Joint Operations, Wafra M. GOWRI SANKAR Project Engineer
D.O.B ± 9th May¶ 1975 (34 years), Bachelor of Engg. ( Mechanical ), Indian. Total Experience ± 13+ years

(Seconded through M/s Heston Kuwait)
P.O. Box No.: 25472, Safat ± 13115, Kuwait. Tel: 00965-23912178 Mobile: 00965-65015536

CAREER RESUME A career in Piping Field Engineering, Procurement & Material Management in the construction industry in the field of Oil & Gas, Refinery, Petroleum and Petrochemical. Familiar with major construction projects at management level with an aptitude for interpersonal and communicative skills collectively a part of decision making process, managing project in tune with the requirements of the client. Awareness of contractual obligations of parties within a contract period and operate them to company¶s benefit and experienced in attending safety and progress meetings. CAREER PROFLE The nature of work involves the following bullet points in Mechanical/Piping discipline in the large scale petroleum and chemical industries projects which includes commonly, Civil works : Control Buildings, Substations, Deep foundations, Deep excavation, etc. Mech. Works : Equipment erection, Piping, Pipeline, Tie-ins, Tanks, Insulation. Fireproofing, Painting and HVAC system for control buildings & substations, etc. Elec. Works : HV and LV system, CP system, Substation, Control building, etc. Instr. Works : DCS, F&G, CC TV, Telecom systems, etc. y y y y y y y y y Responsible for and report on the scheduling of man/material movements for all aspects of construction activity. Undertake QC reporting interaction with other departments of Company and clients to assure production schedules and deliveries are met. Act as a liaison with contractors and clients managing any work interfaces and enhancements to project scope. Review and evaluate technical submittals and shop drawings prior to submission to consultants and clients according to required project standards. Ensure safety standards and procedures are implemented and followed in accordance with contract requirements and Company guidelines. Monitor and control expenses related to project work and ensure organisational forecasts and budgets are met. Handle procurement activities relating to contracts and sub contracts in accordance with Contract requirements. Assist the Project Manager / Senior Project Engineer in preparation of Sub Contract agreements and to recruit people for piping/mechanical discipline. Conversant with International standards like ASME, ASTM, ANSI, API, BS, DIN, etc. Page 1 of 4

etc. responsible for day to day activities of technical office. Client Main Contractor : Responsibilities Held As a site technical office manager. responsible for day to day activities of technical office. Rigging plan/study.  Daelim Industrial Co. procurement. y Parsons Engineers Ltd. technical evaluation of project material and further client approval. Responsible for preparation of weld map for piping isometrics. and floating enquiries for subcontracts for mechanical works like insulation. Bldg. Ltd ± Korea. coordinating with HVAC subcontractors. painting and HVAC works. y Kellogg Brown & Root ± USA. USA. hydro test packages and other design related works like preparation of isometrics for small bore piping.. Joint Operations (JO) involved in exploration at the Wafra oil fields and drilling. UAE.  The Kuwait Olefins Company (Equate) ± Kuwait (joint venture between state of Kuwait & Dow Chemical ± USA)  Corps of Engineers ± US Army (for project Rebuild Iraq)  Iso Octane Company ± Dubai.).CAREER HISTORY Professional Experience ( Total 13+ years ) Overseas (10+ years) : Presently working in Joint Operations (JO) as Construction Engineer (Mech.  Petrofac International Ltd ± Sharjha.e involved in all UPSTREAM activties 1. UAE  Consortium of Foster Wheeler ± Italy &  Hyundai ± Korea. extraction. In brief site technical office is responsible for preparation of Hydrostatic Test packs. At present involved in design of temporary facilities and its construction as the project is just started.  Replacement of existing Potable water network  New 3nos. Reviewing contract spects. y Engineers India Ltd. Responsible for HVAC design. ± India. workshop facilities Job Responsibilities Being site technical office manager. Joint Operations (JO) Jan¶ 08 to Till Date Project Portfolio:  Upgrading Main Gathering center facilities  New Control Room & New Admin. site inspection. ± UK. and managing structural & piping prefabrication activities and the daily site technical conflict/problems. installation and commissioning of HVAC system for control buildings and substations. Responsible for design. located at the Partitioned Neutralised Zone (PNZ). process & production of crude fuel i. :  Kuwait Oil Company (KOC) ± Kuwait. Kharafi National March¶ 05 to April¶ 06 Projects PMCs : Various projects both in Upstream & Downstream of Petroleum Industries : y Fluor Consultants ± USA. Wafra between the borders of Kuwait & Kingdom of Saudi Arabia (KSA). Security guard house  New 3nos. Coordinating with civil subcontractor for early civil activities. Technical evaluation of project material and obtaining further client approval. 2. fireproofing. procurement and construction activities. Joined in Joint Operations (JO) seconded through M/s Heston Kuwait during Jan¶ 08 as Construction Engineer until till date Joint Operations is a government sector operated by Kuwait Gulf Oil Company (KGOC) one of the major subsidiary concern of the Kuwait state owned oil sector Kuwait Oil Company (KOC) & Saudi Arabian national oil sector Saudi Arabian Chevron (SAC) which is a joint venture between Saudi Arabian government and M/s Chevron. Site sketches and isometrics. Page 2 of 4 .

