Stephen F. Austin: “Father of Texas”

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Stephen F. Austin was born in Virginia on November 3, 1793.

Stephen F. Austin ran for President of the Republic of Texas but was defeated by Sam Houston.

The capital city of Texas was named in honor of Stephen F. Austin.

When Stephen F. Austin died, Sam Houston called him “The Stephen F. Austin’s father 297 families lived in Stephen Father of Texas” because of was given land by the Spanish F. Austin’s colony. They were how important he was to Texas. called the “Old Three Hundred.” to establish a colony in Texas.

Stephen F. Austin: “Father of Texas”
“The independence of Texas is recognized! Don’t you see it in the papers?…”
Last words of Stephen F. Austin

“The Father of Texas is no more; the first pioneer of the wilderness has departed.”
Quote by Sam Houston upon hearing of Stephen F. Austin’s death.

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