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T H E M O S T A D V A N C E D H E A LT H C A R E I S R I G H T H E R E .

He had a stroke last October.

Today, they’re leaving
on a cruise.
Bon voyage,
John and Nancy.

When it’s a stroke, every second counts. That’s why knowing the symptoms — and having Winter Haven
Hospital’s nationally recognized Stoke Center right here — is so important. Stroke symptoms can
include: severe headache; sudden one-sided numbness or weakness in the face, arm or leg; slurred
speech or inability to understand others; and loss of vision in one eye or double vision. If you or
someone near you have symptoms, don’t wait. Call 911 immediately.

Recognized by the American Stroke Association as one of the nation’s top rated stroke centers, Winter
Haven Hospital’s Stroke Center combines the best physicians and nurses with the latest of research-
based protocols and rehabilitation services to provide the best stroke care possible. All backed by the
hospital you trust, Winter Haven Hospital. Learn more at

Compassion. Innovation. Trust. We’re your family’s choice.


FIND A BOARD CERTIFIED DOCTOR CLOSE TO HOME: Call the Physician Referral Line 800-416-6705
or visit
3 T H E L E D G E R • S U N D AY, M A R C H 1 3 , 2 0 1 1 • W W W.T H E L E D G E R . C O M 3



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4 T H E L E D G E R • S U N D AY, M A R C H 1 3 , 2 0 1 1 • W W W.T H E L E D G E R . C O M 4

Welcome to the 2011 edition of the Guide to
Polk, The Ledger’s annual publication about


all things Polk County.
In this magazine you will fi nd valuable
information on Polk County’s parks, the
While the county has lost population in the past
School District, art galleries, museums, two years because of the economy, the number of THEIR HOME
youth sports, area golf courses and ten- county residents has still increased by almost 21 In 2008, Polk home ownership
nis courts, hospitals, mini-profi les of the percent since the 2000 census. Actual decennial decreased by 0.9 percentage
county’s 17 municipalities, and charts de- population figures will not be released by the U.S. point from 2006, while
tailing our county, state and federal elected Census Bureau until later in the year. ownership state-wide
The cities of Davenport and Haines City have decreased 2.6 percentage
| BUSINESS | GOVERNMENT | HEALTH | RECREATION | ENTERTAINMENT | BUSINESS | GOVERNMENT increased population in the last 10 years by more than points during the same period.
dous amount of work by Ledger reporters 40 percent. POLK CO. FLORIDA
who diligently double-check facts, telephone PERCENT
numbers and websites. You’ll find the result of much of CITY 2010 2000 EST. CHANGE CHANGE Units 222,239 6,987,647
that work within these pages. Auburndale 13,894 11,032 2,862 25.9% Own 158,662 4,785,064
We value your opinion. If you have Bartow 17,397 15,340 2,057 13.4 Percent 71.4% 68.5%
thoughts on this section, please feel
Davenport 2,768 1,924 844 43.9 Rent 63,577 2,202,583
free to email Assistant Metro Editor
Jeff Kline at jeffrey.kline@theledger. Dundee 3,284 2,912 372 12.8 Percent 28.6% 31.5%
com or call him at 863-802-7524. Eagle Lake 2,825 2,496 329 13.2 SOURCE: U.S. Census Bureau;
Fort Meade 5,744 5,691 53 0.1 2009 American Community Survey
LENORE DEVORE Frostproof 2,764 2,975 —211 —7.0
Managing Editor, The Ledger Haines City 18,762 13,174 5,588 42.4 POVERTY STATUS OF
Highland Park 248 244 4 1.6 FAMILIES
Hillcrest Heights 252 266 —14 —5.2 In 2009, the poverty level in
Polk increased for the fourth
SSupplemental information for some categories can be found online at Lake Alfred 4,632 3,890 742 19.0 year in a row. Lake Hamilton 1,395 1,304 91 7.0
Lake Wales 13,076 10,194 2,882 28.3
Lakeland 93,967 78,452 15,515 19.8 Families: 153,607
In poverty:
THE STAFF Mulberry
Polk City
21,000 (13.8%)

EDITOR: Jeff Kline PAGE DESIGNER: Betty Williams Winter Haven 34,691 26,487 8,204 30.9
COVER DESIGN: John Pitts GRAPHIC ARTISTS: Julia Estrada, John Pitts Unincorporated 363,570 302,797 60,773 20.1
Florida 18,771,768 15,982,824 2,788,944 17.5% Above poverty:
Polk 584,329 483,924 100,405 20.7%
TABLE OF CONTENTS SOURCES: 2010 Population estimates from the University of Florida's Bureau
of Economic and Business Research. 2000 decennial census from the U.S.
Census Bureau. FLORIDA
Families: 4,542,466
Who We Are 4 Polk’s Parks 29-34 In poverty:
Gymnastics 35
VOTER 488,257 (10.7%)

Attractions 6 Soccer 37
Once a bastion of Democratic Party power, Polk County
The Arts 7 Football, Tennis 38 still has more registered Democrats than Republicans,
Music 8 but there are no Democrats in the County in partisan Above poverty:
Theater 10-11 GOVERNMENT elective office here. 4,054,209
All are Republican. (89.3%)
Museums 12-15 Polk County Budget 40
Festivals 15-16 Municipalities 41-49
Polk’s Elected Officials 46-47 UNITED STATES
Independent/ Families: 75,530,746
other: 21.0% In poverty:
EDUCATION Democrat 7,955,824 (10.5%)
Polk County School District 18 BACK OF THE BOOK 41.2%
School District Overview 20 Polk’s Hospitals 49
Private Schools 20 Veterans Services 49 37.8%
Colleges and Universities 22-24 Business 50 Above poverty:
The Guide to Polk is a publication of the Ledger Media Group. Extra copies Polk County Supervisor of Elections, January 2011 2009 American Community Survey
of the March 13, 2011, edition of The Ledger, which includes the Guide to
Polk, may be purchased at The Ledger’s office in Lakeland at 300 W. Lime
St. or the News Chief office at 455 Sixth St. N.W., Winter Haven. For mail
copies, contact The Ledger’s Circulation Department at 863-802-7227.
5 T H E L E D G E R • S U N D AY, M A R C H 1 3 , 2 0 1 1 • W W W.T H E L E D G E R . C O M 5

Polk County’s Waste Resource Management Division contracts to collect residential

waste for residents living in unincorporated Polk County (outside of city limits).

Garbage will not be collected

on the following holidays:
New Years Day, Memorial Day, July 4th, Labor Day,
Thanksgiving Day and Christmas Day. If your collection
day falls on a Holiday, your pick up will be delayed by one
day. For example, if the holiday falls on Thursday, then
Thursday collection service will be provided on Friday.
There’s a New Can in Town!
Once Per Week Pick Up. Place ALL Garbage By The Curb On Your Day!
Place ALL garbage inside your new cart.
Materials accepted curbside include:
Garbage NOT inside the cart will not be picked up.
Empty and Rinse
may be brought to Plastic containers marked 1-6, such as:
Collection Facility peanut butter
FREE of Charge. The facility is located at the North t#FWFSBHFCPUUMFTBOEKVHTTPEB XBUFS KVJDF NJML
Central Landfill Monday - Friday, 7:15 a.m. - 4:45 p.m. t%FUFSHFOUCPUUMFT
and Saturday, 7:45 a.m. - 3:45 p.m. No commercial t1FSTPOBMDBSFCPUUMFTTIBNQPP TPBQ DPOEJUJPOFS
unlawful to deposit these items at any recycling drop-
off location or other unauthorized disposal site.
t )PVTFIPMEDIFNJDBMT  folded and broken down to 3’ by 3’)
GLASS all colors)
tubes/fixtures ALUMINUM CANS

Polk County Waste Resource

Management Division
10 Environmental Loop, Winter Haven

6 T H E L E D G E R • S U N D AY, M A R C H 1 3 , 2 0 1 1 • W W W.T H E L E D G E R . C O M 6

[ guide to polk | attractions ]

Legoland Newest Addition to Polk’s Attractions

Legoland Florida, the much-welcomed and much-an- Homeland Heritage Park may be the closest you can
ticipated addition to Polk County’s attractions is due to come to time travel in Polk County.
open this fall at the site of the former Cypress Gardens The park, an open expanse housing several buildings
in Winter Haven. dating to the late 19th century, offers a sense of what life
Last year, when Merlin Entertainments Group CEO was like here before modernity arrived.
Nick Varney announced his plans to bring Legoland to The former one-room Homeland School, the oldest pub-
Winter Haven, he said he planned to keep the essence lic school building in Polk County, is one of the main
of Cypress Gardens alive by keeping the decades-old attractions. The wood-frame structure, built in 1878,
botanical gardens, and likely continuing the water-ski hosts students for demonstrations of a school lesson
shows on Lake Eloise. circa 1880s.
Children between the ages of 2 and 12 will feel most at The five-acre park also contains the Old Homeland
home at Legoland, but that doesn’t mean it won’t be fun Methodist Church, which was built in 1887, the former
for the whole family. Methodist parsonage and church annex, the Raulerson
General admission tickets remain available at $65 for House, built in 1880, and the English family’s log cabin
adults and $55 for children and seniors, $10 less than and barn, built in 1888.
the planned regular prices. Standard annual passes are The park is located at 249 Church Ave. in Homeland.
being sold at the reduced price of $99. It is open from 8 a.m. to 5 p.m. Monday to Friday, and by
For more information, call 877-350-5346. The website appointment Saturday.
is Admission is free.
Educational tours are offered on weekdays. Tours for
BOK TOWER GARDENS senior citizens and school children are offered by ap-
pointment. Schools can arrange field trips by calling in
If you’re in need of an escape to a quiet place where advance.
you can bond with nature and get away from the hustle For more information regarding fees and available
and bustle of the city, look no further than the Bok Tower dates, call 863-534-3766 or log onto www.polk-county.
Gardens in Lake Wales. net/ and click on parks and recreation.
The National Historic Landmark offers quiet gardens,
deep grounds and lush woods perfect for enjoyment and FRANK LLOYD WRIGHT COLLECTION
At 1 and 3 p.m. daily, a carillon concert is offered. After Frank Lloyd Wright, recognized as one of the premier
the live concert, guests can meet the carillonneur. American architects, visited Lakeland in 1938 at the in-
Visitors can also take a tour of Pinewood Estate, a 20- vitation of Ludd Spivey, who was president of Florida
room Mediterranean-style mansion built in 1929. Southern College at the time.
The mansion is decorated for Christmas each season. Amid the orange groves that were then near Lake
Bok Tower Gardens is at 1151 Tower Blvd., three miles Hollingsworth, Wright envisioned buildings rising
north of Lake Wales on County Road 17A. “out of the ground, into the light and into the
It is open 8 a.m. to 6 p.m. every day of the year with sun.”
last admission at 5 p.m. The Visitor Center is open from The collection of buildings, which Wright named
9 a.m. to 5 p.m. LEDGER FILE PHOTO
Child of the Sun, and the 1½ miles of esplanades con-
General admission tickets are good for one day only BOK TOWER in Lake Wales has long been a place visitors can necting them, bear Wright’s distinctive use of geometric
and do not include special ticketed events. go to relax and enjoy nature. The attraction features carillon shapes.
Tickets are $10 for adults, $3 for children ages 5 through concerts daily and orchestral concerts twice a year. The entire project took 20 years to complete, with
12. Children younger than 5 are free. Group rates are Wright visiting occasionally to review the work. They are
available. the largest collection of Wright’s work in one location.
Admission is half off before 9 a.m. Saturdays. performed giving visitors a chance to see the aircraft The Wright campus was recently placed on the World
For more information, call 863-676-1408 or log onto in flight. Monuments Fund’s Watch List of 100 Most Endangered
the website at Fantasy of Flight was founded in 1995 by Kermit Weeks, Sites in the world along with other threatened architec-
an aerobatics competitor and aircraft designer, as a way of tural wonders such as The Great Wall of China, Machu
FANTASY OF FLIGHT showcasing the aircraft he had acquired over the years. Picchu and The Taj Mahal.
Fantasy of Flight is at 1400 Broadway Blvd. S.E., Polk The Florida Southern College campus borders the north
When it comes to experiencing the thrill of flying, it’s City, just north of Interstate 4 at exit 44. side of Lake Hollingsworth in Lakeland, between Lake
hard to beat the real thing. Fantasy of Flight, the aviation- The attraction is open from 10 a.m. to 5 p.m. daily, Hollingsworth Drive and McDonald Street.
themed attraction, has more than 40 rare and vintage excluding Thanksgiving and Christmas. And hours may The Visitor Center has a permanent display of photo-
aircraft on display. These airplanes have been restored vary occasionally for special events. graphs and furniture designed by Wright and drawings
to flyable condition, including a World War II B-26 Ma- Admission is $28.95 for adults, $26.95 for seniors ages depicting Wright’s relationship with the college.
rauder, the B-24 Liberator and B-17 Flying Fortress bomb- 55 and older, and $14.95 for children ages 6 to 15. Children Guided tours are available. Call for times and prices.
ers, and the P-51 Mustang fighter. younger than 6 are admitted free. Self-guided walking tours are available daily.
A variety of planes used in movies are on display, in- Hot-air balloon rides start at $175 per person, with a For more information, or to schedule tours, call 863-
cluding the 1929 Ford Tri-Motor passenger plane used minimum of two passengers per ride. 680-4444.
in “Indiana Jones and the Temple of Doom” and the Biplane rides are $69.95 per person in the 1929 New The college’s website,, has a sec-
Nieuport 17 World War I fighter featured in 2006 film, Standard or $229 in the 1942 Boeing Stearman PT-17. tion devoted to the Wright collection, including an interac-
“Flyboys.” For more information, call 863-984-3500 or visit the tive virtual tour of the buildings. Click on “About FSC”
Daily aerial demonstrations, weather permitting, are website at and then on “Child of the Sun Visitor Center.”
7 T H E L E D G E R • S U N D AY, M A R C H 1 3 , 2 0 1 1 • W W W.T H E L E D G E R . C O M 7

[ guide to polk | arts ]

Galleries Offer Art Exhibits
POLK MUSEUM OF ART For more information, including how to
volunteer, call 863-676-8426 or log onto
The Polk Museum of Art sponsors an
average of six to eight major exhibitions,
12 smaller-sized shows and eight student RIDGE ART ASSOCIATION
exhibitions every year. Beginning in April,
the museum is bringing in a special pho- The Ridge Art Association, one of Polk
tography exhibition, “Annie Leibovitz: County’s oldest art organizations, is known
Women.” also as one of the area’s most cutting-edge
In addition, the museum hosts live per- art galleries.
formances, lectures, discussions, classes The organization showcases local talent,
and workshops, as well as other special helping artists break into the art scene and
events held throughout the year. giving the public a chance to choose their
The art museum has 12,000 square feet favorites. The center also offers classes.
of exhibit space in nine galleries and a The association sponsors the annual
permanent collection that includes works Central Park Art Festival, held the third
by Henri Matisse, Marc Chagall, Robert weekend in March.
Mapplethorpe, Miriam Schapiro and Ansel The Ridge Art Gallery is at 210 Cypress
Adams. Gardens Blvd. S.W. in Winter Haven’s
The Polk Museum of Art is at 800 E. Chain of Lakes Complex.
Palmetto St., Lakeland, where it shares The gallery is open from 12:30 to 4 p.m.
a parking lot with the Lakeland Public Monday to Friday, and one hour before
Library. Theatre Winter Haven productions.
The museum is open from 1 to 5 p.m. Sun- Admission is free.
day and 10 a.m. to 5 p.m. Tuesday through For more information about the gal-
Saturday. It is closed Monday. There are lery or information about volunteering,
reduced hours during the summer. call 863-291-5661 or visit its website
General admission is $5. Seniors pay $4.
Members, students and children age 5 and
younger are admitted for free. Everyone ARTS ON THE PARK
is admitted free from 10 a.m. to noon on
Saturdays. Arts on the Park was established in 1979
For more information, call 863 - in an effort to bring creativity to Lakeland
688-7743 or log on to its website at through competitions, shows and special The Educa- events. The organization showcases local
tion Department can be reached at 863- talent, helping artists break into the art
688-5423 or 863-688-7743, ext. 230. scene and giving the public a chance to
choose their favorites.
LAKE WALES ARTS CENTER The gallery puts on 10 to 12 shows a year.
The upper floor of the gallery has been
The Lake Wales Arts Center is a cultural renovated and is rented by members to
center that offers everything from live mu- display their work. The artwork changes
sical performances and art exhibits to a frequently.
summer program for the children. Arts on the Park is at 115 N. Kentucky
Based in one of Polk County’s most dis- Ave., Lakeland. It is open from noon to 4
tinctive buildings, a renovated, Spanish p.m. Tuesday through Saturday.
Mission-style former Catholic church, the Admission is free.
center is operated by the nonprofit Lake For more information, call 863-680-2787
Wales Arts Council. or log onto
From the center, the council offers a va-
riety of art, music and dance classes and THE ART COTTAGE
instruction for both adults and children
during the fall and spring. The Art Cottage is located in a yellow
The Arts Center is also home for the house surrounded by a picket fence.
Lake Wales Chorale. Under the direction Opened 23 years ago by Velma and
of Robert Wilson, the chorale blends more Dexter Daniels, the gallery has a collec-
than 70 voices of people who enjoy choral tion of about 40 artists who specialize in
music and sharing their talents with the everything from paintings, stained glass
community. sculptures, jewelry, porcelain crafts, and
The Lake Wales Arts Center is at 1099 original note pads and papers.
State Road 60 E. It is open from 9 a.m. to Tuesday through Friday 10 a.m. to 4:30
4 p.m. Monday through Friday. Admission p.m. and by appointment. All of the pieces
to the gallery is free. are for sale.
Special events and live performances The Art Cottage is at 185 Ave. D N.W.,
have admission charges, which will be Winter Haven. For information on exhibits,
announced along with the event. call 863-294-2350.
8 T H E L E D G E R • S U N D AY, M A R C H 1 3 , 2 0 1 1 • W W W.T H E L E D G E R . C O M 8

[ guide to polk | music ]

Take Your Pick: Classical, Popular, Show Tunes

IMPERIAL SYMPHONY band standards, modern arrangements
ORCHESTRA and show tunes, all in the big band style, by
composers such as Glenn Miller and Tom-
Now in its 45th season, The Imperial my Dorsey, along with newer material.
Symphony Orchestra is a volunteer or- The Show Band performs 12 shows a
ganization composed of 90 local mu- year.
sicians, both amateurs and teaching All regular-season performances are at
professionals. 2 p.m. Saturdays and Sundays in the Fine
It began in 1965 with a group of musi- Arts Theatre at Polk State College, 999
cians led by Florida Southern College Ave. H N.E., Winter Haven.
Professor Ken Anderson and Lakeland The remaining concerts are April 9 and
businessman and educator Jay Erwin. Er- 10 and May 22.
win conducted, calling it Lakeland Civic Tickets are $8 each for donations to the
Symphony. PSC Foundation and are available only in
The orchestra’s season includes a sched- advance from the foundation.
ule of 12 serious, light classical and pops Tickets can be mail ordered by sending a
concerts performed around the county check to: Cultural Events, Polk State Col-
under the baton of music director and lege, Station 22, 999 Ave. H N.E., Winter
conductor Mark Thielen. Haven, FL 33881.
The symphony’s Masterworks Series For a ticket request form or for more in-
forms the heart of its schedule in the formation on the Over 55 Show Band, call
Youkey Theatre at The Lakeland Center, 863-297-1050.
701 W. Lime St. Concerts begin at 7:30 Credit card orders are available by
p.m. phone.
The next concert in the series is April 12 LEDGER FILE PHOTO (2001)
with “An Evening of Broadway.” Members THE IMPERIAL SYMPHONY ORCHESTRA has spent 45 years performing classical music BARTOW ADULT CONCERT BAND
of Lakeland Community Theatre will be throughout Polk County.
performing with the symphony. The Bartow Adult Concert Band pro-
All children and full-time students are vides a venue for experienced, volunteer
admitted free to the Masterworks Series. and Grand Series packages. Single tickets Lakeland, and April 10 at the Youkey The- musicians to perform in a series of popu-
An educational program, Tea and Sym- are $15. atre at The Lakeland Center, 701 W. Lime lar community concerts throughout the
phony, is presented a week before each of A Night at the Opera tickets are sold St., Lakeland. year.
the Masterworks Series concerts. The next separately. Ticket prices range from $20 to Concerts are at 2:30 p.m. Sundays, with Many of the band’s 70 musicians
program is April 5. $150 for adults and $10 to $50 for full-time a 1:45 p.m. preshow. have been playing all their lives, and
The early evening sessions include students and children 12 and younger. The shows are free, except for a parking most of them are full-time Polk County
comments by Thielen, excerpts from the Advance tickets for Concert Under the charge at The Lakeland Center. Parking is residents.
works to be performed, and tea and hors Stars at Bok Tower Gardens are priced free at Florida Southern College. Although the band is made up of adults
d’oeuvres. separately. Musicians are invited to join the band. of all ages, their target audience is the re-
For the 10th year, the orchestra presented For infor mation, ca ll the Impe- Rehearsals are held from 7 to 9 p.m. tired population around the county, and
“A Night at the Opera,” a fully staged opera rial Symphony Orchestra office at Mondays at The Lake Mirror Center, 121 band members come from all parts of the
with professional singers as a fundraising 863-688-3743 or visit the website at S. Lake St. in Lakeland. county.
event in January. To help raise money for the all-volunteer, Now in its 20th season, the band per-
The orchestra has an Outdoor Pops Se- nonprofit band, an offshoot group called forms one free concert a month in the Bar-
ries, with fall concerts in Lakeland and LAKELAND CONCERT BAND The Ambassadors Dance Band performs tow Civic Center between November and
Winter Haven. three fundraising dances each year. April. The civic center is located at 2250
Other events include the popular “Mu- The 80 musicians in the Lakeland Con- For more information, call 863 - S. Floral Ave.,
sic & Martinis,” and a Sunday afternoon cert Band range in age from teenagers to 660-8428 or see the band’s website at Upcoming concert sates are March 20,
“Cookie” concert for families. performers in their 90s. April 17, Nov. 6, Dec. 4., Jan. 15, 2012, Feb.
The cookie concerts and pop concerts Local members come not only from For information on The Ambassadors 19, 2012 and March 18, 2012 and April 15,
are free. Lakeland, but from other Central Florida Dance Band, call Hugh Patterson at 863- 2012.
The Imperial Symphony Orchestra con- communities such as Bartow, Dade City, 686-1312. All concerts are performed on Sunday
cludes its season April 30 with the Concert Plant City, Valrico, Winter Haven and beginning at 2:30 p.m. Concerts are free.
Under the Stars at Bok Tower Gardens. Zephyrhills. OVER 55 SHOW BAND An exception is the special concert ev-
The theme is “Tribute to Our Troops.” Other members are seasonal visitors from ery July 4 that typically fills the 1,000-seat
Season ticket packages range from $48 several northern states and Canada. In 1988, a music professor at Polk Com- civic center.
to $180 for adults. Children and full-time The band is in its 32nd season of per- munity College, now Polk State College, The band performs a wide variety of
students are free. forming a repertoire that ranges from in Winter Haven wondered whether there music, including marches, classics, Lat-
Maestro’s Circle package for $1,000 in- big band classics and pop standards to were enough senior citizen musicians to in-influenced pieces, jazz and Broadway
cludes two gold seats, reserved parking, Sousa marches, classical scores and show start a volunteer band. show tunes.
Tea and Symphony programs and after- tunes. The answer, Roger Hewitt found, was a Director John DeYoung, a retired Polk
concert receptions. Price includes a $500 The season genera lly begins in resounding yes. County high school band director, orga-
donation to the symphony. November. Now more than 20 years later, the Over nized the band in 1990, patterning it after
Single tickets for the concert series range The final performances are today at the 55 Show Band, which he still directs, re- similar concerts in northern states.
from $20 to $40 for adults. Branscomb Auditorium at Florida South- mains popular. For more information, call 863-534-
Admission is included in Maestro’s Circle ern College, 111 Lake Hollingsworth Drive, The group of 23 musicians performs big 0120.
9 T H E L E D G E R • S U N D AY, M A R C H 1 3 , 2 0 1 1 • W W W.T H E L E D G E R . C O M 9
10 T H E L E D G E R • S U N D AY, M A R C H 1 3 , 2 0 1 1 • W W W.T H E L E D G E R . C O M 10

