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Sensory Integration Handouts

NAA NY Metro Chapter

Weds., Feb. 16, 2011
Calming Activities
•  Slow rocking
•  Rhythmical swinging
•  Deep breathing
•  Heavy work
•  Obstacle courses (move through slowly)
•  Symmetrical movements
•  Aromas: lavender/geranium/patchouli
Alerting Activities
•  Bouncing
•  Rhythmical swinging
•  Quick jumping
•  Jumping jacks
•  Simon says
•  Aromas: orange/grapefruit/mint
Developing core strength
•  Yoga exercises
•  Pilates exercises
•  Choo choo on the floor
•  Mushroom swing
•  Sit ups on the ball
•  Squat balancing on the half ball
Teaching Visual Skills:
•  Understand that proper midline alignment
is critical as a pre-requisite
•  Work on neck extension in prone if you
have to
•  Tracking activities
•  Convergence activities
•  Left to right visual skills
•  Copying form near/far
Teaching Bilaterality
•  Infinities on the board or floor
•  Brain gym activities
•  Road on the wall: drive car through or use
a marker
•  Chalkboard circles
•  Jump rope walk/homolateral walk/cross
•  Touch and draw or body taps on the back
Activities to Integrate Visual and
Tactile Systems
•  Ned s head: see the picture, reach in and
feel for what you see
•  Reach in touch and find the picture
•  Feely boxes
•  Find a groove in a board or use wicky
sticks or yarn glued to paper: feel it and
draw it
Activities to Integrate Kinesthetic and
Auditory Systems
•  Simon says
•  Angels in the snow
•  Build with blocks to spoken commands
•  Use a metronome to:
–  Bouce a ball to the beat
–  Tap, clap, and/or stomp to the beat
–  Use music to regulate pace of movement
Activities to Integrate
Kinesthetic and Vision
•  Move to arrow charts
•  Move to sequenced bead charts
•  Move to d/p/q/b charts
•  Hand imitation card games
•  Letter charts to jumping jacks and
eliminate arm movements with vowels
Activities to Integrate Vision and
Auditory Systems
•  Look and describe what I do
•  Do and describe
•  Listen to tape and follow directions on
work sheet
•  Letters and numbers on the floor: jump to
spell or to follow direction
•  Follow directions on parquetry board, lite
bright, rubber band geoboard
•  Earobics with Katy Pillar
Activities for Auditory
Discrimination / Sequencing Skills
•  Repeat tunes on xylophone/piano
•  Follow multiple directions
•  Memory card games in a ladder or on a
balance beam
•  Bean bag drop on a balance beam
•  Repeat sequences: motor (clap,clap,tap)
or verbal (jump 3x, turn around 2x, and
tap your head once)
•  Earobics or listening lotto with 2+sounds
Integrating Olfactory and Vision
•  Smell and find the picture
•  Look at the picture and seek the aroma
•  Look at picture and describe smell (adds
language component)

Integrating Olfactory and Tactile

•  Combine feely box ideas with aromas
(ie: spray an orange scent/find the orange)
•  Weighted vests
•  Neoprene vests and snuggle swing
•  Cocoon sacks
•  Hot dog rolling
•  Steam rolling
•  Back to back point and chase game
•  Setting up obstacle courses
Vestibular Activities
•  Consider Listening Therapy
•  Astronaut Program
•  Swinging (caution: only for therapists who
are trained to assess nystagmus)
•  Get the semi-circular canals moving in all
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