Services Marketing

Assignment # 1
Mehwish Shams Question: Synergy and integration amongst marketing mix is required for success in competitive service businesses, explain with the help of an example how businesses consider the Ps, you have studied so far, when they develop strategies to market their service. Due to inherent nature or services, also describe the challenges faced by services while evaluating each P. Answer: Pricing, promotion, placement and promotion are important factors for companies future and current strategies. To explain this I am taking example of Mobilink. This falls under the telecommunication industry.

This basically includes the main offerings of the company. In case of Mobilink the products/services it provides is as follow; • Mobilink Indigo (post paid) • Mobilink Jazz (pre paid), which includes various packages for different customer. For example Jazz ladies first was specifically targeting the housewives, • Mobilink BlackBerry • Mobilink PCO • And the different values added services they provide includes international roaming, GPRS and blackberry services. (It offers a total of 13 services) With these two services Mobilink has been successful in giving services to different types of customer. For example Mobilink Indigo is preferred by corporate clients. It is very important for a service like Mobilink to give extensive services to all the customer. Also they keep in mind that the needs and requirements of the customer change with time so they consider it too. The biggest challenge that Mobilink have to face is competition. Competitors are introducing new packages everyday and to stay in the market and to meet the customer expectations Mobilink itself have to introduce new packages frequently.


Mobilink does a customer based pricing, i.e. pricing based on customer’s attitudes and values toward prices, product quality, value, and prestige. For example some customers believe a higher price means higher quality. Some are happy with lower prices. As the price reflects the product image so Mobilink price its different packages differently. They charge the post paid customer higher. They have introduced special packages like jazz octane for youth. Here again competition like Ufone that is coming up with new packages for its customer every week are a challenge to Mobilink as they will also have to bring new offers frequently.


This is an important factor for any company specially service industry. Mobilink provide its services not only in the urban areas but also in the remote areas like gigit, kalam, Naran, Kaghan etc. Also placement would include the distribution channels. Mobilink have their customer help centers in almost all the big cities of the country. Also to provide Sims to the remote customer they take help of local shop keepers. The challenge here they can face is that in remotest places where there are only few customer say for example 5-6 they can’t open a service centre also they cannot place the transmitter tower in remote areas where there are very few customer.


Mobilink use various mediums to promote its service and new packages. Mobilink also endorse various celebrities to promote its product for example Shan (film star) endorsed for Mobilink postpaid. Similarly in there adz they make sure that they use the color of their brand. Example in Jazz adz they use yellow and red. For indigo they make sure they make serious adz and use the color indigo in it. Today Print media, television, bill boards every possible place that can be used for promotion is occupied with various telecom companies adz. In this scenario it is very important to market the service in a way that it catches customer’s eyes. So Mobilink have to face this challenge.

Mobilinks vision is "To be the leading Telecommunication Services Provider in Pakistan by offering innovative Communication solutions for our Customers while exceeding Shareholder value & Employee Expectations". Now if you see the example of Mobilink it is clear that they are doing their best to meet the customer expectations by giving value added services and by changing the packages frequently and not only that they price there product according to customers like for Indigo customer they charge them higher price where as jazz customers pay according to their packages. Also if we see their adz print or electronic we will notice that the color, logo and above all the fact that they want to exceed customer expectation is visible. As far as the placement is concerned they provide customer service to

their customer and they have opened their customer service outlets in all major cities and also in small cities, in this way they can also interact with customer.