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PICIAL OUTFITTER AG ‘Tis OFFICIAL OUTFITTER AGREEMENT (“Ages”) festive af une 1,202 (Elsie Dl" yan between Under Ammo, Ine Marla corporation CUnéer Armour"), and Sam Howson Ste Universi, an sgeny and isttuin of higher dation auhczed under th as ofthe Stat of Tes ahd meme inion othe Tens State Univer stem forte use and benefit ots Deporte of Aets, lsted in Hunile, Toas Univesiy"). Although Under Armour, ne. the contracting Pathe igs pated herein by Univerty o Under Arto inl Under Armour ens, dbus lan, {nd ny seeesior companies. Although Uaivesiy isthe contracting pty, Under Armoar ekowieges and apeesth the exci) ‘tigations set fo eren ony apply to Universiy’s Deparment of ass and nt othe University sa whole minty Statement University operates interolegie Divison I thle programs and employ the coaching staf fr sich programs. Unde Armour desis (a provide athlete posts othe Universi sale pogans andthe owen salons exclave bas pd (Gham cein tema owned bythe University promote the reltinship betwen Univer and Under Aca set tnd in aesodence with de tas and conan se fh ble and sj to NCAA and concent ales, Asusement In consierton ofthe mata covenants start nhs Aareemen, nd ote god an valuble onsdraton, the recip an suifcency of which are hereby ackovledge, the pasties this Agreement grea llaws 1. Bafa, 1.1, *Aecesoies means al acessories ate nt inling. but ot intel to hendwen,welstbands, hove, socks eyecare bt io ied rangle), sr sleeves, al saeves, a Das 12, Apparel means all ypre! athlete innate including. bu ot Tne o protective and padded apa, game ifs race wea skdeline appre rainwear, teres, shits fa Ses, shor, seat jake, pas, vm spy hd "le rows tunng ape 14 “Coacher” means the had ouch a the sat ances of the Teams 15. “Conference” means imerolegite ule conference o which Teams belong, 16. *Conected Fines Products” means health and fines tol, ppltions, tad (pling wate, Finest ‘writs et ae monitors 2 saps, ea and progres aes, ter ables), ubcrpon ses nd reed sts (petal including alee aetallrelte Apparel, Acero, Footwear, and Epmen) wh he apy ‘ofmeusring biometric dat and alee a altaya ining and measure ste, mead, and rosea. 17, Core eams” means Laver Football Meo's Baskett, and Women's Basket Teams 1S. “Dineet Competitors” cans Nike (nling Bran Jonan and Convers, adidas insiding Yee), Resto, Russel, New Balance, Puma, Oakly, Skechers, Fvo-Shed, and Lululemon and any of tir ated brands engaged in he ‘manure sl, romoton,dstbton or adverisement of Prost 19. Distebution Channel means ay one oF more ofthe flowing pln of ale 19.1 _ eter Department Stores / Boutiques (eal stores hat ae high-end ret depen store ling & Wide range of product without 2 predominant mershaniv eo mal sopping ovtet it eps nse and ona est 192, Campos / Loca (resis th ae sore member ofthe Nations Ascition of Unive Str, o ry textos, o cay eighty pee! (8080) a he store lena aro (1) University or are indepenent-owned fn shops Tosti he immediate campus communi or are Univesiy-oweed ou, including sud! oedipal stores) 193 Imernet/ TY / Catalog Mid-Tie (les of mids or Beer tans through online extensions of campus retirs and id ebro as by rete that off caomerce vis sopping networs (ik QVC. HSN, or Stop NBC) ‘hd publise ealbgs that re male dite o he consume) 194 Spesnty Midtier (il sors tat spesinize ina specif ange of merchandise and eal ems, Most sores Have an etemsive with and ep stack stems in which hey speilze and provide high levels of service nd experi Pring plcy 1 geal in te medion to high range depending on fers ike the (pe abd excisty of mera and wer) 195 Sporting Goo Sport Specialty! Fan Shops (tl stors tat pinay focus on spots Apparel andlor auipmen and 1.96 Mase Markets’ Whole Cut (outs ad wholesale caters that fous on igh- volume, low-cost smertandsing (eg, WalMat, Cosco, Tae). 1.10. “Equipment” means spensequipmen ued by the Teams and Coaches insudng, bu nt Hoied to balls slizabl) aces, heart rte mono, outh gers aul pes, waerbtl,cachrs equipment dating gloves ar a ow Buds, ad lcs hard goods the este st forth a Seton 2 LLL, “ootwear* means ll ote athlete inate clang but ot ited om el lente footer, hasketbl shoes, ing and tring ota, sas an shies 112, “ead Conch” ets the hed och fhe Tes. 113, “erformance Producti” eats Produc th (hve augue construction (e, smpresiontiht par anor (by bave moisture-wicking arcs tha nl the wen ring execs aed peer alt a inal yper of weather lore) ae Imarcte 5 assisting Soh construction vicalon, andor pela hares 1.14 Product means he Aocessves, Appa, Conese Fitness Prods, ules nd Footwear 1.15. Metai Agent means te gene the University's agency contact wiht ces se of Universi’ Atlee Marks Asofthe Efsve Date the University’s Ages Lead, CLC or ts saeesor ny meansLnder Anos’ then-current el pring forthe Under Amu Produ 117, “Stat means people providing services tothe Teams aeluding, bu ol ied vo tli depariment empiyes, enipmeni manages, and alee wanes 118 Team Dealer mcanssteam dealersthorzedby Under Armour tosl Under Armour Proacts and atl gre pon by Univesity and Under Amour 119, “Team Pring” means Te Del's the-cumet prising forthe Under Armour Prods, 1.20, "Team means all of Unversiy'sntercllepiate ae wars, 1.21, “Under Armour Marke means sera rdemarks and other indica ofoxgn owed by Under Amour which Under Armour provides to Universi a wing ose in econ ei 122, "Under Armour Products” means the Products provided by Under Armour to Univer fr we bythe Teams, (Coaches