Consciousness Is and Exists As The Essence Of EVERY Event, Condition, Circumstance and Experience In Your Life

Consciousness is the driving force, the seed of all creation, the All which pervades and permeates the entire Cosmos.

"To see things in the seed, that is genius" - Lao-Tzu

All Of Creation, Individually and Collectively, Both Seen And Unseen...From The Microscopic To The Macroscopic And Beyond, When Traced To Its Origin Is The Result Of Consciousness
Consciousness is the seed of all of creation. It is the omniscient, omnipresent, all pervasive substance behind existence...the source of EVERY event, condition and circumstance experienced in your life. To discover how to begin to ingeniously create your reality consciously, intentionally and purposefully is as simple and complex as choosing to awaken, enhance your awareness, and choosing to do so. Depending on how you arrived at this page, and your depth of understanding regarding your individual creative ability to be, do and have whatever you choose for yourself, it may prove beneficial to explore and develop an understanding of Universal Laws, also

referred to as Laws of Nature as well as Quantum Physics to provide you with a solid foundational understanding as to how and why consciousness plays such a major role in creating each and every event, condition and circumstance in both your individual life as well as the creation of ALL things in the world around you. All of creation, those things which can be seen and experienced in the physical world as well as the unseen or meta-physical aspects of creation, when traced to their origin exist as the result of Consciousness. In order to grasp and fully comprehend the crucial nature of consciousness as it relates to the physical, emotional and spiritual aspects of your life and to establish the level of self awareness necessary to become a purposeful, intentional and conscious creator of the events, conditions and circumstances which make up the moment by moment experiences in your life, an understanding of this all pervasive creative force is absolutely essential. The articles contained within this section will explain in detail, yet provide a simple to grasp concept regarding the importance of becoming and remaining consciously aware of your individual consciousness (your thoughts) which serves as the source or cause of the events, conditions, and circumstances which make up EVERY area of your life as well as the little understood aspects of consciousness which serve as the driving force behind all of creation. Through discovering these "seemingly" individual and separate aspects of consciousness, it will become quite evident that all that exists, from the macroscopic to the microscopic and beyond all inevitably lead to and are the result of "One True Source" referred to as the Super-Conscious Mind. It's my hope and wish for you that you'll choose to explore, discover and become consciously aware of the power you hold to be, do and have anything that you choose to experience. The links below will redirect you to additional information and provide a deeper understanding of the various aspects of mind that will serve to awaken you to the power that has been freely provided to you.

The Conscious Mind
The conscious or objective aspect of mind which is finite in nature is the aspect of mind connected to the physical or finite world.

The Subconscious Mind

The subconscious aspect of mind, which is "infinite" in nature is the subjective aspect of mind who's primary purpose is for the storage of data, the preservation and restoration of health and serves as the communication device or the "connecting link" with the SuperConscious mind also referred to as God, Universal Intelligence, "The Infinite Field Of Potential" or as science has labeled he/she/it "The Unified Field."

The Collective Consciousness
The Collective Consciousness is made up of the "perceived" individual consciousnesses of the planets population which serve collectively to form a "Matrix" or appearance of reality from a physical perspective.

The Super-Conscious Mind
The Super consciousness or Super-Conscious mind is the One Mind, The All which makes up the whole of each individualized consciousness, each of which exists as an integral part of this "One True Mind" differentiated only by individual ego and free will. The Super-Conscious mind is the omniscient, omnipresent, all knowing and ever present Source which serves as and determines how EVERY event, condition and circumstance, both the physical as well as the meta-physical into infinity unfolds.

Roosevelt . Our Individual Beliefs or Un-belief As To Whether We Can Accomplish A Thing Or Not. And Limited Only By." -Chuck Danes "Men and women are not prisoners of fate. but only prisoners of their own minds.Franklin D.Mind Power Exploring And Discovering The Infinite And Creative Power Of The Human Mind Mind Power "The Potential Of The Human Mind Is Subject To. .

that support and make possible your ability to do so. it is possible to achieve and experience a life of joy. passion. time tested strategies to begin consciously and purposefully enhancing mind function and development. you'll find that you can literally "attract" and "allow" "True Wealth" in EVERY area of your life to flow to you. and following proven. By becoming aware of and consciously harmonizing your thoughts. By coming to a basic understanding of this power. whatever they might be. harmony and fulfillment without all the struggle and sacrifice that our human perceptions hold on to as truth. purpose. Contrary to what the majority have developed perceptions and beliefs concerning relating to an individuals ability to exercise their inalienable right of free will to consciously and purposefully bring about "desired" results in their lives. through the never wavering process of . you can begin to develop the awareness of an infinite supply of wisdom. The recognition of this ability of your mind to consciously create each event. thereby limiting your full potential to exercise the limitless power freely provided to you to consciously create desired results in each and every area of your life. knowledge and power which is available to all and begin to effortlessly create a life of "limitless" Abundance and Happiness that has ALWAYS been available to you yet due to a lack of awareness has eluded so many to this point. Human Mind Power is not what many would refer to as "logical" or "practical" from the majority's perspective due to traditionally established and self limiting teachings which so many have been exposed to. whether on the mental (spiritual) or physical plain. Human mind power is made possible and fueled by consciousness much like the brain is utilized and fueled by the mind. coupled with establishing a conscious awareness of the immutable and unwavering Universal Laws and Spiritual Principles that support it's ability to do so. which I personally refer to as the "Perfect Plan". and actions with these profoundly powerful yet simple principles. emotions. accepted as "truth" and as a result have been limited by throughout their lives. words. and have been programmed to believe. condition and circumstance in every area of life becomes blatantly obvious once you develop an awareness and basic understanding of the Universal Laws and principles. It is through a willingness to look beyond or deeper than what "appears" as real in the physical world and developing a deeper understanding of where all things physical are derived from that you will become enabled and empowered to begin consciously utilizing the mind power you possess to begin molding and shaping your life experience with focused intent and awaken to the "True Power" that is and always has been available to you.Human mind power is unlimited in it's potential to create the results you desire.

Many attribute such occurrences. relationally. understand and begin to "consciously" utilize your individual ability to attract. (energy) the mind power that you already possess becomes apparent in shaping the events. Through the years. This ability begins with establishing an awareness of the various aspects of mind and learning to consciously harmonize that awareness which will enable and empower you to clearly recognize. there have been countless scientific studies done. it will soon become evident that your individual ability to utilize your mind power. while the brain is the physical tool that the mind utilizes to process this consciousness. emotionally or spiritually. can and will enable you to begin attracting and experiencing desired "miracles" in every area of your life.attraction. In the medical community. First of all it is important to understand that the human brain and the mind are not the same things. enabling the manifestation or the physical appearance of the thing thought of (the ideal) in the physical world. financially. conditions and circumstances which make up each area of your life whether physically. often referred to as "Miracles" to something outside of themselves. and have come to believe that these things can happen only to an isolated and "Lucky" few. Both the mind and mind power are purely a non physical aspect of you capable only of consciousness (unseen or spiritual). (The Law of Attraction) which up to this point you may have been "trying" so hard to accomplish with extremely limited results. So how can you become more aware of and begin to consciously utilize the mind power that you possess? By becoming aware of and developing a basic understanding of Cosmology and Quantum Physics . and experiments performed. the ability of an individuals mind power to reverse and heal illness and disease that the conventional medical community had previously considered and labeled as irreversible. . it has become clearly evident through extensive studies and experiments that human mind power can and does literally reverse illness and disease utilizing what are "believed" and "perceived" as medications or medical procedures utilized to create a "belief" in the patient that these substances and/or procedures will heal them which are commonly known as placebos . create and experience harmonious and fulfilling results in EVERY aspect of your life. happening only as a result of fate or chance. which is the scientific study of the basic building blocks of ALL things in the cosmos. or thought. Through establishing an awareness and deeper understanding concerning the limitless mind power freely provided to each and every individual. on the subject of human mind power. In the spiritual community it is witnessed regularly. once discovered and "consciously" utilized.

desires and circumstances. What about the other 90%? Would our Creator (Source) have provided us with physical resources that he/she/it had no intention for us to use? Is it possible that by becoming consciously aware of the "True Power" of your mind. While many are to some extent. physical healing. is it possible that the brains ability to expand it's function at much greater capacity would enable you to dramatically increase outcomes. The answer to those question will assist you in developing a heightened awareness concerning how the brain operates as well as explain how you can consciously harmonize and utilize your mind power to dramatically increase it's limitless capabilities. By developing an awareness of the functions of the human mind. The only thing that separates the ultra successful from the poor is a matter of conscious awareness. psychic awareness. vaguely aware of these capabilities. age. each of us as humans have no more or less capability than another in discovering and learning to begin "consciously" utilizing this incredible force (mind power) in creating whatever it is we choose to create in every area of our lives regardless of formal educational background.It has been found that the average person utilizes only about 10% of their brains capability. unrealized dreams. the fact that human mind power is "Infinite" in nature limited only by a lack of awareness concerning it's "true" capability that you would become enabled and empowered to begin "consciously" creating desired outcomes in each and every area of your life? Once individual human mind power is fully understood and you are made aware of it's "infinite" nature. it is possible to consciously and purposefully utilize human mind power to dramatically enhance any area of your life. as well as specific steps that you can follow to effectively utilize this increased capability to bring into your life. in your relationships. that up until this point. and establishing a belief of your ability to do so. whether financially. country of origin. . providing far more "desired" results than what you currently perceive as "logical" or "practical" in the physical world? Those are valid questions and ones that we will cover here. you considered to be out of your reach. and a host of other outcomes which fall outside the scope of what is logical or perceived as "possible" from a limited physical perspective. as well as the capability to develop intuitive ability. race. and becoming more of what it is that we have a desire to become.. Regardless of what you may currently "perceive" and "believe" to be true with respect to yourself and your ability to utilize your individual mind power. choice and/or belief. gender etc. which would enable them to attract and experience what it is that they claim that they have a desire to experience in their lives. it seems that few take the initiative to develop the depth of awareness necessary to fully utilize and put this mind power to work in their everyday lives.

but extremely simple as everything that our Creator or Source has provided us with. they already ARE creating each and every event.weakling is the ability to conceive it in mind. condition and circumstance that they are currently experiencing in their lives. or the lack of focused and intentional action necessary to make it possible. This deeper understanding and awareness will allow you to create for yourself. The only thing that limits anyone from accomplishing anything that they can conceive in mind is a missing ingredient from the following equation. and becoming consciously aware of their unwavering. the only thing that separates a muscled up body builder from a 90 lb. combined with establishing the awareness of your ability to harmonize your individual mind power with their unfailing nature. exactly how these basic principles operate. or multiple self limiting beliefs that they can attain such a feat. and/or the willingness to take the action necessary to achieve it. there are proven and simple means of developing the human mind to consciously and consistently achieve and experience what most would refer to as miracles. complicated and limited only by our analytical thought processes and pre-established beliefs that such things must be difficult or in some cases impossible to achieve. the circumstances that allow you to prosper. There are very basic Universal principles (Spiritual Laws. a belief that he can. as well as a single." Becoming Aware of. Although man has successfully made this extremely simple concept appear to be extremely complex. immutable and predictable nature. (in both the mental and physical realms) and . but due to a lack of deeper understanding or "Awareness" most are doing so "unconsciously. Natural Laws. are the first steps toward realizing your own true potential and power to become a conscious and purposeful creator of the events. In fact unbeknownst to many. From a more physical perspective. The only difference in ones ability to heal the physical body from another's inability is a lack of conscious awareness and belief (faith) in ones ability to do so. Laws of Nature) as well as scientific studies that support and have proven that the average human does have the ability to consciously create through mind power. or the absence of "correct action" that would allow it to occur. and out of reach of the average person. conditions and circumstances which make up your life. an awareness of how to accomplish it. and developing the Understanding of. Awareness + Desire + Belief + Action = Unlimited Capability Not a complicated formula.The only difference in someone who has psychic ability and one who does not is a lack of awareness of the principles that allow it to develop.

That is what we will explore next. One of joy. we need a basic understanding of how the mind operates and the various aspects of mind and their functions. beginning with The Power Of The Subconscious Mind. fulfillment.begin to experience and enjoy the kind of life that you were created to live.. Click on the link at the bottom of the page and we will develop a basic understanding of this incredible tool called the human mind. inner peace. and happiness. But before you go. abundance. Are you interested in receiving ongoing "Life Changing Knowledge" and "Step by Step Guidance" that will empower you to produce positive and profound results in each and every area of your life? ... To begin to understand how to consciously put this mind power to work for you.

It Can Achieve.The Power Of The Subconscious Mind "Discover Your True Personal Power To Attract Your Desires Through The Power Of The Subconscious Mind" The Incredible Power Of The Subconscious Mind Whatever The Mind Can Conceive And Believe. -Napolean Hill The Power Of The Subconscious Mind will allow you to develop a deeper understanding of what is referred to in the scientific community as the feminine or right brain portion of the mind. which acts as the "translator" or "middle man" between the conscious mind and .

must then create another thought which sends a signal to the brain igniting an electrochemical process activating nerves and muscle groups to instruct the arm and hand to move and pick the object up. The little time and effort required to develop that awareness and understanding will be well worth the effort and allow you to begin achieving and enjoying a lifetime of lasting peace. To develop the correct understanding of this power of mind to create.the Super Conscious Mind also referred to as God. When the eye sees something that it wants. The Purpose And Function Of The Subconscious Mind First of all. Universal Consciousness or as referred to by modern day science. the thought vibrations (coming from the conscious mind) are formed. and developing your ability to consciously control it's function with focused intention is crucial to enabling you to begin exercising your ability. fulfillment and abundance. using our sense of sight. By first reviewing. let's take a look at how the subconscious mind functions. in EVERY area of your life. That is where the brain comes in to the picture. and developing a deeper understanding of these immutable and unwavering Laws of Nature. which will enable and empower you to begin consciously. (natural laws) which are The Law Of Vibration as well as The Law Of Attraction . It's important to first understand that the brain and the mind are not the same. the "Unified Field. (conscious functions or physical) Since the mind is spiritual in nature." Developing a crystal clear understanding of the operation as well as the power of the subconscious mind. say for example to pick up the object. Here is a simplified example. specifically through the infinite power and ability of the subconscious mind. . contentment. purposefully and intentionally creating the life of your dreams. it must have physical components to carry out the tasks it needs to accomplish in the physical world. The brain is the physical muscle that the mind utilizes and works through to carry out a portion of it's functions. it is important to first become aware of two universal principles. as many people believe. For the sake of this explanation we'll refer to the mind whether the conscious or subconscious mind as "spiritual" in nature and the brain as physical in nature. it will be much easier to comprehend and establish a better understanding and firm belief in what will be covered here. In order to take any further action. absorbing. or life. the conscious mind. it's intended purpose and discover how and why it can effect the outcomes of what we have come to know as our reality.

