Al Huda School Curriculum Standards Arabic and Islamic Studies

Pre-Kindergarten, 4 years old
Recognition of letters, names, sounds, and pictures, learning some duas and short Surah or two, learn to recognize first name. Communications: manners(adab), greetings(salam), addressing people(respect) Music and Arts: songs(w/o instruments Nasheeds), arts and crafts

Kindergarten, 5 years old
Recognition of long and short vowels and consonants, names, sounds and pictures, sounding of words, beginning phonics rules, reading simple sentences, ayaat and consonants, recognition of sentences by periods, 6-7 small surahs committed to memory, 4 duas committed to memory Communication: manners, behavior, listening skills Personality Development: attitude, behavior, health, safety Music and Art: nasheed, arts and crafts


1st Grade, 6 years old
Phonics and reading; review of long and short vowels; spelling rules; shaddah; madda; quranic recitation; writing; review of letter formation; weekly word list; weekly test; reinforcement activities, 5-14 surahs committed to memory; 4-10 dua s or ayaat committed to memory; correct punctuation at the ends of sentences; recognition of complete sentences; words using past, present and future tense; verbal nouns; recognizing words that have same masdar; opposite words; same meaning words; alphabetizing of words; writing complete sentences; creative writing Communications: persuasion, how to disagree without arguing, properly requesting something, rules regarding talking to strangers, listening skills Personality Development: manners at home, away from home, health, safety at home, away from as well as on the streets, playgrounds, water, correct eating habits when eating at table or on floor, exercise, rest posture, behavior at social gatherings, at masjid, at home and in the public, care of personal body and clothes. Music and Art: nasheed, arts and crafts, tajweed



phone manners Music and Art: nasheed. water. patience. word usage rules. arts and crafts. at masjid. at home and in the public. 8 years old Arabic: reading. thankfulness. proper introductions. correct eating habits when eating at table or on floor. away from home. dictation. arts and crafts. learning some new rules. grammar recognition of simple nouns. adjectives. verbs. exclamations. behavior at social gatherings. life of Prophet Muhammad - - . same meaning words. respect. oral reading. review of letter formation. guided creative writing and journal writing. 7-8 years old Arabic: review of what was learned last year and reading. reinforcement activities. correct eating habits when eating at table or on floor. playgrounds. thoughtfulness. writing practice. postuer. forming plurals. subjects. creative writing Communication: persuasion. at masjid. care of personal body and clothes. phone manners Music and Art: nasheed. questions. reinforcement activities. safety at home. present and future tenses. how to disagree without arguing. dictionary skills. learn to find masdar and then use dictionary to find greater meaning. basic tajweed skills Communication: hospitality. weekly word list. daily reading or quran and stories. tajweed - - 3rd Grade. 6-15 duas committed to memory. friendly letters. 10-20 ayaat and duas committed to memory. properly Personality development: manners at home. rest. thankfulness. respect. reading comprehension. table and phone manners. writing. care of personal body and clothes. kindness. weekly word list. politeness. tajweed Islamic Sciences: study of our Islamic heritage. posture. away from home as well as on the streets. exercise. writing letters. writing complete sentences. vocabulary words and definitions. writing short stories.2nd Grade. opposite words. patience. 10-25 surahs committed to memory. behavior at social gatherings. exercise. thank you notes. past. spelling. politeness. 1530 surahs committed to memory. oral reading. know the days of the week and months. nutrition (halal foods) and diet. kindness. courtesy and respect Personality development: manners at home. away from home. sentence dictation using spelling words. rest . thoughtfulness. at home and in the public. health. writing questions. writing complete sentences.

grammar. suffixes. correctly using troublesome words Communication: positive attitudes. speed reading. reading comprehension. punctuation and capitalization rules. sentence dictation. sentence structure and parts. 20-35 surahs committed to memory. mental awareness. friendly letters. kinds of sentences. vocabulary building. sentence dictation using spelling words. outlines. writing encyclopedia and book reports. adjectives. dictionary. Umayyad. weekly word lists. dictionary. writing process. 9 years old Arabic: reading and quran and hadith. kinds of sentences. challenging words and vocabulary. reinforcement activities. penmanship. spiritual welfare Social Science: Mohammed s prophethood. grammar diagramming verbs. review of writing formation. break up of Muslim state - . online projects - 5th Grade.4th Grade. 11 years old Arabic: oral reading. original composition. 25-40 surahs committed to memory. original composition. 15-25 hadith and duas committed to memory writing process. creative writing. oral reading. vocabulary study. writing formation. reading comprehension. oral reading. practice creative writing. 10 years old Arabic: Reading and literature quran and hadith. creative writing. writing with detail. thesaurus and library skills. student writers handbook Communication: learning behavior and interfacing with adults vs. word usage Communication: interpersonal relationships Personality Development: social acceptance. pronouns. fragments and run-ons. interpersonal relationships Personality Development: taharah and good grooming Music and Arts: tajweed. gathering information. root words. reading comprehension. weekly word list. periods. writing skill practice. surah and ayaat and hadith dictation. narration. writing skills practice. Islamic beliefs and practices - 6th Grade. vocabulary building. friendly letters. sentence structure. word exercises. tajweed mastery. challenging words and vocabulary. comparison. reinforcement activities. spelling. 20-30 hadith and duas committed to memory. Business letters. abbasid. creative writing. library research paper. those in authority. vocabulary building. dictionary skills. nouns. writing process. reading applications. prefixes. study of khalifahs. book reports. spelling words. writing with detail. word games. reading with tajweed. peers vs. penmanship. paragraph dictation. journal. reading menus. rise of Islam. spelling words. poetry. writing. tajweed Social Science: history of Islamic state.

12 Years old and up Arabic: grammar. composition. peers vs. letter writing. larger surahs memorized. learning behavior and interfacing with adults vs. weekly spelling lessons. Study of Hadith Communication: personal appearance. writing style.7th Grade. summaries. what were the Muslims doing during Dark Ages (history of Muslims between 1000CE 1500CE) an age of exploration - . vocabulary lessons. lots of reading for enjoyment: life History of the Prophet Muhammad and the Caliphate. those in authority Personal Development: morality social Social Science: Islam versus Christendom and Judaism. an age of darkness. outlining. quranic study tafseer.

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