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New Mexico House

Republican Caucus
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March 11, 2011 Behrens

New House GOP Members Continue to Have a

Big Impact
Santa Fe – Thanks to New Mexico’s voters, the House GOP has
12 new members for the 2011 Legislative session. Among these
12 are 8 members who took over seats from the majority party
allowing the GOP to hold the most seats they’ve had since 1929.
These new members have been vital in House GOP efforts to work
on the issues that New Mexicans want. They have already made
their voices heard on important like driver’s licenses for illegal
immigrants and stopping a raid on the state’s permanent fund.

With just over a week left in the 2011 session, these new
lawmakers continue to work on what is important. From
transparency to fighting corruption and creating jobs; new GOP
lawmakers continue to push the ideas that New Mexicans want:
1. Alonzo Baldonado

a. HB229 – Parental notification of abortions performed on minors

b. HB434 – lobbyist registration act penalties

2. Cathrynn Brown

a. HB517 – increases the financial disclosures for legislators and


b. HB577 – requires voters to present identification prior to voting

3. David Chavez

a. HB162 – limit the definition of marriage to one man and one woman

b. HB447 – driver’s license revocation for some offenses

4. David Doyle

a. HB383 – sets up a department for investigation and prosecution of

white collar crime

b. HB409 – requires a department/agency to perform an economic impact

statement prior to rule-making

5. Nate Gentry

a. HB368 – prevents the sealing of public records by public officials

b. HB378 – increases the penalties for acts of corruption committed by

public officials

6. Conrad James

a. HJR19 - secures a secret ballot for voting in federal, state, county, and
local elections

b. HB380 - bans reproductive services from being offered in School-based

health centers

7. Yvette Herrell

a. HB85 – protects privately funded dare care from state bureaucracy

b. HB257 – creates tougher rules against sex offenders

8. Rick Little

a. HB350 – removal of elected officials upon felony conviction

b. HB351 – limit the movement of exempt employees into classified

(protected) positions

9. Terry McMillan

a. HB584 – sets up a limited framework for a health insurance exchange

b. HB265 – provides a tax exemption for military retirement income

10.Jim Smith

a. HB 306 - allowing his constituents out of an unfair tax burden

b. HB147 – increases the availability of agendas for public meetings

11.Bob Wooley

a. HB570 – merges the Aging and Long-term Services Department with

Children Youth and Families department

b. HB583 – verification of voter registration information

12.Tim Lewis

a. HB329 - DWI as Habitual offenders

b. HB330 - DWI consistent penalties