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Issue: 21 Date: 13th March 2011

Possession Order:
Should You Take Possession ????? When to take It ????? , Is it Worth Taking ???
Asslam O Alaikum, Hope you are fine and in good health, spirit, mood and action. As you are aware that the department is asking all the allottes of hawksbay Scheme 42 to take possession of their respective property/plot from the office of Land Department.

In this news letter I will try to update that What are the advantages and liabilities and responsibilities of taking possession Order. To make it more understandable I have distributed it in following points:

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What is Possession Order.? Possession Order means and leads to Taking Actual on Ground Physical taking over of the land that you have got from LDAuthority, When and what is the RIGHT TIME to take possession When you intend to raise construction on the Land that you are taking possession of…... When you see the all the work of infra-structure is 100% complete, (when u see that you have all the utilites like Sewerage line, Water Supply, Electric Polls available in front of your plot ) As without these basic infrastructural needs, you wont be able to utilize the land at its best How long can you extend/ prolong the taking of possession from department As long as you want until or until all the Utilities and infrastructure are completely not available. Why does the Department is asking you to take possession Lisen to the Audio by clicking at Have you read the Terms and conditions of Possession Order Its better to read the terms and conditions of the Possession Order before Appling for the Possession and discussing with some one who is fully aware of . TO SEE SPECIMEN OF THE POSSESSION ORDER FOR REVIEWING TERMS AND CONDITIONS CLICK HERE Other Details and Dues that you have to Pay After taking possession for the LDA or any other Authoirty By taking possession you will have to bear additional expenses annually (so call Ground Rent which is payable to LDA) You will be responsible to construct the Plot in whatever condition within 5 years (Else pay Non Utilization Fees ) NUF By taking Possession you will be complete responsible to take care of your plot on your……. However if the possession is not taken and it’s the responsibly of Authority to hand over Vacant physical possession as and when you ask them for in future times, (Such time can be extended uptill all the infrastructural and internal Utilities are not fully provided by Authority)

My Opinion: “I believe in Practical implementation”… Take possession when you intend to construct the property , or
take Possession when you feel that you can manage the property by yourself as when you take possession take responsibility for taking care of the land (from landgrabbers and etc) Ali Muhammad Tayyab Ganatra (Memon)

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