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Advocate March 2011

“79.2 percent of all Texas

voters support uniform anti-
bullying legislation to prohibit
Texas Stonewall
harassment in schools,
including the children of plots 2012 strategies
at Austin convention
gay/lesbian parents or teens
who are gay.”

- A statistic used frequently More than 70 activists from all over Texas at-
during Lobby Day in
tended the Second Biennial Statewide Conference
Austin on March 7, 2011,
of the Texas Stonewall Democratic Caucus in
based on the scientific poll
commissioned by
Austin held March 5 to 6, to assess the “ass-whip-
Equality Texas in 2010 ping” Democrats took at the polls last November
and to develop messaging and other strategies for
winning in 2012.

There was representation at the conference from

all nine active Stonewall Democrats chapters in
Stonewall Democrats of Dallas participated in and led
Texas, including many young people, as well as conference sessions at the Biennial Texas Stonewall
Galveston and Tyler area residents. The success- Democratic Caucus Conference in Austin. Left to
ful conference netted TSDC around $12,000 in right: Erin Moore, Omar Narvaez, Tony McMullin, Jay
sponsorships and registration fees, which covered Narey and Travis Gasper.
meeting expenses and hotel fees, plus allowed for
a good profit, according to TSDC President Daniel Other guest speakers included Austin Mayor Lee
Graney of San Antonio. Leffingwell, Texas Democratic Party Chair Boyd
Richie, Equality Texas Executive Director Dennis
Participants heard two keynote speeches from Coleman, Cameron County Democratic Party Chair
openly bisexual Arizona state Sen. Kyrsten Gilberto Hinojosa and state Rep. Mike Villarreal
Sinema and transgender activist Mara Keisling. (D-San Antonio). Villarreal led a plenary session
that included a 2010 election analysis and group
Sinema shared how Arizona is the breeding sessions to develop messaging for 2012. A second
ground for all the anti-immigrant, anti-choice, plenary session, led by TSDC Vice President Erin
anti-worker’s rights and anti-children’s health Moore and Stonewall Democrats of the Rio Grande
care legislation that is being proposed in many Valley President Eli Olivarez, focused on winning
state legislatures, including Texas. She warned election strategies.
that “Arizona is coming to a state near you” and
characterized this as an attempt by the Tea Party The conference also included a TSDC Execu-
to “mainstream hatred in this country.” She stated tive Board meeting and workshops on a variety of
that the Tea Party has been around for 20 years topics: building a bigger club, immigration reform,
and is just another name for Republicans. Sinema transgender issues, political action committees,
outlined ways that Democrats can build coalitions youth involvement and use of social media. The
to stop these bad bills from becoming law and conference ended with an awards brunch. Houston
encouraged LGBT Democrats to reach out to al- Stonewall Young Democrats’ Director of Com-
lies, even unlikely ones, and support their issues in munications Brad Pritchett was awarded the Buck
exchange for their support of LGBT rights. Massey Legacy of Leadership Award. State Sen.
Wendy Davis (D-Fort Worth) received the Lone
Keisling, executive director of the National Center Star Equality Advocate Award. The Stonewall Dem-
for Transgender Equality, used a combination of ocrats of the Rio Grande Valley chapter earned the
expertise and humor to urge LGBT Democrats Roberto J. Flores Club Achievement Award.
to move outside their “issue silos” and talk about
Stonewall Democrats racism, immigration and other issues in conversa- The conference was timed to occur on the week-
of Dallas tions with other communities. When asked about end before Equality Texas’ Lobby Day. Many
PO Box 192305 conference attendees joined hundreds of other
the prospects of passage of the federal Employ-
Dallas, TX 75219 LGBT Texans and their straight allies on March 7
ment Non-Discrimination Act, Keisling conceded
(214) 506-DEMS that it was dead for the next two years, given the to speak to state legislators about bills important to
Republican majority in the U.S. House. the LGBT community.u
Page 2 The Stonewall Advocate March 2011

