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A Word From Father General

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The Fear of the Resurrection

Dear Confreres, First of all, there was fear before a reality which went
beyond their expectations. The women came to anoint
At Easter we usually speak about the “joy of the the dead body of Jesus. It would have been enough for
resurrection”. But perhaps even before the “joy of the them to have visited the tomb and wept at the loss of
resurrection”, we should speak about the “fear of the their beloved. But they were given a gift that was so
resurrection”. This seems to be suggested by Mark’s much greater – Jesus, their Lord, risen and alive. One
account of the resurrection (Mk 16:1-8). In this could imagine the women, upon arriving at the empty
resurrection account, we see that the first reaction of tomb, looking at each other in disbelief, and asking:
the women who came to the tomb that morning after “could it be true all that the Lord had said when he
the Sabbath was fear and was still with us? Resurrec-
alarm. This is underlined four tion, life eternal, new world?
times in this gospel passage. A God who is love, a God
who is merciful Father, a God
As they entered the tomb, who invites us to share his
they saw a young man, own life? Could all this be
dressed in a white robe, true?” Looking at each other,
sitting on the right side; and the women were almost
they were alarmed. But he incredulous. And they began
said to them, “Do not be to tremble and fear.
alarmed; you are looking for
Jesus of Nazareth, who was And then, if the Lord is
crucified. He has been raised; really risen and alive, what
he is not here. Look, there is would he say to us who had
the place they laid him. But abandoned him precisely at a
go, tell his disciples and Peter time when he needed us
that he is going ahead of you most? Is he going to repri-
to Galilee; there you will see him, just as he told mand us for our unfaithfulness, for our lack of faith,
you.” So they went out and fled from the tomb, for for our desertion of him? Will he still accept us as his
terror and amazement had seized them; and they disciples and friends? Will he lose trust in us, and look
said nothing to anyone, for they were afraid (Mk for new disciples, better than us?
And finally, if the Lord is truly risen and alive, what
Why this “fear of the resurrection”? What could have consequences will his resurrection have on our lives?
been the reasons for this initial reaction of the women? Can we continue to live as we did in the past? What
I believe a reflection on the possible reasons for this changes will this require of our lives, of our mentality,
fear of the resurrection can lead us to a more profound of our attitudes, of our behavior? What life
understanding of the meaning of the resurrection of transformation will the Lord’s resurrection require of
the Lord. us?
Arnoldus Nota

From the fear of the women, I believe we can learn three women were afraid: if the Lord is truly risen, what
fundamental things about the resurrection of the Lord. consequences will his resurrection have on our lives? If
the Lord is truly risen, then our lives cannot remain as
First, the resurrection is a reality that is radically new. It they were before. We need to change our life style. We
is not just the re-animation of a dead body or a return to need to follow the Lord more closely. We need to make
one’s previous existence. Rather, it entails a completely our lives resemble more that of Jesus. We need to die to
new life – a reality which goes beyond our earthly the old man in order to rise as a new creation. We need to
existence, a reality that transcends our human experience. become more like God in order to see him as he really is.
It is about that which St. Paul speaks of in his first letter And God was willing to lose his only Son in order to gain
to the Corinthians: “What no eye has seen, nor ear heard, all people as his children. And in losing his only Son,
nor the human heart conceived, what God has prepared God only received him back as the first-born of many
for those who love him” (1 Cor 2:9). The resurrection children. We too need to be ready to lose our most precious
goes beyond our best expectations, our wildest possession in order to gain more brothers and sisters of
imaginations, our profoundest dreams. Not just a new Christ and more sons and daughters of God. Only in this
world – of justice, fraternity and peace. It even goes way can we receive back our possession transformed and
beyond all this, because it is about the reality of God transfigured in Christ.
himself – the reality in which, as St. John says, “we will
be like him, for we will see him as he is” (1 Jn 3:2). And Dear Confreres, in Mark’s gospel the young man dressed
the good news is precisely that already now we have access in white and sitting in the tomb speaks to the women in
to this reality, through the Spirit of God which the risen imperatives: Come and See! Do not be afraid! Go and
Lord gives to each one of us. tell! As long as they did not go and proclaim, the women
were afraid. If they only came and looked, the women
Secondly, the resurrection is the offer of the gift of peace were alarmed. It was necessary to go and announce in
and pardon. The women were afraid: if the Lord is truly order not to be afraid. But first it was necessary to come
risen, what will he say to us who fled at the time of his and see in order to go and proclaim.
greatest need? Will he rebuke us for having denied him,
betrayed him, abandoned him? And yet the very first word Let us accept the invitation of the young man sitting in
of the risen Jesus was “peace”. Peace to you. No word of the tomb. Let us enter the tomb and see it empty. But this
rebuke, of reprimand, of accusation. Just peace. And would not be enough. Otherwise, we would only have
pardon: “Put your finger here and see my hands .... Do fear. Let us go and proclaim that Christ is risen. Only then
not doubt but believe” (Jn 20:27). And comfort: “Why will we cease to be afraid. Only then can we transform
are you frightened, and why do doubts arise in your hearts? our “fear” of the resurrection into the “joy” of the
Look at my hands and my feet; see that it is I myself” (Lk resurrection. For Christ is truly risen. Alleluia! Alleluia!
24:38-39). And communion: “Have you anything here to
eat?” (Lk 24:41). And encouragement: “Receive the Holy A blessed Easter to each and everyone.
Spirit” (Jn 20:22). And mission: “As the Father has sent
me, so I send you” (Jn 20:21). The resurrection brings the Fraternally in the Divine Word,
gift of peace and pardon. It gives us a new opportunity, a
new beginning, a second chance. The resurrection is the
first day of the week.
Antonio M. Pernia, SVD
Thirdly, the resurrection is a call to conversion. The Superior General

Fr. Arnold Janssen wrote to Fr. Neuhorfer SVD who had to endure
much in Ecuador and was on a dangerous mission in 1894: “All sufferings
which God sends are graces which give birth to better things. I have
often experienced this and I am still experiencing it. Therefore courage;
sufferings are preparation for greater joy.
Proclaiming the Word in the Power of the Spirit: Character
delineation of Arnold Janssen, pp. 68-69.

