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4th Annual

Knowledge Management & Intranets

Conference 2008
13, 14, 15 & 16 October 2008 Gallagher Estate, Midrand, Johannesburg
Improving Your Intranet Strategies To Develop Overall Business Productivity
Join Knowledge Management and Intranets Hear From Our Expert Speaker Panel:
Experts on Their Quest to Take Organisational
Communication to New Heights by Discussing the • Lynda Cassiem - Team Leader: Intranets
Following: • Debbie Olivier - CIO
• Drawing your employees closer to your intranet • Jannie Vermeulen - Head Web Works
site by implementing marketing and branding • Nico Fourie - Information Manager
• Ensuring management buy-in to intranets by • Mushian Mboni - Webmaster
highlighting the value of knowledge sharing in • Dr. James Robertson - CEO
• Improving strategic integration of knowledge • Shayne Vigar – Developer
management and intranets for better • Kenny Moodley - Chief Advisor
organisational communication Group Communications Division
• Understanding the true value that a streamlined • Lighton Kyolaba – Knowledge Manager
intranet can have for your organisation AGRICULTURAL RESEARCH COUNCIL
• Examining ways of building a small intranet • Cecilia Sani – Knowledge Access Manager
portal for small organisations to meet all • Judi Sandrock – National Chairperson
information sharing needs KMPRACTITIONERS
• Managing and maintaining intranet content to • Steven Ambrose – Chief Strategy Manager
lower repair costs • Andre Venter – Innovator
• Analysing the value of using outsourcing to VEGA THE BRAND COMMUNICATIONS SCHOOL
support intranet deployment projects • Mzingaye Ndlovu - Regional Manager
• Dr. Johan Coetzee – Information Management Consultant
What Past Delegates Had To Say: • Marina Hiscock – Intranets Manager
“This was a very informative conference. I am actually
excited by what I have seen and learned “ Programme Highlights:
IT Manager, TELKOM
Rapid Speed Networking Session - Remember to bring your
“I learnt a lot from this conference. Keep up the good work” business cards!
Web Developer, Department Of Transport: Break Away Discussion – Share your knowledge in a one-on-one
Kwa Zulu Natal session with other delegates
Speaker Round Table –- Your opportunity to ask the experts
“I highly recommend this conference to any one who deals Open Floor Forum –- Raise your burning issues to be discussed by
with Intranets. I’m definitely coming back next year” experts
Intranets Team Leader, ABSA y
a c k B and
B em Pre - Conference Workshop:
P.S Take advantage of our early bird offer l a rD
now! Register today & qualify for that R1000 p opu
discount The A to Z In Gaining Great Value From Intranets
Led By: Steven Ambrose – Chief Strategy Manager
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Researched and Developed by: Media Partner:

Post - Conference Workshop:
Making Knowledge Management Work For You:
Comparing Knowledge Sharing Technologies
Led By: Andre Venter - Innovator

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Dear IT Manager, July 2008

The days of regarding Intranets as just another complex IT portal have passed, more and more companies
are realising that it is a “must have” not a “nice to have”. Intranets can improve overall business productivity and
enhance knowledge management.

Take full advantage of this opportunity to improve on your company communication!

By attending IQPC’s 4th Annual Knowledge Management and Intranets Conference, you will get to hear
from the experts on how to ensure maximum profitability by utilising your Knowledge Management and Intranets

The 4th Annual Knowledge Management and Intranets Conference will offer you the following:

• Practical case studies allowing you to establish best practice methods

• An interactive panel discussion on burning issues that you may be experiencing
• Two practical workshops informing on how Intranets and Knowledge Management can work for you
• A speaker round table where you will get an opportunity to meet the speakers and discuss topical issues in
the industry

Strategies to be discussed:

...encouraging a knowledge and intranets friendly culture in your organisation

...understanding the true value that a streamlined intranet can give your company
...ensuring that your companies knowledge management strategy fits your needs and goals
...managing and maintaining intranet content to lower repair costs
...developing a global corporate portal to enhance corporate communications

You cannot afford to miss this conference! Attend this event and hear insightful case studies and benefit from
networking sessions and expert speakers. Gain useful information and practical solutions to the problems the
industry faces by participating in IQPC’s hands on workshops. Join these industry leaders as they reveal how they
have successfully dealt with the same or similar problems you are facing.

I look forward to welcoming you to this highly topical conference in October 2008.

