how environmental uncertainty effects product customization is not so clear. Nowadays. Other paper defines various impacts of organizational structure dimensions on knowledge sharing. MD and CFO are circulated on regular basis. The higher level management is always accessible to the lower level. as well as in maintaining in house inventory as well as ware house in house inventory management systems.Thus the article the gives the importance of Information Technology on organizational structure & mostly about Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP). In Tata motors. their responsibilities. the main Tata group has command over Tata motors. operations. In today¶s world of computerization all the activities are need to be computed and all the data is to be maintained precisely to take the major management decision. TATA Motors was not having any efficient software that will monitor all the activities of the organization. it helps in gathering & sharing the knowledge. etc. In decentralization. AUTO CAD. During the initial years in 90s. purchase. they are having newsletters and house magazines published monthly for each division and are circulated though out the company. organizational climate plays an important role on employees¶ behaviour The same conceptbehaviour held true in case of Tata motors. finance. This enables TATA Motors to be more efficient in delivery. One of the article talks about product customization & organization. they follow Tata code of conduct & authority matrix which helps them to identify different responsibilities and decisionmaking powers of an individual both functionally and financially. As Tata motors is also operates with less levels of organizational structure. It also talks about span of control & levels in structure. They are having frequent interactions with their employees & workers. payments. Also. it helps them in easy interaction between various level in structure which improves knowledge & ideas sharing within organization . order execution. As Tata motors is having relatively flat structure.TATA Motors with Organisation Structure As per article relating organizational structure & climate with knowledge management. Also regular emails/correspondence from Chairman. it is having narrow span of control. Other dimension is financial coordination. the TATA Motors is using various software like for ease of all these activities like ERP & SAP also various design software like CATIA. In Tata motors. One of the dimensions is formalization & it defines specific role & duties fordefines employees. Based on this data all the activities of the all departments like production. share & spread the knowledge & ideas very easily from level to level. . formally & informally which helps employees to feel more bounded with organization. etc can be interlinked . The company has become one of the best in the supply chain management system due to incorporation of these IT solutions. UG. This helps them to gather. but all strategic actions & plans are taken by board of directors of Tata motors itself. But for Tata motors. manufacturing. Article also relates environmental uncertainty with product customization.

management including the board of directors.All the departments of TATA Motors are interconnected with intra network agents system. as likely said in introduction company has introduced various innovativecompany models in market and they became a boom. etc. . it mostly focuses on innovations and how it helps to improve organizational structure and its stability. 1 lakh. This enables the easy and fast flow of information among the employees. In Tata motors. promotions. as well as all the divisions are connected with internetworking system. Tata Nano. these are firstly India's first indigenously developed mini truck & Tata Magic is one of its own kinds. Mr. These practices help company to strengthen itsand organizational structure. suppliers. etc periodically. various articles. they also focuses on innovations. Xenon. Various joint ventures of the company also working for the same goal like Jaguar. Due this reason. In one paper. to make a car for middle class families in Rs. All the officers as well as employees of Tata motors started feeling µNano¶ as their own project. This keeps all the employees to be connected to the organization all the time and gives them the latest updates and happening in and latest around organization. Ratan Tata was able to deliver his dream in reality within stipulated time period. deaths. other models like Tata Ace. The company is publishing directors. vendors. and they launch it in market successfully and it creates a blast in automobile industrycreates worldwide. it is a dream of its chairman Mr. newsletters about the wellbeing of the employees. Ratan Tata. sense of belongingness towards organization. This type ofmini-truck innovations creates some kind of spirit to work for organorganization with full responsibility and enthusiasm. Land Rover. Fiat. For example. Research and Development department of Tata motors is working continuously on designing and developing new innovative product range. Also.

