I, Mr. Mahesh. J. Raval do hereby declare that the project report titled “Awareness about company fixed Deposits” is a genuine research work undertaken by me and it has not been published anywhere earlier. Date: Place: Mahesh. J. Raval SKSBM, Patan.



Mr. Maheshbhai Makawana
Product Head (MF), Motilal Oswal Securities Ltd

This is to certify that Mr. Mahesh. J. Raval in M.B.A at Sevantilal Kantilal School of Business Management, Patan has worked under my supervision and guidance on him dissertation entitled “Awareness about Company Fixed Deposits” at Motilal Oswal Securities Ltd., Mehsana from May 17th 2009 to July 20th 2009. ” To the best of my knowledge this is an original piece of work.


B. is a bonafide record of work done by Mr. and submitted in partial fulfillment of the requirements of M. Prof. S.M. J. School of Business Management. PATAN 4 .B.MOTILAL OSWAL SECURITIES LTD. Patan. CERTIFICATION BY THE FACULTY GUIDE This is to certify that the project report entitled “Awareness about Company Fixed Deposits” at Motilal Oswal Securities Ltd.K. S.K. Mahesh.S. Raval..A program of Sevantilal Kantilal School of Business Management. Patan. Mehsana.

HR department.MOTILAL OSWAL SECURITIES LTD.B. PATAN 5 . got this opportunity to know what is actually happening in a company.A. I as a student of M. Customer care department and Technical department. S. I have sincerely acquired all the necessary information for my project report during my training period. PREFACE It is true that the world outside your cozy home is many a time quite different from what you have perceived. Similarly.K. Financial department. I have taken training at Motilal Oswal Securities Ltd. I hope that this report will satisfy the object requirement. In order to make an individual aware of the practical implication of what he has learned.B. it is possible that the theoretical knowledge acquired in the classroom may differ from the practical knowledge.M.S. He is enriched with the practical training. The main areas covered during the training period are: Marketing department.

Parthbhai Raval. S.S. Jay.B. who has provided me with the necessary information and his valuable suggestion and comments on bringing out this report in the best possible way. my heartfelt love for my parents. faculty guide.Patel. PATAN 6 . Dimes Panchal .Pandya.Hirenbhai Patel. Motilal Oswal Securities Ltd) and all of the members of mass consultancy. I am grateful to Mr. company project guide. who have helped me in the successful completion of this project.Oza and Mr. I am highly indebted to Mr. I also thank Prof. Jay. Mr. Palkesh Prajapati.M. whose constant support and blessings helped me throughout this project. ACKNOWLEGDEMENT Sometimes words fall short to show gratitude. the same happened with me during this project.K.K.K. Mr. Kiranbhai Patel. SKSBM. Dipak Prajapati and Priyanka Contractor who help me to complete this project on time. Mr.Sanjaybhai Patel and Mr.K. I also thankful to my peers. Vijaybhai Patel (Branch Head.Vishalbhai Patel. The immense help and support received from Motilal Oswal Securities Ltd overwhelmed me during the project. My sincere gratitude to Mr. Maheshbhai Makawana Product Head for providing me with an opportunity to work with Motilal Oswal Securities Ltd. Last but not the least.MOTILAL OSWAL SECURITIES LTD. special mention of Mr.S. Patan who has sincerely supported me with the valuable insights into the completion of this project.

EXECUTIVE SUMMARY This project has been a great learning experience for me.M. One can have a brief knowledge about Fixed Deposit and all its basics through the project. It is purely based on whatever I learned at Motilal Oswal Securities Ltd. Some of the most interesting questions regarding Fixed Deposit have been covered. All the data have been well analyzed with the help of charts and graphs. at the same time it gave me enough scope to implement my analytical ability. most lucrative sectors for fund managers. a special report on Fixed Deposit. does fund performance persists and the topping of all the servings in the form of portfolio analysis tool and its application. Some of them are: why has it become one of the largest financial intermediaries? How investors do choose company to invest in Fixed Deposits? Most popular stocks among fund managers. The language has been kept simple so that even a layman could understand.B. This project as a whole can be divided into two parts:  The first part gives an insight about the Fixed Deposit and its various aspects.S. Other than that the real servings come when one moves ahead. PATAN 7 .K. All the topics have been covered in a very systematic way. S.MOTILAL OSWAL SECURITIES LTD.

 The second part consists of data and their analysis. The data collected has been well organized and presented.MOTILAL OSWAL SECURITIES LTD. PATAN 8 . It has also covered how many times people prefer to invest their money and about which group of people invest their money in fixed deposits I learn lost of things and quality of manager with practical experience.K.S. collected through a survey done on 116 people through questionnaires. It covers the topic “Awareness about Company Fixed Deposits”.B. Mahesh Raval S. Hope the research findings and conclusions will be of use.M.

K.6 7.1 7.7 7.4 7.16 7.MOTILAL OSWAL SECURITIES LTD.11 7.8 7.14 7.B.9 7.5 7.15 7.3 8.S.NO 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 7.3 7. SR.M.10 7.18 8 8.2 7.12 7.1 8. PATAN 9 .5 PARTICULARS Declaration Certification By The Organization Certification by the Faculty Member Preface Acknowledgement Executive Summery Background Of Company Corporate Profile Vision & Value of MOSL History & Milestones Testimonials Organization Profile MOSL & Subsidiaries Companies Services providing by MOSL About The Fixed Deposits Types Of The Fixed Deposits Bank Fixed Deposits Company Fixed Deposits Types Of Company Fixed Deposits Investment Objectives Investment Drawbacks How Can Invest In Company Fixed Deposits Objectives of The Fixed Deposits Benefits of The Fixed Deposits Drawbacks of The Fixed Deposits Data Analysis of Questionnaire & Interpretation Objectives of The Research Scope Of The Study Data Sources Sampling Methodology PAGE NO S.4 8.13 7.2 8.17 7.

MOTILAL OSWAL SECURITIES LTD.B.M.6 9 10 11 12 13 14 The Respondents of Questionnaire Questionnaire Data Analysis & Interpretation SWOT Analysis Research Findings & Conclusion Recommendations Bibliography S.K. 8.S. PATAN 10 .




5 per share) got an overwhelming response and was subscribed 27. The company got listed on BSE and NSE on September 9.372 registered customers.289 Business Locations operated by its Business Partners and it. As at March 31st. Focus on customer-first-attitude.S.18 times in S.M. company had 5. research-based value investing and implementation of cutting-edge technology has enabled us to blossom into an almost 2000 member team. The issue which was priced at Rs. with just two people running the show. PATAN 14 .B. foreign institutional investors. had a network spread over 548 cities and towns comprising 1.MOTILAL OSWAL SECURITIES LTD.825 per share (face value Rs. 2009. (MOSL) was founded in 1987 as a small sub-broking unit. financial institutions and corporate clients.48% of its equity with two leading private equity investors based out of the US – New Vernon Private Equity Limited and Bessemer Venture Partners. the Company placed 9.K. Company’s headquarter is in Mumbai and as of March 31st. 2009. mutual funds. respect for professionalism. Today company is a well diversified financial services firm offering a range of financial products and services such as          Wealth Management Broking & Distribution Commodity Broking Portfolio Management Services Fixed Deposits and Bonds Institutional Equities Private Equity Investment Banking Services and Principal Strategies Company has a diversified client base that includes retail customers (including High Net worth Individuals). ethical and transparent business practices. In 2006. 2007. CORPORATE PROFIL Motilal Oswal Securities Ltd. 41.

Credit rating agency Crisil has assigned the highest rating of P1+ to the Company’s short-term debt program. last year. asset management and fund based activities have contributed to this growth. 2008 was Rs. the company showed a strong top line growth of 91% to Rs. Motilal Oswal Financial Services Limited is the holding company of the following five subsidiaries: CHART.7 bn as compared to Rs. The issue gave a return of 21% on the date of listing. PATAN 15 .7 bn and market capitalization as of March 31.1 S. the group net worth was Rs. turbulent market conditions.3.B.S.MOTILAL OSWAL SECURITIES LTD. As of end of financial year 2008.M. For year ended March 2008.K. New businesses like investment banking.19 bn.68 bn.

MOTILAL OSWAL SECURITIES LTD. Vision & Values of Motilal Oswal Securities Ltd. PATAN 16 .K.B.  Vision : S.M.S.

M.K. Time bound results within the framework of the company’s value system S.B. PATAN 17 .S. recognized and rewarded in an apolitical environment High energy and self motivated with a “Do It” attitude and entrepreneurial spirit.MOTILAL OSWAL SECURITIES LTD.  Values(Mission): Integrity Team Work Meritocracy Passion & Attitude Excellence in Execution A company honoring commitment with highest ethical and business practices Attaining goals collectively and collaboratively Performance gets differentiated.

Both the young chartered accountants hailing from a rural & an unpretentious background had a common dream viz. Mumbai • Motilal Oswal's India Business Excellence Fund raised USD 125 million.Best Overall Country Research . HISTORY & MILESTONES The story of Motilal Oswal Securities Ltd (MOSL) goes back many years. 'to build a professional organization with strong value systems.MOTILAL OSWAL SECURITIES LTD. spread over 26.2008 • MOSL awarded 'The Best Franchisor in Financial Services' by Franchisee World Magazine 2008 for the second consecutive year • MOSL creates one of India's largest Equity Dealing & Advisory rooms. PATAN 18 .B.Local Brokerage S.000 sq ft in Malad. enters 'Limca Book of Records' for creating India's largest dealing room in Mumbai • MOSL was 'Rated No.CNBC TV 18 IT User Award . Motilal Oswal and Mr.K. to provide reliable & honest investment advice to investors'. Thus was born their first enterprise called "Prudential Portfolio Services" in 1987. Raamdeo Agrawal met each other as students in a Mumbai suburban hostel in the early eighties.S. when Mr.1 – Best recommendations Mid & Small Caps' and won awards in 3 out of 4 categories at the Starmine India Broker Rankings 2009 from Thomson Reuters • 2008 • MOSL awarded the prestigious Nasscom . . 2009 Motilal Oswal Securities Ltd. 25% higher than the initial target of USD 100 million • D & B survey rates MOSL as India's top Broking House in terms of total number of trading terminals • MOSL alliance with IDBI Bank to offer Online Trading Services • Asia Money Brokers poll 2007 rates Motilal Oswal Securities Ltd.M.

