Tutor/Tutee Contract

Date:_________________ This contract is an agreement between you, the tutee, and your tutor. These guidelines will pave the way for a successful tutoring relationship and will establish the roles and responsibilities of both you and your tutor. Responsibilities of a tutor. 1. Establish a schedule of tutoring sessions for you and your tutee. 2. Establish meeting places for the tutoring sessions. 3. Assist the tutee in evaluating his or her study skills. 4. Encourage the tutee to explore his or her own personal learning style and learning needs. 5. Provide clarification of learning materials. 6. Provide encouragement and honest feedback. 7. Maintain a high level of confidentiality. Responsibilities of a tutee: 1. Be prepared for each session. This preparation includes completing readings and/or attempting homework assignments. 2. Be prepared to bring questions to the session, and be actively involved in finding solutions to these questions with the help of the tutor. 3. Have a general outline of what needs to be covered. 4. Understand that your tutor cannot complete homework assignments. 5. Show courtesy and appreciation.

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