April 2010

GENERALATE NEWS In Dialogue with the Word no. 9

In Dialogue with the Word booklet no. 9 has already
been released for distribution. The theme is: Human
Successful doctoral thesis defense Trafficking: Present-Day Slavery. Here is a quote from
On March 19, 2010, Fr. Reginald ALVA of JPN the introduction: “Human trafficking is a multi-
Province successfully defended his doctoral thesis dimensional issue. It is a crime which deprives people of
entitled, “The Theological Basis of the Catholic their human rights and freedoms, increases global health
Charismatic Renewal Movement and Its Role in the risks, fuels growing networks of organized crime, sustains
Renewal of the Catholic Church of Japan”. The defense high levels of poverty, and impedes development of
took place at the Angelicum where Fr. Alva started his certain areas. While the reality is disheartening, there is
doctoral studies in Spirituality almost two years ago. The still hope.
doctoral thesis is significant since no scientific
dissertation or book dealing exclusively with the That is the reason why we Divine Word Missionaries
Charismatic Movement in Japan and specifically its role also feel called to respond to this monstrous evil. We work
in the renewal of the Church of Japan had been previously as missionaries in many places of the world where poor
published. The dissertation attempted to establish a strong and vulnerable people are often an easy target for human
theological basis for the Charismatic Movement. Scores traffickers. Since this evil is well hidden, we may not be
of confreres attended the defense and witnessed how Fr. even aware of it. Therefore, we want to gain as much
Alba, with focus and clarity of thought, answered the information as possible in order to be better equipped to
questions of the examiners. One question that came combat it.” In Dialogue with the Word no. 9 is also
unexpectedly from an examiner was accompanied by a available in PDF form at
gracious uproar from the audience. He asked: “Are you
a charismatic?” to which Fr. Alba immediately responded: Back from the General Visitations
“Definitely I am a charismatic.” Congratulations Fr. Alva. The following councilors are back from their General
Visitations: Bro. Alfonso BERGER and Fr. Estanislau
Free electronic subscription CHINDECASSE from IDJ, and Fr. Arlindo DIAS from
to SEDOS Bulletin IDT. Reports and impressions of these general visitations
SEDOS, founded in 1989, is an organization based in will follow in the next issue of Arnoldus Nota.
Rome through which Religious and Missionary Institutes
of men and women combine their resources to serve the Incoming Director of Dei Verbum Course
Church more effectively in her missionary activity. One Fr. James URAVIL from INM was assigned for the Nemi
of the resources offered by SEDOS is a monthly Bulletin community to be the future Director of the Dei Verbum
which reflects current trends in mission. As members of Course. Fr. George KOOTTAPPILLIL, the current
SEDOS, we are entitled to free electronic subscriptions. director, will still direct the 2010 Dei Verbum Course. Fr.
We encourage you to apply by visiting the website Uravil will take over starting with the 2011 program. Fr. The benefits of an electronic Uravil was ordained in 1981 and his first mission
format include not only being ‘eco-friendlier’ but also assignment was PNG. He currently works at the Pune
because it will reach you faster. Missiological Institute.

“Salamat datang”. This was the

greeting that accompanied a custo-
mary welcome ritual prepared by our
Indonesian Novices. This ritual gree-
ted Fr. Superior General Antonio
Pernia, the General Visitators, Bro.
Alfonso Berger, Fr. Estanislau Chin-
decasse, and Fr. Arlindo Dias, as well
as the Provincial Superiors of Indo-
nesia. They were all gathered at the
Holy Spirit Novitiate in Batu (IDJ)
on March 16-17, 2010 for a joint

Arnoldus Nota

contacts and the incessant effects, positive and negative,

Reflections and Thoughts of a globalized and consumerist society.

I plied Fr. Fuellenbach with questions such as: What is

Interview with Fr. John Fuellenbach theology with respect to a twenty first century techno-
culture? Is there such a
thing as doing theology
in the digital age? Does
techno-culture in a
Doing Theology: What in digital world stimulate
the digital age do you our doing and thinking
mean? theology? Can God find
a rightful place in the
digital world? I was not
sure what type of
At age 75 Fr. John Fuellenbach remains pretty active. responses I would get
This year he has carefully chosen to accept 24 different from Fr. Fuellenbach
engagements, mostly now in Germany but elsewhere in considering his forty
the world as well, such as this year in Malaysia, years of experience as a theology professor and a lecturer.
Philippines and Ghana. Aside from that, he teaches as a For him, “The digital age is a new and a marvelous way
visiting Professor at St. Augustin International School of of communicating. It offers an enormous range of access
Theology in Germany. He has committed himself to give to available sources not possible before. Theology can
lectures annually at certain institutes, like the East Asian only gain from it if used in the proper way. This will
Pastoral Institute in Manila for 20 years now, the American surely be the way of the future. Yet the concept of a digital
College in Rome for 25 years in a row and the Nemi course age is complex and multifaceted. Its effects on society
for a good number of years. Fr. Fuellenbach punctuated are only starting to be investigated.”
the sharing of his hectic involvement by saying: “I am
amazed at how much the good Lord keeps me alive and “Personally I hold that the mandate for Theology today
enthusiastic. If I convey or speak the message without should be “Back to the Basics”, in terms of doing
conviction, enthusiasm and prayer, all that I do becomes theology and thinking theology”, Fr. Fuellenbach said.
a burden.” “Theology must be taught in a scientific, pastoral and
spiritual way and at the same time it must be formative.”
For Fr. Fuellenbach, doing theology and living it is his For the student, the digital age brings an enormous
passion. He agreed when I mentioned the age old adage advantage in terms of available sources for studying
on theology as “fides quarens intellectum” (faith seeking theology. Yet strangely enough, in spite of such
understanding). Doing theology is thinking theologically advantages, it seems to be a fact that a good number of
and coming to understand what one believes and why. theological students are no longer interested in scientific
Theology, then, is a rational reflection on our beliefs. It theology, a theology that interacts with science and takes
involves being prepared to give reasons for our faith. Fr. the findings of science into account. This needs serious
Fuellenbach said, “Of course, studying theology must lead and time consuming studies and effort.
to doing theology which leads to pastoral involvement.
This in turn will be effective only if it flows from a deep Fr. Fuellenbach asks the question, “How many books
spirituality that originates in a personal commitment to do our students really read from cover to cover?” If
Christ, whom I ultimately preach and communicate.” students are no longer interested in scientific theology it
will be disastrous in the long run. As a general
This “doing theology from the spirit” is the only phenomenon in the world, we tend to take things lightly
effective way, particularly today, to keep one’s own faith and we want them to be within our comfort zones. But
alive and one’s witness authentic and convincing. Brother in the sphere of theological and pastoral involvement
Roger Schutz, the founder of the Taize Community, never we have to give something beyond what is “light and
got tired of telling young people: “You should never forget comfortable”. A complex and a digital world asks for
that the only Gospel people will still read today is you”. competent answers which presuppose knowing the facts.
What Bro. Schutz was referring to was the young peoples’ Without serious study how can one give an answer to a
life-witness to the Gospel. This is especially so in a time serious question? Of course, besides theological
of rapid religious change, inter-religious and multicultural knowledge one must be touched and inspired by the