• Motilal Oswal Financial Services Ltd files RHP with SEBI for an IPO • Motilal Oswal Financial Services Ltd. S. gets listed on the BSE & NSE • Mr.000 customers • Starts Knowledge First campaign • Motilal Oswal was perceived as the most Research driven stock trading player .EZtrade reaches an important milestone i. infrastructure and other key sectors.Chairman and Managing Director has been appointed as a member of the Managing Committee of Indian Merchant Chambers. a US$ 100 mn India focused Private Equity Fund. healthcare.e. technology. PATAN 19 .K. Motilal Oswal . features as a case study in Harvard Business School • Motilal Oswal Financial Services Ltd ties up with Punjab National Bank to offer online trading to its customers 2006 • Organizes the second India Conference with Bear Stearns New York featuring discussion panels and presentations by prominent business leaders and senior management of Indian companies in banking. in less than a year it has managed to sign up more than 10. • Launches the India Business Excellence Fund (IBEF).B.M. oil and gas. 2007 • The Strategic partnership between MOSL and SBI .MOTILAL OSWAL SECURITIES LTD.S.Purple • Motilal Oswal Commodities Broker Pvt Ltd (MOCBPL) bagges Globoil India's prestigious 'Outstanding Commodity Broking House 2007' Award • Motilal Oswal Financial Services ltd. consumer.Starcom Mediavest Survey • Introduces a separate brand for Private Client Group .

MOTILAL OSWAL SECURITIES LTD.B. • Relaunches its e-Broking service through a nationwide campaign. • Acquires a leading south Indian brokerage firm . 50 lakh category. • Issues 14% of companies equity to employees as ESOPs.Peninsular Capital Markets. 5 lakh to Rs.29% with two leading private equity investors .Value Hedging for derivatives and Discover Value for the Rs. PATAN 20 . • Investment Banking business advises Aban in their majority controlling stake of Sinvest ASA – one of the largest investment banking deals of 2006.Best Local Brokerage. Also acquires 3 more brokerage firms in UP and Gujarat.M.New Vernon Private Equity Limited and Bessemer Venture Partners. 75. First advice-based online trading proposition in the Indian markets. over 375 cities. serving over 1. S. • Value PMS gives 390% returns to its investors between Feb 2003 and March 2006. • Launches two new Portfolio Management Schemes . • Another milestone in distribution – over 1000 outlets.000 customers.K.S. India’s largest such conference of its kind in the US. • Asia money Brokers Poll 2005 rates Motilal Oswal Securities . • Enters Private Equity and Investment Banking businesses. Best in Sales and Service. • Employee base crosses 2000 and Business Associate base crosses 1000. • Places 9. MOSL Independent Research House. 2005 • Organizes the first India Conference with Bear Stearns in New York.

2003 • Enters the mutual fund and IPO distribution business. • Value PMS delivers a whopping 160% post tax returns for the period ended April • Bulls Eye PMS . PATAN 21 . • MOSt Portfolio Management Services launched with Mr.M.A momentum based PMS launched.K. More in the pipeline. • Acquires local brokerage Gayatri Capitals from Andhra Pradesh and Varghese from Karnataka. • 9 own branches setup at 7 cities to provide Equity Advisory Services. Raamdeo Agrawal as the Portfolio Manager.000 customers. S. • Start of the Solid Research Solid Advice campaign.000 Depository accounts. • 150 outlets in 110 cities across 18 states & one Union Territory in India manned by 1000 people servicing over 15. Auto and Infrastructure sectors.000 Retail and Institutional Investors. Uniquely structured performance related fees.B. 2004 • Presence expanded to 270 outlets in 150 cities and 20 states. • Inquire team is successful in capturing the uptrend in Banking. • Received the Asia Money award for the Best Overall Domestic Research House-Mega funds.MOTILAL OSWAL SECURITIES LTD. 20. • Crossed 15. • Deepest distribution in the stock broking segment with 700 outlets in 320 cities and 1.S.

• MOSt consolidates its retail operations & upgrades its IT / Back Office infrastructure to cater to its growing network of branches.K. 2002 • Mr. Franchisees and Channel Partners. • Both Mr. • Direct servicing of HNI clients is initiated. • Starts offering Derivatives products and advisory services on both BSE as well as NSE.000 Depository accounts.MOTILAL OSWAL SECURITIES LTD. • Retail network completes coverage of 100 cities in India.S. Motilal Oswal and Mr. • Crosses 10. inducted in the Board of Directors. PATAN 22 .B. Navin Agarwal. S. Head of Equity Research & Institutional sales.M. 2000 • Received the Asia Money award for the Best Domestic Equity house. • Received the Asia Money Award . 2001 • Legendary marketing guru Shunu Sen’s services taken to revitalise retail marketing strategy and branding efforts. Raamdeo Agrawal receive Rashtriya Samman Patra from Central Board of Direct Taxes for being amongst the top 50 tax payers in India from FY94-FY98.2nd best among Indian Brokerage firms.

Raamdeo Agrawal starts attending legendary billionaire investor Warren Buffett’s Annual General Meetings of Berkshire Hathway Inc. First broking house in India to go on the web. Ivan Mathias. former country head of Watson Wyatt Worldwide. • “Wealth Creation” Campaign started. • www. on its Board to Directors to shape HR initiatives.M. • Becomes a Depository Participant of Central Depository Services Limited (CDSIL). • Becomes a Depository Participant of National Securities Depository Limited (NSDL). He still continues to attend it every year.MOTILAL OSWAL SECURITIES LTD. 1998 • Mr.B. 1999 • launched. • Acquires its 100th Franchisee / Channel Partner and emerges as a leading player in the Indian Broking Sector. • First Stock Broking house to brand its services as a research and advice based broker. • Inducts Mr.MotilalOswal. S. PATAN 23 . Motilal Oswal joins the Governing Board of The Stock Exchange.S. Mumbai. • The Wealth Creation Study started in 1996 culminates into Wealth Creation Seminar and Awards function in 1998.K.

First Domestic Stock broking house to have such a strong Research focus. Raamdeo Agrawal lay the foundation of a great partnership by starting a sub-broking firm. 1994 • MOSt acquires NSE Membership and plans for major expansion of its retail network. First of its kind study initiated to identify biggest and fastest wealth creating companies in Indian Stock markets. Motilal Oswal and Mr. The venture stands out from the rest due to their approach of Research-based broking even when sub-brokers. ft office in South Mumbai with bigger and better quality infrastructure than the corporate office. • Inquire (Indian Equity Research) is formally created at a 2500 sq. PATAN 24 . S. 1996 • Wealth Creation Study started.M. Since then nearly 20% of revenue is allocated to research. • “Motilal Oswal” enters Institutional Broking business.B. “Motilal Oswal” is formed through acquisition of membership on The Bombay Stock Exchange (BSE).S. 1995 • “Motilal Oswal” gets incorporated as Motilal Oswal Securities Ltd. Three more memberships taken in later years.MOTILAL OSWAL SECURITIES LTD. 1990 • After just three years in the business. 1987 • Mr.K.

These (Wealth Creation) reports have become handy reference guides to corporate performance. At the Bear Sterns 2nd Annual India Conference. Motilal Oswal Securities has been rated as the best in research by AQ research of UK in March 2006” -Hindustan Times “Sheer hard work." -Mr.S. September 2006 “Motilal Oswal is embarking on a path to become a full-fledged financial powerhouse. I find them very useful indeed -S M Datta Peerless General Finance & Investment Co. The Indian Hotels Company Ltd. Bickson Managing Director. Ltd. PATAN 25 . Minister of State in the Prime Ministers Office. Research was their forte and today providing research backup to brokerage clients has become a part of the game for all brokerage houses of repute. TESTIMONIALS "I have glanced through the 11th Wealth Creation Study and it indeed is informative.B.K. -Shri Prithviraj Chavan.Raymond N. Government of India.” -Business India “Motilal Oswal Securities is the most successful brokerage house ever. focused research and consistent and logical investment philosophy is what sets apart companies like Motilal S. "Firms like Motilal Oswal are playing a very major role of taking the equity cult deep into the rural areas through presence in 4000 terminals throughout the country in electronic trading".M.MOTILAL OSWAL SECURITIES LTD.

Your Relationship Manager's understanding is good and is capable of showing good results. We did 40% thereabouts over last quarter compared to 30% through my equity mutual fund. -A Business Associate S.K. Oswal.” -Sandeep Shenoy. They have risen to the top because of their single-minded focus on investment philosophy and did not deviate despite swings in the market.B. Never try to reinvent the wheel.MOTILAL OSWAL SECURITIES LTD. -An EAG Client “One can define the service of Motilal Oswal Securities as: To give real service you must add something which cannot be bought or measured with money. Therein lies a lesson. If they can do it. follow the leader and you have plenty of them in the Indian market.M. PATAN 26 . . and that is sincerity and integrity followed by dedicated support from all departments of the office". so can others.S. Pioneer Intermediaries "I am sure you will take care of my investments while I am out . . Strategist. So keep it up and remember we have to grow at least 30% next quarter".

” This has been a strong belief of Mr. it ill translates into good business.K. transparency and client goodwill form the core of his business practice.Business Administration is his forte. Motilal Oswal Chairman and Managing Director Mr. in research. It is going to be the key to survival. PATAN 27 . If you give good service and value to your clients. He is a member of Institute of Chartered Accountants of India and started the business along with the co-promoter Mr. “Service is required in everything. S.B. Honesty. He is currently a member of various committees of CDSIL and SEBI. in execution and in settlement. He is currently a member of the NSE committee for F&O.S. Motilal Oswal is the promoter of Motilal Oswal Securities Ltd. ORGANIZATION PROFILE Mr. He had been elected as a Director of BSE and joined its governing board in 1998.M. Motilal Oswal and he has not only practiced it himself but also made efforts to inculcate similar values in the employees of the organization. Raamdeo Agarwal in 1987.MOTILAL OSWAL SECURITIES LTD.

He is an Associate of Institute of Chartered Accountants of India and also a member of the National Committee on Capital Markets of the Confederation of Indian Industry.S.M. Agrawal specialises in equity research.B. S. Ram K Piparia. In 1986. Raamdeo Agrawal is the man behind the strong research capabilities at Motilal Oswal Financial Services Ltd.K. along with co-author. PATAN 28 . He has been authoring the annual Motilal Oswal Wealth Creation Study since its inception in 1996. Raamdeo Agrawal Joint Managing Director Mr. He has also featured on 'Wizards of Dalal Street on CNBC TV 18'. Mr. Mr. Agrawal has received the "Rashtriya Samman Patra" awarded by the Government of India for being amongst the highest Income Tax payers in the country for a period of 5 years from FY95–FY99.MOTILAL OSWAL SECURITIES LTD. Mr. Mr. he wrote the book ‘Corporate Numbers Game’.

K.B. Here again. Ashutosh Maheshvari holds a bachelor's degree in technology (Chemical Engineering) from the Indian Institute of Technology. He is a member of Institute of Chartered Accountants of India. He heads the Institutional Broking business and has been instrumental in building a market leading position with domestic and foreign institutional investors.MOTILAL OSWAL SECURITIES LTD. Navin Agarwal is on the Board of Motilal Oswal Financial Services Limited.AshutoshMaheshwari CEO – MOIAPL Mr. S. He has also done his Masters in Business Administration from University of Delhi. Institute of Cost & Works Accountants of India. Navin Agrawal Director Mr. he has also been instrumental in building an Institutional Derivatives business when derivative products were introduced in the Indian markets. Mr.S. Leveraging on the dominant positioning in institutional business. Kharagpur. PATAN 29 . Mr. and Institute of Company Secretaries of India. a market leading position has been established by MOSL. Under his leadership.M. the firm has been rated as The Best Indian Brokerage House by Asia money 2005.