Little known level of government News

also on your ballot this May Briefs
About General Meeting
The March meeting of the Stonewall
Dallas County Schools Democrats of Dallas will take place
Tuesday, March 15, at Ojeda’s Restau-
“Strengthening education through rant, 4617 Maple Ave. Please arrive at
service” is the motto of Dallas County 6 p.m. for social time. Meeting begins at
Schools. As an intermediate educa- 6:30 p.m. Speakers are mayoral candi-
tional agency, DCS employs more dates Ron Natinsky and Mike Rawlings.
than 2,000 professionals that serve 14
independent school districts in Dallas Endorsement Screening
County, which include Carrollton/Farm- Stonewall Democrats of Dallas will
ers Branch ISD, Cedar Hill ISD, Coppell make candidate recommendations at
ISD, Dallas ISD, DeSoto ISD, Duncan- its Endorsement Screening from 10
ville ISD, Garland ISD, Grand Prairie a.m. to 4 p.m., Saturday, March 19, at
ISD, Highland Park ISD, Irving ISD, the Resource Center Dallas, Rainbow
Lancaster ISD, Mesquite ISD, Richard- Room, 2701 Reagan St. Per bylaws,
Dallas County Schools transports more than son ISD and Sunnyvale ISD. only Stonewall members current with
60,000 children each day to school. their membership dues as of Feb. 17,
DCS Board Trustees meetings are 2011, may vote during ratification of
generally held on the third Thursday endorsements.
By Tony McMullin
of each month at 1 p.m. in the board
room located in the DCS Administrative Resource Center Dallas Donation
Dallas County Schools is one of those enti-
Building. Board trustees serve on one At the last meeting, Stonewall leaders
ties most people *think* they know. DCS
or more of the following committees: announced a challenge to the member-
is an agency that serves 14 independent
•Budget / Finance Committee ship. Stonewall’s board has collected
school districts with one of the largest stu-
•Building Committee 48 items of travel-sized toiletries to
dent transportation fleets in the nation. The
•Personnel / Compensation Committee donate to the Resource Center Dallas.
school board also provides state-of-the-art
•Policy Committee In support of the center’s work for the
technology such as videos on demand and
•Technology & Instructional Services LGBT and HIV/AIDS communities, we
on-line testing for those school districts. are providing toiletries for their clients.
DCS Board Trustees oversee an an- Please bring shampoo bottles, shaving
This May, you may have the opportunity to
nual budget of $97.3 million (16.4 per- cream, soap, toothpaste, deodorant,
weigh in on one of two board trustee races
cent coming directly from local property etc., to the March 15 meeting.
if you live in Commissioner Court Dis-
tricts No. 1 or No. 4. The first digit of your Membership
precinct number on your voter registration
Currently, Hon. Larry Duncan is the Last month, 21 folks either joined or
card will match the district number. Or,
DCS Board Trustees president. He is renewed with the Stonewall Democrats
you can visit the DCS web site to view the of Dallas: Michael Amonett, Brian
also a member of Stonewall Democrats
district map at (click Bleeker, Robert Book, Cass Callaway,
of Dallas. During his tenure, DCS has
on “Board” and then click on “Map”). Rene Cano, Eric Crawford, Pamela
championed seat belt-equipped buses
(which is not mandatory in the U.S.) Curry, Pierre Cutler, Thomas Daley,
Currently, Hon. Jan Moody represents Dis- Hon. Larry Duncan, Deborah Floyd,
and will fully retrofit all buses within six
trict 1 and Hon. Ann Hubener represents Maurice Franklin, Charles Griffith,
years. DCS also has the distinction of
District 4. Candidates filing to run for those Eric Johnson, John Lawirmore, Karen
being one of the first in the nation to
offices have until March 14 to file. Llewellyn, Sonya McGill, Karl Meyer,
fuel its school buses on vegetable oil.
DCS is in the process of converting its Charles Mullins, Hazel Nowlin, Keith
If you’re wondering why even bother to O’Neal, Mark Parker, Billy Pinson,
fleet to this environmentally-friendly
learn about the candidates in this contest, Jr., W.L. (Bill) Prather, F. Schiele, Jr.,
alternative. DCS saves each district
your tax dollars are spent by them as they Bruce Shelton, Clinton Swingle, Hon.
significant tax dollars annually through
service 60,000 children daily. Beth Villarreal, Paul von Wepperfeld
the use of its transportation, media,
psychology and technology services. and Chad West. Membership is only
You want the right, qualified people mak- $35, which includes memberships for
ing decisions about the more than 2,000 the Texas Stonewall Democratic Cau-
For more information, call (214) 944-
people employed by DCS, including our
4525 or email cus and National Stonewall Democrats.
LGBT brothers and sisters. When it comes
DCS headquarters is located at 612 N. To join, visit www.stonewalldemocrat-
to exercising your right to vote, don’t miss
Zang Blvd. in Dallas.u
the bus!u
March 2011 The Stonewall Advocate Page 3