April 2010

message itself. Karl Rahner remarked repeatedly 40 years personally shared, if it wants to survive. There is no
ago: “The Christian of the future must be a mystic or he substitute for our living engagement with the Word. Fr.
will have no future”. What he meant was that a person Fuellenbach added further: “I can read books in digital
must be constantly aware of the presence of God in his form but it should not be a substitute for a living
life. After all, to evangelize is a matter of conviction and engagement of the Word. Sharing your faith is to be done
not the preaching of doctrines and commands. in a personal way. It means taking the way towards a
personal encounter with someone or others”. The easy
Doing theology in the digital age requires immersing access to information affects of course the studying of
oneself in the world of digital communication with its theology. To illustrate this further, Fr. Fuellenbach
limitless and overflowing potentials. Pope Benedict XVI, recounts one real temptation of the digital age for
in his 2010 Message for World Day of Communications, students: “When I was teaching theology elsewhere, some
wrote: “Priests stand at the threshold of a new era: as students resorted to copying things without digesting
new technologies create deeper forms of relationship them. They do the cut and paste modus operandi and
across greater distances, they are called to respond boom, they have a paper! Reading their work later makes
pastorally by putting the media ever more effectively at me wonder whether these ideas really came from them since
the service of the Word”. In the same way and in an equal they are undigested and hardly made any sense. I am not
manner, theology is also at the threshold of this new era saying all students do so but the number is not small.”
and the same responsibility for its proper and effective
use is also incumbent upon the theologians themselves. Doing theology in a digital age does not only involve
Fr. Fuellenbach comments: “The digital world is the future the use of all the various communications technologies.
and there is nothing wrong with it. What is more important The center of doing theology remains the same: Christ.
is the proper and efficient use of all that it offers.” There This is why every time Fr. Fuellenbach acts and thinks
is this whole gamut of information in the cyberspace that theologically, the elements of conviction, passion and
potentially supports our thinking and acting from a personal engagement are always evident. With Christ
reflected theology. squarely at the center, in this day and age, it is always
useful to ask, “What in the digital world do you
One danger of the digital age is that one can easily hide mean?”
behind the computer and forget that faith has to be Editor Arnoldus Nota

Remembering a Missionary Spirit

Fr. Prof. Martin Gusinde SVD
Born on Oc-
tober 29, 1886,
in Wroclaw, Po-
land, died in
Mödling on Oc-
tober 10, 1969,
m i s s i o n a r y,
professor in Washington and
teacher at the St. Gabriel Mission
Seminary. Research into the
customs of the natives in Tierra The Selk’nam, also known as the Ona, lived in the Patagonian region
del Fuego, became a member of of southern Chile and Argentina including the Tierra del Fuego islands.
the Aamana tribe, expeditions in They were one of the last aboriginal groups in South America to be reached
Central Africa, was the first to by Westerners, in the late 19th century. Fr. Martin Gusinde did research
visit the Ayome Pygmies in New into their customs from 1911-1924. This photo was taken by Fr. Gusinde
Guinea in 1956. in 1920.

Arnoldus Nota

Catholics and think that Catholics are ignorant of the
Schedule for Zonal Meetings and
Bible. This situation has inspired the parishioners of
Mukobeko parish to learn more about the Bible. This
Zonal Assembly: in Zimbabwe, Sept 2013 evident hunger and growing interest for the Word of God
Bible/Communication: in Madagascar, Easter 2011 is felt especially among the young people. In 2008 a Bible
JPIC and Mission Animation: in Kenya, April 2011 Ministry was formed and Basic Bible Seminars and
Formation: in Ghana, June 2011 Biblio-drama seminars for the adults and the youth were
Afram Formation Board: in Congo, June 2010 conducted. After an overwhelming response, Fr. Wojciech
SZYPULA organized seminars on the Pauline Literature
Execom of AFRAM Zone to highlight the year of St. Paul. Based on the good
performance of the Bible Ministry in the first two years, the
Fr. Superior General Antonio PERNIA, with the Parish Council, along with their pastor Fr. Alberto SACO,
consent of his Council, reappointed Fr. Xene SANCHEZ decided that similar programs will be offered every year.
Zonal Coordinator of the AFRAM Zone for the 2010-
2013 triennium. The General Council also recognised the
election of Fr. Zeferino Zeca MARTINS as Chairman and MWANDI (BOT):
Fr.Tadeusz GRENDA as Vice Chairman of the AFRAM
Zone. These two, together with the Zonal Coordinator, Lutaba Village Service Center, a source of
constitute the Executive Committee of the Zone. empowerment
Since 2003, St. Arnold Mission has been one of the rural
DAMBWA (BOT): parishes in the Diocese of Livingstone in Zambia. With
the help and support of Misereor and benefactors from
Film on Pope John Paul II England and Germany, a Village Service Center to
On January 31, 2010, St. Francis Catholic Church in promote social and sustainable development was built in
Dambwa received a most unlikely group of visitors, a Lutaba Village. The center also responds to the impact of
film crew from Poland to shoot some scenes of the parish climate change, natural disasters such as drought and
including the celebration of the Holy Eucharist. A film is floods, and even animal diseases. The center was blessed
being made about the life of the Church today especially recently by Bishop Raymond Mpezele of Livingstone
focusing on countries where the late Pope John Paul II Diocese.
had an apostolic visitation. On his 41st pastoral visit
outside Italy, Pope John Paul II visited Madagascar, Fr. Klemens AMAUNUT expressed his hope that the
Zambia and Malawi (April 28–May 6, 1989). He was the Village Service Center, through its programs, will be able
first Pope to ever visit Zambia. to reduce people’s vulnerability to climate change and
natural disasters. At the same time the center aims to
St. Francis Parish was chosen as one of the parishes in promote and impart among the people knowledge of
Zambia to be included in the film. The director, producer measures for disaster risk reduction. As the Village Center
and narrator of the film each got enough material and all moves forward with its programs and other formational
were impressed with the celebration of the Holy Eucharist. activities, it hopes to empower the poor as well as
The narrator of the film said “During the mass the whole vulnerable individuals and groups such as youth, children,
church was alive and there was a mood of celebration small scale farmers and especially women. Assisting Fr.
which we did not find elsewhere”.The film will be released Amanaut is Fr. Wendefredus NATUN.
in April 2010 on the occasion of the fifth anniversary of
the death of Pope John Paul II. ACCRA (GHA):
KABWE (BOT): Learning to leave and leaving to learn
Bible ministry showing signs of growth The Divine Word Language Centre, under the
Directorship of Fr. Vince BURKE, is engaged in four main
The small parish of Our Lady of the Holy Rosary in aspects of English language learning: speaking, listening,
Kabwe, Mukobeko exists side by side with seven reading with comprehension and learning to write essays
Protestant churches. Most of these churches use the with correct grammar and vocabulary skills. On
fundamentalist approach to interpreting the Bible.The November 24, 2009, the centre received four young and
Protestants in the area generally look down on the enthusiastic SVD Malagasian philosophy students, who