Maheshvari has 13 years of experience in the financial sector and has held various senior positions.B. Mr. Previously. he was the Executive Director with Rabo India Finance Private Limited.S. Prior to joining our Company. S.MOTILAL OSWAL SECURITIES LTD.M.K. PATAN 30 . he has worked with CRISIL and ICI India Limited.

Vishal Tulsyan CEO .MOPEAPL Mr. Kolkata University.B.M. Prior to joining MOFSL.S.MOTILAL OSWAL SECURITIES LTD. He is an allIndia rank holder in Chartered Accountancy. He has over 10 years of experience in corporate finance and has held various senior positions. Previously. he worked with SBI Capital Markets Limited. Vishal Tulsyan holds a bachelor's degree in commerce from St. Mr. Xaviers College. Mumbai and ANZ Grind lays Bank Limited. Tulsyan was Director. Corporate Finance with Rabo India Finance Private Limited. Mr. a subsidiary of Rabo bank International. and is a professionally qualified Chartered Accountant from The Institute of Chartered Accountants of India. Kolkata S.K. PATAN 31 .

MOTILAL OSWAL SECURITIES LTD. he joined Indiainfoline for a short stint in the research function. He joined Motilal Oswal in 2001 as a research analyst. Mr.M. S. Post completing his CA and MBA.Rajat Rajgarhia Director – Research Mr. Rajat Rajgarhia started his career with his family run broking business in equities. Mr. PATAN 32 .K.S.B. Rajgarhia then went on to head the research team and now has been associated with MOSL for over 7 years.

B.Institutional Trading Mr.MOTILAL OSWAL SECURITIES LTD.M. He was Head of Institution of HRS from 2000-2002. Mr. He is also a Director on the board of Motilal Oswal Commodities Broker Pvt Ltd & Motilal Oswal Capital Markets Pvt Ltd. He currently heads Institutional Trading (Cash & Derivatives) at MOSL.Dharamshi joined Motilal Oswal as Head of Institutional Derivatives in 2003.K. Rajesh Dharamshi Director .Institution Sales Equity & Derivatives for Refco (Now MF Global). S. PATAN 33 .S. VP . He than moved on as Sr. Rajesh Dharamshi started his career with Hemendra R Sheth (Member of BSE & NSE) and went on to a very long stint with group.Mr.

K.B. PATAN 34 .MOTILAL OSWAL SECURITIES LTD. he joined SMIFS Securities and worked for 5 years as head of research. Jayesh Parekh began his career with ICICI as a management trainee after securing ranks in Intermediate and Final exams of Chartered Accountancy.S. Post Anand Rathi Securities.Institutional Sales Mr. Parekh joined Motilal Oswal in 2003. Mr. Parekh is Head of Institution Sales for MOSL S.JayeshParekh Director .M. He was rated #1 sales person for India in the Asia Money Brokers poll for 2 consecutive years in 2006 and 2007. Mr. he joined Anand Rathi group and worked in different functions including corporate advisory and equity research. Mr. After ICICI.

Mr. S. In June 1992. he joined Info -Invest Group as Research Analyst and later was responsible for developing the Institutional and Retail business. Mr. where he was involved in developing the IPO Business.B. He then worked as a manager at Mafatlal Securities Ltd from July 1995. Mr.K.MOTILAL OSWAL SECURITIES LTD.S. Shah joined MOSL in 1999. Manish Shah is a graduate from the Institute of Cost and Work Accountants of India and a Certified Financial Analyst from the Institute of Chartered Financial Analysts of India. He currently heads the Equity business and is also responsible for Business Strategy and Product Development.ManishShah AssociateDirector. PATAN 35 . Shah had a brief stint with a proprietary firm KG Vora in 1991. BusinessStrategyand Product Development Mr.M.

Mr. S. In addition. the JV between State Street Bank (NYSE: STT) & Syntel (NASD: SYNT). His last role was as the CEO and Executive Director of State Street Syntel Services.E. Rakesh heads the Asset Management Business. PATAN 36 . Nitin Rakesh has over 13 years of experience in the Financial Services industry. Mumbai.S. he has held various positions in organizations such as TCG Investments and Unit Trust of India (UTI Mutual Fund). (Computers).K. Mr. Mr.MOTILAL OSWAL SECURITIES LTD. NMIMS.B. Delhi College of Engineering & an MBA (Finance). Rakesh is a B.M. Asset Management Business Mr.NitinRakesh CEO.

Sloan School of Management. From a fundamental. (MIT) and Brand Management Seminar by Al Ries etc. Strong Management Team:The organization finds its strength in its team of young. technical and derivatives research perspective.MOTILAL OSWAL SECURITIES LTD. Hyderabad. Motilal Oswal's research reports have received wide coverage in the media (over a 1000 mentions last year). Motilal Oswal and Mr. We believe that our management's entrepreneurial spirit.S. S. Focus on Research:Research is the solid foundation on which Motilal Oswal Securities advice is based.K. strong technical expertise. Almost 10% of revenue is invested on equity research and we hire and train the best resources to become advisors. MOSt is truly a learning organization with lead being taken by the Directors. who regularly participate in top management learning programs like Strategic Management Program at Indian School of Business. Qualified professionals carry out different functions under the able leadership of its promoters. leadership skills. insight into market/customer needs provide us with a competitive strength which will help us implement our business strategies. Raamdeo Agrawal. Strategy Summits with Management Gurus like Tom Peters and Dr.M. which is amongst the highest for a broking organization in India. PATAN 37 . Mr. Dean. Our consistent efforts towards quality equity research have reflected in an increase in the ratings and rankings across various categories in the Asia Money Brokers Poll over the years.B. talented and confident individuals. As much as 5% of the salary bill is spent on such programs. Our talented pool of people comprises qualified and experienced professionals with an established track record. Lester Thurow. At present we have 22 equity analysts researching over 27 sectors. Training & Manpower Development:MOSL conducts various training and development programs regularly to enhance the capabilities of its team.

Investors keenly await this annual study for the wealth of information it has on the companies that created wealth during the preceding five years.S. Our unique Wealth Creation Study. Awards and Accolades:Motilal Oswal Financial Services has received many accolades in the year gone by.MOTILAL OSWAL SECURITIES LTD.K.M.B. PATAN 38 . authored by Mr. Managing Director. Raamdeo Agrawal. Some of them are:  Rated ‘Best Overall Country Research’ for a Local Brokerage in the 2007 Asia Money Brokers poll  Rated India’s top broking house in terms of total number of trading terminals by the Dun & Bradstreet survey  Rated ‘Outstanding Commodity Broking House-2007’ by Globoil India  Ranked second best for Customer Responsiveness in the Financial Sector at the Avaya Global Connect Customer Responsiveness awards S. is now in its 13th year.

 Motilal Oswal Private Equity Advisors Pvt. Nariman Point.39804315. Board: + 91 – 022 .  Motilal Oswal Commodities Broker Pvt. Hoechst House.400 021.  Motilal Oswal Securities Ltd. Ltd. Mumbai . 11th Floor.400 021.39825550 Fax: + 91 – 022 . Ltd. Board: + 91 – 022 . Nariman Point. PATAN 39 .22816161.22823499.Institutional Equity 4th Floor. Mumbai .39825500/ 39825540. Mumbai . Nariman Point. Board: + 91 – 022 .400 021.  Motilal Oswal Investment Advisors Pvt. . Hoechst House. S. – Wealth Management 3rd Floor. Bajaj Bhawan. Fax: + 91 – 022 . Nariman Point. Mumbai .400 021. 112/113. Board : + 91–022-39825500/39825540. Fax : +91–022-22823499. Fax: + 91. MOSL & SUBSIDERIES COMPANIIES  Motilal Oswal Financial Services Ltd.39804200/ 01 Fax: + 91 – 022 .022.S. Nariman Point. Mumbai . Mumbai . Bajaj Bhawan.M.K.22823499  Motilal Oswal Securities Ltd.B.MOTILAL OSWAL SECURITIES LTD. 3rd Floor.400 021. Hoechst House. Board: + 91 – 022 .22883821 / 22885038. Nariman Point.400 021.39804380 Fax: + 91 – 022 . 3rd Floor. 81/82. Ltd. Hoechst House. Board : + 91 – 022 .39825500.

These are provided to customers through our Wealth Management service called ‘Purple’ Broking & Distribution Services:       Equity (cash and derivatives) Commodity Broking Portfolio Management Services Distribution of financial products Financing Depository Services IPO distribution We offer these services through our branches.M. S. We also have strategic tieups with State Bank of India and IDBI Bank to offer our online trading platform to its customers. family and business wealth creation and management needs. the internet and mobile channels.B. SERVICES PROVIDING BY MOSL MOSL’S businesses and primary products and services are:  Wealth Management  Broking & Distribution  Commodity Broking  Portfolio Management Services  Fixed Deposits and Bonds  Institutional Equities  Private Equity  Investment Banking Services and  Principal Strategies Wealth Management:- Financial planning for individual.MOTILAL OSWAL SECURITIES LTD.S. PATAN 40 .K. Business Partner locations.

PATAN 41 . Such fixed deposits and bonds have used by the companies to fulfill their capital needs only. invested by he investors. Commodity Broking:Through Motilal Oswal Commodities Broker (P) Ltd our fully owned subsidiary.MOTILAL OSWAL SECURITIES LTD.S. Institutional Equities:S. Our knowledge of the markets together with our understanding of our customers and their risk profiles has helped us design a range of portfolio offerings for our clients. Motilal Oswal Securities Ltd. Business Partner locations.77 bn. Besides access to the best of research in the form of Daily Fundamentals & Technical Reports on highly traded commodities. the Assets Under Management of our various portfolio schemes stood at Rs. Trillion Dollar Opportunity Strategy and Focused Strategy Series I. We offer these services through our branches. the internet and mobile channels Portfolio Management Services :Motilal Oswal Portfolio Management Services offer a range of investments solutions through discretionary services. These include the Value Strategy.M.Anybody can enter/ exit in/from the fixed deposit and bonds schemes. Motilal Oswal group has applied to the regulatory bodies for a license to operate as a Domestic Asset Management Company (Mutual Fund) and we expect to begin operations soon. 2009. We at Motilal Oswal have helped create wealth for our customers through our Portfolio Management Services. has offered safety and securities of the investment. we provide commodity trading facilities and related products and services on MCX and NCDEX. Fixed Deposits and Bonds:- Motilal Oswal group has worked on fixed deposits and bonds which have issued by the various companies. Bulls Eye Strategy.4.K. As of March 31st.B. our clients also get access to our exclusive Customized Trading Advice on both the trading platforms.

