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“Therefore seek, and turn the earth upside down. Labour, that you may receive fruit, for

unto him that worketh, and hath strength, strength shall be given, and the reward of a workman. Many years, the Daughter of long time, are not necessary to the opening up of this mystery. Many months have nothing to do here for lo, it is a labour of one day, for in one day you may understand to tear this lesson to pieces, and to understand what every word signifieth….Be therefore diligent, and pray for the grace of god, that you may learn and understand. The manner of man’s teaching look not for, in me; for I have nothing to do with man…Now hear what I say unto you. I will open unto you a mystery, the key and foundation into the entrance of divine wisdom…therefore humbly receive that which I have to say unto you, or shall open unto you as obedient scholars, kneeling.” I

The Aeyres. or to mean the two most common sub-systems The Elemental Tablets and Aeyres (such as most of Regardie’s The Golden Dawn or Denning and Philip’s Mysteria Magica). The Elemental Tablets. The only other text that deals with the Aeyres in great detail is Dr.What is Enochian? Enochian is a cosmology and division of the spirit world. These are maps of the appropriate Elemental Plane. to his Court of Seniors. Recently there has been an attempt to begin Enochian Seekers with material outside mainstream Enochian (Elemental Tablets and Aeyres) and I believe those systems would not have been central to the curriculums of the two major orders were they not at least the most useful sections within the Enochian Material. The list above shows a definite tendency in Enochian toward Tablets and Tables. The Governors of The Parts of the Earth (in Dee’s time) and most well-known today Crowley’s work there: The Vision and the Voice. Any Enochian Magickian who does indeed stick with the path may experiment with any of these lesser-developed regions at a later and more confident period in their work. The Holy Table. gives . and its Hierarchy. with each group holding its own interpretation of the fully hierarchy. as used by “Reconstructionists” and Ogdoadic Enochian Adepts. and that is a deserving criticism that does show much about the system’s origin (see the next question below). Most modern Magickians use Enochian to mean either the language itself (like Peter Carroll). The Sigilum de Aemeth and The Tablets of The Bonorum: all equally important aspects of Enochian. authors and Magickians mean that portion of the system often neglecting other portions like The Tablet of Nalvage. These are all that is common to all Enochian Paths. or when used as a single Tablet. each containing. to the Lesser Angles each reflecting another of the Elements. reprinted today in Mysteria Magica. from its Watchtower or Tablet King. This is the source of the well known Enochians today. called The Great Table. Dee’s Liber Scientae. Most websites. comprised of several sub-systems.

It is best when working with them to follow the example of Crowley and The Golden Dawn. of which Dr. Hebrew and even Lakota. Dee’s is mostly destroyed. These too should be avoided by the beginner. All the other Tablets and Tables: Holy Table. use the same attributions for all of the outline for possible different occult uses for The Parts of The Earth. but are less recognizable to our poorly educated generation of initiates. and modern sources only rarely agree. to Lovecraftian and Pledian connections. other than the Aeyre Key they were told “These Calls touch all the parts of the World…These Calls are keys into the Cities of Wisdom. Perhaps it is because these subjects hold as much uncertainty and danger as the Sigilum. but it is the source of several of the spirits he contacted including Madimi and Ave. . Nalvage. it does usually sound absurd. The Sigilum de Aemeth. Since there is little of Linguistics or Archeology to base this claim upon. and begin at the 30th Aeyre. originally given to Dee as a Scrying aid for his black crystal ball.” II Both Major Order-based Systems of Enochian: Golden Dawn and Ogdoadic. rather than the 1st Aeyre. who at best should study the best known areas of Enochian and not its pole-stars. Where did it come from? The actual “location” and “basis” of the Enochian System are shrouded in Mythic Time: those whose private obsessions delve into this alien hinterland share theories of origin as odd as “the sacred magic of Atlantis”. but the Key to The Aeyres differing by the name of the Aeyre is often counted 30 times. Japanese. The Enochians. for a total of 48. made the connection with Enoch and pre-Flood life though. They represent The Elements including Spirit. and there are some intriguing similarities with Hieroglyphic. Key 49 was not given to Dee and Kelley. The Keys or Calls are actually 18 in number. and The Table of Enoch were all generated by Dee’s Work but have been mostly neglected by Modern Enochian Magickians. This is an area of difficult and highly advanced work.