nd Sf bearing the Under Armour Mars te Under Amour ina of xg 123, _Uniersy’s Attic Marts mean cerain datas and ter nda of xg owed by Univesy which Univesity provides 6 Under Amo in ting fore in accortance Reeth, 2, Term, Thea term his Agreement commences on te Etive Date and contoues un May 31,2027 iil Tem ‘ines eter triad acerdane ih the tr and conten fis Aarecnt. Flowing the Inia Term the pres il Ive the opt o mutually aie to ext this Ageement one ers and codons se oth een for upto wo 2) canecuve ‘one (I} sear ped enc, a" Renu Ten) conming trite extend the Agreement in wing ono etree expirton ‘fe lial Te (or the curet Rete Term) ne eer Univesity lcs not extends Arecient ora Reseval Te, ‘Universi wil pay forall Under Arrow Profits ordered ty Ur Armour for Univesity peor such dt of Uner Armous ‘eorp of rien lc fom Univers cf Universit ot xen, Fo purposes oth Agresmet he nal Term nd ony 2 ‘Renewal Term(s) theca, seplizal il be cllecivel etre to heen asthe “Tox ad “Contrast Yeu” means ech parade (12) sueasive mans comming on each Je Ia ening onthe flowing May 31 ering the Ter, 3. Under Armour’: Obligations to ines 3.1, Prada Allomans. Urder Arousal provide Univesity wih Under Amour Products in each Cot Year ar purposes of iting the Tet, Couches and Sta (Pri Alloa" allows Coninad Year [rediaet Atowance Amount A058) t Sis0000 zt 522) 25000 an ouaa- sa023), Si2sa00 FA CUREE RIED ‘iis 00 #5 (6d S125) 135.000 #6 (628-5120), 145000 | an ons= 53127) $145,000} (aw 8) appa) $135,000 HO (GUB- 83179) Tagplicable) 8135,000 ‘Th Prd Allowance shal be vaed ot eal Pring University shal specify the quantity. ype pd siav of Unde Amour routs tole provied by Under Armour flilte Pract Allowance ed shal atl Under Armour ofthe uve in wing, The et OF shipping he Under Armour Products fon Under Apu to University wl be charged agaist University's Produt Allowance sad ‘ch corts ae set fon Ex A cid ert Univer aces ni gen ha it hl be responsible freeing a i Under Amu Podet ores are mate i compliance wl Under Arour's Pods ering pocedres and NCAA rls 2d Tepltons Univesity snot pemited oes any Under Armour rods ipl to Univesity by Under Arm pureu othe Prods Allonaee and any returns thangs of Uner Anour roots il be processed vin Under Armour® aa tens ole, and my ol be redo exthnged vin any Under Armour real cane, Produ! Allowance amc reining a teed {ta Contact Yer i applicable, will ne elovr othe next Caras Year ag Wil be foe 211 Produc llowince Rodstin focTeam Santon, Notwitanding the foregoing, ination o ay ther "hts or emees Under Armour may hare fran Contract Year which a Core Team is snetioned by the NCAA resting ode (potion of elevistn appremnent or eects of pnrenmen ley or Canteen shomporip ge ply apical) by ‘Far, Under Armour tal ae the right edie he Proust Allowance fr sh Contre Vea by. tht pect (0%) ft the Foot Team, twenty-five (259) forthe ex Basketball Ten, a twenty pecet (20%) or the Women's Basket Team, Sith rossi tl be culate in Cont Ves. 12 Reduction frSpating.Inatonto any other ight or remedies Under Armour may bas n ary Contat Year in which Tea menber=spats” of ees he Under Amour Products, andlor bss the Under Armour Maison Under ‘Amour Poduts (ther than fran ij stsied by suck Team ere ht reques taping for silty purposes, provided at University provides Under Armour wilh sce af ich ay within a esoable ine arid flowing sch ny, a inal ies Priore commencement af th net gan), Uner Arousal have he right fo rede the Product Allowance provided Unversy Fisch Contest Yen follows: ey edacion Tose ‘So [Feces ad 000 {_eccomenceterenter | “This amon oles ostinato in vilton of his provision ring any post-eson competion orth avoidance of dou, successive rections sal be cumulative ina Contact Year ex, 3 occurences ding the regula season ‘Contract Year woul esl the Polat Allowasce tring ede by ll of $50,000 n sch Contact Year, occurences dung the pot season in «Contract Yer woud reat athe Produc lowance bing edued by sol of 10000 i such Contact Yes 32, Adltona Produss. in any Contras ese Univers requis ational Product for ue bythe eas, Coss, or Stuf beyond te Prct Allowance fr such Conte Vea, of eure Prods fr any Cosh or Univers opeaed spor ay {ln or er alerted event so adonal Pods colletvely refered erin 5 “Addon Prot") University shall. Durch anya al sach Aina Prodi (hich shale Under Armour rod) fom Team Delerat Teo Pring nscornce {rth ESIC, and hall nox prchse suk Adina Prout fom any thed purty, ualess Uader Armour or Team Dealer ant 3 tive tinely the nsesnty Under Aro Prods n whic as Univers shal be panied to sere Prodst rom aac Cnpettr ony uni sok ine a Under Armour Tenn Dealer an povie the ecssry Under Aer Pods Tn ain, i thee Univesy purchases a lest 0,000 worth of Adina Product fam Team Dealer Tenn Ping ina Contract Yen, ‘Under Armour wl provide Univesity Hh an aon! Unde Armour Prost Allowance valued at Real Pring tm cst 0 University as follows: “Amount of Adional Product Purchased by | Addional Under Armour Product Allowance University Provided by Under Armes $000 -s809,905 $00.00 658,999 1 40000 $70 000-798 999 385,00 S SHODDI0 $70.00 33, Performance Bonuses. Under Amnou hl rovie fo University the bonus compensation st fh in Exhibit sce inthe fon of Unger Armor Products led at Real Pring Bonus emperation hal be eto Univers’: Prot Allowance within sit (60) due afr Unversity provides Under Arnour wih writen nce Uti achieved te erie ‘sacs for payet of sich bonus conpensaton. Bonuses st fot ip Exhibit shall be nemcunulatve, exept for any Coach oF the Yew tonise Bonuses wil be eae in comseton with Team achievements only, and ot for adda stcer-atee ‘sthievement nd lal be eased by "eas excusvly wearing abd sing Under Armour Prods. 