Kind Regards
F N B Namib ow
e h
o n o t miss th w i l l learn
PS: D re you sing
S t u d y, whe roductivity u
Matshego Njumbuxa Case h
anced nets!!
B e n
Project Manager FN Intra

Who Should Attend: ABOUT IQPC

IQPC provides business executives around the world with
Intranets Manager tailored and practical conferences, large scale events, topical
seminars and in-house training programmes, keeping them up-
Knowledge Manager to-date with industry trends, technological developments and
Corporate Communications Director /Manager the regulatory landscape. IQPC’s large scale conferences are
Information Manager market-leading “must attend” events for their respective
industries. IQPC produces more than 1,500 events annually
Web Manager around the world, and continues to grow. Founded in 1973,
Web Master IQPC now has offices across six continents including major
Web Designer cities such as: Berlin, Dubai, Johannesburg, London, Madrid,
Content Manager New York, Sau Paulo, Singapore, Stockholm, Sydney and
Toronto. IQPC leverages a global research base of best practices
Systems Analyst to produce an unrivalled portfolio of conferences and trainin
IT Manager events.

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Monday, 13th October 2008
IQPC workshops offer you the unique opportunity to spend dedicated time with an industry expert. In these
sessions, you will be joined by a group of your peers for an interactive, practical learning session.
Workshop Format
08:00 Registration and Refreshments
09:00 Workshop Commences
13:00 Lunch
16:30 End of Workshop Back By
The A to Z In Gaining Great Value From Intranets Popular Demand
Led By
Steven Ambrose
From 2007
Chief Strategy Manager

The most information packed intranet in the world would be of little use, if it was not adding value to the working lives of its users, and assisting the business to meet its
strategic goals. This workshop will take a practical approach to the usability of intranets. Areas covered will include:
• Benchmarking against best practice
• Getting started – Rules of access
• Security Policy
• The essence of navigation
• The impact of aesthetics
• Department differentiation
• Advanced options
• Web 2.0 collaboration functionality
• Branding on the intranet
• The role of content strategy
• Commercialisation of the intranet

About Your Workshop Leader

The World Wide Worx Strategy division is headed by Steven Ambrose, a qualified Chartered Accountant, with a strong commercial and business background.
Steven qualified at Ernst and Young and handled a wide range of audits, from Caxton Newspapers to small family run businesses. Steven left the accounting
profession to help create and run the latest independent music distributor in South Africa. During this time his love of music and technology also prompted
him to start importing and nationally distributing world renowned consumer electronic brands. He established a chain of retail specialist audio stores in large
retail shopping centers, under the Sound and Image Brand. In 1999 he sold the retail chain and embarked on a consulting career. He leads the company’s
Strategy consulting projects, and oversees its web site and intranet usability and strategy studies

Conference Day Two:

Tuesday, 14th October 2008

07:30 Registration And Early Morning Refreshments 11:00 Protecting Your Corporate Information Through
Maintaining Quality and Control of Your KM and Intranet
08:30 Opening Remarks by Chairperson Functions
Judi Sandrock • Implementing programmes to train and develop your
National Chairperson Intranet teams to ensure effective management of
KMPRACTITIONERS knowledge sharing in your organisation

• Examining fault management as an Intranets helpdesk

08:45 An Overview Of The South African Industry In The Field Of operation which acts as a central hub for all Intranets
Knowledge Management faults to be logged
• First Out of SA: Acknowledging South African Knowledge • Using the problem management portal which works
Management practitioners who are recognised globally

hand in hand with fault management to convert faults

• Assessing challenges faced by Knowledge Management into problems for central control
professionals Jannie Vermeulen
Judi Sandrock Head Web Works
National Chairperson FNB
12:00 Lunch For Speakers And Delegates
09:30 Encouraging the Use of Document Management Systems
(DMS) to Maximise Intranet Storage Capacity 13:00 Examining Knowledge Management Initiatives of the
• Exploring the DMS systematic method as an Intranet tool Human Science Research Council Using the Intranet
to keep track of information that is valuable to your Technology

organisation • Analysing the HSRC research management system for a


• Re-evaluating the DMS’s ability to manage and distribute valuable communication line
information and ensure access of information to all
• Assessing the virtual communities of practice and data
employees in the organisation
• Using Meta-data to clearly describe data in a document for curation
better storage and easy search of Intranet information • Establishing strategies in place to safeguard HSRC
Debbie Olivier intranet information in the organisation
CIO Cecilia Sani
SASFIN Knowledge Access Manager
10:15 Executive Exchange:
Exclusive one-on-one Networking Session 13:45 Utilising Intranets as a Strategic Business Tool which
Meet network and exchange business cards with fellow Delivers Tangible and Visible Benefits for the
delegates and speakers in IQPC’s exclusive, lively networking Organisation as a Whole
session. In this revolutionary, quick fire format, you can meet • An update on technologies that are replacing the
every single delegate and exchange best practices and customary use of LAN and WAN as Intranet tools
learning. Bring along your business cards, this will be exciting • Driving a knowledge culture through continuous
commitment and visible involvement from management
10:45 Refreshments And Networking

