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setuid strcasestr socket fflush strcpy __printf_chk setgrent pathconf _IO_putc setlocale mbrtowc towlower gai_strerror strsignal strncmp dcngettext getpwent strrchr setservent __longjmp_chk regexec dcgettext wcrtomb getpwuid closedir strncpy fork sigprocmask regfree sigfillset getgrent __stack_chk_fail unlink select strtold towupper strpbrk getpid strftime sbrk iswalnum iswlower __ctype_get_mb_cur_max strtol endpwent isatty fgets getpwnam getppid wcschr iswctype __mbrlen setitimer sigemptyset getaddrinfo memset strstr __errno_location tcsetattr confstr

chdir getpagesize endgrent mbtowc ttyname tcflow dup2 clearerr unsetenv wctob __fxstat64 __fprintf_chk sigaddset iswupper putenv __sigsetjmp stdout fputc getrusage __strtoll_internal fputs strnlen memcpy fclose tcsetpgrp wcscmp __memmove_chk __vsnprintf_chk strtoul killpg strcat umask strcasecmp setpgid getpeername mbsinit __strncpy_chk getgid asprintf tzset __lxstat64 opendir __xstat64 __ctype_b_loc regcomp wcwidth stderr sigdelset ioctl setrlimit64 group_member __snprintf_chk getgroups getuid readlink getegid __fpurge strncasecmp fileno gethostname .

getcwd fwrite gettimeofday sigaction geteuid __memcpy_chk waitpid localtime lseek64 strchr __vfprintf_chk mblen fdopen readdir64 qsort tcgetattr __ctype_toupper_loc __strcpy_chk __ctype_tolower_loc freeaddrinfo setvbuf wcscoll fcntl getrlimit64 __sprintf_chk wcsdup getdtablesize memmove fopen64 endservent wcsrtombs bindtextdomain setgid __strcat_chk __strtoull_internal tcgetpgrp __libc_start_main setpwent ferror wcslen strcoll wcsncmp sysconf getservent __environ _edata __bss_start initialize_job_control sys_error maybe_make_export_env emacs_meta_keymap eval_doc dispose_word sh_double_quote _rl_clear_screen rl_completion_query_items _rl_term_IC last_command_exit_signal _rl_insert_typein times_builtin .

rl_copy_text last_command_subst_pid ifs_firstc _rl_find_completion_word get_history_event rl_vi_yank_to prompt_string_pointer _rl_disable_tty_signals get_job_by_pid list_minus_o_opts print_assoc_assignment make_select_command emacs_standard_keymap disable_priv_mode rl_tty_status rl_tilde_expand sh_ttyerror builtin_doc have_unwind_protects _rl_nsearch_callback current_host_name sh_canonpath put_command_name_into_env discard_unwind_frame running_under_emacs dequote_string posix_readline_initialize string_list_dollar_star execute_command_internal printf_builtin _rl_init_line_state rl_copy_forward_word sh_contains_shell_metas sh_exit named_function_string it_groups dircomplete_spelling reader_loop sv_ignoreeof tt_setonechar readline_internal_char no_args input_avail update_export_env_inplace _rl_erase_entire_line assoc_reference prog_completion_enabled sccs_version assoc_insert extract_array_assignment_list rl_backward_word print_command local_builtin progcomp_size rl_transpose_chars the_current_working_directory ansiexpand coproc_alloc array_dequote_escapes _rl_keyseq_cxt_alloc .

rl_kill_word indirection_level_string array_dispose rl_tty_unset_default_bindings set_signal_handler make_subshell_command arith_for_doc last_command_exit_value sv_histignore rl_completion_mode kill_current_pipeline history_base dstack builtin_warning polite_directory_format xdupmbstowcs make_builtin_argv rl_vi_start_inserting bash_add_history enable_doc logout_doc _rl_input_queued _rl_parsing_conditionalized_out strlist_to_word_list rl_overwrite_mode remember_args dispose_cond_node _rl_strip_prompt rl_filename_quote_characters while_doc new_var_context set_bash_input_fd substring bash_tilde_find_word glob_char_p rl_backward_char_search last_shell_builtin history_length __libc_csu_fini rl_initialize _rl_interrupt_immediately list_opttype number_of_args prog_completes array_dispose_element rl_forward_char make_word set_current_prompt_level autocd rl_vi_append_mode list_rest_of_args source_builtin rl_completion_type builtin_error _rl_get_screen_size bind_variable_value pushd_builtin xpg_echo remove_history _rl_enable_meta_key .

_rl_convert_meta_chars_to_ascii rl_vi_redo tt_setnocanon get_variable_value _rl_term_im rl_gnu_readline_p free_buffered_stream rl_funmap_names shopt_setopt sh_readonly _rl_set_mark_at_pos it_signals _rl_savestring shell_execve wlcache sv_histchars continue_doc pat_subst start_pipeline rl_dispatching rl_reset_terminal sh_memalign hash_walk just_one_command rl_add_funmap_entry rl_directory_rewrite_hook find_function _rl_complete_mark_directories command_string_index get_dirstack_from_string write_history rl_display_prompt read_octal rl_vi_tilde_expand rl_set_keyboard_input_timeout rl_unbind_command_in_map assoc_patsub _rl_out_stream rl_instream rl_display_fixed all_visible_variables rl_forward replace_history_entry rl_show_char rl_resize_terminal rl_bind_key_if_unbound_in_map rl_reset_screen_size sh_getopt rl_message replace_history_data umask_doc rl_macro_dumper array_rshift _rl_vi_initialize_line find_variable_internal ifs_firstc_len signal_name find_variable internal_strmatch rl_abort .

no_options initialize_traps parse_and_execute sh_notfound parse_bashopts end_job_control unbind_args _rl_init_terminal_io umask_builtin rl_on_new_line_with_prompt fnx_tofs hash_string sh_notbuiltin quote_globbing_chars dist_version sh_calloc executing subshell_argv ttsetattr source_searches_cwd rl_noninc_reverse_search get_current_user_info rl_execute_next _rl_copy_undo_entry rl_macro_bind _rl_control_keypad rl_get_keymap_name command_connect _rl_kscxt it_shopts select_doc _rl_free_saved_history_line _rl_term_forward_char popd_builtin rl_byte_oriented show_name_attributes history_write_timestamps break_doc bash_readline_initialized _rl_horizontal_scroll_mode with_input_from_stdin ttfd_eightbit enable_history_list make_word_from_token no_invisible_vars check_hashed_filenames rl_variable_value history_expansion_char maybe_execute_file hist_last_line_added save_parser_state uitos change_flag true_doc current_readline_line_index describe_pid top_level_mask rl_on_new_line _rl_adjust_point it_keywords .

maybe_append_history all_exported_variables set_shellopts the_printed_command signal_names reset_completer_word_break_chars delete_job _rl_term_ei maybe_set_sigchld_trap unquoted_glob_pattern_p push_stream executing_builtin _fp_hw rl_bind_key_in_map last_asynchronous_pid rl_basic_word_break_characters suspend_doc find_shell_builtin array_patsub rl_pending_input _rl_page_completions builtin_address_internal initialize_terminating_signals _rl_possible_control_prefixes _rl_eof_char _rl_suppress_redisplay give_terminal_to rl_unbind_function_in_map rl_copy_keymap coproc_list rl_reverse_search_history alias_expand_all rl_filename_dequoting_function parse_and_execute_level have_devfd execute_command rl_done should_ignore_glob_matches strlist_prefix_suffix time_to_check_mail set_buffered_stream rl_restore_state rl_inhibit_completion history_expansion_inhibited bind_assoc_variable pipeline_pgrp rl_key_sequence_length _rl_set_insert_mode remember_on_history rl_ignore_completion_duplicates strsub pwd_doc enable_hostname_completion tt_setcbreak pop_context let_builtin dispose_variable ttattr _rl_output_some_chars command_word_completion_function .

sh_regmatch all_array_variables bash_brace_completion read_history make_cond_node rl_completion_append_character eof_encountered_limit posix_initialize _rl_keyseq_chain_dispose rl_yank max_input_history initialize_bash_input pop_var_context rl_universal_argument _rl_top_level check_identifier sh_single_quote list_running_jobs zsyncfd history_quotes_inhibit_expansion strlist_from_word_list termsig_sighandler assigning_in_environment bash_default_completion binary_test ps2_prompt history_get uinttostr current_user current_command_line_count _rl_arg_overflow rl_yank_pop return_catch_flag _rl_enable_keypad initialize_aliases rl_possible_completions rl_binding_keymap exit_builtin rl_restore_prompt suspend_builtin rl_ignore_some_completions_function rl_generic_bind rl_filename_quoting_desired tt_seteightbit rl_set_keymap rl_vi_change_char build_version readline_internal_setup rl_getc_function get_array_value word_split file_status set_sigchld_handler rl_visible_prompt_length history_lines_this_session _rl_term_clreol it_arrayvars tilde_initialize exec_doc close_buffered_fd .

all_variables_matching_prefix rl_rubout_or_delete _rl_last_v_pos rl_translate_keyseq current_readline_prompt _rl_isearch_dispatch it_services error_trace_mode find_reserved_word sh_set_lines_and_columns xtrace_print_for_command_head duplicate_buffered_stream get_shopt_options _rl_push_executing_macro history_builtin zreadc rl_vi_search variable_context _rl_enable_meta user_command_matches strvec_dispose _rl_dispatch_subseq history_lines_in_file rl_executing_macro rl_backward_char _rl_input_available ttfd_onechar array_dequote hashing_enabled ulimit_doc current_command_subst_pid rl_deprep_term_function array_remove rl_dump_variables compgen_builtin _rl_char_value trap_to_sighandler _rl_trace rl_character_len type_builtin set_pipestatus_array strlist_dispose it_jobs rl_rubout err_badarraysub rl_add_defun set_locale_var add_history_time pcomp_curcs sh_optopt return_builtin sv_strict_posix pop_scope _rl_doing_an_undo rl_catch_sigwinch history_inhibit_expansion_function cdspelling return_catch strvec_copy save_token_state .

getmaxchild make_word_list rl_editing_mode rl_forward_search_history make_simple_command command_errstr history_is_stifled get_directory_stack _rl_vi_reset_last source_doc rl_beg_of_line rl_complete _rl_backspace ttfd_noecho popd_doc rl_redisplay last_history_line unset_builtin rl_clear_pending_input bash_servicename_completion_function _rl_insert_char compgen_doc getmaxgroups ttnocanon rl_get_keymap_by_name stream_on_stack expand_arith_string rl_kill_region sh_mktmpfd unbound_vars_is_error disown_doc progcomp_remove bind_var_to_int export_builtin bind_builtin assoc_quote noclobber malloc_register set_tty_state expand_prompt_string remove_alias hist_last_line_pushed parse_shellopts initialize_shell_builtins _rl_clear_to_eol command_execution_string maybe_add_history set_bashopts indirection_level rl_copy_backward_word other_token_alist sh_stat cmd_init set_signal_ignored current_command_number absolute_pathname string_list_internal rl_arg_sign strvec_sort print_func_list .

coproc_fdsave reset_signal_handlers _rl_terminal_can_insert _rl_term_ip want_pending_command history_search sh_invalidopt rl_vi_insert_mode wait_signal_received restore_default_signal set_job_control unbind_array_element array_create set_error_trap sh_closepipe rl_bind_keyseq_in_map shift_builtin no_symbolic_links builtin_usage readonly_builtin rl_clear_signals tilde_expansion_preexpansion_hook kill_doc _rl_susp_char fg_percent_doc sh_mktmpname dispose_fd_bitmap rl_insert_comment rl_newline do_word_assignment _rl_internal_char_cleanup rl_filename_rewrite_hook sh_modcase get_minus_o_opts set_dollar_vars_unchanged _rl_term_pc default_tty_job_signals rl_readline_state array_insert history_subst_char rl_completer_word_break_characters unset_doc rl_free sv_histtimefmt unwind_protect_mem wdcache cleanup_the_pipeline sh_invalidsig wait_builtin exec_builtin dirs_builtin parse_string_to_word_list _rl_enable_paren_matching copy_function_def_contents pop_dollar_vars _rl_dispatch sourcelevel get_current_prompt_level find_string_in_alist describe_command .

trap_doc make_word_flags _rl_rubout_char phash_search rl_vi_subst _rl_complete_mark_symlink_dirs bash_input_fd_changed bashline_reset _rl_set_the_line test_doc alloc_word_desc rl_insert_mode rl_directory_completion_hook sv_opterr stupidly_hack_special_variables _rl_search_getchar setifs stream_list set_itemlist_dirty fatal_error subshell_argc pre_process_line shell_eof_token print_arith_command rl_completion_matches rl_tab_insert _rl_revert_all_at_newline string_rest_of_args print_var_function loop_level extract_arithmetic_subst localetrans array_to_string rl_modifying history_tokenize _rl_redisplay_after_sigwinch find_flag _rl_make_prompt_for_search fg_builtin dispose_exec_redirects return_doc _rl_get_char_len local_exported_variables _rl_tropen unset_bash_input _rl_abort_internal rl_copy_region_to_kill _rl_move_vert _rl_meta_flag make_case_command rl_undo_list printf_doc conditional_doc remove_quoted_escapes _rl_reset_argument rl_make_bare_keymap initialize_shell_options fail_glob_expansion get_working_directory rl_get_next_history .

find_tempenv_variable make_function_def _rl_term_dc command_builtin sh_unset_nodelay_mode static_shell_builtins set_var_read_only rl_completion_mark_symlink_dirs colon_doc cd_doc rl_invoking_keyseqs function_doc history_get_time ttcbreak time_doc zwrite _getenv stdin_redir get_exitstat coproc_close rl_read_init_file vi_insertion_keymap builtin_builtin rl_filename_completion_desired builtin_address history_expansion _rl_term_goto restore_original_signals maybe_save_shell_history executing_list unset_sigwinch_handler _rl_in_stream _rl_echoing_p rl_completion_display_matches_hook reset_shell_flags rl_end_undo_group begin_unwind_frame disown_builtin rl_crlf set_debug_trap _rl_copy_undo_list assoc_quote_escapes run_return_trap declare_doc _rl_restore_tty_signals check_binary_file dispose_saved_dollar_vars sh_invalidoptname _rl_screenchars rl_named_function list_all_jobs rl_bind_key_if_unbound rl_unix_word_rubout alias_expand make_local_variable disallow_filename_globbing already_making_children reset_internal_getopt rl_vi_prev_word expand_string_unsplit .