April 2010

spoke French and Malagasy, to begin a second stage of As he did for all the occasions that he visited his three
English language learning. From Madagascar, these parishioners at the outstation of Salanga, Fr. Wuwur
students brought with them the rich Malagasy culture. returned to the main station with the same determination:
Their presence in the language center and eventually as “I am here to serve them, I am here for them.”
Novices in Ghana has been dubbed as “Madagascar meets
Ghana”. For these students it is important to remember Fr. Wuwur is an Indonesian missionary and was
“Learning to leave and leaving to learn”. One cannot learn ordained on July 28, 2005 He presently works at St. Joseph
a new language fully without first learning to leave one’s Parish in Sanahoulou, Benin. Salangawa is one of the
own culture and learning the cultural signals associated outstations.
with a new language. LUSAKA (BOT):
GHA Newsletter
Enneagram: a tool for Formation work
SALANGAWA, BENIN (TOG): When Fr. Al VILLASANTE was asked how many
times he has given Enneagram* seminars, he answered:
I am here for them, I am here to serve them “Since 1997, seventy seven times”. As a formator himself,
Early in the morning of the Feast of All Saints, Fr. he sees Enneagram as a way of doing formation in a
Hendrikus WUWUR rode his motorbike to the outstation scientific manner. Fr. Villlasante, with his numerous
of Salangawa. The ride lasted an hour and a half. The Enneagram seminars given to seminarians, Junior Sisters,
mass that day was meant for three parishioners. However diocesan priests and religious, teachers, charismatic
when he arrived, there was nobody in the chapel. Half an groups and university students, regularly monitors the
hour later an old man joined Fr. Wuwur and both waited effects of the Enneagram on participants. In the case of
for the other two to come. After some period of waiting, the seminarians, he particularly compares their level of
Fr. Wuwur started the mass since the other two did not self esteem and personal growth initiative before and after
show any sign of coming. the workshop. He follows up these results to see where
they lead. Some of his findings are: The intervention
program using the Enneagram principle enhanced self
esteem and personal growth immediately after the
experience. The effect of Enneagram on self esteem and
personal growth initiatives remains stable after one to
three and a half months. From an average level of self
esteem and personal growth initiative prior to the
intervention, these factors were at a high level after a
three month period.

Recently, four seminarians who took Enneagram with

Fr. Villasante in 2007 and 2008 at the SVD Philosophy
House in Lusaka were asked to describe their experiences
In this outstation, there are only three active participants. of the Enneagram. Their responses to the question were:
Fr. Wuwur related that this outstation lies in an area where Enneagram helped them to understand themselves better
the majority of the people are either Muslims or traditional and learned how to relate and interact with each other.
believers. In earlier days, many inhabitants of Salangawa They became more cons-
turned up to gather and pray as a group. But in the course cious of their behavior since
of time, these faithful have experienced intimidation and Enneagram pointed out to
pressure from the Muslim community, especially when them their strengths and
they are seen on their way to the chapel. Some of them weaknesses, thereby chal-
have returned to practice their traditional beliefs and others lenging them to grow for the
have found refuge by simply calling themselves Muslims better. Knowing about each
even though they do not practice Islam. other’s type of personality
enabled them to respect
That All Saints Day, Fr. Wuwur celebrated the mass for idiosyncracies and to learn
one person with a saintly faith and courage unmatched from each other. If you want
by a roomful of nominal Catholics gathered for a liturgical more information about Fr. Villasante’s work please email
celebration. After the mass, Fr. Wuwur went to the house him at Fr. Villasante was recently
of his faithful parishioner and spent time with his family. transferred to PHS.

Arnoldus Nota

KHURDA (INC): Awards is a nationwide search for the most innovative
wireless applications designed by student-faculty teams
Education for rural children of partner schools to benefit their respective schools and
Mahatma Gandhi High School in Khurda is an endeavor communities.
of SVD missionaries of the Central Indian Province to HNU’s team with
provide education for rural children. It is located about its project entry,
60 km. from Indore city and about 8 km. from Manpur on “Water Supply
the way to Mumbai-Agra Highway. It is surrounded by Management
beautiful mountains and is situated in a village. It is the through Wireless
only school run by Christians in this locality, and it SMART Wireless
provides education for the rural children from Engineering Education Program Technology” emerged
Kindergarten to 11th standard. At present, the school has as the national winner among the ten SMART partner
1130 students of whom 800 are boys and 330 are girls. schools that made it to the finals after the regional short-
The children mainly belong to the tribal societies and for listing in October last year. As the national winner, they
the most part depend on agriculture for their survival. The received P500, 000 ($10,000) as a cash prize, 80% of
school has 26 working staff members. They assist as which goes to the team while 20% goes to the faculty-
teachers, office personnel and in other related roles. adviser. The same amount goes to Holy Name University
INC Newsletter in a form of a grant.

Suggestions and Proposals from ASPAC
School promoting interfaith Mission Secretaries
and intercultural life
During the meeting of Mission Secretaries in Taiwan,
Preston Parish’s Sacred Heart Primary School is making February 8-12, 2010, some concrete suggestions and
a significant contribution to promoting the interfaith and proposals were drawn up. They are the following:
intercultural life of Melbourne’s northern suburbs. The
156 children at the school come mainly from Chinese, 1) Based on the new experiences of Mission
Vietnamese, Italian, Greek, Lebanese, Indian and Anglo Secretaries in carrying out
backgrounds, and there is one Aboriginal boy. There are their responsibilities, it is
45 Roman Rite Catholics, 5 Eastern Rite Catholics, 37 important to review and, if
Buddhists, 9 Muslims, 3 Hindus, one brave Mormon and necessary, revise the
a few members of smaller Christian groups. Forty-eight present Mission Secretary
children come from families who have no formal religious Directives. Special
affiliation. The staff of the school is very mission-minded attention is to be given to
and the Catholic ethos is strong. Interestingly, most non- the relationship of a
Catholic parents state that this is the main reason they Mission Secretary with the Provincial leadership and
want their children to attend Sacred Heart Primary School. to the collaboration between a Mission Secretary and
Few, if any, of the non-Catholic children will seek baptism, the provincial coordinators for the Bible Apostolate,
but they and their families all develop a deep respect for JPIC and Social Communication.
the Church and the person of Jesus.
Fr. Bill Burt 2) Complete an ongoing study of existing SVD-
linked lay mission groups. Collect the current
TAGBILARAN, BOHOL (PHS): guidelines of existing groups for information and
Innovation and Excellence Awards 3) On a provincial level, engage the Mission
for the University Secretary in screening applications for funds for
The Holy Name University (HNU) College of mission projects. This can ensure the preparation of
Engineering team bagged first place in the 6th SWEEP ‘people oriented’ applications and reports of these
(SMART Wireless Engineering Education Program) mission projects.
Innovation and Excellence Awards held on February 5-6, 4) Due to the growing number of missionaries’ early
2010 in Makati City. SWEEP Innovation and Excellence returns to their home provinces, a close collaboration