[ guide to polk | theater ]

Local Theater Groups Raise
The Curtain on Live Shows
THEATRE WINTER HAVEN StageRead plays,and theater classes and
Since 1970, Theatre Winter Haven’s mis- StageRead plays, where actors use only a
sion has been to “nurture cultural growth few props while reading from scripts, are
by providing live theater through presen- also presented. These plays are usually of
tation, participation and training to the a serious nature.
community.” StageRead productions this season will
Today, TWH has about eight full-scale be “The Who’s Tommy,” which will be pre-
productions each year. sented March 15 and 16, and “Who’s Afraid
The upcoming Main Stage production is of Virginia Woolf,” which will be presented
“Dearly Departed,” which will be April 14 April 5 and 6.
through May 1. Besides offering many high-caliber
The theatre’s Summer Mummers Mu- performances a year, the theater has put
sical, “Evita,” will be performed July 22 together a senior citizens’ acting troupe
through Aug. 7. called Act IV Players. The elder thespians ERNST PETERS | THE LEDGER
TWH’s Theatre Academy productions bring the delights of live theater to other HAINES CITY COMMUNITY THEATRE presented Neil Simon’s “London Suite” in February.
are “The Sword in the Stone,” which will senior citizen in the community for free. Pictured rehearsing are, from left, David Smith, Dot Monahan and Jack Newton.
be presented April 25 through April 27 and Theatre Winter Haven presents its plays
“The Secret Garden,” which will be May at the Chain of Lakes Complex, 210 Cy-
18 through May 22. press Gardens Blvd. in Winter Haven. cal productions are $20 for adults and $17 StageRead plays are $10 each or $24 for
The academy program includes two Show times are at 7:30 p.m. Thursday for students. Theatre Academy tickets are a series of three.
main stage plays, two touring shows, through Saturday and 2:30 p.m. Sunday. $7 for adults and $5 for students 17 and
a summer musical for youngsters, Single tickets for musicals or nonmusi- younger. [ PLEASE SEE THEATER, 11 ]

2009 Small Business of the Year

Continuing a
Family Tradition of 42 Maxcy Plaza Circle

Quality, Haines City, FL 33844

Service & Office: (863) 419-9010

Fax: (863) 419-9020

Satisfaction Cell: (863) 242-3070
For Over 63 Years

195 Avenue A, NW Barbara Heddon

Downtown Founded in 1948 Owner,
Winter Haven by E.N. and Ann Griner Licensed Real Estate Broker
863-293-0151 or
11 T H E L E D G E R • S U N D AY, M A R C H 1 3 , 2 0 1 1 • W W W.T H E L E D G E R . C O M 11

[ guide to polk | theater ]

[ CONTINUED FROM 10 ] Intensive, scholarship programs, and on-
and-off-site training programming includ-
For more information about shows or to ing Family Fundamentals.

reach the box office, call 863-294-7469 or Florida Dance Theatre’s home is a
call the theater office at 863-299-2672. 4,000-square-foot facility at 305 W. Main
The t he a te r ’s website is St. in downtown Lakeland. For more information about the com-
pany and its performances, call Ar-
LAKELAND COMMUNITY THEATRE tistic and Founding Director Carol

Erkes at 863-802-0399 or e-mail her at
Lakeland Community Theatre, formerly
the Pied Piper Players, has been delighting T h e t h e a t e r ’s w e b s i t e i s a t
audiences with productions since 1985.
More than 800 volunteers a year donate
their time to keeping the theater strong. COMEDY BUFFET
The theater also offers children’s
classes. Comedy Buffet, a Polk comedy improvi-
The 2010-11 season began in September sational troupe, dishes out laughter every
with five main stage shows, two youth Friday in at various locations.
shows and a few special productions. The material is appropriate for the whole
Performances are held at the Lake Mirror family.
Center, 121 S. Lake Ave., but renovations In addition to regular performances,
has forced some temporary relocation. there are competition shows between
Curtain times are 7:30 p.m. Thursdays performers.
to Saturdays and 2 p.m. Sundays. Select For those who want to sharpen their
shows are also held at 2 p.m. Saturdays. funny bones, Comedy Buffet also offers
Single tickets are $20 for adults, $10 for Improv Comedy Classes for teens and will
students 18 and younger, and $15 for col- likely have classes for adults again.
lege students. A college ID is required. Ticket prices vary. Call 863-299-5698
Children’s Theatre tickets are $9 for adults for information. The troupe’s website is
and $7 for students 18 and younger.
For box office information and informa-
tion about volunteering or trying out for a FSC VAGABONDS
part, call 863-603-7529.
The Lakeland Commu- Florida Southern College’s student the-
nity T he a t r e ’s website is: ater company, the Vagabonds, stages four productions during the academic year in
Buckner Theatre on the college campus.
LAKE WALES LITTLE THEATRE Florida Southern College is at 111 Lake
Hollingsworth Drive, Lakeland.
The Lake Wales Little Theatre offers Reserved tickets for individual perfor-
three adult productions each season that mances are $15 for general admission, free
run for three weekends. for FSC students and $7.50 for non-FSC
The season also includes one children’s students. Group rates are also available.
production and one teen production. They For more information, call 863-680-
each run for two weekends. 4226. To reach the box office, call 863-
The Little Theatre gives all its perfor- 680-3089.
mances in the former Lake Wales High The troupe’s website is www.flsouthern.
School band building at 411 N. Third St. edu/academics/theatre/vagabonds.htm.
in Lake Wales.
Show times are 7:30 p.m. Fridays and HAINES CITY COMMUNITY
Saturdays, and 2 p.m. Sundays.
Single tickets for adult shows are $14 for
adults and $10 for students and children 18
and younger. Ticket prices for next season The Haines City Community Theatre,
are subject to change. which began as a way to raise money for
Children and teen production tickets Haines City High School in 1980, now puts
are $10 for adults and $7 for students and on about three productions a year.
children 18 and younger.
For ticket information, call the box office
at 863-679-8587.
The theater’s offerings include dramas,
mysteries and comedies.
The Haines City Community Theatre
For other inquiries, call 863-676-1266 or stages its performances at the Clay Cut
go to Center, 801 Ledwith Ave.
Show times vary.
Orthopedic Clinic
FLORIDA DANCE THEATRE A season subscription costs $25. Single
tickets are $10. Tickets for groups of 20 or Swan Medical Center
Florida Dance Theatre is a contemporary more are $8 each. /PSUI#MWE 4VJUF" +VTU0ò)XZ/
ballet and modern dance company and For more information about performanc- ___________________
training academy that performs around es or auditions, call 863-421-1893. Heartland Professional Plaza
the county and the entire state. The t he a te r ’s website is 64)JHIXBZ/PSUIt4FCSJOH '-t
Its outreach programs include a Summer
12 T H E L E D G E R • S U N D AY, M A R C H 1 3 , 2 0 1 1 • W W W.T H E L E D G E R . C O M 12

[ guide to polk | museums ]

Museums Offer More Than a History Lesson

EXPLORATIONS V CHILDREN’S and Tuesdays, Thursdays and Saturdays
MUSEUM from October through May.

The focus is on young people at Explora- FORT MEADE HISTORICAL

tions V Children’s Museum in Lakeland.
Here, children can visit an orange grove,
plunge into a wet wildlife habitat, shop in
a supermarket just for kids, broadcast the The Fort Meade Historical Museum is a
news, perform on stage and explore the picture into the city’s past.
mysteries of the human body, all in one Restored since the hurricanes in 2004,
place. the museum welcomes visitors to experi-
Children and their families can explore ence and view a part of the city’s history.
three floors of kid-powered exhibits de- Among the artifacts, the museum dis-
signed to provide a hands-on, fun-fi lled plays pictures, clothing and items from
adventure in learning using all five pioneer families, teaching utensils, farm
senses. tools and early newspaper clippings.
The museum features interactive ex- Uniforms of past Fort Meade military
hibits and engaging arts and science men are also on display.
prog r a m s of fer i ng a jou r ney of Guests can also see a phosphate display
discovery. with fossils and shark teeth.
Explorations V Children’s Museum is The museum occupies a 19th-century,
located at 109 N. Kentucky Ave. in down- two-story wood structure thought to be
town Lakeland. the home of the first indoor school in the
The museum is open from 9 a.m. to 5:30 city.
p.m. Monday through Saturday. It is closed LEDGER FILE PHOTO (2003)
The Fort Meade Historical Museum is at
Sundays and major holidays. RICK OLIVO teaches children the painting style of Winslow Homer during a painting class at Broadway and Tecumseh Avenue.
Currently admission is $5 per person. Explorations V Children’s Museum in Lakeland. The museum has three floors of activities and The museum is open from 10 a.m. to
Seniors 65 and older pay $2.50. A price exhibits for children. noon Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday and
change is scheduled for June 1 to $7 a Saturday. Admission is free.
person. FROSTPROOF HISTORICAL ing for the museum. The Fort Meade Historical Society ac-
Children younger than 2 and museum MUSEUM Inside the museum, visitors can find his- cepts donations for the museum.
members are admitted free. torical artifacts that are important to the Checks may be sent to: The Fort Meade
Annual family memberships, field trips, The building that is home to the Frost- city’s history. There are also photographs, Historical Society, P.O. Box 1021, Fort
birthday parties and private rentals are proof Historical Museum was built in 1922. maps, newspapers, books and other re- Meade, FL 33841.
available. It was the site of the first public library in cords in the genealogical section. For more information or to volunteer,
For additional information, call 863-687- town. The Frostproof Historical Museum is at contact Don Marchman, the president of
3869 or email After the Latt Maxcy Memorial Library 210 S. Scenic Highway. the Historical Society by writing the his-
The museum’s website is w w w.- was established in 1978, the Frostproof The museum is open from 1 to 4 p.m. Historical Society began to use the build- Saturdays from June through September [ PLEASE SEE MUSEUMS, 13 ]

“Serving Lakeland to Polk County since 1946”
Since 1993

Y Comfort
Call me today to hear about these optional features:
New Car Replacement, Accident Forgiveness and
ou Could Deductible Rewards.
Since 1946 (863) 294 7637
Have Wood! Full Service Shoe Store
Hard to Find Widths & Sizes
4820 US Hwy 98 N, Suite 1
Lakeland 33809 BRUCE "Col" SANDERS
M - F: 9:00-5:30
Saturday: By Appointment WINTER HAVEN Rockport Skechers Safety Shoes Soft Spot Converse Safety Shoes
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863-858-5612 New Store Hours: Mon.-Fri. 9:30-5:30, Saturday 9:30-5:00

See our Gallery! LAKELAND

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Patent pending. Allstate Fire and Casualty Insurance Company; Northbrook, IL. © 2009 Allstate Insurance Company 1621 B Edgewood Dr. -BLFMBOEt 5PMM'SFF
13 T H E L E D G E R • S U N D AY, M A R C H 1 3 , 2 0 1 1 • W W W.T H E L E D G E R . C O M 13

[ guide to polk | museums ]

[ CONTINUED FROM 12 ] THE MARGARET KAMPSEN of the world. The museum reflects the in- the former home of Ephriam Mikell Bay-
torical society. The museum’s number is HISTORIC DUNDEE DEPOT dustry’s long history in Polk and it also dis- nard, one of the city’s founders. Baynard
863-285-7474. MUSEUM plays many of the fossils that were turned is known for rebuilding the city with his
up during phosphate mining through the own money after devastating fires in the
LAKE WALES DEPOT MUSEUM The Margaret Kampsen Historic Dundee years. early 1900s.
Depot Museum focuses on the town’s The museum is in the city’s historic 1899 The two-story, wood-frame house, built
The Lake Wales Depot Museum displays history, the citrus industry, which was a railroad depot, supplemented by four rail- in 1894, is on the National Register of His-
trains big and small, including a 1944 die-source of town pride for decades, and the road boxcars, a caboose and an engine. toric Places.
sel locomotive on the outside and a scale- railroads that produced its setting. The gallery contains artifacts from the After the city acquired it in 1992, the
model railroad on the inside. The museum, which opened in 1998, community’s history, including remnants building was restored through the com-
Officially named The Lake Wales De- showcases early photographs and news- of the tree from which the town takes its bined efforts of the city and students from
pot Museum and Cultural Center, but most paper articles, as well as memorabilia name. Auburndale High School.
popularly referred to as The Depot, the from citrus packing houses, and the At- The Mulberry Phosphate Museum is 101 In May 1997, the Baynard House opened
museum is housed in a 1928 former rail- lantic Coast Line and Seaboard Air Line S.E. First St., at State Road 37, one block as a museum and special events venue.
road depot. railroads. south of State Road 60 in downtown Mul- This year, the house will be the site of
The museum consists of four buildings The Margaret Kampsen Historic Dundee berry, behind City Hall. various events as Auburndale celebrates
at 325 S. Scenic Highway, along with a Depot Museum is at 102 Main St. in The museum is open from 10 a.m. to 4:30 its centennial the week of May 25-28.
red caboose from 1926 and a 1916 Pull- downtown. p.m. Tuesday through Saturday. The Baynard House Museum is open for
man car. The museum is open from 10 a.m. to 3 Admission is free, but donations are tours upon request. The house is at 208
In addition to railroad-themed history, p.m. Thursdays and Saturdays. accepted. W. Lake Ave., just off Lake Stella near
the museum has several permanent exhib- Admission is free. For more information, call 863-425- downtown.
its about local industries and the history Donations are accepted, and can be sent 2823. For more information, call the city’s
of Lake Wales. to: P.O. Box 1254, Dundee, FL 33838. Information is also available on the Parks and Recreation Department at 863-
The museum is open from 8 a.m. to 5 For more information, call the museum Greater Mulberry Chamber of Commerce 965-5545.
p.m. Monday through Friday, and 10 a.m. at 863-439-1312 or 863-419-3145 or visit website at
to 4 p.m. Saturday. It is closed Sunday andthe website at attractions.htm. POLK COUNTY HISTORICAL
national holidays.
younger 12 free. Donations are accepted.
For more information, call 863-678- The Phosphate Museum covers the dis- One of the oldest remaining houses in The silver-domed building that houses
4209 or visit the museum’s website at covery of phosphate in the 1880s and the Auburndale is a repository for reminders the Polk County Historical Museum is one E-mail development of the mining industry that of the city’s history.
is once made Mulberry the phosphate capital The Baynard House Museum occupies [ PLEASE SEE MUSEUMS, 14 ]



BARTOW 863-519-0101
101 W. MAIN ST.


LAKELAND 863-686-5105




Member FDIC
14 T H E L E D G E R • S U N D AY, M A R C H 1 3 , 2 0 1 1 • W W W.T H E L E D G E R . C O M 14

[ guide to polk | museums ]

[ CONTINUED FROM 13 ] Polk County Historical and Genealogical Admission is free. AMERICAN WATER SKI
of the most striking sights in the county. Library, locally one of the best resources For more information, call 863-534- EDUCATIONAL FOUNDATION
The inside is just as compelling for those for genealogists. 4380 or visit the museum website at
with an interest in the county’s past. The Ancestry database is a much sought- The American Water Ski Educational
One exhibit highlights the Native Ameri- after one that contains family history data Foundation is home to the Water Ski Ex-
cans who originally inhabited the territory for the entire world. FLORIDA AIR MUSEUM perience Hall of Fame and Museum.
that would become Polk County. The dis- It is expensive for individuals to buy, but When guests enter the big blue build-
play includes a dugout canoe found in the the library has made it available to users The Florida Air Museum at Sun ’n Fun ing off Interstate 4, they sign into an in-
bed of a local lake. for free through the Polk County Library displays a variety of aircraft and artifacts teractive guest book under a giant ski
Florida’s Natural World, a room covered Cooperative. covering the history of the first 100 years handle.
in murals, displays the state’s varied habi- The only condition is that users must of flight. From there, they are introduced to a
tats, ranging from wetlands to the sandy come to the Historical and Genealogical The 20,000-square-foot museum houses timeline starting with the creation of wa-
Lake Wales Ridge. Library or one of the other public libraries a collection of approximately 45 experi- ter skiing in 1922 and continuing through
The museum occupies parts of the first in the county. mental and home-built aircraft along to the modern era with the latest in ski
and second floors of the Old County Court- In addition to genealogical records, the with several assorted outdoor displays. technology.
house in downtown Bartow. Two court- library has holdings of historical docu- Overall, the museum exhibits more than For kicks, guests can buckle into a vir-
rooms from the 1908 building have been ments and photos about Polk County, 80 aircraft. tual water ski machine to get a hint of
preserved for the benefit of visitors. including a microfilmed set of Ledger The museum is operated by the Sun ’n the exhilaration felt speeding across a
The Polk County Historical Museum, 100 archives. Fun Aviation Foundation, a nonprofit or- lake.
E. Main St. in Bartow, is open from 9 a.m. The library’s catalog can be seen on the ganization that was founded in 1987. The American Water Ski Educational
to 5 p.m. Tuesday to Friday and 9 a.m. to website of the Polk County Library Coop- The Florida Air Museum is at 4175 Me- Foundation and Hall of Fame is at 1251
3 p.m. Saturday. erative, dulla Road in Lakeland. Holy Cow Road in Polk City.
Admission is free. A website, The museum is open from noon to 4 p.m. It is open from 10 a.m. to 5 p.m. Monday
For more information, call 863-534-4386 historical, is equipped with many online Sunday, 9 a.m. to 5 p.m. Monday to Friday through Friday. Weekend tours are avail-
or visit the museum’s website at www. resources which can be accessed from any and 10 a.m. to 4 p.m. Saturday. able by appointment. Group tours are also computer. Admission is $10 for adults, $8 for se- by appointment all week.
The Polk County Historical and Genea- niors and $6 for students. Children young- Admission is $5 for adults, $4 for se-
POLK COUNTY HISTORICAL AND logical Library is in the east wing of the er than 5 are admitted free. niors and $3 for children younger than
Old Polk County Courthouse, 100 E. Main For more information, call 863-644-0741 12. Children age 5 and younger are ad-
GENEALOGICAL LIBRARY St. in downtown Bartow. or log onto the website www.floridaairmu- mitted free.
Hours are 9 a.m. to 5 p.m. Tuesday or For more information, call 863 -
Have you ever wanted to track your fam- through Saturday, except national holi- and click on the museum link at the top of 324-2472 or log on to the website at
ily ancestry? If so, look no further than the days. It is closed Sunday and Monday. the Sun ’n Fun Fly-in page.


Cremation Florida Living at its Best
$ The Premier 55+ Community

INCLUDES: Kevin Branham
Us! Tamara Lee
Davenport, Florida Across from
Serving All Central Florida MAJOR CREDIT Grasslands Golf
863-421-4900 - TOLL FREE 888-234-1192 CARDS ACCEPTED & Country Club
15 T H E L E D G E R • S U N D AY, M A R C H 1 3 , 2 0 1 1 • W W W.T H E L E D G E R . C O M 15

[ guide to polk | festivals ]

Festivals Celebrate Aviation, Arts and Autos

MIDFLORIDA MAYFAIRE-BY-THE- $4 for students. CENTRAL PARK ART FESTIVAL annually celebrates one of Central Flori-
LAKE For more information, call 863-534- da’s favorite locally grown fruit, ends to-
3766. More than 90 artists compete annually day. The festival is held at the Plant City
MidFlorida Mayfaire-By-The-Lake will be for prizes and purchase awards at the Fairgrounds, 303 N. Lemon St., just south
held from 9 a.m. to 4 p.m. May 7 and 8 on SUN ‘N FUN FLY-IN Central Park Art Festival. of U.S. 92.
the shores of Lake Morton near downtown The 2011 Central Park Art Festival will Admission and ticket prices vary.
Lakeland. The Sun ‘n Fun Fly-In is one of the be held March 19 from 10 a.m. to 5 p.m. and For more information, call 813-752-
Art work ranges from jewelry to photo- largest aviation events in the country. March 20 from 10 a.m. to 4 p.m. 9194 or visit the festival’s website at
graphs with all art work for sale. The 2011 Sun ‘n Fun Fly-In is scheduled For more information, call the Ridge
Admission is free. for March 29 to April 3 at Lakeland Art Association at 863-291-5661 or visit
For more information, call 863- Linder Regional Airport on Drane Field
688-7743, ext. 237, e-mail mayfaire@ Road south of Lakeland. BLOOMIN’ ARTS FESTIVAL or log onto Daily admission varies and packages are available. LAKE WALES MARDI GRAS Art isn’t the only draw to this yearly fes-
For more information, contact the Sun tival. There is a car show, flower show and
CRACKER STORYTELLING FESTIVAL ‘n Fun Fly-In at 863-644-2431 or visit its This pre-Lent event may not be as big kid-friendly activities.
website at as celebrations in New Orleans and other The 40th Bloomin’ Arts Festival was held
The spoken narrative with a Florida cities, but it’s still fun. March 5 and 6.
flavor comes to life each year with the ALAFIA RIVER RENDEZVOUS The 27th Lake Wales Mardi Gras was Admission is free.
Cracker Storytelling Festival. This year’s held March 5. For more information, contact the
festival will take place from 9 a.m. to The Alafia River Rendezvous will be held Admission is free. Greater Bar tow Chamber of Com-
3 p.m. Oct. 8 and 9 a.m. to noon Oct. 9 in January 2012 at the end of Azalea Street For more infor mation, log onto merce at 863-533-7125 or online at
at Homeland Heritage Park, off Second in Homeland, south of State Road 640, just
Avenue, one block south of County Road west of U.S. 17-98.
640 in Homeland. The Whip Cracking Dates will be set later. STRAWBERRY FESTIVAL
Contest will be at noon Oct. 9. For more information, log onto the web-
Admission is $6 for adults and site This year’s Strawberry Festival, which [ PLEASE SEE FESTIVALS, 16 ]

We preserve values passed on through generations.

Community values are like crops. The roots are deep, they must be cultivated and protected,
and most of all, grown responsibly. At Mosaic, we know quite a bit about all three.

We provide American farmers with nutrients to grow the food we need. But our work doesn’t
stop there. After mining the natural phosphate needed to make our products, we reclaim the
land for recreational and environmental uses. The same deep-rooted traditions shared by our
community are values we champion every day.

A better Florida and a better world
16 T H E L E D G E R • S U N D AY, M A R C H 1 3 , 2 0 1 1 • W W W.T H E L E D G E R . C O M 16

[ guide to polk | festivals ]

The Bluegrass, Clogging and BBQ Cook-
off Festival runs March 17 through March
20 at International Market World, 1052
U.S. 92 W., Auburndale.
Tickets are $20 for Thursday’s dinner
shows, and $20 on Friday and Saturday.
Donations are accepted Sunday. A four-day
pass is $50 in advance or $60 at the gate.
The flea market area is free.
For more information, call International
Market World at 863-665-0062 or visit the
website at


Pioneer Days not only pays tribute to
long-deceased city founders, it also honors
a living contributor to the city’s heritage
with the presentation of the Pioneer of the
Year award.
Lake Wales Pioneer Days will be held
from 9 a.m. to 5 p.m. Oct. 29 and 11 a.m. to
4 p.m. Oct. 30. There is also a quilt recep-
tion the evening of Oct. 29.
Admission and parking is free.
For more information, call the Depot
Museum at 863-678-4209 or visit www. LEDGER FILE PHOTO (2003)
shtml AERIAL DEMONSTRATION TEAMS are a popular feature of the annual Sun ‘n Fun fly-In held in Lakeland. This photo shows the Aeroshell
Team flying their T-6 planes performing an airshow.

