Give Us a Real Reason, Eh?

As always, I·m procrastinating and ranting. If you disagree with me, at least give me a real reason. ´You are a jackassµ is not a legit reason. Thank you and enjoy! ***I am the non-bolded text. is easy to follow. 2.You can find yourself relating to some of the characters. 3.Very romantic and thrilling 4. it is an example of how in life there are things that are everything we wish we could have but they are also everything that we cant have(like bells is the forbidden fruit because edward is a vampire and bella is human and their love is a forbidden love...) 5. The story will suck you in and make you addicted and you will want more 6. it is easy to imagine what is going on 7. The story is not only about humans but it also relates to 2 different species- vampires and werewolves making it more interesting. 8. The characters are fun to read about. 9. Even though Bella's jokes are corny they kinda do make you smile. 10. And finally the titles are meaningful ( like twilight, it is the safest time for vampires 1) Edward is practically bipolar. ´Bella, I love you and all, but friendship is so not good for us.µ As he is walking away from her in the forest ´Don·t worry, I·ll never leave you!µ. 2) I can·t see myself being whiny, obnoxious, and a social pariah. I·m also not dead, sparkly, are SUPAH PALE. Or rich. And my parents would kill me if they found out that a guy 90 years older than me was watching me sleep. I would kill the guy. 3) there was NO thrill at all, because Stephie is too delicate and fragile (like Bella, self-insert, much?) to give us any action. 4) Except Bella gets EVERYTHING SHE WANTS. She wants her baby, she gets it. She wants Edward and Jacob, she gets them. She wants sex, she gets it. Their love isn·t forbidden at all. 5) especially during the empty pages of months. It was totes riveting. 6)Fair go. Stephenie Meyer didn·t know the definition of a subplot so there was only one thing going on at a time. 7) HP has human, vampires, werewolves, unicorns, crups, knarls, dragons, and a variety of other animals. My sisters picture book has a cow, horse, sheep, pig, dog, and cat. Guess that makes them better. 8) HAHAHAHAHAHA. No. Bella·s incessant whining was awful to read about.

9) not only were her jokes not funny, she snubbed people for not understanding her apparent sense of humor. Wow. 10) Can·t really disprove this one. Just want to point out that it·s funny how deep SM thought this was. Ooh, they can come out at Twilight. Bella got dumped at the New Moon (even though she was dumped after school in September and it suddenly got dark then.) Jacob can·t fight the Eclipse that is Edward. And Bella breaks her water at the Break of Dawn.

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