April 2010

is expected between the Mission Secretary and the Indonesian provinces to set up Inter-Provincial
formators. Further, it is important that a Mission Mission Offices. This could be a more viable
Secretary collaborates with Vocation Directors. arrangement for fund raising purposes. See if it is possible
5) Create a network among Mission Secretaries of to put this into effect within the next three years.
the ASPAC zone by establishing a Yahoo group. It 7) Make the commitment that any confrere in the
would primarily be a social network to share zone who is appointed as a Mission Secretary will
experiences in work. exercise this office as his primary responsibility.
6) Explore possibilities within the Indian and Minutes of Meeting

An Interview with Bishop Hilarius Moa important it is for both communities to get to know
This diocese is not a sleeping giant one another.

It is difficult to imagine a diocese that covers 30,442 The diocesan program to build and strengthen basic
square kilometers, contains about 1,000 islands, has Christian communities is also geared towards openness
2 million people and where the Catholics number to other religions, specifically the Muslim community.
about 45,000. This describes the The basic Christian communities aim to form parents
Diocese of Pangkalpinang, erected and their children, through catechism, not only in
in 1961 and having Msgr. Hilarius knowledge of the Church and its doctrines, but also to
Moa Nurak, SVD as bishop since accept and remain open without prejudices toward
1987. There are 14 parishes in the other religions. Bishop Moa says, “It is a privilege for
diocese and one parish is run by three the children at an early age to learn and know from
SVDs. There is also a biblical center their parents how important it is to relate well with
in the diocese managed by the SVDs. the Muslim community because this knowledge will
be useful for the rest of their lives.”
With 2 million people and only a handful of
Catholics, the majority of the population is Muslim. Bishop Moa shared that one of the great challenges
Key positions and government offices of the diocese is poverty. This poverty
are held by Muslims. It is not has metastasized to produce widespread
surprising then to hear from Bishop lack of education, isolation and illi-
Moa how important it is to maintain teracy. Bishop Moa frankly shared that
good relations with the Muslim most of those who are below the poverty
community. “We take all chances and line are Catholics and those who are in
situations where we can find ways to better economic positions are Muslims
relate and establish a dialogue,” said and members of Protestant deno-
Bishop Moa. This interreligious minations. It is through this situation of
dialogue with the Muslim community poverty that Catholics are lured by
ranges from Bishop Moa’s personal Protestants to give up their religion for
and amicable relations with the Muslim authorities a better future and a more secure life.The diocese is
down to the mutual invitations of parishes and Muslim big but the Catholics are few. However, the numbers
communities to meet together. To invite a Muslim to alone do not reflect the possibilities for growth and
come over to a Catholic community to speak about expansion. Now there are Indonesian diocesan
their religion, customs and traditions is not something priests taking the positions of foreign missionaries
out of the ordinary. For a Catholic community to who have been long over due for retirement.
receive an invitation to explain why they venerate Vocation promotion is at full throttle to look for
saints and put candles before statues is received as candidates who could be future priests for the
an opportunity to dialogue. Bishop Moa says, “If there diocese. This is an important factor for this vast area
is anything that you need to avoid in order not to where Catholics are scattered from point to point
tarnish the good relationship between the Muslims and island to island. This diocese is not a sleeping
and Catholics, it is to question and contest one’s giant. It is up and moving.
customs and traditions”. It is not surprising then how Editor Arnoldus Nota

Arnoldus Nota

EUROPEAN ZONE lane” or strategic planning. They learned various

theoretical and practical exercises that can help to mobilize
strategic planning for the life of the parish. As a result,
VICENZA (ITA): the participants also acquired some methods and
instruments to help formulate and review missionary
Sinulog 2010 projects. There was time for the participants to talk and
On January 24, 2010, the Feast of St. Nino (Feast of the discuss pertinent matters of parish life such as the
Holy Child), also called Sinulog, was celebrated in appointment and support for parish priests, coordination
Parrocchia de Araceli and follow up of diocesan orientations and plans side by
in Cristo Re in Vicen- side with those of the congregation. Fr. Provincial José
za. More than a Antonio ANTUNES also emphasized the importance of
thousand Filipino making a detailed inventory of what goods pertain to the
migrants participated parish and to the congregation.
in the event. The
Sinulog is an annual DRESDEN (GER)
festival held on the
third Sunday of Don’t be a Duckmäuser (Coward)
January in Cebu City. The festival honors the so called In Dresden, family circles are small groups composed
vision of the child Jesus known as the Santo Niño. of parents that gather regularly to discuss current issues
and religious themes. Some members belonging to one of
Among those present these family circles come from two SVD parishes, namely
at the celebration in St. Mary’s, Cotta, where the pastor is Fr. Paskalis LOLAN,
Vicenza were Bishop and St. Anthony, Lobtau, where the pastor is Fr. Stanislau
Cesare Nosiglia of MADRO. In an effort to motivate the Catholics in his
Vicenza, the parish diocese, the Bishop of Dresden, Joachim Reinalt, once
priest of Araceli in said: “Our being Christians must be recognizable; we may
Cristo Re, the Dioce- and must not hide this. No shyness. Don’t belong to the
san Director of the Duckmäuser.” These family circles put this call of the
Migrants, chaplains of Bishop into practice. As experienced by our confreres,
Filipino communities of Veneto that included Fr. Paulino Frs.Lolan and Madro, these family circles also become
BUMANGLAG, and the Philippine Consul General. The venues to speak and share about our Society, especially
theme for this year’s celebration was “Church: School of our Founder and our missionary work. You might be
communion for the Filipino migrants-in commemoration surprised by how much interest this kind of sharing
of the birth of Christianity in the Philippines”. Bishop generates among the parents. Next year, the particular
Nosiglia told the crowd of Filipinos, “You feel an integral family circle whose members come from our two parishes
part of this Church to the point of assuming the Diocesan will celebrate its 20th anniversary as a group . Talking
Pastoral Plan and for me this is a moving sign of about life, mission and the work of our Founder is an
inculturation.” inspiration for the parents as they continue to become
active participants of their parishes. Fr.Lolan intends to
Interestingly, Vicenza is also the birthplace of Antonio form more family circles in his parish in the near future.
Pigafetta, the chronicler of the travels of Ferdinand GER Newsletter
Magellan who “discovered” the Philippines on March 16,
1521. Pigafetta would never have imagined that the
Filipinos could celebrate a religious event such as this in
his own land in Vicenza. God and money: a successful series of
ITA Province Newsletter lectures
This winter a series of lectures on the topic of God and
FATIMA (POR): money was conducted at the “Academy of Peoples and
Cultures” at St. Augustin. A high point of these lectures
Formation Meeting for Pastors was the presentation of Professor Dr. Norbert Walter, an
(Parish Priests) economist and a former executive of Deutsche Bank. He
The SVD confreres working as pastors in different spoke on the topic “After capitalism - what?” He pointed
parishes met together from February 8-9, 2010 in Fátima. poignantly to the human and social conditions needing
The participants learned about what they call “the magic the benefits of an economic recovery in the future. He