LAKE MIRROR CLASSIC AUTO BLOODHOUND BASH school groups may be arranged during until late afternoon at Heritage Park, a
FESTIVAL the shows. 9-acre site at 8950 N. Campbell Road, off
The Bloodhound Bash is held at the For information on the Florida Fly- West Socrum Loop Road.
The Lake Mirror Classic Auto Festival Auburndale City Park in downtown, on wheelers Antique Engine Club’s 2011- Admission is free.
attracts hundreds of classic vehicles each the evening before the Auburndale High 12 schedule, or for more information Information call 686-9036 or 859-6853.
year and thousands of people who like to School football homecoming game. The about the club or the park, call 863-285- For vendor information, call 859-3280 or
look at them. date will be announced later this year. 9121 or log onto the club’s website at email The so-
This year’s festival will be held Admission is free. ciety’s website is
Oct. 14 to Oct. 16 at the Lake Mirror Prom- For more information, call Auburn- It’s located at 7000 Avon Park Cutoff
enade and on Tennessee, Kentucky and dale’s Parks and Recreation Depart- Road, three miles south of U.S. 98 or eight SPIRIT OF THE BUFFALO
Massachusetts avenues in downtown ment at 863-965-5545 or log onto miles west of U.S. 27.
For more information, call 863 - KATHLEEN HERITAGE DAY The Spirit of the Buffalo Pow Wow is
683 -2228 or log onto the website LAKE WALES ART SHOW held every January at International Mar-
FESTIVAL ket World, 1052 U.S. 92 in Auburndale.
The 40th Lake Wales Art Show will be The Kathleen Area Historical Society Dates will be announced for next year’s
from 10 a.m. to 5 p.m. March 26 and 27 on Heritage Day Festival will be held on Sat- event.
HAINES CITY FALL FESTIVAL the shores of Lake Wailes. urday, March 19 at Heritage Park, a 9-acre For more information call International
The two-day event draws about 130 art- site at 8950 N. Campbell Road, off West Market World at 863-665-0062 or on the
The Haines City Fall Festival has grown ists and 30,000 people each year. Socrum Loop Road, across from Bethel Web at
from a sidewalk sale to a full-blown event Admission is free. Baptist Church in Lakeland.
with entertainment, food and arts and For more information or to volunteer, Admission is free. GREEK FESTIVAL
crafts. call 863-676-8426 or log on to the website For more information call Bootsie
The 2011 Haines City Fall Festival will Smith 863-686-9036 or Bonnie May- The St. Sophia Greek Orthodox Church
be held from 10 a.m. to 2 p.m. Oct. 29 at hew 863-859- 6853. The website is Greek Festival typically takes place over a
Railroad Park in downtown Haines City. FLORIDA FLYWHEELERS ANTIQUE three-day weekend in February.
Admission and parking are free. The church is at 1030 Bradbury Road off
For more information, call Haines
ENGINE CLUB of State Road 540, or Winter Lake Road,
City Parks and Recreation Depart- Admission for November, January, and
KATHLEEN FALL FESTIVAL west of Winter Haven.
ment at 863-421-3700. The website is February shows is $7 per person or a The Kathleen Area Historical Society Times, dates and admission cost will be
www. four-day pass for $21. Children younger Fall Festival will be Oct. 15. announced later. For more information,
than 12 are admitted for free. Visits by The festival will begin at 9 a.m. and run call 863-299-4532.
17 T H E L E D G E R • S U N D AY, M A R C H 1 3 , 2 0 1 1 • W W W.T H E L E D G E R . C O M 17

Serving Central Florida Since 1991

Thank You, Polk County
As we mark our 20th anniversary, The Center for Retina and Macular Disease would like to thank our patients and the medical
community for placing your trust in us to provide comprehensive retina care.
In 1991, Dr. David Misch founded this practice from a small office in Winter Haven. Today, The Center for Retina and Macular
Disease has grown to eight locations and a team of highly trained physicians dedicated to providing exceptional retina care and
innovative treatments. We are also proud to offer an extensive clinical research department and a complete low vision rehabili-
tation program.
Our deepest respect and appreciation,
Adam Berger, MD Benjamin Kim, MD
Sonya Braudway, OD David Misch, MD
Karen Gehrs, MD Jin Moon, MD
Richard Hamilton, MD Michael Tolentino, MD

A Special Thank You to Our Patients

It has been a great honor to serve this community for the past 20 years. We look forward to a future of continuing to offer quality retina care to
the individuals of Central Florida.

A Special Thank You to the Medical Community

We credit our success to building strong partnerships with our referring physicians. Together we provide better quality eye care for individuals
in our community. We look forward to many more years serving your practice, your patients and Central Florida.

A Special Thank You to Our Staff

Our continued success has been made possible through the trust that the medical community has placed in us for the care and treatment of
their patients. You, the CRMD staff, have played an integral role in achieving this success. You are exceptional by all measures and we
appreciate your continued hard work and commitment to this practice.
Thank you for being part of the CRMD team!
1735 E Hwy 50, Suite A 3133 Lakeland Hills Blvd 4180 US Highway 27 S
Clermont, FL 34711 Lakeland, FL 33805 Sebring, FL 33870
(352) 243-7311 (863) 683-6699 (863) 385-4220
Dr. Adam Berger, Dr. Jin Moon, 137 Patterson Rd 250 Avenue K, SW 6719 Gall Blvd, Suite 206
& Dr. Karen Gehrs
Dr. Sonya Braudway, Haines City, FL 33844 Winter Haven, FL 33880 Zephyrhills, FL 33540
Dr. Michael Tolentino, (863) 422-5737 (863) 297-5400 (813) 788-8388
Dr. Benjamin Kim, Toll Free: 1-800-472-8867
& Dr. Richard Hamilton
210 US Highway 27 N 2002 S Alexander St
Avon Park, FL 33825 Plant City, FL 33563

Dedicated to providing the most modern and complete retina care available.
18 T H E L E D G E R • S U N D AY, M A R C H 1 3 , 2 0 1 1 • W W W.T H E L E D G E R . C O M 18


■ Enrollment: 92,000 students in kindergarten through 12th These are average scores on the 2009 Florida Pre-K students are not included.
grades as of November 2010. Comprehensive Assessment Test. The FCAT is YEAR STUDENTS
■ Schools: Polk has 160 school sites and centers including 66 required in Florida. The scale for reading and 2010-11 92,000
elementary schools, 19 middle schools and 17 high schools. math is 100 to 500. The scale for writing is 0 to 6.
Students in grades 3 to 10 take the FCAT. Only students 2009-10 92,520
Also included are charter schools, career centers, adult
schools and alternative schools. in grades 4, 8 and 10 take the FCAT writing test. 2008-09 92,493
■ Personnel: The district is the largest employer in Polk READING MATH WRITING 2000-01 78,003
County with nearly 12,000 employees. About half of those Grade Polk Fla. Polk Fla. Polk Fla.
are employed as teachers.
■ Personnel: Seven School Board members are elected to
3rd 303 314 332 337 –– –– STUDENT BREAKDOWN
SHERRIE NICKELL 4th 312 323 322 330 3.7 3.8
four-year terms. The chairwoman is Kay Fields. Board Superintendent
members must live in the geographic district in which they 5th 300 310 330 336 –– –– White: 49.2%
■ Phone: 534-0521
run for office, but are elected by a countywide vote. Sherrie ■ E-mail: 6th 304 315 305 319 –– ––
Nickell, who was hired in 2010, is the second appointed and 7th 313 322 302 314 –– –– Hispanic Black
second female superintendent in Polk County. 23.8% 23.6%
8th 302 312 314 324 4 4.1
9th 307 317 299 311 –– –– Other: 3.4%
10th 295 310 321 331 3.7 3.9
Graduation rates
These are the school for 2009-10. A comparison of
grades for Polk’s 114 students entering ninth grade
schools. School grades A: 36 with the number of students
are based primarily on C: 47 graduating four years later.
students’ 2009 FCAT State officials are excluding GED
B: 22
District 1 District 2 District 3 scores recipients.
■ Term expires: Nov. 2012 ■ Term expires: Nov. 2012 ■ Term expires: Nov. 2014 SOURCE: Florida Department of Education SCHOOL 2010 2009
■ Phone: 647-1390 ■ Phone: 224-3334 ■ Phone: 533-4392 Polk County 73.2% 71.6%
■ E-mail: ■ E-mail: ■ E-mail: 2009-10 BUDGET Florida 79.0% 76.3%
The general fund budget of $744.3 million is the
operating portion of the budget. SAT SCORES 2009-10
REVENUES: $744.3 million
Auburndale 471 489 457
Federal sources
Bartow1 487 476 464
Transfers Chain of Lakes 520 504 498
$46,469,075 Fort Meade 491 460 479
Beginning fund balance sources Frostproof 503 502 489
$68,818,030 $445,827,805 George Jenkins 505 506 487
Local revenue Haines City2 479 466 459
District 4 District 5 District 6 Harrison (Arts) 556 513 524
■ Term expires: Nov. 2012 ■ Term expires: Nov. 2014 ■ Term expires: Nov. 2014 EXPENDITURES: $744.3 million Int’l Baccalaureate 636 636 618
■ Phone: 324-6470 ■ Phone: 802-5483 ■ Phone: 292-9922 Kathleen 437 435 422
■ E-mail: ■ E-mail: Instructional $481,151,250 Pupil personnel 12,490,220 Lake Gibson 481 479 456
Instructional media 2,836,733 Lake Region 483 493 479
Write to members Curriculum development 3,323,582 Lake Wales 453 481 438
District 5 District 7
at P.O. Box 391, Instructional staff training 773,634 Lakeland3 497 486 470
33 Bartow, FL 33831. Instructional technology 6,010,588 McKeel Academy 473 491 450
98 Polk
City 4
The main number School Board 2,977,227 Mulberry 466 479 442
27 is 534-0500.
Davenport General administration 2,611,745 PS Collegiate 526 502 508
School administration 40,277,395
570 Ridge Community 448 442 422
City Facilities acquisition const. 9,991,575
Winter Fiscal services 3,275,200 Tenoroc 453 455 440
Haven Winter Haven 478 478 456
District 4 Food services 45,108,200
TIM HARRIS Central services 15,420,637 Polk 491 487 471
Wales District 7 Pupil transportation serv. 34,029,209 Florida 496 498 479
Bartow ■ Term expires: Nov. 2014 Operation of plant 49,844,518 U.S. 501 516 492
Dist. 6 60
■ Phone: 808-0005 Maintenance of plant 27,783,016
District 1 District 2 ■ E-mail: 1 Includes Summerlin Academy students.
Fort 27 Administrative technology 5,038,495 SOURCE: 2 Includes Haines City Int’l Bacc. students.
Meade Community services 323,374 School 3 Includes Harrison Center students.
98 Frostproof District
37 SOURCE: Debt service 1,379,857 Web site: SOURCE: Polk County School District,
District 3 5 miles
Polk County Ending fund balance 44,855,450 Florida Department of Education
School District
19 T H E L E D G E R • S U N D AY, M A R C H 1 3 , 2 0 1 1 • W W W.T H E L E D G E R . C O M 19



®  
20 T H E L E D G E R • S U N D AY, M A R C H 1 3 , 2 0 1 1 • W W W.T H E L E D G E R . C O M 20

[ guide to polk | schools ]

Polk Has a Variety A Sampling of Polk’s Private Schools
K-4 through 12th grade.

Of School Types Polk County has a number of private high schools

for general education.
These are the major ones:
The school is accredited by the Association of
Christian Schools International, the Southern As-
sociation of Colleges and Schools, the Council on
Accreditation and School Improvement, the Florida
Polk County has the eighth- ■ Transfer papers from pre- ALL SAINTS’ ACADEMY Council of Independent Schools and the Florida Kin-
largest school district in Flor- vious school with address and All Saints’ Academy is an independent, college- dergarten Council.
ida. Within the district are a phone number if that school preparatory school with classes from pre-school to Tuition for 2011-12 school year for K-4 and K-5 is
plethora of school types. was not a Polk public school. 12th grade. $7,365; grades 1-5 is $8,035; grades 6-12 is $8,395.
In Polk County, most ele- ■ Birth certificate and proof The school, with an enrollment of about 600, is A second and third child each receive a 20 percent
mentary schools serve kinder- of age. affiliated with the Episcopal Church. discount, while each additional child costs $2,500.
garten through fi fth grades; ■ A medical shot record It is accredited by the Florida Council of Inde- The school is located at 1111 Forest Park St., Lake-
middle schools serve grades (HRS form 680) and list of pendent Schools and the Florida Kindergarten land. The phone is 863-688-2771. The website is
six through eight; and high current immunizations. Council.
schools, grades nine through ■ A physical from the past Annual tuition for 2011-12 is $7,199 per year
12. 12 months if the student has for prekindergarten and kindergarten; $9,013 for LANDMARK CHRISTIAN
Polk has 161 schools, includ- never been enrolled in a Flor- grades 1 to 5; $11,065 for grades 6 to 8; and $11,408 Landmark Christian School includes grades preK
ing 66 elementary, 19 middle ida school. for grades 9 to 12. A sibling discount of 5 percent through 12. The school also has a college.
and 17 high schools. ■ Two proofs of residency is available. The school, operated by Landmark Baptist Church,
Included in the number that show guardian’s name The school is located at 5001 State Road 540 W., is accredited by the Florida Association of Christian
of schools are eight mag- and street address. Proofs between Winter Haven and Lakeland. The phone is Colleges and Schools and the Sunshine State As-
net schools and 11 choice of residence include a utility 863-293-5980. sociation of Christian Schools.
schools. bill, voter registration card, Its website is Annual tuition for the 2011-12 school year is pre-
Other programs available property tax bill, mortgage, school $3,070; kindergarten through sixth grade
include career schools, adult deed, rental lease documents HAVEN CHRISTIAN ACADEMY $3,200; seventh through 12th, $3,470. Discounts for
schools, alternative education or government benefits docu- Beginning in June, Haven Christian Academy be- additional children are available. A Step Up program
centers, conversion charter ments. Driver license and ve- comes Oasis Christian Academy. It is affiliated with that pays up to 100 percent of tuition is available.
schools and start-up charter hicle registration papers are Oasis Church with pre-school through 12th grade. The school is at 2020 E. Hinson Ave., Haines
schools. not acceptable. The school is accredited by the Florida Association City. The phone is 863-422-2037. The website is
Polk County is home to Mc- For more information, call of Christian Colleges and Schools and the Associa-
Keel Academy in Lakeland, the Polk County School Dis- tion of Christian Schools International.
the first conversion charter trict Office of Pupil Account- Annual tuition for 2011-12 is $4,995 for kindergar- SANTA FE CATHOLIC HIGH SCHOOL
school in the state, as well as ing at 863-534-0716. ten through 12th grade. Preschool is $4,800 for full Santa Fe Catholic High School is a coeducational
the first charter school district To register at a charter day and $3,600 for half day. The school has upgraded institution of the Diocese of Orlando with grades 9
in the state at Lake Wales. school, contact the school its sports programs and joined FHSAA. to 12.
directly. The school is at 2105 King Road, Winter Ha- The school is accredited by the Southern Associa-
TO REGISTER More information, includ- ven. The phone is 863-293-0930. The website is tion of Colleges and Schools.
The following are required ing contact information for Annual tuition for 2011-12 is $8,900 for one child,
to enroll a student in a Polk district and charter schools $16,465 for two children and $23,140.
County public school: can be found on the district’s LAKELAND CHRISTIAN SCHOOL The school is at 3110 U.S. 92 E., Lakeland.
■ Proof of l e g a l website at Lakeland Christian School is a nondenominational The phone is 863-665- 4188. The website is
guardianship. — Merissa Green Christian school with more than 1,000 students in


Polk Museum of Art

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800 East Palmetto Street We Listen You Hear
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[ guide to polk | colleges ]

USF Polytechnic
By CARY McMULLEN campus is tentatively scheduled to open
Your Healthcare Partners THE LEDGER
The University of South Florida Poly-
in 2013, pending funding for construction
from the Florida Legislature.
technic is one of four campuses in the Affiliation: A campus of the University of
University of South Florida system and South Florida, accredited by the Southern
the state’s only polytechnic college. Association of Colleges and Schools.
That means USF Poly focuses its efforts
MAHESH G. ALLAM, MD on business, education, engineering, in-
Vice President and Campus Executive
Officer: Marshall Goodman
Internal, Pulmonary Medicine & Sleep Disorders formation technology and allied health
Degrees are fully accredited Univer- Website:
t4FSWJOH&BTU1PML$PVOUZTJODF sity of South Florida degrees. Degrees offered: Information
t(SBEVBUFPG6OJWFSTJUZPGUIF8FTU*OEJFT +BNBJDB The school has applied for sepa- technology, industrial engineering,
 3FTJEFODZBU%$(FOFSBM)PTQJUBM8BMUFS3FFE".$ rate accreditation, which would interdisciplinary social sciences,
 1VMNPOBSZ $SJUJDBM$BSF4MFFQ%JTPSEFST'FMMPXTIJQBU)PXBSE allow it to expand its degree general business administration,
4MFFQ%JTPSEFS offerings. management, marketing,
t)FIBTCFFO$IJFGPG.FEJDBM4UBGGBU)0'3.$BOETFSWFTPO The school currently shares a elementary education, criminology,
OVNFSPVTCPBSET campus with Polk State College psychology, applied sciences, and
in Lakeland but is in the process general studies. USF Poly also offers
of building a new campus at the master’s programs in business
intersection of Interstate 4 and the Polk administration (MBA), educational leadership
Parkway, between Lakeland and Auburn- (M.Ed.) and reading education and counselor
KAREM Y. PRINCIPE, MD, FCCP dale. Designed by Santiago Calatrava, one education degrees (MA) with school counseling
Pulmonary Medicine & Sleep Disorders of the world’s leading architects, the new and mental health tracks.


Polk State College

BRUCE DOUGLAS, ARNP By CARY McMULLEN settings and via the Internet.
Diabetes Care & General Medicine THE LEDGER Affiliation: Public college offering two- and
Polk State College is in the second year four-year degree programs. Accredited by the
t(SBEVBUFPG7BOEFSCJMU6OJWFSTJUZ of an expansion from community col- Southern Association of Colleges and Schools.
t$FSUJýFE "NFSJDBO#PBSEPG/VSTJOH4QFDJBMJUJFT lege to offering both two- and four-year President: Eileen Holden
degrees. Phone: 863-297-1000
The college changed its
name in July 2009 from Polk Website:
Community College to Polk Degrees offered: Associate
State College. It is the largest school in the of arts degree with 77 advising tracks, 30

Two locations to Serve You county, with more than 10,000 students.
The college has an “open door” admis-
associate of science degrees, 27 associate
of applied science degree majors, two
sions policy, admitting any applicant with applied technical diplomas and 22 certificate
Lake Wales a high school degree or GED certificate.
It offers classes in traditional classroom
programs, in addition to the newly started
bachelor’s degree program.
1110 Druid Circle, FL 33853
ELITE Medical Office across ER of LWMC
Haines City Southeastern University
31810 US Hwy 27, FL 33844 By CARY McMULLEN the host of a National Leadership Forum.
THE LEDGER Affiliation: Private Christian liberal
863-439-9775 Southeastern University is a arts university affiliated with
In front of Lake Region Village private, liberal arts institution in Assemblies of God. Accredited by
Lakeland. It is the largest college the Commission on Colleges of the
affiliated with the Assemblies of Southern Association of Colleges and
God. Schools and the Council for Christian
Member of MyMedStick Located on the shore of Little
Lake Bonny, the school has seen
Colleges and Universities.
Phone: 863-667-5000
rapid growth over the past 12
patient health records years, roughly tripling its enrollment and
raising its visibility in the community as Degrees
offered: 42 bachelor’s degrees; eight
programs leading to master’s degrees.
23 T H E L E D G E R • S U N D AY, M A R C H 1 3 , 2 0 1 1 • W W W.T H E L E D G E R . C O M 23

[ guide to polk | colleges ]

Webster Webber Warner University
University International By CARY McMULLEN

Warner University in Lake Wales was

President: Gregory V. Hall
Phone: 863-638-1426
founded as Warner Southern Website:
By CARY McMULLEN By CARY McMULLEN College in 1968 by the South-
THE LEDGER THE LEDGER Degrees offered: Bachelor
eastern Association of the
Webster University is a private, not- Webber International University in Church of God of Anderson, of arts and professional
for-profit college based in St. Louis, Mo., Babson Park is a private nonprofit col- Ind. The first freshman class degree programs are offered
with campuses in 10 Florida cities, more lege specializing in business programs. of 27 students entered in the in more than 25 majors,
than 100 U.S. locations and in eight for- The school of- fall of 1968 when all the facili- including biblical studies,
eign countries. fers associate’s ties were on the East campus. pre-law, biology, business
The Lakeland campus is at 1479 Town and bachelor’s In fall 2010, enrollment was administration, elementary
Center Drive, Suite 202, in the Lakeside degrees in about 1,000 students. education, political science, and
Village mall subjects that Affiliation: Church of God, Anderson, Ind. Ac- sports and leisure management.
on Harden include ac- credited by the Commission on Colleges of the The college also offers a pre-medical
Boulevard. counting and Southern Association of Colleges and Schools program and a master’s program in business
hospitality. An to award associate’s, bachelor’s and master’s administration, education, and management.
Affiliation: MBA is also of-
Private, fered. Online
nonprofit. cou r se s a r e
Accredited available.
by the Higher Learning Commission, North Affiliation: Private nonprofit business
Central Association. school. Accredited by the Commission on
President: Beth Stroble Colleges of the Southern Association of
Colleges and Schools.
Lakeland director: Angie Birdwell
President: H. Keith Wade.
Phone: 863-687-9309
Phone: 863-638-1431
Degrees offered: Master of business
administration, master of arts in human Degrees offered: Associate’s, bachelor’s and
resources management, master of arts in master’s degrees in business administration
management and leadership and master of with majors in accounting, computer
arts in counseling. information systems management, corporate
communications, general business studies,
hospitality and tourism management,
management, marketing, security
management, sports management and
finance. The school also offers pre-law.


