TIME SENSITIVE: An Open Letter To Everyone Who Is Completely Sure They Know What Is Coming In 2012…

WARNING: You’re Not Even CLOSE To Ready For December 21, 2012!
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You May Think This Is Some “Spiritual Awakening”, But, You’re Dead Wrong… I’ll Prove It To You!
From: Maxwell Swart Wednesday, 1:21 P.M. Dear Fellow Patriot,

he average American doesn’t even realize he is helpless.
He wakes-up, and turns on NBC. Time to soak up a few half truths, and a few more flat-out lies. In his car, he’s listening to National Public Radio. Brainwashing and classical music. Perfect for someone who doesn’t care about what is ACTUALLY going on in the world. Top it off with plenty of nonsense from liberals telling him how “change” is making his life “better”. And the economy is “fixed”.

All the while, the only government organization that has ever done anything remotely useful – the National Aeronautics & Space Administration (NASA) – is sounding the alarm – but no one is

listening! Here are the facts: Recently NASA discovered new, disturbing, time sensitive information.

NASAis predicting intense sets of “Solar Tsunamis” starting in 2012, threatening communication satellites and power grid transformers.

NASA Scientist, Dr. Mausumi Dikpati, discovered “conveyor belts” control the Sun’s magnetic field. And more importantly, how they work. When the belts are turning fast “magnetic hurricanes” streak through the conveyor belt. Later those magnetic hurricanes appear as “sunspots” - which can cause the equivalent of an...

Elctromagnetic Tsunami.
Here’s how it works:
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Jamaicans. I don’t know everything about Northern Lights. You’d Be Plain STUPID To Ignore All Of The ‘Natural’ Disasters converted by Web2PDFConvert. Think about getting pounded by waves 5 times your height.. It takes a boat load of magnetic energy to see the Northern Lights in Maine. However....com . but there are some things you just shouldn’t see unless you’re there (US soil as a liberal for one . spidery telegraph wires stretching across the civilized world went berserk. This Transformer Was Destroyed From The Inside Out By a "Small" Solar Storm. Now you have an idea of how the 2012 solar storms are going to be. By a relatively small solar storm. September 1st.standing behind a little wall watching a cliff of water 5 times your height race towards you! Needless to say. our magnetosphere is strong enough to protect us.. But. Mere hours later. And that’s nothing compared to more recent disasters.. and astronomer Richard Christopher Carrington was hard at work drawing “sunspots”. London bustled a few kilometres away... Essentially we’ll be living through an electromagnetic hurricane that keeps pounding us with tsunamis over. and over. This Isn’t The First Time The US Has Been Hit With A Solar Tsunami! It was 11:18AM on the clear blue day of Thursday. on the otherwise normal Thursday of March 13. and over again. The next morning.. A solar storm that looks like a light drizzle when you compare it to the level of solar hurricane we’re expecting. Imagine how destructive a hurricane would be if it shot tsunamis toward the shore.and the Northern Lights are one of them. this is similar to standing behind a 3 ft retaining wall in the 2004 Tsunami . They were astonishing.but that’s another issue) . that little wall won’t stop much.. In fact.Normally.. They were utterly fried.. let alone in Jamaica! In another case. 1997 an entire hydroelectric facility was decimated. a large set of spots appeared. He’d never seen anything like it. Cubans and Hawaiians saw the Northern Lights for the first time! Granted. They were massive. 1859.. But that’s not even the worst part. Almost before he even noticed.

