CArrt Ncno FACTS 3

ENvinoNmcNT ANALYsis 3
MAnKcTiNc sTnATccics 7
7Ps B
MoNiTon ANo cvALuATiNc ÞLAN 1D
CoNcLusioN 1D


Gerry Ford set CaIIe Nero up in 1997. His ambition was to bring a continental-style caIe to
Great Britain with authentic Italian coIIee, extremely good customer service, Iresh delicious
Iood in a neighbourhood setting with a Iriendly, relaxing environment.

The group moved outside London Ior the Iirst time in 1999, opened in Manchester as well as
being rated "The best coIIee house".
In March 2001, CaIIe Nero took part in the London Stock
Exchange and then became the most popular coIIee house
organization in the UK. By the end oI the year, CaIIe Nero had 80
coIIee houses in 24 cities and towns.

From 2002 to 2004, it has purchased stores Irom other suppliers to expand the product lines
and locations.
In October 2005, Business Week magazine assessed CaIIe Nero was the 20
Iastest growing
company in Europe.
In early 2007, Gerry Ford led a management buy-out oI CaIIe Nero and it became the largest
privately owned, independent coIIee house brand in the UK valued at circa £250m ($500m).

Up to now, CaIIe Nero have already more than 400 coIIee houses in total, approximately
3,000 staIIs, and has developed into one oI the best recognised, most satisIied Iood and drink
brands in all oI Britain.

(Historv 2008)

Environment Analysis
There are certain Iorces, inside and outside a business that inIluence marketing
management`s ability to create and uphold successIul relationships with target customers.
CaIIe Nero has such Iorces around it; marketing environment is made up oI micro
environment and macro environment as well as all other companies.

Micro Environment

CaIIe Nero is the multinational company that has chains oI the Italian coIIee all over
Europe. In Europe it has 400 stores out oI which, CaIIe Nero is increasing signiIicantly, by
making their strong relationship with their customers and the trust which they have improved,
Irom many years, employees are the dearest possession oI the company, so they are truly
taken care oI. The company has very organized check and balance system, which is also used
Ior the assessment oI the employee and the individual outlet.

Suppliers play an important role to the success oI the company. By maintaining a
close relationship with suppliers, CaIIe Nero can ensure the best quality coIIee beans and
Iood delivered to stores.
Customers are the keys to any business` success. They are the base Ior any business.
CaIIe Nero put a lot oI Iocus on customers` satisIaction and strive to provide the best coIIee
and Iood to their customers. The market in the United Kingdom is growing with
Their main competitors are
1Ŧ CosLa
2Ŧ SLarbucks
3Ŧ 88's Coffee Ǝ Mufflns
4Ŧ Þucclno's
To make sure that the group can gain suIIicient market share, they have to compete
with these competitors on product prices, convenient locations and quality oI Iood.
Employees are asset Ior the organization so iI they are not satisIied there is some
problem and we see here is service problem because they Iailed to maintain good relation
with employees.

Macro Environment
These are not controlled by the company and are environmental Iorces.
emographic Factor
CaIIe Nero provides Iood and drink according to taste oI the population. They
inIluence consumers to visit their store by giving speciIic oIIer oI menus. They try to gain
competitive advantages by creating diIIerences.
!olitical Factors
Political Iactors contain the stability oI the countries in which CaIIe Nero purchases
its coIIee and other raw produces. CoIIee is grown in some quite dicey areas. In addition,
they claim to be environmentally Iriendly, so they have to consider careIully the way to
protect that brand in everything they do-Irom increasing the share oI shade-grown and
organic coIIee, to providing a living wage that makes it to individual Iarmers, to having
production techniques with low pollution rates.
:lt:ral Factors
CaIIe Nero is always concerned about the culture and ethical values oI the
community. They serve Iood that goes with Italian culture. They take care oI ethical and
moral value oI this community.