coproc_fdrestore ifs_var _rl_keymap de_backslash restore_pgrp_pipe bash_directory_completion_matches rl_executing_keymap rl_complete_with_tilde_expansion same_file __data_start current_command_first_line_saved assoc_remove bash_history_disable which_set_flags rl_display_match_list rl_delete_horizontal_space rl_unbind_key_in_map _rl_move_cursor_relative get_group_list bash_initialize_history sh_mktmpfp glob_ignore_case all_shell_variables list_one_job xtrace_fdchk rl_replace_from_history sh_invalidid rl_vi_put rl_backward_kill_line rl_free_undo_list zreadintr history_delimiting_chars without_job_control rl_arrow_keys make_command_string type_doc map_over set_default_lang dispose_used_env_vars lcurrent fifos_pending _rl_callback_data_dispose make_if_command wait_for variable_help_doc this_command_name source_file ignore_tty_job_signals clean_itemlist subshell_envp sv_histsize history_doc _rl_free_history_entry close_fd_bitmap bash_getcwd_errstr push_dollar_vars show_all_var_attributes err_readonly rl_free_line_state set_working_directory .

subshell_environment rl_outstream print_simple_command sv_comp_wordbreaks phash_insert rl_save_prompt rl_dump_macros make_variable_value read_from_stdin initialize_signals until_doc coproc_rclose zreadcintr it_functions xtrace_fp tilde_expand_word legal_alias_name mbschr funmap_program_specific_entry_start expand_words_shellexp sh_neednumarg sh_cfree coproc_pidchk tilde_additional_prefixes command_substitute add_alias get_word_from_string get_hostname_list yychar asynchronous_notification rl_completion_found_quote init_mail_dates ifs_cmap case_doc xtrace_set assign_array_from_string rl_pre_input_hook shopt_builtin dirs_doc getifs _rl_trclose _rl_char_search_internal strlist_resize rl_vi_back_to_indent rl_vi_check _rl_completion_prefix_display_length executable_file malloc_trace_at_exit initialize_flags strvec_from_word_list _rl_errmsg stdin_redirects make_coproc_command bind_keyseq_to_unix_command sh_backslash_quote _rl_revert_all_lines posixly_correct set_login_shell terminate_stopped_jobs bash_badsub_errmsg .

array_unshift_element rl_vi_delete _rl_vi_textmod_command rl_vi_bWord rl_reset_line_state rl_variable_dumper it_builtins hist_verify get_name_for_error privileged_mode assoc_modcase no_line_editing history_comment_char rl_already_prompted split_at_delims _rl_arg_callback sh_restricted interrupt_state bash_license the_current_maintainer getcoprocbypid rl_tty_set_default_bindings sh_setlinebuf rl_unix_line_discard rl_vi_fWord rl_make_keymap _rl_fix_point _rl_with_macro_input sh_backslash_quote_for_double_quotes valid_array_reference sh_makepath _rl_find_prev_mbchar expand_words_no_vars rl_completion_entry_function rl_vi_insert_beg fmtulong pcomp_set_compspec_options _rl_caught_signal pipefail_opt compopt_doc _rl_block_sigint zmapfd funcnest_max mailstat history_search_delimiter_chars history_search_pos map_over_funcs rl_vi_char_search sh_nojobs ttrestore print_cond_command rltty_set_default_bindings assign_array_var_from_word_list rl_begin_undo_group rl_initialize_funmap rl_library_version _rl_quit_char _rl_unget_char _rl_pop_executing_macro internal_wstrmatch .

get_job_by_name _rl_comment_begin kill_all_local_variables it_setopts execute_variable_command rl_get_keymap_name_from_edit_mode rl_insert_text rl_attempted_completion_function hash_builtin malloc_trace array_keys _rl_want_redisplay set_default_locale it_files mark_modified_vars read_builtin run_debug_trap get_random_number wordexp_only _rl_complete_show_all reset_parser sigint_sighandler num_shell_builtins gen_compspec_completions set_return_trap rl_get_termcap mk_msgstr _rl_init_eightbit _rl_term_backspace history_expand _rl_callback_data executing_line_number expand_string_to_string unstifle_history _rl_find_next_mbchar rl_event_hook pcomp_curcmd exit_shell init_yy_io clear_hostname_list list_optarg _rl_output_meta_chars hash_copy array_create_element glob_vector parse_string expand_word_unsplit shell_is_restricted rl_vi_overstrike_delete rl_digit_argument rl_vi_overstrike rl_capitalize_word dirspell rl_bind_keyseq save_pipeline strlist_create rl_vi_set_mark assoc_to_word_list internal_warning shell_compatibility_level .

rl_redisplay_function coproc_init fc_execute_file yy_input_name _rl_scxt_dispose char_is_quoted find_index_in_alist signal_is_special with_input_from_string rl_noninc_forward_search rl_yank_nth_arg _rl_dispatching_keymap rl_stop_output force_append_history _rl_dispatch_callback protected_mode _rl_to_lower bash_logout clear_unwind_protect_list rl_vi_delete_to secondary_prompt sh_optarg rl_history_search_backward is_directory move_to_high_fd rl_num_chars_to_read rl_transpose_words sh_un_double_quote rl_char_is_quoted_p make_arith_for_command bash_history_enable rl_terminal_name find_user_command list_length global_error_list sh_erange zcatfd caller_doc history_set_history_state unbind_variable _rl_pushed_input_available rl_callback_read_char signal_is_trapped enable_builtin rl_revert_line release_status rl_start_kbd_macro _rl_overwrite_rubout _rl_strindex trap_builtin help_builtin dispose_var_context shopt_listopt set_impossible_sigchld_trap sh_needarg ansicstr _rl_release_sigint dispose_function_def array_to_argv _rl_callback_func .

sv_locale subshell_top_level shell_name xstrmatch _rl_vis_botlin strlist_append fc_doc ttfd_cbreak rl_get_keymap restricted_shell dont_save_function_defs _rl_set_cursor strcreplace close_pgrp_pipe history_no_expand_chars rl_set_signals completions_to_stringlist _rl_output_character_function rl_delete_text show_shell_version evalexp __libc_csu_init ungetc_with_restart _rl_argcxt ttnoecho declare_builtin _rl_term_up rl_attempted_completion_over rl_delete push_context rl_replace_line sh_badjob zreadretry rl_upcase_word rl_completion_word_break_hook strip_trailing_ifs_whitespace rl_mark array_variable_name _rl_term_ic rl_backward_byte _rl_last_command_was_kill dispose_word_desc clean_simple_command rl_re_read_init_file rl_vi_goto_mark cd_builtin _rl_isearch_callback make_redirection rl_forced_update_display check_window_size programming_error rl_noninc_reverse_search_again xmbsrtowcs array_expand_index _rl_arg_getchar _rl_completion_case_fold rl_vi_change_case _rl_null_function command_error loptend .

readarray_doc xtrace_reset zgetline xtrace_init arith_doc pcomp_set_readline_variables shell_version_string _rl_reset_completion_state expanding_redir coproc_flush return_EOF sync_buffered_stream rl_linefunc logout_builtin _rl_term_autowrap _rl_allow_pathname_alphabetic_chars trap_saved_exit_value _rl_isearch_terminators set_ppid startup_state strlist_merge bash_clear_history expand_compound_array_assignment rl_vi_fetch_history it_disabled history_get_history_state array_remove_quoted_nulls progcomp_flush echo_command_at_execute _rl_pure_alphabetic force_fignore wait_doc rl_exchange_point_and_mark shell_start_time bind_function parser_error bash_groupname_completion_function current_prompt_string getopts_reset rl_vi_domove remember_mail_dates make_new_assoc_variable expand_words fsleep assoc_to_string parse_symbolic_mode decode_prompt_string rl_set_mark wait_for_background_pids strvec_resize if_doc extended_glob assign_array_var_from_string display_signal_list free_pushed_string_input coproc_reap vi_movement_keymap do_redirections sh_coproc start_job .

get_new_window_size continuing addtimeval match_ignore_case running_trap ansic_shouldquote falarm extract_process_subst rl_ding false_doc set_pwd _rl_callback_data_alloc rl_vi_column need_here_doc absolute_program sh_malloc history_reediting coproc_doc rl_refresh_line _rl_is_mbchar_matched rl_last_func strvec_remove breaking xtrace_print_assignment bind_array_variable expand_string_assignment xtrace_fd jump_to_top_level rl_complete_internal strlist_copy ignore_signal find_alias delete_all_aliases sh_syntabsiz ttgetattr unlink_fifo_list strvec_len getopts_doc pop_stream make_group_command _rl_digit_p skipsubscript getcoprocbyname rl_set_prompt hash_size rl_backward_menu_complete rl_vi_first_print redirection_expand legal_identifier file_error list_optopt grouping_braces_doc place_keywords_in_env _rl_erase_at_end_of_line array_keys_to_word_list bind_int_variable optflags reset_mail_files fnx_fromfs skip_to_delim .

caller_builtin command_oriented_history sh_validfd rl_discard_keymap _rl_echoctl sv_history_control sigwinch_received sh_physpath wait_intr_buf maybe_make_restricted rl_unbind_key _rl_digit_value rl_vi_eword add_unwind_protect hash_dispose sv_xtracefd rl_invoking_keyseqs_in_map rl_line_buffer_len colon_builtin _rl_history_preserve_point unbind_func sh_realpath rl_vi_replace rl_reset_after_signal get_tty_state check_jobs_at_exit make_until_command copy_function_def _rl_iscxt rl_filename_completion_function do_assignment rl_alphabetic rl_vi_insertion_mode rl_catch_signals rl_kill_text rl_visible_stats copy_history_entry _rl_scxt_alloc rl_forward_word remove_backslashes history_arg_extract get_locale_var run_unwind_protects rl_basic_quote_characters setup_async_signals current_readline_line search_for_command rl_add_undo _rl_fix_last_undo_of_type unfreeze_jobs_list signal_in_progress test_command rl_special_prefixes rl_vi_bword phash_flush dispose_redirects rl_vi_eof_maybe ttonechar check_bash_input sh_get_home_dir .

emacs_ctlx_keymap _rl_vi_last_command setup_ignore_patterns rl_forward_byte sh_badpid full_pathname tteightbit forced_interactive rl_completion_suppress_quote times_doc array_modcase rl_backward array_assign_list set_minus_o_option all_digits debugging_login_shell rl_get_previous_history rl_getc assoc_dispose rl_variable_bind get_numeric_arg bash_delete_histent eof_encountered shift_doc ifs_value make_command rl_deprep_terminal reset_mail_timer rl_completion_suppress_append hup_on_exit yyerror make_bare_simple_command fg_doc rl_prompt rl_filename_quoting_function filter_stringlist rl_kill_full_line sh_getopt_restore_state delete_all_jobs sigwinch_sighandler _rl_compare_chars sv_optind rl_vi_fword rl_point _rl_any_typein echo_builtin read_command sh_invalidnum make_here_document set_lang rl_readline_version rl_function_of_keyseq sh_valloc current_fds_to_close array_quote quote_string_for_globbing gnu_error_format close_buffered_stream local_doc interactive_shell .

ulimit_builtin typeset_doc coproc_fdchk expand_assignment_string_to_string _rl_mark_modified_lines sh_realloc set_dirstack_element wait_for_single_pid rl_end bash_dequote_text set_or_show_attributes rl_beginning_of_history strlist_flush _rl_saved_line_for_history decode_signal _rl_free_match_list rl_parse_and_bind phash_remove _rl_block_sigwinch rl_menu_complete unalias_builtin _rl_intr_char brace_expand find_path_file base_pathname ansic_quote make_local_array_variable print_timeval history_search_prefix nohup_all_jobs rl_expand_prompt throw_to_top_level compspec_copy connect_async_list ttsave _rl_last_c_pos assoc_subrange copy_redirect all_visible_functions list_string copy_command pushd_doc kill_pid new_fd_bitmap terminating_signal rl_vi_movement_mode adjust_shell_level sh_badopt dequote_list sh_mkdoublequoted find_special_builtin dispose_function_def_contents rl_prep_terminal parse_and_execute_cleanup parse_command _rl_set_screen_size run_pending_traps file_iswdir _rl_current_display_line bg_builtin .

bash_delete_last_history sh_get_env_value ifs_firstchar _rl_vi_set_last trap_list rl_insert_close strlist_print rl_menu_completion_entry_function _rl_release_sigwinch rl_clear_message fc_builtin xtrace_print_select_command_head current_token timeval_to_secs false_builtin rl_vi_next_word _rl_bell_preference _rl_signal_handler array_shift_element continue_builtin array_shift find_or_make_array_variable rl_discard_argument run_interrupt_trap get_group_array print_shift_error getopts_builtin buffered_ungetchar tempenv_assign_error show_var_attributes xtrace_print_cond_term print_var_value sh_wrerror sh_syntaxtab current_builtin fmtumax it_commands rl_blink_matching_paren rl_set_paren_blink_timeout rl_vi_undo make_local_assoc_variable restore_parser_state rl_quoted_insert where_history rl_startup_hook _rl_arg_init _rl_vi_done_inserting cdable_vars global_command rl_sort_completion_matches extract_colon_unit wcsmatch _rl_nscxt maybe_call_trap_handler open_buffered_stream patch_level sv_path it_aliases _rl_to_upper check_dev_tty .

strip_trailing brace_expansion _rl_update_final it_directories read_doc progcomp_create glob_error_return _rl_term_cr dispose_words rl_prefer_env_winsize default_buffered_input cond_expand_word assoc_keys_to_word_list it_hostnames rl_cleanup_after_signal find_token_in_alist rl_char_search progcomp_search rl_set_keymap_from_edit_mode file_exists rl_completion_invoking_key sv_tz command_doc rl_maybe_replace_line reset_shell_options it_exports dollar_dollar_pid rl_insert hash_doc last_made_pid compopt_builtin mapfile_builtin unclosed_pair set_dollar_vars_changed makunbound terminate_immediately run_unwind_frame subshell_level _rl_next_macro_key hangup_all_jobs this_shell_builtin convert_var_to_array make_new_array_variable it_users buffered_getchar progcomp_dispose readonly_doc rl_noninc_forward_search_again sh_chkwrite rl_echo_signal_char xtrace_print_case_command_head _rl_lowercase_p test_bracket_doc sh_xfree promptvars initialize_itemlist jobs_doc netopen minus_o_option_value dump_po_strings .