Are you beginning to understand the power of the subconscious mind? It is through this "spiritual" connection.During this process a whole series of mental (spiritual) and physical processes took place. through the conscious mind. The thought. ANYONE. through choice. knowledge and power is attained and how what many perceive to be miracles are experienced in the physical world. as well as the spiritual senses. smell.(physical) The unseen (thought) became physical which then became your reality. creating and sending out vibrational frequencies based on the information it has been given. enabled by the power of the subconscious mind to attune with the Universal Consciousness or Higher Power. It is working 24 hours per day 7 days a week. given only to a select few. The Super Conscious Mind or whatever you perceive Source to be. which ignited an electrochemical physical process in the brain. and constantly absorbing data. the subconscious mind never sleeps or never rests. (which has been stored in the subconscious mind by way of the sensory input and interpretation of the dominant conscious mind) and second. For example if you have ever seen or heard of what some call a miracle healing of some illness or disease. AND acts as an unlimited storage facility for all the information received through the conscious mind. such as your connection to God. (spiritual) was formed in the mind. that true wisdom. the continuous operation of physical organs etc. It is also important to note that while people think of these powers as a special gift. taste and touch. These vibrational frequencies (energy) are then matched with harmonious vibrations in the universe. focused intention. . can develop and effectively utilize these skills through the power of the subconscious mind. which carried out it's instructions. a belief or faith stored in the subconscious of the healed. and are then manifest into the physical and become what you see in your outside physical world and perceive as reality. of the initial thought (spiritual) became complete as can be evidenced by the object being held in the hand. breathing. These subconscious functions are things like your heart beat. and developing a heightened awareness. Unlike the conscious mind which is the left brained masculine or dominant portion of your mind that interprets physical data through the 5 human senses like what you can see. which allows the physical manifestation process to take place and enables the healing to occur. The result. that the healing could occur. it is attained through first of all. the subconscious minds operation is primarily to manage and control the subconscious bodily functions. Universal Consciousness. a transmission of emotional energy (or vibration) which attracts to it energy or vibrations of the same vibrational intensity or frequency from the universe. It is through these subconscious senses that abilities such as psychic powers and intuition are acquired. hear. Gaia. Unlike your brain and body.

As the data travels. Neuro pathways are opened as the data processes through the brain. both conscious and subconscious. or Universal Consciousness (the Source) before you will become enabled and empowered to put the power of the subconscious mind and these principles into consciously creative operation. create.(Law of Vibration) This is evident through the study of all spiritual writings as well as measurable and proven by modern day science. Your conscious mind (dominant) is the means by which. It is designed as the storage facility to store whatever data is given to it which can be accessed for later use and accepts as fact whatever the conscious mind sends to it. Higher Power. The conscious mind then attaches emotion to the thought based on it's "perceived" interpretation of the data. which we have come to know as God. the subconscious mind has no logical or rational reasoning capability whatsoever.This is why it is so important. resulting in your day to day life experiences. or bring into the physical world. The subconscious mind makes no determination or judgment concerning the validity of the data or information it receives.(consciousness) All energy (or consciousness) is purely vibration and each of us constitute a vibrating mass of atoms that comes from the Creator of that energy. Higher Power or Universal Consciousness. To briefly recap on this knowledge. the subconscious receives it's information. additional cells throughout the brain are imprinted with the data being processed. Supreme Energy. It is then analyzed by the conscious mind which ignites an electro chemical process within the brain. and goes to work to attract. In other words unlike the conscious mind which can analyze and make a determination or judgment concerning if the data it analyzes has any meaning or truth to it. it can best be explained like this. A thought is formed. or pure energy. stores it. It has also been scientifically proven that vibrating energies that are of the same vibrational intensity (or frequencies) are attracted to and join with other vibrations of the same intensity and combine to form matter which collectively joins to create the events and circumstances that we come to know as our physical reality. all things. broken down into their most basic and purest form consist of a mass of atoms and/or subatomic particles. seen or unseen. (The Law Of Attraction) All thought is generated from the mind. It is also important in some cases to gain at least a basic understanding of the Natural Laws that govern this process which will serve to establish and solidify your belief with regard to YOUR ability to connect at will to God. which increases the frequency (vibration) of the thought and a belief is established and stored in the subconscious mind as truth. . or perceived truth can then be accessed and utilized in the future by the conscious mind to support or discredit future data received by the conscious mind. that exist within our universe. what you come to know as your truth or reality. (or reality) This data. crucial in fact to have an awareness and understanding of the power of the subconscious mind. To better understand the process.

This can only be accomplished by gathering new information or data from other sources. To Consciously Attract What You Want Into Your Life?" Great Question. You Need New Data! So how do you obtain this new data? The first action necessary is to learn to become consciously aware of the continuous babble which runs like a tape loop within your conscious mind.It is now the job of the subconscious mind to locate and provide that data which it has stored.. Here's The Answer. and Consciously Put The Power Of The Subconscious Mind To Work.If you are not living the life that you desire. including thought exists as a vibration or pure energy. an emotion is created based on the memory of that data which creates a vibrational frequency (energy) based on the data or belief that it previously received. is extremely simple. The next step is to become consciously aware of what you are allowing to penetrate into your subconscious mind from the physical world. unbelievably powerful and if consistently applied will begin to produce results in your life that you may have previously "perceived" to be unattainable! . The process although taking a little discipline initially. The final step is to change the thoughts that aren't in alignment with what you desire to experience. and adjusting if necessary.. This can only be achieved by absorbing new data and establishing new beliefs based on the new data that is obtained. harmony. you have the choice and ability to become consciously aware of and control what thoughts or data you allow to be recorded. abundance. You also have the choice and ability to change or overwrite the existing data stored in the subconscious mind that you currently perceive as your truth or reality when you discover that this data is contrary to or counterproductive to producing desired results that you have a desire to experience. and the result is the creation or manifestation of what you come to see and experience in your physical world. and joy in every aspect of your life. and those thoughts are first passed through and analyzed by the conscious mind before a belief can be established and stored. outside of where you received the original data expanding your awareness to new potential and/or possibilities outside of your currently "perceived comfort zone. "So How Can You Control This Process.. Since everything in our universe. which is broadcast outward and matched with like or harmonious vibrations (energy) of the same frequency in the spiritual realm." So how can you know if the data that you currently perceive as reality is limiting? Look around you and think about what you are attracting into your life right now... and are not experiencing peace. The next step is become aware of those thought patterns.

family etc. If your thoughts and beliefs are in alignment with your desired outcome. and NOT the lack of whatever it is that you desire. you can then take conscious control over what is given to and stored in your subconscious mind as reality. Reading the negativity of the daily news. They unconsciously set there intentions through focusing on what they DON"T want believing that it will produce what they DO want. the power of the subconscious mind perceives that information as accurate and stores it. have a dramatic effect on what is being stored in your subconscious mind. Many of the things you do on a day to day basis. Visualize it as reality. does not comprehend what you perceive as good or bad. an emotion is experienced as a result and gives to you exactly what it is that you told it you wanted. you will want to begin to take action that will change them. your subconscious mind is limited to absorbing only the consciously filtered data given to it by the conscious mind. if your goal is to become financially independent. This is where many people become disheartened and confused when things don't change for them. all play a major role in what you are "allowing" and as a result experiencing in your day to day life. absorbing negative input from friends. even unconsciously. As you begin to work on changing these habits and thought patterns.With practice. see yourself spending it. right or wrong. It is created to store exactly what you give to it and that is exactly what it does. For example. and allowing the power of the subconscious mind to begin to overwrite and store the data that is in alignment with your desires. and by becoming aware of what your predominant thoughts consist of. consistently watching violent TV shows. If you are aware of negative thoughts and influences that may be affecting your outcomes. the subconscious mind. imagine how you feel as you spend it and the power of the subconscious mind will emanate and broadcast the vibratory output that will allow it . If you allow thoughts of lack and limitation into it. and create in your physical reality those things that you desire. and what you are allowing into your mind. just like the universe. etc. YOU will begin to attract ONLY what you desire! It is imperative that you focus only on that which you desire. By doing this. The power of the subconscious mind is at work continually. When this same type of situation occurs in the future the subconscious recalls the data that had been previously recorded. the vibrations emitted and broadcast as a result of the emotions experienced are sent out into the universe and can only attract like or harmonious vibrations or frequencies of the same positive vibration. The Power Of The Subconscious Mind Can Work Either Way As mentioned earlier. Consciously focus on the abundance of money that you will receive. it is imperative that you focus only on the goal of financial independence. NOT the fact that it is going to change your lack of financial independence.

acknowledge those emotions for what they are (perception) and do not try to hide. Another point that is extremely important in allowing the power of the subconscious mind to work toward attracting your desires is this. learn to accept and not resist whatever thoughts or emotions you may be thinking or experiencing. No matter what situation you are currently experiencing. peace. and manifest in YOUR physical world! For a deeper understanding of how to properly visualize go to The Power Of Creative Visualization . and begin to implement these simple principles. (See The Power Of Gratitude ) It is vital to your future success that you absorb. abundance. shift your focus from them to something that you find pleasing and they will melt away. Your current thoughts and actions will continue to attract and produce the same outcomes as they have unless you make a conscious effort to change them. It is extremely important to begin to develop a deeper understanding and utilize a few simple skills and disciplines that will allow you to consciously and consistently tap into the unlimited supply of the Source of your understanding and consistently attract to yourself that which you desire to experience.. No matter what emotional state you are in currently. which is often referred to as the "Super Learning" state of consciousness. and under control of what you are creating with your thoughts and aware of the power of the subconscious mind and it's ability to attract to you what you desire to experience. will cause them to grow. You only need to learn to believe and learn to remain open and receptive to the ways and means as they arrive. if you are feeling fearful or anxious. accept them for what they are.. Take Positive Action To Allow The Power Of The Subconscious Mind To Attract Only That Which You Desire In order to be able to develop and utilize the power of the subconscious mind to consciously create the results you desire. For example. Meditation initiates a quieting of the physical brain of sorts and enables you to enter into what is known as the Alpha state. What action you take is your choice. This is known as resistance and by doing so. fulfillment. it is imperative that you take action . it is exactly where you are suppose to be. . When you are able to become fully conscious. you will come to understand and begin to experience the true meaning of power. Acknowledge them in your conscious mind. understand. Anything that you can conceive in mind is readily available and easily attracted to you. suppress them or fight them. The first of these skills which I believe is absolutely crucial in overwriting deeply embedded subconscious processes is consistently engaging in the art of meditation .

Many people believe that meditation is used only for stress relief and relaxation. but the true workings within our universe. rapid. Eric Pepin . and a deep and profound personal knowingness of God. Supreme Energy. If the spiritual avenue of development isn't appealing to you at this point in your "process" another extremely effective method that can be effectively utilized along with meditation and easily enable you to release conflicting and negative emotions which may be deterring you from realizing your desired results. extremely effective. guided. well being. who assists you in developing a deeper understanding of not only meditation. and allows the power of the subconscious mind . conditions and circumstances that you desire to experience. positive. the benefits of meditation are far greater than that. quickly and with profound results. Universal Mind. Universal Intelligence. Although this is partially true. with the technologies available today. which is a form of "Release Technique" taught by Hale Dwoskin of the Sedona Training Institute. and have utilized various meditation methods over the years and have found The Foundation Guided Meditation System distributed by The Higher Balance Institute to be the Best of the Best as far as a whole brain approach to mastering focus and meditative skills.(or unbelief) and ability (or lack of ability) to achieve this state and connect at this lower vibrational rate. This technique provides you a simple. which clears the obstructions in your mind layer by layer. is what is known as the The Sedona Method . the human physiology and the limitless power of the subconscious mind as well. By consistently quieting or lowering your vibrational tone in the conscious mind . Although it's widely believed that meditation takes years to master. which enables and allows you to experience what I refer to as a Divine connectedness experiencing extreme peace. and purposeful thought to resonate vibrations of peace and calm to the subconscious. who is also an incredible spiritual teacher. step by step process designed to quickly and easily release unwanted thoughts and emotions. like vibrations or energy of a harmonious frequency that quickly bring you the things you desire. I am aware of. and excellent way to begin to train your mind to attain this lower vibrational state. (or Higher Power) Through this easing and quieting of the consistent noise and chatter in the conscious mind. MultiDimensional Meditation is a widely accepted. Included with the guided meditations is a phenomenal education on CD led by the founder. God. it becomes much easier and natural to allow focused.A deeper state which can be achieved through meditation enables you to enter into the theta state of consciousness enabling you to connect at a deep level with Universal Consciousness. etc. The only factor that controls the speed of delivery is your belief. which in turn enables the power of the subconscious mind to attract to it. Source. you become enabled to intentionally and consciously create the vibratory thought patterns stored within the subconscious mind enabling you to come into harmony and vibrational resonance with the events. profound states of awareness can be achieved in a matter of days.

If you are brand new to the knowledge presented here and realize a need to change your thought process Inspirational and Motivational Quotes can provide a very subtle means and are a good start to begin shifting destructive thought patterns and begin to overwrite the subconscious programming that needs to be replaced. If the results that you have experienced thus far in your life haven't produced the outcomes that you desire. In addition to a number of life changing books. Discovering . continuous coaching and support it also includes some VERY effective guided meditation exercises which when combined and utilized with the other material provides an extremely effective whole brain learning experience. which will allow you to begin attracting the circumstances and events into your life. or not attract through clearly focused intention. This incredible. inspiring. :) I recommend an incredibly enlightening and in depth program called Wealth Beyond Reason . This incredibly insightful education combines the verifiable facts of science with the spiritual nature of creation. that you most desire. The choices you make today will and do without question determine your results and experiences in the future. you will begin to understand and experience first hand how the power of the subconscious mind has a direct influence on each and every outcome experienced in your day to day life. This process is very easy to initiate. Whatever you choose to do. MP3s. and highly informative program will provide you with a much deeper understanding of how the universe operates by combining an in depth explanation of both spiritual and scientific principles. By initiating the wisdom contained within them. like I and so many before you have. that allow you to explore the intricate details of Universal Law and also allows you to develop a crystal clear understanding of why and how they work. Learn to consistently develop and consciously implement the power of the subconscious mind into your day to day life and you will experience results beyond your wildest expectations. is obviously your choice. enlighten. highly effective and extremely powerful! If you are the analytical type (like me) that requires a deeper understanding of how the airplane flies before you'll get on it. All of the above programs are an excellent way to develop your awareness concerning the unlimited power of the subconscious mind and will quickly and dramatically uplift. as well as in depth information concerning how to harmonize the power of Universal Laws with the power of the subconscious mind to begin the process that can and will change your entire world. and empower you as you continue your life journey of discovery and self awareness IF you choose to allow them to. it is obvious that new choices need to be made.

It is our hope that the choices you make both today as well as the future will lead you one step closer to the Abundance and Happiness that you desire.and learning to reprogram and begin consciously utilizing the power of the subconscious mind is the foundation of that necessary change. deserve. and were created to experience. Choose wisely. .

will allow you to attract to yourself the circumstances and conditions that you most desire to have in your life. The aspect of mind that we will be focusing on here will be the analytical or objective portion of the mind or the Conscious Mind. The minds power to create events. There is no greater creative force known to man. than that of human mind power. astound even the most advanced scholars in the scientific community. There are actually two distinct and varying aspects of the mind which control various functions of our physical and Spiritual being.The Conscious Mind Discover How To Dramatically Improve The Quality Of Your Life Through The Power Of The Conscious Mind Discover The Secret Of Mind Power The Conscious Mind Has The Capability To Train The Subconscious Mind For Unlimited Life Changing Results The human mind is a wondrous and powerful tool that. whether on the physical or spiritual plain. . with the correct understanding and "conscious" awareness of it's purpose and functions. which are known as the conscious mind and the subconscious mind. conditions and circumstances when these two aspects of mind are used consciously and purposefully.

into a data storage warehouse of unlimited capacity known as the subconscious mind. It is also the purpose of the conscious mind after analyzing that data. many people today go through their day to day activities and thinking process not fully conscious of their consciousness. interprets the data received from the 5 basic human senses or physical sensory tools of the body such as sight. and is the means by which we are capable of physical activity such as the physical movement of the body. Unlike the subconscious mind . left or right. Although the conscious mind is the portion of mind that we have complete control over. the conscious mind has the ability to analyze and form a perception of the data being received and establish a belief based on that perception. and taste. I know. Examples are forming beliefs or perceptions regarding good or bad. The conscious mind. It is the portion of the mind that also has the ability to analyze any given circumstance to determine it's perception of that circumstance and communicate with the brain to determine the action necessary to take based on it's perception. far beyond what you may currently be "consciously" aware of or believe to be possible. etc. The Conscious Mind is the portion of the mind that. That statement sounds contradictory and probably has many of you scratching your heads wondering "What in the world is he talking about?" .To best understand and utilize what will be covered concerning the conscious mind. I know. to allow or disallow and transport the data that it receives and interprets. combined with the subconscious mind (spiritual) creates a force ( mind power ) that is unlimited in it's potential to bring into your life. The conscious mind also has the ability to analyze thought and external data received and form beliefs based on that data. any event or circumstance. etc. with the assistance of the physical brain muscle. hearing. because of it's reasoning ability has the capability to train and control the subconscious mind to react in a precise. sound. right or wrong. and the portion we rely on and use most in our physical state. It. The conscious mind is your tool for focused and effective mind development and if utilized properly. and is limited only by your belief as to what can be achieved or attained. by determining what data or information it sends to and allows the subconscious mind to receive and store. up or down. smell. and predetermined way. it is best if you have reviewed and become familiar with The Law Of Vibration as well as The Law Of Attraction in order to gain the most benefit and fully comprehend what we will be covering in this section. (consciously) can play a huge part in dramatically enhancing your life.