but yet few Masters of this System. Enoch himself is compared with Moses. In my lifetime there have been many Seekers into The Cities of Wisdom. several Adepts providing the rare insight. Others may someday prove that comes from a lost linguistic connection between Enochian and terrestrial languages. all too many fly-by-night dabblers. The Aurum Solis and Golden Systems. with different Elemental Tablets. He created the Enochian Temples Template. During The Rosicrucian Enlightenment many groups all across Europe and Britain’s Colonies continued to explore this as well as other areas of Hermetic Study. Vision and the Voice today. Other sites outline this history and series of events in great detail. many of which Dee may have been aware. and the always fascinating Lotus Working. though revealed to the world in the 20th Century are outgrowths of this period. contains much of the surviving original material. John Dee and Edward Kelley during Queen Elizabeth I’s Reign. and Keys. His greatest contribution to Enochian is a derived system from the Golden Dawn. Thoth and Christ in various places and the belief that he may have “practiced” Enochian remains a useful myth. Causabon’s True and Faithful Relation between John Dee and Some Spirits. and the countless forgotten pilgrims into the Enochian Universe. Both groups sought to harmonize the original work both with itself and with each Order’s Cosmology giving both systems great depth. is often more important. possibly making it the “tongue of Babel” as Dee believed. His own adventures in The Enochian Universe were well documented. Dee Purists or “Enochian Reconstructionists” rarely accept anything beyond the little that survived of Dee’s Work. The accepted origin of Enochian on Earth is the historic communications between Dr. from the Earth Working. as well as . Today. to his Parts of the Earth. and is treated as the primary source of this system. today very few who read any of his Work show any familiarity with this point. and Comshela. Although Aliester Crowley in many ways was a product of The Golden Dawn. since Crowley Ben Rowe is the single most important contributor to this Tradition.Enoch is the subject of a number of Hebrew and Gnostik Mysteries.

freely debate and discuss his Work on many Enochian elists. my creation is”. Few others have added anything to Enochian. “ III This is an important but rarely cited bit of Enochian. That was based on my private Work. as my words are: with my self. which will hopefully grow to add ever more this field. rather than Demonic. In the penultimate communication with Dee called the Daughter of Fortitude IV speech. Beyond this. but rather than an Angel or Instrument of God’s Will (like Uriel and others in the book) comes from “wrought with power…my self. wherein the wonders of God are wrought with power. He is missed. with you. This does have a foundation from the beginningMadimi says to Dee and Kelley “I am Madimi. That and the fact that nowhere else online is a similar guide. it is all Theoretical and has no place in this paper. There are others with minor but still important recent contributions. Dragons and even a book of work each on the Aeyres and Tablets. and not just by myself. but suffice to say the Beings invited in The Keys sound more like Elemental Spirits than kin to Raphael or Mephisto. with truly profound implications. some experiments from my Adepthood and warnings from both Fortune and Crowley about Elementals that seemed well to fit The Enochians. on “the nature of the Enochians” for saying that they were Alien and Elemental Intelligences not Angels or Demons. Recently I discovered that very post on the internet. What are The Enochians? Years ago I got in an argument on an Enochian elist. The Schuelers for all the complaints and flaws with their OTO version of the Golden Dawn Enochian did add to the discussion through the creation of their Enochian “Tarot” as well as providing some interesting thoughts about Tools. It is clear she is Divine. and of that order. she expands upon these . most blandly recycle earlier thought and add nothing but either Christian or Thelemic fanaticism. as my creation is. and that partially led to this text. Magickal Squares.

The Second. a background in related Magick is best.motifs as well and those taken together seem the best answer to this question. taught as the Work of the Adept in both The Ogdoadic and Golden Dawn Traditions. the combination of many parts or bodies concurrent with one principle. after the Adept has achieved contact with their Higher Self. the centre of every body is elemental. The First the knitting together of celestial influences. The Third. “Alien” today leads to ideas so often more like Taken and The X-Files but it is relevant to remember that they are Extra-Terrestrial and likely Extra-Dimensional as well. and nature of their being. Although there will always be a few who will attempt to work with Enochian without any other background other than basic Neo-Paganism. Rlodnr says to Dee the opposite end of the Elemental side of their Natures: “There be four mediating ways to the centre… that you call Animal. for reasons unclear to me. Traditionally Enochian is the Hermetic equivalent of post-graduate work. especially Enochian. Vegetable or Mineral Workmanship of Nature is here. What should I know? Since the Aeyres and Tablets are the most accessible portions of Enochian. that is unwise. at the Adept (or Advanced Levels) that usually take 3-7 entire years to reach. This is still the best way to learn Magick in general. and The Creatures below. so it is important to keep this in mind always in dealing with them. perhaps with the addition of The Key to The Aeyres. Traditionally Enochian is taught in Hermetic Orders. as in a part of the four… I have delivered you … the true perfect and most plain Science or understanding the lower creatures of God… which is fourfold. The last is true knowledge of every substance… “ V Ending in a place disturbingly similar to whence Madimi begins. Oddly neither The Golden Dawn nor Aurum Solis sought any answer to this question. Even Crowley called the Aeyre Call a “dreadful prayer” for this very reason. but for .

