt gar anda ee 4.2, Sorts Raunt nthe eve! tte Coates, Teams Sal meer ee Eoipent he uae ‘ough Under Arr he Cones, Teas Sa ener ny wee ty Ele tnt) proved a) ach ir pay ' primal spors eupmentcompary wows ibuntal otra’ of apprised) eter Uneraty orny Caach Sor eam member sal esons pom, poms vrs tac haa party unto tne reg Tes Unde ‘moar ues plano ride ay Eqspmen tt pvsyst provi hn Un rus sl he Uist ‘titer ace ots Eeupnent Unser Armor tenn prove, Ones Under hrmou poise ts rvs unre Eun Teh Equipe ll demed tobe nce be deen of Preset nd covered by he epic ems th er eed ‘sive sala lager be pido suc suc Euipnt for emanate than Unser Armour, Tee, Unt ‘Amour shal make sn oew Ejeet valet Uey i actordce i eee brs 43. Wear Tang bjectoNCAA es, Unveil esr tht Tear Sef nd Coaches sal mae amv resoabiywalets Unter frac with espe owe eg Unde Aro Produ a developmen Teen, Sa an Conch ‘al as eons pote Un Arment, le oly oa vig ifs ousted Under Amour 00 he Unde Amour Prog ‘Spledo Teams Su and Cats, Sh writ ets sal aes he ds, we chars, ron met ‘Encontro hia of Under Armour Proacs the Teas, Sta end Coaches wer. The cal Unde Amour roach ‘dovlopmet en ny nteraton eating mcs Under Amour Pods confer. ued y Under Amour, te Unt ‘Amour Proc Sevelopaat sale ouded or td rvs lean somo main he ote of i Unt “Armou Peds sd User Att tla Univer wit hae sderver. Under Arner the omer os ih tl, nd irs in and tay an al hts ot al nlc property ih ning. but not Ed lp, re secre ‘Sopris under eae by Under Arno aer Teun, Su or Caches comecton wth ns nce mou rod "Teams Sait and Cones hy wig ad ave o Under Amour l uh nlc rope nd xt pert oi ings est fet terri oto peret oe ny ropa igh nich Une Amour Prac, Nrwintag ‘hetove, Under Armour laces tn res tt Geog Ste Unt and OSUAA ee ae ote Geog Open Rear 5 ‘Act (OAC ad Under Armor peso cond ry eh wea tig win tegen tft int At. ely, Under ‘Nenor apes o work renoay ith any Heng Coach, Su or Team memrexenensng problems a Comeon wb oe Petirmaos of ode Armour Prods 44, Limitation of Libyan Dishineof Warrants, EXCEPT AS MAY OTHERWISE BE REQUIRED BY APPLICABLE LAW, UNDER ARMOUR SHALL NOT BE LIABLE TO UNIVERSITY, ANY TEAM MEMIBR, COACH, OR ANY STAFY MEMBER FOR ANY INJURY O# DAMAGE SUFFERED FROM WEARING OR USING THE UNDER ‘ARMOUR PRODUCTS, UNLESS DUE TO THE ADJUDICATED GROSS NEGLIGENCE OR WILLFUL MISCONDUCT (OF UNDER ARMOUR OR ITS AGENTS, HEPRESENTATIVES, SUBSIDIARIES, AFFILIATES, LICENSEES, OR DISTRIBUTORS THIS LIMITATION OF LIABILITY SHALL APPLY REGARDLESS OF TH FOWM OF THE ACTION, DAMAGE, CLAIM, LIABILITY, COST, EXPENSE, OR LOSS, WHETHER IN CONTRACT, STATUTE, TORT, ROGLIGENCE, OR ONUERWISE. EXCEPT AS MAY OTMERWISE BE REQUIRED BY APPLICABLE LAW, IN IRDDITION, UNDER ARMOUR HEREBY DISCLAIMS AND UNIVERSITY HEREBY WAIVES ALL EXPRESS AND {MPLito WARRANTIES QNCLUDING, WITHOUT LIMITATION THE WARRANTIES OF MERCHANTABILITY OR [ITWESS FOR A PARTICULAR PURPOSE) WITH RESPECT TO THE UNDER ARMOUR FRODUCTS. UNDER XO ‘CIRCUMSTANCES SHALL UNDER ARMIOUR DE LIADLE FOR CONSEQUENTIAL, SPECIAL, INDIRECT, PUNITIVE, EXEMPLARY, OR INCIDENTAL DAMAGES INCLUDING, WITHOUT LIMITATION, LOST PROFITS AND ‘OPPORTUNITY COSTS, ARISING OUT OF THIS AGREEMENT. 