"Ask and you shall receive. With this being true. such as financial abundance. For everyone that asketh recieveth. lack thinking and self talk with those thoughts that are congruent or in harmony with the outcomes that you most desire to see manifest! This ability to consciously change your thoughts becomes much easier once you recognize the Source from where all abundance comes and develop the awareness that you receiving all that the Source has provided is available to you. seek and you shall find. conditions. This worry. you will come to know and clearly see how important it is to become aware and conscious of your thoughts. for example." By developing a complete understanding of how the mind works and knowing how our universal laws operate. knock and the door will be opened unto you. The majority of those thoughts are just mindless babble or what is also known as internal self talk which has been absorbed at a subconscious level throughout life and becomes as automatic as the pumping of your blood. and circumstances based on that belief. the conscious mind is continually focusing on the lack of that money. It's important to remember that the subconscious has no capacity to discern if something is true or false. incredible health. attaching an emotion to it (in this case fear) and storing it in the subconscious mind as reality. as is noted in the Power Of Thoughts section. it shall be opened. As an example. . if only you will ask.Let me explain further. the events. that they really do become unconscious of their consciousness. The vast majority of people in our world couldn't tell you what 95% or more of what those thoughts were if you asked them! Why is that? It is because they are not conscious of their consciousness. and to him that knocketh. People are so caught up in stress. believe that ye receive them and ye shall have them. and begins to attract to you. and he that seeketh findeth. fulfilling relationships or whatever you may have a desire to experience. and only stores and acts upon the information given to it by the conscious mind. In this case a lack of money. and replace the fear based. the average human thinks approximately 60. etc.000 thoughts per day. busy lifestyles. all that is necessary to begin to attract the things you desire. (perception) is stored as a belief in the subconscious which emits a vibratory output conducive to lack." Use your conscious mind to become consciously aware of what you are asking for! "Whatsoever things ye ask for when ye pray. is for you to make a conscious choice to change. and in fact been promised and is your birthright to receive and enjoy. If you are constantly worried about money.

This is why it is so very important to recognize and discern your existing false and self limiting perceptions and beliefs from real truth. A thing doesn't have to be true for you to believe it as true. It is merely the belief that something is true which the subconscious goes to work on creating in your life.When you are able to become purposefully conscious (aware) of your thoughts. what are perceived as miracles. If you have thoughts of stress. attracts to itself vibrations of like frequencies. The conscious mind actually has the capability and capacity to be able to analyze itself. Remember. based on your belief. specific. anxiety. occur. (life) but is also the means by which. Since we understand that the conscious mind is the portion of mind that controls and feeds data to the subconscious. It has the capability to become conscious of itself.. (spiritual) and consciously adjust those thoughts. you have the ability to consciously control what vibrations are being transmitted by the subconscious. which sends that data into the Universe in the form of vibrations. (spiritual) to create the new. the information that is transmitted (vibration) attracts like vibrations that. by consciously controlling what you allow the conscious mind give to it. attaches an emotion to it. you will then enable yourself to structure those thoughts to bring about the desired result. MORE of what you are . creates your reality. What's the result? Focused. specific. The results that you want for your life! The power of the subconscious mind is not only unlimited in it's capacity to store the information (thoughts) received by the conscious mind. etc. which is determined based on the information (belief) provided from the conscious mind. or in other words. but also transmits that information at a specific vibratory frequency. or whatever name you choose. the conscious mind interprets the data. is able to consciously analyze the thoughts that it's thinking or producing. and guess what manifests in the physical realm? (your life) You Bet. Higher Power. so it sends vibrations of discord (lower energies) into the universe. which produces focused. which you see materialize in the form of physical results in your life (physical world) every day! It is this portion of your mind that is responsible for attracting not only what you see as normal in your physical world. (in this case discord) and stores it in the subconscious mind. The subconscious can only emit vibrational frequencies based on the information that it recieves from the conscious mind. Discord. This information (belief) creates the connection or communication in the spiritual realm with God. Those vibrations of discord attract like vibrations of discord. The conscious mind determines what is true and untrue based on it's previously established beliefs. and overwrite the old data stored in the subconscious mind. Universal Consciousness. intentional and exact results. (spiritual) Let that soak in for a few minutes and you'll begin to understand just how powerful that is. intentional and exact thoughts.

and are made possible by the vibratory power of the subconscious mind. All of Jane's teachers taught Jane. An Example Of The Conscious Mind At Work As an example. population. Jane decided. To make this decision. and things that are percieved as miracles begin to occur! Many people in our world today perceive only certain things to be miracles. let's say that Jane Fosworth's (fictional character) life was considered to be in the average range of the U. These day to day miracles appear to be.. she could get an even better job. or normal. and related seemingly unexplainable occurances. She was taught that if she decided to further her education and go to college.stressed and anxious about is brought into your physical reality. .S. begin to store only those thoughts that align with what it is you desire to see manifest in your life. creating even MORE stress and anxiety!! So What's The Solution? Learn to become in control of the conscious mind. such as instant healing. every second of everyday. and the outcome only appears to be limited because of the self-limiting beliefs that you have been taught and absorbed since childhood and accept as truth. What I mean by that is the thoughts that you think about on a day to day basis are continually creating your reality. because the majority of people in our world are taught basically the same things about what normal is. and acted on her belief. based on the information she received and beliefs she had established from all the teachers in her school. These results are only perceived by the average person as normal. perceived it as truth. Jane went through the traditional education process from kindergarten through high school. and fail to come to know and understand the true way that things occur in the spiritual realm. she called on her analytical conscious mind which consulted the data storage portion of the subconscious to determine what was stored there. (belief) After graduating from high school. The fact is that miracles are actually happening in your life. to enhance her education so that she might be able to acquire a better job. and stored it in her subconscious as truth. She analyzed the information given to her with the conscious mind. as normal or average events. what they had been instructed to teach her and what they had come to know as true from the teaching they had previously received. analyzed the information. Jane was taught that it is necessary to get an education so that upon leaving school. that it would be wise to go to college for a few years. found the previous file that had been placed there by previous teachers. her parents etc. or are perceived. she was able to get a decent job. trusted the sources it came from.

she leaves to go home and spend the evening with her family. trusts the source. allowing the conscious mind to determine it's truth or untruth. Jane finds a good. Jane hears that there is a Higher Power and chooses to investigate further. The tests show that the cancer is all gone! "It's a miracle!" We could continue Jane's story through the retirement process but enough has been covered here to make the point that you need to understand. Jane finds a job that pays her $42.00 per year. One month later Jane returns to the doctor and according to the medical team. and stores it in her subconscious as truth. Jane studies and absorbs this knowledge and forms a belief that it is true. and if she will develop it. She has fulfilled everything that she has been taught to this point. and uplifting place to worship. that she had previosly stored as truth regarding healing. She gets up early every morning to be to work by 8:00 am and at 5:00 . and come to believe. Jane remembers that God has given her the ability to heal even when everyone else says it's not possible.After graduating college.6:00 pm each day. and begins her 45-55 hr.000. After a short while. absorbed.) One day Jane isn't feeling well so she goes to the doctor for an examination. By tapping into the data portion of the subconscious. This is obviously hard for Jane to fathom. called faith or belief. just a little. but she accepts the news and goes home. that it will become powerful enough to heal even the deadliest of disease. so Jane analyzes this new information. and xrays the doctor comes into the exam room with a pained look on his face. This place of worship teaches Jane about a Higher Power that is pure Love and that this Higher Power has provided her with all that she could ever want or need to live a good and happy life. She listens to the leader of this place of worship and studies the spiritual writings that she acquires and learns that this Higher Power has provided her with something. per week job. establishes a belief. . Jane spends the next 20 or so years following this same process and feels pretty good about her accomplishments. tests. she finds the file there. Jane's belief is strong and she begins to implement her faith (belief) to initiate the healing process that she has learned. positive. (There is no previous record of this data in her subconscious. to live. After many examinations. "It is unbelievable". So Jane begins her career and does what she has been taught all through school and college. He informs Jane that she has a form of terminal cancer and only has about 6 mos. she overcomes the initial shock of this horrendous news and begins to think about what the doctor has told her as well as what she has learned through the spiritual teachings and writings. she determined that this was pretty good money. Based on what Jane had been previously taught and compared to what her family made in their jobs. Somewhere along the line during her career.

when she came out of isolation and into the world and made $10. attached an emotion to it.000.000. Jane's belief combined with her action allowed that to occur. Jane's belief allowed that to occur.00 her first year. Although it appears to be only an average and normal outcome. average. It came to pass. She went out and got a job that paid decent money because that is what she was taught and believed to be true. pre-programmed. and accomplished what she had come to believe to be the truth through that teaching. Had it been possible to keep Jane isolated from the world and her circle of influence were only people that taught her that it was normal to make $10. occured. it was analyzed with the conscious mind. Self limiting. it is a miracle. the world might be more inclined to consider that a Miracle! A miracle is only perceived by people as a miracle because something BIG and outside of what is perceived by the majority as normal. That is also a miracle. which attracted and returned to her the circumstances and events of her life. and many times FALSE beliefs keep big things from happening in your life everyday! . Her conscious mind examined the data being received. the fact that Jane believed them and they came to pass is every bit a miracle as the cancer disapearing! Why? Because. She was taught what was perceived by the world as average or normal. the subconscious mind. or what are referred to as average people. Her thought process. She believed it to be true.000. She got up early every morning so she could arrive at work by 8:00 am because that is what she was taught she was suppose to do and believed to be true. Her belief is what caused it to occur. Although no one perceived these seemingly normal events to be anything other than normal.Jane was taught by her parents and teachers that it was necessary to get an education in order to get a decent job and she believed that to be truth. She stored those beliefs in the filing system of her subconscious mind. Something BIG happens because someone is able to develop a BIG belief regarding that situation that is above the norm of the everyday thinking and beliefs of the mass majority. and became what she experienced in her physical world.00 per year. in reality. in exact accordance with what she believed to be true! These beliefs of Janes were first established in her conscious mind. found the file that previously established it as truth. The information she received was from people that she trusted and depended on. When the conscious mind needed to determine a belief. which was established by those that she loved or trusted when she was young established her beliefs. She acted on that truth. perceived it as truth and stored it in the warehouse of unlimited capacity.000. That is a miracle. what came to pass is exactly what Jane was taught and came to believe to be truth. and her belief aligned with that teaching.

00 today would you consider that to be a miracle? You making a 100. The Source has an unlimited supply of resources and can provide whatever you can conceive and much more. It isn't something that happens to the vast majority of people because the vast majority doesn't have the belief or faith that it can! That is the only reason! The outcome of each of Jane's life events were manifest.000.000. Your belief system says that is all you can make so that is what you make! The creative process is precise. In Jane's case the Big belief was that her terminal illness could be cured so her belief or faith attracted the means which allowed it to happen. Your subconscious mind doesn't differentiate between big or small either. both big and small. or normal. Since the thoughts allowed to manifest through your conscious mind are continually creating the outcomes that are determining your life. there is something in your belief system that is holding you to that expectation. and replaced it with that big belief.00 a day. you would make that money every day! Since you are used to only making $100. in this case the amount of money that you make. or eliminated an existing self limiting belief of what is suppose to be.00 per day that you currently make. identical and doesn't waver in either case and is only limited by your beliefs.00 a day. and began making the $20. The process is endless and never rests. exact. but can only produces what you believe. combined with her actions and were made physical through her beliefs! The Universe doesn't differentiate between what is a big or small event. If you were to develop the kind of faith that you were able to make $20.00 a day. doesn't it stand to reason that you should learn to consciously create those results that you desire? In your day to day life the same thing is occuring. If you were to overcome your self limiting belief of being limited to the $100. and is only limited by what the conscious mind establishes as belief and allows to be stored within it! Are you beginning to understand the power of the conscious mind and the importance of becoming conscious of what you allow it to store in the subconscious? Every second of every day the Universe is creating. .000. The only difference is one of degree. because of her awareness. which allows the thing to occur.00 a day is every bit a miracle creation as being able to make $20. thereby eliminating the self limiting belief that you couldn't. If You Believe it to be so.A miracle (big event) only happens because someone has somehow established a new BIG belief.

and use your conscious mind to rewrite the previous self-limiting programs that you have stored as truth and allowed to limit you to this point. Change your beliefs and you will change your world! Your conscious mind is the tool provided to you.. make that change.. by carefully analyzing and limiting what you allow your conscious mind to accept and believe. You can change those average beliefs into BIG Beliefs by learning how to correctly use your conscious mind and begin to create BIG Events in your life every single day. and allowing to enter into your mind. that is creating average results in your life. There is No Such Thing as average people. you believe that they are going to! Learn to utilize your conscious mind for the purpose that it was created for. That is no miracle. and absolutely no awareness of the power of the mind to attract. It is extremely important that you are very careful and selective as to what you allow the conscious mind to absorb and establish as belief in the future. if you are to reach the unlimited potential that you have been provided with and are quite capable of achieving. that is a gift that your Higher Power has provided you with.ANY manifestation that you experience in your life is a miracle and is only limited by your beliefs. . Another point that needs to be addressed is. The Source never has or ever will create anything that is average. It is equally important to consciously focus your attention. Even the percieved "bad things" that may be happening are miracles and only happening because either consciously or subconsciously. Many of these programs were innocently placed in your mind by honest and well meaning people that have no idea of how universal laws operate. He has provided you with the free will to use or not use what he has given you. or choice to do so. to consciously and with focused intent. are creating a vibration that is sent out into the universe and are attracting like vibrations to it that are literally creating the circumstances in your physical reality or life. Become conscious of what you are accepting from the outside world and allowing yourself to establish as belief.. Your average results exist because you have average or self limiting beliefs. Become conscious of changing the existing self limiting subconscious programming that you have allowed to this point. and it is only your free will. and you will attract BIG EVENTS into your life everyday! The beliefs that are sent by the conscious mind to the subconscious....