B.8 billion and had 18 mandates in hand as at March 31. These clients include companies. MOIAPL has closed 23 transactions in 2007-08 worth US$ 1. we were empanelled with over 300 institutional clients including 200 FIIs. the fund obtained commitments of US$125 mn (Rs. and FIIs.M. with investments typically in the range of US$3 mn to US$7 mn. which may be raised in the future. divestitures.MOTILAL OSWAL SECURITIES LTD. We service these clients through dedicated sales teams across different time zones. 2008. private placements (including qualified institutional placements). (MOIAPL) We also offer capital raising and other investment banking services such as the management of public offerings. The fund is aimed at providing growth capital to small and medium enterprises in India. We offer equity broking services in the cash and derivative segments to institutional clients in India and overseas. banks. rights issues. mutual funds. 875 mn) from investors in India and overseas. our private equity subsidiary. financial institutions.4.S.K. India Business Excellence Fund. As at March 31st. In its final closing. restructurings and spin-offs through Motilal Oswal Investment Advisors Private Ltd. PATAN 42 . share buybacks. Motilal Oswal Private Equity Advisors Private Ltd (MOPEAPL) was appointed as the investment manager and advisor to a private equity fund. The Fund has S. insurance companies. 2009. which was launched with a target of raising US$100 mn. in December 2007. Private Equity:In 2006. MOPEAPL will manage and advise the fund and other private equity funds. Investment Banking:We offer financial advisory services relating to mergers and acquisitions (domestic and cross-border). open offers/delistings and syndication of debt and equity.

M. MOPEAPL has recently launched an INR 750 crores domestic Real Estate Private Equity Fund called “India Realty Excellence Fund” sponsored by Motilal Oswal Financial Services Ltd. ABOUT THE FIXED DEPOSITS S. deployed/ committed $ 58 mn across 8 deals.B.MOTILAL OSWAL SECURITIES LTD.S. the Group has set up a 30 member team which would be responsible for effective deployment of funds into different trading and arbitrage strategies.K. Principal Strategies Group:For effective management of treasury operations and to capitalize on market opportunities. PATAN 43 .

Stock favorites such as fixed deposits (FDs) are meanwhile enjoying a renewed burst of popularity. as were prudential norms.. the past two years have seen a huge growth in bank deposits and in the FD levels of the better segment of India Inc. Indians had very limited means of investing their savings.MOTILAL OSWAL SECURITIES LTD.M. A number of gullible investors saw their savings go up in smoke at the hands of such corporate entities. SEBI. PATAN 44 . In this segment.Recently popular instrument Introduction:With investment avenues increasing by the day it is quite easy to forget that until the reforms era kicked off in 1991.B. manufacturing companies and non-banking finance companies or NBFCs. However. the bitter lesson resulted in investors ignoring almost all other factors barring security while investing their savings. i. Thus. In fact. The slump in the capital markets and the large amounts of losses by investors in IPOs are but a couple of factors for this hunt for security by investors.e. While it is true that we have not yet seen any development on the lines of the more developed economies there are a number of instruments today that were unheard of amidst the lay investors just a short decade ago. and the market regulator. between 1994 and 1996 a few states like Tamil Nadu saw a literal explosion of FD offers with promises of impossible returns like 36 per cent to even 50 per cent per annum in some cases. The central bank.S. RBI. have been attempting to rein in unscrupulous operators from cashing in on this rush for FDs. even at the cost of lower returns. we will regularly post details on the three main categories of FDs. On the one hand investors are still struggling to come to terms with the complex nature of some securities and on the other intermediaries are trying to raise the investors' awareness. with banks. Fixed Deposits. We will also keep investors abreast of interest S. It is only recently that credit rating has been made mandatory for FD raising exercises.K. Investors can find information on various changes that occur in this sector and details on how government policies could affect this crucial area.

K. but the proximity to retirement would prompt the need to lower investment risks. In a world where the returns on your investment are directly proportional to the inherent risks. Also returns from investments form the principal source of income and preservation of capital is paramount. it is but natural that the investor who opts for fixed income instruments is well into his chosen career. S. Convertible debentures National Savings Certificates. Non-convertible debentures of private sector. Luckily in India there a number of avenues for such investors. Basic family needs such as an own house and reasonable insurance cover would have been provided for.MOTILAL OSWAL SECURITIES LTD. Fixed Deposits. Periodic evaluation is equally important and while necessary changes have to be made.5 per cent per annum through Bond A. Indira Vikas Patras. Thus judicious selection of instruments is critical. investments must never be switched for negligible changes in interest rates. As is the basic rule in choosing any investment option. here too it is essential that the investor decides in advance the proportion of investing in stocks and bonds. Fixed deposits with companies.75 per cent or even 13 per cent.B. PATAN 45 . think very hard before you decide to switch over to Bond B which promises 12.M. For example if you are receiving say 12. rates offered and the performance of individual entities in each of the three above-mentioned segments. Income-oriented units and growth oriented units. Public sector bonds.S. Provident Fund contributions. The decision to effect a change between fixed incomes instruments should not be made lightly as the security of the principal is sacrosanct. with the most popular forms being:          Fixed deposits with banks and post offices.

PATAN 46 . thereby earning you a higher rate of interest in return. Such securities are traded lower than the company's underlying equity.B. . Recent trends indicate a shift in fortunes for the industry as a whole and especially for a few players. Indra Vikas Patras and corporate fixed deposit schemes would then be your best bet. Proposition: In the last two or three years the hotel industry has been moving down. If your taxable income is less than Rs.MOTILAL OSWAL SECURITIES LTD.K. If you are on the hunt for a tax-sheltered current income then give preference to income-oriented units and public sector bonds as rates of return are more attractive than other fixed income avenues with similar tax benefits. The company pays interest until conversion after which the investor gets dividend income. non-convertible debentures. The general economic depression coupled with the S-E Asian crisis and the nuclear blasts have taken their toll on the industry.M.S. Fixed deposits also give you a higher rate of interest than a savings bank account. A fixed deposit account allows you to deposit your money for a set period of time. Convertible debentures of reputed. attractive rates of returns and immunity from attachment of a court decree. Why Fixed Deposit? S. Fixed Deposit:What is a fixed deposit? A fixed deposit is an investment account comprising a single deposit. Provident funds and public provident funds are also excellent areas of investment and offer both initial and a continuing tax advantage. 000 and you have exhausted the limits for various taxsheltered investments. profit making companies are also worth picking up. Most of the stocks have taken a beating. for a fixed term at a guaranteed fixed rate of interest.50. It can be used for both short and long term investment purposes. There are added benefits such as the existence of a facility for partial withdrawals. Foreign players have also started moving into the market.

Who can apply for a fixed deposit account? Individuals and organizations with the intention of retaining their savings for a fixed period for some future use. FDs look great because you get a decent risk-adjusted return and your principal is protected. Some banks offer a fixed deposit schemes which offer more savings & over draft facility.000/.75% and senior citizens who opt for such a fixed deposit scheme are eligible for an additional 0. Banks offer various types of fixed deposits in India to their customers.S. 1. Fixed deposit is a financial instrument for you to deposit your money for a fixed duration ranging from 15 days to 5 years.K.B. Now a day. PATAN 47 . Some private company also offer fixed deposit scheme. S.5 % increase.Deposits can be made in multiples of Rs.M. the banks & financial market is becoming very competitive. Fixed deposit is one of the oldest & most common methods of Investing. Fixed deposits help you to secure your hard earned money for a long duration. However you need to remember that FDs are safe only as long as they are parked in large bank. 100/-. You need to check up on the different types of FDs scheme available before making any fixed deposit investments.A regular fixed deposit can earn you an interest up to 8. What is the minimum amount can be deposited? The minimum deposit amount is Rs.MOTILAL OSWAL SECURITIES LTD.

K. If the interest rate raise then the amount of the investment is also increased and if the rate is fall then the investment is decreased. PATAN 48 .M.S. Chart of Fixed Deposit Investment CHART-2 Here the Chart shows that Investors invest their money in the Fixed Deposits for particular time period on particular interest rate. TYPES OF FIXED DEPOSITS S. The investors will get the amount with increment or decrement on particulars time period if the rate is respectively increased or decreased .B.MOTILAL OSWAL SECURITIES LTD.The main benefits of the Fixed Deposit is that investors can anytime switch it if it does not give proper return.

say for a minimum period of 15 days to five years and above. various companies. It is advisable to keep the amount in five or ten small deposits instead of making one big deposit.K. thereby earning a higher rate of interest in return. Investor gets a lump sum (principal + interest) at the maturity of the deposit. then only one S. -: Bank Fixed Deposit:- Features:Bank deposits are fairly safe because banks are subject to control of the Reserve Bank of India (RBI) with regard to several policy and operational parameters. There are two types of Fixed Deposit in India. PATAN 49 . leading to a somewhat higher effective rate. Before opening a FD account. Some of the facilities offered by banks are overdraft (loan) facility on the amount deposited. Nonbanking FDs are called Non-Banking Finance Companies (NBFCs) Fixed Deposit. In Nonbanking Fixed deposits. Fixed deposits also give a higher rate of interest than a savings bank account.B. Bank fixed deposits are one of the most common savings scheme open to an average investor. Private and Public Institutes and post Offices provide the Fixed Deposit Services. Interest is compounded once a quarter. 100/-. A fixed deposit is meant for those investors who want to deposit a lump sum of money for a fixed period.M. try to check the rates of interest for different banks for different periods.Banking Fixed Deposits. 100 to an unlimited amount with some banks. Bank deposits are fairly safer because banks are subject to control of the Reserve Bank of India. premature withdrawal before maturity period (which involves a loss of interest) etc. Deposits can be made in multiples of Rs. It can range from as low as Rs. One is Fixed Deposits in Banking Sector and other is Non.MOTILAL OSWAL SECURITIES LTD. The facilities vary from bank to bank. The banks are free to offer varying interests in fixed deposits of different maturities.S. The minimum deposit amount varies with each bank. In case of any premature withdrawal of partial amount.

S. The deposit period can vary from 15.75-6. A Bank FD does not provide regular interest income. Interest rate also varies between each bank. 6 months. The loss sustained in interest will.K.75-8 Duration 15-30 days 30-45 days 46-90 days 91-180 days 181-365 days 1-2 years 2-3 years 3-5 years Advantages:S. thus.25-5 % 4. and 1.5 % 6-8 % 6.MOTILAL OSWAL SECURITIES LTD.75—5.5 % 5. 1 year. or two deposit need be prematurely encashed.B. 30 or 45 days to 3. The Interest payable on Fixed Deposit can also be transferred to Savings Bank or Current Account of the customer.5-6. but the interest paid may be at a discounted rate in case of monthly interest. Returns:The rate of interest for Bank Fixed Deposits varies between 4 and 11 per cent.5 % 5.5 years to 10 years.25-8 % 6. depending on the maturity period (duration) of the FD and the amount invested. Some banks have facility to pay interest every quarter or every month. A high inflation rate can simply chip away your real returns. PATAN 50 . The thing to consider before investing in an FD is the rate of interest and the inflation rate. Check deposit receipts carefully to see that all particulars have been properly and accurately filled in. be less than if one big deposit were to be encashed.M. TABLE-1 Interest rate (%) per annum 4 -5 % 4. but a lump-sum amount on its maturity.

