If any system in the network gets affected by worm. Also the system gets slower. the worm in the affected system is cleared.Abstract The systems get affected due to worms and viruses. If worm enters the system it immediately starts affecting the system activities. one system in a network acts as guardian system and other system in the network acts as child system. As a result the operating system has to be formatted and a new operating system only should be installed. 1. one system acts as a guardian system and other systems in the network acts as child system. In this method. Hence the system is detected from worms. the request is given to the guardian system. Modules     Detection Phase Analysis & Confirmation of Threat Patch Selection Patch Propagation . The guardian system sends an alert message to other systems in the network. Proposed System In the proposed system. passive worm detection method is used. By using patch framework the guardian system rectifies the worm problem from the child system. Existing System In the existing system. But if the operating system of a system gets affected by worm it is impossible to clear it. If any system is affected by worm. if a system is affected by worm it is cleared by using antivirus software. 3. 2. the request is given to the guardian system. And with the help of the patch framework. In order to prevent the system from worm. If it is a distributed system and many systems are connected in peer to peer format then the systems that are connected to the infected system may also get affected. The patch framework is given to the affected system by the guardian system.

4. System Architecture Fig: System Architecture .

Data Flow Diagram Fig: Data Flow Diagram .5.

6.2Hardware Requirements  Hard disk  RAM  Processor : : : 40 GB 128mb Pentium .1Software Requirements  Java1.5 or More  Linux 6. Software & Hardware Requirements 6.

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