notify_and_cleanup rl_kill_line rl_vi_match current_history set_default_locale_vars _rl_possible_meta_prefixes compspec_create complete_builtin _rl_arg_dispatch run_exit_trap shell_tty strvec_to_word_list rl_insert_completions strlist_walk coproc_unsetvars rl_backward_kill_word extract_command_subst perform_hostname_completion rl_vi_end_word bashline_reinitialize pop_args exec_redirection_undo_list nohup_job signal_is_ignored array_quote_escapes sh_optind assign_compound_array_list with_input_from_stream restore_token_state rl_push_macro_input rl_readline_name rl_bind_keyseq_if_unbound dispose_command mbstrlen _rl_echo_control_chars save_bash_input test_binop _rl_read_mbchar array_variable_part rl_undo_command _rl_screenwidth all_shell_functions expand_aliases echo_doc sh_xmalloc export_doc ps1_prompt coproc_setvars progcomp_insert fd_is_bash_input history_word_delimiters reset_shopt_options history_max_entries _rl_start_using_history sh_opterr restart_job_control sort_variables mail_warning coproc_checkfd compspec_dispose .

test_builtin push_var_context strlist_remove rl_callback_handler_install spname array_flush rl_emacs_editing_mode rl_maybe_unsave_line word_token_alist free_mail_files history_total_bytes push_args xtrace_print_word_list terminate_current_pipeline _rl_ttymsg unary_test list_reverse array_to_word_list make_while_command primary_prompt glob_star allow_null_glob_expansion check_add_history yylval rl_explicit_arg restore_pipeline rl_read_key stop_making_children tilde_expansion_failure_hook dump_translatable_strings let_doc make_arith_command break_builtin history_number phash_create do_assignment_no_expand rl_maybe_save_line add_or_supercede_exported_var unalias_doc setup_glob_ignore run_sigchld_trap make_absolute rl_list_funmap_names var_lookup shell_initialized assoc_dequote rl_completer_quote_characters EOF_Reached top_level_cleanup global_variables word_list_remove_quoted_nulls sh_free uconvert rl_free_keymap print_rlimtype mapfile_doc array_copy rl_vi_yank_arg rl_end_of_history rl_callback_handler_remove .

rl_extend_line_buffer rl_set_retained_kills _rl_match_hidden_files set_pipestatus_from_exit internal_error rl_vi_append_eol string_list_dollar_at assoc_dequote_escapes _rl_kill_kbd_macro reinit_special_variables copy_word ttfd_nocanon run_trap_cleanup debugging_mode rl_vi_eWord remove_unwind_protect assoc_remove_quoted_nulls zread bash_re_edit _rl_undo_group_level yynerrs print_var_list eval_builtin xparse_dolparen array_from_word_list exit_doc exit_immediately_on_error array_slice get_alias_value tt_setnoecho rl_completion_quote_character jobs_builtin return_catch_value bg_doc set_signal err_unboundvar report_error read_but_dont_execute sv_ifs delete_all_contexts echo_input_at_read string_to_rlimtype assoc_to_assign dot_found_in_search yyparse make_for_command rl_unix_filename_rubout rl_downcase_word it_bindings no_empty_command_completion rl_stuff_char set_var_attribute bgpids set_sigint_handler programmable_completions alloc_history_entry shell_glob_filename rl_do_undo this_shell_function array_needs_making .

sh_eaccess complete_doc noglob_dot_filenames wait_for_job _rl_term_DC _rl_bind_stty_chars _rl_qsort_string_compare string_quote_removal difftimeval find_function_def hostname_list_initialized assoc_flush source_uses_path get_dollar_var_value rl_vi_change_to array_to_assign run_error_trap it_enabled hash_bucket rl_erase_empty_line sv_globignore executable_or_directory zreset _rl_read_mbstring _rl_screenheight trim_pathname rl_do_lowercase_version get_job_spec rl_dump_functions make_funcname_visible kill_builtin rl_vi_arg_digit expand_word_leave_quoted subst_assign_varlist _rl_overwrite_char _rl_term_clrpag rl_set_key history_truncate_file _rl_skip_completed_text rl_vi_bracktype reset_terminating_signals jobs_m_flag expand_string rl_call_last_kbd_macro history_set_pos print_array_assignment make_bare_word rl_function_dumper sv_terminal original_pgrp isnetconn dot_doc initialize_shell_variables sh_openpipe _rl_clean_up_for_exit reap_dead_jobs alias_expand_word _rl_complete_show_unmodified xtrace_print_arith_cmd _rl_uppercase_p .

_rl_keyseq_cxt_dispose get_string_value array_walk rl_history_search_forward the_printed_command_size push_scope rl_skip_csi_sequence execute_shell_function with_input_from_buffered_stream rl_prep_term_function make_pattern_list coproc_wclose the_printed_command_except_trap coproc_fdclose redirection_error rl_delete_or_show_completions rl_yank_last_arg it_stopped convert_var_to_assoc set_if_not rl_username_completion_function list_stopped_jobs _rl_replace_text _rl_walphabetic no_exit_on_failed_exec gather_here_documents bash_history_reinit malloc_flags coproc_closeall sv_hostfile timeval_to_cpu merge_temporary_env comsub_ignore_return sub_append_string rl_bind_keyseq_if_unbound_in_map interactive_comments strlist_sort make_default_mailpath string_list_pos_params rl_save_state _rl_add_macro_char function_trace_mode it_variables load_history assign_array_element tilde_additional_suffixes termsig_handler pwd_builtin sh_xrealloc it_running extended_quote _rl_history_saved_point setup_history_ignore copy_word_list coproc_dispose pushed_string_list make_cond_command test_unop init_job_stats localeexpand .

3 GLIBC_2.4 GLIBC_2.0 GLIBC_2.4 GLIBC_2.11 GLIBC_2.3.2 PTRh QVh05 /bin /bin -t#1 L[^_] .1 GLIBC_2.strvec_flush rl_vi_search_again bash_tilde_expand readline_internal_teardown bind_doc shopt_doc rl_line_buffer rl_restart_output rl_numeric_arg count_all_jobs rl_end_kbd_macro legal_number read_history_range initialize_bashopts array_subrange rl_vi_editing_mode initialize_readline initialize_job_signals rl_vi_rubout bash_copyright make_child unbind_function_def rl_end_of_line rl_bind_key literal_history rl_old_menu_complete read_secondary_line sv_mail history_offset strvec_create shell_function_defs copy_redirects xbcopy delete_all_variables rl_untranslate_keyseq expand_string_unsplit_to_string stop_pipeline save_pgrp_pipe fd_to_buffered_stream _rl_print_completions_horizontally rl_vi_complete progcomp_walk terminal_pgrp assign_in_env file_isdir shell_pgrp strvec_strcmp GLIBC_2.

1 t&~.[^_] .[^_] .et.[^_] .[^_] [^_] [^_] D$89E D$89E \$89] D</v) D$8t4 D$89E D$89E D$8t .et^1 .[^_] [^_] >+E [^_] 2+E @uJf [^_] [^_] 2+E [^_] [^_] [^_] [^_] [^_] <[^_] [^_] 8=ts [^_] [^_] <<t.[^_] .<$f t&<> .[^_] .= ~e=( [^_] )t%9 l[^_] l[^_] \[^_] <[^_] <[^_] <[^_] [^_] <Vv .[^_] .~ud </tX tT<:tP<'t [^_] t$<'f tv<\tr<"tn [^_] .[^_] .

[^_] [^_] .[^_] <[^_] [^_] [^_] [^_] l[^_] l[^_] [^_] <[^_] <[^_] .</t L[^_] L[^_] WVS1 j<"tp <[^_] < tj< tf<./t4 .[^_] [^] [^_] gfff <[^_] gfff [^_] [^] .[^_] [^_] .t <[^_] <[^_] \[^_] [^_] [^_] .[^_] L[^_] .<-to <-uS 0< wL tU<:tQ .~tx .[^_] [^_] [^_] \[^_] \[^_] L[^_] [^_] .[^_] ./t! C\3F\3VX [^_] [^_] [tY1 < uTf <[^_] <[^_] 9M <[^_] .

[^_] .[^_] [^_] [^_] [^_] [^_] .[^_] .[^_] .[^_] .[^_] .[^_] .[^_] .[^_] .[^_] .5LS [^] gfff .[^_] [^_] [^_] [^] [^] .[^_] .[^_] \[^_] L[^_] [^] [^_] [^_] .[^_] [^_] [^_] <[^_] [^_] \[^_] \[^_] tb<Xt [^_] [^_] [^_] [^_] [^_] [^_] .[^_] t:9A [^_] [^_] t*9A [^_] .[^_] [^_] [^_] [^_] [^_] [^_] L[^_] [^_] [^_] .[^_] [^_] .

[^_] [^_] [^_] [^_] [^_] [^_] [^_] [^_] \[^_] \[^_] [^_] <unk nownf [^_] t=95 [^_] [^_] [^_] [^_] [^_] [^_] [^_] <@t+<*u/ [^_] .[^_] L[^_] [^_] L[^_] L[^_] [^_] L[^_] L[^_] .[^_] .[^_] [^_] [^_] 40tQ <[^_] <[^_] [^_] [^_] [^_] [^_] [^_] <'tV [^_] [^_] <[^_] <[^_] .[^_] t6~4 [^_] l[^_] l[^_] [^_] [^_] [^_] [^_] .[^_] .[^_] .

(t2 WVS1 \[^_] 8(t%1 L[^_] L[^_] \[^_] <'tV \[^_] [^_] [^_] 8(tV tg9u L[^_] \[^_] (t#1 \[^_] \[^_] \[^_] \[^_] <`t\<$tx<" \[^_] .[^_] [^_] [^_] [^_] [^_] [^_] [^_] l[^_] <'tW [^_] t[< tW< tS< t#< t t&< t \[^_] \[^_] tU< tQ< tM< < t < t [^_] WVS1 L[^_] <'td L[^_] L[^_] <[^_] <[^_] [^_] [^_] [^_] .t"9} L[^_] <'t^ <'ti [^_] [^_] [^_] ?^t 1 <[^_] [^_] .

<eu G<3w G<3v <!t3<-u5 G<3w$ <<uE <nt*<o <<uZ <!tX<-uz .[^_] .[^_] t29s [^_] [^_] <[^_] [^_] [^_] [^_] [^_] . :<!t <[^_] <[tt .tW [^_] [^_] <[^_] <?t.t$<*t <)tU <?u4 0< w l[^_] 8)tx <"ty <'tV >.t6 .[^_] .[^_] [^] [^] [^] [^_] <St& [^_] t .A [^_] [^_] !<<v <\tL $<Xw [^_] <[^_] <[^_] ?.[^_] [^_] [^_] <=ts<>u t#<!tk<= td<-t"1 <tt\ et.

[^_] <[^_] [^_] [^_] [^_] [^_] [^_] [^_] [^_] [^_] [^_] [^_] [^_] tT< tP .[^_] .[^_] . 0[^] [^_] [^_] 9[tq l[^_] [^_] L[^_] [^_] [^_] u&<[ [^_] [^_] [^_] .[^_] [^_] .:v.[^_] .[^_] [^_] [^_] [^_] \[^_] .[^_] -t>1 .[^_] .<-tN .[^_] .[^_] G<3wt .[^_] .[^_] .[^_] 8]u D$ 0Y [^_] tX< \[^_] [^_] [^_] [^_] [^] [^_] [^_] <[^_] <[^_] .

[^_] [^_] <[^_] [^_] <[^_] L[^_] L[^_] \[^_] [^_] <\t%<.[^_] ?[t~ ?{tL [^_] [^_] <[^_] <[^_] [^_] <:tR <:tJ [^_] [^_] [^_] [^_] [^_] l[^_] [^_] .[^_] [^_] [^_] <[^_] [^_] <[^_] <[^_] 8~tS t7< t0< t. [^_] \[^_] \[^_] [^_] [^_] . [^_] [^_] L[^_] [^_] [^_] L[^_] L[^_] [^_] <\u7 [^_] .[^_] [^_] [^_] .[^_] [^_] < uN [^_] [^_] .

[^_] .[^_] [^_] [^_] <[^_] [^_] [^_] L[^_] [^_] 2+E t%<\u [^_] [^_] [^_] [^_] WVS1 [^_] [^_] .[^_] [^_] [^_] [^_] [^_] .58U [^_] [^_] L[^_] L[^_] [^_] [^_] .[^_] .[^_] <[^_] <[^_] [^_] .[^_] [^_] [^] [^_] [^_] [^_] .[^_] [^_] <[^_] tj<' <[^_] <[^_] .[^_] .[^_] :<=u .[^_] <[^_] .TtI [^_] [^_] [^_] [^_] [^] <[^_] [^_] .