" or "Be pratical! Noone in your family has ever been able to accomplish that and you can't do that either". you will begin to see and experience a life beyond your wildest imagination! Your choices are yours to make. It's your choice. and far more than you could ever possibly use. By doing so.Many such statements include. unwavering power of Universal Laws and begin to believe that those things that you desire are available to you. Our Creator has given you the ability to choose which path you take. You only need to utilize the conscious mind to align with the incredible. Powerful Tools For Developing Your Conscious Mind The following tools are extremely effective in developing your abilities to control your conscious mind to begin to create the life of your dreams. etc. "Be a star? You're such a dreamer. The choices that you make determine your outcomes every bit as much as your thoughts. as well as the spiritual and scientific principles substantiating the creative power of the human mind. I know you will find them helpful as well. and only allow information that is in alignment with what it is that you are trying to attract to you. and have assisted thousands in their search for abundance and happiness. Answers to long asked questions and a sense of . You need to get a real job like normal people. Take control of your conscious mind and become conscious of your thoughts. The results from this practice can hardly be expressed in words except to say that you will experience a profound peace and knowing that you have never experienced prior to it's implementation. You will see your life transform in a miraculous way! The Source of all things has already provided you with everything you could ever possibly imagine. Become conscious of what you are allowing the conscious mind to absorb. Choose wisely. Wealth Beyond Reason is an in depth and ongoing education that provides specific and detailed instruction for developing the knowledge of and belief in the unwavering and precise laws that rule our entire universe as well as assisting you in developing a step by step process for repatterning your self limiting subconscious programming utilizing the conscious mind. This program is phenominal and EXTREMELY effective! The Higher Balance Institute provides an incredible product that will guide you through a process called MultiDimensional Meditation. You are at cause.

is your first big step in creating the life of your dreams. and extremely effective program that puts you in touch with unrealized thoughts and emotions that may be keeping you from accomplishing your life dreams by way of a method called the Release Technique. Inner Peace. By becoming conscious of the life you are creating through your thoughts and the power of the conscious mind. the Sedona Method assists you in becoming totally aware of the thought process of the conscious mind. The Foundation Guided Meditation System will assist you in achieving clear and concise conscious thought and enable you to experience a sense of peace that human words cannot begin to describe. it is our sincere and heartfelt hope that they might lead you one step closer to living and experiencing a life of Joy. Whatever choices you make both today and in the future. . simple. clear. Through a simple. or not. the Higher Balance Institute offers a lifetime guarantee with incredible and unlimited customer support. Each of these programs are highly effective and can be used seperately or combined together for profound. These powerful and proven tools will assist you in doing just that. the power of the conscious mind and discover the unlimited creative power that YOU possess. It is your choice to explore. As with anything in your life. you have the power of choice. life changing results. In addition to the many personal benefits. and concise process. Regardless of where you currently find yourself in relation to your direction became very apparent to me after only a few weeks of use. and Unlimited Prosperity in each and every area of your life. Fulfillment. What we choose to refer to as Abundance and Happiness. plus teaches you a very simple yet profound method that allows you to release negative and unproductive patterns from your subconscious as well. The Sedona Method is an incredible.

beliefs. belief. What exactly is the collective consciousness? The collective consciousness of the planet. also often referred to as Gaia Mind is the collective energy which is created and broadcast as a result of the combined or collective individual thought processes of the worlds population. it is the collective thought. emotion and action patterns of the 6 plus billion individuals around the world . just as your individual thoughts." Through awareness you can rise above and elevate it. emotions and actions mirror perfectly what you experience in your life.The Collective Consciousness The Collective Consciousness Of The Planet Serves To Form A "Matrix" Which Is Essential To Recognize And Transcend To Experience Desired Outcomes In Your Life The Collective Consciousness serves as the Matrix or veil which attempts to mask the "Infinite Field Of Potential. Through the unwavering and unfailing Universal Law which the scientific community refers to as cause and effect .

created and planted by the 6 billion plus individuals (collective consciousness) will produce the same harvest. (pure energy) is made unique and individual based on each persons inalienable right of free will to think as each chooses to think. it is consciousness which acts as the seed for all of creation whether individually or collectively. poverty or abundance. depending on the quality of the thought determines the vibrational frequency or resonance of each individual thought which not only determines what is created as a result in your own life individually but joins together with the individual thought patterns of others which contributes and collectively determines the collective consciousness of the planet. in it's purest and most basic form. which is the same in kind and quality as the predominant thought seeds responsible which also serve as the seeds. etc. The kind and quality of each individual thought that each chooses to think. this pool of collective thought energy plays an extremely important role in and if allowed can affect the outcomes which make up every aspect of your life. your individually chosen thoughts play an important and significant role in determining the quality of the collective thought patterns of the world's population that we are referring to as the Collective Consciousness. To put it another way the individual thoughts that you think are THE determining factor in the kind and type of seed which is being planted which in turn determines the kind and quality of harvest that will grow from those seeds resulting in your individual life experiences. Put another way. Regardless of whether you are aware of it or not or whether you believe it or not. As was covered in the Super-Conscious mind . In addition. conditions and circumstances in the world on a much broader scale. all that exists in our world. love or hate and serves as the cause which is responsible for natural disasters etc. the result of consciousness. but on a much larger scale.which collectively join to create the various events. (See the Power Of Thought) On a larger scale the same type of thought seeds. Until you become aware of it's existence and develop a level of individual consciousness which enables you to recognize and transcend the Matrix from which this collective consciousness forms and dominates. The right to choose what each individual thinks and the manner in which they think is an inalienable right granted to all without limit. this mass consciousness can and will affect the day to day outcomes that you experience. . harmony or discord. whether the seen or the unseen is. It is this combined consciousness or collective consciousness of the planet which determines worldwide events such as peace or war. Through the unfailing and unwavering process of manifestation those seeds mature creating a harvest which shows up in physical form in the world. This consciousness although the same in basic form.

What so many perceive today as a chaotic world fail to understand is that in reality it is, as it ALWAYS has been, a perfect unfolding of creation being created with absolute perfection based on the kind and quality of the seeds being planted as a result of the collective consciousness. Although what are "perceived" as bad things happening are happening throughout the world, it is only due to the consciousness of the Gaia Mind which is creating this case the collective consciousness. To clarify... An individual thought of fear for example holds a much different vibrational frequency than thoughts based on love. If the idea of thought frequencies is a bit mystical or esoteric for you consider these two varying thought forms (love and fear) to be seeds. Fear seeds planted will produce a harvest based only on the kind and quality of the seed planted. By the same token seeds of love planted (thoughts projected) produce outcomes or effects based on the kind and quality of the seed or cause. It becomes blatantly obvious through the observation of nature that everything produces in kind. Now imagine a billion individual thought seeds based on fear being projected into the "Infinite Field Of Potential." What type of physical outcomes do you suppose are going to be reproduced in the physical world? What kind of harvest do you suppose is going to grow? A harvest that correlates perfectly with the kind and quality of the seeds planted. The result is that the harvest reaped based on fear can only produce an outcome or series of outcomes in direct correlation to the seed sown which in turn creates additional events, conditions and circumstances in the world which only serve to instill and create additional fear. Remaining unaware or "unconscious" of this process can, if you allow it to, continue producing the same results over and over again until the seed which is responsible is uprooted and a different type of seed is planted. So how do you keep the collective consciousness from affecting your ability to fulfill your fondest hopes, dreams and desires? On a larger scale how can you contribute to changing the undesirable events, conditions and circumstances in the world? By first becoming keenly aware that this collective consciousness exists and recognizing the fact that it has absolutely no power over you unless you choose to "allow" it to. You have the ability to begin carefully and consciously choosing your thoughts, to keep your vision and purpose fixed on the manifestation of those things that you most desire to experience whether on an individual basis or on a much larger scale, for the betterment of the entire planet. The free will of others cannot affect your free will whether individually or collectively unless and until you buy into and accept the conditions which this collective

consciousness has created. Through this buying into or acceptance of, you are in essence utilizing your individual right of free will to create additional thought forms (seeds or energy frequencies) which harmonize with these frequencies, intensifying the output projected which only serves to feed and contributes to the collective consciousness which creates and allows these conditions to happen. Here's an example from a more physical perspective….. Have you ever walked into a room where other people are and "felt" the tension and "allowed" the mood in the room to affect your mood? Or perhaps you have been affected by talking with someone individually who was extremely sad or depressed when you felt really good and afterwards have recognized that your good mood changed due to what the person you were talking to said or did. This is evidence of how the collective consciousness operates on a much smaller scale. In essence you have "allowed" the energy of that person or group of people to affect your energy. Energy that is created and broadcast as a result of sadness holds a much different vibrational frequency than does the energy frequency created by joy. For the sake of this article we'll assume that sadness or depression resonates at a much lower vibrational frequency than joy and projects a much more dense form of energy. Although you do have a choice and must "allow" the energy of the other person to affect your mood, many times those who don't have a conscious awareness of how and why this happens "believe" that they have no control over it. These are what are referred to as "unconscious creators." By becoming aware of how this process works and developing an understanding that you DO have a choice and that you CAN make a difference is the first step in becoming a conscious and purposeful creator which will not only serve you on an individual basis in the fulfillment of your desired outcomes, but will also serve in transforming and raising the vibrational frequency or the resonance of the collective consciousness as well.

The Process Of Creation Is Unfolding Perfectly 100% Of The Time
What creates events, conditions and circumstances which are "perceived" as chaotic and discordant circumstances in the world is that the mass majority of the world walks around in an "Unconscious Fog" allowing what "appears" as real in the physical world to affect their moment by moment thoughts and emotions, fully believing that whatever is happening is due to a series of random, external and uncontrollable circumstances which they have absolutely no control over. They fail to ever develop the awareness as to how these existing conditions are created, the source from which they were derived, whether individually or as a result of the collective consciousness, and as a result allow additional thoughts and emotions created by their "perceptions" of the physical "reality" which created the current conditions, to create additional thought and emotion patterns which determine and dictate what

additional seeds they are "unconsciously" planting which can only produce MORE results that harmonize with their predominant thought patterns. There are what "appear" as good and bad things in the world because the collective consciousness of the planet is divided in their thought processes. There are those who choose to focus on and and think about what we'll call "lower forms" of energy such as murder, war, robberies, etc. etc., and there are those who choose to focus on and think about what we'll call higher forms of energy or "higher truth" or what is "right" and "good" in and for the world. It's much like a tug of war with lower thought forms on one end of the rope competing against higher thought forms on the other end. As the collective consciousness of the planet raises it is much like additional "tuggers" being placed on the "higher truth" side of the rope and the conditions in the physical world will "improve" in direct proportion to the kind and quality of consciousness that is being projected. So how do you escape from allowing the collective consciousness of the world to affect you personally? There are some very simple and obvious things that can be done initially. The first is to become consciously aware of what you are exposing yourself to and "allowing" yourself to absorb which will determine what is creating your quality of consciousness. By becoming conscious of and analyzing your own individual thought processes and determining the kind and quality of those thought forms, will assist you in becoming conscious of what type of external input that you are exposing yourself to and "allowing yourself to be affected by. You have the choice to "allow" whichever you choose to. The evening news is a great example. Do you hear predominantly positive or negative things when watching the news? Is the broadcasting based on what is right or what is wrong with the world? The answer to that question is obvious. Whether or not you realize it, by immersing yourself in hearing about all of the "negative" happenings around the world and the fear based information that YOU are allowing yourself to take in and absorb, your individual consciousness is being affected at a subconscious level and as a result the physical aspects of your life are also being effected. At the same time by allowing this to happen you are contributing to the "lower" forms of the collective consciousness and pulling the rope so to speak in the opposite direction of where it is that you "desire" to be. You and the majority of the population are, in most cases without being consciously aware of it, being inundated with everything that is "Wrong" or "Negative" in the world not fully understanding that this information is affecting you at a subconscious level, which in turn is having a major impact on the events, conditions and circumstances which you experience in your day to day life individually. In essence you are being "Programmed" and manipulated to think, feel and act in ways that others choose for you and as a result allowing others to create your experiences in

not only your own life, but contributing to the undesirable events, conditions and circumstances of the entire world by feeding the energy of the collective consciousness based on your "perceptions" of what YOU are allowing yourself to become programmed by. On a broader scale, when millions or billions are exposed to and affected by information such as the evening news chooses to broadcast, which is predominantly what's "wrong" in the world, it ultimately affects not only your individual consciousness but the collective consciousness of the entire planet and lowers the vibrational frequency which based on the kind and quality of the seed can ONLY create additional discordant events, conditions and circumstances on a much wider scale. A WORLDWIDE scale!! If one were to have no other connection with the outside world than the doom and gloom of the evening news or what the masses are exposed to in the newspapers, you would have to assume that the world was in complete turmoil and chaos. Luckily you do have access to other outside experiences in your life which assist in offsetting the bombardment of negative programming that you "allow" yourself to be exposed to. Consistently exposing yourself to this negative and fear based programming, whether you choose to except it or not, you are programming your subconscious mind in such a way that can only produce results in your life that are "negative" or fear based as well. The doom and gloom message that is commonly broadcast on the news, whether you realize it or not is programming you and is playing a MAJOR part not only in your individual life, in the way your day to day life unfolds, but is also affecting the consciousness of the majority who choose to watch it and as a result the collective consciousness is being formed and affected as well creating more of what is "perceived" as nagative events, conditions and circumstances. Simply put… "Garbage in….garbage out." From a more spiritual perspective "As without." From a scientific perspective...."Cause and Effect." What you hear and see on the news IS NOT an accurate depiction of what is going on in the world but only provides a VERY LIMITED perspective which is chaos and fear based. There is MUCH MORE good that is happening in the world that the predominant media chooses not to make you aware of. It is a clearly thought out plot by the multi trillion dollar corporations who are the advertisers that sponsor these news broadcasts to keep you coming back for more negative programming so you will BUY their products. Whether you choose to accept or believe it or not, you ARE being programmed. This type of programming is designed in such a way that portrays an attitude of caring through FEAR based means which the "Unconscious Masses" buy into fully believing that they NEED to hear it so they know what to do to keep themselves and their families safe, not fully understanding that by exposing themselves to it that they are only intensifying and creating MORE of the same.