34. Under Armour VIP Disount Progeam, Upto fit ($0) flame University Saf wth shu ema adress sl epee fo partite inthe Un Armout VIP Discount Program CDissout Program”), whereby such individuals wil be {Beto pursue Under Armour Prodt a discounted rat for esol paras te oly. or tthe Elective Dil, Under Armor ‘ul sop Univers with atonal dts abou te Discount Program, sulig an apeable polis, provedure, and dsouns ‘Unies wl dies its employees o comply with all Dscout Progr polices, and sskrowlepes apd apes tha inthe event University employes wnt sich poise fer being proviso nis ands esomle opportuni to cre, Under Aru Wil ave theriht fo teminte such employee's aces the Discount Pow. University wl subi to Under Aiur ts Ito employes ‘ae fr hu Dacount Program ate exmmencenet of exch Contract Yer Under Amour reserves the ight a change, modi, “lor lina the Discount Program toy tne by prong Univers wih ote 35. Authentic Product Salis bs University Approued Vendor) University sknowelgs tht: (0) Under Armour ently ha xiang Lane Babon Agromet th FS Tar hia a fo Spe ESP) er hh CPST he ‘eum enlusheihtswireapest to cata Undr Armour rogue Kring collet dears in ein sles chants, a (©) ‘GFSand Retail Agent have an exiting on-exsuive ei iene aprecnet er whch OFS may sel cre Proce Rea, ‘erin Univers’ theo Marks pata to he ems of the ese agent 415. Universi sal enue tht Under Armour and GFL, respectively, stall have the ight produce, dst, nd ol Under Arnau Prodts tet he Unless Aes Nas 352. Sabjctnallieanesto Seton 354 below, Univesity erhy grantee Under Anmoveth exci right ‘egioing onthe Etotve Date sel he flowing Pods bering the Universi Ahi Marks (9) all euct versions of auteni competton apparels wor by the Teams and their especive Coaches during practice, gates, exhibions, and te offal Univers civil and (6) ___softhe exaet epics versions of sch suenc uniforms developed fo etl le in echo the ‘Avprel Capos provided, however, ut) To the event Under Armour has mot rough to retail replica unfoms in an Apparel ltgary ins prc Distbaton Chanel (eg, Mts Mat) then University may source alr cess he Uniesiys Atte “Mant any vendor o produce repli worms in that Apparel Category in at purer Distribution Chane! wl such tine as ‘de Armour oigs relearn int Apparel Category in that Disbtion Channel total except Univers shallot oie source disse the University’s Ablter Mra for hs purpon os eampetitr of Uda Armor, a (i) forthe purses 0s ‘Sesion 3.5 Under Armour hs nt broght an Apparel Category na partuer Distribution Channa ntl the eleanor ae autres, shipped, ad aval to eer ot price Distrbuton Cartel 353. Subjet inal stances to Sestion386 blow, Univesity ereby grams © Under Anmourthenan-echsive ht beginning onthe Eetive Date oil Performance Poder, on Perormance Poo, an headwear bearing the Univers Dibletes Macs 5.5 Under Armour may exercise heights uted erin te iself anor pursuant to its agreement with GFST ov any othe hin party with whom Under Armour may contact nthe ftir, proved Under Armour, OFS, osu il pry hs 8 4 iene arc wth University or Reta] Agent (or note third pty to which University hs granted the right osblcense he Univers Aleics Mt) fin rane nl ce ad ee. 388 Subject Seton. below, Prods povided for under this Seton 38 ust be Fist among tert Prods fod on the ahleics depart ofl online str of University's Atlee web Univer, tog Retail Age, shal til Univers heesces ofthe xv pts rather within hy (30) dys flowing exact of is Agrecment in addon, Unversky tnd Retail Agent tall not all cess tha thy miry ot place orders nny time afer sn (60) days of ‘heston this Agresmet nay ne fr hoe Has whih Ur Armour hs ben rma exclsie ht ees, 2156 Univesity ages aot to lcs perm the Heesing ofthe University Maks by « Diet Competitor for Products that etree Team, Teams or Unversity Atti. By way of example, «Diet Campo so perited make ad ‘elas or hat ita) "Sar Houson Ste Univers Fool,” or “Sem Houston tte Unversity Alec” 4357. Theryahy amkontspoabl to University puntata the sale of Prods besing the Univers Ais ‘Mack and Under Aru Maks shal Boweetd in separate etal ceae apes! between Under Acura” CFS wd Reta 4. Universi's Obgnns to Under Armour, 4.1, Couche Staffan Teams, Sujet inal instance any Pret Agrees, Univers hatey rants Under ‘Armour he exclusive ight o supply the Tenis, Coaches, an Sia wih he Products. Universi shal et ntoan arene). forthe prchas, gi sponsors, exchange, pomation, endorsement, o edvetsenet of any Prods with respec the Teas, {Coaches Saf or ny Teas flies oH) with ny hi party such hid party asthe nme “Amnour," “Aro, o ny er ‘em conisnly ier teeta mane or he nae of is protoct serves, anes otherwise approved in edvace by Under ‘Armour Fut, University shall nt uti any Conch, Stato Tea emer endorse, prams, or avert hip Products ‘ile pecoring Wer thence tiers Univers employes, sepeseniae,o Team member. nts comeon, Unies Irleurethe Coaches, taf and Teamso wea and seh Under Armour Prods excl fo ()all Team ates workout, Prnctces panes orother competion, anc pos camps oie operate by Universo ts Coaches Wile perfrming hice thes a Univesity employee, epesenves, of Team members: () elected phetowaps (wheter ilo moving), and (o) imervews or res conferences, bi pearanes,dringan Coaches shows al when speaking fro acting sn epee ‘the Tams, Univesity shal ot sponsor co