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Mr. Sunil Kapoor Atin Goyal
Managing Director Marketing Executives
Pioneer Aluminium Pvt. Ltd. Pioneer Aluminum Pvt. Ltd.
Company profile

M/S Pioneer Aluminium Pvt. Ltd was established in 1989 with the goal to offer complete
brand identity solutions. At Pioneer Aluminium we promote and market high quality
modular display systems and signages. We are part of a Rs. 300 crore group, having offices
located at Delhi, Noida, and Kolkata.
Our product range includes a wide range of modular display systems, visual merchandising
products and signages on varied media such as Aluminium, ACP/ACM , Flex, Acrylic,
Metal signages & Architectural fabrications as well as custom made multi-material
All major processes are done in house at “ALUFLEX SYSTEMS” (our manufacturing
arm) which is equipped with state of the art technology and machinery which enables us to
meet our delivery schedules and consistent high quality standards. We have our own
planning & Design Team which is continuously engaged in R & D works headed by Mr.
Sunil Kapoor (Director) himself.

We have been assisting companies in the design and management of their corporate sign
programs since 1989.

Our innovative approach focused on service, quality and sustainability sets us apart from
our competition.

With our extensive network of service experts and manufacturing facilities, we provide
total identity solutions to help communicate your brand value

Mission statement
To exceed our customers' expectations for responsiveness, quality, reliability, innovation
and outstanding value where we develop relationships and create long term trading partners

Board of company
Mr. Sunil Kapoor Managing Director
Mrs. Anjali Kapoor Director
Mr. Rajin Zutshi CEO

Services offered by Pioneer Aluminium pvt. Ltd.

1. Design Services
2. Project Management Services
Design Services
We provide a wide range of design services to our customers so they can have maximum
choices. It helps to customers in their marketing plan and also to us to drive maximum
customer satisfaction out of that. Our services are follows.

1.Conceptual Design
Our creative Professional Consultants work hand in hand with our clients to develop a
"family of signage" that uniquely projects your corporate identity while ensuring that all
designs are user friendly and easy to maintain.

2.Prototype Development & Evaluation

Prototyping is an important step in the approval of new signage designs. Prototypes provide
the clients, designers, and fabricators the opportunity to critique the designs and test them
in read world conditions. Signage materials, colors, graphics, fabrication methods and
lighting are some of the design elements which are evaluated through prototype

Our Professional Consultants develop detailed design intent drawings and specifications
that clearly convey the signage design. In addition to developing new designs, we also
review existing designs and specifications.

4.Signage Guidelines
Promoflex offers all its designing services from its In-house manufacturing unit based in
New Delhi. Promoflex manufacturing unit is widely spread in a floor area of approx.
4,000/sqr - feet with state of the art infrastructure. The computerized manufacturing system
empowers its engineers to manufacture a zero defect product to the choice of client.

Project Management services:

We continuously working on R&D so we can launch innovative & newly technology
occupied products to our customers. For the same we have a systematic project
management process which is as follows:

1. Strategic Planning
Promoflex Display Systems lay the foundation for the successful implementation of a
signage program by detailing all critical tasks and related time frames. Branding objectives,
budgets, schedules and logistical concerns are but a few of the variables we address when
developing realistic implementation strategies.

2. Facility Surveys:
The proper implementation of a sign program begins with a thorough understanding of the
facilities involved. Promoflex Display Systems provides comprehensive facility surveys.
Our team personally visits each site to consistently gather all necessary information and
obtain an understanding of the many variables affecting the signages.
3. New Sign Recommendations:
Using the information gathered from the facility surveys and architectural drawings,
Promoflex Display Systems provides recommendations for new signages. Branding
objectives, codes restrictions and budgets are some of the issues considered when making
new sign recommendations

4. Implementations:
Our experienced project management team coordinates the manufacturing, delivery, and
installation of the Signages. We oversee vendor activities to ensure that specifications and
schedules are maintained and use customized databases to keep our clients fully informed
of their project status.

5. Quality Control:
Promoflex Display Systems closely monitors manufacturing and installation processes to
ensure compliance to specifications. This is accomplished by reviewing shop drawings and
conducting plant and job site inspections.

6. Maintainance:
Signages are vital to a company’s image and represent a substantial marketing expenditure.
So, it is important that the signages be maintained properly. Promoflex Display Systems
provides “on-call” and “Annual maintenance contract” services to ensure your signages
remain in the best possible condition

Product Portfolio for Pioneer Aluminium

Pvt. Ltd.
Front Lit Frames
• Poster type frames
Clip on frames
Non Clip on frames
Fix type frames
Lid type frames
Slip on frames
• Flex type frames
Clip on frames
Non Clip on frames
Lid type frames
Slip on frames
Back Lit Boxes
• Trans lit boxes
Clip on boxes
Sleek compacts
Slim compacts
Wide compacts
Wide double side
Inclined signage
Linear frame in frames
Non Clip on boxes
Lid type boxes
Fix type boxes
• Flex boxes
Clip on boxes
Non clip on boxes
Lid type boxes
Slip on boxes

• Promotional stands
• Combo stands
• Literature Stands

Exhibition Products
• Promo booth
• Promo table
• Podium
• Panel set
• Promotional tent

Special Sinages
• Ultra slim back lit boxes
• Poster windows
• Hanging flanges
• Sleek illuminated
• Easel stand
• Show case
• Pillar pole signage
• Popular pedestal
• Magic boxes
Miscellaneous Products
• Frames in frames
• Queue Manager
• Incredible boxes
• Pylons
• Show windows
• Scrollers
• Way finding signage

Market Segments for pioneer Aluminium pvt ltd.

