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Immigrants and Immigration

What is an American? An American is someone who loves thier country and the
people in it, and believes in bettering thier own lives as well as the lives of those
around them. Does it really matter that these individuals may be of German or
Chinese desent? No, not at all; thier ethnic background has nothing to do with being
American. To say that the majority of people in the United States have some sort of
tie with an ethnic background from a different country would be a safe asumption.
This is what makes our American Culture unique. Immigrants bring to our country
strong family structures and strong morals. Foreigners also help our economy prosper
(Julian L. Simon). Imigrants are what help make America be America; by being a
multicultural society standing united.

In todays American society it is not uncommon for their to be families broken up by

divorce or other domestic disturbances. However, immigrants seem to have much
more stronger family values. (Rocky Arcadi) For many immigrants, family comes
first over everything; for many of them family is all they have. This is especially true
of traditional developing societies. Many of these newcomers have strong traditions
and beliefs wich are strict and are instilled in thier children. By immigrants comming
to America with these type of beliefs and strong traditions it sets good examples for
our western civilization. By receiving new cultures to our society it is a chance to
absorb thier rules and respect they have for one another. This is ideal to help restore
our family values.

It has been said that "immigration is a threat to our economy." This statement is so
absurd. Immigration increases purchasing thereby, increases demand for labor.
Immigration not only takes jobs, but also creates them. (Wall Street Journal) For
instance, A man comes to America from China. This man opens a small Chinese
resteraunt. The resteraunt makes outstanding buisness. Ten years latter this man owns
twelve resteraunts and employees three hundred Americans. Stories like that happen
all the time, wich help our economy.

Immigrants are what help America be America. They say that America is just a
melting pot. This is what makes our country unique. We have many cultures, many
Ideas, and traditions, but all of us have the same dream. That Dream is the American

The same dream that keeps Americans in America and immigrants to come here. By
haveing a variety of cultures helps people understand and learn from each other.
Takeing immigration away would hurt this country more than economicly, but,
socially also.

Immigration, I feel is etremly important. Being an Italian American myself, I

understand the importance of immigration. My family have traditions and beliefs they
teach me, that I'll teach my kids some day. Im very proud of background in Italy and
America. And no one should be denied the opportunity my parents and I have to be a
part of America.

Police Brutality
Police work is dangerous. Sometimes police put in situations that

excessive force is needed. But, because some officers use these extreme

measures in situations when it is not, police brutality should be addressed.

The use of excessive force may or may not be large problem, but it should be

looked into by both the police and the public.

For those people who feel racism is not a factor in causing the use of

excessive force, here is a startling fact. In Tampa Bay, Florida, five men died

while in the custody of the Tampa Bay police Department (C.C. 27). The thing is,

the Tampa Bay Police Department is made up of mostly white officers, but of the

five men who died, none where white. Four of the five men that died where

African Americans, and the other man was a Mexican National.

If the incident in Tampa Bay does not show a person racism, this event

might. In New York City, an average of seven Latin Americans were killed a year

between 1986 to 1989, but in 1990, that number increased greatly. In that year,

twenty-three Latin Americans were killed by police gunfire.

When asked how he felt about racism being involved in police brutality,

Yussuf Naimkly of the University of Regina commented:

"Excessive police force against blacks has always been tolerated, because as a

formally enslaved minority African Americans are trapped in a cultural context

specifically designed to inhibit their development and thus minimize their

threat to white hegemony" (C.C. 72)

Executive Director of Police Misconduct Lawyers Referral Service Karol Heppe

commented, “Brutality against minorities is a daily occurrence in Los Angeles,”

she says. “The difference this time is someone videotaped it (C.C. 36).

Another shocking incident of police brutality occurred in Reynoldsberg,

Ohio. A group of offices named themselves “S.N.A.T.” squad. This acronym stood

for “Special Nigger Arrest Team” and they made it a point to harass African

Americans whenever.

“The number of people killed by police has gone down from the middle

1970's to the middle 1980's in major cities,” says Patrick V. Murphy, former

head of police commissions in Detroit, New York, and Washington, D.C. (C.C. 17).

Also, in Kansas City, Missouri, a police department there has 1,110

officers. Amazingly, the only received approximately 108 complaints from the

public about those 1,100 officers.

Adding to the belief that police brutality isn't a very big problem,

most legal authorities and officials agree that the use of excessive force by

police officers is going down. In fact, they say that they see brutality

declining from twenty years ago (C.C. 57).

Police brutality is defined as involving the unnecessary and unjustified

use of force be that either physical or verbal. Gerald Williams, president of

the Police Executive Research Forum (PERF) commented, “Let me assure you we are

committed to a professional level of policing with an emphasis on fairness,

humanity, and integrity” (C.C. 168).

Other than the police stopping brutality internally, the use of civilian

review boards can be used. These boards must be able to receive all the

evidence in a case, including the police audio tapes, in order to make fair

judgment if excessive force was used or not. If excessive force is present in

cases, these review boards must be able to punish the police or they are almost


Whether or not a person believes police brutality is a serious problem,

it must be stopped. In some cases, where more force is needed than in others,

it is still there. Even in areas where police and the use of excessive force is

not a huge problem, it must be decreased properly by both the police and the

public. Finally, there needs to be rules making sure it never happens again.

Argument for Additional Computers

Dear College Dean:

It is my understanding that this college has received a large donation to be used to

enhance the quality of life for students: expand the bookstore or add computers to the
computer lab. It is the tradition of this school to promote education and to be at the
vanguard of new technology. That is why I strongly argue in favor of the addition of
more computers to the computer lab.
Although expanding the campus bookstore to include CD's, gifts, and a snack bar will
give a nicer look to the college, we have to think about a greater goal and a more
practical way to enhance the quality of life for students. What do we want for our
students and our college? Do we want our college to be known as a place with a great
bookstore where you can find CD's and gifts, or as a place where the students can
explore and research in their field using the best tools provided by technology? In
addition, there are already several snack bars on campus, and there are music stores
nearby, so students do not depend on the college bookstore for these things.

We live in a highly technological world and computers play an increasingly important

role in how we live. As a learning institution, this college has the responsibility to
offer its students the best technology to help them prepare for their future. Many
students will be expected to be familiar with the latest software and other tools when
they go on to work or to graduate school.

While they are in college, students find they are expected to use computers. Many
professors expect students to use computers to do homework or to complete projects.
Students are asked to create PowerPoint presentations and use spreadsheets and
database programs, as well as to research many topics on the internet. Since students
are competing for good grades, those who have limited access to computers are at a
great disadvantage. Furthermore, being able to do projects using the computer
enhances the process of learning, giving students the opportunity to find the
information without a computer would be much more difficult to find.

If there are more computers, students will also be able to complete their work more
efficiently. No more will they have to wait in line, paper and disk in hand, while
scanning the room for an empty chair and computer. No longer will they have to sit
and wait while an outdated computer struggles to follow their commands. Having
more new and faster computers available will enable students to finish their work
more quickly.

The more computers are used in society the more colleges will depend on them as a
tool of teaching and learning. Making computers more available to students facilitates
their learning process by making the process easier, more interesting, more engaging,
and in the process enhancing their quality of life