In 2008 there were blizzards in China and Afghanistan. do you realize. a byproduct of plate movements and earthquakes is… volcanic activity. And It Isn’t Slowing Down! We pray that the lives lost would raised up and our land won’t see that kind of destruction. December 21. Since 1995 The Frequency & Severity Of Storms Has Drastically Increased.0) ! Feb. followed by the massive Chilean Earthquake had terrible consequences. but look at the disturbing number of natural disasters to hit the US this year: Jan. If Katla erupts we’d be dealing with far more than some closed air space.Our Nation’s Capital & the entire northeast were rocked by the Second North American Blizzard. Followed by the destruction of New Orleans by Hurricane Katrina in 2005. 2006 brought terrible mudslides in the Philippines. not to mention Cyclone Nargis in Myanmar (146. the 2010 Haitian Earthquake. and large scale death due to starvation. Every other time Eyjafjallajökull has erupted. hasn’t been far behind. unfortunately.000+ Lives Lost).. At least 227. But honestly… Are you ready for something like this? On top of that.The 6. As recent as March 20. converted by Web2PDFConvert. Not to mention the fact that it’s 53 mile wide mouth would spew enough magma and ash to decimate the nation we hold so dear from coast to coast. her big sister. 2010 Has Been The Deadliest Year In Recent History (256.com . loss of crops. Ever hear of Y ellowstone National Park? Smack-dab in the middle of our country is one of the largest caldera volcanoes in the world.. completely shutting down much of Europe’s air space. As if that wasn’t enough. 2010 .000 dead).That Have Hit In The Past Few Years! WARNING: These numbers may be extremely disturbing.898 dead. Over 231. 2012 is going to be catastrophic.5 magnitude Eureka Earthquake hit California (the Haitian Earthquake was only 7. What would happen if Y ellowstone’s super-volcano erupted? Global winter. Katla. I’m not telling you all of this to scare you. 2010 the Icelandic volcano Eyjafjallajökull (pronounced AY-uh-fyat-luh-YOE-kuutluh) erupted.000 fatalities and counting between them. But that’s not the scariest part. Most recently. 2010 . In 2004 for there was the tsunami.

I trust the government to come through about as far as I can throw ‘em.920 homes)! And the year isn’t over yet! Nearly every month we’ve been hit with a major natural disaster. our homes and our prayers. probability dictates that something extremely dangerous could be coming your way. Meterologists Expect Increased Severe Storms. To put that number in perspective just 2. it will be very real. and plain-old liberalism. May 2010 .0000) hydrogen bombs. 2010 . Power outages across the US and the world ou sapped your cooking power.. Not to mention… Disasters have hit the entire country! In fact. knocked out power and even took life. 2010 . Y can’t open your fridge without worrying the food will go bad. as sad as it is to say. I don’t want to scare you.responsible for more deaths.California wildfires destroy 16. if you haven’t had a major crisis this year. you’ve got hot and cold running water. 2010 . Y walk in and turn on the stove. Y turn the handle. Apr. things still work. ou Water stations shut down (no power. Nothing happens. Admittedly.500 Hbombs could destroy the world! But. Let’s think about what will probably happen: You can ignore the problem.com . As hard working men and women. but when your home is destroyed. converted by Web2PDFConvert. In all honesty. that’s worst case scenario. Jul. between under-the-table cuts to line politicians pockets. raising the little Mississippi 23 feet . our infrastructure is the best in the world. What Will Happen Tomorrow When Your Lights Won’t Turn On? Let me start by saying.The freak tornado outbreak that stretched across the Midwest and spawned 60+ confirmed With The Change In Magnetic Activity tornadoes in 48 hours! Expected. we help each other through these terrifying disasters..which stopped traffic. But. as Americans we are much better off to deal with these disasters than any other country. even as far as Nashville! Jun.Tennessee is bombarded with double its record rainfall (from 170mm to 345 mm) damaging and destroying property. We share our food. Y turn a knob ou ou and your food starts cooking.000. In a few short months you and your family may have to survive the energy of one hundred million (100. And when it comes down to it. as an American I feel honor-bound to be upfront with you about the situation. That said. no water) and you’re not sure where you’re going to get drinking water from.Arkansas is hit by at least 150mm of rain in a mere hours. But.460 acres of property (that’s enough land for 32.