spost, cr endorse ay competitor or ay Product of any pat at ny Ualveiy. onto sports camp, ine, turamen or oer alee eve, a ay Universi conioled can or lin proves Performance Products amp oct etendess, sch Pcfrmance Prost wl be Unde ArmauProt's, 42. Sports Eauipment. nthe event that the Coches, Teams Sta members eq Eqipment hte vnvaibe throwgh\Inder Armour he Canoes, Tens or Sta members may eh pry Eau es) provid Ua) sub i pay isnot a Dect Comps, aod (0) nee University nor ay Coach, St, or Ten meer shall endorse, sponsor, promos iver sch thd party Equipe hte performing thee ten-surent dite University employees, rpereaives, or Ten reer. nye dcingthe Term Under Armour has burners lan to rosie ny Equipe a previa id nt provi, thea Under Armour sl give Univesity oe veten note of be Equipment Under Armour edo provie. Once Under AOU provides he pesosly unvalble Equipment, seh Equipment sal be desma toe ele the defini of "Produt” and vere bythe applicable terms efor tern ahd Unhesity sball no longer be poled fo source such Equipment fom a ‘sonic ote han Under Armour. Thera, Unser Armour shall make such new Equipment aval othe Univers Im ‘Seondace with he frst ort ein 42.1 Poscsisting agreements, Under Ammo aknowedges tht Univesity has preevntngapeement in et for ceri Tears wh espea to carts Prout 8 alow (each a Dre Exiing Asta Team Tw Frade Tapio Date Foot Wiss Football Taam Basel Toiivile Suggs” | —Hadaood (ba, wanna | aves, etna) —l Nonwistning anyting contained Heh he contr upon he expinton or terinaion of re-FxitingAaresment sje to ‘ny iho frst ovina est tise and (1) he even Under Arta supplies the Produts covered by such Pr-Exsig ‘Keres, University wl begin suri sich Prog fom Under Armour and soe Prowl be oveed by this Agreement ‘dsb the term and condo forthe, o (2) he event der Armour dae ot suppl he Product covere Bs Fre xating Aprons, Ulva lb peed fo source sich Prodi fom a thin party who fmt « Det Competto, 45, Wear'Tsting,Subjectto NCAA and confrnc rls, Univers shall ens that Teams, tf, and Couees shal make enslvesieasombly available o Unies Amur With fespect to wear testing Under Amur Products in develope Team s Stas Conces sala equse, ref to Under Amour, el oly or in eng iso eaqused by Under Armour, 0 he Under Anour Prost sipped fo Teams, tf and Coase. Sich wren or oa reports stall dest the fh, deh, Wear ‘hrstrtiy,inton, utr and conto cml he Under Armour Prodat the Team Saf nd Csches wee The ‘etal Under Amour Products in developnent abd any infoationreaaing such Under Armour Products coniewtal, suet © Univesiy’s olptons ander applicable Teer In his conection, por fo Under Armour sondoting ny en fesing th ‘eamsy Coaches or Stuf, Under Amour an Univeray wil dics ngood fh the mplcton of ay apse Texas ast Usetier sch iv il require the dstoare of Under Anmours confidential scr propetay techoloy. If reused by Under ‘Aso Under Armor Pedassp development sal be rose ted ina pvt eatin aso min the conde fs Under Armour Produ and Unde tou sal sist University wth thes endeavors Unde Armour ithe ovne of al a, tien inert in an any dal righ in aoa tle propery right ncing, but ot mie allen ade sees, ‘oprah, nd ademer crated by Und Ano andr Teams, ll or Couches in conection wih such Ur Amour Pro ‘Teams Sif and Coaches hereby aig nd convey to Under Armour lsh tela property and execute all papers and dl things nvestry oft he forgang or perio enor any propria ight such Under Armour Prost 44, Liittion of Liable and Disclaimer of Warranties, THIS ENTIRE SECTION 4.8 APPLICABLE ONLY ‘TOTHE EXTENT ALLOWED BY THELAWS OF THE STATE OF TEXAS APPLICADLE TO THE UNIVERSITY. UNDER, ARMOUR SHALL NOT BE LIABLE TO UNIVERSITY, ANY TEAM MEMBER, COACH, OR ANY STAFF MEMBER FOR. [ANY INJURY OR DAMAGE SUFFERED FROM WEARING OR USING THE PRODUCTS INCLUDING ANY CLAIMS OF UNDER ARMOUR'S NEGLIGENCE GF ANY KIND. IN ADDITION TO CLAIMS OF NEGLIGENCE, UNDER ARMOUR. INCLUDING, WITHOUT LIMITATION, THE WARRANTIES OF MERCHANTABILITY OR FITNESS FORA, PARTICULAR PURPOSE) WITH RESPECT TO THE PRODUCTS. 415. Appearances by Hed Coach. In comein wth the endorsement and promotion ofthe Under Armour Prodi snd Unde Arner, pon reasonable ror pote ad subject to Head Coeds coaching obiations and Confrence ues, the Head Coch snl be avaiable for tro (2) day per Contract Yen © make pero! appearances on lf of Under Armour slo 0 Drip nth produto of maraing advertisment, of promotonal mates” However, ahi hin requis Under Armour {ouliae Head Coch fray personal apenances or predation activi. Under Armour seeby grued the ight tse the Head {Cosh vightsf pbc, sallow by Confrence es, udng, bt ot nied to Head Coa’ ame gat, ickanne, oie, ‘photograph oltens in connection withsuh mae, wel asin eoameton wilh Under Armour ad ihe Under Armour Prods UUder armour sha pay ll easonabe an necessary tanspotaton mel, and leg expenses of Head Conc in connection with Be 4.5, Visit et Under Armour Marks. Under Armour Prods shal be wor wen the contin rceved rom Under Amour. Calvert shal a (an wl equi tht Tea membes, Saf. and Coaches shall ot) remove ap. Pe, Salo ‘hangeay Under Armor Prodotti fo the Under Aro Mets) or ad te an, remark, trode, Servic mo, smb, desig, or Werewion of ny hd pat anes reuzed byte Cvfrene or NCAA, or unless medially ees todoso {ich sal ela ete eter fot an independent psi each instance). Unsuhvied spain” andor ‘tying af Under Armour Produ by any Team mente, Staff ete, dor Coach sal be inconsistent wih te arose ft ‘Agrees, and hal be deemed mata beach of ths Agreomet.” Unde Armour