VISITORS to Florida Southern’s Lakeland campus view some of the 1.5 miles of esplanades

Keiser University that cover the campus.

doctoral, master’s, bachelor’s and associate
Florida Southern College
Keiser University in Lakeland is a net- Chancellor: Arthur Keiser. By CARY McMULLEN Affiliation: Private institution affiliated with
THE LEDGER the United Methodist Church and accredited
work of for-profit schools, based in Fort Campus president: Rebecca McDonnell
Lauderdale, with 14 campuses in Florida Phone: 863-682-6020 Florida Southern College by the Southern Association
that offers associate’s, bach- has been on the shores of of Colleges and Schools.
Website: www.keiseruniversity. President: Anne B. Kerr
elor’s and graduate degrees edu/lakeland.php Lake Hollingswor th in
in business, criminal justice, Lakeland since 1922. Phone: 863-680-4131
health care, technology, hos- Degrees: Degree programs include Founded in 1885, Flor- or 800-274-4131 for
pitality and education. health services administration, ida Southern is a private admissions, 863-680-4444
The school is geared toward nursing, health sciences, medical college with programs in for the Frank Lloyd Wright
adult students, who take one assisting, nuclear medicine business, science, liberal arts, nursing, Visitors Center.
four-week class at a time, ei- technology, radiologic technology, education, communication and music. It
business administration, criminal Website:
ther daytime, evening or on- has received high rankings among simi- Degrees offered: Fifty undergraduate
line. The student-to-faculty justice, paralegal studies, sports lar four-year colleges by several college
medicine and fitness technology, degree programs; eight pre-professional
ratio is about 11 to 1. guidebooks. programs in medical, dental, pharmacy,
Affiliation: Accredited by the accounting, information technology The school has 50 programs of study
management, management information veterinary, physical therapy, law,
Commission on Colleges of the Southern and emphasizes small class sizes, with a engineering, and theology; and master’s
Association of Colleges and Schools to award systems, and computer graphics and design. student-to-faculty ratio of 13 to 1. degree programs in business, nursing and
One survey ranked it among the most education.
beautiful campuses in the nation.
24 T H E L E D G E R • S U N D AY, M A R C H 1 3 , 2 0 1 1 • W W W.T H E L E D G E R . C O M 24

[ guide to polk | colleges ]

Florida Technical College Ridge Career Center

By CARY McMULLEN for adult students and 22 for high school
Affiliation: Private junior THE LEDGER
For those with a high students.
school diploma, the Flor- college. Accredited by Ridge Career Center in Winter Haven is Affiliated: Accredited by the Commission of
ida Technical College in the Accrediting Council of administered by the Polk County School the Council on Occupational Education, the Com-
Lakeland offers several Independent Colleges and District and provides career education pro- mission on International and Trans-Regional Ac-
programs in the areas of Schools. grams for high school and creditation, and the Southern As-
medical assistant, medical President: Lisa Velarde adult students, serving pri- sociation of Colleges and Schools
administrative assistant, Phone: 863-619-6200 marily East Polk County. Council on Accreditation and
medical billing and cod- Website: High school students School Improvement.
ing, patient care technician, must be at least 16 years Director: Lisa Harden
Degrees offered: Associate
business and management, old, and the 18- or 24-credit Location: 7700 State Road 544,
degrees and certificates.
and criminal justice. high school diploma options allow them to Winter Haven.
complete their junior and/or senior years Phone: 863-419-3060
at Ridge as a dual-enrolled student.
There are 39 career education programs Website:

Traviss Career Center


Traviss Career Center in Lakeland is

of Adult Basic Education.
Affiliation: Accredited by the Southern
Association of Colleges and Schools Council
Fortis Institute
administered by the Polk County School on Accreditation and School Improvement, Located on Shepherd Road in Mulberry, Affiliation: Education Affiliates. Accredited
District and provides the Commission on Fortis Institute changed its name from by the Accrediting Council for Continuing Edu-
training in technical and International and Trans- Florida Career Institute in April 2010. It cation and the Commission on Accreditation for
occupational skills for Regional Accreditation, offers an eight-month diplo- Allied Health Education Programs
high school students and and the Commission of the ma program in medical fields (CAAHEP.)
adults. The center offers Council on Occupational including medical assisting. Executive Director: Diana
more than 35 programs Education. A new pharmacy technician Simmons.
with both traditional and Director: Wayne Dickens program has been started. Phone: 863-646-1400
alternative options for Location: 3225 Winter It also offers an 18-month Website:
obtaining a high school Lake Road just east of U.S. 98 South in Emergency Medical Services
diploma. program to prepare students Offered: Diplomas and
Lakeland. preparation for certification.
to sit for national and state
Traviss accepts students who are at Phone: 863-499-2700 exams.
least 16 years old and have taken the Test Website:

SCHALAMAR Everest University

Council for Independent
Colleges and Schools.
“Central Florida’s Best Kept Secret” Everest University, for- President: Silvina Lamoureux
merly Florida Metropolitan Phone: 863-686-1444
University, is

863-666-1623 a network of
102 for-profit
schools in 23
CALL FOR TEE TIMES states and Canada that spe- Website:
YOU HOLD THE KEY TO A cializes in career training Degrees offered: Bachelor’s
and offers diplomas, asso- degree in accounting,
CHILD’S POTENTIAL ciate’s, bachelor’s and mas- business and criminal justice.
ter’s degrees. It is owned by Associate’s degree in applied
BECOME A FOSTER PARENT the corporation Corinthian management, medical
Colleges, Inc., based in assisting and medical billing
RECEPTIONS AVAILABLE Santa Ana, Calif. Its Polk and coding. Certificates
** OPEN to the PUBLIC ** campus is in Lakeland. in accounting, business,
Affiliation: Private institution. massage therapy, medical Accredited as a senior college administrative assisting, and
64)XZ&BTUt-BLFMBOE '- 863.519.8900 ext. 289 of business by the Accrediting pharmacy technician.
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[ guide to polk | parks ]

Parks Offer Variety of Recreation Opportunities

By TOM PALMER Lake Kissimmee State Park: This 5,857-acre park is
WATER MANAGEMENT DISTRICT on Lake Hancock, Polk’s fourth-largest lake. Circle
THE LEDGER on Camp Mack Road east of Lake Wales. Admission B is on Winter Lake Road east of U.S. 98 and is open
is $3.25 per vehicle. The park is open from 7 a.m. to SITES daily.
Polk County has parks for almost every sunset. This park has camping — both primitive and The Southwest Florida Water Management District
Alafia Reserve: Indian Oak Drive, off Turner Road
taste, from neighborhood playgrounds to hook-ups — hiking trails, a boat ramp and marina, and the South Florida Water Management District
south of State Road 60 west of Mulberry, has a
hiking and canoeing in wilder, less-trav- picnic areas, an observation tower and a re-creation offer a number of recreation sites.
picnic area, trails and a fishing pier on this 334-acre
eled areas. of a 19th century cow camp. For information, call Swiftmud’s sites in Polk County are primarily in tract on the North Prong of the Alafia River.
There are state, county and city parks as 863-696-1112. the Green Swamp. SFWMD’s sites are along the
Kissimmee River. For information on Swiftmud’s Crooked Lake Prairie: A 455-acre site on Crooked
well as some privately owned preserves, Lake Wales Ridge State Forest: This 26,563-acre
recreation sites, go to Lake off State Road 17 in Babson Park. This preserve
and more are on the way. natural area consists of a group of separate parcels
recreation/ to download a recreation guide. For is open for hiking, nature study and bank fishing.
For a complete list, go online to east of Frostproof. The Arbuckle tract is on Lake Gator Creek Reserve: A 2,706-acre woodland area
Arbuckle Road, which is off Lake Reedy Boulevard. information on SFWMD’s recreation guide, go to The Walk-in-the-Water unit is off Lake Walk-in-the- in the Green Swamp on U.S. 98 north of Lakeland. It
has walking paths for hiking and nature study.
Water Road. Entry fee is $1. The Florida Division of
STATE PARKS, FORESTS Forestry also offers $30 annual passes that allow POLK COUNTY PRESERVES Hickory Lake: A 57-acre example of some of the
Parks owned by state agencies comprise most of the the pass holder and up to seven other people free Polk County’s Environmental Lands Program remaining scrub communities on the Lake Wales
park acreage in Polk County: entry to any state forest in Florida. The forest is operates a network of preserves that are open year- Ridge. It is on State Road 17 south of Frostproof.
Allan Broussard Catfish Creek Memorial open during daylight hours only. For information, round for daytime use. Lakeland Highlands Scrub: A 551-acre expanse of
Preserve: This 6,422-acre area is on Firetower call 863-635-7801. For information, call 863-534-7377 or go to www. woodlands at the south end of Lakeland Highlands
Road off Hatchineha Road east of Lake Hamilton. Tenoroc Fish Management Area: A 7,332-acre and follow the links to the Natural Road off of County Road 540A in the Lakeland
Access is on foot only and no facilities are available. former phosphate mine is in the Lakeland area. The Resources Division. Highlands. It has hiking trails and offers a chance to
Admission is free. For information, call 863-696- main access is Tenoroc Mine Road off Combee Road. Sumica: A 4,031-acre mixture of pinelands, oak see Florida scrub jays and other wildlife.
1112. Note: This park may be closed this year Tenoroc recently opened a new hiking trail that can hammocks and lakefront on State Road 60 east Marion Creek: Contains more than 2,000 acres
because of state budget cuts. be reached by way of Polk County’s Saddle Creek of Lake Wales with frontage on Lake Walk-in-the- purchased by the county and additional lands
Colt Creek State Park: This 5,067-acre park on Park. Admission is $3. Hours are 6:30 a.m. to 5:30 Water, Polk’s largest lake. It is open to hiking and purchased by the South Florida Water Management
County Road 471 is in the Green Swamp north of p.m. Friday to Monday. Fishing is the main activity nature study. Facilities include a boardwalk and District. Two entrances for hiking and nature study
Lakeland. Admission is $3 per vehicle. The park’s at the park. There are also hiking and horseback observation area. are open on Cypress Parkway northeast of Haines
facilities are limited to hiking, picnicking, horseback trails, a picnic area and a shooting range. For fishing Circle B Bar Reserve: This 1,275-acre nature City. Also, a third site has opened on Marion Creek
riding and bank fishing. For information, call 863- reservations, call 863-499-2422. For general park provides a series of nature trails and a new
815-6758. information, call 863-499-2421. environmental education center. It includes frontage [ PLEASE SEE PARKS, 30 ]

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604 S. Central Avenue ADULTS
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30 T H E L E D G E R • S U N D AY, M A R C H 1 3 , 2 0 1 1 • W W W.T H E L E D G E R . C O M 30

[ guide to polk | parks ]

Bradley Junction. Picnic tables, one basketball

court and one baseball field, playground and open
play area.
Christina Park, 625 W. County Road 540A,
Saddle Creek Park

Lake Shipp Park A SAMPLING
Lakeland. Picnic shelters and tables, pavilion, four
Road, which offers access to Marion Creek. softball fields, one tee ball field, restrooms and Creek
Peace River Hammock: This 43-acre preserve concessions, playground, and open play area. State 33
south of Fort Meade on Mount Pisgah Road contains Crystal Lake Park, 2500 N. Crystal Lake Drive, Park Lake Wales Ridge
a hiking trail that winds through forests and Polk 17 State Forest-
Lakeland. Fishing pier and boardwalk, canoe 98 City 4 92 Walk-in-Water Unit
eventually reaches the Peace River. It is open from access, open play area and picnic tables. 27
sunrise to sunset. Davenport
East Central Park, 11 Lake Mabel Loop Road,
Dundee. Four baseball fields, three multi-purpose Lake Parker Haines
570 Kissimmee
COUNTY PARKS fields, restrooms and concessions, and playground. Recreation City
Polk County maintains a system of 67 parks and boat Fort Meade, 1205 N.E. Ninth St., Fort Meade. Four Area Lakeland
Aub. State Park
ramps, ranging in size from less than an acre to four baseball fields, one tee-ball field, one softball field, Haven
regional parks, each covering hundreds of acres. restrooms and concessions, and playground. Simmers- Sumica
There are no admission fees to county parks, which Fuller Heights, Fourth Street and Avenue C, Young
are open year-round from sunrise to sunset unless Circle B Bar
Mulberry. Two basketball courts, picnic shelters and Park Reserve Lake
otherwise posted or scheduled for exclusive use. For tables, and playground. Wales Lake
information about county parks, contact the Polk
Gordon Heights Mini Park, Dudley Drive West, Wales
County Leisure Services Division at 863-534-4340. Loyce Mulberry Bartow 60 Ridge
Gordon Heights. Picnic shelters and tables, one Harpe
The website is at Click on State
softball field, and playground. Park
the Leisure Services link under the County Offices Forest-
page. Gordonville Park, South Street, Gordonville. 37
Playground. Fort 27 Arbuckle
Aldine Combee Park, 1140 Fish Hatchery Road, Meade Unit
Lakeland. Five baseball fields, restrooms and Gordonville Mini Park, Richardson Street, Mosaic
Gordonville. One softball field, a basketball court 98 Frostproof
concessions, rodeo arena, lodge, picnic table, and Peace River Avon Park
open play area. and playground. Park 17 Air Force
Babson Mini Park, Fifth Avenue South, Babson Highland City Park, 3930 Ball Park Road, Highland Fort Meade Range
Park. Basketball court and playground. City. Three baseball fields, one softball field, one Recreation
tee-ball field, restrooms and concessions, picnic Area
Banana Lake Park, 5002 Tillery Road off Clubhouse THE LEDGER
tables, and playground.
Road, Lakeland. Picnic shelters and tables, paved
walking trail, restrooms, playground, boat ramp and Highland City Senior Field, 5901 Strickland Ave., one softball field, one basketball court, open play Hunt Fountain Park, Duff and Green Road,
fishing pier. Highland City. One baseball field and open play area. area, and numerous historic buildings — church, Lakeland. Four soccer fields, eight baseball fields,
Bradley Junction Mini Park, Pine and Whidden, Homeland Heritage Park, 249 Church St., schoolhouse, farmhouse and farming tools.
Homeland. Picnic pavilion and tables, restrooms, [ PLEASE SEE PARKS, 31 ]


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31 T H E L E D G E R • S U N D AY, M A R C H 1 3 , 2 0 1 1 • W W W.T H E L E D G E R . C O M 31

[ guide to polk | parks ]

1 Circle B Bar Reserve on 5 Saddle Creek Park is on U.S. 92, about
State Road 540 near Lakeland 2 miles east of Lakeland. The nature
offers opportunities to see birds of trail entrance is at the back of the park,
woodlands, grasslands and marshes near the maintenance area and firing
as well as a portion of Lake Hancock’s range. There is no admission fee.
shoreline. Bird life ranges from ducks 6 Colt Creek State Park is a state park at
and eagles to woodpeckers and the edge of the Green Swamp
warblers. There is no admission fee. on County Road 471.
2 Mosaic Peace River Park is a county There is a $3 admission
park on the Peace River at Homeland fee per vehicle.
between Bartow and Fort Meade.
The entrance is on County Road 640
east of U.S. 17-98. There is a
boardwalk through the river
floodplain and a trail system through 6 33
woods and around a phosphate dike.
There is no admission fee. 4 27
3 Lake Kissimmee State Park is on
Camp Mack Road, about 15 miles Haines
5 Aub. City
east of Lake Wales. There are
directional signs on major roads Lakeland Winter
directing visitors to the park. 1
There is a $5 admission fee per vehicle. 17 3
Phone: 863-696-1112. Mulberry Lake Wales
4 Lake Wales Ridge State Forest Bartow
is on Lake Arbuckle Road, about 2
2 miles east of Lake Reedy Boulevard 37 Fort
near Frostproof. There is a $2 98 Frostproof
admission fee per person. 4


[ CONTINUED FROM 30 ] Restroom, picnic shelters and tables and a boat

launching ramp.
two football fields, restrooms and concessions,
Lake Rosalie Park and Campground, Tiger Road
four-wall racquetball courts, basketball and tennis
off State Road 60, Lake Wales. Overnight camping,
courts, two playgrounds, picnic pavilions and tables
picnic shelters and tables, restrooms and bathhouse
and horse arena.
and boat ramp.
IMC Agrico Peace River Park, 2200 County Road
Lake Roy Park, South Lake Roy Drive, Winter Haven.
640, Homeland. Boardwalk, picnic facilities,
Picnic tables, open play area and a boat launching
horseback and hiking trails. Posted hours: 7 a.m. to
Loughman Park, 6302 Old Kissimmee Road,
Jan Phyl Village Park, 50 Coleman Road, Winter
Loughman. Four soccer fields, a basketball court,
Haven. Five softball fields, two racquetball
picnic pavilion, restrooms and playground.
courts, picnic shelters and tables, restrooms and
concessions, playground and open play area. Loyce E. Harpe Park, 500 W. Carter Road, Mulberry.
Eight baseball fields, four softball fields, one senior
Lake Annie Boat Ramp, off U.S. 27, Dundee.
field, restrooms and concessions, mountain bike
Unimproved ramp to accommodate small Jon-boat
trail and four boat launching ramps. Posted hours: 7
type launching only.
a.m. to 10 p.m.
Lake Arbuckle Park and Campground, 2600
Midway Gardens Mini Park, 2487 Smoke Road,
Lake Arbuckle Road, Frostproof. Amenities include
Auburndale. One basketball court, one softball field,
overnight camping, picnic shelters and tables,
picnic shelters and tables and playground.
restrooms and bathhouse and boat ramp.
Mulberry Park, 1520 N.E. Second St., Mulberry. One
Lake Cannon Park, Lake Cannon Drive, Winter
basketball court, four baseball fields, three softball
Haven. Picnic shelters and tables, two playgrounds,
fields, one football and practice field, restrooms
restrooms and two boat ramps.
and concessions, picnic shelters and tables and
Lake Gibson Park, 4901 Lake Gibson Park Road, playground. Posted hours: 7 a.m. to 6 p.m.
Lakeland. Picnic shelters and tables and a boat
Peace River Canoe Launch, State Road 60, Bartow.
launching ramp.
Unimproved ramp to accommodate canoes, kayaks
Lake Hatchineha Park, Lake Hatchineha Road, and small jon boat-type craft only.
Haines City. Boat ramp, campground and rental
Polk City Park, 5130 Duey Road, Polk City. Four
baseball fields, one softball field, one multi-purpose
Lake Mariana Stormwater Treatment Area, Lake field, restrooms, picnic pavilion and tables and
Mariana Drive West. Picnic area, bank fishing, nature playground.
Rolling Hills Park, Dubose and Thomas Avenue,
Lake Parker Eastside Park, Lake Parker Drive, Mulberry. One basketball court, one baseball field,
Lakeland. Picnic shelter and tables and boat restroom, picnic tables and playground.
launching ramp.
Saddle Creek Park and Campground, 3716 Morgan
Lake Pierce Ranchettes Mini Park, Fast Trot Drive, Combee Road, Lakeland. Overnight camping, picnic
Lake Wales. Picnic tables, one softball field and
Lake Reedy Park, Lake Reedy Drive, Frostproof. [ PLEASE SEE PARKS, 32 ]
32 T H E L E D G E R • S U N D AY, M A R C H 1 3 , 2 0 1 1 • W W W.T H E L E D G E R . C O M 32

[ guide to polk | parks ]

The Florida Fish and Wildlife
Conservation Commission offers a
service to buy hunting or fishing shelters and tables, restrooms and bathhouse, BARTOW during daylight hours only.
licenses with a credit card to a toll-free five boat launching ramps, nature trail, Bartow Park, Agricola Road, a 90-acre park, Fort Meade Community Center, 10 S.W. Third
gun range, one baseball field and two St., a recreation center that schedules regular
number. Call either 888-HUNT-FLOrida (486-8356) or baseball, softball, soccer and football fields,
playgrounds. picnic facilities and a track for remote-control events. Outside are racquetball courts,
888-FISH-FLOrida (347-4356).
A temporary license number will be provided until a Simmers-Young Park, 5630 W. County Road cars. shuffleboard courts and a playground.
542, Winter Haven. Five multi-purpose and Fort Meade Sports Complex, Edgewood
permanent license arrives by mail, usually within Bartow Civic Center, 2250 S. Floral Ave.,
soccer fields, restroom and concessions, swimming pool, tennis courts, racquetball Drive just north of Fort Meade High School,
48 hours. There is a $3.25 service charge in addition to picnic shelters and tables, fishing pond and
the cost of the license, plus a 2.5 percent surcharge of the courts, meeting rooms and an auditorium. baseball and softball fields, tennis courts,
playground. Posted hours: 7 a.m. to 5:30 p.m. Adjacent to the Civic Center is a youth baseball racquetball courts and a playground.
total sale.
Snively-Brooks Mini Park, 1004 Snively- field, IMC Park and Mobil Park, which are Heritage Park, 409 N.E. Third St., a
For more information, call the commission’s Lakeland Brooks Ave., Eloise. One softball field, one
office at 863-648-3206 or check open areas used for special celebrations such neighborhood park near the location of a 19th
soccer field, picnic shelters and tables, as the Fourth of July. century Army fort from which the city got its
These are some of the licenses available: restrooms and playground. Posted hours: 3 Carver Recreation Center, 520 S. Idlewood name. It has playground equipment and picnic
LICENSE FOR RESIDENTS FEE p.m. to dark school days and 7 a.m. to dark Ave., heated pool, softball fields, meeting facilities.
weekends. rooms, a playground and picnic area.
Gold Sportsman’s license1 $100 Lanier Park, 591 S. Lanier Ave., a tot lot and
Wahneta Park, 118½ Rifle Range Road, Mary Holland Park, the city’s largest park, picnic facilities.
Military Gold Sportsman’s2 20 Wahneta. Three baseball fields, restrooms and covers 95 acres at the end of Shumate Drive. Monument Park, 801 S.E. Second St., a
Sportsman’s license3 80.50 concessions, picnic shelters and tables and Picnic areas and a fishing pier. memorial to soldiers killed there during the
Five-year hunting4 79 playground. Seminole Wars. The park includes a nature
Nye Jordan Park, Orange Avenue and Stuart
Annual hunting 17 Washington Park, 1420 Washington Ave., Street, tennis courts, playground equipment walk.
Lake Wales. One baseball field, restroom, and picnic tables. Morrison Park, 130 S.W. Seventh St.,
Annual hunting/freshwater fishing 32.50 pavilion, picnic shelters and tables and
Polk Street Community Center, 1255 W. basketball court, tot lot and sports fields.
Annual hunting/saltwater playground. Posted hours: 7 a.m. to dusk.
and freshwater fishing 48 Polk St., a gym, craft rooms, a weightlifting Patterson Park, a 16.5-acre park on U.S. 17-
Waverly Park, Hodge Street off County Road room, racquetball courts, a softball field and 98, fishing, volleyball and a walking trail. For
Annual freshwater license 540, Waverly. One baseball field, one softball a playground. more information, call 863-285-8191.
or saltwater license 17 field, restroom, picnic shelters and tables and
Richland Manor Park, on Bear Creek, tennis
Saltwater shoreline license Free playground. FROSTPROOF
courts and playground equipment. For Lake Clinch Park, a swimming beach. The 25-
West Lake Wales Mini Park, off State Road information, call 863-534-0100.
Sportsman’s license5 (seniors 64+) 13.50 60 at West Lake Wales Road South and Holden acre park also has two Little League fields, on
Resident senior citizen (65+) Street, Lake Wales. Playground and open play DAVENPORT North Reedy Boulevard. Handball courts are
hunting/fishing certificate Free area. Adair Field, baseball complex on North between the baseball fields.
LICENSE FOR NON-RESIDENTS Westwood Park, 1145 36th Ave. N.W., Winter Boulevard West. Playground and a park area, around the old
Haven. Two soccer fields, restroom, picnic Wilson Park, on State Street, playground rail depot on East Wall Street.
Annual hunting $151.50 Gym, east of City Hall on Oak Avenue. For
shelters and tables, grills, game table and equipment and benches.
10-day hunting 46.50 playground. Posted hours: 7 a.m. to 6:30 p.m. Jamestown Park, off U.S. 17-92, playground more information, call 863-635-7855.
Annual freshwater license winter and 7 a.m. to 7:30 p.m. summer. equipment and a basketball court.
or saltwater license 47 Winston Park, 1060 Sutton Road, Lakeland. Lake Play Park, behind City Hall, picnic
Four softball fields, restrooms and
7-day freshwater license shelters and a fitness trail. East Park, East Johnson Avenue, baseball and
or saltwater license 30 concessions.
softball fields.
3-day freshwater license MUNICIPALITIES DUNDEE Haines City Community Center, 219 S. Fifth
or saltwater license 17 Many cities in Polk County have a number of Fourth Street Park, baseball fields. St., fitness room, gym and ping-pong tables.
PERMITS (Residents & non-residents) popular parks and other recreational facilities. Nancy Street Park, baseball fields. Lake Eva Park, on Lake Eva at the end of Fifth
ONE YEAR FIVE YEAR Lake Marie Park, picnic facilities and Street, playground, picnic facilities, a boat
Wildlife AUBURNDALE playground equipment. ramp and a swimming pool.
Management Area $26.50 $126.50 Municipal Beach, one of the few swimming Lake Menzie Park, picnic shelters and a Lion’s Park, Johnson Avenue, has baseball
Archery 5 25 beaches in Polk County. The 2-acre park also walking trail. fields.
Crossbow 5 25 has a playground, volleyball area, boat ramp Merrill Avenue Park, a playground and Oakland Civic Center, 708 Ave. C, swimming
Muzzleloading gun 5 25 and fishing pier. Admission to the swimming handball courts. pool, a playground and basketball courts.
Turkey 10 25 area between April or May, depending on Cook Field, across from the Oakland Civic
weather, and October is $1 for residents and Myrtle Street Park, a playground and
Deer 5 25 basketball courts. For more information, call Center, baseball and football fields.
$2 for nonresidents.
Non-resident Turkey 125 — 863-439-1086. Yale Field, next to Lake Eva Park, football,
Downtown City Park, a 2.5-acre tract in baseball and softball fields.
Florida Waterfowl 5 25
downtown Auburndale, has tennis and
Migratory Bird — Free basketball courts, playground equipment, a EAGLE LAKE Downtown tennis courts, Ledwith Avenue
1Gold Sportsman’s license, includes Hunting, Saltwater and Freshwater Eagle Lake Beach, at the end of Eagle and Eighth Street, tennis, racquetball and
community center and shuffleboard courts.
Fishing licenses; and Type 1 Wildlife Management Area, Archery, basketball courts. For information, call 863-
Muzzleloading Gun, Crossbow, Deer, Turkey, Waterfowl, Snook Lake Myrtle Park, a 150-acre park off Berkley Avenue, a swimming beach, picnic area, 422-1910.
and Lobster permits. Road includes soccer field, baseball fields playground and boat ramp.
2Military Gold Sportsman’s license, includes Hunting, Saltwater and City Hall Recreation Complex, on Seventh
Freshwater Fishing licenses; and Type 1 Wildlife Management Area, Archery,
and playgrounds and a connection to the LAKE ALFRED
Auburndale-TECO Trail. Street, basketball, racquetball and tennis Lions Park, at end of Nekoma Avenue on
Muzzleloading Gun, Crossbow, Deer, Turkey, Waterfowl, Snook and Lobster
permits. Available only at tax collector’s office. Rev. Earl Wright Park, Bridgers Avenue and courts. Lake Alfred, is 3 acres with a boat ramp,
3Sportsman’s License includes Hunting and Freshwater Fishing licenses; Baseball fields on Cooley Road. For more playground, picnic shelters and restrooms.
Adams Street, playground equipment, picnic
and Type 1 Wildlife Management Area, Archery, Muzzleloading Gun, facilities and a path for bicycling and skating. information, call 863-293-4141.
Crossbow, Deer, Turkey and Florida Waterfowl permits. Lake Rochelle Park, primarily a boat ramp on
4Permits not included Miss Auburndale Softball Complex, on FORT MEADE U.S. 17-92 on the south end of the city.
5Sportsman’s 64+ License, includes all licenses and permits included in the Stadium Road northeast of downtown, Fort Meade Outdoor Recreation Area, a Lake Swoope Park, boat ramp and picnic
Sportsman’s License. baseball and softball fields for different local tables.
125-acre park on the east side of town on U.S.
SOURCE: Florida Fish and Wildlife Conservation Commission leagues. 98 on the Peace River, picnicking, fishing and Gardner Park, U.S. 17-92 and Main Street,
THE LEDGER Lake Stella Park, a walking trail and benches a boat ramp for canoeing. The park is also shuffleboard courts.
around this small lake just north of downtown the site of the Fort Meade Jamboree at the Career Development Center, Cummings and
on County Road 559. For information, call park pavilion, featuring gospel, bluegrass and Glencruiten Street, senior league ballfields.
863-965-5545. country music the second Saturday of each
month. Admission to the park is free. It is open [ PLEASE SEE PARKS, 33 ]
33 T H E L E D G E R • S U N D AY, M A R C H 1 3 , 2 0 1 1 • W W W.T H E L E D G E R . C O M 33

