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BOARD OF SUPERVISORS OF LOUISIANA STATE UNIVERSITY [AND AGRIULTURAL AND MECHANICAL COLLEGE, PARISH OF EAST BATON ROUGE AGREEMENT FOR MANAGEMENT OF CONCESSION SERVICES. LSU ATHLETIC VENUES AND EVENTS. ‘This Agreement ("Agreement Is made and entered info by and between BOARD OF SUPERVISORS OF LOUISIANA STATE UNIVERSITY AND AGRICULTURAL & MECHANICAL COLLEGE (hereinafter rofered fo 9s "LSU" or “University, a public constitutional corporation organized and existing under the laws ofthe State of Loulsiana ‘and ARAMARK SPORTS AND ENTERTAINMENT SERVICES, LLC, a Delaware limited liability company located at 1100 Market Street, Philadelphia, PA 19107 (oreinetor refered to 38 “Supplier” ARTICLE! TERM, 1 1 erm of this Agreement shall be for fen (10) years, commencing on i 1 (CBegin date") and ending on the day immediately BrecBding the Tenih (TOR) anniversary of the Begin date (End date"). This ‘Agreement may be extended fortwo (2) addonal ve (5) years terms fora total ‘of up to twenty (20) year agreement, subject tothe mutual Agreement of LSU. ‘and Supplier ‘The ina term of the agreement is intended to alow for transition from the existing contract. Transiton to occur on contract “Begin date, with operations ‘commencing on July 1,2017. Please see Exhibit A Transiion Timeline, ARTICLE ‘SCOPE OF SERVICES. 2.0 The Suppliers to provide LSU tho following services atthe locations ited below InBaton Rouge, Louisiana: provide Concessions forall scheduled inercolegiate [Ahlelic Events atthe LSU Alhletic Facies listed below, The Supplier is not te ‘exclusive caterer for events held at Athletic Facies. The Supplier may have ‘the opportunity to cater tailgate partes, ecruting events, te, thal occur at ‘Athletic Facies, but the Supplier does rot have exclusivity over these catering ‘The Supplier must colaborate with the LSU Athtics Deparment to determine ‘mutually agreed upon areas of the campus that will serve as satelite locations ‘on football game days. Supplier shall provide Concessions al the Athletic Facies liste below (additonal deta i Included in Exhibit 8) 30 ete Maravich Assembly Center ‘Bernie Moor Track Stadium Car Madox Fels House SU Soccer Stadium {LSU Softball Stadium (Tiger Park) LSU Tennis Complex Future LSU Beach Volleyball Facty ARTICLE It 4 ‘Supplier agres to provide the folowing ata minimum: 34 ‘Supplier Reporting and Review Responsibitios aaa 312 314 ‘Supplier will fumish the University with all requested

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