Also.S.Y. 000/. and make the deposit. 1993-94. which can be updated from time to time. How to apply:One can get a bank FD at any bank. Disadvantages:Bank Fixed deposit Rate are lower than non banking fixed Deposit Rate and so if the market is high investor of bank FDs get low returns on their investment compare than Others. 1998-99. some banks insist that you maintain a savings account with them to operate a FD. is exempt from income tax up to a limit of Rs. investment on bank deposits.12. along with other specified incomes. Check deposit receipts carefully to see that all particulars have been properly and accurately filled in -: Company Fixed Deposits:Fixed deposits in companies that earn a fixed rate of return over a period of time are called Company Fixed Deposits.M.K. private. However. You have to open a FD account with the bank. Bank deposits are the safest investment after Post office savings because all bank deposits are insured under the Deposit Insurance & Credit Guarantee Scheme of India. a deposit receipt or an account statement is issued to him.Y. It is possible to get a loan up to7590% of the deposit amount from banks against fixed deposit receipts. With effect from A.under Section 80L. depending on the duration of the FD and the frequency of the interest calculation. or foreign.MOTILAL OSWAL SECURITIES LTD.5000/. Financial S. bank deposits are totally exempt from wealth tax. The 1995 Finance Bill Proposals introduced tax deduction at source (TDS) on fixed deposits on interest incomes of Rs.B. PATAN 51 . be it nationalized. When a depositor opens an FD account with a bank. The interest charged will be 2% more than the rate of interest earned by the deposit. from A.and above per annum.

NBFCs and companies cannot offer more than 14 per cent interest on public deposits. According to latest RBI guidelines. So be absolutely sure to check the credit rating. AAA rating is the safest. Therefore.MOTILAL OSWAL SECURITIES LTD. and D or FD means the company is in default.S. PATAN 52 . if the company defaults.e. Company/NBFC Fixed Deposits are rated by credit rating agencies like CARE. These deposits are unsecured. CRISIL and ICRA. and have modest fixed and manpower costs.M. An AAA rating signifies highest safety. the investor cannot sell the company to recover his capital. “Company fixed deposit is such like gadget by which it offers a high return investment scheme to investors for fulfilling its financial requirement for particular time period. A company rated lower by credit rating agency is likely to offer a higher rate of interest and vice-versa.K. Deposits thus mobilized are governed by the Companies Act under Section 58A. i.” Types of the Company Fixed Deposits S. Definition: Company fixed deposit is recently popular instrument to collect the money from Investor to fulfill the company’s financial necessity.. thus making them a risky investment option. institutions and Non-Banking Finance Companies (NBFCs) also accept such deposits.B. NBFCs suffer from a credibility crisis. they can pass on the benefits to the investor in the form of a higher rate of interest. NBFCs are small organizations.

Birla. Jaiprakash Association Ltd.MOTILAL OSWAL SECURITIES LTD. In Quarterly income deposits. One is monthly income deposits and other is Quarterly income deposits. There are four types of the company fixed deposit.S. The interest is paid constantly every month.  Monthly income deposits: In Monthly income deposits investors invest their money in company on particular time which is one Month. PATAN 53 .  Quarterly income deposits: In this Scheme interest is paid once every quarter. Cumulative Deposits Rs. In India most of the companies provide this two typed FDs. you can choose the minimum amount you want to save every month ranging from Rs..000/. Alliance Capital Private Ltd. Company Fixed Deposits forms is available through various broking agencies or directly with the companies.K.B. Franklin Templeton is very well known company which provides the company fixed deposits. Company paid the interest every month. Cholamandalam. 1. Callable Fixed Deposits 1.The chosen S..M. 1. Reinvestment Deposits 4. 100/. Tata Financial Services ltd. Non-cumulative Deposits (Recurring deposits): Company provides two types of non-cumulative deposits. Non Cumulative Deposits (Recurring Deposits) 2.

MOTILAL OSWAL SECURITIES LTD. Higher deposits should be in multiples of Rs. amount will be the core amount and you can deposit up to ten times of the core amount every quarter. Cumulative Deposits: The Cumulative Benefit Deposit Scheme has various customerconvenient features.S. You can invest any amount. anytime You can choose any from a combination of four plans. 2. 5/-. Jaiprakash Associates ltd. In Non-cumulative FD Schemes Company put Scheme A S. To know more about this two schemes. PATAN 54 . 100/-. Let’s take example of Jaiprakash Associates Ltd. 6months.B. JP association provides Non-cumulative FD schemes and cumulative FD schemes.M. FDs schemes.1 years.K. 2 years and 3 or more than 3 years. The minimum deposit is Rs.

Company put schemes C for Cumulative FD plan.M. 15000 11. 10000 11.00% S.50% 3yrs.50% 3yrs.) Rate of Interest (%) 1yrs. 10000 12. 10000 11.00% 2yrs.K.S. 15000 11. for Monthly Income Plan and B for Quarterly Income Plan.00% 2yrs. PATAN 55 .) Rate of Interest (%) 1yrs. FIXED DEPOSIT SCHEMES NON-CUMULATIVE DEPOSITS TABLE-2 SCHEME A MONTHLY INCOME PLAN Period Mini. Amount(Rs.B.00% TABLE-3 SCHEME B QUARTERLY INCOME PLAN Period Mini.MOTILAL OSWAL SECURITIES LTD. Amount(Rs. 15000 12.

Rs.13 12.07  Additional amounts in multiples of Rs.  Special Rate: An additional rate is 0.  Interest on quarterly income plan is compounded monthly and paid quarterly.  Additional amounts in multiples of Rs.K.57 12.  Special Rate: An additional rate is 0. 10 lacs. 10000 General 14308 Special 14522 Period YIELD (%) 11.S.  Post dated interest warrants on FDs for each financial year will be dispatched in advance along with the FDs receipts (schemes A& B). 10000 General 12572 Special 12697 3 yrs.1000/-.) 6Months 10000 General 10550 Special 10575 1 yrs. CUMULATIVE DEPOSITS TABLE-4 SCHEME C Mini.50% per annum shall be paid to (a) Senior citizens above the age of 60 yrs. 100 shares) (c) employee of Jaypee Group.M. (b) Shareholders of JAL (mini.50% per annum shall be paid to (a) Senior citizens above the age of 60 yrs.  Interest compounded monthly on deposit of year or more.50 11. 10000 General 11157 Special 11213 2 yrs.48 14. Categor Payable on Amount(Rs. (b) Shareholders of JAL (mini.) y Maturity(Rs.MOTILAL OSWAL SECURITIES LTD.36 15.1000/-.  Maximum amount per investor for six months’ duration.00 11. 100 shares) (c) employee of Jaypee Group. S.86 13. PATAN 56 .B.

children's education and marriage. Callable Fixed Deposits: It is a principal protected deposit which offers a fixed coupon rate and can be early terminated at the bank’s discretion.M. PATAN 57 ..000/-.     The features of a Reinvestment Deposit Plan. You could use these deposits to meet any expenditure in the future.K.. Investors get higher interest rate than that available on traditional time deposits and 100% capital protection at maturity.MOTILAL OSWAL SECURITIES LTD. 100/-. S. 3.B. The minimum deposit amount is Rs. Reinvestment Deposits:A Reinvestment Deposit Plan basically allows you to reinvest the interest earned on your deposit. 3. If you would like to retain your deposits and accumulate it with interest. 1. Initially deposits should be made only in multiples of Rs. The interest on your deposit also earns interest. You can close your deposit prematurely without any difficulty. You can avail loans of up to 85% on the principal and also on the interest accrued. you can apply for a Reinvestment Deposit Plan.S. Renewals can be made in any amount.

 company deposit protect against inflation:- A Company/NBFC Fixed Deposit provides you with limited protection against inflation. the interest rates offered are higher than banks. and annual interest income. half-yearly. Moreover. S. Moreover.K. some NBFCs also offer a loan facility on the deposits you maintain with them. with comparatively higher returns than other assured return options.S. but it depends on the credit rating of the company you have invested in. However.MOTILAL OSWAL SECURITIES LTD.M. the increase in the interest rate is essentially due to the fact that it entails more risk as compared to banks and postoffice schemes. quarterly.B.  Borrow against a company fixed deposit:- You can borrow against a Company/NBFC Fixed Deposit from banks. PATAN 58 .  Company fixed deposits suitable for income:- Company/NBFC Fixed Deposits are suitable for regular income with the option to receive monthly. INVESTMENT OBJECTIVES  Company fixed deposits suitable for an increase in investment:- A Company/NBFC Fixed Deposit provides for faster appreciation in the principal amount than bank fixed deposits and post-office schemes.

Inflation and interest rate movements are one of the major factors affecting the decision to invest in a Company/NBFC Fixed Deposit.M. Also. always remember to first check out its credit rating. there is no guarantee of your receiving the regular-interval income from the company. beware of NBFCs offering ridiculously high rates of interest. in case the company/NBFC goes under. Also. PATAN 59 .e. Investment Drawbacks: Company fixed deposits are unsecured instrument while company become bankrupt:-  Company Fixed Deposits are unsecured instruments. i. It depends on the strength of the company and its ability to pay back your deposit at the time of its maturity.  Company FD cannot be sold in the secondary market:- A company/NBFC Fixed Deposit can only be encased at the Company/ NBFC it was invested in.B. there are no assets backing them up.MOTILAL OSWAL SECURITIES LTD.S. S.. you must keep the safety considerations and the company/NBFC's credit rating and credibility in mind before investing in one. there is no assurance of your principal amount. While investing in an NBFC. chances are that you may not get your principal sum back. Moreover. Therefore.  No guarantee of returns of company fixed deposits if stock markets are down:- If the Company/NBFC goes under.K.

SELLING. S. After filling the form. similar to the recurring deposits of banks. If investor has not particular bank account.Cumulative deposits. neatly and sign on every correction if any.D.Recurring deposits. where interest is paid once every quarter.  BUYING. PATAN 60 .Monthly income deposits. where interest is accumulated and paid along with the principal at the time of maturity. he or she can send demand draft directly to F.K. Some of the options available are: -. AND HOLDING How can buy Company Fixed Deposit? Company Fixed Deposits forms is available through various broking agencies or directly with the companies. -. investor should join the cheque favoring the COMPANY NAME and crossed “Account Payee only “should be deposited with particular bank mentioned by the F.MOTILAL OSWAL SECURITIES LTD.S.Department. -. where interest is paid every month.M. How can invest in company Fixed Deposits? Investor has to fill the application form completely and assure that all the columns should be filled up carefully.B. Department of Company. -. Similar is the case for the NBFCs.Quarterly income deposits.D.