• Retail & POP

• Malls & Multiplexes
• Food Courts
• Event & Exhibitions
• OOH (out of homes)

Clients of Pioneer Aluminium pvt ltd.

Apollo Hospitals Fortis Hospital

Max Healthcare 98.4 chemist

Indian Oil TATA AIG

Indian Railways Chhatrapati Shivaji International Airport

Delhi Tourism Mudra Communication

PVR Cinema Ansal API

Satyam Lakshya

Dial BPTP India ltd


PepsiCo India Coca Cola India

Haldiram’s Kentury Fried Chicken

Kwality Walls Nirula’s McDonalds

ITC Limited Godfray Philips India ltd

Uni Style Image DLF India

Usha Electrical Vatika

Maruti Udhyog LG Electronics India ltd.

Samsung India ltd Some prestigious Clients

Delhi Metro
IGI terminal 3

Production Planning & Control

In pioneer aluminium pvt. Ltd. we have an efficient production planning which helps us to
ensure that we get our work done in a given period of time. For the same we have
production and planning department which take care of following:
• The feasibility of the product
• Raw material available in the warehouse and what to be purchased from market.
• No. of staff deployed
• How to get the work done within stipulated time.

With our concerned department we also take care that the production is done in efficient
manner. It means we ensure the consistency of production & planning process that the
material is supplied at right time to people involved in production process and there is no
interruption in that process.

Quality control

We are also committed to provide a quality product to our clients for the same we have
quality control department under supervision of Mr. Jitendra. We ensure the quality of
material & product at 3 levels

• incoming – this is done when we get raw material from vendors

• In process- at every step of production.
• Final- once we are through with production part and final product is ready then also
we also check quality of that product.

Quality parameters
We have some parameters, on the basis of such parameters we do quality analysis
process. Parameters are as follows:
• Dimension- it include length, width, breadth, depth, height, thickness etc.
• Customer aspects- according to customer demand
• Material
• Design of product
• Electrical
• Color coating
Powder coating
Note: we do coating due to customers’ demand, to safe product from scratches and to
increase the life of product.
We process our product through following quality analysis techniques.
1. Kaizen- for continuous improvement in product.
2. Pokayoke- for error proofing so we can minimize the possibility of occurrence of
3. 5 whys- To analyze the reason for problem so we can know that why such
problem arises and can find proper solution for such problems.

Inventory Control
Inventory control is major problem with manufacturing and marketing firms. We have
proper ways to control inventory in forms of raw material, work in progress and finished
products. We reserve our stock in such quantity which can facilitate for 7 days to our
production team.

Central store requisition making

Inventory is stocked in store room in which we have fixed spaces for a particular product.
We have following inventories.

1. Inventory for standard products – in this section we store the material required for our
standard products which we supply to our clients at a regular basis.
2. Inventory for Miscellaneous material – we also have space for miscellaneous material
like thinner, fevicol etc.
3. Inventory for special projects – we also work on various projects which may require
some other materials which generally is not used but that project require such material. So
we also have inventory for such project based material also.
4. Inventory for accessories – we also have inventory for various accessories used in our
products like tube light, choke, wiring etc. we generally use Phillips products for electrical
but we can also provide various brands’ products also according to customers’ demand.
Inventory outsourcing and vendors

It is not feasible to us to produce each and every material required for our finished products
and we also can not keep inventory for products which are rarely used. For the same
purpose we are in contact with various local vendors which fulfill our needs. Some of them
are as follows.
1. Tatwa – for printing works
2. Team Graphics – for digital printing and eco solvent printing.
3. Star Advertising - signage vendor
4. Sign ADD - signage vendor
5. Shivika Metals – for signage in metallic body
6. Art & Craft – for glass work.
7. Art & Glass – for glass work.
8. Gurind Glass – for glass work
9. Mr. Batra – for acrylic on plastic
10. Mr. Ghanshyam – labor vendor
11. Mr. Panditjee – labor vendor
12. J.D. Engineers - for aluminium products & Hardware
13. Midi Extrusion - for aluminium section
14. Man Aluminium - for aluminium section.

Shop Floor

Shop floor is used to store inventory as well as for production also which has various

Machine Shop – Machine shop is used to cutting and screwed the profiles (aluminium).
We have 2 machines at machine shop for inclined cutting i.e. Alpha & Beta machine.
Machine alpha is used to cut the profiles at 45 degree while machine Beta is used to cut the
profiles at 30 degree.

Assembly – At shop floor we have various assembly lines which is used for different
requirement like:
Miscellaneous assembly – for electrical
Assembly for large quantity order with small profile size.
Assembly for large size order.