Thelema. including Alchemy. unfortunately it is often only covered in superficial ways for the uninitiated other than great work with the Hindu Tatvas. with a very small minority outside of those four religions. Tantra. and the best published source is Franz Bardon’s Initiation into Hermetics. That is not say it is unknown. The foundational concept for the proto-Enochian Magickian is Elementalism. and the last volume of Denning and Philip’s Magickal Philosophy Series outlines an entire course. or Buddhists and Thelemites. They actually prefer dealing with Adepts who have already completed The Abramerlyn Rite. These Spirits do not like it implied that they are either Thought-forms or Subjective. Dee practiced. Yoga. A background in Tradition Hermeticism is best. so they are friendlier to those who do honestly and faithfully serve a Higher Power. and need not come from any Order the Golden Dawn can be studied from Self-Initiation into the Golden Dawn. In Vision and the Voice Crowley sees it as “…I cannot catch it properly. Another point most other Enochian Sources today downplay is that before dealing with them. but it seems to be of the effect that the true God is equally in all shrines…”. The Adept should be comfortable and pious in their faith. In my experience most Enochian Magickians are Egyptian or Voudou Pagans. Despite what both Dee Purists and many Hermetics believe it need not be the Anglo-Catholicism Dr. The other reason that Traditionally Enochian was only taught to Adepts is that the Enochians have little patience for the whims of an Initiate’s Ego. . There are other important general areas of study for one wishing to do Enochian Work. there are some general areas one should study before even beginning Enochian.those Solitary Enochian Practioners. Bornless/Headless One or equivalent and achieved Conversation and Communion with their Holy Guardian Angel/Agothodemon/ Higher Self. for reasons unclear to me. Astrology. Attempting Enochian prior to completion of this Work is done at one’s own risk. Judaism is as good as Buddhism. merely that it is not typical of those that stay upon this path. and Meditation in several forms. Hekate as good as Isis or Odin.They do not discriminate beyond the preference for Divinity and Moral Standards.

Wescott developed the entire Golden Dawn System. but the formulas for evocation from the Elemental Tablets are very different including a specific Latin . Astrological and Planetary nature called Truncated Pyramid Squares and Scrying the Enochian Letters. Dee. Some of them can become very proficient at Enochian. There are many similarities between these systems. Which is odd since Mathers and Dr. Ogdoadic is the current that was until recently The Order of The Aurum Solis. as in the GD system.Though it is possible for anyone to Work with Enochian. Few without this background can do this for long. but as many differences. Crowley’s Enochian is merely an outgrowth of this. in any form. The “Reconstructionists” believe they are rebuilding The Enochian practiced by Dr. Ogdoadic. like Artabatel. Where should I begin? There are at present Three Schools of Enochian: The “Reconstructionists”. but there never seem to be very many in this School at one time. and Golden Dawn. Conversation and Communion is almost a requirement as well. and The Golden Dawn form came from the Enochian of that Order. and its opposite of Flashing Color. They spend much of their time reading other grimours. Scrying Balls or Black Mirrors. as does its system overall. carved Holy Tables. as is nearly all Enochian in print and on the web. Nearly all Enochian today can be easily placed within one of these Three Schools. so is faith in The Divine. The important variations in the GD Enochian system is that Elemental Tablets are painted in colors. it is dangerous and best after years of dedicated disciplined occult training. and similar props of grimour magick. Picatrix and the Works of Agrippa and Mathers. The “Reconstructionists” often use beeswax Sigilum’s. including its Enochian. The same entire hierarchies are used. Verum. that the squares on every Table and Tablet are assigned sub-attributions of Elemental. The Ogdoadic Tradition has a somewhat different flavor to its Enochian than the GD.

and this period often goes on for years if not decades. Resources Casaubon. and has influenced many Enochian Magickians in our Internet age. slowly drifted to Crowley and Ogdoadic before buying Ben Rowe’s Work through mail order. . with at least as much experience as with the Tablets. The method of using the Aeyre Key is also different. this School actually seems to be growing more quickly. and the Second Key is the only other Key employed. Christos Pir and my contemporaries all have created fusions and hybrids very different from our origins. Since the collapse of the Aurum Solis. LLC. John Dee and Some Spirits (1659).Evocation for each Elemental King. Kessinger Publications. Meric True & Faithful Relation: of What Passed for Many Years between Dr. as hopefully will future Enochian Adepts and Masters. This is where most of The Enochian Webring comes from. Again. The end result is often tremendously different from the point one starts this system. uses of the Keys in regular if not daily Evocation. His journey. this Tradition does not reward casual or superficial study. only One Governor is called at a time. They also do not separate or paint the Tablets in color. I was trained strict Golden Dawn Enochian Tradition. The differences in them are all wondrous and profound. and ISBN 0-76661-0812-0. The Adept should also become acquainted with Governors and Aeyres. those working with these conflicts and delving into these little known aspects of the Enochian Cosmos. After three or more years of consistent work then the Adept may explore the other Schools and Lesser Tables. Whichever of The Three Schools of Enochian the Adept chooses they should work with for a minimum of three years! The chosen system should be studied in full working with its preferred Enochian Elemental Tablets.

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