recogies tat cuent NCAA rues (56) 1258 gover he sie a occareces of mana or dtrbtors adr onl rods worn ty members of he Te. Stbjett Seton 2, Under Armour sibjectoany changes in such egstion cig the Term 47, Promotions! Opporturitis and Private Usivesiy sl provide Under Armour withthe gh nd benefit ‘et ia Exhibited reo each Covract Vera eto Under Armour nes others inst x Geant af Liente Under Aro herby grants to University yates, nomena, unease ens ete Under our Maso pra teelaonship between Under Antoun Teas tli, ba ‘0 lines o Under Armor being the “Oficial Oatiter of Sam Houston Ste Univesity Atlee.” Al soh eof the Under ‘Armour Maks by Universi shall conf to Conference akd NCAA eles Universi sal sdb to Under Armour and Ue ‘Araour shal have the git 0 approve ll prope aes of the Under Armour Macks by University. Under Armour bl mot Shresenbly whol, conan, o dey ppoval fsck ended uses of te Under Arpour Marks Uf Under Amour doe ot “Spoove or daprove a reqest for apovl in writing wii fen (1) dye of rei theoo, such materials sal be dered ‘Tbappeved.1FUnderArmotr disapprove ny materi submied by University, User Armour shal prove Univesity wih weiter ‘earns ao Wy sich material were cisnproved. Use ofthe Unler Ammaur Maks by University andthe pool soca There shal nue the bene of Unde Armour. Under Armor oval ia il and interest inane the Under Armour Mass, tnd Univesity sal ot do anything ico with Unser Armour owner of the Under Amor Marks 6 52. University Grantot Lanse. Univesity hte gas to Under Armour aroyaly-fe,non-excsive ined, nom treble ens owe the Universi": Atiecs Mars fo pote Under Armour e Under Armow Prd ond rly bein Under Armour and Teas ilu, bunt lined fo Under Armour teins the “Oflal Outer of San Houston Sale University Atletcs™llsch veo he Universi Ieee Mak by Under Armor sal conor o Confetene and NCAA ‘ules Unde Armour shall sbi 9 Univerty and Universal have the it apove al propore ae of te ives’ ‘ables Marks by Under Armour Unvesy stl ot urreasombly wid cordon or delay approval a such ined wes of ‘he Universy’ Athletics Marks. If Uninersy does ot approve or diearovea request fr approval wring whiten (10) ay of ‘een tect, ech terial be dezned diapproved. If Unis diapproves sy materials submited by Under Armoxt Unversity sai provide Under Armoou with writen reson as to why sich mers were disapproved. Use of te Univesity’ [Altleics Marks by Under Arve andthe gow ssi eewith sal ne othe benef of Univesity Univers oe al ‘gt tile ad intrestin ano he Univers Aes Mans, nd Under Armour shal ot oan nansata th Ulver ‘ership ofthe Universi’ Aes Maks. 53. Quality Control Oigations. University shal cooperate wth Under Armour tose tate culty of tus of the Under Aout Marks ad the unity of te sods and series somecion with wich he Under Arour Make we ts high “Torn en, Univesity shall make easorble fos a maybe requested by Under Amour to sure that he ait of Unversiy’s ‘seo the Under Armour Mars andthe level oF uly of is gods and sevice provided in connection wth he Unde Armour Maks ishighand Ges mot det fom he got estat wi the Under Armour Marks, Under Armour seal cooper wil Univers toasuue thatthe quality fe ae ofthe Usveray's Alte Mas andthe qual of ke gods and eves in conection with wich the Uivesin’s lets Mais are eds bigh- To that end, Under Arousal ake reasonable os as ay be reused by ‘Unive fo ssi tate eaten ualy of Under Aro aefthe Universi Atlee Marks an the lel of guy of fas and Series provided in conestnn withthe Univers Atltis Marks high ané doesnot det fom the goodwill, Ssoiated wit te Univesiy’s Ales Mrs SA. Changes to Univers Athletes Math. At east seven (7) mnths pir tthe commencement of Contrast Year 11, Univers sal powde Under Arow with wrten tice of the Univers Mark fr ech Tem. Thera Univers st ‘rvide Under Amur with at laste (1) mons pe on notice inthe evento change fo «Univer Mako be plod om {he Unde Armour Products supplied herder Inthe event Unies fo povide Undet Arpt nai of «Univesity Mark ‘honge es povied herein, Unies shal ay fr any costs ince by Under Rumours a elo piying or ang te Univesity Mark on the Under Armour Roducs.” Univer acknowledges tat he tively delivery of Under Armour Prods to Univer ty beset by any late ce by University of «Univers Mark change, an sich este delivery hall not cnn Under Aout is bes of his Agreement 6 Representations and Warrants. Fach party represents and warrant the ther party ha (9) he flit and ‘ihoriy fo neato this Agreement ptm te obgatons nde his Agecnet ad rat al the igs granted by it under this ‘Apeemeat (0 ts Agrement fas bee ly executed and delivered on ts bla und isa valid and binding obligation enferceable ‘pins i in actrdhes wth fers and (6 te peformaeso hie Agreement wl comply wth pple se federal and Iba as and regulators, and te les af the Conference ad NCAA, elu all las rele Yo pohbing dicimiation and nase In ation the froin, University spell epee nd warrants 9 Under Armor bt thee eno raotonn Tconing agreements sponsor apretvens,ndrising agreements, o any oer agrentonts (cing prea i ht frst egotation ois of fst fsa) whichis arty Nich wuld rele the coaveyanes of or mata impal the his Inendd tobe emveyed to Under Armor nde this Agree nlaing wot limitation, Under Armour compe excl rh epee oe eatepey of Products, 7. Right ot First Negotiation, Ui sch date ht ssi (6) months prior othe en ofthe Tem (Exclusive Negation End Date’), Uanersiy stall meet ecsvel with Under Aur t nga In goo fh te terms of renval of ths Agreement ‘Notwithstanding the forepnns