Not fully understanding or being conscious of what it is that they are creating through "allowing" themselves to be programmed in this manner only serves to fuel the events, conditions and circumstances which they fear. Fear based thought forms (seeds) can no more provide a benefit in your life or a benefit to the world than planting a crabgrass seed can produce a flower. The subconscious mind makes no judgments, distinctions or determinations as to what you feed it, just as the Super-Conscious makes no distinctions or judgments as to what outcomes you are provided with in your life. "As you believe, so shall you receive." As ancient spiritual text shows…."Whatsoever ye desire, "believe" that ye receive and it shall be given you." Put into scientific terminology...The Law of Attraction is the law by which "Thought" correlates with it's object. Looking at it from the perspective of nature...The seeds planted will grow a harvest based on the kind and quality of the seed. In the case of the human physiology, your thoughts ignite emotions. Whatever emotions you "allow" yourself to experience determine which chemicals in your body are created based on the electro-chemical process in your body whether helpful or harmful. Each and every naturally produced chemical in your body is designed to be life sustaining and is unless improperly used which can literally kill you. It's no secret that stress and anxiety is responsible for as much as 95% of all illness and dis-ease in the world. Stress and anxiety creates and secretes chemicals in your body that when released during temporary spells of "healthy" fear can prove to be healthy and keep you safe, but when continually released due to unnecessary stresses and fears invoked through medias such as the news can and will prove to be EXTREMELY detrimental to your health. Continuing to expose yourself to forms of media that create fear and anxiety not only effect your physical body, but the thoughts and emotions experienced as a result also effect your future outcomes in your life AND contribute in a "negative" way to the collective consciousness as well!! It is EXTREMELY important to become consciously aware of what it is that you are "allowing" yourself to be exposed to and programmed by if you TRULY desire to experience "desired" outcomes in your life. As is discussed in the subconscious mind and the Super-Conscious mind articles, the subconscious mind is the aspect of mind which acts as both the recording device that stores what "you choose" to absorb and store within it, as well as the broadcasting or

The series of chaotic events that unfold in the world are unfolding and being created perfectly and precisely without wavering even once. Since consciousness is the seed of all things that currently exist or ever will exist in the world. in reality it's creation is not chaotic at all but rather is unfolding perfectly and precisely due to the unwavering and immutable Universal Laws . the Law of Resonance and the Law of Growth delivers to you in the physical world precisely what YOU have asked for. It isn't the world or Universal Laws that create chaos in the world but rather the chaotic and unfocused thought patterns of the worlds population which make up the collective consciousness of the world. creates a frequency or vibrational resonance that is broadcast into the SuperConscious. Most believe and buy into the fact that we live in a chaotic world. Fear and violence based input into the subconscious mind can only create fear and violence based outcomes in the world. In essence whatever the subconscious mind stores as "truth" and "belief" whether it is true or not. These laws operate 100% of the time in absolute perfection. continues to happen and multiply in the world. When the collective consciousness created by various cultures around the world. programming the mass majority with programming of fear which only serves to create vibrational frequencies which are broadcast out into the "Infinite Field Of Potential" which can only attract and create additional Fear Based Circumstances in the physical world. who are each provided with the same inalienable right of free will make the choice as individuals to allow themselves to be programmed with fear are in reality planting the seeds of fear which create the harvest perfectly without fail based on the seeds that are being planted. or the "Infinite Field of potential". In other words…. Medias such as the evening news which instill fear based programming are in essence through repetition. lack and limitation you can only expect to receive a harvest that is the same in kind and quality as the seeds planted. To better grasp the reality of this. or what will be received in your physical world. . the quality of thought that YOU have the free will to think represents the seeds that you are planting. Fear seeds can only produce a harvest of fear just as an apple seed can only produce and apple tree. Although the chaos appears and is perceived as real. created and experienced as chaos in the world. let's look at it from an individual perspective as it relates to you and your right to think in whatever way that you choose to think. If those thought seeds are based on fear. harmonizes with energies of a harmonious frequency and through the Law of Attraction . Chaos in the world is due to the masses "Mis-using" their inalienable right of free will to think thoughts and experience emotions which create the chaotic conditions. also referred to as Laws Of Nature which govern the entire cosmos.IT CAN'T HAPPEN!!! It is due to the collective consciousness of the world that what is being perceived. Any other outcome is absolutely impossible and would contradict the unfailing and unwavering process of creation.communication device that links with the Super-Conscious and depending on the kind and quality of the information stored and broadcast determines the harvest.

Through developing this understanding and learning that this is true. or even that of a single person without their consent for that matter. it is due to this perfectly orchestrated process that creates perfectly based on the energy frequencies that are sent into it which represent the seeds." Although it appears and is "perceived" as chaotic to many. . and you consciously or unconsciously allow the subconscious mind to accept it as fact. The outcomes or the effects aren't chaotic at all but rather unfolding perfectly based on the the energy created and broadcast into the Super-Conscious or the seeds planted in the "Infinite Field Of Potential" by the collective consciousness which creates or produces a harvest that "WE judge" as chaotic conditions. we can change our individual consciousness. although we can't single handedly change the collective consciousness of the world. raise the vibrational output of our individual thought processes and in effect we are heightening or raising the vibration and the consciousness of the world…. By the same token if your "conscious" thought process is intent on a specific "desired" outcome yet due to conflicting beliefs at a subconscious level. conditions and circumstances will unfold in your life. or what I choose to refer to as "The Perfect Plan. conditions and circumstances in the world around us. (Super-Conscious mind) and those thought frequencies attract to them additional energies of a harmonious frequency to create in the physical world effects based on the frequency. Although the creation or the physical manifestation of these events. conditions and circumstances appear and are "perceived" as chaotic to you. It’s precisely the same with the "collective consciousness. The energy frequency that is created and broadcast due to that train of thought that you choose to have is broadcast into the The Unified Field." Until the consciousness of the world is fixated upon a harmonious and single intent or outcome there will exist what we "perceive" as chaotic events. These circumstances that are experienced in your life as a result are never in opposition or contrary to what you are creating through your individual thought process. the results that you receive will be chaotic as well. whether based on love or fear. they are being created and unfolding perfectly based on the chaotic pattern of thinking that YOU have the choice as well as the ability to correct. This system is is governed by Universal Law. or subconscious programming that is disharmonious with the desired outcome and your subconscious thoughts are contrary and chaotic and based on fear. each thought you think consists of a vibrational frequency. that specific outcome will be experienced in your life.To put it into scientific terms.the collective consciousness. it is YOUR individual thought process which determines what events. lack and limitation. see The Law Of Vibration) If those thoughts are fixated upon a specific outcome. (For additional clarity. based on an unwavering and perfectly orchestrated system.

conditions and circumstances in our world. once enough people "Get It" begin to transform the chaotic conditions and produce a much different type of harvest. EVERY condition and EVERY circumstance regardless of how it is "Perceived" by each individual is in reality a miracle. you will begin to understand that EVERY event. Once you fully grasp and internalize the fact that it is individual consciousness that joins with other individual consciousnesses that collectively form to create the collective consciousness which determines on a larger scale the events. By making the choice to intentionally and purposefully keep your focus fixed on the "Good" rather than the "Bad". we are essentially contributing to the chaos and as individuals providing additional energy to the collective consciousness which can only serve to create additional chaos. cannot and will not affect you personally. understanding that the process of creation is ALWAYS perfect and precise. You as an individual with the inalienable right of free will have the ability as well as the power to determine how you perceive and react to what is happening around you. Your free will cannot be violated any more than anyone else's free will can be violated unless and until YOU "allow" it to be. that everything is unfolding perfectly based on the energy that is being broadcast which represent the seeds that are being planted Keep focus placed on a specific and desired outcome and in turn you will be doing your part to improve conditions overall. YOU and you alone must make the choice to be affected or not affected You must make the choice to determine how something affects you. . allowing ourselves to be unknowingly and unconsciously programmed and buying into the chaos and discordant conditions. It is only a matter of perspective. you are emitting or broadcasting a frequency (planting seeds) that will collectively. more specifically the events. So what is the best way to contribute as individuals to the change or improvement of what we perceive as chaotic conditions in the world? • • • Become conscious of what it is that you are creating Develop an attitude of gratitude. This perspective can and does also fuel and feed. on Love rather than Fear. When you begin to understand this at depth and keep your individual consciousness focused on the desires that you choose to experience rather than what is wrong in the world you will have come to a place that the collective consciousness. either positively or negatively the energy of the collective consciousness based on those individual choices that you choose to make.Focusing on what's wrong in the world. the perspective that you hold which can only serve to produce effects in your personal life in exact proportion to that perspective. conditions and circumstances that are being created as a result of the collective consciousness.

seek for ways to share your newfound discoveries with others and in turn you will be contributing to and raising the vibrational frequency of the collective consciousness which can. conditions and circumstances in the world. If the quality of the consciousness is focused predominantly on fear. robbery and tragedy of every type. peace. seek out deeper understanding as to how the process of creation unfolds in perfect harmony 100% of the time without fail. fulfillment. contribute in changing the events. death. conditions and circumstances which happen in the world and shift your consciousness to what it is that you have a desire to see created and share with those who have the willingness to listen and learn how to do the same. Effects…. and limitless prosperity the quality of the energy which is broadcast. So what specific steps can you begin to take that will begin to impact the collective consciousness of the world and the outcomes being experienced as a result? Change your individual consciousness. It is ALWAYS a miracle and ALWAYS unfolding perfectly. you can become conscious of what it is that you are creating and make a conscious choice as to which you are contributing to. If the quality of consciousness worldwide is raised and based on love.The process of creation never wavers. you CAN make a TREMENDOUS difference in elevating the collective consciousness once you begin to understand that you being an integral part of the whole have a personal responsibility in the events. joy. That is a choice that YOU have the inalienable right of free will as well as the ability to make. Regardless of what you might currently believe. war. Your life will unfold perfectly based on the decision you make without fail. abundance. or the seeds that are planted can only create results…. You can in essence become and/or remain a part of the solution or become and/or remain a creative part of the problem. Something is ALWAYS being created and the kind and quality of that creation is ONLY based on the kind and quality of consciousness which represents the seeds which are "Causing" it to grow. The only thing that determines and can change what kind of miracle will be created is the quality of consciousness that created it. will and does 100% of the time without fail. conditions and circumstances based on the frequency that was projected or produce a harvest based on the seeds that were planted. the energy which creates those conditions ( the seeds) is broadcast into or planted in the infinite field of potential which can only harmonize and join with energies of a harmonious frequency and create additional events. murder. Although you can't change the fact that your individual choices are creating something and contributing to the collective consciousness of the planet. rape. based on the seeds that are planted. . the harvest.

a million. You can choose to plant and nurture seeds of fear and destruction as well as seeds that promote love and growth. mature and produce additional seeds. you are raising the frequency of the energy projected through and by the collective consciousness which MUST raise the frequency of the collective consciousness as a whole. If one chooses to plant the initial seed. In the same way. a thousand. One person CAN make a TREMENDOUS difference in changing the world. when you raise the quality of YOUR thinking.Contrary to popular "belief". fulfillment. You are a seed and you have the ability to plant "consciously" returning a harvest that is a hundred. What we choose to refer to as Abundance and Happiness. You only need become and remain conscious of which you are planting to make a positive and meaningful difference in the collective consciousness of the world.. You have the choice as well as the ability to become conscious of the seeds that you are planting.. You have the choice as well as the ability to determine which type of seeds you will plant. You only have to choose to take the first tiny step to do so. peace and limitless prosperity in each and every area of your life. One single seed can and does produces an infinite number of additional seeds. Whatever choices you may choose it is our sincere and heartfelt hope that those choices will lead you and our world one step closer to experiencing a life of joy. explained through the process of energy. a billion fold. which can only produce better and more positive results in the world. the sprouts begin and the harvest becomes ripe producing even more seeds enabling the crop to become larger and larger as this harvest produces even yet more seeds. When enough seeds are planted. that seed will sprout. .

let's delve a little deeper and find how and why these individual as well as the collective aspects of mind have the ability to harmonize with the "Super-Conscious" aspect of mind (The Source) and why it is so important to become consciously aware of your individual consciousness (your thoughts. What Are YOU Creating? All creation is the result of consciousness.The Super-Conscious Mind (Universal Consciousness) The Super-Conscious Mind Makes ALL Things Which Can Be Conceived Within "Individual Consciousness" A Reality In The Physical World.The possibilities are "Infinite. as well as the collective consciousness that is comprised of the entire worlds population.. . beliefs. feelings and emotions) to begin attracting and manifesting desired results in your life.. both the conscious mind and the subconscious mind . The Super-Conscious Mind contains within itself the possibility as well as the probability of anything and everything that can be conceived with mind." Now that you've been introduced to and explored the individual aspects of mind. The Super-Conscious is the aspect of consciousness which is limitless or "Infinite" in nature which depending on any number of possibilities concerning what you have been taught to believe as reality is known and labeled by man as many things.

This Super Consciousness holds within itself the potential for any conceivable outcome. The Beginning. The possibilities are literally "Infinite" in nature. It encompasses ALL things from the macroscopic to the microscopic and beyond. kindness.Just a small sampling of these "man made" labels are God. For the sake of this article we'll refer to this Ultimate Source as Super Consciousness. all probabilities both the seen as well as the unseen. There is nothing that doesn't exist as a probability meaning that if it can be idealized and conceptualized in mind. From a strictly physical perspective. within this Infinite field of possibility and potential exists houses of all shapes and sizes ranging from shacks to multi-billion dollar mansions. Additional descriptions of this Super Consciousness are The Alpha. and only requires the correct and consistent focus of consciousness whether individually or collectively to make it a physical reality. Universal Intelligence. Within this Infinite field of consciousness exists any and every conceivable outcome. etc. When any of these avenues are studied from a deep perspective. gentleness and self control as well as fear. the path inevitably leads back to the same Ultimate Source. It encompasses ALL things. patience. peace. Whatever can be conceptualized in mind whether physical or otherwise already exists within the Super-Conscious mind as an already existing fact. etc. Within this "Infinite Field Of Potential" exists and is stored anything that has ever happened or been created in the past. sadness. anger. or whatever may be created at some point in the future. both of which we "perceive" as "Good" as well as those things we perceive as "Bad" and everything in between. Supreme Energy. From rags to the finest linens in the world. etc. etc. The scientific community refers to the Super-Conscious mind as "The Unified Field. goodness. The I Am. everything which is currently being created. Within it exists the Lamborghini's to the rust bucket jalopies." What you may choose to call he/she/it is of no consequence. Source. The Omega. turmoil. The End. The All in All. joy. Whatever can be conceived in mind as an ideal and held as a focused and intentional thought will and must manifest itself in physical form REGARDLESS of what it might be. faithfulness. greed. it does already exist as a probability and once conceptualized will and must become a physical reality. regardless of the "perceived" enormity. Brahman. or the Super-Conscious Mind. meaning the existence of anything that can be experienced with the limitations of the 5 physical senses. On the emotional side the Super-Conscious Mind contains every conceivable feeling and emotion such as love. Whichever of . Universe. This Super-Conscious Mind exists as an infinite field of potential which knows no boundaries or limitations from the infinitely large to the infinitely small. This Super Consciousness or SuperConscious mind is omniscient and omnipresent.

beliefs. until conceived it would still exist only as a probability in the unseen or spiritual realm. emotions and actions is the "Only" thing that differentiates your individual ability to think." Your individual consciousness which is differentiated only by your inalienable right of free will and your right to choose your thoughts. hearing. Since this Super-Conscious mind is the "ALL in ALL" of everything conceivable. and smell. your family. your co-workers. In other words. more specifically your consciousness also exists within and is an integral part of the Super-Conscious mind.. (See The Law of Vibration) Since this Super-Conscious mind and everything within it are made of this same stuff.this energy or light (consciousness) which exists as and consists of a vibrating mass of energy which serves as the fundamental building blocks for every conceivable outcome into infinity. to fully grasp what He/She/It is. let's look at everyday physical objects that you use today so that you can fully grasp the reality of the Super-Conscious mind and the limitless power provided to you… . the possibility of it's physical existence would be impossible. Until a "thought" or ideal was produced or conceived in the mind. As such your "Individual Consciousness". conditions and circumstances which make up your life experience. Although this may be a bit difficult to comprehend. In other words you exist as an individual yet an integral part of the Whole (The SuperConscious Mind) who has been provided the inalienable right of free will to choose for yourself what it is that you will draw from this "Infinite Field Of Potentiality. feel and act in ways that YOU choose which determines precisely what you choose to draw from the "Super-Conscious Mind" in the way of the events. or the Super-Conscious Mind as a "Probability" of existence.. YOU..these that YOU choose to experience and place consistent focus on through your individual consciousness will manifest and be experienced in physical form. your individual consciousness exists as a part of the Whole which is being referred to as The Super Conscious Mind and is infused with and an integral part of this same Super-Conscious mind." How do you make this choice? Through your individual consciousness…. Now the Super-Conscious mind also consists of you. your ability to think and reason also exists within the "Super Consciousness. which currently exists or ever will exist began with and happened as a result of an initially held thought or ideal. your neighbors. it's necessary to understand that ALL things whether seen or unseen broken down into their most basic and purest form are at their core comprised of pure energy or light. Regardless of what you may observe in a physical sense with the limitations of the five physical senses of sight. the quality of your predominant thoughts. touch. through digging a little deeper and giving some thought to where each of these "physical things" were derived from you'll discover that each and every thing that has existed. taste.more specifically. but since EVERYTHING both seen and unseen exists within the Super-Conscious Mind. although the potential for it's existence is and always has existed there. your friends.