April 2010

talked about the lack of readiness to have children, the pertaining to the fourfold prophetic dialogue. This is a
egoistic thinking and the lack of consciousness towards unique community where SVDs and SSpS are living
public interest and common good as causes of the together and gathering for Mass, prayers and meals every
economic crisis. If the economy is to succeed, there must day.
always be people who voluntarily and professionally feel
bound to the public interest and common good. Thus they After 15 years of existence, this missionary community
put into practice the fundamental ethics that apply to the continues to spark the interest and admiration of the people
economy. Dr. Walter, himself a convinced Catholic, not only within the District of Schilderswijk but in other
directed his talk to about 170 participants that included districts as well. In a pastoral meeting in another district
some professionals, politicians, religious and priests. of The Hague it was commented: “Please don’t let this
Fr. Martin Neuhauser Missionary Community and Missionary Project get
neglected in the event of parish clustering because their
SCHILDERSWIJK (NEB): presence is too important for our future here.” The vicar
forane of The Hague, Ad van de Helm shows a growing
HIRCOS celebrates 15 years of existence interest in our Missionary project. He spent an afternoon
HIRCOS is an acronym that stands for The Hague to talk with the HIRCOS community concerning the
International Religious Community of Schilderswijk. question: “What will you as HIRCOS mean for the future
This is a missionary community comprised of SVDs and parish cluster of The Hague?”
SSpS whose members reside at the former convent of
Martha Church in Schilderswijk. Fifteen years ago, on Last January 23, 2010 a simple celebration was held to
July 1, 1995, the house was formally opened. Fr. Theo recall the initial stages of preparing the community house.
Smeets was the founder of the community with the help It commemorated the occasion when three SSpS arrived
of Fr. Joep HEINEMANS and Sr. Imaria, who did a lot on January 28, 1995 to do a thorough clean up of the
of consultation and a feasibility study for this new house and arrange the furnishings for its eventual use.
missionary experiment. At the moment five SVD An anniversary celebration is being planned for May 18,
confreres and three SSpS Sisters form this missionary 2010 with special invitations for the people of the area.
community and they are involved in various apostolates Fr. Hubert Wooning

Talking Images
This is the view of Nitra
Kalvaria (SLO) where the
Divine Word Missionaries have
their provincial and retirement
house. On Palm Sunday, March
28, 2010 at 4:00 PM, TV LUX,
the Catholic TV Network of
Slovakia broadcasted the Way of
the Cross as it was filmed at our
place. The different stations of
the cross were prepared by our
retired confreres who shared
reflections based on their life,
vocation and missionary

Arnoldus Nota

SVD Chile: the aftermath of the devastating earthquake
On February 27, 2010, at 03:34 local time, a massive windows and water pipes. The school building also
earthquake occurred off the coast of the Maule Region of suffered significant damage. Assessment of these
Chile with a magnitude of 8.8 on the Richter scale and damages will be done over the next few days. Fr. Graziano
lasting for about three minutes. The damage from Chile’s Beltrami, the Rector of the school, announced that the
earthquake was widespread. Fr. Superior General Antonio beginning of the school year, which would have normally
Pernia, the members of the Generalate and the Collegio started on March 1, has been delayed for another week.
community have followed closely the development of the -Two chapels of the Parish of Pallihue and the old house
events and the aftermath of the earthquake. of Fundo Huaqui also suffered considerable damage.
The Generalate has received two official -The gymnasium of Colegio San Jose and other parts
communications from Fr. Carlos DEL VALLE, one sent of the school have had minor damage.
on March 2 and the other on March 5. Here is a breakdown -The Escuela Industrial in El Pinar located in Santiago
of the situation of the province. suffered minor damage especially to the windows and
partition walls. Assessment of the damage, including
-All our confreres, workers and the families of our some cracks in the foundations, needs to be completed.
Chilean confreres are safe and unhurt.
-The Church of Manzanal in Rancagua suffered
-Our SVD community residing in Los Angeles, located considerable damage.
in the Region of Bio Bio close to the epicenter of the -The old building of the Seminary in La Florida,
earthquake, has been out of reach for some time. The Santiago suffered cracks on the walls and broken
SVD community residence there has suffered windows. Expected aftershocks could increase the harm
considerable damage including the roof, ceilings, the already done.

Words from Trento, Italy: Forza Cile

Some days after lines were finally restored. Fr. Beltrami, in addition
the earthquake, to receiving a call from Trento, was able to
the words “Forza communicate by email with his family.
Cile” were embla-
zoned on a full Fr. Beltrami appealed to his fellow Trentinos for
page report of this solidarity. He said, “After resolving the basic
devastating emergency needs, the lengthy and arduous task of
calamity in Chile. reconstruction of the community house, the school
Special attention and the hospital must be dealt with. And when we
was focused on the report of Fr. Graziano Beltrami need you most, please don’t leave us alone.” As the
and the damage suffered by the SVD community Trentinos proclaimed Forza Cile, the same is said to
house and the school. The report also showed several you Fr. Beltrami, Forza Graziano!
images of the house, school and surrounding area.
Fr. Beltrami is a native of Nomesino belonging to
the Diocese of Trento.The Province of CHI was Fr.
Beltrami’s first assignment. Since 1998 he has been
working in Liceo Aleman del Verbo Divino in Los
Angeles, Chile where he is currently the Rector.

