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The Universities Debate & Speech

Curriculum for Capacity Building Workshops

The National Debate Council in partnership with Open Space Centre and
Speakers Without Borders is organising debate and speech workshops as part of
an initiative to establish a premium debate and speech league for university
students in Uganda and the rest of East Africa. The workshops are designed to
establish debate and speech societies in all universities in Uganda which can
have the capacity to conduct domestic debate and speech trainings and
tournaments in a bid to revive the debating culture in universities and bring the
level of Ugandan debate up to international standards.

The Workshops will be in carried out in two phases: the phase which is an
introductory phase will focus on the basics of debate and speech and how to run
a debate programme in a debate and speech society. Phase 1 of the workshops
will be conducted in the respective universities while phase 2 will run at the
Inter-University Debate & Speech contest scheduled to take place in October
2011. The Phase 1 curriculum has been condensed into 6 lessons (ideally 2 days)
to be scheduled at the convenience of the participating universities. This phase
of the workshops will be piloted in 6 universities which will be mentored by our
technical staff. As a pre-condition for receiving this training, each of the 6
universities is required to adopt a debate & speech society in another university
to which it will give training and mentoring support.

The National Debate Council Uganda (NDC) is a not-for-profit institute that

promotes, teaches and organises debate in communities and institutions of
learning. Based in Kampala, Uganda, NDC, among other activities, conducts
training workshops for debaters, trainers, and judges; facilitates public debates
and debate related activities; and organises debate tournaments for primary and
secondary schools, and higher institutions of learning. Its current operational
scope covers five regions, namely Central, Eastern, Northern, Western and West
Nile, working through a network of partner organisations and institutions of
learning that includes over 70 secondary schools, 12 universities and partner
organisations from all parts of Uganda.

Training Curriculum for Universities Debate & Speech


Phase 1
Track Lesson 1 (2hrs) Lesson 2 (2hrs)
Track Introduction to debate Building a debate Case
Track Introduction to Public Speaking Preparing a presentation
Lesson 3 (2hrs) Lesson 4 (2hrs)
Debate British Parliamentary Debate- British Parliamentary Debate-
Track Part 1 Part 2
Track Delivering your Speech - Part 2 Delivering your Speech - Part 1
Lesson 5 (2hrs) Lesson 6 (2hrs)
Track Organising a BP debate Setting up a Debate & Speech
Speech society
Track Organising a Speech Contest
Phase 2 @ the Varsities Championship
Lesson 1 (2hrs) Lesson 2 (2hrs)
Track Advanced Speaking Impressing the judges
Track Advanced Speaking Impressing the judges
Track Adjudication & Coaching Tabulation

Course Outline for Universities Debate & Speech Phase

1 Workshops
n Debate Track Speech Track
Lesson Introduction to Public
1 Introduction to debate Speaking
Why debate, Training goal & Why speech, training goals &
objectives objectives
Argumentation in Debate Identifying your audience
Refutation Creating a Basic outline
Fallacies in Debate Organising the programme
2 Building a debate Case Preparing a presentation
What is a case Fleshing it Out
Types of debate: Value, Policy,
Factual Putting your presentation together
Structure of Debate Case Being Prepared
Lesson British Parliamentary Debate-
3 Part 1 Delivering your Speech - Part One
Structure of BP debate Overcoming nervousness
Team Case- structure & set up Starting off on the Right Foot
Difference between Opening &
Extension Using Visual Aids
Structure of a speech Checking the Volume of your Voice
Lesson British Parliamentary Debate-
4 Part 2 Delivering your Speech - Part Two
Speaker Roles Adjusting on the Fly
POIs Gauging whether breaks are Required
Style & Manner Wrapping up and Winding Down
5 Organising a BP debate Organising a Speech Contest
Rules/guidelines of B.P debate Rules/guidelines of Public Speaking
Adjudication Criteria Adjudication Criteria
Judge's Tab- ballot Judge's Tab- ballot
Setting up a debate Structure of Speech Contest
Practice motion Practice Topic
Lesson Setting up a debate & Speech
6 society
Model structure of a debate society
Membership, activities, constitutions
Running domestic tournaments
Marketing Debate (debaters, admin,

Contact Persons

Wakib Bunya
Open Space Centre
Project Coordinator
0782 997 085
Edgar Kangere
National Debate Council
Technical Director
0701 033 890