combined with the unwavering certainty of the Law of Attraction . etc. the use of the internet itself. had the imagination or what could be referred to as a heightened level of consciousness to think that it could be a physical reality. Now think back to the time before Henry Ford came out with the first internal combustion engine. the software that runs it. airplanes. the Universal Laws which serve as the immutable and unwavering governing force of creation. When "thought of" it then became a possibility which through aligning correct thought.. The car couldn't possibly exist until someone.. such as The Law of Vibration . Where did the factory come from? Where did the parts which make up the car come from? Where did the bricks that made the factory a possibility come from? Where did the machinery that builds the cars come from? Although you see them in physical form. The Super-Conscious mind. This somewhere was in the mind of those who have been credited with their existence which drew this originally held thought. the ability to harness the power of electricity for use in today's world.. Prior to it's creation and development. and the outcome determined by The Law of Resonance .. etc.The Super-Conscious mind. Where did it come from? It came from the factory correct? Go back further. Until the ideal was established in the mind of Henry Ford. This thought or ideal was conceived and derived from the unseen or spiritual realm. the reality of using and benefiting from an internal combustion engine existed only as a probability of existence. in this case Henry Ford. they must have existed somewhere. For the original thought or ideal to be conceived by Henry Ford it must have existed somewhere prior to being conceived as a possibility correct? It did. ALL of them began from somewhere.. it existed only in his mind as a thought.. The original individually held thought created an ideal which led to the creation of the automobile..Look at the car that you drive. ideal or conceptualization from the Infinite Field Of Potential. emotions and actions with it.. Now let's take it just one step further and look at it from just a bit deeper perspective.It existed within the Super-Conscious mind as a probability of existence. an ideal or conceptualization which existed only as a "probability of existence" within the Super-Conscious mind or the Infinite field of potential. Each of these modern day inventions happened as a result of individual consciousness and began as a thought which was broadcast as a frequency of energy and sent into the "Infinite Field Of Potential" which due to the immutable and unwavering plan of creation. What is this place? The Infinite Field of Potential. the computer that you're looking at right now. It's exactly the same with anything that you can think of that currently exists in the world whether the telephone.. prior to them being manufactured or even conceived as an ideal. enabled for it to manifest and become a "reality" in the physical world. .

feel. provides "Whatsoever ye desire. If you study ancient spiritual text you'll discover that The Source. it isn't the conscious aspect of mind which is responsible for connecting with the SuperConscious but rather the subconscious aspect of mind which acts as the communication and broadcasting device which communicates with the Super Conscious and determines your physical results. Each is a result of what you think and believe that it will be. WHATEVER it is. including thought or consciousness exists as a vibrational frequency which regardless of it's frequency is broadcast into the Super-Conscious. since everything that exists originated from a thought. Where did YOU come from. or the Infinite Field Of Potential. Your desires. The Super-Conscious makes no distinctions. eventually resulted in the manifestation of the thing thought of. as ancient spiritual text shows. touch. EVERYTHING exists as energy. etc. Before you or light or the earth or the Universe was spoken into existence. the SuperConscious Mind!! As you discovered in the Law of Vibration. It doesn't matter how or even whether you perceive them as good or bad. everything. it must first have been conceived as a "thought" as a result of consciousness. an ideal. Since you or nothing else was here yet this consciousness existed as the Super-Conscious mind. determinations or judgments as to what you choose to draw from it but rather. OK. Not only the physical things that you use in day to day life but also the events.followed by The Law of Growth. as consciousness and like the Source you have been provided the ability to consciously direct that energy to create (co-create) your reality based on the kind and quality of consciousness that you choose to project through your thoughts." You. Look at yourself. Understanding that. "He/She/It said let there be light and there was light. ideals and conceptualizations. attracts to itself additional energies of a harmonious frequency and through the process of manifestation (The Law Of Growth) produces physical results that you can see. it becomes clear that those things which exist or ever have existed in your personal life as well as those that you will experience in the future are also the result of consciousness or thought. think about the "Infinite" possibilities available to YOU!!!. joyful or painful etc. you can draw it from the Infinite Field of Potential. taste and smell in your life. whatever you might "perceive" Source to be "Thought" you into existence as well as the earth. your consciousness. If you can conceive it in mind. Spiritual text also reveals that "You were created in the image and likeness of this Source. now that we've established that as fact. the animals. your individual consciousness. the solar system. conceptualized and idealized about. conditions and circumstances that you experience each day." Although many may have a conscious desire to experience something. which are determined by your conscious thought patterns either harmonize with or conflict with core beliefs stored in the subconscious . light. etc.

into the Super-Conscious where ALL possibilities exist. Contrary to what many "believe" to be true.aspects of mind which determine which frequency you are broadcasting into the SuperConscious "infinite" field of potential. will attract to you precisely what you are asking for and will create and experience that condition in your life. the predominant focus should remain fixated on having an abundant amount of money. The subconscious patterns (beliefs) that you have established throughout your life are the determining factor as to what you are asking the Super-Conscious Mind to provide to you.. If you have a conscious desire to say for example. Focus On What You Want. If you desire monetary wealth it is necessary to keep thoughts focused on the attainment of monetary wealth NOT the lack of or absence of lack which in this particular case is being broke. The only possibility to change the outcome is to change the vibrational resonance of the thought. but at a subconscious level "think" you're going to be broke based on previously held beliefs established around money. You can never create a desired outcome by placing your predominant focus on the absence of it's polar opposite.... internalizing it as an already existing reality. Here's an extremely important distinction to make. this "Infinite Field Of Potential" the thing or result that the predominant focus remains fixated upon. which varies in frequency of thoughts of being abundant. From a physical perspective. and based on the seed you are planting in the "Infinite Field Of Potential".. which in this case is being broke. have more money. there is no judgment as to what will or will not be received nor is there such a thing that so many "perceive" and refer to as . By the same token any desired outcomes that you are experiencing are due to subconscious processes which connect with and draw from Super-Consciousness that which the subconscious mind "believes" will happen. Rather than focusing on NOT being broke.NOT On What You DON'T Want If you place conscious focus on NOT being broke you are still in essence placing focus on the opposite of that which is desired and will draw from this Super Consciousness.. you are in essence broadcasting an energy. Subconscious patterns that are based on lack and limitation are the determining factor as to what limitations you are experiencing and are strictly due to the limiting beliefs you hold in your subconscious mind. igniting the emotions that are responsible for intensifying the energy broadcast into the "Infinite Field of Potential" and the result is that you will draw from the SuperConscious Mind the desired result.

One of those really fancy ones with various colors. The possibilities are infinite as to what that might be. In other words there exists a "subconscious belief" that is keeping the desired outcome from becoming a "physical" reality. If it "appears" that your desired outcome isn't being manifest it is ONLY because you don't "BELIEVE" that it will and at some level which can serve as a gauge to pinpoint that there is a disharmony between the conscious and subconscious aspects of your mind. the stores. now it's time to step into your space ship and blast off. No. Although it appears solid based on what you can see with the naked eye. if you were to place it under a powerful microscope you would find that it's not solid at . So. you see it. Since your sitting in front of your computer. Although you know they still exist they are invisible to you but you know they are still in the house. These things that you were looking at in the individual room are no longer visible to you correct. I'm going to ask that you visualize yourself inside a spaceship and send yourself out of the earths atmosphere and thousands of miles into space. What do you see. These things represent the organisms that exist within the macroscopic. Now allow your mind to envision these things again."unanswered prayer. BUT. if the underlying beliefs aren't in alignment with the "verbal" asking and the manifestation doesn't occur. what can you see? Chances are you see a HUGE big ball with various colors that resembles a large marble.. Can you see the launching pad from where you blasted off from? No. Although you can't see them from your current vantage point you can envision them. Now step outside of your home and walk about 50 paces. Can you see the roads that lead to your house.. the room that they are both in and whatever else might be in that room. Can you see your house? No. the semi's. Can you see any movement or activity on top of this big marble? No. They are many separate objects that the house encloses. Next." When a desire or prayer is expressed in the way that most have been taught.. all the activity which was going on. let's look at how and why it works this way…. For the sake of this example let's assume that these things are the organisms within the house. It appears solid doesn't it? Maybe. it is due to a subconscious process. if you're like most. Ok. a core belief which is keeping the "desired" outcome from you. the houses. the table or desk that it's sitting on. When you get to your destination shut off the engine and look out the window. Next take a look at your hand. But before you blasted off you were able to see all the individual objects that existed there prior correct? The cars. turn around and face your house. This would eliminate the possibility of free will and would keep you from fully experiencing and learning from the choices that you make in your life. NOT the denial of the Super-Conscious mind to provide it. before you get into this spaceship take a good look around you and observe all the things in your surroundings whatever they might be. you think it is solid. which is a physical form of communication.

" You only need think it into being. that you as an integral part of the whole have the ability to make them a reality. According to modern day science for every "cause" there is an "effect".all.. BUT. you will receive a harvest based on and limited to the type of seed planted. you have the ability as well as the free will to create "whatsoever ye desire". You can choose to begin consciously and purposefully creating whatsoever "desired" results that you choose to experience in your life or choose to remain an "unconscious" creator fully believing that whatever you experience in life happens as the result of some random and uncontrollable set of capricious external circumstances. believe and "perceive" reality to be. You have been provided an inalienable right of free will to think as you choose to think. purposefully and intentionally holding the ideal. . hold it in mind as an already existing reality in the physical world and the ways and means to bring it into your reality will manifest just as you instruct.this Super Conscious Mind. In fact there are MANY microscopic forms of life existing on your body that you aren't aware of and are unable to comprehend because of the limitations of your physical eyes. When observing nature it is apparent that whatever seed you plant. You have the ability to consciously control those emotions which act as the "frequency intensifier" of those thoughts and conceptualizations that you choose to think. You and your beliefs serve as the Cause and the outcomes experienced as a result are the effects.. the kind and quality of which is determined only by the "cause" which created it. It's made up of organisms as well. Based on the spiritual teachings of the greatest. just as you instruct and desire to experience. to develop a conscious awareness of the seeds that you are planting through your thought process. That which is not yet here in physical form which has not yet been discovered and conceived in mind exists within this "Infinite Field Of Potentiality.. wisest and most insightful teachers in the history of the an organism in comparison to the Infinite and vast Universe that we exist in.being created in "The Image and Likeness" of Source. align and allow your emotions to ignite as if you already possessed it as an already existing physical reality and the "Infinite Field Of Potentiality" the "Super-Conscious Mind" will deliver to you without judgment.. You hold the same identical ability to create a life that you choose regardless of what you might currently observe. the desired outcome as an already existing fact. Everything is a result of consciousness. The point being is that you exist as an individual being. you are an extremely important and integral part of this infinite vastness who has been provided the ability as well as the power to draw whatever exists within this field of Infinite Potential to you. the limitations of which are based only on what you "believe" is possible for yourself.. You can choose what each and every area of your life will consist of once you learn to become consciously aware that ALL things are possible. consciously..

. Whichever you choose is your right." All that we are. There is however "Higher Truth" which will enable you to experience a higher quality of life that the majority only dream about once you become "Aware" of your individual power to create it and become enabled and empowered to conceptualize it and believe in it's manifestation. Whatever you believe and perceive truth to be will become truth in your life experience and unfold just as you instruct and "ask for. discover a "Higher Truth" and draw from the Super-Conscious Mind. projecting and creating something.. develop an unshakable "knowingness" regarding who and what you "Truly" are. all that exists in the entire cosmos is made up of this same stuff. You have been provided the choice to determine your individual level of truth for yourself. Your individual consciousness is energy. the light that YOU choose to project through your thoughts. You only need to become consciously aware of what that something is and the Super-Conscious Mind will oblige you and provide it to you "Unconditionally. beliefs and emotions will be sent into the "Infinite Field Of Potentiality" into the "Super-Conscious" aspect of mind and manifest in your physical world just as you instruct without fail. Everything conceivable that exists within it is merely a by-product and exists as an integral part within its "Infinite Possibilities. Whatever the mind can conceive and believe the "Super-Conscious Mind" which already contains within itself EVERY conceivable outcome and delivers it to you precisely as you instruct based on and due to "Unconditional Love" WITHOUT judgment can and will provide it just as you ask." The Super-Conscious Mind which is based on "Unconditional Love" guarantees it with immutable and unwavering certainty." You have the inalienable right to choose to look deeper than the physical aspects of your current life." . The limitless and infinite potential which exists within the Super-Conscious mind is energy or pure light. clearly define your desired outcomes and you will have achieved Life/ Self Mastery to create and experience the life of your dreams without limit. consciously and purposefully construct your thoughts based on "Infinite Potentiality". There is only ONE MIND : The Super-Conscious Mind. Pure energy. Your light is always shining.The Super-Conscious Mind has provided you with the inalienable right of free will to choose what your reality in the physical world will be. Become conscious of that simple fact." There is no right or wrong reality. Whatever you believe is "Absolutely Correct. The energy that you make the choice to broadcast. The possibilities and the potential are "Infinite. the "Infinite Field Of Potential" without limitation whatever you allow to be conceived and "believed" in your mind.

You have been provided the inalienable right as well as the free will to discover and consciously harmonize with this Super-Conscious mind to begin "consciously creating" a life that few are aware is available to them. "As you believe so shall you receive." . The rewards received for making that conscious choice will be fulfillment. peace and limitless abundance in each and every area of your life. joy. purpose. What we choose to refer to as Abundance and Happiness.

In YOUR life. Emotional Well Being. conditions and circumstances experienced in the physical world.Chuck Danes Contrary to majority belief.Physical Health.. There is a widespread misconception that it is strictly physical activity that create whatever results you may be currently experiencing.. are the result of consciousness. including whatever it is that you're doing in a physical sense.REAL Wealth Is As Simple Or As Difficult As YOU "Allow" It To Be.or to put it in a more personal light. At the conclusion of this edition.. but are the result of something much deeper. Relational Fulfillment.. aren't merely the result of what you do in a physical sense. More specifically the kind and quality of their consciousness.. The kind and quality of your consciousness will determine the kind and quality of your life." .. whatever that might mean for you individually. "It's ALL About Consciousness" It "Truly" Is That Simple "ALL Things Experienced In Life. but that you'll also understand the necessity of acquiring a "wealth consciousness" that will enable you to begin experiencing what we'll be referring to as "real wealth" for yourself. and Spiritual Wholeness Are The Result Of Consciousness" "There is but one thing that keeps people from experiencing the kind and quality of life that they desire to experience…Themselves.Wealth Consciousness Click Here To Order Your Downloadable MP3 Version Of This Months Edition of Enlightened Journey For Only $6." We'll be delving into and discovering a quality of consciousness that will assist you in fully understanding and hopefully as a result experiencing "Real Wealth" in your life. the events. it's my hope that you'll not only understand the important role that consciousness plays in how your day to day outcomes unfold. What is that something? The simple fact that ALL things in your life.. Monetary Wealth. . Although true to an extent. there is something that precedes physical doingness that is essential to recognize and understand if you ever hope to be truly successful and then hope to sustain that level of success once achieved.95 USD Creating Wealth.. That's what we'll be focusing on in this edition of "Enlightened Journey.

material or monetary wealth is an external thing.. Many believe that acquiring and experiencing wealth means having a lot of money." Although many "perceive" wealth to be the result of some accumulation of monetary or material gain. relationally..It's simply having a lot of money.. it's designed to assist you in acquiring a wealth consciousness so you can acquire "True Wealth".. What exactly does it mean to acquire a "wealth consciousness?" It's my hope that by the end of this months edition of "Enlightened Journey" that you'll understand completely. physically."Real and Lasting wealth" encompasses MUCH more than acquiring and accumulating a given number of those little pieces of paper that people "perceive" as money.First. your "belief" in it collectively joined with the "beliefs" of the mass majority is the ONLY thing that allows our current monetary system to aspect. let's first establish and clear up any misconceptions as to what "real wealth" is. internalize. If you knew the "Real Truth" about money it might just scare you to death so we won't get into that here.. The bottom line is.But having a wealth consciousness will.. so you won't ever have to be afraid of anything EVER again. This newsletter isn't designed to scare you. Choosing to adapt to a "Wealth Consciousness" will enable and empower you to experience that harmony for yourself.. Having a lot of money is simply that. apply and most importantly of all benefit from what you discover. Acquiring wealth. the kind of wealth that I'll be referring to is experienced as the result of experiencing harmony in EVERY aspect of life. Did I say "perceive" as money? Yep. there is NO amount of money that can or ever will make you wealthy. . but more importantly that you'll become empowered to recognize. What it "truly" is. In fact the whole monetary system that we count on today is only able to continue the way it does because the masses "believe" in it. regardless of what you may currently believe...The only reason that those little pieces of paper are money in your perception is because you've been programmed to "believe" that it has some intrinsic value. including money. Although money is an important aspect of wealth. Before we delve into what wealth consciousness really is. financially. allow me to clarify what I mean by "Real Wealth. I've got something to share that may confuse or even baffle you.....Having a lot of money doesn't make you wealthy. It is merely an illusion that you have bought into and based on the perception that you hold with regard to it.. Real wealth is an internal thing. In fact having a lot of money isn't wealth at all. it is just that. emotionally and spiritually..