Register Today! Call +27 (0) 11 669 5000 Fax +27 (0) 11 669 5069
• Using the cultural probe (digital library) as a technique for • To outsource or not to outsource : Analysing reasons why
users to give information in absentia
CASE STUDY and when an organisation should outsource
• Analysing Information Architecture as a source of intranet Nico Fourie
knowledge sharing to encourage corporate culture Information Manager
Lighton Kyolaba
Knowledge Manager 15:30 Speaker Round Table
AGRICULTURAL RESEARCH COUNCIL This is your opportunity to meet with speakers in a one-on-one
setting. Get to discuss and debate topical issues surrounding
14:30 Refreshments And Networking Knowledge Management and Intranets
Nico Fourie

14:45 Understanding the True Value of Outsourcing Your Information Manager

• Analysing strategies in place to safeguard your intranet &

information when outsourcing Lighton Kyolaba
• Examining the cost implications of outsourcing your Knowledge Manager
Intranet support to ensure that you get the most ROI AGRICULTURAL RESEARCH COUNCIL
• Choosing a company that best suites your outsourcing &
needs to avoid the inconvenience regularly changing Cecilia Sani
consultants Knowledge Access Manager

16:15 Closing Remarks By Chairperson

16:30 Close Of Conference Day Two

Conference Day Three:

Wednesday, 15th October 2008

07:30 Morning Refreshments in representing all languages for multiple users

Shayne Vigar
08:30 Opening remarks by Chairperson Developer
Dr. James Robertson FNB NAMIBIA
JAMES A ROBERTSON AND ASSOCIATES 11:15 Analysing your Existing Information Management System
to Better Manage All Your Organisation’s Information
08:45 Merging Existing Intranets vs. Creating A Single Culture
• Assessing the environment and culture within a newly- Data
merged organisation to establish the viability of merging • Building internal information management expertise
the current KM and intranet systems already in place or alongside the people and process aspects of Knowledge

creating a new system Management


• Analysing systems available to create a single intranet that • Improving the efficacy of business processes and the
covers the entire merged organisation demands of compliance regulations by using Information
• Establishing the pros and cons of merging new Intranets management tools
to existing ones • Analysing the direct competition between various
Dr. James Robertson
information management systems
Chief Advisor: Group Communications Division
09:30 Assessing Affordable and User Friendly Strategies of ESKOM
Creating Intranet Search Engines for Employees
Convenience 12:00 Lunch For Speakers And Delegates
• Creating a search engine which will be accessible from all

computers on your network with a standard web browser 13:00 Assessing Different Intranet Portals Utilised by Industries
• Selecting an Intranets search engine which will best suit Across the Board
the organisational structure
• Distinguishing highly effective tools of information
• Analysing the network administrator which uses Search
Engine Studio to index Intranet documents sharing in organisations to identify the various levels of
complexities that your Intranet has

Mushian Mboni
Webmaster • Identifying the Intranet as an HR – Payroll system for
DEPARTMENT OF ECONOMIC DEVELOPMENT employees to download their salary and benefit
10:15 Refreshments And Networking • Using Intranets to achieve the goals of business process
reengineering and organisational innovation
10:30 Building an Intranet Community Within Your Organisation Lynda Cassiem
to Ensure Sufficient Use by Organisation Staff Team Leader:Intranets
• Developing specific skills and insights used to operate
effectively in the age of intranets to bring employees up to

speed with evolving IT

• Exploring the capabilities of the knowledge sharing 13:45 Analysing the Efficacy of Intranets in Small Organisations
technology for widespread internal publishing to ensure a and Strategies Available to Expand on Existing

well-structured organisation Frameworks

• Building Knowledge Management tools that specialies • Examining ways of building a small Intranet portal for a
small organisation to meet all information sharing needs

Register Today! Call +27 (0) 11 669 5000 Fax +27 (0) 11 669 5069
• Discovering strategies to strengthen central control of an Problems Encountered by the Department Of Defence
Intranet system in a small organisation to expand • Assessing the Definition of the Department of Defence’s
organisational horizons Intranets Management