465. Aomenranse by Hen Canc In common wi he enorenet nl promotion of th Unde Armour Products sor Unde Armour, po esa poor tie dae Hen Con's coacing cans and Un el Colne ‘Sine Head Com ale vets kn asa ot Cont Yes one pel pperanes on ee ose Armes ‘Suri parent protection of ming, vee or rot tae weve retin bre ees Ur ‘Armor ised Coach or ay penal apna or prcton sive. der Aros rhrey gre eit ae ‘head Carts rigs of pubs allowed by Confrence le, ng, but ot edt end Can ane, patie, ‘knee ol, pppoe incmecton wih sch ara wl en someon with User Armour ae Unde ‘Armour Posies Seca Georg Sate Uiverty paler and pcr, Unt Aro Sal pal esol an sey tensporiaon, wea lod pes of Head Con in coneron wie vs ot ft he Satan 4S" During Ponta appear by Hest Coach Head Coach ll wer he Unde Aout Prods ‘46. Visit aC tUnde Armoue Marks Under Amour Profit lb wor he aeons ome Unies Amour, Gives sal not ad wl eae tht Team members, Sa nd Coaches Sal nt rene, we, ae Slot ‘hag: y Under Arma rot ecg bu not ote Unde Aout Mar) or al he sae, tet, dca, Sere ark, gb eign enti ay hind py ans regi the Confer or NCAA ose mee tects ch sal reine ater fan espe pean ah eas). Uae! ting” mor ting of Under dour Pets y ny Tean meer, Sut meer dor Conch sal neanaet wit be upon fi ‘Reser nl sal eden smal ath of tik Apement: Under Amour rege ht cent NCAA re {25s gover he saad counts of «mutters or Groans seman rac wor by memes othe Tet Sj Seaton 22 Under Armor jet any Sages sch epson dig he Ter 447, Promotional Operate and Piviage. Univer wl oid Une Armour wih he bere ft in [aia tached ere ap aon ct Under Armour ules cers hd, In ation, Univrtyerey nto Unde ‘mourn ign epee, apy and trae ae me trap dor asl tape he Team game, et {@ppliale NCAA snd Contes ilo prom te near Aroar Poss tn is ebsp wih Universe e Tear Snes Proper, Sil. Under Armour Grant of cas, Under Armour ay sas Unive aoa, onesie, ind, neo. eesee he Uner Arona Mr promt th esoship been Unde Armour and Temes ncn, bt tote Under Armour being be “Of Outi of Gori Sta Unvriy Aas” A such we of Und Arour Matty Unies sal cfr onfrn ad NCAA ree Univer sal emo Under Armour and Uns Armour al hve igi approval pope os of Ur Armour Mk by Ustersy Under Arousal turn il, ‘Susan dly approval fuck landed we fb Uner Armost Nar. If Und Armou dns tat pve ot dgpove § ‘equ x approval ing ibn en (10) ay of it reo mach malate deed Seve Under Aout {Slppver ny mers obit by Unters, User Armour sal pode Unie wi wre resons wy uh ates trerlnppoved. Use of te Under Armour Mars by Univesity nd the onl ote therewith shal ne the bene of Tater Armour Under Armurowne all ight etd ret nando te Under Arms Mars ad Unies shat omthing Isom th Under Armouss owners be Unser Aro Mu 52. Uninet Granta Liens. Unvesy hry gts oder Arosa yay ex sexi in no tinsel ices Utes Marist promote Under Aout th Under moa ds ar relatonip tween Unser 6 “Armour ai Teasing bt tinted o Unies Armour being the “al Ove of Gor Sate Univesity Adie” Alt ‘uch a of he Unvety Mis by Under Armour sal sont Confeece sad NCAA ws, niet Arocha bmi Univesity ad Unisys hve the iit prove al prope wes oe Unies Maks by Under Armen. Unive sl ‘auresiombly with codon or day eprval of sc ened ef the Unverty Macs Ulery ot a spre diapprove ares apr in wriig win ten (10) ay af ci here, ch arias shal deed aprove. TE