NO WAY NO HOW. Now you might be thinking to yourself. Sorry.just give me the money so I can be happy. They can make a lot of money but not have any time or energy to spend it on the things that bring them joy which in reality is dis-harmony. relationally."Forget about all that wealth consciousness stuff. You can no more hope to acquire true wealth without fully understanding what true wealth is anymore than you could hope to hit a bulls eye on a target if you didn't know where or what the target was. if you expect to experience "Real Wealth" in your life. Not even close. Without recognizing the crucial nature of acquiring a wealth consciousness you will NEVER be truly happy or wealthy and sustain it for any length of time.. bought the t-shirt.. So.." If you ARE thinking that then you TOTALLY missed what was shared above and we REALLY DO have A LOT of work ahead of us!! Here's an ABSOLUTE and unwavering fact. you'd find that they are not only UNwealthy but Unhappy!! Wealth consciousness and money consciousness are two VERY different things and it is my hope and intent in this months edition of "Enlightened Journey" to provide some clarity pertaining to what "True Wealth" really is. You might experience some temporary emotions that make you "feel" happy for awhile but that isn't . but it most certainly doesn't equate to wealth.. If wealth is what you have a desire to attain.. done that.Not that acquiring a certain level of monetary comfort isn't an extremely important "aspect" of wealth in today's world.Are you ready to find out? True wealth means having harmony and fulfillment in EVERY aspect of your life physically. In the same way it's also necessary to know and fully understand what wealth consciousness is and how to acquire it. because it is. and they were to be completely honest with you. They can make a lot of money but not have someone to share and enjoy the things that money can buy. "True Wealth" then first of all you're going to have to understand what "True Wealth" really is.Money will NEVER make you happy. financially. One that you may or may not be ready to accept. been there. They can have an amount of money and be in continual fear of losing it. and acquiring a wealth consciousness is what will be necessary to attain it. emotionally and spiritually. They can make a lot of money but experience ill health.. They are NOT wealthy.. That's NOT wealth.. There are many people who have a "money consciousness" and have acquired money as a result but have a "poverty consciousness" in the areas of relationships and health. You can attain a lot of money without a wealth consciousness simply by having a "money consciousness". In fact if you were to find and talk with someone experiencing some or all of the above. that in and of itself doesn't equate to being wealthy and MOST CERTAINLY won't provide fulfillment in life. but as you'll soon understand.

. Fleeting emotions are physical and temporary. To discover this sense of self. Understanding and accepting that one simple fact could save you MUCH unnecessary struggle.Wealth will make you happy but money will NEVER make you happy... Establishing this level of self awareness goes much deeper than just the physical aspects of you. learning to love yourself. a "True" sense of what you are and have the ability to achieve in life it is necessary to expand your consciousness. Money is physical and temporary... True Happiness is eternal. strife and heartache in your life. Wealth consciousness is attained through developing an awareness of self…. NEVER temporary.End of newsletter. So are you ready to discover what it takes to acquire this wealth consciousness? Let's cover that now…. relationally.holistic. discovering who and what you truly are.. Ok... If you get nothing else from this months edition of "Enlightened Journey" I hope you'll grasp the fact that until you acquire a Wealth Consciousness you will NEVER be "Truly Wealthy" and you will NEVER experience "Total Joy and Fulfillment" for any length of time. financially. Applying it GUARANTEES it.. True wealth comes from the inside and happens as the result of a state of being.but it really is as simple and complex as that. There's a BIG difference...being "truly wealthy or happy. . Ok just kidding. No not religious. True Wealth is experiencing complete and total harmony in life physically.period end of story. True Wealth is eternal. "True wealth" is holistic in nature. emotionally and spiritually. discovering and letting go of much of what you've been "taught" that you are and recognizing the limitless potential that you already possess to achieve ANYTHING that you have a sincere desire to achieve.A "true" sense of self. Wealth consciousness is simply recognizing and establishing a high value in yourself. In fact that will enable you to experience TOTAL joy and fulfillment. Long story short.. If you're looking for some long drawn out process for acquiring a wealth consciousness... let's figure out what's necessary to develop and acquire the wealth consciousness that will enable and empower you to begin experiencing this "Real Wealth" in YOUR life..See you next month.. now that we have a clear understanding of what real wealth is. Now THAT will make you happy. there's not really a lot to cover with the exception of the need to delve deeply into discovering more about yourself and the infinite potential and possibility that has been made available to you which is necessary to establish a keen sense of Self Awareness.

you'll find as ALL do. In reality you don't even have to acquire this wealth consciousness. acquiring a wealth consciousness will come naturally once you make the choice to develop the self awareness of who and what you "truly" are.. you'll have discovered the "true" essence of you and the "real power" that's been provided to you to create "real wealth" in EVERY aspect of your life. limitation.At a heart level. To undo this programming you only need to be reminded and you'll re-discover who and what you "truly" are. but the majority have been reprogrammed with "Fear based" and "self limiting" beliefs which are responsible for burying that initial "inner knowing" resulting in lack. Once you discover. that MUCH of what you have been taught and have established beliefs in is precisely what is keeping you from experiencing what you have a sincere desire to experience. .meaning what you can or cannot accomplish in your life but rather unlearning much. A quote that comes to mind that explains it very simply is. In fact. condition and circumstance that you have a sincere desire to experience in ANY aspect of your life. that as you begin to explore and discover. to become a "conscious" and purposeful creator of ANY event. The first crucial step in gaining self awareness is recognizing the fact that what you may have been taught with regard to who and what you "truly" are may be flawed and recognizing the importance of finding out for yourself.. taught and led to believe that you are. Everyone's born with it. The kind of Self awareness I'm referring to is about discovering and knowing who and what you truly are.. how many kids you have or anything else in your external physical world. who may have taught you based on a very limited perspective due to what they were taught and have developed beliefs about. Should you make that choice. it's essential that you find out for yourself who and what you "Truly" are.... Rather than taking someone else's word who may not have known any better. Once you have this clear picture. rather than continuing to "unconsciously create" what so many currently believe that they have no control over. It's really as simple and complex as that. and in some cases even all of what you have been told. discord and struggle in some aspect of life which we'll cover in a little more detail in a few minutes. Why you ask? Simply because you already possess it. what kind of career you have..the true essence of you at your most basic level. recognize and make the choice to utilize the power provided to you. internalize it and discover the limitless potential that you already hold. this wealth consciousness will become much easier to acquire and enable you to begin experiencing real wealth for yourself.Self Awareness isn't just knowing what your name is.. You only need to be reminded of the fact that you do and awaken it within you. Real Self awareness isn't about accepting what someone has told you that you are based on their "perception" of you or what they might believe is possible in your life.

That's why most people have difficulty acquiring wealth.and then learn to "consciously" and consistently apply them. "True Wealth" will begin to flow to you." That is lesson number one in "Acquiring a Wealth Consciousness 101" class. remaining open and willing to receive it. conceive or hope for has already been made available to you and once understood by simply simply asking for it in the "proper" way. those perceptions and preconceived notions that make it a physical reality in your life. over the years I've discovered that it is the most simple and obvious things that we begin to discover once we make the choice to become self aware. .. That's become SUCH a dominant belief in today's world that many DO find themselves having to work hard and struggle for it in order to feel worthy of receiving it.. It's due to those types of beliefs. Most have been programmed and conditioned to believe that the attainment of wealth is a difficult and complicated process that requires years of "hard work". If that sounds hokey.A lot of work!! That's precisely what having a wealth consciousness is.Your physical outcomes are the "Effects... the ways and means will show up.not write them off as too simple to be effective based on what we've been "taught" and established beliefs around. If you have a desire to rediscover and awaken your wealth consciousness. struggle and excessive effort to receive it."We were born into greatness and conditioned into mediocrity. It might be YOUR truth based on YOUR belief which WILL create exactly that in your life. just become self aware and it will be as natural and flow as easily as you'll "allow" it to.. but I have come to know and believe that there is a "Higher" and much more "simple" truth that once understood and "consciously applied" provides. I truly wish I could write hundreds of complicated pages on the subject of attaining this wealth consciousness..NOT necessarily because it's true. then we've got some work to do. Consciousness is the "Cause" of everything in your life. Once you develop a "true" sense of self. without fail.. out there or far fetched to you.. the level of Self Awareness that establishes the "inner knowing" that you are an infinite being existing in an infinite and limitless Universe where everything you could ever possibly desire. that produce the "greatest" and most "profound" results IF we'll just choose to recognize them... being willing to "accept" and internalize the truth about yourself and the limitless power that has been provided to you. but I can't plain and simple. Amazingly. Once you truly grasp and recognize this simple yet powerful fact. Because it's FAR too simple. FAR GREATER physical results. that they must "be good" or in some way it must take physical strain. and the simplicity of it all will become VERY apparent. Discovering." Here's a very key point to understand...

. That way is being revealed to you right now. rewarding and pleasing way.. Always has been always will be. the "traditionally established false beliefs" acquired without ever choosing to venture out and discover for themselves whether those beliefs were true or not. The reason they are in the situation they are in is because they followed the status quo. If you would like to end up as the majority do. which would have provided FAR greater results. you'll wish you had discovered it a long time ago. If you EVER hope to acquire the wealth consciousness that is an absolutely essential aspect of acquiring. Why else would it be like it is? Do you think that 97% of the retired population DIDN'T work hard? I can assure you that the vast majority of them worked VERY hard.If you're not currently experiencing this power..easy NO. Whether you choose to utilize it or not is your choice but I can assure you it is . As a result of all their "busyness" they never took the time or initiative to work on themselves. Simple yes. more specifically their quality of consciousness. Once you fully understand that acquiring "real wealth" and everything that comes with it doesn't require all the physical "doingness" that you've been led to believe is necessary. it's only because you haven't yet discovered how to tap into it. then we've got some serious "reprogramming" to do IF you ever hope to acquire and experience real wealth and harmony in your life.if you would like to discover a lot more simple.. AND for a VERY long time." A poverty consciousness.. such as working hard at a job that you dislike and any number of other "traditionally established FALSE beliefs" you've been inundated by and programmed with. Why? Because if you're like the mass majority who have been conditioned with and bought into a predominantly held "poverty mentality" as the majority has. But one thing that I can assure you is the short term effort required to attain a "wealth consciousness" is minuscule in comparison to the long term payoff. which they were "taught" was the way to acquire what they "needed" failing to ever discover that "real wealth" is created NOT as a result of "doingness" but rather as a result of beingness. the way does exist. experiencing and holding onto "real wealth" it is going to be necessary to undo the self limiting and self sabotaging programming that is and has been responsible for keeping you from it plain and simple. They focused all their effort and attention on the physical doingness. BUT. Let's Look At Some Statistics Why do you suppose that 97% of the American population retire in what are considered poverty conditions?.. the mindest of the mass majority. It's there. keep listening to and doing what the majority does and you will.Programming in the form of previously and traditionally established "False Beliefs..

Creating "Real Wealth" in your life isn't so much about learning how.nature is Infinitely abundant. in most cases with all the right intentions have instructed them in how to be as happy. What I WILL ask is that you do your best to temporarily disarm and dispel any beliefs that you currently hold and keep an open mind just long enough to consider a perspective that I believe will assist you in enhancing your quality of life in EVERY aspect and once that perspective is revealed. deprogramming you just enough for you to begin to grasp and recognize just how simple the acquisition of real wealth is. It's not my intent to change your beliefs or ask you to believe me... Wealth and abundance is the way of nature. Nature isn't bankrupt. Forgive the analogy. They have listened to others who. to a "wealth . Although simple it will take some self discipline to achieve it initially. What I share in each edition of "Enlightened Journey" is a perspective. Before we get into that I'm going to ask you to do a few things. In fact I'm going to ask that you NOT believe a single thing I say.consciousness discipline. but my intention as well as my passion is to contribute to you in the best way I currently know how and assist you in the process of raising your awareness as it pertains to acquiring a wealth consciousness so YOU can begin experiencing "Real Wealth" in YOUR life. FAR more fulfilling and MUCH more simple way than the way those 97% have attempted to do it and STILL ended up as a sad statistic. The "undoing" of the self limiting and self sabotaging beliefs that are keeping you from experiencing it. make the choice and take the initiative to verify it for yourself even if it's with the intent of "disproving" it. what I have come to believe truth to be. when the one who was doing the teaching had no more of a clue about what that meant or how to go about it than the person or people who taught them.. First of all I'm going to ask that you not look at this newsletter as THE way to achieve whatever it is that you may have a desire to achieve. the majority in fact experience FAR LESS than what's "Truly" available to them.MUCH more rewarding. The simple part is creating wealth. fulfilled and secure in life as possible. You being a part of nature are as well once you make up your mind to be and choose it for yourself. Not hard work discipline. That perspective has shifted dramatically over the years from a lack and limitation mentality that so many choose to hold onto today. but it's much like the blind leading the blind. Too many have been doing that all their lives. It happens effortlessly. listening and believing what everybody else "tells them" without taking the initiative to explore and find out for themselves which is precisely why so many. The complex part is choosing to discover and recognize what I like to refer to as a "Higher Truth".. it's about unlearning what has kept it from becoming a part of your reality.