• Structuring organisational policies for preservation of your • Establishng Intranet Management Principles utilised by
intranet against organisational change the DOD
• Utilisng usability evaluation to observe and identify if your • Aknowledging IMLC – DOD Information Management
Intranet is most suitable for your organisational needs Life Cycle
Andre Venter • Implementation of Intranets Management in the
Innovator Department Of Defence
Information Management Consultant
14:30 Assessing Tensions in the Application of the Knowledge DEPARTMENT OF DEFENCE
Management Success Paradigm in South Africa
• Evaluating six success areas that affect successful KM 16:15 Open Floor Discussion:
initiatives: culture, learning, support, business strategy, top Re-Cap On The Past Two Days and Share Your Experiences
management support, and technology and Most Pressing Questions. This Interactive Session Will

• Culture: Establishing the need to cultivate a knowledge Help You Reach Solutions To Obstacles You Face On A
sharing organisation Daily Basis
• Emphasising the importance of technology as an enabler Facilitated by:
of successful Knowledge Management initiatives Dr. James Robertson
Mzingaye Ndlovu CEO

15:15 Refreshments And Networking 17:00 Closing Remarks by Chairperson

15:30 Evaluating Current Intranets and Knowledge Management 17:15 Close Of Conference Day Three

Thursday, 16th October 2008

IQPC workshops offer you the unique opportunity to spend dedicated time with an industry expert. In these
sessions, you will be joined by a group of your peers for an interactive, practical learning session.
Workshop Format
08:00 Registration and Refreshments
09:00 Workshop Commences
13:00 Lunch
16:30 End of Workshop Day

Making Knowledge Management Work For You: Comparing Knowledge Sharing Technologies
Led By:
Andre Venter

By attending this workshop you will…

• Be part of live demonstrations on:
• Microsoft Sharepoint and Open Source solutions such as blogs, Content Management Systems, Discussion Boards, E-Commerce, Groupware Scripts, Polls
and Wiki’s with emphasis on Drupal, and Google Applications
• Have the opportunity to compare these applications and highlight pro’s and con’s related to each solution path

Benefits you will receive by attending this workshop:

• Understand the implications of choosing to use Microsoft Solutions, Open Source Solutions and Google Solutions
• Delve into the costs involved of the applications or portals: Cost of Installation, Cost of Ownership and scalability

At the end of the workshop you will be able to go back to your desk and:
• Understand the various solutions available and which one will be of most valuable to your organisation
• Implement the most beneficial knowledge sharing solution in your organisation

About Your Workshop Leader:

Andre works for the ADVTECH group and is currently assigned to Vega The Brand Communications School where he is responsible for systems integration
and IT strategy. The group uses Microsoft Sharepoint for workflow and intranet services and Andre is leading its implementation at Vega. Apart from his full
time assignment his passion is the provision of learning systems for NGO’s and small business. He believes such organisations stand to gain the most from
integrated IT solutions. He has extensive experience in applying open source WEB2 technologies to a variety of problem areas. What distinguishes Andre from
many of his peers is his open approach to problems. He believes innovation is driven by the right answers to the wrong questions. Andre is a control systems
engineer and has worked in the field of knowledge systems for 20 years. In the 1990’s Andre spoke at a number of conferences about the concept: Electronic
Performance Support, but the crash had negative impact on such initiatives. Apart from his work in knowledge systems Andre is a well known digital
artist and researcher in the field of “systems of thinking”.

Reasons Why The Knowledge Management & Intranets Conference Gives You The Best Value For Your Marketing Spend:
1 You will have direct access to the most senior people in the industry; the key decision makers who are responsiblefor optimising their strategy and practice
2 Your clients and your critical potential clients will be attending the Knowledge Management & Intranets Conference and this is the perfect chance to make yours the
brand they remember
3 You will have the option of receiving a full participant list of all delegates that attend the conference.
4 The exhibition area is strategically placed in the conference venue to enable maximum interaction with all attendees. You will have full and prolonged exposure to this
select audience
5 Our focused and highly researched presentations will provide you with the in-depth knowledge of the industry to further your business, improve existing relationship and
pursue new contacts
As The Knowledge Management & Intranets Conference is not a tradeshow, there will only be a limited number of opportunities available. To secure premium
sponsorship and exhibition opportunities, call IQPC on +27 (0) 11 669 5000 or email:

Register Today! Call +27 (0) 11 669 5000 Fax +27 (0) 11 669 5069
4th Annual Knowledge Management & Intranets Conference 2008
13th , 14th 15th & 16th October 2008 Gallagher Estate, Midrand ,Johannesburg

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Selection: Conference Pre-Conference Workshop Post-Conference Workshop Yes, please update me with relevant information

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