0t9 8-t4 :-tP [^_] [^_] <ety<n L[^_] L[^_] L[^_] [^_] [^_] [^_] [^_] 0[^] L[^_] .<-f tv<? L[^_] .[^_] <[^_] ut+5@S <-tw [^_] [^_] [^_] \[^_] \[^_] :&t& [^_] [^_] [^_] WVS1 [^_] .[^_] [^_] .[^_] /bin :/us r/bi n:/s bin: /usr /sbif [^_] .} [^_] [^_] [^_] [^_] [^] .[^_] .[^_] [^_] .[^_] <[^_] <[^_] <[^_] t<<% v\<+f ~.[^_] .

l[^_] m~f [^_] ,[^_] ,[^_] x%;E \[^_] [^_] [^_] \[^_] <[^_] <ntO<-t+ [^_] [^_] L[^_] [^_] [^_] [^_] [^_] WVS1 <[^_] \[^_] [^_] ,[^_] ,[^_] [^_] [^_] ,[^_] ,[^_] <[^_] <[^_] [^_] L[^_] [^_] L[^_] [^_] [^_] [^_] [^_] ,[^_] <[^_] <[^_] 9-uc ,[^_] ,[^_] [^_] <uu+ <gt, ,[^_] <xt<<ru ,[^_] [^_] [^_] [^_] v0<%t [^_] [^_] gfff <1t@<2u [^_]

,[^_] \[^_] [^_] ,[^_] ,[^_] [^_] WVS1 [^_] [^_] ,[^_] t>;E [^] <"t^<'tZ ;"t` 0[^] <[^_] [^_] [^_] <%tW [^_] 0< w [^_] <[^_] [^_] t><: <[^_] <[^_] <[^_] [^_] [^_] [^_] [^_] [^_] [^_] B$tZ [^_] [^_] <[^_] <[^_] [^_] [^_] [^_] [^_] [^_] [^_] ]t3r! [^_] [^_] <[^_] <[^_] [^_] [^_] 9(t! <]tD<\tJ [^_] <[^_] tJ9u <[^_] [^_] [^_]

8(t! <[^_] <[^_] tJ9u v<)E [^_] <[^_] <[^_] [^_] [^_] l[^_] l[^_] /dev /fd/ [^_] <zte gfff [^_] t ;5` ,[^_] </tl<.tx;u L[^_] </tB [^_] [^_] [^_] [^_] [^_] [^_] [^_] <[^_] ,[^_] tN;^ [^_] [^_] <[^_] ,[^_] ,[^_] [^_] ,[^_] [^_] [^_] [^_] ?.u" <tw! [^_] [^_] [^_] <Vv4 [^_] <[^_] <[^_] [^_] [^_] gfff gfff [^_] [^_] gfff [^_]

[^_] [^_] [^_] [^] .[^_] tv9 [^_] [^_] [^_] [t ~& @DpD 954U [^_] [^_] . [^_] [^_] [^_] [^_] [^_] [^_] .[^_] [^_] [^_] [^_] < uY [^_] [^_] < <_tN< [^_] .54U <[^_] [^_] [^_] [^] \[^_] .^t.[^_] [^_] [^_] [^_] [^_] [^_] [^_] .[^_] .[^_] .[^_] .54U .[^_] \[^_] [^_] l[^_] l[^_] l[^_] L[^_] [^_] [^_] [^_] [^_] [^_] tN< t .

58U .< [^_] [^_] [^_] t7~" [^_] [^_] <[^_] <[^_] <'uL <[^_] <[^_] [^_] [^] t"=0~ <[^_] t$< t t-< \tb.[^_] [^_] [^_] [^_] i-se archf reve rse<[^_] C<.=8U .[^_] .[^_] [^_] .{ u .58U 958U tB.C.M [^_] [^_] .[^_] t.</tE [^_] L[^_] L[^_] [^_] [^_] . .[^_] [^] [^] [^] <[^_] <[^_] <[^_] [^_] [^_] L[^_] <[^_] WVS1 l[^_] [^_] .

=4U .=8U 958< 958< .=4U .t [^_] [^_] tc.= [^_] [^_] xE< <[^_] [^_] ~ <[^_] [^_] [^_] [^_] uQ9u [^_] [^_] .58< .5 8 .[^_] [^_] [^_] [^_] [^_] [^_] .58U C0.[^_] [^_] [^_] [^] [^] [^_] [^_] [^_] [^_] x+9] [^_] [^_] <[^_] ^_] ^_] .C\ .C`.=8U .C.=4U [^_] [^_] ~<~t5< [^_] [^_] .[^_] <[^_] ta 9U 9E t'< t# .=4U VUUU ~ [^_] .

[^_] Bt7 qtb [^_] [^_] yt< [^_] .[^_] L[^_] t?<T <[^_] <[^_] [^_] w"1 [^_] [^_] [^_] <[^_] .his tory [^_] [^_] [^_] [^_] <[^_] <[^_] [^_] </u) .58U [^_] [^_] [^_] l[^_] \[^_] [^_] [^_] <[^_] .[^_] .[^_] [^_] [^_] [^_] p[^] [^_] [^_] l[^_] [^_] <[^_] L[^_] <?tn [^_] L[^_] <Rvh [^_] [^_] t%< "< t'< <'tw< [^_] .[^_] .

c I have no name! rbash BASH_ENV GNU bash. version %s-(%s) i486-pc-linux-gnu GNU long options: --%s Shell options: -%s or -o option ??host?? run_one_command FUNCNAME BASH_SOURCE BASH_LINENO main %s: is a directory POSIXLY_CORRECT POSIX_PEDANTIC \s-\v\$ ~/. .bashrc /etc/profile ~/./bash/shell.....u u.bash_login debugger dump-po-strings dump-strings help noediting noprofile norc posix protected rcfile Usage: %s [GNU long option] [option] .profile ~/.bash_profile ~/.} ^_] ^_] ^_] [^_] .u ^_] uQ.^_] uE.bashrc %s: invalid option %c%c: invalid option login_shell EMACS emacs dumb eterm SSH_CLIENT SSH2_CLIENT /etc/bash. %s [GNU long option] [option] script-file .9M 0^_] 0^_] rF9E u9..

tab.%d HOME . Use the `bashbug' command to report bugs.c Use "%s" to leave the shell. expected `)' unexpected argument `%s' to conditional unary operator unexpected argument to conditional unary operator .-. & syntax error near `%s' syntax error esac eval y.-irsD or -c command or -O shopt_option (invocation only) Type `%s -c "help set"' for more information about shell options../3 <@JDA>F?EGHI 4:7= _z ~u STYZ rOP[\ <====>>????????????????????????????????????????????@@@AABBCCCCCDDDDDDDDDDDEEEEEE EEFFFFGGGGGGHHHIIIJJKLLLLLMMMNOPQQQRRSSSSTTTTTTUUVWWXXXYYYYYYZZ[[[\\]]]^^^^^____ __```aa syntax error near unexpected token `%s' syntax error: unexpected end of file unexpected EOF while looking for matching `%c' unexpected EOF while looking for `]]' syntax error in conditional expression: unexpected token `%s' syntax error in conditional expression unexpected EOF while looking for matching `)' unexpected token `%s'. "$@" COPROC memory exhausted expected `)' then else elif select while until done coproc !"#$%&'()*+. %s: cannot execute binary file %s: option requires an argument /usr/share/bashdb/bashdb-main.inc timed out waiting for input: auto-logout PROMPT_COMMAND TMOUT reader_loop ./bash/parse. Type `%s -c help' for more information about shell builtin commands.y PIPESTATUS readline stdin command substitution %a %b %d %H:%M:%S %I:%M:%S %I:%M %p %H:%M %s.

c syntax error: `.c OLDPWD /dev/tty `%s': not a valid identifier PROMPT_DIRTRIM getcwd: cannot access parent directories clean_simple_command . conditional binary operator expected conditional binary operator expected unexpected argument `%s' to conditional binary operator unexpected argument to conditional binary operator unexpected token `%c' in conditional command unexpected token `%s' in conditional command unexpected token %d in conditional command ./bash/print_cmd./bash/make_cmd.unexpected token `%s'....' unexpected syntax error: `((%s))' make_redirection: redirection instruction `%d' out of range make_here_document: bad instruction type %d here-document at line %d delimited by end-of-file (wanted `%s') syntax error: arithmetic expression required .c && case %s in select %s in for %s in {%s} <<%s%s > %s >> %s <> %s <<< %s {%s}<&%d %d<&%d {%s}>&%d %d>&%d {%s}<&%s %d<&%s {%s}>&%s %d>&%s {%s}<&%d%d<&%d{%s}>&%d%d>&%d{%s}<&%s%d<&%s{%s}>&%s%d>&%s{%s}>&%d>&&>%s &>>%s time for (( then else function %s () coproc %s print_command ./bash/general.

./bash/variables.case %s in ''%s %s=(%s) xtrace_set: NULL file pointer cprintf: `%c': invalid format character print_command: bad connector `%d' xtrace_set: %d: invalid file descriptor xtrace fd (%d) != fileno xtrace fp (%d) ./bash/dispose_cmd./bash/execute_cmd..c dispose_command cannot duplicate fd %d to fd %d cannot redirect standard input from /dev/null: %s %s: restricted: cannot specify `/' in command names execute_coproc: coproc [%d:%s] still exists TIMEFORMAT: `%c': invalid format character .c %s: %s: bad interpreter %s_PID /dev/null eval_builtin builtin_env return_temp_env execute_cond_node pipe error pipe-file-descriptors loop_redirections execute_connection %s: readonly function execute_command LINES COLUMNS %*d%s%s function_calling execute-shell-function simple-command auto_resume exact substring saved redirects saved_redirects command_not_found_handle %s: command not found real %2R user %2U sys %2S real %3lR user %3lU sys %3lS .c %s: %s: cannot open as FILE BASH_ARGV BASH_ARGC OPTERR COMP_WORDBREAKS GLOBIGNORE OPTIND ignorespace ignoredups ignoreboth erasedups ..

sh_history IGNOREEOF ignoreeof HISTCONTROL HISTIGNORE HISTTIMEFORMAT EUID SECONDS BASH_COMMAND BASH_SUBSHELL RANDOM BASHPID HISTCMD DIRSTACK GROUPS BASH_CMDS BASH_ALIASES BASH_XTRACEFD HISTFILESIZE HISTSIZE HOSTFILE LANG LC_ALL LC_COLLATE LC_CTYPE LC_MESSAGES LC_NUMERIC LC_TIME MAIL MAILPATH TERMCAP TERMINFO TEXTDOMAIN TEXTDOMAINDIR histchars pop_var_context: head of shell_variables not a function context pop_var_context: no global_variables context %s: %s: invalid value for trace file descriptor pop_scope: head of shell_variables not a temporary environment scope make_local_variable: no function context at current scope shell level (%d) too high. resetting to 1 error importing function definition for `%s' /usr/local/sbin:/usr/local/bin:/usr/sbin:/usr/bin:/sbin:/bin all_local_variables: no function context at current scope .bash_history ~/.HISTFILE PPID shell-init SHLVL () { i486 HOSTTYPE OSTYPE MACHTYPE HOSTNAME MAILCHECK BASH BASH_VERSION BASH_VERSINFO BASH_EXECUTION_STRING ~/.

./bash/expr. %s: %s: %d %s: line %s: %s:%s%d: warning: %s: readonly variable %s: unbound variable bash-maintainers@gnu./bash/jobs..c SIGCHLD trap [%ld: %d (%d)] tcsetattr no job control in this shell start_pipeline: pgrp pipe fork: retry fork child setpgid (%ld to %ld) %s: line %d: ../bash/copy_cmd./bash/flags.c Signal %d <unknown> [%d]%c %5ld Done Stopped Stopped(%s) Running Done(%d) Exit %d Unknown status (core dumped) (wd: %s) [%d] %ld ..org unknown command error bad command type bad connector bad jump .c division by 0 bug: bad expassign token syntax error in expression recursion stack underflow invalid number invalid arithmetic base value too great for base */%+-&^ missing `)' exponent less than 0 expression expected %s%s%s: %s (error token is "%s") attempted assignment to non-variable expression recursion level exceeded syntax error: operand expected syntax error: invalid arithmetic operator identifier expected after pre-increment or pre-decrement `:' expected for conditional expression ...c (null) last command: %s Aborting..

c interrupt trap return trap error trap debug trap exit trap invalid signal number trap_handler: bad signal %d EXIT SIGHUP SIGINT SIGQUIT SIGILL SIGTRAP SIGABRT SIGBUS ../bash/mailcheck.c /dev/fd/ process substitution no match: %s #%^.c ./bash/trap.c ./bash/hashlib..(core dumped) (wd now: %s) notify_of_job_status job-working-directory %s: job has terminated [%d]%s (wd: %s) describe_pid: %ld: no such pid initialize_job_control: getpgrp failed initialize_job_control: setpgid cannot set terminal process group (%d) deleting stopped job %d with process group %ld forked pid %d appears in running job %d waitchld: turning on WNOHANG to avoid indefinite block wait_for: No record of process %ld %s: job %d already in background wait_for_job: job %d is stopped wait: pid %ld is not a child of this shell ...~:-=?+/} #%:-=?+/} %:=+/ %s: substring expression < 0 %s: bad substitution %s: parameter null or not set cannot make pipe for command substitution cannot make child for command substitution command_substitute: cannot duplicate pipe as fd 1 %s: cannot assign list to array member bad substitution: no closing `%s' in %s cannot make pipe for process substitution cannot make child for process substitution cannot duplicate named pipe %s as fd %d bad substitution: no closing "`" in %s $%s: cannot assign in this way ./bash/subst..c You have mail in $_ You have new mail in $_ The mail in %s has been read ./bash/hashcmd.


&( .run_pending_traps: signal handler is SIG_DFL./bash/bracecomp./bash/input../bash/pathexp./bash/arrayfunc.5(1) release GNU .c %s%s%s %s: cannot create: %s . you are free to change and redistribute it.c cannot allocate new file descriptor for bash input from fd %d save_bash_input: buffer already exists for new fd %d cannot reset nodelay mode for fd %d ... License GPLv3+: GNU GPL version 3 or later <http://gnu./bash/bashline./bash/assoc. version %s (%s) Copyright (C) 2009 Free Software Foundation.c %0*d . &{(` $include hostname_completion_file /etc/hosts symlink-hook ()<>.. &() .c ./bash/braces..%d(%d)-%s GNU bash.c .& _EmptycmD_ Bash ..org/licenses/gpl./bash/bashhist.c argument expected %s: unary operator expected %s: binary operator expected `)' expected `)' expected. resending %d (%s) to myself error reading input file: %s ../bash/unwind_prot.c .c no closing `%c' in %s %s: missing colon separator READLINE_LINE READLINE_POINT bash_execute_unix_command completion-ignore-case . found %s missing `]' too many arguments %s: integer expression expected release %s./bash/array..c .1./bash/alias.html> This is free software.. There is NO WARRANTY. @(#)Bash version 4.c . Inc.c '()' bad array subscript %s[%s: %s [%s]: %s array assign %s: invalid associative array key %s: cannot assign to non-numeric index %s: %s: must use subscript when assigning associative array %s: cannot convert indexed to associative array .. to the extent permitted by law..