Unive dtprves ny atl sted y User Armor Uncen Sal prove Ur Armor ith wien rane 10 ‘iy oh atria ee depot. Use sie Mi by Unde Amoco te pl ciate rei shal ie {ete ent of Unto Uno gh te od iments Unni Bi nd Unde Aral a So ything news win Univers meh he Ulery Mas 53. Quay Control Obtiaon. Usivesiy sal cooper ith Under Amour ate tht he uy os we of he Under Armour Marks de guy at gods nd sence soe ith wh te Under Aroat Masks ae sh ‘ott cd, Universi hal ate esa efor as ry be ened by Une Armour the uly of Universi se ofthe Under tor Maks wd he ef qa ofl gods nd eve provided commen whe Una Armour Mt [Shih and dvs dee om the pod Lascae wih he Under Armor hus. Under Aranr hal nope th Univer tare a te uly of es ofthe Unesiy Mas and th guy fs goods and servis in someon wh ch the ‘siverty Marae utd igh To tt eo, Uner Armour hal ae exeonabi rtaray be eurste y Univers ‘ret te atures gay of Under Armor ape ofthe Univrty Mar nd he ee of uy f pt an evo oided in cnmcton whe Unsery Wars high nd de Sant fm he pool sre wt te User Mats 54. 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The gh Saiton lbs pcan the order salad wil be ate aco: FedEcNon Standard Grd Shipment 59% FeEx3-Dey Stipes 10% Fesx2-ey Sipe 13%, Fx Oven Shipments 25% Fetix Overman Fiiy Shipments 35% ex Sonrdy Delivery Shipments 359 wanier ost Da eens ‘Teas eas acrnomiepoucer ‘TEAM DEAL ACINOWLIDGMENT & AGREEMENT Jee etnwlln ese ny cn, rs pny ie fi bem od conditions ofthis Ennio B i saets ahi fit Oi yeoment PERFORMANCE BONUSES Aenereneat Eee iaea oo-Calege Foil Fo Cotes Bal Ge Paar S500 ‘Coleg Fatal Pall Conmaee Sov Gane Pails! 3000 Coleg octal Play Commie Nar! Champs $255000 Men's Basalt, THEKA Fon Seon Toure pp S50 THERA Testes Tauramen 2 Round Axpesins Siio0 NCAA Pos Season Toure See 16 Appearce $1500 NCA Fost Sasa Tersren Ear 8 perce "2500 THEA fsa Tousen Fin ear pean 5,00 ‘NCAA Pat Season Toure Nae! Chon so0a00 Natoral Cacho ie Yer 1500 ‘Aabieeeat Boas ma ‘NEXA Pai-Seson Tourn Appears 500 HORA Post Sason Torrent Red Apecan Siap00 [NCAA fos Seats Touran Suet 16 Aspe 515000 NCAA Post Sxan Toure Elie Apres $2500 NCAA TostSoeTouemet Fal ow Appears $5,900 [NCAA Pos Seon Toussre Nam! Changs 10300 "Neral Cea he 5000 A Ober Spars etirameat Ben ins TERA Fe Saon Tousen Aaa S100 THEA Post Seon Tours Natal Cho Sipo0 ‘nal Coho be Yer 52500 Eanbiey opi Outer Aeeemen PRE EXISTING AGREEMENTS Ta Pratac Fever Tipision Da Satta oo Wiksaausvie Wa Soft eld ee Vw Na et hy, es lee Raving aaa Mer Gar ‘Gait Bags, Cake | Ping NA Gib Gover Mansa Gal ali, OE Ta Wa ‘Wome's Gar ‘ol Ble Bedese NA ‘Wone's Gah atta Pa Na Subj i al inset aplabeCanftrece and NCAA rales (hic ay requ th use of an inl spl ya Diet Congest e oe Compo), Unversity wl excel ise Under Aros () sxe bal be Mes and Women's ‘sce Ten, nd (wollte frie Cou Veal and San Vell Tue and wi rebel a se Under Armour ‘tt nd otal provide, weve, ha Univers le erie suc taste nor ft fom son Die Conpettor. Assn, dg Term, Unversy sal be erie sour ean ule fos aan Die Capel fre ‘phe Men's and Wore’ Tennis Team “ Hobie il Quite Agreement SIGRAGE AND OTTIER MARKETING BENEFITS ‘Oil Desznation. Uivesiy tery grate Under Amur the exci riah oh ofl designation of “Oeil Outer of cor St Universi