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February 18, 2015 Mr. John Currie Director of Athletics Kansas State University 1800 College Ave. Manhattan, KS 66502-3355 RE: Amendment of the Kansas State University AllSport Agreement Dear John: This will serve as the amendment of the NIKE-Kansas State University All-Sport Agreement (as amended), dated August 25, 2006 (the “Agreement’), confirming the agreed modifications. Effective as of the full execution of this Amendment, UNIVERSITY and NIKE agree that the Agreement is amended as follows: 1. Paragraph 1(d) shall be amended to include women’s soccer. 2. The NIKE Product Consideration (ie., “Annual Product Allotment’) table set forth in Paragraph 6(a) shall be deemed amended to replace the current table with the table below and effective as of the 2014-15 Contract Year (i.e., the 3rd Contract Year of the Term): erence Peneaee eae een 4st Contract Year (2012-13) $1,655,500 (not changed) ‘2nd Contract Year (2013-14) $1,725,000 (not changed) 3rd Contract Year (2014-15) $4,790,000 4th Contract Year (2015-16) $1,840,000 ‘th Contract Year (2016-17) $1,865,000 6th Contract Year (2017-18) $1,890,000 Pee acacia) Reena 7th Contract Year (2018-19) $1,915,000 ‘th Contract Year (2019-20) $1,940,000 ‘8th Contract Year (2020-21) $1,985,000 Except as modified by this Amendment, all defined terms used within this Amendment shall have the same meaning ascribed to them under the Agreement, all other terms and con of the Agreement shall remain in full force and effect, and all rights and obligations under this Amendment shall be exercised consistent with the Agreement. If the foregoing is consistent with your understanding, please so indicate by returning to me a duly- executed original of this Amendment for counter-signature on behalf of NIKE. Sin Christie Moore fo Director, College Sports Marketing Vice Presidént of Administration and Financ

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