te presale ois 9 ener i arene of hs Asrexmert they cnt tally age ‘pon heen of sch rene, Probe Exchsive Nepotaton End Date, University sl at nga in mets or egies ‘than hed yy regarding ret uly, sponser, endorsement, promotion Wit spect o Prodi 4. buehing Right THIS ENTIRE SECTION 81S APPLICABLE ONLY TO THE EXTENT ALLOWED BY THE. LAWS OF THE STATE OF TEXAS APPLICABLE TO THE UNIVERSITY, FOR THE AVOIDANCE OF DOUBT, TO THE EXTENT THAT APPLICABLE TEXAS PROCUREMENT LAW DOES NOT REQUIRE AN OPEN BID PROCESS OR TF ‘SUCH OPEN BID PROCESS ALLOWS FOR A RIGHT OF FIRST REFUSAL, THIS PROVISION WILL BE ENFORCED. AND GIVEN EFFECT 10 THE MAXIMUM EXTENT PERMITTED BY LAW. Fors prod of ie commencing on te BBclusive Neguition End Date and coninuing util the exprion of te Tem (Mashing Peso", Under Armour shal have the Fight o math ny thd pay offer University receives with epect o rod of sch hr party tht University tends accep (tht Paty Of) Hf University soshest Third Party Ofer during the Mashing Peso ten Univesity adbring a al ttt, our eins, an the opinion he Texas Atey General with espe! oslo of pl infrton ude the Texas Pl Infomation Ac, Chapters, Tetas Goverment Cole shal ub to Under Armour the matress inthe Thr Party (fer "Tht Bay Tem" inom undted tng fo sch third pay on Re eteread and signed by sh hid party Unde 7 Ano shal bave thy (30) ys fom the dt it resives the Tir Party Terms to nlf Univesity wheter Under Anu will ‘now th Ags on es ete fe ater seule, and athe Th Psy Tere If Unter Armour tes University cia i renew te Areemen on sch Thi Pay Terms, ten University and Under Armour shal ene this Agreement ‘onsuch Tied Party Tem Univesy shan al hin pti ots equiement under ts Seton ‘Termination and Remedies. 5.1. Upon Breach by Either Barty‘ pay may teint thisAgoemeat inthe eves ofa material reach fay er orconion this Agreement y the ther tty andar ct other ptf finely cre he esc by ging oc serie Proved nthe event of abreach, the nor esc party sal povide he reaching party with wren nto the beach pete. Inveasomae deal he ate ofthe bee. IF the reaching pry doesnot ue the beach Within hy (3) days ai elt of the ‘rien moi, he nobracing pty muy imedntly erate hs Aeemen! upon provision of writen afc ote breaching my. 92, Addons Termination Rights for Univesity, Notwithstanding ny oer provision nhs Agreement, University ‘na indie frat tis Agee by proving Wie oie of termine Under Armour f Under Armour a pion For bankrupcy for eeiveship or) anrap oF save 93, —_Adilonal Termination igh for Under Armour. Notwithstanding ay ote provision of this Agere, Under Amour may neste terminate this Agresen by potiding writen notice of termination o University a the Teams, Coaches, (eS are eed tear anor use Produc hat be moc suplice by Under Armour (0) Unde Arou’spacemen eke wah Fees the Under Armour Mars onthe Ze Amo Prods are diminished) Univers ceases for any reason ofl NCAA vein | Team ora Team des oot patie for my reso ina comple regular esos (2) » Team nea on NCAA probation, {@) Univesity, Coaches, or Staff ¢ Tea members disparage Under Armour os Prods () Coaches, tal, of Team members fonmit anya: or arise nan Secence which sonia crime nthe jarittion i whi was commited Inte sole butrenonale ication of Under Arar rele untverbly pon Univers, Under Armor, andor the Unger Armour Pods o (q) Coaches, Stator Team members fle wear anor ue he Under Annour Product in reach of thi abligtons under Seton s'Land Sesion 46 94, Effsteef Termination Except as therwise st forth en, pon term of thi Aen the pas shal ‘metinely dicot ll wes a he ober partys mr Le he Under Arnone Marts rte Univers Athletes Math the ‘ae maybe), Inthe eve ths Agrecmen fe tniaed pir othe expan ofthe Term, for 8 prada fo exceed one handed ‘en (90) ay3 mer tect of termination, Une Armour my soe tows he Unters Ames Marks toe owing ‘epoves (2) agement vith nein clase exonce a the ao termination it cana be cance by Under Armour wie ‘ely and san ner part of Uner Armour Produ pakaging materi that ae in Under Armour inventory nthe dt of {eemiation oh oe see for delivery unde apeemens in eistence on the to rmination that sant be eaneled witout pen to Under Armour 10. Governing Law Dispute Reslation Is the vent of any spt wder his Agreement the Ins ofthe Sat of Texas al ver the val, perfomance enforenent interpration and my other asec of ths Agrees, wiht edo pinciples of eae favs hereunder. Ie ipa conroveryor claim aries ou fo elt ohis Apermen the partes wil ake a goed ‘is atempt to resolve th sis the dpe canna be see by th iy he pares gro flo edt exoltion poses | Cope 260 of the Teas Goverment Code 11. Severability [fy povbion ofthis Aarcetent is ld invalid, oid or unenrceable hy a cou of competent jrition, ‘he emsining provisos otis Apron sal never comin nal re ands without being paleo svat {iy way Tie fro ihe party nt in anyone or are instance pon perfomance oon ofthe provi of is ABeem=n ‘orto praue ts gts nde this Agent shal nt be conarucd aa waiver fay provision or he religultent yg n, is Information Act. The ges apc tht he tne ofthis Agreement ae confident and except a rere by applicable whe pres shall nt isos in any wy tay tid pary an ters ofthis Arerent ess muta aed by ‘Beparies in wing, Notwidtandingthprecdgsrtnce Univers ty ade tl sen, cout ecnon a te opnons ‘ofthe Teas Atorcy General with espe to sls of public information ude he Tens Publi norton Ast, Chapter 852, ‘eras Govenment Code University isrcired to make any Information rested rexchanged withthe Sn rsa otis Apeament ‘hae nox chris excetd from dtu unde the Texas Pui Inoration Act aval na fv that cee by he Palliat tonal charge othe Sate. The flowing forma) sal be deemed in compliance wth ths provision eetone les [i Word, PDF or salar gevelyacetble oma Under Armor i required o make ty iniraion crs or exchanged wih ‘Universi psi the Aree anc at oferwise excepted fom dsclosue under the Tews Publis Iformten Act, value ‘format hms ascesibe bythe publi sto atonal hago Unive. 