Determination of Market Value of Company Fixed Deposit Company/NBFC Fixed Deposits do not have a market value since they can't be sold or purchased in the secondary market. In case of recurring deposits.K. the minimum investment is Rs 5. Duration of he Company Fixed Deposit Scheme:Company/NBFC Fixed Deposits have varying duration. OBJECTIVES OF FIXED DEPOSITS  Guaranteed return of Principal amount:- Here in both the cases.M. security of the investment is the key feature. The minimum investment for Company Fixed Deposit:Minimum investment in a Company/NBFC Fixed deposit varies from company to company. For individual investors. they may vary from a minimum of 6 months to 5 years or even more. In case of fixed S.B. Normally.MOTILAL OSWAL SECURITIES LTD. there is no upper ceiling.000. the minimum amount is normally Rs 100 per month. may it be fixed deposit or fixed deferred annuity.S. PATAN 61 .

 Short term investment :- Considering that the time frame that one needs to invest for is short in nature then investing in fixed deposits will prove a better investment as accumulation here will be more than the deferred annuity plans.M. Fixed deferred annuity plans in there beginning years require lot of expenditure in there proper allocation and processing so they do not give attractive returns to the short term investors. Fixed deposits are ideal in short term as they have maturity period ranging from a single month to a couple of years. In case where the amount is huge one may exercise the option of risk cover while getting into the contract with the banking institution. These annuity plans are flexible during the payout. S. deposits principal amount is guaranteed by the government.K. Deferred fixed annuities are not as secure as the fixed deposits with the banks as they are not guaranteed by the government.MOTILAL OSWAL SECURITIES LTD.B. but the risk feature remains very low as the company provides the customer with full insurance cover. Even in the INDIA. PATAN 62 . So while fulfilling your security objective you must keep in view the financial reliability of the company so that you do not get into contract with a poor performing company. in some plans the annuity is paid to the legal heirs or the nominee for his/her lifetime even after the death of the contract holder.S. Fixed deferred annuities are solely reliable on the smooth running of the companies business. the annuities are not guaranteed by the government as it is the case with fixed deposits up to a certain limit.  Long term investment :- Deferred fixed annuity is certainly a specialized product offering for a long term investor as the accumulation structure suits to the retirement needs.

No institution guarantees the renewal interest rates.MOTILAL OSWAL SECURITIES LTD. With other types of investments. rates do change as per the real market scenario and the policy decisions on a continues basis.M. On the other hand income tax is charged simultaneously on the fixed deposits. In case of fixed annuity plans the rate of interest to be returned to the investor keeps on fluctuating as per the market condition after the initial lock-in period which guarantees the rate of return.S. Other important factors which should be considered by an investor while selecting his investment instrument are Liquidity options.K.  Tax Savings:- When income tax becomes the cause of concern.B. PATAN 63 . BENEFITS OF FIXED DEPOSITS  Safety:- Fixed Deposit is virtually risk-free.  Interest Return on investment :- fixed deposits may offer a specified rate of interest for a fixed period of time but the rates cannot remain the same forever. generally for shorter durations low rates are offered than the long term contracts in case of fixed deposits. S. it is suggested for an investor to go for fixed rate deferred annuity plans as the tax is also calculated on the deferred date and the interest is accumulated for the complete term till maturity. The initial sum of money that you invest is returned to you with interest when Fixed Deposit matures and the interest rate is guaranteed. As far as deferred annuity plans are concerned there is a fixed minimum payout which is guaranteed by the insurer for the initial few years after which the accumulation depends on the performance of the fund in the market. distribution options on maturity and one must also read and understand the offer document with utmost clarity.

and the rates that offer are competitive.  Saves tax:- With the directives of the income tax department stating that investment in fixed deposits up to a maximum of Rs.  Easy Withdrawal:The option to withdraw the deposit at any time before maturity without any difficulty and you can get loans up to 85% of the principal.B.M. which is usually compounded quarterly.K.100. This makes a fixed deposit very popular way of investing money for retirees.MOTILAL OSWAL SECURITIES LTD. those who want an income on a regular basis can invest into fixed deposits and use the interest rate as their income.  High Return compare than traditional savings:- Fixed Deposits generally give you a higher rate of interest than traditional savings accounts. fixed deposits have again become popular.S. PATAN 64 .000 for 5 years are eligible for tax deductions under section 80 C of income tax act. DRAWBACKS OF FIXED DEPOSITS Lower rate of returns compare with Stock Market:-  While the money invested in stock markets may give you a return of S. interest rates may fluctuate and your initial investment amount is usually not guaranteed  Regular Income:- Fixed deposits earn fixed interest rates for their entire tenure. So. Fixed deposits save tax and give high returns on invested money.

B. Gains from stocks are considered capital gains while dividends are tax free.  Taxes: - The interest earned on fixed deposits is fully taxable and is added to the annual income of the individual.  Rising inflation can wipe out the interest benefits:- The actual benefits or income from fixed deposit can be annulled by a rising inflation. For instance a stock-portfolio may raise 20-30 per cent in a good year whereas a fixed deposit typically earns only 7-10 per cent.S.M. A fixed deposit won't give you the same returns that you may get in the stock markets. S. PATAN 65 .K. the money grows slowly in the case of fixed deposits.MOTILAL OSWAL SECURITIES LTD. This can drastically eat into your fixed deposit income. So. your fixed deposit at 10% annual return will effectively yield only(10%-6%) = 4% of return. 20% the fixed deposits will yield only about 10%. Suppose the inflation which is currently at 3 % rises to about 6%. This return would have been (10% -3%) = 7% if the rate of inflation had not changed.


when invest money in Fixed deposit? What is their objective to invest their money in fixed deposit? Are they agree with Fixed deposit is safe than other? Are they agreeing with fixed deposit giving more return than other securities? S. SUB.OBJECTIVES             Which income class people prefer fixed deposit? Why they prefer fixed deposit? Which option they choose alternate of fixed deposit? How much they aware of Fixed deposit? How many AMC provide fixed deposit service? Which professional people select fixed deposit? What problems faced when choose fixed deposit? What benefit they take from fixed deposit? What factors they take mind. OBJECTIVES OF RESEARCH  The main objective of this project is concerned with getting the opinion of people regarding fixed deposits and what they feel about availing the services of financial advisors.K. MOTILAL OSWAL SECURITIES LTD.M.S.  I have tried to explore the general opinion about fixed deposits.B. It also covers why/ why not investors are availing the services of financial advisors.MOTILAL OSWAL SECURITIES LTD. has been given and it is shown that how they operate in fixed deposit department.  Along with it a brief introduction to India’s largest financial intermediary. PATAN 67 .

DATA SOURCES Research is totally based on primary data. Secondary data can be used only for the reference. PATAN 68 . Research has been done by primary data collection. I have visited people randomly nearby my locality. SCOPE OF THE STUDY The research was carried on in the Western Region of India. small retailers. Business Persons.M.B. Government Servant. doctors. customers of MOSL. S.S. The secondary data has been collected through various journals and websites and some special publications of MOTILAL OSWAL SECURITIES LTD.MOTILAL OSWAL SECURITIES LTD. etc.K. and primary data has been collected by interacting with various people. It is restricted to Mehsana where it has got 3 branch offices.


Sampling procedure: The sample is selected in a random way, irrespective of them being investor or not or availing the services or not. It was collected through mails and personal visits to the known persons, by formal and informal talks and through filling up the questionnaire prepared. The data has been analyzed by using the measures of central tendencies like mean, median, mode. The group has been selected and the analysis has been done on the basis statistical tools available. Sample size: The sample size of my project is limited to 116 only. Out of which only 82people attempted all the questions. Other 34 not investing in Fixed Deposits attempted only 2 questions. Sample design: Data has been presented with the help of bar graph, pie charts, line graphs etc. Limitation: Time limitation. Research has been done only at Mehsana. Some of the persons were not so responsive. Possibility of error in data collection.  Possibility of error in analysis of data due to small sample size.    




After joining the Motilal Oswal Securities Ltd., we got basic knowledge about the company and the function of the company. Company provides basic training of Fixed Deposit along with other services such like Mutual Funds, Portfolio Management Services, IPOs, E- Broking, and Depositary Services. Company arranges Seminars for giving information and trainings about it services. After taken basically training, doing the survey of awareness of Fixed Deposit Service is to prepare the questionnaire. The questions for the questionnaires are prepared after going through pamphlets, research reports, fact sheets of Fixed Deposits. By the questionnaires, data about the Fixed Deposits are to be collected. To fill the questionnaires the survey was conducted in commercial area of Mehsana city. The source for filling questionnaires are doctors, customers of MOSL, Business Persons, Government Servant, my locality,, small retailers interested in equity and Fixed Deposit or invest huge in debt or real assets business etc. After collection of the data, the questionnaires are analyzed and the people who are interested in Fixed Deposits are found out. We got the information about the above interested persons and contact them by the Phones and personal meetings. We explain them about FDs and receive their Feedbacks. In the last, we prepare the project what have done practically & give the conclusion.



The Respondents of the Questionnaire
The sample size of my project is limited to 116 only. Out of which only 82people attempted all the questions. Other 34 not investing in Fixed Deposits attempted only 2 questions.



Parmar 38 Jayesh Kumar.V.Parmar 21 R.A. J Patel 35 Govindv Bhai. Chaudhari 24 BHARAT Bhai Modi 25 Vishnu Bhai.Joshi 19 S.B. N.P.Patel 18 R.Patel 39 Kirit Kumar.K. D. C.D.M. M. Patel 36 Amrat Bhai.PATEL 45 Soma Bhai Magan Bhai Oza 46 Kanti Lal L. A. Patel 43 Chiman Bhai. Soni 31 Mahendra. Panchal MOTILAL OSWAL SECURITIES LTD.B. 9979628249 PATAN 72 9898281332 . J. G. A.Thakor 22 Dharesh Sukhdiya 23 Rohit Bhai. 2 Dipak Nayak 3 Hiteshbhai Gajjar 4 Rajkishan Aggrawal 5 Mehulbhai Suthar 6 Shaileshbhai B Prajapati 7 Natubhai B Raval 8 Hirenbhai R Sathavara 9 Dilipbhai B Nayee 10 Rakesh M Yogi 11 Jayram N Desai 12 Vishal V Prajapati 13 Suresh N Limbachiya 14 Haresh P Panchal 15 Himanshu. Patel 30 Mahesh Kumar. P. S. Gajjar 37 Vijay. Patel 28 Vitthal Bhai M.S. Patel 17 B.Modi 41 Satish Gheewala 42 Vadi Lal. G. N Patel 16 Jayanti Bhai. R. T Gohil 32 Bhavesh. Patel 26 Jayanti Bhai. Prajapati Contact No 9724474746 9925968128 9909469591 9427491994 9924992426 9427847807 9277206344 9904150958 9924189132 9099413223 9979107033 9228290886 9974956634 9924810793 9426395403 9924079680 9925305522 Nil 9979930219 nil 9924418267 9727596592 9925504522 9426530817 9727908072 9428008263 9979568817 9898986114 9904719200 9327043204 9723641525 9723778465 9824719809 9428955580 9925651516 9898743264 9898127398 9979923057 9979518898 9824135278 9377220772 9998813952 9909495634 9925457130 S.M.I.Gohil 33 Mohammad Hanif 34 Hasmukh Bhai. Prajapati 44 Prashant.K.Patel 27 Nitin Bhai. B. D. J.Patel 20 S.Patel 40 D. Patel 29 Praveen Kumar.No Name 1 Tarunbhai .







