Annual Technical Festival 2011

Imagine to make an impact

"You were born with potential. You were born with ideas and dreams. You were born with greatness. You were born with wings. You are not meant for crawling, so don't, you have wings. Learn to use them to fly." ......... Jalaluddin Rumi 13th century Persian Sufi poet

Every child is born creative and has a different perspective, degrees may vary but not the basic manifestation. Radiance is an initiative of VYOM 2011 to explore, harness and engender the creative and innovative spirit in the school children. It is a platform for the grass root innovations by young minds of India which aim to help them broaden their horizons, unleash their minds to look at the problems in a new dimension and think to find solutions. VYOM 2011 invites the budding innovators to come up and be a part of this grand technical fest where they are provided with a platform to showcase their geeky skills....

PEC University of Technology, Sector -12, Chandigarh – 160012

Annual Technical Festival 2011 Event Format: Every School is allowed to send a maximum of 2 projects.vyom. However. which will be submitted to us. Negotiations are also going on with various coaching institutes to award a scholarship to either the winner of the best project at RADIANCE or that of the quiz. Sector -12. • A simple declaration that the project has been done by the student him/herself without guidance from teachers/parents. ARCHIMEDES' TRIVIA. There is no particular format for submission. it should be as concise addressing the following points: • An introduction with a detailed description of the idea. Chandigarh – 160012 www. The participants will be presenting the working model of the product prototypes and explain them in detail in the presence of eminent persons from the field of education and technology. • Description of the problem to be solved. • Pros and cons of the solution with a rough idea of its commercialization. Students are required to come up with their original technological idea/modification in the existing technology/objects which solves any daily life problem be at any scale and cater to the need of the day. Students are required to bring along a report on their . School may also send a maximum of 2 students extra. to participate in the other events. PEC University of Technology. The details shall be uploaded on the website as soon as they are finalized. with a team of 2 students per project.

(provided there are greater than 10 entries) Note that at any point of time the latest information will be that which is on the website. Every participating school (and later the teams) has to register online on our website for the competition. Chandigarh – 160012 www. Decision of judges shall be treated as final and binding on all. Waste stuff to be provided to teams to turn into something useful. 2. 7. However. 4. 8. a quiz . there are many more exciting events planned throughout the 3 days of the fest apart from the project exhibitions. 5. Note that a school can send a maximum of two students extra (apart from the two project teams) for participation in Side Events. 9. Sector -12. General Rules: 1. b. The competition is open to students of all classes up to class 12.vyom. There can be a maximum of 2 teams (2 projects) from a school. registered schools will be informed through mail about any changes on the site. A registration number will be allocated to the team on registration which shall be used for future reference. LINK'D JUNKIES : a. and a new innovative event wherein students would be required to create something innovative out of useless discarded items provided to them LINK’D JUNKIES. Apart from these there will be exhibitions and seminars that students can attend. These include a panel discussion– BACK DOWN!. PEC University of Technology. Participation in teams of two.ARCHEMEDES’ TRIVIA. Students can participate alone or in teams of two.Annual Technical Festival 2011 In addition to this. . There will be 3 prizes.

Last date for the teams to register for the event: February 25th. Topic will be given on the spot. Sector -12. Judging based on points according to rules that will be explained. BACK DOWN! a. Top 2 teams to be given prizes. 10.Annual Technical Festival 2011 Judging based on creativity and novelty of idea and also the execution. 2011 2011 • WEBSITE: www. c. Top 2 speakers will be given prizes. Rules for the Chandigarh – 160012 . Deadlines: • Last date for the schools to register for the event : February 20th. b. d. For queries contact: Anubhav: 09501461363 Nafeesa : 09780622165 Ashutosh: 08054250778 PEC University of Technology. 11. Individual participation.vyom. ARCHEMEDES TRIVIA will be updated on the website soon.vyom.

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