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EIM Column removal
Written by Eric Lee Monday, 07 December 2009 03:08

Solution/thoughts for removal from base table to EIM table Source: We know that if we want to map base table column to EIM relevant table column, we can use “EIM Table mapping” wizard in Siebel tools, see screen shot below:

So the rough solution for cleaning up the columns and attribute mapping in Siebel tools can use following steps: 1. Delete the column in Base Table(p.s. S_ORG_EXT/X_TEST

2. Run “EIM Table mapping” Assumed that we have EIM_ACCOUNT table need to be cleaned up .

it will have the base table column mapped: 4. You will see the change Previously. 07 December 2009 03:16 . Then we use this change to write the SQL to remove the relevant attribute mapping and EIM columns Write comment (3 Comments) Last Updated on Monday.3.

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