Fr. Beltrami recounted how he and two other

confreres, Frs. Paul Remmel and James Owusu, were
isolated and had no possible communication for two
days. After 48 hours of desperate waiting, the phone

April 2010

Words of support from the Generalate SAN BERNARDINO (USW):

We express our solidarity with the confreres, the local
A mini documentary on slavery and
church and the people of Chile. We are happy that none
of our confreres, the SSpS, SSpSAp or members of their trafficking
families were hurt in the earthquake. We take note that Wordnet received a grant to do a mini documentary
the damages to our buildings are minor in comparison to on slavery and human trafficking in today’s world.
the rest of the buildings in the area. We have been Wordnet is in partnership with CAST (Coalition against
following the news in the newspapers and television and Slavery and Trafficking). CAST is a Los Angeles-based
we will keep all of you in our prayers. anti-human trafficking organization. Through legal,
social, and advocacy services, CAST helps rehabilitate
Almost 50 years ago: the world’s strongest survivors of trafficking, raises awareness, and lobbies for
recorded earthquake legislation and public policy surrounding human
trafficking.The documentary will include footage of some
Concepcion, Chile On May 22, interviews done with survivors. The staff members of
1960, the earth- CAST were also interviewed to give their view on this
quake that struck important issue that affects the lives of so many people.
Valdivia, Chile With another project, Fr. Soney SEBASTIAN taped
had a magnitude segments of a play related to slavery and human
of 9.5 on the trafficking. Each year about 15,000 people are trafficked
Richter scale. in the United States alone.
This is the stro-
ngest earthquake ever recorded by instruments in the
world. Months following the earthquake, the LOOKOUT, MONTSERRAT (USC):
September-October 1960 issue of Arnoldus Nota
Volcano remains active
carried a lengthy account of the world’s strongest
earthquake. These were some of the reports from Fr. George AGGER,
confreres: the parish priest of St.
Patrick Church in Look-
Fr. Haberstroh from Puerto Varas said: The walls out, reported that on
of the rectory fell outwards into the garden and the February 11, 2010 there
church shook so much that the bells began to ring. In was a partial collapse of
the old building the staircase of the high school the lava dome as Mont-
collapsed and the room upstairs used for projecting serrat’s volcano remains
films came crashing down into the basement tearing The old church of St. active. The volca-no shot
down the walls on both sides. One wall was pushed Patrick after the ash some 15 kilometers
outward into the garden and the large chimney of the eruption. into the sky and the
bakery fell down on the roof of the study hall of the spectacle was consi-dered
minor seminarians. Providentially, no one was inside. one of the volcano’s most dramatic moments since the
devastating 1997 eruption that drove away more than half
From Puerto Varas: We received the sad news that of the Caribbean island’s population. Despite the recent
the home of Father Edmund Niklitschek SVD activity, Fr. Agger reported that blessings continue as the
collapsed during the quake and burst into flames, wind-borne ash and the lava flow, stretching for seven
burning his mother to death. On the same day his miles, did not impact any inhabited areas. The dome has
aunt also lost her life. crumbled several times since the volcano became active
in 1995.The original St. Patrick Church in Plymouth, the
From Fresia: The entire experience was so terrible capital of the Caribbean island, fell victim to the
that it defies description. Fr. Javier Braun SVD gave catastrophic eruption in 1997. An estimated 8,000 of the
all of us general absolution. Every ten or twelve island’s population of 12,000 left Montserrat at that time.
minutes, sometimes more often, there were new Fr. Larry FINNEGAN, who was pastor then, held the St.
rumblings in the earth. All night long we stayed Patrick’s congregation together. In 2006, Fr. Agger
outside in the courtyard. The material losses in Fresia became the pastor and oversaw the building of the new
are great. The new church is almost completely church. The new church of St. Patrick was blessed on
destroyed. Our own buildings are also severely June 18, 2009.
damaged. USC Newsletters

Arnoldus Nota

Member of the Provincial Council of the Ghana

= OUR DEPARTED Province.On Saturday 20 February 2010 he was leading
the Tema-Battor Deanery COSRA group on a retreat.
Fr. Justinus Toda (GHA) They were praying the Stations of the Cross as they
20.02.2010, 55-76-78-83-84 ascended Mount Asutsuare and were to have confessions
and Mass at the summit. At the eleventh station however
This large number of people and the outpouring of grief Fr. Justinus collapsed. About an hour after he collapsed
were an eloquent testimony to his ministry and the place he was in Akuse Government Hospital. A few minutes
he had won in the hearts of those he served. after 3:00 p.m. he passed from this life in the presence of
three confreres and about a dozen of his parishioners and
Father Justinus Toda, SVD was born on 14 April 1955 members of the COSRA group. Fr. Toda was buried in
in Watujaji-Ngada, Ende, Indonesia, the child of Joannes Adoagyiri-Nsawam.
Dope and Juliana Idju. His secondary schooling was at
Mataloko from 1971 to 1974. He started his novitiate in Brother James Wilkins (AUS)
Ledalero in 1976 and pronounced his first vows there on 03.03.2010; 47-70-71-75-**
8 January 1978. He entered the major seminary at
Ledalero in 1977 and completed in 1984 with a B.A. and Bro. James grew to love the Thai people and their
an M.A. He was ordained in Bajawa, Flores on 20 June culture. This experience marked him for the rest of his
1984. After ordination he was first assigned to parish work life.
in Ruteng, then as Associate Novice Master in Ledalero
and finally as Assistant Parish Priest in the Cathedral of Bro. James Wilkins was born in the town of
Ende before going for studies in Rome. Muswellbrook, 250kms northwest of Sydney. He was the
eldest of four children. After finishing high school, Bro.
In 1988 he began studies for a Licentiate in Educational James joined the Passionists. After two years he left them
Sciences with the specialization in Youth Pastoral and and joined the work force, spending significant time
Catechetics at the Salesian Pontifical University of Rome. working in the local bank. In 1970 he joined the SVD at
He received a Baccalaureate on 15 June 1993 “Magna Marburg, Queensland as a junior brother. He pronounced
cum Laude” and a Licentiate “Cum Laude” on 1 July first vows there in 1971 and final vows in Muswellbrook
1993. At the end of his studies he received an appointment in 1975.
to Ghana. After taking time in Ireland to improve his
English he arrived in Ghana in 1994 on a temporary Bro. James attained a BA in Accounting and Financial
assignment and was assigned to parish work in Asesewa. Management and a Certificate in Foreign Trade. He was
very acute at managing and understanding financial
In September 1999 he started studies for a Diploma in issues. He was initially assigned to PNG where he worked
Holistic Spiritual Counseling which he received in June as the Provincial Treasurer from 1979-1984. He
2000 from the Institute of St. Anselm, Kent, England. subsequently returned to AUS where he took up the
After his studies in England he was assigned to The Catholic position of Provincial Treasurer, working with three
Conference Center in Adoagyiri-Nsawam as its Director separate provincial administrations from 1984 to 1998.
from 2000 to 2006. His final assignment was to St. John In June 1998 James moved to Thailand where, along
Vianney Catholic Church in Asutsuare as parish priest. with Bro. Damien Lunders SVD, he began the SVD
mission there. After basic language learning, he was active
He made friends easily and was well liked. He was in teaching and assisting in the initial stages of the SVD
good in languages and learned Dangme quite well. He mission to people living with the HIV/AIDS virus. He
was able to converse freely with his parishioners in the returned to Australia in 2005 due to health issues but
native language. While he was Director of the Catholic robustly resumed the role of Provincial Treasurer.
Conference Centre he helped out in a Twi speaking
community and also learned a good bit of Twi. He was a In 2006, Bro. James underwent a double lung transplant.
member of the Province Celebrations Committee. In 2001 He recovered remarkably quickly and returned to work. He
he was appointed to the Provincial Spirituality Animation maintained a reasonable quality of life for over two years.
Team. From 2002 to 2005 he was not only Director of During the last twelve months, his body began to reject the
the CCC but also Praeses of the SVD Community in lungs, causing a gradual deterioration of lung function. James
Adoagyiri-Nsawam. In 2004 he was appointed as a died in the SVD house in Marsfield on March 3, 2010.