when the Y2K bug was in full swing? TV.. Do They Even Know How To Solve A REAL Problem? resources. since the beginning of 2010. No one.000 people. who controls the media. believed to be large enough to house 60. over 256. Take a look at some of the things world governments have been doing to prepare for 2012: United States uses Vigilant Shield to stockpile Issues For Years. when I stopped to take a look at what the major powers of the world are doing… I was just plain scared. ou Even if the government doesn’t collapse right off the bat.. some of them were in communist nations that really don’t care about their people. Why? Ask yourself. Zip. And these are just the substantiated claims.. actions speak louder than words. Sure.. how long do you think it’ll be around? Now. Nada. and train for a massive catastrophe bigger than FEMA can handle. Remember back in 1999. But. especially with the government.000 lives have been claimed by disasters that aren’t even on the same scale as we’re talking here. do you think government workers (I know. oxymoron) are going to show up? You know the answer to that one. World Governments Are Working Around The Clock To Figure Out How To Face The 2012 Crisis! See. But. newspapers. To me. when I read the prophecies and predictions. but chew on this for a minute: If you aren’t going to work because of the emergency. when your manpower is dead or missing in action. Now. and is it in their best interest to start a widespread panic? Not at all. They just don’t have enough for your family to survive let alone be comfortable. Norwegian politicians construct a “doomsday vault” or “seed vault” on the remote island of Svalbard in preparation for all plant life on the planet being wiped out. and radio played it up as converted by Web2PDFConvert. I was curious. Here’s another crucial piece to the 2012 puzzle: Liberals & Bureaucrats Have Been Squabbling Over How much have you heard about 2012 from the media? Zilch. A place like Yucca Mountain in Nevada that the government works on secretly..com . who is going to fix it?!? Y know the answer. Russia’s enormous Yamantau Mountain project. But. The only thing you’ll ever here are the media men laughing about what could (and will) happen in 2012. but. and then downplays its importance seems suspicious to me. I hate to bring this up. if they aren’t working on the problem..The one saving grace is the few patriots who prepared and have opened their homes and resources to their neighbors help you all they can.

How Is It Supposed To Protect Us? Now. This pretty little gal only tackled a small part of our nation. How do you expect them to handle a serious emergency affecting the entire country?!?! The bottom line is. tornadoes. 2. Just look at the papers. this is old news. There’s Nothing They Can Do To Survive 2012! Sure.com . In the past few years the climate has been going nuts.. 2012. Global warming. When I started putting the pieces together. Almost as sad was the way our “cutting-edge” government handled it. shelter. and be ready to come out on top. The bad news? They’re not going away. But now. I’m not one to dwell on mistakes of the past. transportation. but the harsh truth is.or any type of help for that matter! The Liberals Are Tearing The Government Apart. Sure. Rely on the government to prepare food. I could just be an average. The worst natural disasters in years. global cooling.. Back in 2004 there was a little storm that hit Louisiana. Sadly. and my government was going to take perfect care of me. earthquakes.much as they could. 1. Your Butt Is Going To Get Fried! By now. you can see how serious. If You Stick Your Head In The Sand. I realized I had two options. Because the government doesn’t want anyone to know. they’re dead quiet. Prepare for whatever the world has to throw at me. Months afterwards people still didn’t have homes . protection and water. liberal socialist. What does the government want to keep you from knowing? However. converted by Web2PDFConvert. and pretend life was going to be great. but let’s look at the sad state the liberals have put our country in today. Anything to get more people on board. it’d be easier to keep on living like nothing is coming. Katrina only knocked out power for one major city and half of the state. there is one thing that is so obvious that the government lets it go. let alone think about December 21. volcanoes. Understand this… Even If The US Government Wants To Help.836 confirmed deaths were recorded. 1. hurricanes. and likely these threats are. even if it’s the biggest tip-off 2012 is coming.