.c POSIX /usr/share/locale #: %s:%d msgid %s%s msgstr "" setlocale: LC_ALL: cannot change locale (%s) setlocale: LC_ALL: cannot change locale (%s): %s setlocale: %s: cannot change locale (%s) setlocale: %s: cannot change locale (%s): %s ./bash/redir./bash/locale./bash/stringlib.. &(: %s: first non-whitespace character is not `"' bash_execute_unix_command: cannot find keymap for command fc -e "${VISUAL:-${EDITOR:-$(command -v editor echo vi)}}" fc -e "${VISUAL:-${EDITOR:-$(command -v editor echo emacs)}}" . &(: "'><=.c file descriptor out of range .c redirection error: cannot duplicate fd %s: cannot overwrite existing file %s: restricted: cannot redirect output cannot create temp file for here-document: %s %s: cannot assign fd to variable . &()#$`?*[!:{~ %s %d input-meta C-xC-e fc -e vi comment-begin FIGNORE "'@><=..c .shell-expand-line history-expand-line magic-space shell-forward-word shell-backward-word shell-kill-word shell-backward-kill-word history-and-alias-expand-line insert-last-argument operate-and-get-next display-shell-version edit-and-execute-command complete-into-braces complete-filename possible-filename-completions complete-username possible-username-completions complete-hostname possible-hostname-completions complete-variable possible-variable-completions complete-command possible-command-completions glob-complete-word glob-expand-word glob-list-expansions dynamic-complete-history dabbrev-expand \"'@<>=../bash/findcmd.

.] break break [n] continue continue [n] caller caller [expr] cd [-L -P] [dir] pwd [-LP] true false declare typeset local echo [-neE] [arg .%s: ambiguous redirect sh-thd /dev/tcp/*/* /dev/udp/*/* ..] help [-dms] [pattern ./bash/pcomplib....c COMP_LINE COMP_POINT COMP_TYPE COMP_KEY COMP_WORDS COMP_CWORD gen-shell-function-matches COMPREPLY _DefaultCmD_ completion: function `%s' not found programmable_completion: %s: possible retry loop . filename [arguments] suspend [-f] test .] enable eval [arg .] getopts getopts optstring name [arg] exit [n] logout [n] fg [job_spec] bg [job_spec ..] read return [n] unset [-f] [-v] [name .] disown let arg [arg .......c progcomp_insert: %s: NULL COMPSPEC %s: %s:%d: cannot allocate %lu bytes (%lu bytes allocated) %s: cannot allocate %lu bytes (%lu bytes allocated) xrealloc xmalloc unalias unalias [-a] name [name ..] readonly shift shift [n] source source filename [arguments] ../bash/pcomplete...

done select NAME [in WORDS ..]. esac if COMMANDS.test [expr] [ arg.] set [--abefhkmnptuvxBCHP] [-o option-name] [arg . done for (( exp1..] declare [-aAfFilrtux] [-p] [name[=value] ..] ulimit [-SHacdefilmnpqrstuvx] [limit] for NAME [in WORDS .... do COMMANDS.....] or export -p readonly [-af] [name[=value] . ] bind [-lpvsPVS] [-m keymap] [-f filename] [-q name] [-u name] [-r keyseq] [-x ke yseq:shell-command] [keyseq:readline-function or readline-command] builtin [shell-builtin [arg . ] times type [-afptP] name [name ..... done case WORD in [PATTERN [ PATTERN]...] jobs [-lnprs] [jobspec .] exec [-cl] [-a name] [command [arguments .. then COMMANDS. .... ] fi while COMMANDS..] fc [-e ename] [-lnr] [first] [last] or fc -s [pat=rep] [command] hash [-lr] [-p pathname] [-dt] [name ...] ulimit umask umask [-p] [-S] [mode] wait wait [id] time [-p] pipeline { . enable [-a] [-dnps] [-f filename] [name .] typeset [-aAfFilrtux] [-p] name[=value] .... ] .... ]..]] command [-pVv] command [arg .. } { COMMANDS . local [option] name[=value] .....]] [redirection .... then COMMANDS. done ...] do COMMANDS.] history [-c] [-d offset] [n] or history -anrw [filename] or history -ps arg [arg .. } job_spec [&] (( .. ]] [[ expression ]] pushd pushd [-n] [+N -N dir] popd popd [-n] [+N -N] dirs [-clpv] [+N] [-N] shopt printf compgen compopt mapfile readarray alias [-p] [name[=value] ..) COMMANDS .. do COMMANDS.. [ elif COMMANDS...] or readonly -p trap [-lp] [[arg] signal_spec .. done until COMMANDS. or kill -l [sigspec] read [-ers] [-a array] [-d delim] [-i text] [-n nchars] [-N nchars] [-p prompt] [-t timeout] [-u fd] [name .] kill [-s sigspec -n signum -sigspec] pid jobspec .... do COMMANDS. do COMMANDS. [ else COMMANDS ... exp3 )).] export [-fn] [name[=value] ... exp2.] or jobs -x command [args] disown [-h] [-ar] [jobspec .... )) (( expression )) [[ ..

. and vi-insert. -l List names of functions.inputrc. Options: -m keymap Use KEYMAP as the keymap for the duration of this command. -V List variable names and values -v List variable names and values in a form that can be reused as input. -q function-name Query about which keys invoke the named function. -S List key sequences that invoke macros and their values -s List key sequences that invoke macros and their values in a form that can be reused as input. vi-move. -p List functions and bindings in a form that can be reused as input. vi. emacs-ctlx. . The non-option argument syntax is equivalent to that found in ~/.. Options: -a remove all alias definitions. but must be passed as a single argument: e.. Set Readline key bindings and variables. `alias' prints the list of aliases in the reusable form `alias NAME=VALUE' on standard output.] compgen [-abcdefgjksuv] [-o option] [-A action] [-G globpat] [-W wordlist] [-F function] [-C command] [-X filterpat] [-P prefix] [-S suffix] [word] compopt [-o +o option] [-DE] [name .] mapfile [-n count] [-O origin] [-s count] [-t] [-u fd] [-C callback] [-c quantum ] [array] readarray [-n count] [-O origin] [-s count] [-t] [-u fd] [-C callback] [-c quant um] [array] Define or display aliases.g. Remove each NAME from the list of defined aliases... Acceptable keymap names are emacs. Bind a key sequence to a Readline function or a macro. bind '"\C-x\C-r": re-read-init-file'. } or name () { COMMANDS . or set a Readline variable. Return success unless a NAME is not an existing alias. vi-command.] printf [-v var] format [arguments] complete [-abcdefgjksuv] [-pr] [-DE] [-o option] [-A action] [-G globpat] [-W wo rdlist] [-F function] [-C command] [-X filterpat] [-P prefix] [-S suffix] [name .Names and meanings of some shell variables shopt [-pqsu] [-o] [optname . Without arguments. an alias is defined for each NAME whose VALUE is given..coproc [NAME] command [redirections] function name { COMMANDS . -P List function names and bindings. emacs-meta. Otherwise. Options: -p Print all defined aliases in a reusable format Exit Status: alias returns true unless a NAME is supplied for which no alias has been defined. } variables . -u function-name Unbind all keys which are bound to the named function. A trailing space in VALUE causes the next word to be checked for alias substitution when the alias is expanded. emacs-standard..

Change the current directory to DIR.. Exit for. while. The default DIR is the value of the HOME shell variable. If the directory is not found. Exit a FOR. Change the shell working directory. its value is used for DIR.-r keyseq Remove the binding for KEYSEQ. Execute SHELL-BUILTIN with arguments ARGs without performing command lookup. Exit Status: Returns 0 unless the shell is not executing a shell function or EXPR is invalid. WHILE or UNTIL loop. Exit Status: Returns the exit status of SHELL-BUILTIN. Execute shell builtins. The value of EXPR indicates how many call frames to go back before the current one. resumes the Nth enclosing loop. returns "$line $subroutine $filename". Resumes the next iteration of the enclosing FOR. The variable CDPATH defines the search path for the directory containing DIR. Return the context of the current subroutine call. A null directory name is the same as the current directory. and the shell option `cdable_vars' is set. but need to execute the builtin within the function. Exit Status: The exit status is 0 unless N is not greater than or equal to 1. Resume for. WHILE or UNTIL loop. or until loops. If N is specified. If N is specified. this extra information can be used to provide a stack trace. Exit Status: bind returns 0 unless an unrecognized option is given or an error occurs. Without EXPR. the top frame is frame 0. while. With EXPR. Exit Status: The exit status is 0 unless N is not greater than or equal to 1. the word is assumed to be a variable name. This is useful when you wish to reimplement a shell builtin as a shell function. or until loops. Options: -L -P links force symbolic links to be followed use the physical directory structure without following symbolic . -x keyseq:shell-command Cause SHELL-COMMAND to be executed when KEYSEQ is entered. Alternative directory names in CDPATH are separated by a colon (:). or false if SHELL-BUILTIN is not a shell builtin. -f filename Read key bindings from FILENAME. If DIR begins with a slash (/). then CDPATH is not used. break N enclosing loops. returns "$line $filename". If that variable has a value.

Exit Status: Returns 0 unless an invalid option is given or the current directory cannot be read. as if `-L' were specified. Options: -p use a default value for PATH that is guaranteed to find all of the standard utilities -v print a description of COMMAND similar to the `type' builtin -V print a more verbose description of each COMMAND Exit Status: Returns exit status of COMMAND. display the attributes and values of all variables. without any symbolic links By default. `pwd' behaves as if `-L' were specified. Exit Status: Always succeeds. If no NAMEs are given.The default is to follow symbolic links. Return a successful result. Options: -f -F source -p restrict action or display to function names and definitions restrict display to function names only (plus line number and file when debugging) display the attributes and value of each NAME Options which set attributes: -a to make NAMEs indexed arrays (if supported) -A to make NAMEs associative arrays (if supported) -i to make NAMEs have the `integer' attribute . Options: -L print the value of $PWD if it names the current working directory -P print the physical directory. Set variable values and attributes. Runs COMMAND with ARGS suppressing shell function lookup. Declare variables and give them attributes. the command does nothing. Return an unsuccessful result. or display information about the specified COMMANDs. No effect. Exit Status: Returns 0 if the directory is changed. Null command. Can be used to invoke commands on disk when a function with the same name exists. non-zero otherwise. Exit Status: Always succeeds. or failure if COMMAND is not found. Exit Status: Always fails. Execute a simple command or display information about commands. Print the name of the current working directory.

Display the ARGs on the standard output followed by a newline. `declare' makes NAMEs local. HH can be one or two hex digits Exit Status: Returns success unless a write error occurs. Obsolete. Write arguments to the standard output. Create a local variable called NAME. Set variable values and attributes. as with the `local' command. Disabling allows you to . Enable and disable shell builtins.-l -r -t -u -x to to to to to convert NAMEs to lower case on assignment make NAMEs readonly make NAMEs have the `trace' attribute convert NAMEs to upper case on assignment make NAMEs export Using `+' instead of `-' turns off the given attribute. When used in a function. Define local variables. NNN can be 0 to 3 octal digits \xHH the eight-bit character whose value is HH (hexadecimal). Options: -n -e -E do not append a newline enable interpretation of the following backslash escapes explicitly suppress interpretation of backslash escapes `echo' interprets the following backslash-escaped characters: \a alert (bell) \b backspace \c suppress further output \e escape character \f form feed \n new line \r carriage return \t horizontal tab \v vertical tab \\ backslash \0nnn the character whose ASCII code is NNN (octal). Exit Status: Returns success unless an invalid option is supplied or an error occurs. Enables and disables builtin shell commands. OPTION can be any option accepted by `declare'. Local variables can only be used within a function. and give it VALUE. See `help declare'. or the shell is not executing a function. they are visible only to the function where they are defined and its children. Variables with the integer attribute have arithmetic evaluation (see the `let' command) performed when the variable is assigned a value. Exit Status: Returns success unless an invalid option is supplied. an error occurs.

If an invalid option is seen. a '?' is placed in NAME. Each time it is invoked. getopts places '?' into NAME and unsets OPTARG. Options: -a -n -p -s print a list of builtins showing whether or not each is enabled disable each NAME or display a list of disabled builtins print the list of builtins in a reusable format print only the names of Posix `special' builtins Options controlling dynamic loading: -f Load builtin NAME from shared object FILENAME -d Remove a builtin loaded with -f Without options. If a required argument is not found. If the first character of OPTSTRING is a colon. initializing name if it does not exist. even if the first character of OPTSTRING is not a colon. getopts reports errors in one of two ways.$9). Parse option arguments. OPTERR has the value 1 by default. Execute arguments as a shell command. use the result as input to the shell. OPTIND is initialized to 1 each time the shell or a shell script is invoked. getopts disables the printing of error messages. getopts places the option character found into OPTARG. which should be separated from it by white space. and a diagnostic message is printed. each NAME is enabled. no error messages are printed. and an invalid option is seen. Getopts is used by shell procedures to parse positional parameters as options. Exit Status: Returns success unless NAME is not a shell builtin or an error occurs. OPTSTRING contains the option letters to be recognized. getopts will place the next option in the shell variable $name. they are parsed instead. If a required argument is not found. if a letter is followed by a colon. type `enable -n test'. the option is expected to have an argument. Getopts normally parses the positional parameters ($0 . but if more arguments are given. getopts places a ':' into NAME and sets OPTARG to the option character found. In this mode. If getopts is not in silent mode. getopts uses silent error reporting. . OPTARG is unset. Exit Status: Returns exit status of command or success if command is null. To use the `test' found in $PATH instead of the shell builtin version. and execute the resulting commands. If the shell variable OPTERR has the value 0. When an option requires an argument.execute a disk command which has the same name as a shell builtin without using a full pathname. Combine ARGs into a single string. and the index of the next argument to be processed into the shell variable OPTIND. getopts places that argument into the shell variable OPTARG.

or FIRST can be a string. so that typing `r cc' runs the last command beginning with `cc' and typing `r' re-executes the last command. Execute COMMAND. making it the current job. non-zero if an error occurs. Default is FCEDIT. then EDITOR. any redirections take effect in the current shell. Exits a login shell with exit status N. which means the most recent command beginning with that string. Options: -a name -c -l pass NAME as the zeroth argument to COMMAND execute COMMAND with an empty environment place a dash in the zeroth argument to COMMAND If the command cannot be executed. Exit the shell. If N is omitted. Place the job identified by JOB_SPEC in the foreground.Exit Status: Returns success if an option is found. a non-interactive shell exits. Display or execute commands from the history list. Exits the shell with a status of N. unless the shell option `execfail' is set. Replace the shell with the given command. Exit Status: Status of command placed in foreground. Options: -e ENAME select which editor to use. COMMAND is re-executed after the substitution OLD=NEW is performed. If JOB_SPEC is not present. fc is used to list or edit and re-execute commands from the history list. then vi -l list lines instead of editing -n omit line numbers when listing -r reverse the order of the lines (newest listed first) With the `fc -s [pat=rep . A useful alias to use with this is r='fc -s'. If COMMAND is not specified. fails if the end of options is encountered or an error occurs. FIRST and LAST can be numbers specifying the range. Exit a login shell. replacing this shell with the specified program.. the exit status is that of the last command executed. the shell's notion of the current job is used.] [command]' format. . Exit Status: Returns success or status of executed command.. Exit Status: Returns success unless COMMAND is not found or a redirection error occurs. Returns an error if not executed in a login shell. Move jobs to the background. Move job to the foreground. or failure if an error occurs. ARGUMENTS become the arguments to COMMAND.