Sep¶99 to Feb¶01 Project Title Consultant Client Responsibilities Held Procuring A to Z all the piping Materials like pipes. Instrument Loop Folders and Monitor the Piping Prefabrication & Structural Fabrication with the Subcontractors. Thermic Fluid Heaters. Looked after maintenance of BOPET producing plant and utilities. Responsibilities Held As a Mechanical Engineer. Kellogg Brown & Root ± USA. Managing piping prefabrication and erection works of Carbon steel. Involved in Hydrostatic testing and pre-commissioning activities. for both on plot process piping (ASME 31. Stainless steel and Alloy steel piping. special piping materials. etc. fittings.Dubai : : : : Upgrading of Gathering Center ± 23. Air-conditioning. required for the project. Parsons Engineers Ltd. Coordinating the Tie-in woks during shut down for U/G & A/G tieins of Carbon steel.3. Feb¶01 to Jan¶ 03 Project Title Consultant Client Main Contractor Responsibilities Held Handling the site based field engineering dept. Mina Al-Bakr Offshore Terminal. Making Bill of Quantity from Plan Drawings as well as Isometrics for the Mechanical/Piping items. which involved in Preparation of Isometrics. in Kuwait Co-ordination Office. Air-dryers. Etc. India(3 years) : 6. US Army. Preparation of Test Packs. Floating Enquiries. Sep¶ 96 to Sep¶ 99 Worked with MTZ POLYESTERS LTD. Coordinating with client and consultant in the technical matters related to the contract. Jan¶03 to March¶ 05 Project Title Consultant Client : : : Rebuild Iraq. ± UK. Shut Down Maintenance. 5.. GUJARAT. is a Bi-axially Oriented Poly Ethylene Terrafthalic (BOPET) Film producing plant. Centrifugal Pumps. Umm-Kasr Port. : : : BOPET Film producing plant Svarn Consultants Ltd. Kuwait Oil Company (KOC) ± Kuwait. strainers. Gujarat ± India. Compressors. valves.3) and off plot pipe line (ASME 31.4) at Gathering Centers. Stainless steel and RTRP nature of pipe. Technical Review and selection of right project materials per specification. MTZ Polyesters Ltd. which includes Boiler. INDIA as Shift Engineer in the Mechanical Maintenance Department.. dealing with Consultant (KBR) for all South Iraq Projects in the area Like Rumaila Oil Field. Page 3 of 4 . Basrah International Airport. Stationing in Iraq involved in Minor Engineering works and Managed piping prefabrication and erection works etc. Break Down Maintenance and Maintaining Spares. Vapor Absorption Machine. Bombay ± India MTZ Polyesters Ltd. Managing piping works for site prefabrication and erection. Project Title Consultant Client Responsibilities Held Involved in Construction and Commissioning of Utilities & its associated Piping and BOPET film producing machineries ( Rotating Equipments ). Resolving site problems with the Client¶s co-ordination through RFI¶s and letters. 4. : : : Gasoline Production Facility Engineers India Limited ± India Iso Octane Company . Water Treatment Plant. and Effluent Treatment Plant.

P. Aruppukottai. SAFAT .13101 KUWAIT. Google gowrisankar20@hotmail. 24081. P. Power Point. Firefox. USA (PMI) ± Arab chapter PERSONAL MEMORANDA Name Father¶s Name Date of Birth Nationality Marital Status Languages Known Permanent Address : : : : : : : Address for Communication : Contact Telephone No. (00965) 650515536 Res.GOWRI SANKAR M. Married with 1 child English.O. THE KHARAFI NATIONAL CO. MS office (Word. gowrism@yahoo.: 23912178 A 1573334 Valid up to 2006. INDIA. etc..).Ponnaiah Street. Issued from Trichy passport office.M. Passport Details E ± Mail Address : : : Page 4 of 4 . Driving License ± Kuwait LMV Diving License valid until 2013 Professional Affliations Member of Institute of Engineers India (IEI) ± Kuwait Chapter Member of Project Management Institute.sankar@kharafinational. Netscape Navigator.1. Internet surfing tools like Internet Explorer. Malayalam & Arabic ( Beginner ) No. Indian. Tamil Nadu. Excel.EDUCATIONAL QUALIFICATION o o Bachelor of Engineering in Mechanical (1996 ± 1st Class) Master of Business Administration in Project Management (Pursuing now since 2009 in part time) Other Technical Proficiencies (Courses & Trainings)      Diploma in Industrial Safety Training on Project Management using Primavera Project Planner (P3) Diploma in Advanced software technology (Visual Basic & Oracle) Certification in Customer Relationship Management (CRM) Operating Knowledge of PDS Smart Plant Review Computer Competency  Windows.Muthukamatchi 9th May 1975. India gowri.BOX NO. Tamil. Kannada. etc.

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