Conditions: 1.This questionnaire is used only for project requirement. 2. All the questions must attain compulsory. 3. Please tick [√] where needed. 4. All information provided by you is only for education purpose and will be kept confidentially.

1. Have you know about Motilal Oswal Securities Ltd.? Yes [ ] If not, Our services 1) Stock Market 2) Fixed deposit 3) Equity 4) PMS 5) Commodity Broking 6) E- Broking 7) Depository 8) Fixed Deposits and Bonds No [ ]


3) News Paper 4) By Friend Circle 5) By society 6) Other ………………………………. 4.B.S. Have you invested /are you interested to invest in fixed deposits? Yes [ ] No [ ] If Yes. How did you know about it? 1) Pamphlet 2) T.MOTILAL OSWAL SECURITIES LTD. If yes.. [ ] [ ] [ ] [ ] [ ] 2.V. What is the most important reason for not investing in fixed deposits? Lack of knowledge about fixed deposits [ ] Enjoys investing in other options [ ] Its benefits are not enough to drive you for investment [ ] No trust over the FD managers [ ] 5.M. Which are the most important factors for selecting Fixed Deposits to investment? 1) Higher Return 2) Low Risk 3) Easy to Invest 4) Other If No.K. PATAN 76 . Are Fixed Deposits safe for investment rather than Security market? Strong Agree Agree Neutral Disagree [ [ [ [ ] ] ] ] S. 3.

PATAN 77 . According to you which is the most suitable stage to invest in fixed deposits? Young unmarried stage [ ] Young Married with children stage [ ] S.B.M. Which feature of the fixed deposits allure you most? Diversification [ ] Professional management [ ] Reduction in risk and transaction cost [ ] Helps in achieving long term goals [ ] 10. Strong Disagree [ ] 6.S.K. Where from you purchase fixed deposits? Directly from the AMCs Brokers only Brokers/ sub-brokers Other sources [ [ [ [ ] ] ] ] 9.MOTILAL OSWAL SECURITIES LTD. Does Fixed Deposits give more return than other? Strong Agree Agree Nutural Disagree Strong Disagree [ ] [ ] [ ] [ ] [ ] 7. Where do you find yourself as a fixed deposit investor? Totally ignorant [ ] Partial knowledge of fixed deposits [ ] Aware only of any specific scheme in which you invested [ ] Fully aware [ ] 8.

[ ] 30001-35000 Rs. What is your Monthly Income? 5000-10000 Rs. [ ] 15001-20000 Rs.S. Occupation: ……………………………………………………………………………. [ ] 40001-45000 Rs. PATAN 78 .M.. Married with older children stage [ ] Pre-retirement stage [ ] 11. How many time periods you would like to invest in Fixed Deposit? 6 Months 1 Year 2 Years 3 Years More than 3 Years [ ] [ ] [ ] [ ] [ ] 12. [ ] More than 45000 Rs.B.MOTILAL OSWAL SECURITIES LTD. [ ] 35001-40000 Rs. Businessman Job/ Service [ ] [ ] Student Dealing in Shares only [ ] [ ] Other then please specify ______________________ “Thanks for Giving Your Precious Time” S. [ ] 13. [ ] 10001-15000 Rs. [ ] 20001-25000 Rs. [ ] 25001-30000 Rs. PERSONAL INFORMATION:- Name: ……………………………………………………………………… Address: ……………………………………………………………………...K. Phone/Mobile: ……………………………………………………………….

34. Have you know about Motilal Oswal Securities Ltd.32 % do not know about MOSL.? TABLE-6 Reply YES NO Total CHART-3 Respondents Respondents 82 34 116 Percentage (%) 70. . 71% YES NO NO.68% people are know the services provided by MOSL and 29.M.K. 82.B. PATAN 79 .32% 100% YES. S. and 34 are not familiar than the MOSL from total number of respondents 116. So company should explain them about itself and its services. DATA ANALYSIS AND INTERPRETATION 1. 29% INTERPRETATION: Above graph shows that 82 respondents know about Motilal Oswal Securities Ltd.MOTILAL OSWAL SECURITIES LTD.We can say that 70.68% 29.S.

S.K.V. PATAN 80 . 15 people are aware about the company through pamphlet .1 How did you know about it? TABLE-7 Sources Pamphlet T. They show that in total of 116.MOTILAL OSWAL SECURITIES LTD.M. 1. 6 are by society and o remain 14 are aware about company through other sources .V.B. 30 are through TV . New s paper By Friend Circle By Society Other INTERPRETATION: On analyzing the Questionnaires.S. News paper By Friend Circle By Society Other Total CHART-4 Information Respondents 15 30 43 08 06 14 116 Pamphlet 45 40 35 30 25 Respodents 20 15 10 5 0 Respodents Sources T. 43 through news paper.

S.75 % 42. due to this reason most of company going to launch its branch in Mehsana city. 67. S.MOTILAL OSWAL SECURITIES LTD.B. PATAN 81 .75 % people investing in fixed deposit. 2. 58% YES NO INTERPRETATION: In survey I found that most of people of Mehsana city invest in fixed deposit.25% people don't investing in fixed deposit.57. Only 42.K. 49. 42% YES. This shows that the market of Mehsana city is potential.M. Have you invested /are you interested to invest in fixed deposits? TABLE-8 Scale YES NO CHART-5 Respondents 67 49 Percentage (%) 57.25 % Respondents NO.

S. PATAN 82 .07% 8.55% 7 OTHER 42. 3.70% 17.68% 31.B.55% 100% CHART-6 40 35 30 25 20 15 10 5 0 HIGHER RETURN LOW RISK EASY TO INVEST 35 26 17. Which are the most important factors for selecting Fixed Deposits to investment? TABLE-9 Scale HIGHER RETURN LOW RISK EASY TO INVEST OTHER TOTAL Responde nt 35 26 14 07 82 Percentage (%) 42.70% Percentage (%) Respondent INTERPRETATION: S.M.K.68% 31.MOTILAL OSWAL SECURITIES LTD.07% 14 8.

MOTILAL OSWAL SECURITIES LTD. Most of investors like High Return from the FD and it are 42. 17. Only 8.70% people like FD due to low risk. Actually FD gives more return than any other investment.M.68%.B. FD gives approximately minimum 25 % return.07 % people like FD in easy to invest. 31.K. PATAN 83 . Above graph shows that the high return of FD is more liked by investors. S.55% people like FD for other reasons.S.

K.M.MOTILAL OSWAL SECURITIES LTD. What is the most important reason for not investing in fixed deposits? TABLE-10 Scale Lack of knowledge about fixed deposits Enjoys investing in other options Its benefits are not enough to drive you for investment No trust over the FD managers TOTAL Responde nt 40 15 6 21 82 Percentage (%) 48.61% 100% CHART-7 S.S.78% 18.32% 25.B. 4. PATAN 84 .29% 7.

25. 5.68% 29.27% 20.MOTILAL OSWAL SECURITIES LTD.73% 4.M.88% 2. Then 18.S. Are Fixed Deposits safe for investment rather than Security market? TABLE-11 Scale STRONGLY AGREE AGREE NUTURAL DIS AGREE STRONGLY DIS AGREE TOTAL CHART-8 Responden t 35 24 17 4 2 82 Percentage (%) 42.32 % investor believe that its benefits are not enough to drive them for investment. 48.78 % people face a problem of Lack of knowledge about fixed deposits.B.44% 100% S.Other 7.61 % people have not trust over the FD Managers. PATAN 85 .29 % Enjoys investing in other options . Factor Lack of knowledge about fixed deposits 21 40 6 15 Enjoys investing in other options Its benefits are not enough to drive you for investment No trust over the FD managers INTERPRETATION: Most of investors have a problem face when investment time.K.

73% 17 4.88% 4 EE Percentage (%) Respondent 2. They also agree that fixed deposit gives constant return. 40 35 30 25 20 15 10 5 0 42.68 % people said that they are strongly agree that FD is safe for investment & 29. They all are aware about FD. Does Fixed Deposits give more return than other? TABLE-12 Scale STRONGLY AGREE AGREE NUTURAL DIS AGREE STRONGLY DIS AGREE TOTAL CHART-9 S.68% 29.B.44 % people said that they are strongly disagree with fixed deposit is safe for investment.K.27 % persons are agree that only FD is right way to for investment in stock market.M. Here 42.44% 2 EE IS G LY D AG R AG RE AG RE TU RA L NU E E G LY RO N INTERPRETATION: People are fully agreed that FD is right way for Investment to get constant benefits.88 % people said that they are disagree and only 2.27% 35 24 20.S. While 4.MOTILAL OSWAL SECURITIES LTD. PATAN 86 ST RO N ST DI S AG R Responde nt 31 21 24 3 3 82 Percentage (%) 38% 27% 29% 3% 3% 100% . 6.

S.M. S. While 3% people are strongly disagreeing with fixed deposit gives more return. PATAN 87 .MOTILAL OSWAL SECURITIES LTD. People in 29% are neutral for more return gives a fixed deposit.B. Then 27% are agreeing with more return then other investment.K. RETURN 35 30 25 20 15 10 5 0 38% 27% 31 21 29% Percentage (%) 24 3% 3 STRONGLY AGREE NUTURAL AGREE DIS AGREE 3% 3 STRONGLY DIS AGREE Respondent INTERPRETATION: People are fully agreed that fixed deposit gives more return 38% strongly agree.

K. Where do you find yourself as a fixed deposit investor? TABLE-13 Scale Totally ignorant Partial knowledge of fixed deposits Aware only of any specific scheme in which you invested Fully aware Total Responde nt 17 34 23 08 82 CHART-10 Respondent 40 35 30 25 20 15 10 5 0 34 23 17 8 Respondent Totally ignorant Partial Aware only of Fully aware knowledge of any specific fixed deposits scheme in which you invested INTERPRETATION: S. 7. PATAN 88 .MOTILAL OSWAL SECURITIES LTD.M.B.S.