$% Analysis
CaIIe Nero is the leading operator oI Italian-style coIIee bars in the dramatically
rising United Kingdom coIIee bar. Not only service with a high quality espresso based coIIee
but also there is an authentic oIIering oI Italian style delicious Iood.
While the coIIee bar market has obviously enioyed strong growth some organizations
can boast the Iinancial perIormance oI CaIIe Nero. We believe that the group`s achievement
base on main Iactors.
high q:alitv and well defined offering the concept is
diIIerentiated Irom market leader Starbucks (i.e. European
versus North American). There is also a high attention to detail
to build a truly authentic European coIIee house environment
that is supported by a high quality coIIee and Iood oIIering.
$elective site acq:isition and disciplined roll-o:t the
Group plans to prevent premium high street and retail park rents. Management have also
resisted the temptation to take marginal sites simply to acquire greater store numbers. The
roll-out is tightly controlled.
Foc:s on brand val:es despite the success oI the CaIIe Nero concept management
have remained Iocused on the core product. Numerous opportunities have arisen to accelerate
the roll-out both in the UK and internationally but management are unwilling to sacriIice the
core brand values.
These results were a Iurther conIirmation oI the strength oI the CaIIe Nero business
model and the high quality management. With the underlying coIIee bar market in the UK
continuing to show good growth the outlook remains exciting Ior the group.
CaIIe Nero has a reputation Ior new product development and creativity. However,
they remain vulnerable to the possibility that their innovation may Ialter over time.
The organization is dependent on a main competitive beneIit, the retail oI coIIee. This
could make them slow to diversiIy into other sectors should the need arise.
The company has the opportunity to develop its
global operations. New markets Ior coIIee such as India
and the PaciIic Rim nations are beginning to emerge.
Co-branding with other manuIacturers oI Iood and
drink, and brand Iranchising to manuIacturers oI other
goods and services both have potential.
The biggest threat is the growth oI other maior competitors like Starbuck, Costa, and
Subway which result in the loss oI market share. Also smaller private coIIee and sandwich
shops pose a threat to the expansion oI the company as well.
Currency exchange rates and regulations are also threats that every international
company Iaces.
Also the economic situation could aIIect consumers` spending on coIIee and
sandwiches. However, recent surveys have proved that people still maintain their daily
routine oI getting a cup oI coIIee and snack even during Iinancial tough times.

$MAR% objectives
$5ecific - Be precise about what you are going to achieve.
Measurable - QuantiIy your obiectives.
Achievable - Are you attempting too much?
Realistic - Do you have the resources to make the obiective happen (men, money,
machines, materials, minutes)?
%imebound - State when you will achieve the obiective.
($#% Obiectives n.d.)

The Iollowing SMART obiectives have been set out Ior the next 5 years:
1) To gain 20° oI the coIIee shop market in United Kingdom in the next 3 years
(affe Nero 2006)
The three maior chains CaIIe Nero, Starbucks and Costa now have nearly 60° oI
the market. Nero is growing its share oI the market the Iastest, with Costa declining over the
past year. Nero currently has about 13° oI the market (affe Nero 2006). Our
obiective is to increase the market share to 20° in the next 3 years. This could be Iacilitated
by opening more stores in other cities in UK or marketing current stores to more customers
by expanding product lines.
2) To increase the number oI stores to 600 stores by 2012.
The company currently has around 400 outlets (Historv 2008). The obiective is to
increase the number oI stores in other cities oI the United Kingdom. This will Iit into the
expansion plan we have in mind.
3) To increase sales to 40° in cities outside oI Greater London by 2015.
Greater London still contributes to the maiority oI sales even though CaIIe Nero
stores exist in all other areas oI the UK. There is still a huge potential to grow in other areas
oI the country. The obiective is to increase sales in other areas to be more proportionate to
that oI London in the next 5 years.
4) To allocate 50° oI the marketing budget to market new products in the next 5
To expand the market share, we need to expand the product choices to attract more
customers and satisIy diIIerent customers` needs. The plan is to allocate more budget to
promote these new products.

CaIIe Nero targeted oIIice workers, with middle to high incomes, a wide customer
proIile ranging Irom local inhabitants to students and international visitors who had a desire
to purchase premium products. CaIIe Nero wants to become the Third Place`, the place
between home and work where people could gather, relax and interact with one another (reIer
case study). So we are vigilant about their quality control to meet the high expectations. Also
we pay a great deal oI attention to the details oI the store everything Irom the layout, to the
Iurniture, to the music.

Strategies have been set out to achieve the above obiectives .These strategies set out how the
obiectives would be achieved within the designated budget set by the management team.

Undertake primary research Primary research will need to be carried out to
understand the market demands and population density in diIIerent areas to open
more stores.

Two strategies:
To diversiIy products Increase the number oI products oIIered to customers
in both hot and cold drinks, Iood, snack and sandwich options.
To expand the number oI stores Stores will be opened particularly in other
areas outside oI Great Britain.