Exit Status: Returns success unless NAME is not found or an invalid option is given. Display or manipulate the history list. otherwise the list of help topics is printed. Options: -d output short description for each topic -m display usage in pseudo-manpage format -s output only a short usage synopsis for each topic matching PATTERN Arguments: PATTERN Pattern specifiying a help topic Exit Status: Returns success unless PATTERN is not found or an invalid option is given. If no arguments are given. Options: -c clear the history list by deleting all of the entries -d offset delete the history entry at offset OFFSET. -a append history lines from this session to the history file -n read all history lines not already read from the history file -r read the history file and append the contents to the history list -w write the current history to the history file and append them to the history list -p perform history expansion on each ARG and display the result . Options: -d forget the remembered location of each NAME -l display in a format that may be reused as input -p pathname use PATHNAME is the full pathname of NAME -r forget all remembered locations -t print the remembered location of each NAME. prefixing each modified entry with a `*'. as if they had been started with `&'. If JOB_SPEC is not present. If PATTERN is specified. preceding each location with the corresponding NAME if multiple NAMEs are given Arguments: NAME Each NAME is searched for in $PATH and added to the list of remembered commands. Displays brief summaries of builtin commands. gives detailed help on all commands matching PATTERN. information about remembered commands is displayed. Display information about builtin commands.Place the jobs identified by each JOB_SPEC in the background. An argument of N lists only the last N entries. the shell's notion of the current job is used. Remember or display program locations. Exit Status: Returns success unless job control is not enabled or an error occurs. Determine and remember the full pathname of each command NAME. Display the history list with line numbers.

returns the exit status of COMMAND. If neither SIGSPEC nor SIGNUM is present. Display status of jobs. JOBSPEC restricts output to that job. it is used as the history file. Lists the active jobs. Send the processes identified by PID or JOBSPEC the signal named by SIGSPEC or SIGNUM. . Options: -l lists process IDs in addition to the normal information -n list only processes that have changed status since the last notification -p lists process IDs only -r restrict output to running jobs -s restrict output to stopped jobs If -x is supplied. and allows processes to be killed if the limit on processes that you can create is reached. if arguments follow `-l' they are to be signal numbers for which names should be listed Kill is a shell builtin for two reasons: it allows job IDs to be used instead of process IDs. Remove jobs from current shell. Send a signal to a job. if $HISTFILE has a value. that is used. Exit Status: Returns success unless an invalid option is given or an error occurs.bash_history.without storing it in the history list -s append the ARGs to the history list as a single entry If FILENAME is given. the shell uses its notion of the current job. else ~/. the status of all active jobs is displayed. Options: -a remove all jobs if JOBSPEC is not supplied -h mark each JOBSPEC so that SIGHUP is not sent to the job if the shell receives a SIGHUP -r remove only running jobs Exit Status: Returns success unless an invalid option or JOBSPEC is given. its value is used as a format string for strftime(3) to print the time stamp associated with each displayed history entry. Otherwise. Removes each JOBSPEC argument from the table of active jobs. Exit Status: Returns success unless an invalid option is given or an error occurs. If -x is used. Options: -s sig -n sig -l assumed SIG is a signal name SIG is a signal number list the signal names. Without options. No time stamps are printed otherwise. then SIGTERM is assumed. If the $HISTTIMEFORMAT variable is set and not null. Without any JOBSPECs. COMMAND is run after all job specifications that appear in ARGS have been replaced with the process ID of that job's process group leader.

-=. rather than newline -e use Readline to obtain the line in an interactive shell . The line is split into fields as with word splitting. >=. <<. +=. starting at zero -d delim continue until the first character of DELIM is read. % +. >> <=. the second word to the second NAME. plus logical and bitwise negation exponentiation multiplication. pre-decrement unary minus. let returns 1. remainder addition. though division by 0 is trapped and flagged as an error. /. division. The name of the variable is replaced by its value (coerced to a fixed-width integer) within an expression. > ==. Options: -a array assign the words read to sequential indices of the array variable ARRAY. != & ^ variable post-increment. Reads a single line from the standard input. let returns 0 otherwise. If no NAMEs are supplied. = assignment Shell variables are allowed as operands.. Exit Status: If the last ARG evaluates to 0. and so on. + !. <<=.Exit Status: Returns success unless an invalid option is given or an error occurs. <. with any leftover words assigned to the last NAME. *=. Evaluation is done in fixed-width integers with no check for overflow. or from file descriptor FD if the -u option is supplied. %=. the line read is stored in the REPLY variable. ~ ** *. Evaluate each ARG as an arithmetic expression. and the first word is assigned to the first NAME. Read a line from the standard input and split it into fields. id++. Sub-expressions in parentheses are evaluated first and may override the precedence rules above. >>=. Evaluate arithmetic expressions. --id -. Only the characters found in $IFS are recognized as word delimiters. id-++id. The variable need not have its integer attribute turned on to be used in an expression. ^=. subtraction left and right bitwise shifts comparison equality. The levels are listed in order of decreasing precedence. Operators are evaluated in order of precedence. &=. inequality bitwise AND bitwise XOR bitwise OR && logical AND logical OR expr ? expr : expr conditional operator =. /=. post-decrement variable pre-increment. The following list of operators is grouped into levels of equal-precedence operators.

unless EOF is encountered or read times out. unless end-of-file is encountered. or display the names and values of shell variables. -b Notify of job termination immediately. -m Job control is enabled. The value of the TMOUT variable is the default timeout. If N is omitted.-i text Use TEXT as the initial text for Readline -n nchars return after reading NCHARS characters rather than waiting for a newline. Return from a shell function. -n Read commands but do not execute them. Set or unset values of shell options and positional parameters. ignoring any delimiter -p prompt output the string PROMPT without a trailing newline before attempting to read -r do not allow backslashes to escape any characters -s do not echo input coming from a terminal -t timeout time out and return failure if a complete line of input is not read withint TIMEOUT seconds. If TIMEOUT is 0. -e Exit immediately if a command exits with a non-zero status. The exit status is greater than 128 if the timeout is exceeded read from file descriptor FD instead of the standard inp -u fd ut Exit Status: The return code is zero. -h Remember the location of commands as they are looked up. but honor a delimiter if fewer than NCHARS characters are read before the delimiter -N nchars return only after reading exactly NCHARS characters. -f Disable file name generation (globbing). Options: -a Mark variables which are modified or created for export. Causes a function or sourced script to exit with the return value specified by N. or failure if the shell is not executing a function or script. read returns success only if input is available on the specified file descriptor. the return status is that of the last command executed within the function or script. TIMEOUT may be a fractional number. Exit Status: Returns N. Change the value of shell attributes and positional parameters. -o option-name Set the variable corresponding to option-name: allexport same as -a braceexpand same as -B emacs use an emacs-style line editing interface errexit same as -e errtrace same as -E functrace same as -T hashall same as -h histexpand same as -H history enable command history ignoreeof the shell will not exit upon reading EOF interactive-comments allow comments to appear in interactive commands . not just those that precede the command name. or an invalid file descriptor is supplied as the argument to -u. -k All assignment arguments are placed in the environment for a command. read times out.

the DEBUG trap is inherited by shell functions. Exit after reading and executing one command. the shell will perform brace expansion If set. Enable ! style history substitution. This flag is on by default when the shell is interactive. Disables processing of the $ENV file and importing of shell functions. Assign any remaining arguments to the positional parameters.causes these flags to be turned off. unset first tries to unset a variable. Print commands and their arguments as they are executed. Some variables cannot be unset. $n. If set. tries to unset a function.-p -t -u -v -x -B -C -E -H -P -T - same as -k same as -m same as -C same as -n same as -f currently accepted but ignored same as -b same as -u same as -t same as -P the return value of a pipeline is the status of the last command to exit with a non-zero status.. The remaining n ARGs are positional parameters and are assigned. . all shell variables are printed. The current set of flags may be found in $-. Treat unset variables as an error when substituting. in order. . The -x and -v options are turned off. The flags can also be used upon invocation of the shell. or zero if no command exited with a non-zero status posix change the behavior of bash where the default operation differs from the Posix standard to match the standard privileged same as -p verbose same as -v vi use a vi-style line editing interface xtrace same as -x Turned on whenever the real and effective user ids do not match. the ERR trap is inherited by shell functions. Unset values and attributes of shell variables and functions. remove the corresponding variable or function. If set. $2. Print shell input lines as they are read. also see `readonly'. do not follow symbolic links when executing commands such as cd which change the current directory. If no ARGs are given. and if that fails. Exit Status: Returns success unless an invalid option is given. Options: -f -v treat each NAME as a shell function treat each NAME as a shell variable Without options. Turning this option off causes the effective uid and gid to be set to the real uid and gid. If set. keyword monitor noclobber noexec noglob nolog notify nounset onecmd physical pipefail Using + rather than . to $1. For each NAME. disallow existing regular files to be overwritten by redirection of output.

Set export attribute for shell variables. Mark each NAME as read-only. Exit Status: Returns success unless an invalid option is given or NAME is invalid. fails if FILENAME cannot be read. assign VALUE before exporting. If VALUE is supplied. they become the positional parameters executed... Read and execute entries in $PATH If any ARGUMENTS when FILENAME is commands from FILENAME in the current shell. Shift positional parameters. Rename the positional parameters $N+1. Exit Status: Returns success unless N is negative or greater than $#. Mark shell variables as unchangeable. Marks each NAME for automatic export to the environment of subsequently executed commands..$2 .$N+2 . Execute commands from a file in the current shell. .Exit Status: Returns success unless an invalid option is given or a NAME is read-only. Unless forced. The are used to find the directory containing FILENAME. assign VALUE before marking as read-only. Options: -f -n -p refer to shell functions remove the export property from each NAME display a list of all exported variables and functions An argument of `--' disables further option processing. If VALUE is supplied.. it is assumed to be 1. login shells cannot be suspended. the values of these NAMEs may not be changed by subsequent assignment. Options: -f force the suspend. Suspend the execution of this shell until it receives a SIGCONT signal. Options: -a -A -f -p refer to indexed array variables refer to associative array variables refer to shell functions display a list of all readonly variables and functions An argument of `--' disables further option processing. If N is not given. are supplied. to $1. Suspend shell execution. even if the shell is a login shell Exit Status: Returns success unless job control is not enabled or an error occurs. Exit Status: Returns the status of the last command executed in FILENAME. Exit Status: Returns success unless an invalid option is given or NAME is invalid.

if the strings are not equal. the file is executable by you. file is a directory. All file operators except -h and -L are acting on the target of a symbolic link. if the strings are equal. the file is effectively owned by your group. FILE1 -ot FILE2 True if file1 is older than file2. the file is set-user-id.Evaluate conditional expression. Expressions may be unary or binary. file is block special. the file has been modified since it was last read. file is readable by you. the file is effectively owned by you. String operators: -z STRING -n STRING STRING True if string is empty. file is a named pipe. if STRING1 sorts after STRING2 lexicographically. Unary expressions are often used to examine the status of a file. FILE1 -ef FILE2 True if file1 is a hard link to file2. FD is opened on a terminal. Exits with a status of 0 (true) or 1 (false) depending on the evaluation of EXPR. not on the symlink itself. File operators: -a -b -c -d -e -f -g -h -L -k -p -r -s -S -t -u -w -x -O -G -N FILE FILE FILE FILE FILE FILE FILE FILE FILE FILE FILE FILE FILE FILE FD FILE FILE FILE FILE FILE FILE True True True True True True True True True True True True True True True True True True True True True if if if if if if if if if if if if if if if if if if if if if file exists. . file is character special. file exists and is not empty. file exists. file is a symbolic link. if STRING1 sorts before STRING2 lexicographically. file is set-group-id. the file is writable by you. file is a symbolic link. file has its `sticky' bit set. True if string is not empty. file exists and is a regular file. STRING1 = STRING2 True STRING1 != STRING2 True STRING1 < STRING2 True STRING1 > STRING2 True Other operators: -o OPTION True if the shell option OPTION is enabled. and numeric comparison operators. FILE1 -nt FILE2 True if file1 is newer than file2 (according to modification date). if FILE is a symbolic link. file is a socket. There are string operators as well.

