March 7, 2011

Volume 1, Issue 1

A Student Success Agenda
On October 1, 2010, the federal government granted Gavilan College a sum of approximately $3.5 million to be used over the next five years to improve the persistence and success rates of our first year students. Two areas of need have been established and are being targeted: a more seamless entry system for students as they matriculate into the college and more engaging learning experiences to sustain their interest once they are enrolled in courses. In addition to more interactive activities, students will have more access to technology with the opening of a Student Success Center and small open labs across campus. Software such as an early alert system and Degree Works will serve to track students and keep them on track - and


Title V Team
Fran Lozano Mary Ann Sanidad Michelle FoguetMendoza Josie Olivares Karen Warren Hope Jukl Colette McLaughlin Nicole Cisneros Sabrina Lawrence Leah Halper Robin Kreider Sarah Aranyakul Debbie Amaro

encourage them to be more active participants in their own progress toward their goals.

Title V Team
An enthusiastic group has assembled to bring this Student Success Agenda to fruition. Heading up the First Year Experience is Karen Warren (English), Hope Jukl (Math) and Colette McLaughlin (CTE). Leah Halper and Robin Kreider are now continuing their work with Service Learning under the auspices of Title V. Debbie Amaro is in charge of finding and integrating simulations into the Nursing curriculum. Sabrina Lawrence and Nicole Cisneros bring their tech savvy to the table to give insight into incorporating more technology into the curriculum as well as starting a center for faculty development. Sarah Aranyakul is proposing early alert and orientation modifications. Last, Michelle FoguetMendoza is serving as Student Success coordinator and is starting a Student Success Center. The Title V team has been meeting two to three times a month to share their research findings and discuss their ideas.

Spring 2011 is the planning semester for the Title V grant, with various efforts being implemented in the fall. On the instruction side, the Title V team has been researching various pedagogy such as Accelerated Learning, Contextualized Learning, and Project Based Learning/Service Learning and considering the embedding of technology in coursework to capture student attention. The month of March will see a number of campus visits where staff can witness first-hand how these pedagogies are implemented. Some of our faculty will be receiving training in the areas of First Year Experience (FYE), Supplemental Instruction (SI) and in student success. The overall goal is to consider the research and discussion in order to craft a First Year Experience for our new students who score below collegelevel in either math or English. Two sections of ENG 420/440 and 250/260 have been scheduled as FYE courses in the fall.

Michele FoguetMendoza counsels student, Lucy Leal

Want to get involved? Email Mary Ann Sanidad with training, presentation or professional development ideas. Email: msanidad@gavilan.edu

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SI is being used in three writing classes (ESL/English) this semester. Tutoring is being provided by both student and professional tutors. A Service Learning training session, which served twenty-four instructors, took place in January. A task force has been formed to examine our present orientation, assessment, and admissions process. The goal is to welcome students with a clear, step by step procedure to carry them from a admission to registration. A Technology Showcase will be sponsored by the Title V Technology Committee. Three ESL instructors will demonstrate technology that they find both helpful to them as instructors and interesting for students to use. A hands-on session will follow at a later date. Look for your invitation to this April 15 event. Laptop computers have been provided to both general and categorical counselors to encourage their participation during counseling appointments. Gavilan College researcher, Randy Brown, has written a survey for student engagement which will be given to students later this semester. Data derived from the survey will serve as a baseline for student perception of belonging, of learning, and of being heard, indicators which predict student success and persistence.

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