President’s AIDS service organizations face

By Omar Narvaez, President
HIV/AIDS state funding cuts
By Jesse Garcia
Stonewall Democrats of Dallas
Wow, we have seen a ton of politi- While no anti-gay bills are being introduced
cal activity near and far. I applaud the in the 82nd Texas Legislative Session,
citizens of Egypt, and hope for a better severe cuts to funds that make HIV/AIDS
form of government. However, here at treatment accessible to low income people
home our brothers and sisters in Wis- are being considered -- a clear detriment to
consin are fighting to keep their right to the LGBT community.
earn a decent wage for an honest day’s
work. Over the past few weeks, I’ve An estimated 15,000 Texans depend on
really been enlightened to know that the the Texas HIV Medication Program, which
fanatical right will stop at nothing to de- provides anti-retroviral drugs to low-income
stroy the middle class. The other day I people with HIV or AIDS.
was thinking how they fought with every AIDS Arms, Inc., Executive Director Raeline
ounce of energy in their bodies to keep “A huge segment of patients at Peabody Nobles needs you to call your legislators to
a tax cut for the wealthiest two percent Health Center and case management are protect HIV/AIDS treatment funds.
in our nation, and then turn around and on the Texas HIV Medication Program,
want the working poor and middle class said Raeline Nobles, executive director Nobles recently showcased her agency’s
to be the ones to carry it on their backs. of AIDS Arms, Inc., the largest HIV/AIDS new clinic headquarters in Oak Cliff on
service organization in North Texas. “Cur- March 10 that will allow for her original
Groups like Planned Parenthood, rently, we are involved with several groups headquarters office to be fully converted
Unions, children, teachers, police, fire in advocating for no cuts.” into a treatment center. The clinical ser-
fighters and the elderly stand to lose vices expansion in the original building will
the most. We must stand up and unite The medication program was already help accommodate an additional 2,400
to stop the travesties that are happen- sounding the alarm bells back in October cases to the already 7,000 people the
ing around us. It is time to put away the when various news outlets reported Texas’ agency served last year.
few things that make us different, and budget crisis as well as the need for in-
focus with others on the 70 to 80 per- creased funding for THMP. According to the 2010 HIV/AIDS Needs
cent of things that make us the same. Assessment published by Dallas County
Let’s work together to make tomorrow a The Dallas Morning News reported the Health and Human Services and the Ryan
better day for all of us! program needed an additional $23 million White Planning Council of the Dallas Area,
to sustain its services or face a halt to it is projected that more than 6,700 HIV+
I am going to ask that you look deep enrollment and/or eliminate coverage of individuals are not receiving active and
inside yourself, and ask a question, certain drugs in the program. ongoing medical care in the Dallas area.
“Am I doing everything I can to help
make change happen?” I know person- Without the program, treating HIV or AIDS “As always, people who are disenfran-
ally that I can do more to register more may cost $12,000 to $15,000 a year. chised from the larger culture and people
voters, help get out the vote, and yes who are poor will pay a very high price in
maybe even give a little more money. “The impact of potential federal and state many ways,” said Nobles. “As will we all
What can you do? Someone asked cuts to public health related contracts will when the epidemic becomes out of control
me this past weekend why I was a be dramatic in terms of the health status of once again.”
Democrat. I had to stop and think for a both individuals and our community,” said
minute. Why am I a Democrat? I am a Nobles. “When a communicable disease Proposed Health and Human Services and
Democrat because I believe in social does not have the proper resources to Medicaid cuts are found in House Bill (HB)
justice and EQUALITY for all people. I identify, link, care for and educate the 1, the Texas House’s version of the 2012-
am PROUD to be a gay man who just people that disease impacts, it’s a recipe 13 state budget. Please lobby your legisla-
happens to be a feminist, trans-lov- for disaster for everyone.” tors to avoid cutting funds for HIV/AIDS
ing, tree hugging, marriage equality treatment and Medicaid.
believer, pro-choice, freedom of religion Nobles credits the efforts of local AIDS ser-
or none, pro-union and pro-immigrant. vices organizations, which include preven- Along with providing legislative support,
These are the ideals that I believe tion and education, over the past five years the Stonewall Democrats of Dallas sup-
in and I am willing to fight to keep or for curbing the growth of the epidemic. ports AIDS Arms through Stonewall’s an-
achieve. Are you? Will you join me in nual participation in LifeWalk. Since 2000,
making change happen? “Funding cuts will only light the fire of the Stonewall members have donated more
HIV epidemic once again and the ground than $12,000 toward fighting HIV/AIDS in
PROUD to be a Democrat – Omaru we have fought so hard to gain will be North Texas. For more information about
lost,” she predicts. AIDS Arms, visit
Page 4 The Stonewall Advocate March 2011

