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To: Blanchester Board of Education

From: Dean D. Lynch, Superintendent

Re: Amending Policy EBEA – Use of Face Covering
Date: 4/30/21

Board of Education members,

I just received the language changes of Policy EBEA – Use of Face Coverings which would deny anyone
from enforcing or prohibiting students and/employees the use of face coverings. I would advise the
board of education to consider the following before voting to admen Policy EBEA.

• The Board could potentially be accused of providing an unsafe environment by our two union’s
exercising R.C. 4167.06 – right to refuse work under unsafe work conditions.
• The Board would most likely garner unwanted media attention at the local, regional and
national levels.
• The Board’s insurance carrier may not cover any suit, claim, or action resulting from the Board’s
• R.C. 3313.20(A) (which is referenced in Policy EBEA) allows Boards of Education to make rules
necessary for the government of its employees, pupils and other persons, but it does not permit
the Board to violate standing law or orders, nor gives the board the authority to supersede the
Ohio Department of Health’s order on facial coverings. Therefore, the board could draw the ire
of the Clinton County Department of Health, the Ohio Department of Health and/or the Ohio
Department of Education.

The Board should be fully aware of these potential ramifications and possibly others should it proceed
to amend Policy EBEA.

However, if Board so desires to amend Policy EBEA you should be prepared to cite reasons for your
decision. I have listed a few arguments against the use of face coverings you may or may not want to

• Mask requirements are not necessary to stop the spread of COVID-19.

• Mask requirements present other health risks.
• Mask requirements restrict freedom.
• Mask requirements give a false sense of security.
• Mask requirements are unenforceable.
• Mask requirements have harmful social consequences.
• ODH and ODE Covid-19 Health and Prevention Guidance for Ohio k-12 schools are not law.


Dean D. Lynch
Dean D. Lynch, Superintendent