[ guide to polk | parks ]

Most of Lakeland’s parks are open from dawn to
Green Swamp Gen. James A. Van Fleet
Parks 10 p.m. The exceptions are Lake Parker Recreation
Area and Peterson Park, which are open from
sunrise to sunset. For information, call 863-499-
Wildlife Management Green Swamp Trail
Echo Terrace, Terrace Avenue, playground and
6090. Colt Creek 33
basketball courts.
State Park Trail
Adair Park, 1324 Lakeland Hills Blvd., skate park,
Highlands Community Center, Third Street and baseball, soccer field, picnic area. Gator
Midway Avenue, basketball court and community Allan
center. For information, 863-956-3434. Bicentennial Park, 12 Lake Beulah Drive, rose Creek 4
92 Broussard
garden. Preserve Polk City 27
Catfish Lake
Bryant Stadium, 1125 N. Florida Ave., football and Davenport
Creek Kissimmee
LAKE HAMILTON soccer stadium. Tenoroc Fish 98
Haines Preserve State Park
Two baseball fields, across the street from Town Common Ground, 1000 E. Edgewood Drive, offers Management City
Hall off State Road 17 and another on Detour Road. playground equipment for children of all levels of Area Aub.
Lakeland Lake
Gunter Street Park, playground facilities, a ability and ages. Winter
basketball court and picnic facilities. 570 Haven Wales
Crystal Grove, 1661 Crystal Grove Drive, Lakes- Ridge
Sample Park, off U.S. 27 on Lake Hamilton, picnic playground area. to-Lakes
area and boat ramp. For information, call 863-439-
Curtis Peterson Park, 3700 Cleveland Heights Lake Forest
1910. Blvd., picnic area, boardwalk, boat and canoe Circle B Bar Chain Wales
ramps, and a youth baseball and soccer complex. Bartow of
Reserve Avon
LAKE WALES Dobbins Park, 514 W. Ariana St., playground,
Mulberry Lakes 60
Trail Park
Lincoln Park, Lincoln Avenue, picnic shelters and a picnic area, sand volleyball court and an athletic Fort Air
playground. field. Fraser 37
Crystal Lake Park, playground equipment. Edgewood Park, 1000 E. Edgewood Drive, Trail Fort Range
playground and facilities for tennis, racquetball, Meade
Lake Wailes Park, walking path, boat ramp and
softball, football and soccer. 98 Frostproof
fishing pier.
Glendale Park, East Glendale Street and Lakeland
Avon Park
Kiwanis Park, picnic and barbecue facilities, and 5 MILES 17 Air Force
baseball and softball fields. Highlands Road, playground and an all-purpose Tiger
Creek Range
Ninth Street Park, playground equipment and a Preserve
basketball court. Handley Park, 1419 Phyllis St., playground and an
all-purpose court.
North Field Park, baseball facilities. For
information, call 863-678-4003. Henley Field, 1125 N. Florida Ave., baseball field. Hollis Garden, 702 E. Orange St., patterned flower picnic facilities, multipurpose field.
Hibiscus Building, 716 E. Orange St., meeting beds, public art, ornamental fountains.
LAKELAND Horney Park, 205 E. Poinsettia St., playground, [ PLEASE SEE PARKS, 34 ]


 !  ! 
!  !
 !  !


34 T H E L E D G E R • S U N D AY, M A R C H 1 3 , 2 0 1 1 • W W W.T H E L E D G E R . C O M 34

[ guide to polk | parks ]

Sertoma Park, 1800 E. Memorial Blvd., boat ramp, information, call 863-984-1375. soccer fields, an open play area, fishing, one boat

picnic shelters and fishing.
Seventh Street Park, 1500 W. Seventh St.,
playground and an all-purpose court.
Winter Haven has 22 parks of various sizes, from
ramp and canoe access.
Martin Luther King Jr. Park, South Lake Silver
Drive at Third Street Northwest, beach, picnic tables,
Simpson Park, 1725 Martin Luther King Jr. Ave., playground equipment, restrooms, recreation
Interlachen Park, 200-500 Interlachen Parkway boat ramps and neighborhood parks to recreation
playground, baseball, recreation center, tennis center and outdoor theater.
across from Lake Parker, playground and open centers. City parks are open during daylight hours
areas. court, picnic shelter and swimming pool. only unless posted signs allow longer operation. For R.H. Malcolm Park, Avenue N Southwest,
Southwest Softball Complex, 1444 W. Highland St., information, call 863-291-5656. playground equipment.
John Jackson Park, 1130 Martin Luther King Jr.
Ave., playground, park and an all-purpose court. softball. Municipal Tennis Center, Third Street and Avenue F
Tigertown Complex, 2210 N. Lake Ave. at Lakeland Northwest, 11 lighted tennis courts.
Lake Bonny Shore, 1600 E. Main St., boat ramp and Aldora Park, 12th Street Northwest on Lake
fishing. Hills Boulevard, baseball, football, soccer and multi- Hartridge, playground equipment and park benches. Rotary Park, Sixth Street and Avenue C Northeast,
purpose buildings. neighborhood center, baseball field, handball and
Lake Bonny Park, 800 U.S. 98 S., baseball and Central Park, Central Avenue between Fourth
Washington Park, 301 W. Seventh St., playground racquetball courts, basketball goals.
softball fields, soccer field, nature trail and jogging and Fifth Street Northwest downtown, benches, a
path, playground, and picnic pavilions. and an all-purpose court. fountain and is the site of regular special events. Senior Adult Center and Shuffleboard Club, Third
Westside Park, 1800 W. Oakhill St., softball Street Northwest and South Lake Silver Drive, 24
Lake Hunter, 75 Lake Hunter Drive, scenic walk, Chain of Lakes Baseball Park, Cypress Gardens
complex, picnic shelter, playground and an all- shuffleboard courts and a community center.
fishing pier, boat ramp and picnic tables. Boulevard, baseball stadium and clubhouse and five
purpose court. baseball practice fields. Sertoma Little League Park, Recker Highway at
Lake Morton, 20 Lake Morton Drive, waterfowl County Road 540A, four baseball fields, two football
sanctuary and scenic walk. Chain of Lakes Recreation Complex, 210 Cypress
fields and a concession stand.
Lake Parker Recreation Area, 910 E. Granada St. Garden Blvd., community center, theater and art
at West Lake Parker Drive, picnic area, pavilions for
MULBERRY center, and swimming pool. South Lake Howard Park, Lake Howard Drive,
Spence Field, Northeast 10th Avenue, swimming walking and bicycling trail, pier and an open area.
group gatherings, nature trail, playground, soccer Fairfax Athletic Complex, Fairfax Street and
pool, tennis courts, skateboarding and ball fields. Avenue O Northeast, four softball fields and a Sportsman’s Park, Avenue U and Second Street
fields and a boat ramp.
Mulberry Civic Center, Northeast Fifth Street, concession stand. Northwest, baseball field, playground equipment
Lake Parker Shore, West Lake Parker Drive, jogging playground and an open play area. and two basketball courts.
path and open area. Inman Park, U.S. 17 and Avenue T Northwest, seven
Playgrounds, Southeast Fourth Street, Northeast picnic tables. 24th Street Playground, Avenue B Northwest,
Lake Somerset, New Jersey Avenue and Glendale Fourth Avenue, Northwest Fourth Street, Southwest playground equipment, park benches and a
Street, boat ramp and open area. Lake Hartridge Park, Beach Parkway at 20th Street
First Street and Northwest Ninth Street and Second basketball goal.
Lake Ridge Recreation Center, 325 W. Second St. Northwest, boat ramp, fishing pier, walking trail,
Avenue. For information, call 863-425-1125. playground, picnic facilities. William G. Roe Park, Seventh Street Southwest,
at North Virginia Avenue, supervised recreation Winter Haven, open from 5 a.m. to 9 p.m. Boat
programs. Lake Martha Park, Third Street and Avenue C
ramps onto Lake Shipp to provide improved access
Northwest Park, 108 W. Third St., an all-purpose POLK CITY Northeast, beach, playground equipment, picnic
to the Winter Haven Chain of Lakes.
court. Freedom Park, near County Road 655 and State shelter, tables and a restroom.
Road 33, playground equipment and picnic facilities. Winter Haven Recreational and Cultural Center,
Scott Kelly Recreation Complex, 404 Imperial Lake Shipp Park, Avenue X Southwest, Winter
Avenue T Northeast, baseball field, softball field and
Blvd., multipurpose recreational building with two Community Center, 220 S. Bougainvillea Ave., Haven, open 5 a.m. to 9 p.m. Eight restrooms, four
a playground.
pools and eight tennis courts. basketball, tennis and racquetball courts. For shelters, 13 tables, five Little League fields, two


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Youth Can Learn Gymnastics, Tumbling, Cheerleading
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classes for 3- to 5-year-olds, and big and bling, and cheer and stunting classes. offered for children ages 7 to 14.
Polk County has a range of gymnas- little gym for 2- to 3-year-olds. Gymtek also has competitive girls’ gym- Fees vary depending on age and ability
tics clubs offering a variety of activi- The school offers competitive programs nastics teams and all-star cheer squads. level.
ties including trampoline, tumbling and for gymnastics and cheerleading. Free trial classes are available. Classes available for children with spe-
cheerleading. Big and little open gym for ages 5 and Gymtek is at 2045 E. Edgewood Drive. cial needs.
Here are some of them: younger is offered from 11 a.m. to noon For more information, call 863-667-0904 The Y is at 3620 Cleveland Heights
Thursdays with regular open gym from or visit Blvd. For more information, call 863-
AUBURNDALE 10 a.m. to noon Saturdays. 644-3528, ext. 225 or visit the website at
POLK COUNTY ACES are at 202 Park Fees vary depending on size of family MOORE’S GYMNASTICS ACADEMY
St. N. In its 12,000-square-foot facility, theand the ability level of the student and offers competitive gymnastics, competitive
club offers gymnastics, competitive cheer- class attendance. cheerleading, tumbling, recreational gym- WINTER HAVEN
leading and recreational cheerleading for The school is in an 18,750-square-foot nastics, kindergym and summer camps. FLORIDA FLIPS is at 501 Burns Lane
boys and girls ages 3 to 19. All instructors facility at 3222 Winter Lake Road in the Moore’s is located at 4767 Drane Field off Dundee Road. The club offers begin-
are certified. Ruthven Industrial Center, across from Road, Lakeland. For more information, ning through elite gymnastics classes for
The club offers a tumbling course Tues- Traviss Career Center. call 863-688-7909. boys and girls ages 2 and older as well as
day from 4:30 to 5:30 p.m. and 5:30 to 6:30 The gym also offers wrestling. Check competitive gymnastics, trampoline and
p.m. and Thursdays from 4:30 to 5:30 p.m. for dates and times. NORTH LAKELAND YMCA offers a tumbling teams for boys and girls.
The fee is $10 an hour. For more information, call 863-667-1281 gymnastics program for children ages 3 The club also offers tumbling classes for
Fees vary depending on the program. or visit to 12 on Thursday evenings. Sessions are cheerleaders.
Membership is $20 per year. monthly. The Y is at 2125 Sleepy Hill Road. Fees are $35 a month for pre-schoolers
For more information, call 863-808-2200 GYMTEK GYMNASTICS offers pro- For more information, call 863-859-7769 and $50 a month for beginners who come
or visit grams for children of all abilities between or visit once a week. Fees increase depending on
the ages of 18 months and 18 years old. the level of gymnast and the use of the
LAKELAND Programs include beginner through ad- SOUTH LAKELAND YMCA offers facility.
GY MNASTICS ETC. offers recre- vanced boys’ and girls’ gymnastics classes, gymnastics programs for children ages 12 For more information, call 863 -
ational and competitive gymnastics and Funtastiks program for children ages 3 to months to 14 years old. Classes also are of- 325 - 8494 or v isit the website at
cheerleading, summer camp, after-school 5, Mommy & Me for ages 18 months to 2 fered for cheerleading, ballet and gymnas-
36 T H E L E D G E R • S U N D AY, M A R C H 1 3 , 2 0 1 1 • W W W.T H E L E D G E R . C O M 36

[ guide to polk | recreation ]

Youth Basketball Opportunities GOLF COURSE DIRECTORY
Here is a quick look at area golf courses.
Private courses are played by invitation of
By LISA COFFEY LAKELAND FAMILY YMCA: The South Y, at members only. Some courses have general
THE LEDGER 3620 Cleveland Heights Blvd., offers youth managers (Mgr.) or directors of golf (Dir.)
AUBURNDALE YOUTH BASKETBALL: This basketball for boys and girls ages 6 to 14 in and may not have club professionals.
league is for boys and girls ages 5 to 15. summer and winter/spring programs. The fee
Registration is in September and October. is $60 for members and $80 for nonmembers COURSES CITY PROFESSIONAL PHONE
Drafts are held the first and second week of for players ages 6 to 14. Summer registration is PUBLIC
November. Games are played in December held in May. Games are held Friday nights (age Bartow Bartow Chris Banks 863-533-9183
through February on Saturdays and Mondays 12-14 boys) and Saturdays (ages 6 to 11 boys/12
at the Tracy McGrady Gymnasium in Big Cypress North Lakeland Dave Bishop 863-859-6871
to 14 girls). Winter registration is October
Auburndale. The fee is $60. Players are asked through mid-December. Games are held Big Cypress South Lakeland Dave Bishop 863-859-6871
to register with a copy of their birth certificate. January through February on Friday nights Bramble Ridge Lakeland Terry Parker (Mgr.) 863-667-1988
The program is part of the Junior Magic league. and Saturdays. Summer basketball clinics are Golf Club at BridgeWater Lakeland Dana Saad (Dir.) 863-682-3000
For information, call 863-967-0017 or visit offered in July and August with registration in Celebration Celebration Kenny Nairn 407-566-4653 May and June for ages 3 to 5. The fee is $40 Cleveland Heights Lakeland Randy Sansing 863-834–2377
for members and $65 for nonmembers. For Cypress Greens Auburndale Carol Ladd (Mgr.) 863-956-4179
CARVER RECREATION CENTER IN BARTOW: information, call 863-644-3528. Deer Creek Davenport John Stephens (Dir.) 863-424-3153
The center offers opportunities for developing Diamondback Haines City Lynn Zemba 863-421-0437
younger players with a middle school league THE NORTH LAKELAND FAMILY YMCA offers The Club at Eaglebrooke Lakeland John Greiner 863-701-0101
with games beginning in March. Registration is a summer basketball league for players ages Grenelefe Resor Haines City Billy Dickinson (Dir.) 863-422-7511 (ext. 5122)
held in January. Games are played on Tuesdays 3 to 14 with a second winter season beginning
beginning at 4 p.m. The fee is $15 for residents in January. The Y is located at 2125 Sleepy Hill The Hamptons Auburndale Fred Brochu 863-666-8442
and $25 for nonresidents. The center also Highlands Reserve Davenport Greg Tebbutt 863-420-1724 (ext. 3)
Road. For information, call 863-859-7769.
offers a league for players in kindergarten Huntington Hills Lakeland Margie Serralles (Mgr.) 863-859-3689
through fifth grade. Registration is in late Indian Lakes Estates Indian Lakes Sandy Knightly (Mgr.) 863-692-1514
LAKELAND PAL: Offers basketball for players
November. The fee is $45. Games are played Lake Bess Golf Club Winter Haven Richard Mansfield (Mgr.) 863-326-9171
ages 12-and-under. Games and practices are
every Saturday through mid-February. For Lekarica Lake Wales Ralph Riedel 863-679-9478
held weekdays and weekends from December
information, call the Carver Recreation Center Lily Lake Frostproof Dave Hill (Mgr.) 863-635-1344
through March. The fee is $45. For information,
at 863-534-0161. Oakwood Golf Club Lake Wales Dan O’Neal 863-676-8558
call Officer Greg Hardee or Linda Cohen at 863-
834-2557. Providence Golf Club Davenport Jerry Callaway 863-420-2652
CITRUS CENTER BOYS AND GIRLS CLUB: The Ridgewood Lakes Davenport Chuck McLoone 863-424-8688
club offers free basketball programs at all Sandpiper Lakeland Dennis Grasso 863-859-5461
LAKELAND/SIMPSON PARK: The center offers
three units in Winter Haven, Haines City and
a youth basketball program for boys and girls Schalamar Creek Lakeland Zoran Ilic 863-666-1623, (ext. 1)
Lake Wales. Registration is held in December
ages 4 to 16 in Lakeland. Registration begins in Skyview Lakeland —None— 863-665-4008
for children ages 13-and-under. Play runs
August with games December through March. Southern Dunes Haines City Kevin Woodard 863-421-4653, (ext. 1)
through March. For information on the Winter
Games are played on Saturdays at the Simpson Sun Air Haines City Julie Willis (Mgr.) 863-439-4958
Haven unit, call 863-967-1532. For the North
Park Recreation Center. The fee is $45. For Stonegate (Solivita) Poinciana Aaron Merritt 863-427-7150
Ridge unit in Haines City, call 863-422-7014.
information, call 863-834-2577.
For the Lake Wales unit, call 863-679-8582. Wedgewood Lakeland Brian Randolph (Mgr.) 863-858-4451
Willowbrook Winter Haven David Hicks 863-291-5899
KELLY RECREATION CENTER IN LAKELAND: YMCA Par 3 Lakeland Gerald Richardson (Dir.) 863-577-0236
The center offers youth basketball for boys
DEPARTMENT: The department sponsors the PRIVATE
and girls ages 4 to 18. Registration begins in
Haines City Youth Basketball League for boys Country Meadows Plant City Stacie Jackson (Mgr.) 813-752-4636
September with games November through
and girls ages 5 to 15. Play begins in December
February. Games are on Saturdays. The fee is Cypresswood Winter Haven Bob Schade 863-324-6174
and runs through February. Registration is held
$35 for training league ages 4 to 7 and $55 for Four Lakes Golf Club Winter Haven Bob Griffith (Mgr.) 863-291-0930
in October and November. Games are played
players ages 8 to 15. For information, call 863- Grasslands Lakeland Steve Knott (Dir.) 863-680-1616
beginning in mid-November at the Community
834-3284. Highland Fairways Lakeland —None— 863-858-0947
Center and the Oakland Gym on week nights.
The fee is $40 per child. For information, call ImperiaLakes Mulberry Cliff Wilson (Mgr.) 863-425-1154
863-421-3700. POINCIANA YMCA: The Y offers basketball Lake Ashton Winter Haven Matt Pittsley 863-326-1032
for players ages 3 to 13 for members and Lake Henry Winter Haven Bob Griffith (Mgr.) 863-299-2683
nonmembers. The Y is located at 397 Marigold Lake Region Winter Haven Tony Brabiner (Dir.) 863-324-4579
Ave. For information, call 863-496-1814.
This league, for boys and girls 5 through 15, Lake Wales Lake Wales Bob Forward 863-676-6519
is run in conjunction with the city of Lake Lone Palm Lakeland Bryan Moran 863-499-5481
Wales. Registration is held in November. The WINTER HAVEN YMCA: The Y, at 6955 Cypress Sweetwater Haines City Lester Ball (Mgr.) 863-956-5530
fee is $40 per player. Games are played at Gardens Blvd., offers youth basketball for boys
Mountain Lake Lake Wales Jonathan Powell 863-679-2420
the Kirkland Gymnasium and Lake Wales High and girls ages 3 to 17. The program is a league
with game practices. Registration begins Feb. Walden Lake Plant City Greg Gamester 813-754-8575 (ext. 225)
School. For information, call Burney Hayes
at 863-557-2047 or the YMCA at 863-676- 1. Play begins March 14. The fee is $50 for Lake Region Winter Haven Tony Brabiner (Dir.) 863-324-4579
9441. players ages 3 to 5, $63 for players ages 6 to 8 Lake Wales Lake Wales Bob Forward 863-676-6519
and $67 for players ages 9 to 17. The fall league Lone Palm Lakeland Bryan Moran 863-499-5481
begins with registration in October and games Sweetwater Haines City Lester Ball (Mgr.) 863-956-5530
LAKE WALES YMCA: The agency offers a
in November. The fees are the same as above. Mountain Lake Lake Wales Jonathan Powell 863-679-2420
youth basketball program in the winter as
For information, call 863-292-0922. Walden Lake Plant City Steve Mercer (Mgr.) 813-754-8575 (ex. 225)
well as youth sports clinics for players ages 5
and younger (Youth Super Sports) in April and SOURCE: Ledger research
September on Mondays. For information, call Many Polk County churches offer youth
863-676-9441. basketball through THE LEDGER
37 T H E L E D G E R • S U N D AY, M A R C H 1 3 , 2 0 1 1 • W W W.T H E L E D G E R . C O M 37

[ guide to polk | recreation ]

Soccer Programs Abound
league is for boys and girls ages 6 to 18.
Polk County offers a variety of soccer Registration begins in July. Games run from
programs for boys and girls. All fees listed late August through December.
ºÍÀg:͆—zÊۜÒÊÙg   Èß » "

are subject to change without notice. Here Online registration is available at NLYS.ORG
are some of them. For more information, e-mail Mike Futrell at
for girls and boys ages 4 to 18. Registration is coed indoor spring league in March and April
at the end of July. The fall season runs August for players ages 6 to 11. Games are played
through December. Saturdays.   