13, Nats All oes, equsts, or tercommunitons requ to be given under this Agreemeat or whic the parties sy sive wo give unde hs Arsen shal betwen ad (a) ar delivered penal, (b) sem by fie tasmiion he testing prt reeves contrtion of socessltrsmisson orc) asso and set by ceed o veglseed mall, postage ep and eu eet eget othe paris lows: fo Under Anno: io Universi: [Legal Depart Ser Howson Sate Usiversyy ‘Under Aro Dany ozo al See Procurement & Haines Services Bellmore, MD 21230 1 inal Par, Ste 330 Facsimile (410) 246-52 untsvie, TX 75340 tary party wishes to alter the respi ares to which commonest are sen, it iay dos by providing th ew inst, Inning, tothe ter pares in asordance wth ths Seon LA communications adsed in ocordance wi this Agreement Shab eve (i) when received if dered by ceed oe eisered mal (onthe date Which delivery sade personally ‘iver (il onthe date of tranamison, by fee min 14. Miscliancous 14.1__This Agreement nd an Exits thercocontins the etre apeement ofthe pares this Agresmet wih respect tothe sbjct mate fs Agreement an sal be deme supetse l pio specie whether rite oa pd he te tnd provision of ny ssh prior areemet sal be deemed fave Ben ered in hire. 142__University shall ot sin is iso obligations under is Areement without the pie writen consent of Under “Amour. Une Armour may asin isis pd cligations unde this emt: a ah aie of (a party tht cee al or ‘stl lof Urdee Armours asst whol he por wt consen of Unive. Any snignmet nwo oth Section Haisvoid 143 Therdlatonsip of Unde Armour and University sal be that ofidepenent contractor. Noting in thi Avcersent shal be conse oF interpreted seeing aelonship oo ventures, eal hl aget, or employs enplyen unde ay 144 This Agresment may besxecited ino (2) counterparts, cach f which shal be dered an orignal bat oth of which opt sal cna oe and the sae Agreement The spate of the partes maybe dlvred by fein o taped ‘acumen in PDF TIFF or PEG fvna ans delvered oslo imaged document, sad executed documents maybe considered ‘vii al poses. 145 Pusuant wo Tesas Govsnmeat Code, Seton 2270.002, Contactor presents and wares hat (1) I does ot bye sme nd (2) wil no Boyt sel rng Ter [sigutue page fto) IN WITNESS WHEREOF, ech party acknowledges hat duly authvized tepresctatv of sch party has execute his Ament s ofthe date forth bei a acknowledges tha sich party as ed desta an grees othe ters and onions ofthis Agreement UNDER ARMOUR, ING. aa wichele Tite: Director, erocurenent sir Dat: ‘TEXAS STATE UNIVERSITY SYSTEM ‘SAM HOUSTON STATE UNIVERSITY shale. Dana 6 Hoe, Dae Preset Reviewed wn Resommende . 72 B-27- 2014 Dante a Vice Chase and Chie Finacial Offa Approve sto ea am €-23-19 APPROVED ye Jo of Reps Tes Sue ives Syston B-22~19 a OD ptr he 3.28.19 fal Outiter Aesomet sinpeina costs All Product Allowance odes wil be assed an nressed fg charge be eluted fom th tl rodet Allowance amount ‘The eight deduction wil bes percentage the der sb an wl be sutured aesodingy Sunda FedEx Standard Ground Shipments 6% 3 dy shipping 1256 2a shiping — 15% 1 shiping — 30% Priya shiping ~ 359% Eanubit Oficial iter deren "TEAM DEALER ACKNOWLEDGMENT ‘Win any Coat Year Univers requis Aditonal Product fru by he Tes, Cashes or Sf end the Prot Allowance far sath Cont Year, University shall chase any an all och Prats fom Team Dedir a Te Dale’ there ea ‘ring on Team Deal's andar sale: oder frm. Team Daler and Ur Amour sal ect th Unley verse fo ‘seuss Product ssertens, erring tad delivery scheduling ad new Pfu Team Deer sll rina appropriate levels ‘Under Amur Product inventory to sty Universi feqement on ily tai For the wokance of da, Under Armor eserves height 1 change the eam Daler upon hy (30) dys writen note to Team Daler and Univers. “eam Dealer has agreed toe Univer the lowing eomsidraton daring the Te Fist year ofcomtraet 1+ Buy one et ne ee zametap and btm oral specs witching bands 4 Estimated Vale Pe Spore ‘Men's Bashtal= 18 seta S280 = $5,040 Woren's Basket - 18st at $280 = $5,040 Womens Soccer 30 sea S165 ~ $4950 Men's Track Cress Cou) ~ 0 seta S120 = 6000, Sota -25 sets $250 $6290 Volleyball 18 sesar S148 $2510 (alt= 15 Polos Pans $130 $1,950, Bowing 12 Casom tops ad Short at $105 ~ S260 “Temis = 2 Top and Booms at 98 = S140 Toul Estimated Value 940280 > Athlete Department Donation ‘Anil $20.00 cash dnsion to AbleteDepartnet thoughout contrat > Branding ‘+ Atl $1.00 in UA bsg oust conraet > Dieu 4+ Discount 48% of al UA ape acess Discount 40% off of UA ootwear Custom pods Freight Fee Freight n orders Encoding lange Geld equines items wth special livery © Exclting Ae Shipment Estimated Anal Valu - $35,000 ‘TEAM DEALER ACKNOWLEDGMENT & AGREEMENT “eam Dea acknowledges an agrees tha by is execton blow, Te Dslr hs independent deed tof the ems sd codtion ofthis Eshii an eo yl (lb. cies Outer ders PERFORMANCE BONUSES Footbal Aehievement onus Amount “ean paste FCS Toumaet 35.00 “Team the FCS National Charpoa SiSo00 - Head Coach named Confeent Coa of ie YR 100 Men's Bastsbot Team plus the NCAA Postseason Tousen Fire Road "$5000" “Tea las inthe NCAA Poa enon