. Defines and activates handlers to be run when the shell receives signals or other conditions. A signal may be sent to the shell with "kill -signal $$". -le. If ARG is the null string each SIGNAL_SPEC is ignored by the shell and by the commands it invokes. If a SIGNAL_SPEC is DEBUG. ARG is a command to be read and executed when the shell receives the signal(s) SIGNAL_SPEC. less-than-or-equal. -ne. Exit Status: Always succeeds. fails if EXPR evaluates to false or an invalid argument is given. missing parameters). or greater-than-or-equal than ARG2. Signal names are case insensitive and the SIG prefix is optional. If no arguments are supplied.h> or a signal number. but the last argument must be a literal `]'.e. If a SIGNAL_SPEC is EXIT (0) ARG is executed on exit from the shell. See the bash manual page bash(1) for the handling of parameters (i. Evaluate conditional expression. This is a synonym for the "test" builtin. Exit Status: Returns success if EXPR evaluates to true. EXPR1 -a EXPR2 True if both expr1 AND expr2 are true. Prints the accumulated user and system times for the shell and all of its child processes. less-than. not-equal. -lt. Exit Status: Returns success unless a SIGSPEC is invalid or an invalid option is given. trap prints the list of commands associated with each signal. ARG is executed before every simple command. each specified signal is reset to its original value. -gt.! EXPR True if expr is false. Trap signals and other events. Options: -l -p print a list of signal names and their corresponding numbers display the trap commands associated with each SIGNAL_SPEC Each SIGNAL_SPEC is either a signal name in <signal. to match the opening `['. If ARG is absent (and a single SIGNAL_SPEC is supplied) or `-'. or -ge. arg1 OP arg2 Arithmetic tests. greater-than. Display information about command type. For each NAME. EXPR1 -o EXPR2 True if either expr1 OR expr2 is true. indicate how it would be interpreted if used as a command name. Display process times. OP is one of -eq. Arithmetic binary operators return true if ARG1 is equal.

. Exit Status: Returns success if all of the NAMEs are found. if and only if the `-p' option is not also used -f suppress shell function lookup -P force a PATH search for each NAME. Display or set file mode mask. Modify shell resource limits. Otherwise. respectively Arguments: NAME Command name to be interpreted. except for -t.Options: -a display all locations containing an executable named NAME. even if it is an alias. the special LIMIT values `soft'. if NAME is an alias. or nothing if `type -t NAME' would not return `file'. which is an unscaled number of processes. then -f is assumed. Options: -S -H -a -b -c -d -e -f -i -l -m -n -p -q -r -s -t -u -v -x use use all the the the the the the the the the the the the the the the the the the `soft' resource limit the `hard' resource limit current limits are reported socket buffer size maximum size of core files created maximum size of a process's data segment maximum scheduling priority (`nice') maximum size of files written by the shell and its children maximum number of pending signals maximum size a process may lock into memory maximum resident set size maximum number of open file descriptors pipe buffer size maximum number of bytes in POSIX message queues maximum real-time scheduling priority maximum stack size maximum amount of cpu time in seconds maximum number of user processes size of virtual memory maximum number of file locks If LIMIT is given. -t output a single word which is one of `alias'. `hard'. and `unlimited' stand for the current soft limit. `file' or `'. and returns the name of the disk file that would be executed -p returns either the name of the disk file that would be executed. builtins. the current hard limit. builtin. it is the new value of the specified resource. shell function. `builtin'. `keyword'. If no option is given. -p. the current value of the specified resource is printed. shell reserved word. and -u. includes aliases. disk file. fails if any are not found. and no limit. or not found. which is in increments of 512 bytes. Exit Status: Returns success unless an invalid option is supplied or an error occurs. Values are in 1024-byte increments. on systems that allow such control. shell builtin. or function. `function'. which is in seconds. respectively. Provides control over the resources available to the shell and processes it creates. and functions.

Exit Status: Returns the status of the last command executed.Sets the user file-creation mask to MODE. given. otherwise it is a symbolic mode string like that accepted by chmod(1). COMMANDS are executed after each selection until a break command is executed.' is not present. and EXP3 are arithmetic expressions. If MODE begins with a digit. The set of expanded words is printed on the standard error. The line read is saved in the variable REPLY. If any expression is omitted.. Select words from a list and execute commands. If EOF is read. waits in the job's pipeline. Any other value read causes NAME to be set to null. the command completes.. then NAME is set to that word. If MODE is omitted. Waits for the process identified by ID. If the line is empty. it behaves as if it evaluates to 1. and reports its termination status. waits for all currently active child processes. If `in WORDS . NAME is set to that element. process ID or a If ID is not and the return for all processes Exit Status: Returns the status of ID. then `in "$@"' is assumed. Exit Status: Returns the status of the last command executed. The `for' loop executes a sequence of commands for each member in a list of items. If ID is a a job specification. The PS3 prompt is then displayed and a line read from the standard input. prints the current value of the mask. and the COMMANDS are executed. Equivalent to (( EXP1 )) while (( EXP2 )). generating a list of words. fails if ID is invalid or an invalid option is given. EXP2. Wait for job completion and return exit status. it is interpreted as an octal number. If the line consists of the number corresponding to one of the displayed words. `in "$@"' is assumed. Arithmetic for loop. output in a form that may be reused as input makes the output symbolic. each preceded by a number. otherwise an octal number is output Exit Status: Returns success unless MODE is invalid or an invalid option is given. The WORDS are expanded.. Options: -p -S if MODE is omitted. do COMMANDS (( EXP3 )) done EXP1. WORDS and the prompt are redisplayed. status is zero. which may be a job specification. . Execute commands for each member in a list. For each element in WORDS. If `in WORDS' is not present.

Define shell function.Exit Status: Returns the status of the last command executed. Selectively execute COMMANDS based upon WORD matching PATTERN. the `else COMMANDS' list is executed. . Exit Status: Returns the status of the last command executed. When NAME is invoked. Execute COMMAND asynchronously. The `if COMMANDS' list is executed. The default NAME is "COPROC". or zero if no condition tested true. each `elif COMMANDS' list is executed in turn. Exit Status: Returns the status of the last command executed. Expand and execute COMMANDS as long as the final command in the `while' COMMANDS has an exit status of zero. Execute commands as long as a test succeeds. and system CPU time spent executing PIPELINE when it terminates. The exit status of the entire construct is the exit status of the last command executed. NAME runs COMMANDs in the calling shell's context. Create a shell function named NAME. Otherwise. and if its exit status is zero. Execute commands as long as a test does not succeed. if present. The ` ' is used to separate multiple patterns. Exit Status: Returns the status of the last command executed. user CPU time. then the `then COMMANDS' list is executed. Exit Status: The return status is the return status of PIPELINE. Execute commands based on conditional. Options: -p print the timing summary in the portable Posix format The value of the TIMEFORMAT variable is used as the output format. Execute PIPELINE and print a summary of the real time. with the standard output and standard input of the command connected via a pipe to file descriptors assigned to indices 0 and 1 of an array variable NAME in the executing shell. Create a coprocess named NAME. Otherwise. If its exit status is zero. Report time consumed by pipeline's execution. Exit Status: Returns the exit status of COMMAND. When invoked as a simple command. Expand and execute COMMANDS as long as the final command in the `until' COMMANDS has an exit status which is not zero. the corresponding `then COMMANDS' list is executed and the if command completes. Execute commands based on pattern matching. Exit Status: Returns the status of the last command executed.

and the function's name is in $FUNCNAME. returns 0 otherwise.. This is one way to redirect an entire set of commands. The && and operators do not evaluate EXPR2 if EXPR1 is sufficient to determine the expression's value. Common shell variable names and usage. Exit Status: 0 or 1 depending on value of EXPRESSION. and may be combined using the following operators: ( EXPRESSION ) ! EXPRESSION EXPR1 && EXPR2 EXPR1 EXPR2 Returns the value of EXPRESSION True if EXPRESSION is false. The EXPRESSION is evaluated according to the rules for arithmetic evaluation. Evaluate arithmetic expression. Equivalent to the JOB_SPEC argument to the `fg' command. Exit Status: Returns 1 if EXPRESSION evaluates to 0. Execute conditional command. Exit Status: Returns the status of the resumed job. Resume job in foreground. HISTFILE The name of the file where your command history is stored. Run a set of commands in a group. else false True if both EXPR1 and EXPR2 are true. CDPATH A colon-separated list of directories to search for directories given as arguments to `cd'. HISTFILESIZE The maximum number of lines this file can contain. When the `=~' operator is used.. Group commands as a unit. else false When the `==' and `!=' operators are used.$n. BASH_VERSION Version information for this Bash. Exit Status: Returns the status of the last command executed. Returns a status of 0 or 1 depending on the evaluation of the conditional expression EXPRESSION. else false True if either EXPR1 or EXPR2 is true. as if the job specification had been supplied as an argument to `bg'. JOB_SPEC can specify either a job name or a job number. Resume a stopped or background job. GLOBIGNORE A colon-separated list of patterns describing filenames to be ignored by pathname expansion.the arguments are passed to the function as $1. HISTSIZE The maximum number of history lines that a running . Exit Status: Returns success unless NAME is readonly. Expressions are composed of the same primaries used by the `test' builtin. Following JOB_SPEC with a `&' places the job in the background. the string to the right of the operator is matched as a regular expression. the string to the right of the operator is used as a pattern and pattern matching is performed. Equivalent to "let EXPRESSION".

Options: -n Suppresses the normal change of directory when adding directories to the stack. PATH A colon-separated list of directories to search when looking for commands. TERM The name of the current terminal type. making the new top of the stack the current working directory. so only the stack is manipulated. MAILPATH A colon-separated list of filenames which Bash checks for new mail. The third is the `history comment' character. The type of CPU this version of Bash is running under. MACHTYPE A string describing the current system Bash is running on. that job is foregrounded. When unset. -N Rotates the stack so that the Nth directory (counting from the right of the list shown by `dirs'. usually `#'. PS2 The secondary prompt string. HISTIGNORE A colon-separated list of patterns used to decide which commands should be saved on the history list. starting with zero) is at the top. The name of the current host. PS1 The primary prompt string. With no arguments. then the value of it is the number of EOF characters that can be seen in a row on an empty line before the shell will exit (default 10). or rotates the stack. making it the . exchanges the top two directories. Controls the action of the shell on receipt of an EOF character as the sole input. starting with zero) is at the top. dir Adds DIR to the directory stack at the top. usually `^'. The first character is the history substitution character. EOF signifies the end of input. in seconds. Any other value means that the command must be a prefix of a stopped job. PROMPT_COMMAND A command to be executed before the printing of each primary prompt. The second is the `quick substitution' character. Add directories to stack. usually `!'. Arguments: +N Rotates the stack so that the Nth directory (counting from the left of the list shown by `dirs'. OSTYPE The version of Unix this version of Bash is running on. A value of `exact' means that the command word must exactly match a command in the list of stopped jobs. If set. A value of `substring' means that the command word must match a substring of the job. If found there. Bash checks for new mail. TIMEFORMAT The output format for timing statistics displayed by the `time' reserved word. SHELLOPTS A colon-separated list of enabled shell options. The complete pathname to your login directory.shell can access. histchars Characters controlling history expansion and quick substitution. PWD The full pathname of the current directory. MAILCHECK How often. HOME HOSTNAME HOSTTYPE IGNOREEOF Adds a directory to the top of the directory stack. auto_resume Non-null means a command word appearing on a line by itself is first looked for in the list of currently stopped jobs.

you can get back up through the list with the `popd' command. -N by dirs when invoked without options. -N Removes the Nth entry counting from the right of the list shown by `dirs'. Options: -n Suppresses the normal change of directory when removing directories from the stack.new current working directory. and changes to the new top directory. For example: `popd +0' removes the first directory. starting with zero. starting with zero. Exit Status: Returns success unless an invalid argument is supplied or the directory change fails. list all shell options with an indication of whether or not each is set. Removes entries from the directory stack. For example: `popd -0' removes the last directory. Exit Status: Returns success unless an invalid option is supplied or an error occurs. Change the setting of each shell option OPTNAME. Directories find their way onto the list with the `pushd' command. Without any option arguments. Displays the Nth entry counting from the right of the list shown . `popd +1' the second. starting with zero. Exit Status: Returns success unless an invalid argument is supplied or the directory change fails. Set and unset shell options. starting with zero. so only the stack is manipulated. Display directory stack. Remove directories from stack. The `dirs' builtin displays the directory stack. Display the list of currently remembered directories. Options: -c clear the directory stack by deleting all of the elements -l do not print tilde-prefixed versions of directories relative to your home directory -p print the directory stack with one entry per line -v print the directory stack with one entry per line prefixed with its position in the stack Arguments: +N Displays the Nth entry counting from the left of the list shown by dirs when invoked without options. Arguments: +N Removes the Nth entry counting from the left of the list shown by `dirs'. The `dirs' builtin displays the directory stack. With no arguments. removes the top directory from the stack. `popd -1' the next to last.

specify how arguments are to be completed. character escape sequences. Options: -v var assign the output to shell variable VAR rather than display it on the standard output FORMAT is a character string which contains three types of objects: plain characters. if no NAMEs are supplied.Options: -o -p -q -s -u restrict OPTNAMEs to those defined for use with `set -o' print each shell option with an indication of its status suppress output enable (set) each OPTNAME disable (unset) each OPTNAME Exit Status: Returns success if OPTNAME is enabled. Formats and prints ARGUMENTS under control of the FORMAT. fails if an invalid option is given or OPTNAME is disabled. existing completion specifications are printed in a way that allows them to be reused as input. each of which causes printing of the next successive argument. Display possible completions depending on the options. which are simply copied to standard output. The -D option takes precedence over -E. Intended to be used from within a shell function generating possible completions. For each NAME. printf interprets: %b %q expand backslash escape sequences in the corresponding argument quote the argument in a way that can be reused as shell input Exit Status: Returns success unless an invalid option is given or a write or assignment error occurs. Exit Status: Returns success unless an invalid option is supplied or an error occurs. Exit Status: . the actions are applied in the order the uppercase-letter options are listed above. which are converted and copied to the standard output. all completion specifications -D apply the completions and actions as the default for commands without any specific completion defined -E apply the completions and actions to "empty" commands -completion attempted on a blank line When completion is attempted. If no options are supplied. or. Specify how arguments are to be completed by Readline. If the optional WORD argument is supplied. matches against WORD are generated. Options: -p print existing completion specifications in a reusable format -r remove a completion specification for each NAME. and format specifications. In addition to the standard format specifications described in printf(1) and printf(3).