For more information, call 863-602-2649 or For more information, call 863-644-3528 ext. 
visit 225 or visit the website at


BARTOW SOCCER CLUB: This league is for POINCIANA FAMILY YMCA: Located at 397     
children ages 4 to 17. Registration is in August. Marigold Avenue. Registration begins in April    
The season runs August through December. for youth players. For more information, call
The league is sanctioned with Florida Youth 863-496-1814.  
For more information, call 863-248-8366 or LAKE WALES SOCCER CLUB: The league is for
e-mail or visit girls and boys ages 4 to 18. The league has two seasons with one in the spring and one in the
DAVENPORT For more information, call Robbie Shields at
863-676-3304 or Tony Mathewson at 863-678- $'0/'0(5*'0-&'45$64+/'44'4
recreational league is for boys and girls in the 3513 or visit +/"+/5'3#7'/06/&'&+/
Northeast Polk area. 
For more information, call 863-420-3344 or LAKE WALES FAMILY YMCA: The Y offers a (30.(063&0%503450.03'5*#/ '/%0.1#44+/) 41'%+#-5+'4"*+-'.#/:
visit youth super sports program/clinics for ages
5*+/)4*#7'%*#/)'&+/5*'-#45 :'#340637#-6'43'.#+/5*'4#.'"'8+--
5 and under on Monday evenings in June. For
more information, call 863-676-9441. &'-+7'3*+)*26#-+5:*'#-5*%#3'+/#%0.1#44+0/#5''5*+%#-#/&'(<%+'/5.#//'3
HAINES CITY "'8+--#-8#:4#55'.155053'#50631#5+'/54063'.1-0:''4#/&063%0--'#)6'4
HAINES CITY RECREATION DEPARTMENT: RIDGE YOUTH SOCCER CLUB: This league 8+5*&+)/+5:"'8+--130.05'063%0..6/+5:$:$'+/)#.0&'-%03103#5'%+5+;'/
The department offers indoor soccer is for girls and boys ages 4 to 17 in the Four #/&1307+&'7#-6'50063$64+/'441#35/'34
for children ages 4 to 12 beginning with

Corners area covering Polk, Osceola, Lake and
registration in April. League play begins the Orange counties.
first week of June and runs for eight weeks at  
the community center. For more information, For more information, call 863-424-9600 or
call 863-421-3700. visit or e-mail
league president Brian Farrelly at bfarrelly@ s #3&+0-0): s 35*01#'&+%63)'3: s #3&+07#4%6-#3*03#%+%63)'3: s #+/#/#)'.'/5
LAKELAND s /&0%3+/0-0):#/&+#$'5'4-+/+% s '&+#53+%4
LAKELAND F.C. The league offers play in WINTER HAVEN s *:4+%#-*'3#1:
s #.+-:3#%5+%'
the North and South Lakeland divisions with WINTER HAVEN YOUTH SOCCER: The league
recreation and competitive programs for girls is for players ages 4 to 17 with recreation and s #4530'/5'30-0): s 6-.0/#3:#/&3+5+%#-#3'
and boys ages 4 to 19. competitive teams. It is part of Florida Youth s '/'3#-63)'3:63)+%#- '&+%+/'
For more information, visit www.lakelandfc. Soccer. /%0-0): s *'6.#50-0):
com or e-mail For more information, call 863-965-0809 or s 041+5#-+454 s 10354'&+%+/'
s '.#50-0):/%0-0): s *03#%+%!#4%6-#363)'3:
s /5'3/#-'&+%+/' s 30-0):
2125 Sleepy Hill Road in North Lakeland. WINTER HAVEN FAMILY YMCA: The agency
Indoor soccer begins for ages 3 to 12. The offers youth soccer for boys and girls ages 3 s '1*30-0): s 95'/&'&0634-+/+%
season is Feb. 28 through April 30th. A second to 5. The indoor program is offered August s $45'53+%4:/'%0-0): s 0.1-'5'/+5'.#)+/)
season begins in the fall. through October. A second outdoor league s 1*5*#-.0-0): #/&#$03#503:'37+%'4
For more information, call 863-859-7769 or runs January through March at St. Paul
visit the website at Episcopal Church. The fee is $28 for members
and $38 for nonmembers.

 s  "
For more information, call 863-292-0922.

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38 T H E L E D G E R • S U N D AY, M A R C H 1 3 , 2 0 1 1 • W W W.T H E L E D G E R . C O M 38

[ guide to polk | recreation ]

Youth Football Programs TENNIS ANYONE?

Here is a list of the public and private courts available
in Polk County. Many locations offer lessons,
tournaments and leagues.

Offered Throughout Polk LOCATION

Auburndale Municipal Courts
Bartow Civic Center

Andy Durham
Larry Tucker

A variety of youth football programs are Beerman Family Tennis Center (Lakeland) Dave Beerman 834-2374
offered around the county. Here are some EXTRA COVERAGE AT
of them: Carver Recreation Center (Bartow) 534-0161
For information on sports
Dundee Ridge Middle School 419-3088
MID FLORIDA FOOTBALL not listed here go to Frostproof Sports Complex 635-7866
CONFERENCE: Fort Meade 285-1110
This league for boys and girls ages 4 to 15 Kelly Recreation Center (Lakeland) 834-3284
has teams from Frostproof, Haines City, Lake Lake Eva Park (Haines City) Jeff McCardle 419-3447
Wales, Lakeland, Poinciana, Winter Haven, 0408.
Bartow, Mulberry, Lake Alfred, Davenport and Auburndale Hounds, Tara Banks, 863-618- Lake Parker (Lakeland) 834-2233
Garden Grove areas. 7044, or 863-677-6174. Lake Alfred 291-5270
The teams are: Sebring Eagles, Cliff Howell, 863-253-7070 or Lake Wales 678-4182 ext. 225
Lake Wales Steelers, Richard Deloach, 863- Tim Hooks, 863-559-9599. Nye Jordan Park (Bartow) 534-0120
605-0265. Richland Manor (Bartow) 534-0120
Frostproof Dawgs, Roman Mancillas, 863-287- POLK COUNTY YOUTH FOOTBALL: This Simpson Park (Lakeland) 834-2577
5763. league is for players ages 4 to 15.
Winter Haven City Courts Bobby Woodard 291-5690
Lakeland Saints, Tracy Faison, 863-670-7840. Polk City Jaguars, Bob Howe, 863-984-2576.
Woodlake Park (Lakeland) Dave Beerman 834-2374
Poinciana Predators, Al Bates, 407-467-6331. The Lakeland Titans, Robert Kendrick, 863-
Winter Haven Wolverines, Bernita Riley, 863-
287-3122. Bartow Unlimited Athletics, Jose Bristol, 863- Wahneta, Rifle Range Road 499-2613 or 534-4340
Mulberry Panthers, Mario Williams 863-608- 440-1347. Hunt Fountain Complex (Lakeland) 499-2613 or 534-4340
1817. The Lake Gibson Braves, Corey Sparks, 863- East Central Park (Dundee) to be opened 2011 534-4340
Bartow Yellow Jackets, Gareth Washington PRIVATE COURTS
863-440-1638. Fort Meade Miners, David Music, 863-512-
Cypresswood (Winter Haven) Eymard Capinpin 969-9005
Lakeland Lumberjacks, Dreyfus Jones, 863- 6001.
For more, call league President Neva Green, Lake Region Yacht and Country Club Alex Bose 324-7019
863-581-9894. Grasslands (Lakeland) Tomm Warneke 680-1133
Lake Alfred Raiders, Joey Wellman, 863-557-
9618 or Cheryl Pierce at 863-585-7165. Lake Wales Country Club Joe Hignight 676-2887
Haines City Wildcats, Morris West, 863-514- BARTOW Lakeland Yacht Club Robert Hollis 688-7019 ext. 24
9561. BARTOW MIGHTY MITES: This intracity league Oakview Swim and Tennis Club (Lakeland) Dr. Buck Bustard 646-8967
Garden Grove Bulldogs, Dick Seibert, 863- is for boys ages 8 to 11 years old. For more The Club at Eaglebrooke Larry Santos 670-8734
899-6935. information, call 863-534-0120.
SOURCE: Ledger research
Northeast Rattlers, Joseph Hamilton, 863- LAKELAND THE LEDGER
206-8445. LAKELAND EAGLES: This youth football and
Players can also visit www. cheerleading program is for boys and girls a flag football league April 2 to April 30 for ridgeyouthfoot or www.
ages 5 to 15. For more information, visit www. children in second through eighth grade. The fee is $20 a person. For more information, call
SUNSHINE/PAL: This league is affiliated with 863-676-9441.
the Florida PAL and offers flag football for POINCIANA
children ages 4 to 6 and tackle football and LAKELAND GATORS: This youth football POINCIANA YMCA: The Y offers flag football.
cheerleading for ages 7 to 14. and cheer program is for boys and girls ages WINTER HAVEN For more information, call 863-496-1814.
Auburndale Bulls, Ruth Hernandez, 863-514- 4 to 16. The league offers tackle football, WINTER HAVEN YOUTH FOOTBALL: This
9309. flag football for players ages 4 to 6, and league based at Sertoma Park is for boys
cheerleading for girls ages 4 to 16. More and girls ages 5 to 15. The league offers flag
Lakeland Destroyers, Ivan Brooks, 863-583-
0604 or visit
information: 863-688-4720 or www. football for players ages 5 to 7. More Sports WINTER HAVEN YMCA: The Y offers rookie Winter Haven Horseshoe Club:
Dundee Hornets, Brandi Clements, 863-287-
flag football in the fall for players ages 3 to 5. 863-324-5499
The season runs Sept. 19 through Nov. 12. It’s
Lakeland Hurricanes, Greg Hardee, 863-834- LAKELAND FAMILY YMCA: LAKELAND $32 for members and $42 for non members. The Lakeland Lawn Bowling Club:
2556. FAMILY YMCA: The Y offers a coed indoor Clinics are offered once a week for an hour. 863-603-6302 or 863-834-2233 or
Lakeland Patriots, Steve Bryant, 863-934- spring league in March and April for players More information: 863-292-0922.
5156. ages 6 to 11. Games are played Saturdays.
Polk County Titans, Eric Moody, 863-877-7477. More information: 863-644-3528 or www. Lakeland Shuffleboard Club: 863-603- DAVENPORT: Ridge Lightning. The league 6284 or
Lake Wales Gators, Debra Rheiner, 863-676- is part of Mid Florida Pop Warner with
6260. cheerleading and football for participants Winter Haven Shuffleboard Club:
Haines City Rattlers, Buster Raggs, 863-236- LAKE WALES FAMILY YMCA: The Y offers ages 5 to 15. More information: www. 863-291-5870.
39 T H E L E D G E R • S U N D AY, M A R C H 1 3 , 2 0 1 1 • W W W.T H E L E D G E R . C O M 39


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[ guide to polk | county ]

Polk County Celebrating 150 Years in Existence

By TOM PALMER development applications and long-term
POLK COUNTY BUDGET planning projects, 863-534-6467. Planner on
call 863-534-6084 or planneroncall@polk-
The Polk County Commission oversees
one of the largest counties in Florida. FOR FISCAL YEAR 2010-11 for land-use and zoning questions.
Over the past year one of the milestones Hazardous waste: Polk County Solid Waste.
SOURCES: $1,335,672,994
was former County Manager Mike Herr’s 863-284-4319 or go to
decision to lay off county employees in and follow the links.
an attempt to balance the budget in the Licenses & permits 0.26% Lakes: Polk County Natural Resources. 863-
face of declining property tax and sales Interest 0.64% 534-7377 or go to and
Fines and forefeitures 0.17%
tax revenue. follow the links to Natural Resources, where
The challenges county officials face in Miscellaneous 1.05% you can find the Polk County Lake Atlas.
2011 will mainly involve raising enough Charges for services 2.05% balance forward Marriage licenses: Clerk of the Court, 863-
revenue to maintain county services with- Interfund transfer 2.77% 47.2% 534-4547.
out further layoffs and other cuts. Maps: Depending on the type of map you
Special assessments 3.09%
One bright spot this year is the celebra- need, contact Polk County GIS, 863-534-7500;
tion of the county’s sesquicentennial, a All other 3.81% Taxes 20.74%
Polk County Land Development, 863-534-
year long celebration that was kicked off Intergovernmental 6467; or Polk County Property Appraiser, 863-
Internal service funds 4.51%
in February. 8.18% 534-4777 or go to and
Following is a list of county offices and Debt proceeds 0.00% Enterprise funds 5.53% follow the links to the Polk County Map Viewer.
constitutional offices such as tax collector
and property appraiser. Minority business procurement: Office of
EXPENDITURES BY DEPARTMENT: $1,335,672,994 Supplier Diversity, 863-534-5979.
Established: Feb. 8, 1861 Mosquito control: Polk County Natural
CDFC of Polk Co. 0.75% County Manager 0.10% Resources, 863-534-7377.
Size: 2,010.2 square miles
Growth Mgt. 0.86% County Attorney 0.09% Local business tax receipts (formerly called
Population: 584,329 Infrast-
Debt Services 1.95% occupational licenses): Polk County Tax
Government: Charter, with five county ructure Mgt. Neighborhood Collector’s Office, 863-534-4700 or go to
commissioners and an appointed county Board of County Com. 4.05% 30.14% Services
manager and county attorney. Commissioners Human Services 4.63% 0.00%
are elected to four-year terms in a countywide Reserves/ PGTV: Broadcasts government access
Public Safety 5.19% Transfers 29.33% Constitutional Officers television, 863-534-5997.
election, but commissioners must live in the
districts they represent. They are elected on SOURCE: Polk County Office 13.75% Parks and recreation: Polk County Parks &
a rotating basis and are limited to serving two of Management and Budget Support Services Natural Resources, 863-534-4341.
consecutive terms. The commission chairman 9.14% Property appraiser: Polk County Property
is elected annually by the commissioners. The THE LEDGER
Appraiser’s Office. Call 863-534-4777 or go to
commission meets at 9 a.m. two Tuesdays a, which provides information
month. on appraised values, ownership and most
County Commission: Bob English, 863-534- recent sales.
6450, District 1, Southwest Lakeland; Melony Recycling: Polk County Waste Resources
Bell, 863-534-6434, District 2, South Polk; Management. 863-284-4319 or go to www.
Ed Smith, 863-534-6050, District 3, Winter Commission toll-free at 866-392-4286. Driver licenses: Three locations: Lakeland, and follow the links.
Haven and Central Polk; Todd Dantzler, 863- Boat registration: Polk County Tax Collector’s 863-499-2320, 863-499-2323; Haines City, Soil maps: Maps are available from the U.S.
534-6422, District 4, Northeast Polk; and Sam Office, 863-534-4700 or go to 863-421-3201; and Lake Wales, 863-678- Department of Agriculture Natural Resource
Johnson, 863-534-6049, District 5, Northwest 4160. Conservation Service in Bartow, 863-533-7121.
Lakeland. Building permits: 863-534-6080. Forms Elderly services: Provides a variety of Tax collector: Polk County Tax Collector’s
Budget: $1.3 billion and information on many aspects of building services including case management, adult day Office, 863-534-4700 or go to www.
Property tax rate: $6.87 for every $1,000 permits and inspection are available by going care and nutrition. 863-534-5320.
of taxable value inside cities; $7.50 cents per to and following the Environmental lands: Manages more than Transit services: Schedules door-to-door
$1,000 taxable value in unincorporated areas. links to Building Inspection. 12,000 acres of environmental preserves, 863- transportation for qualified riders and
County Administration Building: 330 W. Burning permits: Burning permits are issued 534-7377. coordinates countywide bus system. 863-534-
Church St., Bartow, 863-534-6000. by the Florida Division of Forestry. 863-648- Fishing and hunting licenses: Polk County 5500.
Web site: 3163. Tax Collector’s Office, 863-534-4700 or go to Utilities: Polk County Utilities, 863-298-4100
Code enforcement: Enforces land or 800-301-6039 or go to www.polk-county.
County manager: Jim Freeman, 863-534-
6018 development codes and other ordinances Flooding and flood maps: To get a copy of the net and follow the links.
regarding issues ranging from junk cars to latest flood maps, contact Federal Emergency Vehicle registration: Polk County Tax
County attorney: Michael Craig 863-534- overgrown lots in unincorporated Polk County. Management Agency at 800-358-9616. For
6482 Collector’s Office, 863-534-4700 or go to
863-534-6054. drainage issues, call Polk County Roadway
Auditor: Clerk of Circuit Court Richard Weiss, Cooperative extension services: Provides Maintenance at 863-534-7361 or Polk County
863-534-4540 Natural Resources at 863-534-7377. For pre- Volunteer services: Coordinates volunteer
research-based education in agriculture, effort for events and emergency responses,
Animal complaints: Polk County Sheriff’s natural resources, human nutrition and the development flood determinations call Land
Office Animal Control, 863-499-2600 or 800- national youth development program 4-H. Development Division, Floodplain Management 863-534-6089.
275-8941, for cases involving cats and dogs. 863-519-8677 ext. 103. Section at 863-534-6449. Have your 18-digit Voter registration: Polk County Supervisor of
For nuisance alligator complaints, contact property identifi cation number available. Elections Office, 863-534-5888 or go to www.
Deeds: Indexing and records, 863-534-4524,
the Florida Fish and Wildlife Conservation 863-534-4516 and 863-534-4528. Growth management: Processes
41 T H E L E D G E R • S U N D AY, M A R C H 1 3 , 2 0 1 1 • W W W.T H E L E D G E R . C O M 41

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Fort Meade Lake Hamilton

By SUZIE SCHOTTELKOTTE City Hall: 8 W. Broadway, www.
THE LEDGER By KEVIN BOUFFARD Property tax rate: $7 per $1,000 of
THE LEDGER taxable value.
Incorporated: April 22, 1925 Law enforcement: Polk County Sheriff’s Office; Incorporated: 1925 Town Clerk: Kimberly Gay, 863-439-1910
Size: 5 square miles Fort Meade substation, 863-285-1100; www.
Size: Four square miles Town Hall: 100 Smith Ave., 863-439-1910
Population: 5,800
Population: 1,389 Police Department: Chief Edward
Government: City Commission has Fire Department: 863-285-1100
five members. The city manager is 17 Government: A mayor, who manages the Freeman, 863-439-1561
98 Electricity, water and sewer: City
appointed. Commissioners choose 640 town, and a five-member Town Council. All Fire Department: Polk County Fire
Hall, 863-285-1100
a mayor from among themselves serve three-year terms on a Department, 863-439-
Peace Garbage service: Advanced Disposal,
who serves a one-year term. River rotating basis. The mayor 9362,
863-967-5801 is paid $600 annually and
Commissioners serve four-year FORT 17 Electricity: Progress
MEADE Municipal mobile home park: 863- council members, $420.
terms on a rotating basis beginning Lake Energy. 800-700-8744
285-9742 The council meets at 7 546
this fall. Those in office now serve Hamilton Water Department: 863-
three-year terms. The commission 630 98 Public Library: 75 E. Broadway, p.m. the first Tuesday of 542
the month and has a work LAKE 439-4800. No municipal
meets at 7 p.m. the second Tuesday 863-285-8287, HAMILTON
542 sewer service.
of the month. Commissioners are location/fort_meade/info session at 7 p.m. on the
fourth Tuesday. 27 Garbage: Florida Refuse
paid $100 a month. 17 Recreation: Patterson Park, Fort
Meade Community Center, Heritage Town Council: Mayor Service Inc., 863-421-9854
City Commission: Mayor Jim Watts,
Park, Monument Park, Fort Meade Marlene Wagner, 863- Recreation: Two Little
863-519-2300; Commissioners
Outdoor Recreation Area, Morrison Park, Fort 438-0023; and council members: League fields, two playgrounds, picnic
Bob Elliott, 863-533-4926; Rick Cochrane, 863-
Meade Sports Complex and Lanier Park. Chairman Kathi Latimer, 863-439-2182; areas and a boat ramp.
285-8222; Maurice Nelson, 863-712-2774; and
Barbara Manley, 863-285-8551. Public schools: Fort Meade Middle and Senior Micheal Bowen, 863-439-1332; Cora Schools: None inside the town limits.
High School, and Anna Woodbury Elementary, Roberson, 863-439-6385; Richard Students attend Haines City High School,
Budget: $13.9 million Swanson, 863-439-1332; and Gary White,
Lewis Elementary and Riverside Elementary Boone Middle School, Jenkins Middle
Property tax rate: $3.35 per $1,000 in taxable 863-439-1910. School, Alta Vista Elementary School and
valuation. Budget: $4.8 million Dundee Elementary School.
Chamber of Commerce: 214 W. Broadway St.,
City Manager: Fred Hilliard, 863-285-1100

Easy to celebrate, hard to pronounce.
(Luckily, Polk State College offers a variety of speech communication classes every semester.)

From all of us at Polk State College –

we are indeed proud to salute Polk County on its 150th anniversary. Let the celebration commence!


