Mithlesh Kumar

Mobile No:7620297710

Career Objective:
To secure such a job in an organization that can explore my knowledge and where I can give my best performance with my knowledge and also improve my personality by working hard in a graceful environment.

Professional Experience:
 Worked as Software developer in TechDex Solution Pvt. Ltd. As a Junior Programmer from January 2006 to June 2007.  Working as Software Developer in Technogeze Solutions Pvt. Ltd. As a Java Developer From January 2010 to Present.

Company Name: Technogaze Solutions Pvt. Ltd (currently working) Designation : Junior Programmer
TechnoGaze Solutions is a leading software company fully focused on delivering the best and most cost-effective solutions to its valuable clients TechnoGaze is promoted by highly experienced and technically sound professionals under one roof. It possesses not only the latest technology gadgets, but also the most knowledgeable and experienced minds to offer most user friendly, scalable, customized solutions.

Project Details:
Project Details: Title of the project: Design and Development of Retail Banking Solutions . Environment: Sql Server 2005, Servlet,Jsp. Role: Developer. Description:

Design and Development a Banking Software Solution for Technogaz Solutions. The Retail Sector of the banking was automated including the savings bank and the over-draft functionalities. Operating in a team of 3 Members, we are expose to some of the various aspects of the SDLC including Requirements Collection, Design, Coding.

Role and responsibility:
 Independently drives the design of a module and can work on the necessary patterns notations and tools.  Provides inputs and directions to Associates on the team for designing and creating design artifacts.

M.  Assists the architect in coming up with the overall estimates for the project along with any key risks and issues and their mitigation. construction and testing strategy and overall project plan. Identifies & escalates issues that might delay the work and propose suitable Handle issues that might impact the quality or the ability to deliver to timescales or estimates.  Creates and maintains the design documentation for the modules he/she is responsible for.  Interacts with a client (client senior developers and architects) to create technology specifications   from business requirements for one of the modules within the project. here I worked in two roles simultaneously.  Software engineer • Identify user need and design basic software architecture. • Design validation. Role and responsibility: TechDex Solutions Pvt Ltd is a company which develop software provide A. perform testing on user point of view.     Reports accurate status for their work and of his/her group. Participates in design reviews of other modules and provide insightful comments to improve the design.  Network engineer .C to clients and sale or support hardware devices and services. Estimates the implementation and deployment of the module based on module design and how the module the overall project architecture.  Writes application code to meet expected quality standards by conforming to the steps of doneness defined by the project. Project Detail 2: Company Name Designation : TechDex Solutions Pvt Ltd : Junior Programmer.  Provides inputs and directions to Associates/Senior Associates on the team during implementation and support phases.

Percentage(%) Class Obtained Educational Qualification: Board/University Examination University Of Pune MCA Magadh University BCA HSC SSC B. Computer Networks.S. Patna B.Asp . MS-Access SAD. Digital Organization. C++. Software Engineering.57% 62.5. install network devices Provide end user support.I. (Networking) Can install a ANY on Windows Based systems.C#. XP. All the OS Installation.62% 51.  Establish and treble shoot network.E. D.E. VB Script Shell scripting.33% 51. Operating Systems.Net. HTML. : : : : : : Windows9X.B. Java. Software installation. Academic Project Details: .S. MS-Office.C. Patna 62. Multimedia.83% First First Second Second Technical Knowledge: (Software) Operating System Computer Languages Internet Languages Packages DBMS Concept Learnt (Hardware) System Assembling. 2000. Frame Work 3. SQL-Server. MS-DOS C. JavaScript.

Any agency can also do registration for giving advertisement for the jobs. Design. But if any candidates want to apply for a particular job then he/she will have to do registration. Back End: Sql server2005 System Analysis. This website is specifically designed for unskilled persons. After doing registration he/she can view jobs available for him/her. testing. Description: . . Jobs can be searched on our job-portal according to the profile.Jsp .Name : Duration: Team Size: Company: Technology Used: Role: “ Vacancy 5 Options System “ 5 January 2010– 5April 2010 Techno gaze solutions Front End: Servlet. Coding.

O.. . Hindi C/o:GulabTiwari.Ganeshnagar.p. Good problem solver and a team player. Like to accept challenges.S.B: Nationality: Marital Status: Passport Number Languages: Mithlesh kumar Male 21 June 1984 Indian Single J5030623 English. Listing songs & Watching Movies.No:18/3. Personal Information: Name: Sex: D.Thergaon.Chinchwad.Dange Chowk.Post:Kamla Gopal pur.Pin code:801111 I hereby declare that above mentioned details are true and correct to the best of my knowledge and belief.Ekta Vill:Chaura Gopal pur. Permanent Address: Patna. MAJOR STRENGTHS Learns new things quickly and adapt to new environment easily.State:Bihar. Have good programming logic. Swimming In the River.Pune-411033.HOBBIES : Playing Cricket.Dist: Current Address: Colony.s:Bihta. Place: Pune Date: Mithlesh Kumar.