Read lines from file descriptor FD instead of the standa Evaluate CALLBACK each time QUANTUM lines are read. Arguments: ARRAY the first COUNT lines read. When CALLBACK is evaluated. the completion currently begin executed. -s count Discard -t -u fd rd input. The default index is 0. Remove a trailing newline from each line read. Arguments: Each NAME refers to a command for which a completion specification must have previously been defined using the `complete' builtin. the default quantum is 5000. Modify or display completion options. or from file descriptor FD if the -u option is supplied. and the options for that currently-executing completion generator are modified. Read lines from the standard input into an indexed array variable. all lines are copied. . Read lines from a file into an array variable. If -C is supplied without -c. -C callback -c quantum LLBACK. If no OPTIONs are givenm. Options: -o option -D -E Set completion option OPTION for each NAME Change options for the "default" command completion Change options for the "empty" command completion Using `+o' instead of `-o' turns off the specified option. Modify the completion options for each NAME. If no NAMEs are supplied. If COUNT is 0. Exit Status: Returns success unless an invalid option is supplied or NAME does not have a completion specification defined. If not supplied with an explicit origin. -O origin Begin assigning to ARRAY at index ORIGIN. mapfile will clear ARRAY before assigning to it. compopt must be called by a function currently generating completions. A synonym for `mapfile'. or.Returns success unless an invalid option is supplied or an error occurs. if no NAMEs are supplied. Options: -n count Copy at most COUNT lines. Specify the number of lines read between each call to CA Array variable name to use for file data. The variable MAPFILE is the default ARRAY. Exit Status: Returns success unless an invalid option is given or ARRAY is readonly or not an indexed array. print the completion options for each NAME or the current completion specification . Read lines from the standard input into the indexed array variable ARRAY. it is supplied the index of the next array element to be assigned as an additional argument.

..def ./../. %s can be invoked via "%s"%s `%s': cannot unbind only meaningful in a `for'../././bash/builtins/echo../bash/builtins/./bash/builtins/alias......./bash/builtins/declare./.def adnpsf: enable %s enable -n %s _struct %s: not dynamically loaded ./bash/builtins/. or `until' loop loop count NULL %s %s %s .def OLDPWD= chdir HOME not set OLDPWD not set CDPATH command_builtin ./bash/builtins/common...alias `%s': invalid alias name ...def cannot use `-f' to make functions %s: cannot destroy array variables in this way %s: cannot convert associative to indexed array can only be used in a function ../bash/builtins/cd.././././bash/builtins/command./bash/builtins/..def line editing not enabled bind_builtin lvpVPsSf:q:u:m:r:x: `%s': invalid keymap name %s: cannot read: %s `%s': unknown function name %s is not bound to any keys...c %s: usage: %s: ambiguous job spec write error: %s %s: not a shell builtin %s: restricted %s: no job control %s: no such job %s: %s out of range SIGJUNK Unknown %2d) %s invalid octal number invalid hex number %s: invalid option name %s: not found %s: numeric argument required %s: error retrieving current directory: %s: %s error setting terminal attributes: %s error getting terminal attributes: %s `%s': not a pid or valid job spec %s: invalid signal specification +acfilprtuxAF %s %d %s ./. `while'../../bash/builtins/./bash/builtins/./.

./bash/builtins/.def cannot find %s in shared object %s: %s %s: not a regular file %s: file is too large _evalfile . ./bash/builtins/.c syntax errors in ./bash/builtins/exec. Use `info bash' to find out more about the shell in general./bash/builtins/... Type `help' to see this list../bash/builtins/evalfile./. There are running jobs... Type `help name' to find out more about the function `name'../bash/builtins/hash. or eval will cause future versions of the shell to abort as P osix requires ../bash/builtins/enable./bash/builtins/../.bash_logout There are stopped jobs.bash_logout /etc/bash.././.def ${FCEDIT:-${EDITOR:-$(command -v editor echo vi)}} ${FCEDIT:-${EDITOR:-$(command -v editor echo ed)}} current job %d started without job control %4d %s builtin hash -p %s %s hashing disabled dlp:rt hits command %s: hash table empty ..../../bash/builtins/evalstring./././.c parse_string top parse_string parse_and_execute top pe_dispose parse_and_execute .%s: cannot delete: %s cannot open shared object %s: %s .def cla: %s: cannot execute: %s ~/./. Use `man -k' or `info' to find out more about commands not in this list.... not login shell: use `exit' logout exit :e:lnrs no command found history specification bash-fc %s: cannot open temp file: %s %s %s fc builtin .../bash/builtins/fc.def %s: cannot open: %s NAME %*s%s SYNOPSIS %*s%s DESCRIPTION %*s%s SEE ALSO %*sbash(1) IMPLEMENTATION %s: %s These shell commands are defined internally./..

/bash/builtins/jobs./././.../bash/builtins/...../bash/builtins/help... acd:npsrw %s: history expansion failed history position %5d%c %s%s cannot use more than one of -anrw ./.%s %s: arguments must be process or job IDs %s: invalid file descriptor specification %d: invalid file descriptor: %s internal error: getting variable name ../bash/builtins/history..././.../bash/builtins/./.. Shell commands matching keywords ` Shell commands matching keyword ` .def Unknown error (%ld) ..../bash/builtins/././bash/builtins/.././bash/builtins/pushd.def lpnxrs jobs_builtin no other options allowed with `-x' ../bash/builtins/mapfile.A star (*) next to a name means that the command is disabled././bash/builtins/.... Try `help help' or `man -k %s' or `info %s'.def ersa:d:i:n:p:t:u:N: read_builtin read error: %d: %s can only `return' from a function or sourced script %s: cannot unset %s: cannot unset: readonly %s %s: not an array variable SHELLOPTS %-15s %s set %co %s allexport braceexpand errexit errtrace functrace hashall histexpand interactive-comments keyword monitor noclobber noexec .def no help topics match `%s'./bash/builtins/./bash/builtins/read./..def %s: invalid timeout specification .def %s: invalid line count %s: invalid array origin %s: invalid callback quantum u:n:O:tC:c:s: empty array variable name MAPFILE %s: not an indexed array dirstack directory stack empty directory stack index <no current directory> %2d %s no other directory ./..

.../bash/builtins/test./bash/builtins/./.noglob nolog notify nounset onecmd physical pipefail privileged xtrace cannot simultaneously unset a function and a variable ...%s %d trap -..../bash/builtins/../..def (%s...def %s is aliased to `%s' alias %s=%s %s is a shell keyword %s is a function %s is a shell builtin %s is %s %s is hashed (%s) -type -path -all afptP ./bash/builtins/./..../bash/builtins/set./bash/builtins/.. -%c) (-%c) %-20s %16s unlimited %s: cannot get limit: %s `%c': bad command hard soft %s: cannot modify limit: %s core file size blocks data seg size kbytes scheduling priority pending signals max locked memory max memory size open files pipe size 512 bytes ./bash/builtins/....././bash/builtins/setattr./.def unknown trap -.././.def filename argument required %s: file not found .def declare -%s %s -%s aAfnp %s: not a function shift count ././bash/builtins/shift./././bash/builtins/source...def ..%s %s ./bash/builtins/../.././bash/builtins/.def cannot suspend cannot suspend a login shell .././bash/builtins/trap././bash/builtins/type..

/./.def ./bash/builtins/...o=%s umask%s %04lo `%c': invalid symbolic mode operator `%c': invalid symbolic mode character OPTARG ../bash/builtins/ulimit././bash/builtins/getopts.def agou u=%s../bash/builtins/shopt./.def cannot set and unset shell options simultaneously BASHOPTS %s: invalid shell option name shopt %s %s psuoq autocd cdable_vars cdspell checkhash checkjobs checkwinsize cmdhist compat31 compat32 compat40 dirspell dotglob execfail expand_aliases extdebug extglob extquote failglob force_fignore globstar gnu_errfmt histappend histreedit histverify hostcomplete huponexit interactive_comments lithist mailwarn no_empty_cmd_completion nocaseglob nocasematch nullglob progcomp promptvars restricted_shell shift_verbose ./bash/builtins/.../bash/builtins/./...g=%s.../...POSIX message queues real-time priority stack size cpu time seconds max user processes virtual memory file locks .

/..%c %s: invalid action name complete bashdefault -o %s dirnames filenames nospace plusdirs arrayvar -A %s helptopic running setopt signal stopped %s %s compopt +o %s +o:DE group service user abcdefgjko:prsuvA:G:W:P:S:X:F:C:DE warning: -F option may not work as you expect warning: -C option may not work as you expect .%c %s: option requires an argument -../bash/lib/glob/glob./bash/builtins/complete..sourcepath xpg_echo missing hex digit for \x warning: %s: %s #'-+ 0 hjlLtz ./../bash/builtins/./bash/builtins/././bash/builtins/printf....def `%s': missing format character %s: illegal option -./....def %s: no completion specification not currently executing completion function ..c ?*+@! ascii alnum alpha blank cntrl graph lower punct upper xdigit alert backspace vertical-tab form-feed carriage-return exclamation-mark quotation-mark number-sign dollar-sign percent-sign ././.

/../../../.././bash/lib/sh/pathphys...c ../bash/lib/glob/smatch.../.c BASH_REMATCH ../..../../././.%03ds sh_makepath ./..c ./../bash/lib/sh/setlinebuf./..c /dev/std .c .c %s: bad network path specification socket connect %ldm%d../bash/lib/sh/getenv.c ././.ampersand apostrophe left-parenthesis right-parenthesis asterisk plus-sign comma hyphen hyphen-minus dash period full-stop zero three four five seven eight nine semicolon less-than-sign equals-sign greater-than-sign question-mark commercial-at left-square-bracket backslash reverse-solidus right-square-bracket circumflex circumflex-accent underscore grave-accent left-brace left-curly-bracket vertical-line right-brace right-curly-bracket ./bash/lib/sh/makepath./bash/lib/sh/itos.c ../bash/lib/sh/netopen./..c sh_realpath TMPDIR /var/tmp /usr/tmp shtmp .../bash/lib/sh/shmatch././.././bash/lib/glob/sm_loop......c ./bash/lib/sh/pathcanon...

%s/%s-%lu ../../../bash/lib/sh/tmpfile.c ../../../bash/lib/sh/stringlist.c ../../../bash/lib/sh/stringvec.c ../../../bash/lib/sh/shquote.c ../../../bash/lib/sh/strtrans.c %s/cur %s/tmp %s/new %s/%s invalid base 0123456789ABCDEF 0123456789abcdef ../../../bash/lib/sh/zmapfd.c ../../../bash/lib/sh/zgetline.c ../../../bash/lib/sh/casemod.c _*\AaIiCcDdPpYyRrSsXx~ hl^$0ftFT;,%wbeWBE ` l h^0%bBFT` l hwW^0bBFT` l h^0bBFT` abort accept-line arrow-key-prefix backward-byte backward-char backward-kill-line beginning-of-history beginning-of-line call-last-kbd-macro capitalize-word character-search character-search-backward clear-screen copy-backward-word copy-forward-word copy-region-as-kill delete-char-or-list delete-horizontal-space digit-argument do-lowercase-version downcase-word dump-functions dump-macros dump-variables emacs-editing-mode end-kbd-macro end-of-history end-of-line exchange-point-and-mark forward-backward-delete-char forward-byte forward-char forward-search-history history-search-backward history-search-forward insert-comment insert-completions kill-whole-line kill-region

menu-complete-backward next-history old-menu-complete overwrite-mode possible-completions previous-history quoted-insert re-read-init-file redraw-current-line reverse-search-history revert-line self-insert skip-csi-sequence start-kbd-macro tab-insert transpose-chars transpose-words tty-status undo universal-argument unix-filename-rubout unix-line-discard unix-word-rubout upcase-word yank yank-last-arg yank-nth-arg yank-pop vi-append-eol vi-append-mode vi-arg-digit vi-back-to-indent vi-bWord vi-bword vi-change-case vi-change-char vi-change-to vi-char-search vi-column vi-complete vi-delete vi-delete-to vi-eWord vi-editing-mode vi-end-word vi-eof-maybe vi-eword vi-fWord vi-fetch-history vi-first-print vi-fword vi-goto-mark vi-insert-beg vi-insertion-mode vi-match vi-movement-mode vi-next-word vi-overstrike vi-overstrike-delete vi-prev-word

vi-put vi-redo vi-replace vi-rubout vi-search vi-search-again vi-set-mark vi-subst vi-tilde-expand vi-yank-arg vi-yank-to non-incremental-forward-search-history non-incremental-reverse-search-history non-incremental-forward-search-history-again non-incremental-reverse-search-history-again warning: turning off output flushing --More-"\'`@$><=; &{( Display all %d possibilities? (y or n) bad value %d for what_to_do in rl_complete none audible visible "%s%s": "%s" %s%s outputs %s \C-%c \C-? blink-matching-paren prefer-visible-bell term= mode= %s: line %d: %s $endif without matching $if # %s (not bound) "%s": %s %s is not bound to any keys %s can be found on C-\Munknown parser directive no closing `"' in key binding ControlMeta prefix-meta INPUTRC ~/.inputrc /etc/inputrc bell-style completion-query-items history-size isearch-terminators keymap set %s %s %s is set to `%s' CTRLother bind-tty-special-chars byte-oriented convert-meta disable-completion echo-control-characters

#$ readline_callback_read_char() called with no handler! (arg: %d) X%lu <>.enable-keypad enable-meta-key expand-tilde history-preserve-point horizontal-scroll-mode mark-directories mark-modified-lines mark-symlinked-directories match-hidden-files meta-flag output-meta page-completions revert-all-at-newline show-all-if-ambiguous show-all-if-unmodified skip-completed-text visible-stats emacs-standard emacs-meta emacs-ctlx vi-move vi-command vi-insert endif include Escape Newline Return Rubout Space $else found without matching $if completion-prefix-display-length print-completions-horizontally _rl_col_width: called with MB_CUR_MAX == 1 debug: insert_some_chars: count (%d) != col (%d) /var/tmp/rltrace.& $ unknown expansion error :$*%^ .&() <> event not found bad word specifier substitution failed unrecognized history modifier no previous substitution p->minfo.%ld readline: /-_=~. mh_nbytes out of range free: start and end chunk sizes differ malloc: block on free list clobbered realloc: called with unallocated block argument .mi_magic2 == 0x5555 nunits < 30 bcoalesce: CHAIN(mp2) != mp1 malloc: %s:%d: assertion botched free: called with already freed block argument free: called with unallocated block argument free: underflow detected.

mh_nbytes out of range realloc: start and end chunk sizes differ .realloc: underflow detected.

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