7 Ps
The 7 P's oI Marketing are Product, Price, Promotion, and Place. The additional 3 P's
that got added lately are People, Process and Physical evidence.
The Iirst 4 P's are considered the basis or the cornerstones oI any marketing process.
Each oI these needs to be careIully looked into to ensure that an appropriate value is assigned
to each one oI them. It is believed that the success oI a product will also vary depending on
how well these 4 and now 7 elements can Iunction together in the same conditions.
The last 3 P's are a recent addition to the entire marketing process.
Good Iood comes out oI good kitchens. Our range oI Iood is created by kitchens and
ingredient suppliers who are top oI the game and continually oIIer new, creative and exciting
products. Many oI our delicious recipes are inspired by Italian classics, using only natural,
Iresh ingredients. All our Iood is Iree Irom genetically modiIied ingredients and
hydrogenated Iats. No artiIicial additives such as colours, Ilavours and sweeteners are added
to the products. The level oI salt and sugar are closely monitored to suit the recommendation.
In addition to this, we have products which are less than 5° Iat.
- Two strategies
To diversiIy products
To open more stores
Market Research
Market analysis
Consumers research
Introduce more products
Extend more stores

Introduce more

Drinks Food and
Scotland Northern

Extend more stores

The amount oI money a buyer must give to the seller Ior a speciIic quantity oI the
product is the price oI that product and usually consumers use this as an indicator oI quality
(Dalrymple & Parsons, 1986). Price and quality determines the value oI the product. When
launched, CaIIe Nero was expensive and was positioned in accordance with that. We always
tried to deliver the high value promised to the consumers. We bought the quality beans, gave
eIIective and eIIicient training to staIIs, and moreover, made an atmosphere to enioy coIIee,
meet Iellow people and take a break` Irom the busy liIe. These all iustiIy our pricing and
show how price supported our positioning. Our price will be competitive to our maior
competitors and set at an average spend oI £3.8 per customer.
Many promotion activities are conducted. The Group is running a brand initiative in
partnership with the British Museum to promote its virtual Egyptian 'Mummy¨ exhibition.
Under the terms oI the ioint venture promotion, CaIIe Nero Ieatures artwork Irom the
exhibition on the takeaway cups which it retails at its 70 stores within the M25. In addition, a
new Iruit booster drink has been added to the CaIIe Nero menu called 'the cool mummy¨ Ior
the duration oI the promotion. The promotion will run Irom early August to the end oI
September. This Iollows the Group`s successIul partnership promotion oI the Tate`s 'Turner
in Venice¨ exhibition last year.
At CaIIe Nero we strive to be the place where customers want to go outside oI their
home and work, a place they Ieel comIortable in as part oI your daily, or weekly or even
occasional routine.
By setting up more stores in other cities in UK, we have managed to have CaIIe Nero
at the most convenient places Ior customers to access at their own time.
At CaIIe Nero, great people are the key to great service. We seek out people with
warmth and a positive outlook on liIe who are customer Iocused no matter where they come
Irom (currently we employ individuals Irom 66 diIIerent countries). Hence, we are dedicated
to recruiting and training the right people Ior our stores. And we pride ourselves on the
Iriendliness oI our baristas (the people who make your coIIee and serve you), whose aim it is
to provide an eIIicient, welcoming service. The store team is encouraged to talk to their
customers, and to get to know the regular`s orders and their preIerences. We want to be part
oI the neighbourhood, not iust to serve it.

The marketing plan is a cycle that begins and ends with evaluation. The Iinal stage in
the marketing plan is to measure the outcomes oI the marketing activities against the original
obiectives and targets. Continuous evaluation helps the marketing team to Iocus on
modiIying or introducing new activities to achieve obiectives.
CaIIe Nero adopted a range oI key perIormance indicators to assess the success oI
CaIIe Nero. In essence, the success oI the plan will be evaluated against the SMART
obiectives set out above. It looked at:
· market share - Did the marketing plan accelerate this growth and help achieve its
market share obiectives?
· overall sales Has sales increased in other areas outside London ?
· brand image ratings customer ratings on the brand
· product innovation - In response to consumer Ieedback and Iollowing extensive
product innovation and development, the CaIIe Nero has been expanded and the existing
Iormulations improved.
These results show that, in the UK, CaIIe Nero re-launch met its overall targets,
which was a signiIicant achievement, considering the diIIicult economic climate. The
marketing plan Ior the re-launch used past perIormance and Iorecast data to create a new
marketing strategy.
The plan progress should be monitored on a monthly basis. Thanks to the great
management inIormation systems, it would be easy Ior management to look at the sales
growth every month to track perIormance against the obiectives.


In conclusion, by Iollowing the above marketing plan and strategies, CaIIe Nero will
enter into another stage oI growth in the United Kingdom. This will be marked by the number
oI stores present in the UK as well as the increased market shares. These obiectives will be
monitored and tracked on a regular basis to ensure the success oI the plan in particular and
the business as a whole.
Historv 2008. Retrieved June 5, 2010, Irom÷History
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 749.4 :.3 .425.



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 .1103074 ..42.