Its trucks were also bought for price first. into a Group strategy thinkthink-tank and a promoter of new ventures in high technology businesses. The parent group doesn¶t have much control over the TATA motor and it theit¶s CEO of the company who is the boss. Reliability was a lesser consideration. Initially his decisions were criticized but now he is assumed to be one of the best in the world. But since then the company has had a slew of successful launches ± the Indica Vista. Hispano Carrocera. . He pays a lot of focus on R&D. Every plan in the company is first evaluated under Enterprise Risk Management team. His vision of making a truly international company brought in a foreign CEO. He can be said as a leader first while the group chairman can be said to be servant first. He draws a hefty salary of over 34 lakh plus bonus and incentives per month and is on a contract period of three years. Its products were dependable but were few said they¶d buy their cars for personal use. the Manza. During this time Tata Motors has also realised it needs to globalise aggressively. As per one of the paper there is no such ideal leader rather one evolves as an ideal leader with experience.TATA Motors with Leadership Style The group chairman Ratan Tata is responsible for transforming Tata Motors Ltd. The man leading the charge is CarlCarl-Peter Foster who was in charge of General Motors¶ European operations and he is trying to internationalize the company in true sense. He is a true leader with a clear vision of bringing TATA motors on international grounds. its range of world trucks (and the Nano). It has also gone and bought a Spanish bus maker. He is currently part of 203 board members in 20 different organizations across 23 different industries Earlier Tata Motors was seen as a sleepy company. Both this styles are complementary to each other.

Demand side -(CRM) with SIEBEL . Design ± PLM.a new era in the Indian automobile industry PROCESS: Sustainability of innovation in products needed to be complemented with innovative changes in the organizational processes too. Processes 3. This has created a culture of exploring various innovative ways to achieve excellencein all the organizational processes.²More Car per car ACE ± Last mile distribution vehicle« NANO ± the People¶s car/ Rupees 1 lakh car WORLD TRUCK .HOW TATA MOTORS ADD VALUE: TheCompany¶s culture of perpetual search for excellence is highly attributed to the Tatas ethos and incessant efforts of its employees in the past several decades to serve the customers by bringing continuous innovation in its products and processes. Tata Motors has effectedinnovation & added value in the past several years by focusing on: 1. Enterprise Resource Planning ± SAP for enhancing transactioneffectiveness. y y y y y 407 platform in 1980s. SupplierRelationship Management (SRM). etc. Products 2. Indica in the late 90s. Adoption of the Tata Business Excellence Model (TBEM): It is based onMalcolm Baldridge Award for business excellence and Balance Score Card. People PRODUCTS: Tata Motors created several breakthrough products in the past which changed the market dynamics and helped in providing a new customer experience. enabling it to gain market insightsby exploiting the huge online . Use of IT systems has been a benchmark and highly leveraged in theorganization throughout the VALUE CHAIN: y y y y Supply Side ± Free-Markets/ ARIBA for e-Sourcing. a comprehensive CustomerRelationship Management program. Advanced Computer Aided design (CAD).

of whichTata Motors is a part of. design houses and subsidiaries. Product Development Process: Institutionalized Stage Gate process in the organization is a benchmarkTransition from inhouse product development to a collaborative productdevelopment. Hispano. etc.customer transaction database. ‡ Breaking the functional silos by shifting from a hierarchical organization toa more CFT approach. . ³Familiarization´ withtheir culture. ‡ Identifying leaders through assessment centres ± This process has beeneffectively utilized by Tata Motors to identify young managers with very highpotential. utilizing the capabilities of suppliers. Internalization philosophy: Tata Motors made some major global acquisitions like TDCV. TataMotors in the past has adopted several innovative means to leverage its humanresource capabilities for achieving extremely challenging goals. ³Harmonization´ and finally ³Synergizing´ by sharing the bestpractices and work ethics. ‡ Putting them into challenging assignments and giving them Internationalexposure ± Key projects like ACE and NANO are examples of some challengingprojects which constituted of young leaders and engineers. JLR. Tata Group. This process has now been replicated by many other organizations too. This involves ± ³Initiating´. is well known for identifying and nurturing leaders. PEOPLE: The changing business environment and increasing complexity of businessposed a huge challenge in achievement of business plans. byunderstanding the language and basic facts of the country. It is thelargest deployment of a customer management tool across theautomotive world till date.This has helped us to appreciate the need and importance of all thestakeholders and we achieve this in four stages.

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