Ati" wll the “Ofc! Outta” he Tams clr,“ Denn") Unlvesty ‘alse flo fro Under Armour by sch Oil Degas soe stings ed ean. The yrs ay om tine ine, mal erin wring atonal ofl dvgnon, ‘spilt Tickets and Prhine Pass. Universi stall ppl Under Armour ith cig (et aval et an wo) king asso ex Tens egir son home pene. Faro Universal spp Unser Anson wih x ( bn rae ‘tools ty exibion gre cal st, xan vet an por rou eo amet hic Tea pei ell ‘oe () paring pan fy sch game ation, Unneriy sal pve Une Armour te epperany lo prse ‘Stn es pring pose ponent and jet ea. very al oly Under Armbar iat) pet {Seach Alum, Don ror emir ncn tech Teas ep sein fe anes Pacer, Usveny al apy Unt ‘Azmostwithane (1) AlAs dtl each Teas reas a osseous dal eB lar ove ‘tonal ereena when mus by Under Armour to eneed fot) pe ee Marking Mari. Under Armour al be regained by be Oil Designs nay bie ay pablo, and say ‘erent or prot! murs cooled bythe Georgi Se Unters Alec Asociaon tt ee foe Tear Ile bt wo ied toposes clndar ad neers Wao iting he eping, above fl Uses Sal pe {he UA bgocn ec Tean’shone page nd biyperenik fom such ome poeta he Under Amore ‘Slaase, Unies Amour sl zie to (2) best eal, elev ew sgnge at ll ene wie the Team ay hei hoe {ead al mane on prin lev vew logs ny Cone show Adon, Unde roar al seve ops octet on ech Tean's nei ey nd repeat ackrpeUncer Amour al ese mnt a () a of LED, vies ccs, LED itn nd oto toed n ens whe he Teams ply Biron gamer Under Arua ei lah ‘tivo 2) of ie long vou ate ny te court the Busta Tears compe: Team Bech Apo) Basle ‘Aen eos i) Basel Sarin, (o) Oe Court Diagonal or) enh mutual ge pono oat peri loo. ae Ameat Sal ext o-banding opotnis on my set roup Secon signup Urry hal wa tefl se Under Armour ral eng ad det sect rust Ur Amor al rie sparen ach Fea er, presley pre mene iy, espmen room srt & conten, nin te estan sem aed en Unive abd Unter Seno Unse Amour lb rane na of rating an proving hips 8 Un ey ‘shal be eponle for te baleen ntrncs coset sch cee Cer Armour cose lowing fees, mina be ge or pace les OSU Spar Are, Gur Done, OSU Basal Compl, Heck Sol {Compe GSU SoosFes te Sad Voll Compl nh evet ny Teas rai playa he Ture Coco ling Tey te puis ileal ares pon et eels be provided Unde Armour Forany Team une nthe Georg Dome ny mann eaponr and bene sal be set he pols mi paca othe Get Dae ‘Asaoancoments nd Othe Advertiements the verse wrth Teams ply ome es ass epi, der Amon ‘ase recs te Of Designs inate (pablo tmouneoets ung each ae pa of eh Tee ‘Rate, Une Aron lec: (0) oe (1) fl age veteran inthe mei ie fr he Teas onal age cat ‘verona in ech pe rep re Fee (9 ag pacar n ec Tc’ cn ses dog Hemet ech {Tean'ehel ed The emer f ch advrtanment sab muta aped use te pres nae ‘Sasa Medi. Unveil pete rome is elonsip wih Unde Arno, he Under Amour an ane User Aout [otic ns minmom offi nc eps or one Yn, tug el earns ato te os ae Uriversiy pues of Ales The covet af uch pox sul be povided Under Armour aad pod ance by ‘University, sh approval oo Dunes delayed or Wil Mating List reget by Under Armour, iver’ ali deparest hall make or (les alleges pr SEERVE (ce yelper ens) tl of Ur Amc me ering th edocag a eutrt of att ngs al emul aged up ty he pero

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