999 Avenue H, Northeast  Winter Haven, FL 33881-4299
Polk State College is committed to and encourages equal opportunity/equity/access
for its programs, services, and activities. years
42 T H E L E D G E R • S U N D AY, M A R C H 1 3 , 2 0 1 1 • W W W.T H E L E D G E R . C O M 42

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By SUZIE SCHOTTELKOTTE Police Department: 863-534-5034
Haines City
By KEVIN BOUFFARD Fire Department: Chief Lon Cheney, 863-421-
THE LEDGER Fire Department: 863-534-5044 THE LEDGER 3612
Incorporated: July 1, 1882 Incorporated: 1914
Customer Service: 863-534-0188 Public Works: Director Mike Stripling, 863-
Size: 52 square miles Size: 20 square miles 421-3777
Public Works: 863-534-0100. After-hours
Population: 17,000 emergencies, 863-534-0134 Population: 18,762 Water and sewer: 863-421-3600
Government: City Lake Electric Department: Government: City Commission has five Electricity: Florida Power, 800-700-8744
Commission with 98 Hancock
863-534-0100. After-hours members. The city manager Parks Department: Director
appointed city manager. emergencies, 863-534-0134 is appointed. The commission
The commission has five 17 17 Kelly Callihan, 863-421-3700
Water Plant: 863-534-0159 is elected to four-year terms 27 92
members. Commissioners Haines City Public Library: 303
on a rotating basis. It picks a
choose a mayor from among 60 Sewer Plant: 863-534-0146 Ledwith Ave., 863-421-3633
mayor and vice mayor from
themselves to serve a one- Solid Waste Department: among members in May after Recreation Department: 863-
year term. Commissioners BARTOW 863-534-0181 the April municipal election. 421-3700
are elected to three-year Golf Course: 863-534-0155 Commissioners are paid CITY Dolphus Howard Complex: 863-
terms on a rotating basis. 555 Bartow Municipal Airport: $6,000 a year and the mayor 421-3720
The commission meets at Peace 580
River 863-533-1195, www.bartow- $7,200. The commission meets Recreation: Haines City
6:30 p.m. on the first and 98 at 7 p.m. the first and third Community Center, the Dolphus
third Mondays of the month. 640 Thursdays of the month. Howard Complex, Lake Eva Park,
Parks and Recreation: 863-
Commissioners are paid City Commission: Mayor 544 Clay Cut Centre, the Bethune
$515 a month for service Mayor Horace West, 863-419- Neighborhood Center, Cook Field,
on the City Commission and $250 a month for Bartow Public Library: 2150 S.
Broadway Ave., 863-534-0131, www.pclc.lib. 1836; Vice Mayor Philip Hinkle, Larry Parrish Complex and East
serving as the Bartow Airport Authority. 863-422-2437; and commissioners Adam Park. The city has two swimming pools.
City Commission: Mayor Wayne Lewis, 863- Burgess, 863-521-2291; Roy Tyler, 863-422- Public schools: Alta Vista, Eastside and
533-9430; Commissioners Adrian Jackson, Public Schools: Bartow High School,
4407; and Joanna Wilkinson, 863-422-5635. Sandhill elementary schools and Bethune
863-533-1707; James Clements: 863-583- International Baccalaureate, Summerlin
Budget: $41.1 million Academy; Boone Middle School and Daniel
1100; Leo Longworth; 863-533-3136; and Pat Academy, Bartow Middle School, Union Jenkins Academy; and Haines City and Ridge
Huff, 863-533-9430. Academy Magnet Middle, Bartow Elementary Property tax rate: $6.99 per $1,000 of
Academy, Floral Avenue Elementary, Gibbons taxable value. Community high schools.
Budget: $63.2 million Chamber of Commerce: 863-422-3751 or
Street Elementary, James E. Stephens City Manager: Ann Toney-Deal, 863-421-
Property tax rate: $3.99 per $1,000 in Elementary, Spessard L. Holland Elementary, 3650
taxable value. Gause Career Development Center and Polk City Hall: 502 E. Hinson Ave., 863-421-3600, Economic Development Council: Executive
City Manager: George Long, 863-534-0100 Life and Learning Center. Director Paul Senft, 608 Ingraham Ave., 863-
City Hall: 450 N. Wilson Ave., 863-534-0100 Chamber of Commerce: 863-533-7125, 422-2525
Police Department: Chief Rick Sloan, 863-
Website: 421-3636, ext. 224, Haines City Main Street: Executive Director
Ronni Wood, 235 N. Ninth St., 863-421-4100

BY RICK ROUSOS City Manager: Robert R. Green, Yard Waste and Large Items Pickup: Public Works
The Ledger 4, 863- Department, 863-965-5511
Incorporated: 1911 965-5506. Public Library: 100 W. Bridgers Ave., 863-965-5548, www.
Size: 25.3 square miles City Hall: 1 Bobby Green Plaza, 863-
Population: 14,033 655 559 965-5500, Parks and Recreation: 863-965-5545
Government: The City Commission has five members. The Police Department: 863-965-5555 Recreation: Baseball, softball, soccer and football fields,
city manager is appointed. The mayor is elected by voters 570
Fire Department: 863-965-5522 municipal basketball courts, racquetball courts and tennis
from among the commissioners who are not up for re-election AUBURNDALE Building and Zoning Department: courts with Pro Shop (city tennis pro), Senior Center, Club
and serves a one-year term. Commissioners serve four-year 863-965-5530 House, Tourist Club, swimming, boating, fishing, and a city
terms on a rotating basis. The mayor is paid $6,164 a year. beach with picnic area and boat landing on Lake Ariana.
Public Utilities: 863-965-5500;
Commissioners are paid $5,281 per year. The commission Public Schools: Auburndale High School, Tenoroc High School,
Nights/weekends: 863-965-5555;
meets 7 p.m. the first and third Mondays of each month. Stambaugh Middle, Berkley Elementary, Auburndale Central
Arrange for water and sewer in the
City Commission: Mayor Mayor Keith Cowie, 863-965-7339; 542 Public Utilities Department at City Hall. Elementary, Lena Vista Elementary, Boswell Elementary and
Commissioners Marvin Wiley, 863-967-2930; Jack Myers, 863- Garbage pickup is handled by the city. Caldwell Elementary.
967-8617; and Allen Johnson 863-967-5386. Chamber of Commerce: 111 E. Park Ave. 863-967-3400,
Electricity: Tampa Electric Co., Main
Budget: $28.8 million Street. 888-223-0800,
Property tax rate: $3.84 per $1,000 of taxable value. Water/Sewer Maintenance: 863-965-5549
43 T H E L E D G E R • S U N D AY, M A R C H 1 3 , 2 0 1 1 • W W W.T H E L E D G E R . C O M 43

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Lake Wales
Polk City
THE LEDGER Electric: Florida Power Corp., 800-700-8744 By KEVIN BOUFFARD
Incorporated: 1917 THE LEDGER Fire: Polk County Fire Department, 863-965-
Street Department: 863-678-4182, ext. 270 Incorporated: 1925
Size: 19 square miles 6379,
Garbage, trash pickup: 863-678-4182, ext. Size: 3.5 square miles
Population: 13,100 276 Electricity: Lakeland Electric, 863-834-6300,
Government: The City Population: 1,685 and Tampa Electric, 298-6019
Water and sewer: After-hours
Commission has five Emergency: 863-632-2349; Government: The City Council Water and Sewer
members. The city manager 27 17 has five members serving four- departments: Frank
customer service, 863-678- 33
is appointed by the 540 4196; billing, 863-678-4197 year terms on a rotating basis. Sanderson, manager, 863-
commission. The mayor The city manager is appointed. POLK 984-1375, ext. 247
17A Utilities administration: Council members select the CITY
is elected annually from Garbage: Florida Refuse, 863-
863-678-4182, ext. 294 mayor and vice mayor for
members of the commission LAKE 665-1489
not up for re-election. WALES Public library: 290 one-year terms from among 4 557A Library: Polk City Community
Commissioners are elected to Cypress Gardens Lane, themselves. The mayor is paid
863-678-4004, www. Library, 215 S. Bougainvillea,
four-year terms on a rotating 60 $123.64 per month and council 570 863-984-4340, www.
basis. They are paid $378.23 members $61.82. The council 655 559
Depot Museum: 325 S. Scenic
a month. The commission meets at 7 p.m. on the second
meets at 6 p.m. on the first Highway, 863-678-4209, Monday of every month. Recreation: Lake Agnes has
and third Tuesday of each a boat ramp. Freedom Park at State Road 33
City Council: Mayor Joseph LaCascia, 863-
month. depot and Berkley Road has multipurpose courts for
984-7393; Vice Mayor Trudy Block, 863-984-
Airport: 450 S. Airport Road, 863-678-0080, basketball, tennis and racquetball. McManigle
City Commission: Mayor Jack Van Sickle, 5691; and Council members Nancy Adorno, or www. Park at 505 Second St. has a playground and
863-324-6191; and Commissioners Jonathan 863-984-1375; Mike Blethen, 863-984-2690; picnic area. The city runs a summer recreation
Thornhill, 863-604-8556; John Paul Rogers, and Don Kimsey, 863-984-2180.
program for children between the ages of 5
863-676-6764; Michael Carter, 863-679- Recreation: Lake Wales YMCA, James P. Budget: $3.8 million and 14 from May through July. The 29-mile
9725; and Terrye Howell, 863-676-6284. Austin Community Center, Albert Kirkland Property tax rate: $8.65 per $1,000 of Gen. James Van Fleet State Trail can be used
Budget: $28.3 million Gymnasium and 150 acres of municipal parks. taxable property value. for walking and riding bicycles or horses. Polk
Property tax rate: $7.3277 for each $1,000 of Public schools: Lake Wales High School, Acting City Manager: Trudy Block, 863-984- City Skate Park is near the trail and Freedom
taxable value. Bok Middle Academy and Babson Park, Polk 1375, ext. 237 Park.
City Manager: Judy Delmar 863-678-4182, Avenue, Janie Howard Wilson and Hillcrest City Hall: 123 Broadway Blvd. S.E., www. Public schools: Auburndale and Tenoroc high
ext. 225 elementary schools operated by the Lake schools; Stambaugh and Lake Alfred middle
Wales Charter School System. McLaughlin schools; and Polk City and Berkley elementary
City Hall: 201 W. Central Ave. 863-678-4182, Law enforcement: Polk County Sheriff’s
Middle School, Roosevelt Academy and Spook schools. Office, Polk City substation, 863-984-8767,
Hill Elementary operated by the Polk County
Police Department: 863-678-4223, lwpd. School District.
Chamber of Commerce: 863-676-3445,
Fire Department: 863-678-4203, www.

Highland Park
By SUZIE SCHOTTELKOTTE Village Manager: Brian Updike, 863-676-
Incorporated: 1901
Size: 6.3 square miles
City Hall: 104 S. Church Ave.863-425-1125,
Law enforcement: Polk County Sheriff’s
Office, Mulberry substation, 104
THE LEDGER 8068 and 863-455-6518 Population: 3,368 Church Ave. S., 863-425-1119,
Incorporated: 1927 Village Clerk: Maggie Taylor and Assistant Government: The City
Size: 500 acres Village Clerk Blair Updike, 863- Commission has an Fire Department: 863-425-
Population: 273 455-6518 elected mayor and five city 9747. Polk County Fire Station,
commissioners. The city 60 109 N.W. Ninth Ave., polkfire.
Government: Three Law enforcement: Polk
commissioners manage the 60 County Sheriff’s Office, 863- manager is appointed. All 37
government. The mayor is 298-6200 elected officials serve two- Water, sewer: 863-425-1125
HIGHLAND year terms on a rotating
selected by the commission. PARK Fire: Lake Wales Fire Public Works: 425-3146
Commissioners serve three- basis. The mayor is paid $5,018 a year and
Department, 863-678-4203 Garbage: 863-665-1489
year terms, with one member Lake Easy commissioners receive $3,345. Regular
Electricity: Progress Energy, meetings are at 7:30 p.m. the first Tuesday of Electricity: Tampa Electric Co. 888-223-
elected annually. Elections 800-700-8744 0800,
27 17 the month at City Hall.
are held in April. None is
Water: Village of Highland City Commission: Interim Mayor Collins Library: Dr. C.C. Pearce Library, 103 E. Canal
paid. They meet at 7 p.m.
Park. Contact the town clerk Smith, 863-425-3489; and Commissioners St., 863-425-3246,
the second Tuesday of every
for information. Andy Scrocca 863-425-5148; Jim Splaine, libraries/mulberry
other month, beginning with January.
Recreation: 18-hole golf course 863-425-4412, Jerry Woods, 863-698-8779; Recreation: Bicentennial Park, Mulberry Civic
Commission: Mayor Mark Smith, 863-676-
2695; Commissioners Brian Updike, 863-676- Public schools: Lake Wales High School, and Terry Evers, 863-640-5576. Center, Spence Field, W.S. Badcock Dixie Youth
8068 and Brian MacCurrach, 863-676-8321. Edward W. Bok Middle School, Polk Avenue Budget: $6.4 million Field and five playgrounds.
and Hillcrest Elementary schools, operated by Property tax rate: $8.9 per $1,000 of taxable Public Schools: Mulberry High School,
Budget: $242,476
Lake Wales Charter Schools, and McLaughlin value. Mulberry Middle School, and Kingsford,
Property tax rate: $9.97 for each $1,000 of Middle School, operated by the Polk County Purcell and Sikes elementary schools.
taxable value. City Manager: Frank Satchel, 863-425-1125
School District.
44 T H E L E D G E R • S U N D AY, M A R C H 1 3 , 2 0 1 1 • W W W.T H E L E D G E R . C O M 44

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Hillcrest Lake Alfred Eagle Lake Davenport

Incorporated: 1915
Size: 10 square miles
The Ledger
Incorporated: 1921
Size: 4.5 square miles, including 1.8 square
Incorporated: 1915
Size: 4 square miles
By SUZIE SCHOTTELKOTTE Population: 4,627 miles of water surface Population: 2,758
Government: The City Commission has five Population: 2,921 Government: City Commission with mayor
Incorporated: 1923
members serving Government: The and four commission members. The city
Size: 100 acres four-year terms on City Commission 540 manager is appointed. Commission members
Population: 252 a rotating basis. 4 has five members. EAGLE are elected to four-year terms on a rotating
Government: Town Commission with five Commissioners elect The city manager LAKE basis. The mayor is paid $1,200 a year,
commissioners who serve two-year terms, the mayor and vice is appointed. and commissioners are paid $600. The
with all five up for election at the same mayor to one-year Commissioners are 17 655 commission meets at 7 p.m. the second
time in odd years. The next election will terms from among 557 elected to two- and fourth Mondays of every month. The
be in April. The mayor and vice mayor are themselves. The year terms on a first monthly meeting is a workshop for the
picked by the commission. The mayor and mayor earns an LAKE rotating basis. The mayor is selected by the discussion of issues to be voted on during the
vice mayor are paid $50 a month, and other annual salary of commission. They are paid $100 a month. second monthly meeting.
commissioners are paid $40. The commission $3,600, while other The commission meets at 7 p.m. the first and City Commission: Mayor Peter Rust; Vice
meets at 7:30 p.m. on the second Tuesday of commissioners 92 third Mondays of the month. The Community
17 Mayor H.B. Robinson III; and Commission
each month. get $2,400 a year. Redevelopment Agency meets at 6 p.m. on members
Town Commission: Mayor Sam Knight, The city manager the first Monday of the month. Bob Lynch,
863-638-1231; and Commissioners Ray is appointed. The City Commission: Mayor Angela Volz, Tom Fellows 27
French, 863-638-2684; Trudy Marvel, 863- commission meets at 7:30 p.m. on the first 863-370-8846; Vice Mayor J.R. Sullivan, and Crystal
638-1305; Albert Welch, 863-638-0022; and third Mondays of the month. 863-293-4141; commissioners Suzy Wilson, Williams. All DAVENPORT
and Mike City Commission: Mayor Jack Dearmin, 863- 863-293-4141; Sherry Henry, 863-294-1162; can be reached 17
Bishop, 604-0876; Vice Mayor Albertus Maultsby, and Wanda Petranick, 863-293-4141. through City
863-638- 863-956-1856; and Commissioners Nancy Budget: $2.9 million Hall, 863-419-
Crooked HILLCREST 1577. Daley, 863-956-4622; Tracy Garcia, 863- Property tax rate: $7.65 per $1,000 of 3300.
Lake HEIGHTS Budget: 651-2011; and Lowell Schmidt, 863-956- Budget: $3.1 million
taxable property value.
$105,422 2160. Property tax rate: $6 per $1,000 of taxable
27 17 City Manager: Peter Gardner, 863-293-4141
Property Budget: $6.3 million value
City Hall: 75 Seventh St. N. 863-293-4141,
Tax Rate: Property tax rate: $6.58 per $1,000 of City Manager: Amy Arrington, 863-419-3300
31.25 cents taxable property value. City Hall: 1 S. Allapaha Ave., 863-419-3300,
for each $1,000 of taxable property. Law enforcement: Polk County Sheriff’s
City Manager: Larry Harbuck, 863-291-5270 Office, Eagle Lake substation, 863-293-5677,
Town Clerk: Larry Blackwelder, 863-638- City Hall: 120 E. Pomelo St., 863-291-5270 Police Department: Chief Charles Clements,
2732 Website: 863-419-3306
Fire Department: 863-295-5173, Polk
Town Hall: 151 N. Scenic Highway. 863-639- Police Department: Chief Art Bodenheimer, County Station No. 32, Fire Department: Fire Administrator Stuart
2732, 863-291-5200 McCutcheon, 863-419-3305
Building and Street Departments: 863-
Law Enforcement: Polk County Sheriff’s Fire Department: Chief Chris Costine, 863- 293-4141 Water: 863-419-3300. Sewer service is
Office, 863-298-6200 291-5202 provided to a small number of residents,
Electricity: Tampa Electric Co., 888-223-
Fire Department: Caloosa Lake Fire Electricity: Tampa Electric Co., 888-223- 0800, mostly in newer homes, from a temporary
Department, 863-679-4200 0800 sewer plant. City Commission has approved
Water and Sewer: 863-293-4141.
Electricity: Progress Energy, 800-700-8744 Website: Emergencies, 863-293-5677. building a new sewer plant for the rest of the
Water service: Polk County Utilities. 863- city, but no construction date has been set.
Building Department: Donnie True, 863- Garbage: Florida Refuse, 863-294-8778
298-4100. After-hours emergencies, 863- 291-5748 Electricity: Florida Power Corp. 800-700-
534-7351. Public Library: 75 N. Seventh St. 863- 8744
Public Works: Director John Deaton, 863- 293-2914,
Garbage service: Advanced Disposal, 863- 291-5275. After hours, 863-291-5200. eagle_lake/info Garbage: Florida Refuse. 863-638-2144
967-5801 Recreation: The city two ball fields, two
Water and Sewer: 863-5274 Recreation: A variety of sports leagues,
Public schools: Lake Wales High School, three city parks, two lakes with piers and tennis courts, basketball complexes and two
Frostproof Middle/Senior High School, Public Library: 195 E. Pomelo St., 863-291- parks with playground equipment.
5378 boat access, and a city beach.
McLaughlin Middle School, Edward W. Bok Public Schools: Ridge Community High
Middle School in Lake Wales, and Dale Fair Website: Public Schools: Lake Region High School,
Westwood Middle, and Eagle Lake and School, Haines City High School, Boone
Babson Park Elementary School. lake_alfred/info Middle School and Jenkins Academy,
Recreation: Superintendent Jeff Tillman, Pinewood elementary schools.
Ridgeview Global Studies Academy, Horizons
291-5270. Recreational opportunities include Elementary School, Loughman Oaks
fishing, golf, basketball and tennis. Elementary and Davenport School of the
Public schools: Auburndale High School, Arts.
Discovery Academy, Lake Alfred Elementary, Chamber of Commerce: 5 S. Allapaha Ave.,
Lake Alfred-Addair Middle, Best Program, 863-422-3975,
and Karen M. Siegel Academy.
Chamber of Commerce: Executive Director
Fran Beach, 210 S. Seminole Ave., 863-291-
5380. Website:
45 T H E L E D G E R • S U N D AY, M A R C H 1 3 , 2 0 1 1 • W W W.T H E L E D G E R . C O M 45




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District boundaries: Northwest Lakeland and western Polk County District boundaries: South and East Polk Citrus POLK’S
to State Road 60 and parts of Hillsborough and Pasco counties. County beginning south of Haines City from
Seminole SENATE
Lake Hatchineha Road, South Lakeland
beginning just north of the Polk Parkway HERNANDO
Republican, Valrico Assistants: Kristina and going south and east to the county line.
Austin, Audrey District
Capitol Office:
413 Senate Office Building Canney and Beth
Also includes Hardee, Highlands and
Okeechobee counties and parts of DeSoto,
404 South Monroe Street Sutkowy. Glades and St. Lucie counties.
Tallahassee, FL 32399-1100 Committees: HILLSBOROUGH OSCEOLA
Capitol Phone: Chair, Children, POLK
Families, and Elder Republican, Lake Wales District
(850) 487-5072 Affairs; Budget Subcommittee on Capitol Office: Pinellas
10 District
Criminal and Civil Justice
Appropriations, Community Affairs,
412 Senate Office Building
Tallahassee, FL 32399-1100 HARDEE OKEE-
District Office: Military Affairs, Space and Domestic CHOBEE ST. LUCIE
Phone: (850) 487-5044
421 Lithia Pinecrest Road Security, Reapportionment and HIGHLANDS
Legislative Assistants:
Brandon, FL 33511 Transportation. Caitlin Murray DESOTO
District Office Phone: Sarasota Martin
District Offices:
(813) 651-2189 201 W. Central Ave. Charlotte GLADES
City Hall Complex, Room 115
Lake Wales, FL 33853
District boundaries: The northern third of Polk, downtown Lakeland and Legislative Assistant: Patty Harrison

Mulberry along with parts of Hernando, Lake, Osceola and Sumter counties.
District Phone:
SEN. PAULA DOCKERY Mailing Address: (863) 679-4847
Republican, Lakeland P.O. Box 2395 Statewide Phone: U.S. REP. DENNIS ROSS
Capitol Office: Lakeland, FL 1-800-444-9747 12th Congressional District
224 Senate Office Building District Phone: Sebring Office: Republican, Lakeland
Tallahassee, FL 32399-1100 863-413-2900 Legislative Assistant: Larry Ford 404 Cannon House Office Bldg.
Capitol Office Phone: Statewide Phone: Sebring Phone: 863-386-6016 Washington, D.C. 20515-0912
(850) 487-5040 1-866-248-6487 E-mail: Phone: 202-225-1252 Fax: 202-226-0585
Legislative Assistant: Fax: 863-413-2902 Committees: Website:
Rachel “Perrin” Rogers e-mail: Go to website to access
Chairman of the Budget Committee; Vice Chief of Staff: Frederick Piccolo Jr.
District Office: Committees: Chair, Rules; Agriculture; Banking and
Vice Chair, Commerce and Tourism; Lakeland Field Office: 170 Fitzgerald Road, Lakeland, FL, 33813
Legislative Assistants: Insurance; Budget Subcommittee on Finance District Director: Blaine Gravitt District Phone: 863-644-8215
Sarah Hardy, Laura Rodriguez, Budget Subcommittee on Education and Tax; Budget Subcommittee on
Pre K-12 Appropriations, Community Boundaries: Polk County comprises 65 percent of the district. The
Anne Kathryn Bell. Transportation, tourism and Economic district also includes parts of Hillsborough and Osceola counties.
101 W. Main St., Suite 110 Affairs, Criminal Justice and the Rules Development Appropriations; Education
Subcommittee on Ethics and PreK-12; Rules Subcommittee on Ethics and
Lakeland, FL 33815 Elections.
E-mail: Elections and Chair of the Joint Legislative Budget Commission. U.S. REP. RICHARD NUGENT
5th Congressional District
Republican, Brooksville
FLORIDA GOVERNOR U.S. SENATORS 1517 Longworth House Office Building
Telephone: 202-225-1002
Fax: 202-226-6559
GOV. RICK SCOTT (Republican) U.S. SEN. BILL NELSON (Democrat) Web site:
PL-05 The Capitol Chief of Staff: Pete Mitchell E-mail: Accessible through the Web site.
Tallahassee, FL 32399-0001 716 Hart Senate Office Bldg. Communications Director: Harrison Lewis
Phone: 850-488-4802 Washington, D.C. 20510 District Office: 16224 Spring Hill Dr., Brooksville, FL 34604
E-mail: Website: Telephone: 352-799-8345 Toll Free: 866-492-4835
Governor’s Communications e-mail: Fax: 352-799-8776
Director: Brian Burgess Fax: 202-228-2183 Boundaries: In Polk, the district’s boundaries are State Road 33
Regional Director for Polk: Celeste on the east and the Hillsborough County line on the west and I-4
THE CABINET Brown (Located in Orlando office) to the south. In addition the district includes all of Citrus,
Communications Director: Dan McLaughlin Hernando and Sumter counties with parts of Lake, Levy, Marion
AGRICULTURE COMMISSIONER ADAM H. PUTNAM Orlando Field Office: 225 E. Robinson St., Suite 410, and Pasco counties.
(Republican) Orlando 32801 Orlando Region Phone: 407-872-7161
PL-10 The Capitol, Tallahassee, FL 32399-0810 U.S. REP.BILL POSEY
Phone: 850-488-3022 E-mail: U.S. SEN. MARCO RUBIO (Republican) 15th Congressional District
Press Secretary: Sterling Ivey SD-B40A Senate Dirksen Office Building Republican, Rockledge
Washington, DC 20510 120 Cannon House Office Building
ATTORNEY GENERAL PAM BONDI (Republican) Phone: (202) 224-3041 Washington, DC 20515
PL-01 The Capitol, Tallahassee, FL 32399-1050 Director of Media Affairs: Phone: 202-225-3671 Fax: 202-225-3516
Phone: 850-245-0150 E-mail: Alex Burgos Press Secretary: George Cecala
Press Secretary: Jennifer Krell Davis Orlando District Office: District Office: 2725 Judge Fran Jamieson Way, Building C,
201 S. Orange Avenue, Suite 350, Melbourne, FL 32940
CHIEF FINANCIAL OFFICER JEFF ATWATER (Republican) Orlando, FL 32801 District Phone: 407-254-2573 Phone: (321) 632-1776 Fax: (321) 639-8595
PL-11 The Capitol, Tallahassee, FL 32399-0300 Tampa District Office: 3802 Spectrum Blvd., Suite 106 Website:
Phone: 850-413-2842 Website: Tampa, FL 33612 District Phone: 813-977-6450 Boundaries: Includes the northeast corner of Polk County, parts
Press Secretary: Alexis Lambert Toll Free: 1-866-630-7106 of Brevard, and Osceola counties and all of Indian River County.
47 T H E L E D G E R • S U N D AY, M A R C H 1 3 , 2 0 1 1 • W W W.T H E L E D G E R . C O M 47