Countless hours reading news articles. I’ve been scouring the internet. Need strong willed. conservative leaders who don’t back down just because something is tough. and commonsense. but honest trade and good old-fashioned prosperity. just like the founding fathers. if it wasn’t General George Washington Took A Stand For Our Freedoms And Liberties.not in terms of dollar figures on a screen. When You Know The Government Can’t? Right now. The US people needs people with some backbone. I want to do my part to restore our country and do my duty. plans and dreams into a set of electronic files.. converted by Web2PDFConvert. Long story short. I wouldn’t say it at all.Who Is Going To Save Our Great Nation. now the puzzle is all put together. I’ve made the decision to survive.. I want brothers-in-arms who will.. And it makes me proud to know that I live in a nation where men will rise to the challenge. but surely piecing together exactly what the government is trying to hide… And how to survive it. Because I truly believe in the potential of our great nation! So I’ve put all my research. almost more than any time in her great history America is in dire need.. Who Will Stand Ready For Freedom In This Generation? for your family’s sake. I call it the 2012 Survival Guide. Life & Freedom Through Any Disaster! That’s a tall order. Encounters with liars. looking for the best way to not just survive. analyzing data. Protect Your Family.But you and I both know where that goes. just like the founding fathers we need Americans who: Have the foresight to see where we are going. even with the cock-and-bull liberals run and hide! Truly believe in the American dream . But. In fact. and can rebuild the country into what it should be! Now. Slowly. Even if it’s not a pretty sight. Now.com . frauds and crazies. But. and desire to build our Great Nation up as the founding fathers intended it. when I say this I’m not saying it to be cocky. And. but thrive. Time Is Running Out . There’ve been some downright dead-ends. Since then..

this covers drastic survival techniques that a standard guide discounts since it’ll “never happen”. But you need to act today! I can't guarantee these bonuses will be available tomorrow.000.com . converted by Web2PDFConvert. and a slow.000 enemies you’re going to need this information to survive! Household items you need to produce safe drinking water. painful death. Mankind. but you’re sure to forget at least 10!) Urban survival on steroids – if you or your family are caught anywhere with over 1. our society uses money to operate. or baking in your own skin! Bonus Guides! Act today to protect yourself and your family and I will also include these "must have" bonuses. Exactly where you WON’T want to be. Setup specifically around the unusually intense disasters 2012 has in store. unless you like the thought of freezing to death. When it becomes worth less than the paper it’s printed on there are going to be big changes. your family. (Seems like common sense. Financial Disaster #1 BONUS Like it or not. and your world need you to survive to keep our civilization alive.The Survival Guide Once you understand what’s coming. happy life. over and over again! (And it’s not by boiling) Practically automatic ways to generate electricity at the flip of a switch! It’s so brain-dead simple you may start using it now… How to protect yourself and your family… from far more than weapons! This can be the difference between a long. and how to find the perfect place to ride out the coming storms (Not Colorado or Montana!) Personal way to survive both extreme temperatures.What is Included in the 2012 Survival Guide? 2012 . 101 items you’ve got to have before 2012 or you may never get your hands on them. you’ve got to know how to live through it.

com . extra terrestrials and shamans – separate what’s fact and fiction. myths. All the authentic. hyperinflation.Here are a few of the things you can learn to prepare yourself… Ride out any financial bubble (depression. that all the powers want to keep you away from. CDs. Perfect resource for “signs of the times” and other events on the way to December 21. and the surprising places where it overlaps with prophecies and conspiracy theories. and hoaxes torn apart! A hard look at why some selfproclaimed “experts” are trying to mislead you (I couldn’t believe whose side they were on!) Why our calendar is WORSE than wrong! Cave men scratching on walls did a better job… Have the 500 years of darkness already begun? More importantly – what follows it! (Sensitive information) Consciousness shifts. along with legitimate research! Our nation’s fate! The down and dirty truth about the USA’s potential for survival. Lies. accurate theories have been analyzed. 2012. and… The major 2012 prophecies and hypothesis debunked. (Y ou’ll be shocked at how many have already occurred!) BOTTOM LINE: This 2012 chronicle reveals the insider story. even if it sounds too crazy to be true! Survival Bug Out Bag (BOB) converted by Web2PDFConvert. aggressive recession). while maintaining (or even improving) your lifestyle! What the new currency will be if/when the dollar collapses! (It’s not going to be Gold…) Why saving is the worst possible thing you can do if you want to come out on top post-2012! How to diversify your assets into usable currency – and I’m not talking about stocks. or Silver investing! 2012 Myths Debunked #2 BONUS The real story on what science has found. ripped apart and packed in here.