Torrent Round of 32 si, Tea plas the NCAA PostSeaeor Tourament Sweet 16 = SIS,00 Team pla i tbe NCAA Post Season Tourette © z 25000 “eas play the NCAA Post Senton Tourer ial Four 350.00 1 “eam wits he NCAA National Chanpionstip Sia, 500 etd Coach named Conferense Coach ofthe Vea Sigo0 ————} “nivrsity wileacn ts bons fr pict in ith the Fit Fur na the Foran Round of 6 but fr bth: By way fexample, ft Mens Basta Team pip ns wine are othe Fst Fon ound of competion, thy wil can te ‘5500, ou wi otc an dina bons for playing inthe Touramet Round of 64 Women's Basketball ‘Aeltevemet onus Amount “Team pl nthe NCAA PostSeason Tour Fit Rous “Team lp nthe NCAA Post Setson Tournament Sweat [sis Tea lis ithe NCAR Pos Season Tournament EB S25 000 Team pai the NCAA Post Season Tourn Final Four ‘ssa Tei wat the NCAA Naina Charny - 1.000 Hed Coah snared Confrnse Coach of te Yea S000 AN Other Teams “ean pig nie NCAA Rates oun “Ten vin te NCAA Nation Canpoip Head Cash aned ConfonsCoak of he Yer = ssi cata Sareoment SIGNAGE AND OTHER MARKETING BENEETS Oficial Degnains. Usversy hereby gras Under Amour the excasive right tthe ofl designation of “OFT Outer of Sun Houston Site Univesity Altitics ax wll the “Offical Outer” of the Teams eollectvely, “Offi Deans) University shal ss best fos o rete to Under Armour by such Oficial Designation in ll appropiate stings an stations ‘The pais may, fo ine ine, sua geen wing dina ofl dsp ‘ospiaiy, Tickets and Parking Passes, Univers stl supply Under Armour wth (6) est valle kets and vo (2) parking Passes to cath Team's regulr season home gues, Aion kes (4 and pecking ar I)on be provide pon gust om Ue ‘Armour. Further, Univesy shal supply Under Armour with sx 6 best sable ke books to any enon game eel ste, ‘exempt ever and potrapular session touramen in which a Te arias, aswel aso (1) gsking par ny so game. To ‘ton Univesity shall provide Under Armour withthe oppo To purchase adn tskets an parking pss upon Feet {nd sujet avait. Universi shallupply Under Arma wth 0 (2) passes each Alumni Doar ote sina ‘each Tean’s el season home games, Porter, Univers hal suply Unser Armour whore (1) Alesse cede och ‘ean’s regular season and postseason games, and sal ue best 0 provide ara cents hen requested by Unt Artur ot exceed For 8) pe gan ‘Markting Materials. Under Armour hl be recopiz by the Oficial Designations on aay Unversity Ati” webs in say Publi, ni any avertsernents or romotonal mats hat elt tthe Tears nln, ut ot ae fo posts, elas td aewseters. Without ining the Forssing above the fl, University shal pac the UA foo on ach Teams hoe pe ae bypenet tink fom sch home page tthe Under Armour website. Thistle any athe deparnetsantoned Cowes or td ofteampus spon camps. Signage. Under Armour sal eeive te (2) best val, leion view signage a al vents where the Teams play thie home aes, and sal eeive one (1) promi tevin view lose onan Couche shows. Adonai, Under Armour fal eseire logo plocomens on eveay graphics nth al pogame teres on Bett Sports Network anon the teal gal post pads Under ‘Arar shal eeve mini of our (4) anus of LED video bor batom bar adverse) at seal an twenty (20) mites ‘FLED vids ours (ustiary advertisement) ot Focal whee the Tans lay ther home games. Under Arm sleeve Team Bench Aprons and sti Scorers Tables, Ia the event ital LED boars fplce the sat pumanen scores able hen rd ‘Amour shal eee a minimis of yen 20) mutes dpiayes dures home Nees and Women's Hace, Under Aro shal reeivecobranting opportunities nay sae gv ection signe, whee aval, Under Armour sl eceie logo placements nach Team's eke rooms, racic cil spocs medicine ty, equipment om, ena & condoning. and in the ooo ‘mull greed upon by University and Under Armout. Under Armour il be esponibl othe sot of reaing an providing ‘sch signoge an Unversity stl be espensbeforeneallition and mance ots spite with sch signage, Under Arc onsies te flowing its, a minum be game or patie ites Rerkt Sota Complex. Hower tao, Johnson Coliseum, MeAdams Tennis Cen, Mice! Mcver Gell Tring Cele, Pichet Fill, Randlman Strength Ctr, Sader ‘Stati, and York Track & Fel Compl, ‘Announcementsand Other Advertneress Ifthe venue wher the Team playtime games has sich capably, Under Armour ‘Sale recogsied by the Oil Designers nat east two (2) pb adder annonce rng acorn of ech Tom, ates, Unde Amour shal receive: oe (1) fal page coor avetsement in each ge progr he Tears) logs placnent ‘each tei department sanctioned Team's camp brochures and (3) logo paces on each Teas shade wherever pomced (Goss, crs, magnets, phone wallppe, ec). The content of sch asverrement sal be tually agreed spa by He pris nce ‘Sosa Media, Universiy'sathetc dearer sal posively promo elatonshi wth Under ou, the Under Armour bras 'n the User Armour pod na minimum ou (4 soi! media poste por Contrast Yeu Te eonient of such pot shal vided by Under Armour an approved i advance by Uniersiy'satltedeparment, i ppv aoe utensombly bled criti Malin Uist 1f equi by Under Armour, Universy's ule depatmen shall make four (4 cet milings or e-ss per Const Yess (one (1) ming or qua) on bal of Under Armowr to th tle naling lth he undersoning ete ‘et fsck ming shal be mtaly agreed up by the ar ‘Game Photographs nnd Auiviual Potage. Univesity berchy grams f Under Annus th ight to repo, display. end ‘ervse use peapraved game photopaphs andor adivisua fete of he Teams” ames, sett applnble NCAA ond ‘Conference rks, proms the Under Amour Products ne reaonship with the Tes “

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