Electricals – In this section we take care of fitting of electrical parts in products like
backlit and front lit frames.

Cleaning & Packaging – Once we through with whole production planning and quality
analysis then we have to package those products. So in this section we package the
Dispatches – After packaging of the products we dispatch products to our clients but
before that we have to go through various documentation processes like challan, bill or
transport etc.


Marketing is done by Pioneer Aluminium Pvt ltd. Under the brand name of ‘Promoflex’.
Marketing department is headed by Mr. Rajesh Mehta and Mr. Awdesh Vats. Marketing is
done through 2 ways.
1. Through corporate
2. Through dealers

Through corporate –
Under this we do our marketing to corporate customers and clients who are end user mean
they consume products themselves. This department is headed by Mr. Rajesh Mehta. This
type of marketing is done under the pioneer aluminium pvt. Ltd. we not only provide
products but also facilitate after sales services to our customers.

Through Dealers –
This is business to business type of marketing where we sell our aluminium products to
dealers who further supply these products to their clients. This department is headed by Mr.
Awdesh Vats. This type of marketing is done by ‘Aluflex’ i.e. a manufacturing arm of
pioneer aluminium pvt. Ltd. Aluflex only sells the product to customers. Categories for
dealers or resellers are as follows:
• Advertising companies
• Digital solution provider or printer
• Event management firms
• Exhibitions firms
• Architecture firms
• Interior designer firms
• Real estate companies
• Entertainment companies etc.

We follow a marketing process so we can ensure that a right product to right customer at
the right time is delivered. Marketing process include following steps.
1. Prospecting the customers
2. Interaction with customers
3. Understanding the need of the customers
4. Making presentation in front of customers
5. handling of objections raised by customers
6. closing the deal (getting order)
7. Send quotation to customer with all terms and conditions discussed during meeting
with client.
8. fill up the order form and rough scratch
9. getting approval from director for feasibility
10. Getting work done from graphic or art department if print is required and also get
approval of that print from the side of customers.
11. Forwarding copy of order form to production and planning department.
12. preparation of bills, challan or Performa invoices
13. filling form if special packaging is required
14. filling format if repairing or installation is required
15. Site survey, collection of payment and after sales services.

In marketing process marketing people have to interact to the clients or dealers in two way
communication process. This marketing is done through following personnel.

1. Clients – Marketing people need to have interaction to the clients. Here marketing
people reflect the image of company in mind of clients so the marketing people have to
take care the whole aspects while approaching to a customer and also to ensure that quality
product is delivered to customer. It is done to provide a value product to customers so that
they can drive maximum utility and satisfaction out of that.
We categorize our clients in following terms.
a) Active Client: The clients who contact to us whenever they have need for
the products which we supply or the clients to whom we get order at regular
basis. Now, its duty of marketing people to have regular interaction with
such clients and to inform them about the new products.
b) Passive Clients: we have some clients who do not contact to us at a regular
basis or we do not get the order at a regular basis. We define such clients as
passive clients. Marketing people have to remind such clients and try to get
orders at regular basis.
c) Dead Clients: Some of our clients to whom we have get orders earlier but
now we are not in contact to such clients or we are not getting orders form
clients. These are under category of dead clients. Marketing people should
try to make them regular clients.

2. In House – to provide product at right time to customer, marketing department also has
to coordinate with in-house department like purchase, planning, quality analysis etc. so
work can be done in an efficient manner.
3. Vendors – once we get the order from customer, we also have to contact to our vendors
to ensure the availability of raw materials required. Some time we have to deliver
customized products at that time the relation with vendor become most important so we can
get the raw material required and can provide the product at the right time.

To process an order we have to go through various documents which are taken care by
account department. So the marketing people also have to make a good relation with
account. Account department helps to maintain the various document which make delivery
process easily and effective. Account department takes care of following documents.

1. Bill/Invoice- it is mode of getting payment from customers which consist quantity

delivered to customer with price and also grand total of amount which customer has to pay
to us.
2. Performa Invoice – when we approach to a customer for selling our product then he
also ask for quotation for that products. For the same account department issues a formal
quotation which contains price of that product. On the basis of terms and conditions
prescribed in quotation we get advance payment from the customer. Then we have to send
a Performa invoice to customer which includes whole detail of order like product name,
quantity of that product to be supplied, advance payments received from customer and
outstanding payment. So Performa invoice is like an invoice.
3. Challan – When we are ready to deliver the product, accounts department issues a
challan to dispatch and deliver that order.
Account department issues 2 type of challan
a. Delivery Challan – to deliver the product to customer
b. Returnable Challan – sometime customer ask for sample to take decision
on order then we have to take challan from account department which
include the quantity of product and date of returning that sample.
Note: if any customer fails to return that sample then we are liable to send bill of that
product to customer to collect the payment.
4. Road Permit – Sometimes we have to deliver the products from one state to other state
and if that state required road permit for transportation then marketing people has to collect
road permit from client and has to submit to account department.

Hence, all department of Pioneer Aluminium Coordinate with each other to supply a
quality product to clients. So we get better result.