S. from 82 people.K. Who have partially knowledge about FD. PATAN 89 .S. they are 34 people.MOTILAL OSWAL SECURITIES LTD.23 people are aware about the some special scheme because they invest their money in it.B. 17 people does not know to invest in the fixed deposits. they are been ready to invest in FD. This shows that if companies try to aware people about FDs.M. When ask this question. Only 8 people from the respondents has fully aware about the fixed deposits.

Where from you purchase fixed deposits? TABLE-14 Scale Directly from the AMCs Brokers only Brokers/ sub-brokers Other sources TOTAL CHART-11 Purchase Responde nt 55 12 7 8 82 Percentage (%) 68% 15% 8% 9% 100% 7 8 Directly from the AMCs Brokers only Brokers/ sub-brokers 55 Other sources 12 INTERPRETATION: When ask the question. PATAN 90 . 8. 68 % people reply directly from the AMCs.S. S. 8% reply from broker/ sub brokers and the remain 9 % people answered that from other sources.MOTILAL OSWAL SECURITIES LTD.B.15% reply from broker only. from where did you purchase FD.M.K.

Which feature of the fixed deposits allure you most? TABLE-15 Scale Diversification Professional management Reduction in risk and transaction cost Helps in achieving long term goals TOTAL CHART-12 features 50 45 40 35 30 25 20 15 10 5 0 44 Responden t 44 15 19 4 82 Percent age (%) 53.29% 23.88 %.S.29 %.M.K. 18. 9.MOTILAL OSWAL SECURITIES LTD.65 %.15 answers were about professional management .from82 respondents.18 %and 4. PATAN 91 . 23.B. 44 replied that they liked the diversification of FD.65% 18. S.Low risk and low transaction cost allured 19 people and 4 people replied that FD helps them to achieve long term goals.88% 100% 15 19 4 Respondent Diversification Professional Reduction in Helps in management risk and achieving long transaction term goals cost INTERPRETATION: On asking the above question. Percentages about the answers are respectively53.18% 4.

98% 4.93 % people want to investment in one year.K.M.20% want to two and 10. 32. S.How many time periods you would like to invest in Fixed Deposit? TABLE-16 Scale 6 Months 1 Year 2 Years 3 Years More than 3 Years Total CHART-13 Respondent Responden t 32 27 10 9 4 82 Percentage (%) 39. 10. More than three year only 4. I am found that 39.87% 100% 9 10 4 32 6 Months 1 Year 2 Years 3 Years More than 3 Years 27 INTERPRETATION: People who are want to invest in long time they have two main options that whether hold with one fixed deposit scheme with short term or long term.MOTILAL OSWAL SECURITIES LTD.87 % want to invest in fixed deposit.S.02% 32.B.98% to three years investment.02 % persons are investing six months investment. PATAN 92 .20% 10.93% 12. 12.

M.What is your Monthly Income? TABLE-17 Income Level 5000-10000 10000-15000 15000-20000 20000-25000 25000-30000 30000-35000 35000-40000 40000-45000 > 45000 Total Respondent 46 26 16 5 3 1 0 1 2 100 Percentage (%) 46% 26% 16% 5% 3% 1% 0% 1% 2% 100% CHART-14 S.S.B. PATAN 93 .K. 11.MOTILAL OSWAL SECURITIES LTD.

B.04619 S.55) (0.45)/ 116} = √0. PATAN 94 . Second level of income is 10000-15000.45 n = 116 α = 0.10 p1= 67/116 =0.55 (55% of People in Survey are aware about the company Fixed Deposits) H1: p≠0. Income 50 45 40 35 30 25 20 15 10 5 0 46 5000-10000 10000-15000 26 16 5 15000-20000 20000-25000 25000-30000 30000-35000 3 35000-40000 1 0 1 40000-45000 Income Respondent INTERPRETATION: Most of investors of Mehsana city are of 5000 . It shows that the market of Mehsana is really potential for securities market.5775 HYPHOTHESIS: H0: p=0.K.002133 = 0.55 q = 0.10000 Rs. Total quantity of its invests is 54 % with good income.55 (55% of People in Survey are aware about the company Fixed Deposits) σ^x = √ (PQ/N) = √ {(0.MOTILAL OSWAL SECURITIES LTD. HYPOTHESIS TEST Test-1: whether 55% of People in Survey are aware about the company Fixed Deposits.S. income level.M. p = 0.

96) = 0.) σ^x = √ (PQ/N) = √ [(0.002155 = 0. so we accept the null hypothesis and reject the alternative hypothesis. PATAN 95 .96) = 0. 0.5086 H0: P=0.B.10 Total agree= 35+24 =59 P1 = 0.50 q = 0.55 .) H1: P>0.6405 Here.S.50) (0. UL/LL = P ± σ * z Lower Limit = 0.5775 lie on Acceptance region.04619) (1.55 p1 =0.MOTILAL OSWAL SECURITIES LTD.55 + (0.50 (50% people believe FDs are safe for Investment.0% Z Corresponding value = 1.04619) (1. So we can say that 55% of People in Survey are aware about the company Fixed Deposits.4594 0.04642 S.K. the sample mean P1=0.50)/ 116] = √0.645 Rejection region 5% Acceptance region 45% 45% Rejection region 5% LL = 0.M.4594 Upper Limit= 0.50 (More than50% people believe FDs are safe for Investment.50 n = 116 α = 0.5775 UL = 0.(0.6405 45. Test-2 whether more than 50% Investors believe that FDs are safe for investment rather than other securities of company? p = 0.

So it is proved more than 50% Investors believe that FDs are safe for investment rather than other securities of company.50 p1 0. So Z Corresponding value = 1.64 Acceptance Region 45% Rejection Region 5% 0.50 + (0.64) = 0. so we accept the null hypothesis. Upper limit = P + σ *z = 0.M. PATAN 96 .04642) (1.5761 Acceptance region is 45 %. S.MOTILAL OSWAL SECURITIES LTD.B.S. the sample mean P1=0.K.5761 Here.5086 which lie on Acceptance region.


Ltd is very advanced. Ltd is also very good.MOTILAL OSWAL SECURITIES LTD.B.S.  The time management of company is not proper. Ltd.  The Research Team of Motilal Oswal Secu.K. S.M. Ltd is very powerful.  The service provided to customers by Motilal Oswal Secu. FD is totally dependent on the research work so it is very beneficial for the FD. PATAN 98 . So many times some of employees have no work and this effects on their moral for work and wastage of time also. Ltd is also good  The company’s total turnover is very high  The return given to customers on their investment is high  The company has good and experience dealers also  The technology used by Motilal Oswal Secu. WEAKNESS  There is over staffing in company.  Lack of proper co-ordination between two departments of the company.  The leadership of Motilal Oswal Secu. SWOT Analysis STRENGTH  A large network is one of the most plus point of Motilal Oswal Secu.

S.  The place where the company is situated is a a very famous corporate place so it is beneficial for the company.MOTILAL OSWAL SECURITIES LTD. PATAN 99 .K. THREAT  The company has to face a cut throat competition  Rules and regulation of government of India are also very tuff  The increment in new competitors of company with new technology is also very fast.S. So company can make its other branch at the other part of Mehsana also.  Company arranges seminars regularly for the increasing awareness about the services and its new products.M.  The company has huge database of HNI customers.  In Mehsana city there is only one branch of Motilal Oswal.  The growth of clients in company is constant. so company can take benefit for its services special for FD. OPPORTUNITY  The Security market of Mehsana is very potential. Due to this reason the investors of the other side of Mehsana can not take the more benefit of it.B.

K.B. Whereas just 15 people enjoyed investing in other option.  Now.MOTILAL OSWAL SECURITIES LTD. 34 possess partial knowledge whereas 8 stands nowhere in knowledge about FDs.S. For 6 people.  Out of the 116 persons who already have invested in fixed deposits/ are interested to invest. The brokers and sub brokers have the maximum S.M. Again the financial advisors can tap upon these people by educating them about fixed deposits. RESEARCH FINDING AND CONCLUSION  At the survey conducted upon 116 people.  55 participants buy forms directly from the AMCs. 12 from brokers only. only 17 have sound knowledge of FDs. PATAN 100 . 23 people are aware of only the schemes in which they have invested. 67 are already fixed deposit investors or are interested to invest in future and the remaining 49 are not interested in it. 7 from brokers and sub-brokers even then 8 people buy from other sources. when those 49 people were asked about the reason of not investing in fixed deposits. the benefits arousing from these investments were not enough to drive them for investment in FDs and 21 people expressed no trust over the fund managers’ decision. then most of the people held their ignorance responsible for that. They lacked knowledge and information about the fixed deposits. So there is enough scope for the advisors to convert those 49 participants into investors through their convincing power and great communication skills.

helps in achieving long term goals and helps in achieving long term goals respectively. S.  When asked about the most alluring feature of FDs. followed by reduction in risk.  Mostly people says that FD gives more return and safe other security.  People are more interested in investing in FD than other investment. most of them opted for diversification. even the AMCs should follow it.  People want to invest in FD but they are afraid about risk and high amount of FDs  35% people are not investing in fixed deposit because they believe in self manage of fund.M.  The company has no any expert person for the marketing of FD the Company’s Tips are highly demanded.MOTILAL OSWAL SECURITIES LTD.  Market is potential but only few people investors know about the FD services.B. PATAN 101 .S. reach so they should try to make those investors aware f the happenings.K.

But if not possible then they could go for offering more services and benefits at the existing rate. They should also maintain their decency and follow the code of ethics so that the investors could trust upon S. and systematic transfer plan. PATAN 102 . rupee cost averaging. Now the most important reason for not availing the services of advisors was spotted was being expensive.B.S. Investors could also try to increase the spectrum of services offered. The advisors may try to highlight some of the value added benefits of FDs such as tax benefit.MOTILAL OSWAL SECURITIES LTD. Young investors as well as persons at the height of their career would like to go for advisors due to lack of expertise and time. So the advisors should try to change their mindsets. But most of the people are not even aware of what actually a fixed deposit is? They only see it as just another investment option. So these are enough to drive the investors towards fixed deposits. Fixed deposits offer a lot of benefit which no other single option could offer. Investors should be made aware of the benefits. rebalancing etc. Nobody will invest until and unless he is fully convinced. Recommendations The most vital problem spotted is of ignorance. Investors should be made to realize that ignorance is no longer bliss and what they are losing by not investing.M. The advisors should try to charge a nominal fee at the beginning.K. these benefits are not offered by other options singlehandedly. The advisors should target for more and more young investors.

B.MOTILAL OSWAL SECURITIES LTD. S. Thus the advisors should try to attract more and more persons and turn them into investors and finally their clients.M.K. them. PATAN 103 .S.

com www.nseindia.motilaloswalsecurities. – Manuals Njindiainvestment – Manual The Economic Times www.S. PATAN 104 .MOTILAL OSWAL SECURITIES SEARCH ENGINE: Google Yahoo JOURNALS & OTHER REFERANCE Motilal Oswal Secu. Ltd. BIBLIOGRAPHY WEB SITES: www.njindiainvestment.