District boundaries: South of Edgewood Drive, South Lakeland District boundaries: Lake Wales, eastern part of Frostproof, parts
and Highland City, Mulberry, Bartow and into South Hillsborough of Winter Haven, Hardee County and Highlands County west of U.S. 27.
County to Sun City Center.
REP. SETH MCKEEL District Phone: Republican, Wauchula Assistant:
Republican, Lakeland 863-647-4896 Capitol Office: Kevin Cleary
Capitol Office: Legislative 1301 The Capitol District
422 The Capitol, 402 S. Assistant: 402 S. Monroe Street Secretary:
Monroe St., Tallahassee, FL Callie Neslund. Tallahassee, FL 32399-1300 Karen Whaley
32399-1300 District Secretary: Capitol Office Phone: Committees:
Capitol Office Phone: Catherine Fraser 850-488-9465 Agriculture &
850-488-9890. e-mail: District Office: Natural Resources Appropriations;
District Office: Seth.McKeel 150 N. Central Ave. Energy and Utilities
4250 S. Florida Ave., Suite 4 Committees: Chairman, State Bartow, FL 33830-4742 Subcommittee; Health and Human
Lakeland, FL 33813-1725 Affairs Committee; Appropriations District Phone: Services Committee; Insurance and
Committee. Banking Subcommittee and the
DISTRICT 64 Mailing Address: Transportation and Highway Safety
District boundaries: Lakeland north of Edgewood Drive P.O. Box 1966 Subcommittee.
and Polk County north of Interstate 4. Bartow, FL 33831-1966
Republican, Lakeland (863) 614-9156 District boundaries: Southeast corner of Polk County,
Capitol Office: Legislative south and east of Frostproof and parts of Osceola County.
313 House Office Building Assistant:
402 South Monroe Street Rachel Barnes REP. MIKE HORNER District Phone:
Tallahassee, FL 32399-1300 District Aide: Republican, Kissimmee (407) 943-3077
Capitol Office Phone: Chris Dowdy Capitol Office: Committees:
(850) 488-2270 Committees: 222 The Capitol Chairman,
District Office: 2000 E. Chair, K-20 Innovation 402 South Monroe Street Transportation
Edgewood Dr., Suite 109 Subcommittee; Civil Justice Tallahassee, FL 32399-1300 and Economic
Lakeland, FL 33803-3639 Subcommittee; Education Capitol Office Phone: (850) Development
e-mail: kelli.stargel Committee; Higher Education 488-8992 Appropriations Appropriations Subcommittee; Pre District Office: Subcommittee; Appropriations
Mailing Address: P.O. Box K-12 Appropriations Subcommittee; 323 Pleasant Street Committee; Health and Human
2839, Lakeland, FL, 3806-2839 Rules and Calendar Committee. Kissimmee, FL 34741-5763 Services Access subcommittee ;
Legislative Assistant: Joint Legislative Budget
Commission; Transportation and
DISTRICT 65 Adam Lovejoy Highway Safety Subcommittee.
District boundaries: South of I-4, north of SR 60 east of the Polk Parkway. District Secretary:
It includes Auburndale, Haines City, parts of Winter Haven, Davenport, Dundee, Rose Hernandez
Loughman, Lake Hamilton, Eagle Lake, Lake Alfred and part of Lake Wales.
REP. JOHN WOOD District Phone: POLK’S
Republican, Winter Haven (863) 419-3470 PASCO
Capitol Office: Legislative
214 House Office Building 79
402 South Monroe Street Hedy Weddington POLK BREVARD
Tallahassee, FL 32399-1300 District Secretary:
Capitol Office Phone: Katherine Bell
(850) 488-2721 Committees: Chair, 66
District Office: Health and Human Services Quality MANATEE OKEE-
Subcommittee; Vice chair, Insurance CHOBEE ST. LUCIE
702 Main Street HIGHLANDS
Haines City, FL 33844-4342 and Banking Subcommittee; Health
e-mail: john.wood and Human Serv. Committee; Health DESOTO
Care Appropriation Subcommittee. SARASOTA MARTIN


The five Polk County commissioners, four
Republicans and one Democrat, must reside in their
respective geographic districts when they run for
office, but they are elected by all Polk voters. The
districts ensure all parts of the county are equally
represented. The county manager is hired by the District 1 District 2 District 3 District 4 District 5 County Manager
Bob English Melony Bell Ed Smith Todd Dantzler Sam Johnson Jim Freeman
commissioners. R-Lakeland R-Ft. Meade R-Lake Alfred R-Winter Haven R-Lakeland Phone:
■ Address: Neil Combee County Administration District: District: District: District: District: 534-6444
Building, 330 W. Church St., Bartow 33830 Southwest Polk South Central Polk North Central Polk Northeast Polk Northwest Polk Deputy
■ Phone: 863-534-6000 Phone: 534-6450 Phone: 534-6434 Phone: 534-6050 Phone: 534-6422 Phone: 534-6049 County Manager
■ Web site: Executive Assistant: Executive Assistant: Executive Assistant: Executive Assistant: Executive Assistant: Bill Beasley
■ E-mails: Scroll down on Web site and click on Sharon Ahearn Leon Foster Kay Hodgkins Leon Foster Chris Chila Phone:
“E-mail your commissioners” link. Term ends: 2012 Term ends: 2014 Term ends: 2012 Term ends: 2014 Term ends: 2012 534-6429
48 T H E L E D G E R • S U N D AY, M A R C H 1 3 , 2 0 1 1 • W W W.T H E L E D G E R . C O M 48

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By JOHN CHAMBLISS Public Information: 863-834-6264
Winter Haven
BY RICK ROUSOS Licenses: 863-291-5697
THE LEDGER Wastewater Department: 863-834-8277 THE LEDGER Building Permits and Business Tax
Incorporated: 1885 Incorporated: Nov. 27, 1923 Receipts: 863-291-5695
Garbage: 863-834-8773
Size: 74.7 square miles Size: 39.7 square miles, of which 8.2 square Cemeteries: Lakeside, 863-291-5762; Rolling
Lakeland Linder Regional Airport: 3900
Population: 93,967 miles is water surface. Hills, 863-291-5761
Don Emerson Drive. 863-648-3299, www.
Government: City Commission with an Population: 34,691 Leisure Services: 863-291-5656
elected mayor and six commissioners. The Recreation Department: 863-834-6035 Government: The City Commission has five Airport: Winter Haven Municipal Airport, 2073
city manager is appointed. The mayor and members. The city manager is appointed. The U.S. 92., 863-293-2501, 298-4551
Lakeland Public Library: Main Branch, 100
commissioners serve four-year terms on a commissioners choose a mayor and mayor
Lake Morton Drive, 863-834-4280. Larry R. Website:
rotating basis. The mayor is paid $26,495 pro-tem from among themselves to serve
Jackson Branch, 1700 N. Florida Ave., 863- Buses: Winter Haven Area Transit, 863-688-
per year, while commissioners are paid one-year terms. Commissioners
$17,478 per year. are elected to four-year C 7433; Greyhound Bus
home.html Lines.
The commission terms on a rotating basis. The 17
meets at 9 a.m. on Public schools: mayor is paid $14,561 a year, 92 Winter Haven Public
the first and third Collegiate High School, and commissioners are paid Library: 325 Ave. A N.W.,
Mondays of the 98 Lakeland High School, $11,705 a year. Commission 544 863-291-5880.
month. George Jenkins High meetings are at 7:30 p.m. Website: www.
School, Harrison on the second and fourth
City Commission:
Center for the Visual Mondays of each month. WINTER
863-834-6005. HAVEN
and Performing
Mayor Gow Fields, Lake City Commission: Mayor Recreation: Chain of
Arts, Kathleen High
863-683-2816; 4 Parker Jeff Potter, 863-294- 540 Lakes Complex, 863-
School, Lake Gibson 27
Commissioners 92 4700; Mayor Pro-Tem J.P. 291-5656; Winter Haven
High School, Tenoroc
Justin Troller, Powell, 863-291-8504; and Recreational and Cultural
High School, Crystal 17
863-665-4083; 98 Commissioners Nat Birdsong, Center, 863-291-5675;
Lake Middle, Kathleen
Edie Yates 863- LAKELAND 863-299-3263; Jamie 540A Ridge Art, 863-291-5661;
570 Middle, Lake Gibson
688-8841, Glenn Beckett, 863-299-9012; Senior Adult Center, 863-
Middle, Lakeland
Higgins 863-859- Steven Hunnicutt, 863-326- 291-5870; Tennis Center,
Highlands Middle,
1533; Don Selvage, 9783. 863-291-5690; and
Lawton Chiles Middle 60
863-683-6783; 540 Budget: $83.3 million Willowbrook Golf Course,
Academy, McKeel
Phillip Walker, 863- Property tax rate: $5.79 per 863-291-5897, 5899. The
Academy, Sleepy
686-5507; and $1,000 of taxable value. city has two swimming
Hill Middle School,
Howard Wiggs, 863-644-4444. pools at the Chain of Lakes Complex and the
Southwest Middle, Traviss Career Center, City Manager: Dale Smith, 863-291-5600;
Budget: $542 million, includes Lakeland Best Program, Blake Elementary, Carlton Northeast Recreational and Cultural Center.
Electric. Palmore Elementary, Cleveland Court City parks include Martin Luther King Jr. Park,
City Hall: 451 Third St. N.W. 863-291-5600 Rotary Park, Sportsman Park, Lake Martha
Property tax rate: $4.16 per $1,000 of Elementary, Churchwell Elementary, Crystal
taxable value. Website: Park and Inman Park. Nature parks: South
Lake Elementary, Dixieland Elementary, Griffin
Police Department: 863-291-5858 Lake Howard, Lake Hartridge and Lake Maude.
City Manager: Doug Thomas, 863-834-6006 Elementary, Highlands Grove Elementary,
Website: Boat ramps are offered on many local lakes.
City Hall: 228 S. Massachusetts Ave. 863-834- Kathleen Elementary, Jesse Keen Elementary,
Lakeland Elementary, Lincoln Avenue Fire Department: 863-291-5677 Public Schools: Winter Haven High, Lake
Acadmey, McKeel Elementary, Medulla Region High, Chain of Lakes Collegiate High,
Public access: Bright House Network, Channel Website:
Elementary, North Lakeland Academy, Oscar Ridge Career Center; Jewett Academy, Denison
615, Comcast, Channel 33 and Verizon Fios, Sewer and Water: 863-291-5678; after Middle and Westwood Middle; Jewett School
J. Pope Elementary, Padgett Elementary, hours, 863-291-5767
Ch 43. City meetings, services, projects and of the Arts; and Brigham Academy, Chain of
Philip O’Brien Elementary, R. Bruce Wagner
programs. Electric Service: Tampa Electric Co., 863- Lakes Elementary, Elbert Elementary, Garden
Elementary, Rochelle School of the Arts, Scott
Police Department: 863-834-6900, www. Lake Elementary, Sikes Elementary, Sleepy 299-0800 Grove Elementary, Garner Elementary, Inwood Hill Elementary, Socrum Elementary, South Website: Elementary, Lake Shipp Elementary, Snively
Fire Department: 863-834-8200, www. McKeel Academy, Southwest Elementary, Planning Department: 863-291-5600 Elementary and Wahneta Elementary schools. Wendell Watson Elementary, Winston Human Resources: 863-291-5650 Chamber of Commerce: 401 Ave. B N.W.
Lakeland Electric: 863-834-6300, www. Elementary and Valleyview Elementary. Garbage Pickup: 863-291-5757 Phone, 863-293-2138. Fax, 863-297-5818.; for outages and Chamber of Commerce: 35 Lake e-mail,
interruptions, 863-834-4248. Street Cleanup Services: 863-291-5852
Morton Drive, 863-688-8551. www. Website:
Planning Department: 863-834-6011 Code Enforcement and Occupational

BY RICK ROUSOS are elected by holds a work session at 6:30 p.m. the fourth

Dundee The Ledger

Incorporated: 1924
Size: 10 square miles
Population: 3,299


542 the council. The
mayor is paid $375
a month. Council
members are paid
Tuesday of every month.
Town Council: Mayor Linda Riner-Mizell, 863-
438-8341; Vice Mayor Randy Dowd, 863-
439-2801; and Council members Melinda
$275 a month. Carden, 863-439-9155; Samuel E. Pennant,
Government: The Town Council has five The council meets
members. The town manager is appointed. 863-899-8243; Rick Johnson, 863-419-
at 6:30 p.m. the 3100, ext. 263.
Council members serve two-year terms on second Tuesday of the month. The council
a rotating basis. The mayor and vice mayor [ PLEASE SEE DUNDEE, 49 ]
49 T H E L E D G E R • S U N D AY, M A R C H 1 3 , 2 0 1 1 • W W W.T H E L E D G E R . C O M 49

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Frostproof 5 Hospitals Treat Services for Veterans
Incorporated: 1918
City Manager: Tenny Ruth
Croley, 863-635-7855
Patients in Polk By BILL RUFTY

Polk County is veteran-

rich, both for its climate
To learn more about
specific veterans organiza-
tions in your area or to find
out about veterans ben-
Size: 19.92 square miles By ROBIN WILLIAMS ADAMS
City Hall: 111 W. First St.; Lake Wales, 863-676-1433, and other amenities for the efits, go to www.polkvet-
Population: 2,900 THE LEDGER www.lakewalesmedical- retired veterans and for its
Government: City Council City Clerk: Sarah Adelt, 863- Electronic health records many reserve and national Or contact the Polk
has five members. are a major focus at hospitals guard units that have par- County Veterans Service
The city manager is throughout Polk County. Lakeland Regional Medi- ticipated in Operation Iraqi Office at 863-534-5220. Its
appointed. The mayor 27
17 Bartow Regional Medical cal Center, 851 beds, 1324 Freedom and Operation site is www.polkcounty.
is elected annually by Center has scheduled an Lakeland Hills Blvd., Lake- Enduring Freedom.
the council. Council 630 April 28 “go live” date for land, 863-687-1100, www. The Polk County Vet- A veterans’ clinic at 4237
members serve Reedy its hospitalwide system. erans Service Office also S. Pipkin Road in Lakeland
three-year terms. The 98 Lake “I’m very excited about it,” provides a number of ser- is operated by the James A.
mayor is paid $125 a said Trudy Alward, Bartow Winter Haven Hospital, vices from information Haley Veterans Hospital in
month while council FROSTPROOF Regional’s health informa- 527 beds, 200 Ave. F N.E., about medical and Veter- Tampa.
members are paid tion management director. Winter Haven, 863-293- ans Administration help to The clinic is staffed by
$100. The council Lakeland Regional Medi- 1121, www.winterhaven- aiding in benefits and job six physicians, mental
meets at 6 p.m. on the 635-7854 cal Center implemented its Regency searches. health practitioners, a di-
first and third Mondays each Law enforcement: Polk electronic health records Center for Women and The Polk County Veter- etician, a podiatrist, psy-
month. County Sheriff’s substation, system in September 2010 Infants, 101 Ave. O S.E., is ans Council’s site has in- chologists and audiologists
City Council: Mayor: Kay 863-635-7849; www. for the emergency depart- part of WHH. formation about veteran from 8 a.m. to 4 p.m. Mon-
Hutzelman, 863-635-6849, ment and for services be- services and issues, and day to Friday, except for
and Council members Anne Fire Department: 863-635- fore, during and after sur- [ Robin Williams Adams can contact information for holidays.
Dickinson, 863-635-4121; 7863 gery. It hopes to have the be reached at robin.adams@ veteran organizations such The phone number is
Ralph Waters, 863-632- whole hospital covered by or 863-802- as the American Legion, 863-701-2470.
Building Official: 863-635- May 2012. 7558. Read her blog at robinsrx. Veterans of Foreign Wars, The website is www.
5596; Diana Biehl, 863-
7851 Other Polk hospitals al- Follow on Marine Corps League and
635-2002; and Wesley Wise,
863-635-4421. Electric: Progress Energy, ready had electronic health Twitter at ledgerROBIN. ] other groups. lakeland.asp.
Budget: $10.4 million
800-700-8744 records, sometimes called
electronic medical records,
Property tax rate: $7.8209
[ PLEASE SEE in their emergency depart-
per $1,000 of taxable
FROSTPROOF, 50 ] ments and are at various Art Glass
stages of going paperless.
Winter Haven is aiming
Baby Gifts
Dundee for late 2012 or early 2013
for full installation.
Hear t of Florida Re-
Brooke Bird Houses
Garden Art
Budget: $5.5 million.
Property tax rate: $7 per
Networks, 863-965-7766
Finance Department:
gional Medical Center and
Lake Wales Medical Center
have electronic systems in
Pottery Jewelry
$1,000 of taxable property Finance Director Martin
their emergency depart-
value Munger, 863-419-3100, ext.
Free Gift Wrapping
Town Manager: Andy 227 ments. Both are working Pottery
to implement the system UPS Shipping
Stewart, 863-419-3100, ext. Code Enforcement: The Windchimes
hospitalwide. Bridal Registry
222 town operates under a code
Heart of Florida’s goal is
Town Clerk: Joe Delegge, enforcement magistrate
to have its system in place Wood
863-419-3100, ext. 238 system, 863-419-3100, ext.
throughout the hospital in
Town Hall: 141 W. Main two to three years. Lake
Street, 863-419-3100, www. Public Library: 202 E. Main Wa les Medica l Center St. 863-439-9424, hasn’t set a final date yet.
Law enforcement: Polk
County Sheriff’s Office library.htm POLK HOSPITALS
Substation, 105 Center St. Recreation: The Dundee Bartow Regional Medi-
“Cat Knapping” by Roundtree
863-439-7966, www. Community Center, 603 Main cal Center, 72 beds, 2200 St., is available for rental for Osprey Blvd., Bartow, 863-
Fire Department: Fire Chief any occasion. 863-419-3121 533-8111, www.bartowre- Shop Over 200 American Artists
Schools: Haines City High
Joe Carbone, 863-419-3104
Public Works: including School, Dundee Ridge Middle In Historic Downtown Lakeland
School, Dundee Elementary Heart of Florida Regional
water, garbage and sewer, 223 N. Kentucky Ave
School and Sand Hill Medical Center, 200 beds, 9-6 M-F
Public Works Director C.J.
Elementary School. 40100 U.S. 27, Haines City,
Johnson, 863-419-3100,
863-422-4971, www.hear-
9-5 Sat Lakeland, FL 33801
ext. 221 Chamber of Commerce:
310 Main St. 863-439-3261, 12-5 Sun 863-688-6844
Electricity: Florida Power
Corp., 800-700-8744 www.dundeechamber.
Lake Wales Medical Cen-
Cable: Brighthouse
ter, 160 beds, 410 S. 11th St.,
50 T H E L E D G E R • S U N D AY, M A R C H 1 3 , 2 0 1 1 • W W W.T H E L E D G E R . C O M 50

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Lawsuit Halts Mosaic’s Move South Cold Snap Brings

The inevitable move of phosphate

mining south of Polk County has been
Meade. They were recalled in No-
vember, when Adams approved an
agreement between Mosaic and the
environmental groups that allowed
OJ Price Worries
These are Fortune 500
put on hold at least temporarily. the company to extend the mine onto
The Mosaic Co., the lone phosphate some 200 acres of the Hardee tract,
companies with ties to
Polk County. Firms have
The average increase
company based in Polk, had planned enough to keep operating until about substantial local office, retail, in the OJ retail price
to extend its South Fort Meade mine March. manufacturing, warehousing Farm prices for Florida
last summer. The mining plan ap- Mosaic has appealed Adams’ rul- operations or employ more citrus have been rising at U.S. supermarkets
proved by the U.S. Army Corps of ing to the U.S. 11th Circuit Court of since January 2010 follow-
Engineers called for extending the Appeals in Atlanta, which agreed to
than 100 Polk residents.
They are ranked by 2009 ing a historically long cold should be less than
mine onto more than 10,000 acres in expedite its deliberation. revenue, in billions of dollars: snap that struck much of a double-digit
northern Hardee County. Polk was once the home to dozens the state for two weeks that
Judge Henry Lee Adams Jr. of the of phosphate companies, making it RANK/COMPANY 2009 REVENUE month. percentage.
U.S. District Court in Jacksonville the center of U.S. phosphate fertilizer 1 Wal-Mart Stores $408.2 A lthough freezing
halted the mine extension in June in production. The last two companies, 11 Berkshire Hathaway 112.4 weather appeared to have
response to a lawsuit filed by the Si- IMC Global Inc. and Cargill Crop little effect on the 2009-10 Bob Norberg, an economist
erra Club Inc.; People for Protecting Nutrition, merged to form Mosaic 13 Verizon Communications 107.8 citrus crop, by the end of and deputy executive direc-
in October 14 McKesson 106.6 the season in June buyers tor at the Citrus Depart-
The lawsuit claims the mine would destroy 2004. 17 Cardinal Health 99.6 had bid up farm prices in ment. Brazilian OJ stocks
Plym- anticipation of shortages. are projected to decline 16
wetlands and pollute the Peace River outh, 29 Home Depot 66.1 That scenario repeated it- percent this year.
Minn.- 34 State Farm Insurance Cos. 61.4 self in December, when at In yet another sign of his-
watershed, including the Charlotte Harbor based Mo- 42 Lowe’s 47.2 least three freezes struck tory repeating itself, the
estuary. s a ic em - the state’s citrus-growing Coca-Cola Co. announced
44 Lockheed Martin 45.1 region.
ploys more up to an 8 percent price in-
than 2,100 57 Walt Disney 36.1 Now many citrus grow- crease on Minute Maid juice
workers at 60 FedEx 35.5 ers worry that too much of products this year. Norberg
Peace River Inc. of Wauchula; and its Polk facilities, making it one of the 66 Caterpillar 32.3 a good thing, even higher said Tropicana and other
ManaSota-88 in Nokomis. county’s largest public employers. In prices for their fruit, may brands would follow.
The lawsuit claims the mine would addition to South Fort Meade, it oper- 72 Coca-Cola 30.9 hurt them in the long run. The average increase in
destroy wetlands and pollute the ates two other phosphate rock mines 99 Publix Super Markets 24.5 If the higher farm prices the OJ retail price at U.S.
Peace River watershed, including the in Southwest Polk, named Four Cor- 104 International Paper 23.3 lead juice processors — who supermarkets should be
Charlotte Harbor estuary, and that ners, and Hookers Prairie, and two buy 95 percent of Florida or- less than a double-digit
the Army Corps failed to conduct an fertilizer plants in Bartow and New 113 Coca-Cola Enterprises 21.6 anges and about 60 percent percentage, said Norberg,
environmental impact study on the Wales south of Mulberry. 131 Time Warner Cable 17.8 of its grapefruit each year — who declined to be more
mine extension as required under The latter is the one of the world’s 174 Pepsi Bottling 13.2 to raise retail prices on juice specific.
federal law. Adams halted the exten- largest fertilizer manufacturing products, consumers could Florida growers also
sion and ordered the Army Corps to
203 Jacobs Engineering 11.4 react by buying less juice. If continue to battle the un-
study less environmentally damag- In January, Cargill Inc., an agri- 231 Mosaic 10.2 orange juice demand falls checked spread of citrus
ing mining alternatives. cultural conglomerate and one of 239 Progress Energy 9.8 too far, America’s tradition- greening, a bacterial dis-
The move was necessary because the world’s largest private compa- 259 CSX 9.0 al morning beverage may ease that threatens the vi-
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Water, garbage, sewer: 863-635-7850 which provides space for a variety of playground. A new fishing pier is on Lake at the season’s beginning in counties with 83,471 acres
Public Library: Latt Maxcy Memorial community recreational programs. The Reedy near the east end of Wall Street. October, which was expect- of commercial groves in
Library: 15 N. Magnolia Ave., 863-635- city has four parks. Friendship Park is Public schools: Frostproof Middle/ ed to lead to stable farm and 2010. Polk historically leads
7857 around the city-owned Depot on East Senior High School, and Frostproof retail prices. the state in annual citrus
Recreation Department: 863-635- Wall Street and there is a play park on Elementary and Ben Hill Griffin A smaller 2010-11 Brazil- production, including the
7860 West Wall Street. A large park area is on Elementary schools. ian orange crop than origi- 2009-10 season, when lo-
the east side of Lake Clinch for public Chamber of Commerce: 118 E. Wall St., nally projected also will add cal commercial growers
Recreation: The Polk County School swimming and Fewox Park, a 2.5-acre
Board has taken over maintenance 863-635-9112; upward momentum to U.S. produced nearly 27.9 mil-
facility on F Street, includes a track, farm and retail prices, said lion boxes.
of the Frostproof Sports Complex, bathrooms, pavilion, exercise area and
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