April 2010

= We Remember
Living one’s vocation and mission
Three years ago this month, our young Indonesian
confrere, Fr. Fransiskus Madhu, was shot and killed
while preparing for Palm Sunday Mass. He was on
mission in Kalinga, Apayao (PHN). From all
appearances, he was shot for no reason at all. Fr.
Jerome Adriatico SVD, the Provincial of PHN,
commented: “Fr. Madhu was just living his vocation
and doing his mission.”
A short prayer (slightly edited) was found in Fr.
Madhu’s diary:
I believe that you will always be with me to do
my activities.
Bless me to have a good heart to hear others,
To answer the needs of my people,
And grant them the generosity to transform
To always hear your Word.

SVD Province Date of Death MilestoneDates
Bro. Wilkins, James (AUS) 03.03.2010 47 70 71 75 **
Fr. Shinohara, Tadashi (JPN) 19.03.2010 41 67 69 74 74
Fr. Mészáros, Ferenc (HUN) 22.03.2010 32 48 50 60 61

SSpS Prov./Reg. Died on Age Vows

Sr. Marielis Krämer Germany 09.02.2010 83 56

Sr. Anzelma Èuntalová Slovakia 15.02.2010 85 56
Sr. Teofana Dompor Philippines North 16.02.2010 79 54
Sr. Geretrude Berghs Netherlands 23.02.2010 91 59
Sr. Magdalena Gasser Germany 25.02.2010 77 52
Sr. Laurenta Yster U.S.A. 26.02.2010 98 72
Sr. Áurea Ashikaga Japan 06.03.2010 95 59
Sr. Avelindis Hintzen Áustria 09.03.2010 95 70
Sr. Berthelma Klas Germany 11.03.2010 82 55
Sr. Hildegarda Ningel Germany 12.03.2010 85 57
Sr. Therasia Carl Germany 14.03.2010 92 69

Arnoldus Nota

↖ APPOINTMENTS & TRANSFERS Celebrating Diversity and
Bridging Racial Differences
The JustStories initiative, an 8
23.02.2010 Br. Felix, Alcides BRN rec Casa Central aft year-old Chicago area festival that
23.02.2010 Fr. Sanchez, XeneZ AFRAMZonal Coordinator tri explores diversity through the
23.02.2010 Fr. Martins, Zeferino Chairman AFRAM ExeCom tri performances of professional
23.02.2010 Fr. Grenda, Tadeusz Vice-Chair.AFRAMExeCom tri storytellers, is expanding its outreach
23.03.2010 Fr. Kodom, Kofi OES pro/con/vic/sup tri with a new video website,
23.03.2010 Fr. Blazynski, Jaroslaw OES pro/con/adm tri This site
23.03.2010 Br. Aichhorn, Franz OES pro/con tri offers an experience of professional
23.03.2010 Fr. Laireiter Nikolaus OES pro/con tri storytellers as they share original and
23.03.2010 Fr. Burbera, Grzegorz HUN pro/con/vic/sup tri personal stories about race, identity
23.03.2010 Fr. Tóth, Zoltán HUN pro/con/adm tri and family. These engaging stories
23.03.2010 Fr. Magung, Fransiskus HUN pro/con tri are shared through video and seek to
23.03.2010 Fr. Madassery, Sebastian HUN pro/con tri promote understanding and to bridge
23.03.2010 Fr. Irisarri, José Carlos ESP pro/con/vic/sup tri racial divides.
23.03.2010 Fr. Grondziel, Adam ESP pro/con/adm tri
23.03.2010 Fr. Villalón, Macario ESP pro/con tri Fr. Derek SIMONS believes that
23.03.2010 Fr. Gantir, Yosef ESP pro/con tri the stories in the videos are not just
23.03.2010 Fr. Berea, Corneliu ITA pro/con/vic/sup tri about race. They also speak of themes
23.03.2010 Fr. Kambonja, Ildefonso ITA pro/con/adm tri like: belonging, resilience, the desire
23.03.2010 Fr. Irsara, Pietro ITA pro/con tri for inclusion, and hope. Through the
23.03.2010 Fr. Dogodzi, Stephen ITA pro/con tri videos these messages are shared with
23.03.2010 Fr. Silva, José Antunes POR pro/con/sup tri all kinds of people, young and old,
23.03.2010 Fr. Gonçalves, Valentim POR pro/con/vic/sup tri whether individually, or in class-
23.03.2010 Fr. Leite, António POR pro/con/adm tri rooms, faith communities or even
23.03.2010 Fr. Baginski, Jacek POR pro/con tri businesses. Fr. Derek is the director
23.03.2010 Fr. Oliveira, Agostinho POR pro/con tri of Angels Studio, a communications
agency devoted to bringing the races
TRANSFERS: together and building bridges of
02.03.2010 Fr. Uravil, James INM/ROM for ‘Dei Verbum’ Nemi cooperation between different faith
02.03.2010 Fr. Tisera, Guido ROM/IDE groups using the digital and
02.03.2010 Fr. Poruthur, Anthony INC/KEN expressive arts.
02.03.2010 Fr. Koikara, Thomas INC/BOT
09.03.2010 Fr. Quilab, Oliver GER/USC until mid-2011
23.03.2010 Fr. Hiburdin, Vitalis PNG/IDR

The Parish of St. Arnold proudly rejoices for the great achievement of
a well built structure of the Village Service Centre in Lutaba, Zambia, By golly, we have a fifth pair
which was officially inaugurated by Bishop Raymond Mpezele, Bishop of twins
of Livingstone Diocese.
Frs. Joannes Parang Lewar and
Sabinus Geta Lewar are twin
brothers from Indonesia.They
were both born on July 12, 1961.
Fr. Joannes presently works at IDT
and his brother Sabinus works at
BRN. Fr. Joannes was ordained a
priest in 1990 and his brother
followed suit 12 years later. This
is the fifth pair of living and active
twins in the Society.

16 Editor: Crescente “Sonny” de Rivera, Translation into Spanish: Pedro de Dios Martín