workers, etc., if they are registered to vote
and, if not, get them registered. Make sure

Gillian they know about early voting, the loca-
Parrillo is tion of their polling location, where to find
a straight information about the candidates, and how
featuring Gillian Parrillo ally who has
been active
to use a voting machine.

What are the biggest issues in America in Stonewall Who is the first Democrat you voted
in your opinion? Greed, fear and lies. Democrats of for? I moved to this country from the UK
How, as a country, we chose to raise and Dallas since in 1965. I have worked on every Demo-
spend money. This country spends four 2008. cratic presidential campaign since then.
times more on seniors than on children - The first vote I could make as a citizen was
that’s backwards. And why does this coun- for Jimmy Carter’s re-election.
try need to spend more on defense than volunteering with Obama Dallas and
the next highest-spending 17 countries gravitated to voter registration. It just made Why are you a Democrat? I am a Demo-
combined when our children are falling be- sense to me that if we could register and crat because I believe the party better
hind in terms of education or going to bed empower more minority voters and get represents my values. How we treat the
hungry? The tax code allows corporations them to the polls, we would win. During the least among us is truly a reflection of this
and high net worth individuals to legally next year and a half, a team of dedicated nation. As a woman, I can’t imagine being
avoid their fair share of taxes, placing a volunteers stood outside box stores and at- anything other than a Democrat - equal
burden on the middle class and the poor. tended hundreds of events registering and rights, choice are non-negotiable.
educating as many voters as we could.
What do you do for a living? I retired in If you could tell President Obama one
2000 as a group president at Sterling Soft- How can one help with your outreach? thing, what would it be? Get re-elected.
ware, a Dallas-based computer software There is nothing more satisfying than reg- You are the only thing that stands in the
company. Since then I have focused full- istering an 18-year old or informing an ex- way of a total sellout to the corporations
time on non-profit and political activities. felon that, despite what they have always and the billionaires of all that this country
been told, they can vote. Get deputized, has stood for -- for more than 200 years.
Tell us about your activism with voter get trained and join the team. Ask your We are backing you with everything we
outreach. In the spring of 2007, I began friends, neighbors, restaurant servers, co- can muster. Stand strong!u

Reminder: March General Meeting

Tuesday, March 15
6 p.m. Social & 6:30 p.m. Meeting
at Ojeda’s Restaurant

PO Box 192305
Dallas, TX 75219
(214) 506-DEMS
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Secretary Phyllis Guest

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