2012.com . but know that you’re ready to survive at the first sign of serious trouble by keeping your Mobile Emergency Gear ready… Get your “Bug Out Bag” ready for anything the world can throw at you! If you do nothing else. please do this! How a an Altoids tin can save your life! (You read right.#3 BONUS The grand finale is slated for December 21. 2012. However. there will serious events (catastrophes is a better word) that occur from now until December 21. this is the truth) Pack tools for surviving in the big city. or the wild – while keeping it easy to carry and lightweight (under 40lbs!) A few critical items to help you survive extreme heat and cold! converted by Web2PDFConvert. Keep your life running like normal as long as you can.

com . It doesn't matter if it is 2012. so you can survive any crises or disaster that may take place.. There are specific things you will want to take action on NOW.. or some other Natural or Manmade Disaster.We have put together the most comprehensive study on what will happen in 2012 and how you can best prepare your family now. you need to prepare now for converted by Web2PDFConvert.

and how to use it to survive. you don’t want to be wrong) Exactly what to put in your 2012 “Bug-Out-Bag” – so you’re ready for any disaster wherever you’re at! What the new currency is going to be. (It’s not what you think!) Cold. Why the year is 2012.com . and how you can be better prepared than them. and how to use that to stay one step ahead of Big Brother. and how to thrive after December 21. Nastradamus and the Order of Druids all really say about 2012. The media red-flags the government sends up when they panic. hard evidence for a complete magnetic polar shift – and the kind of freak storms it will create! converted by Web2PDFConvert.whatever life may throw at you. and the one place that you’re virtually guaranteed to survive happily! Understand what the Maya. The 2012-Survival-Guide is packed full of action items and check lists to help you prepare and survive. One of these can make the difference between life and death! The worst place you could be on December 21. Why every nation’s government has been working around the clock to make sure their “Red Button” works. New World Order. but tricky). 2012 – even if you’re broke now! 100 items you’ll never get if you wait until a disaster. Hopi Prophecies. and not 2112 (this dangerous rumor could spell disaster for you). and making it easy to see the real truth. How the solar maximum of 2012 will really affect our civilization. Illuminati. Here are a few other topics that we discuss in the survival guide: How to know who is right. How hard science is backing up shamans. (Not hard. and who is wrong about 2012 (trust me. A crucial skill to have if you want to save your life as we get closer to 2012. 2012. Norse Vikings.

S. Take action and get the 2012-Survival-Guide now.com Ultimate Results. Don't rely on the government to take care of you. Click on the "Add to Cart" button above and get started today. Many of the steps you need to take require time and planning.P. P.The time to prepare is now. This isn't just about "2012". If you are serious about protecting your family. Waiting even one more month could mean the difference between being prepared or finding yourself helpless and dependent upon others for your survival. LLC 2010 Copyright © converted by Web2PDFConvert. then take action now. This easy to read survival guide will save you countless hours of research and frustration.P. learn how to survive any disaster.. news articles and interviewing the leading experts so you don't have to. Sincerely. From natural disasters such as flooding or earthquakes to civil unrest or terrorist attacks. Y are the only one that can properly protect the ones ou you love. I have spent days and months pouring over scientific analyses.com . Maxwell Swart P.S. Security | Home | Privacy | Terms & Disclaimer | Affiliates | Contact Us 2012-Survival-Guide. forums.. Get the facts and get them quick.S. P. Y always have our 60 ou Day 100% Money Back Guarantee (no questions asked) if you change your mind later. procrastinating is not an option. financial statements.P.

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