For some of you that might be a stretch to grasp at this point. what I teach today was presented to me well over 33 years ago but "unfortunately" at the time I wasn't ready to accept or believe it. how the mind works. I was the wacko one for not being open and willing to listen to what he had to say based on what I "believed" to be true at the time. I have come to know and believe that EVERYBODY already possesses EVERYTHING that they need to experience "Real Wealth" and there is no need to continue frantically scurrying around in the external world futilely attempting to fulfill themselves in a "useless and disappointing" attempt to find whatever it might be that they're looking for to bring them fulfillment. Where you are currently in your understanding makes absolutely ZERO difference. In fact. Lets' quickly touch on specifically HOW I know and why when I was FINALLY ready. limitation. researching and being actively involved in various cultural religions. searching intensely through spiritual texts and finally believe it or not. come to find out. Amazingly enough. hope and wish for is already inside you. studying the human physiology. wealth creation masters. being mentored by some profound spiritual teachers. Based on that exploration combined with PLENTY of personal experience. to learn A LOT more about what I didn't know when I first began. They're based on an intensive search of hard scientific facts. These beliefs weren't established based on some woo woo esoteric nonsense. I share this with you not because I want you to know about me but with the hope that by doing so YOU might get to know more about YOU. Unlike years past my current perspective is based on limitless potential NOT lack. I suppose you could say I've come FULL circle. That it . struggle and discord. at the time I thought the guy telling it to me was wacko!! Amazingly enough. venturing down the "wrong" path and personally experiencing the struggle and gut wrenching outcomes experienced as a result. how the brain works.consciousness" mentality. I set out eager and admittedly. They're based on a number of various and credible avenues that I've researched and explored for years combined with plenty of actual experience. At one point I didn't believe that AT ALL!! What is important is that you are willing to keep an open mind long enough to gather enough information to make an educated and informed decision for yourself and then decide whether it's time to begin discovering the quality of consciousness that may be limiting your results and replacing it with a quality of consciousness that will enable you to experience "desired" outcomes above and beyond what you may currently "believe" is possible. through the simple observation of nature. much of which I found to be "unpleasant" initially. at times frantic. They're also based on years of doing it the "wrong" way. I firmly believe that EVERYTHING that you desire. I've since discovered that what he shared with me on that day was precisely what I've since discovered after going through and experiencing many of the disappointments and at times gut wrenching outcomes that I've experienced at various times in life since. It's based on the fact that I have come to know and believe that we each have available to us the ability to achieve whatever we can conceive in our minds.

I was moved to another home where although the personal abuse stopped I observed someone that I loved being consistently abused. Although I'll make some references to me. here are just a very few of those experiences condensed into the Readers Digest version.. That it took hard work and . it's about you. what your life is like now. The primary source of income in that home was welfare. Basically. a portion of my earliest years were spent in fear. that it's some of the things that YOU know that are keeping you from discovering and experiencing what's "truly" available to you. this isn't about me. It's about providing you with knowledge and wisdom gained as the result of my "perceived" successes as well as my "perceived" failures in the hope that it might assist you in clearing and shortening your path to acquiring "Real Wealth" in your life without having to go through some of the same painful experiences that I have. with the exception of essentials. which by the way didn't hold much promise. Due to much of what I had been taught. When conditions improved I was moved back into a single parent home. As personal and difficult as some of these things are to share. Perhaps you'll discover just as I did. it wasn't until I discovered and began to apply many things that I "didn't" know that I began to realize that life had MUCH more to offer than what I "thought" I knew and things began to change. more specifically my experiences. what your past was like. money was non-existent. thinking I already "knew" everything there was to know. Perhaps you'll discover as I did that you don't know what you don't know until that which you don't know is presented to you. developed beliefs around and based my "doingness" on at that time. As a result I established beliefs that money was hard to come by. to hopefully enlighten and empower you to see that it's not the external doingness or acquisition of "things" that will make you wealthy. I grew up around alcoholism and dis-function.might help you to take the blinders off with regard to what's "truly" possible for YOU regardless of where you currently are or where you've been. It's the best way that I currently know to convey to you that it doesn't matter where you currently find yourself in relation to your life in general. Although I always had a roof over my head and something to eat. how much money you do or do not make. I experienced abuse beginning at the age of about 4 years old. but that real wealth comes from the inside as a result of your beingness which WILL provide all the externals that you desire to have. With that established. your level of formal education.. how old or young you are or any other excuses that you might currently "believe" are keeping you from experiencing everything that you have a desire to experience. that's why I do it. I grew up in a single parent home.

Based on what I had been taught and had come to believe. that person.. do the best you can and go on down the road as displeasing as I found the road I was traveling. I made it through that stage mostly unscathed with the exception of gaining some street smarts. I got involved in some of the wrong crowds. that life was hard.89 per hour. built and grew them phenomenally and crashed and burned them.legally. and going back to welding for awhile I entered into corporate America. I was a hard worker.and on and on and on. I remained in that profession for many years. Through the years I've started businesses.. advanced quickly through the ranks. At the time.. Although during much of that period I made money. this circumstance. That's just the way life is. made millions of dollars and lost it. You just grin and bear it. yada. I didn't have the "Wealth Consciousness" that would enable . I made the choice to get what I felt was owed to me from those who had more than I did without their knowledge. yada. I cared about and did the best I could to help people and on and on and on. A LOT of money... The bottom line is that I wasn't ready to accept responsibility. I dropped out of school.It was this event. I was arrested more times than I care to think about.. as a result of making some different choices. Things that weren't within my control. I've watched the repo man hook up my toys in the driveway and drive off into the darkness. yada. Thankfully I advanced beyond that point and decided that it was best if I made my own way. that having money was for the lucky and fortunate few. The bottom line is. in between times going back to work as a welder. what I "perceived at the time as "failing". it WASN'T my fault.. based on my "beliefs" established based on what I was taught and "thought" I knew. the electric bill. I've filed bankruptcy not once but twice. dedicated husband. I've gained a whole new perspective. I entered into relationships that I thought would never end and had them come to a painful close. A far more empowering perspective...These things happened as the result of a "Poverty Consciousness" that I allowed myself to be conditioned by and chose to hold onto.struggle just to survive. I adopted the belief that fun was getting high on whatever I could get my hands on. Based on my beliefs that money was hard to come by which conflicted with my unquenchable desire to have some. I've started over built them again and watched them crash again. that money didn't grow on trees. For the life of me I couldn't figure out why this was happening.. These things happened as a result of fear and lack based beliefs. I came up with every conceivable excuse.That's really what I "thought." After a few times of that. As a teen I took those beliefs forward with me.. loving Dad. I've wondered how I was going to pay the mortgage. At the age of 16 I began working as a welder for $2. I blamed it on externals. But since then.

it was my "perception" of success based on what I was taught that success was.. I had acquired many of the temporary externals that many equate to wealth but I lacked the internal "beingness" that I've since discovered is essential and required to achieve and retain "True Wealth.. but rather to let you know that regardless of where you are. I was successful. Based on beliefs that it took hard work to make money and that money was hard to come by. because I "believed" at the time that it wasn't my fault and I had no personal control over any of it. I was successful based on what the majority "perceive" success to be which as I would soon discover was a "VERY Limited and Temporary" form of success. continually coming up with all the excuses why something "external" is blocking you and believing that because of that. I was making money. had all the I thought. Just like you are right now I had heard about this "self awareness" and "wealth consciousness" stuff. (I'm a slow learner) I didn't need that stuff. Finally I'd had enough.hard earned temporary results I might add. and NOT the fun kind that you ride at the amusement park. my life was a roller coaster. whatever THAT might be. I don't share this with you in an attempt to get pity or to tell you how "Bad" I had it because their are those who have had a much more difficult time than I. Not even close. it was an INTENSIVE . what your current beliefs are in relation to acquiring "true wealth". traveled to exotic places etc. the sacrifices that I "thought" I had to make in order to make this money and have these toys based on what I had been taught and established "beliefs" around. grueling hours and sacrificing in the really important areas of life to make the almighty dollar. Somewhere down deep I knew that there was more and I set out to find it. What created those crashes? Poverty Consciousness.. IT DOESN'T MATTER!!! That is unless YOU "allow" it to matter and keep your focus on what's wrong. Granted.. I began searching. but when I would get there it would come crashing down. But when it was all said and done it came crashing down a whole lot faster than it took to build up to it due to a mindset. and based on my level of consciousness at the time. It was temporary monetary and material gain based strictly on external means like hard work.actually A LOT of them. I'd heard it but never really took it serious or applied it. but the quality of consciousness that I held at the time didn't allow me to sustain those results long term. what you're past was like. a poverty consciousness.. created "Dis-harmony" in the really important areas of my life. that you can never succeed in a BIG way and achieve "real wealth" and phenomenal success in your life.. My hard work produced results.. I believe that the only reason I hit the peaks I did was out of shear desire to create monetary wealth. It wasn't a half hearted search. But as I would later discover it wasn't success at all... what you've been through. Actually I never really gave it much thought until about the 3rd time my life took a downward to retain it." Basically.

All physical things come from the spiritual realm. The events conditions and circumstances which happen in EVERY area of YOUR life are the result of consciousness.ALL a result of consciousness. the relationships. You can use whatever phrase you feel comfortable using whether Cause and effect.. Giving and providing value to others is what will determine how much you get in return. spirituality. the very same source.. whether religion. YOUR consciousness. they all describe and lead back to the same beginning.your physical results in life are the harvest.. the kind of car that you drive. quantum the quality of the relationships that you are in. or any of a hundred thousand more. or through the simple observation of nature. What brings the physical aspects of life from this unseen realm is Consciousness. all the looking around in the external world for fulfillment for all those years is that ALL things in the physical world traced back to one very simple thing. then you will experience those repercussions in your life. It doesn't matter which avenue you choose to explore. the job that you go to each day. I've also learned that using people and loving money is a very short ride to pain. what I've discovered as a result of ALL those experiences. The money.. The more you give. That search started many years ago and what I've gained and learned as a result. Through it all the biggest lesson learned was this. you receive. the pleasure...consciousness. What I "truly" love to do. What the mind can conceive it can achieve. ALL the analytical and intellectual brainstorming. If your predominant mindset is all about taking.loving people and using money is a far more fulfilling way to be and will produce MUCH more pleasant results. the answer is EXACTLY the same. all that searching. plain and simple. All things physical come from the metaphysical.... What you reap you sow. To share what I've learned as a result of that search and personal experience with others so they might gain some benefit from what I've experienced and might "learn" from my experiences and not have to go through the same experiences.. the things that you will or will not accomplish..consciousness. I've discovered has lead me to my "true" purpose and passion in life. the house that you live in. science. the business that you operate. or take the amount of time that it took me. the pain.. the quality of your spiritual connection. the more you get... ALL things.. all that doingness. The amount of money that you make. All things seen come from the unseen. . Consciousness is the seed. and that by turning that mindset around. I've also learned through it all that contributing is A LOT more rewarding and fulfilling than taking.. As you believe. the fulfillment.ALL of it. the health. The quality of life that you experience is the result of consciousness. As a man thinketh so is he. In a nutshell.

limitation. fulfillment and unshakable joy in every aspect of your life. Why? The main reason is that what creates "Real Power" and "Real Wealth" isn't taught in conventional educational systems. It's your consciousness. Choose a scattered consciousness you choose loss and pain..the quality of your thought." Loss is the result of a "Scattered Consciousness.00 per hour $2."real wealth" is the result of a "Wealth Consciousness. disharmony and discord in life is the result of a "Poverty Consciousness. claiming they don't have the time or the resources or whatever other excuses there are as to why they can't elevate their level of consciousness and discover a "higher Truth" than they currently hold which would enable them to experience a much higher and grander life experience. develop the level of self awareness that would awaken them to the "Real Truth" which would enable and empower them to experience "Real Wealth." The mass majority are unconsciously scurrying around in a frenzy.Chuck Danes If you make $5. Because of much of what they're taught in our structured education systems and from any number of well meaning people in their lives. short of time. they develop the belief that this is just how life is and never take the initiative for that or any number of other reasons. they walk around in a fog "unconsciously" creating EVERY event. All loss is the result of consciousness. I've also learned that after observing and working with countless people throughout the years that MOST are "Unconscious" of their consciousness.There is NOTHING external to you that is responsible for where you are regardless of your current perception.00 per hour it is the result of your consciousness. that it can be and often is lost far quicker than it was gained.00 per year it is the result of your consciousness.." Lack. If you earn $2. and circumstance in their life feeling helpless and hopeless to do anything about it. Amazingly enough..00 might seem like A LOT of money but in the bigger scheme . not understanding that it is "their own" quality of consciousness that is creating it. anxious and stressed out fully believing that they are at the mercy of some capricious set of external circumstances.. short of money.000.000. Just like I did.Choose poverty consciousness you choose disharmony and discord…Choose a money consciousness you choose material gain…Choose a wealth consciousness you choose harmony. unconscious of it. To the person that earns $5. .. the ONE THING that is THE most important thing to have for creating "Real Wealth" in your life and the majority are asleep to it. condition. I've learned that without acquiring a "Wealth Consciousness" that although you may attain levels that many "perceive" as success based on what the majority "perceive" success to be.. All struggle is the result of consciousness. Sustainable and lasting wealth." Those I discovered are the bare bones true to life facts.000.000. All gain is the result of consciousness.

The ONLY difference is that some choose to heighten and become more "aware" of how to properly utilize it than others do.000. whatever you might perceive that Source to be. but a consciousness acquired at a seed level. but a higher quality of consciousness just the same. but it is the "key" to achieving "real and lasting wealth. In comparison to what is available to anyone willing to develop the quality of their consciousness enabling them to tap into "Infinite Potential" and possibility. what's on the "inside". I'm not implying that someone who might make far less money than another is any less fulfilled in life. at the level of the "True Source" of ALL that is. I know people who make very little money who are totally fulfilled and content. Based on the beliefs of the mass majority it got REALLY crowded in there.00 is a finite sum which too is limited only by consciousness." I personally found the box to be quite uncomfortable and overpopulated.00 the same as the $5. One person doesn't have access to any more of it than another. your level of formal education or lack of. per hour but only holds a higher internal monetary value of themselves. It doesn't matter what happened to you as a child.000. Money isn't a desired outcome for many people. Don't misunderstand what I'm saying.000. YOU have it. what's going on in government. the economy or ANYTHING external to you.00 per hour. even $2. in comparison to what I have come to know and believe is TRULY possible. luckier. We ALL have it. Perhaps just a money consciousness. developing a little discipline initially to raise the quality of it. In fact. It's their quality of consciousness that enables them to make the $2. even that amount is minuscule. more gifted than the person who makes $5. While many believe that the person who makes $2. Not a consciousness acquired through traditional forms of formal education. in reality it is none of these but rather a higher level of consciousness. All that matters is consciousness. . Yes it may take stepping outside of the box a bit. a quality of consciousness that sets those who are content and fulfilled apart from those who aren't. But anyone can get out of there once they accept responsibility for where they are and make the "choice" to do so. The person who makes $2. It's a matter of individual perspective. I can assure you it's a FAR less crowded place. allows him/her to make $5. It's simply a mindset.00 per hour workers quality of consciousness.of things.00 per hour.00 per year is no better than the person who makes $5. to undo the previously established "False" and self limiting beliefs that were picked up throughout life.000.00 per year is somehow smarter. the country you live in. your health.000. your age or ANYTHING else that you might think of. your relationships. It doesn't matter where you currently find yourself or where you've been and what you've experienced in the past with regard to your finances.

Developing YOUR knowledge of how to create a wealth consciousness now is what will change the undesired into the desired. but without fail elevating the kind and quality of the consciousness will elevate the kind and quality of your life. If you are currently making a lot of money but are experiencing disharmony and discord in other areas of your life it can be changed by making the choice to raise the quality of consciousness that is creating the discord. grasping and internalizing the fact that what you see in your life today is the result of the quality of consciousness that you held at some point in the past and awakening to the fact that YOU have the free will as well as the ability to change it anytime that YOU choose to.the quality of consciousness that you have now. limitation. That being starts with your quality of consciousness.the choices you make now.. Developing and adapting to a wealth consciousness now will enable you to experience "real wealth" at some point in the future. .. How specifically do you do that? You begin by first having and keeping focus on the goal. conditions and circumstances that you experience in your life today and fretting and fearing what tomorrow might bring. or disharmony in your life it is due to the quality of YOUR consciousness and can be changed by merely making the choice to do so. It might require developing a deeper sense of self awareness. How? Simply by changing the kind and quality of the consciousness that created it... only new beginnings..choosing to adapt a wealth consciousness now. the desired outcome that you have a "desire" to experience keeping in mind that what is here now is only based on what you have "unconsciously" created at some point in the past based on the quality of consciousness that YOU chose then. Fretting about what has happened in the past and being anxious and fearful of what might happen in the future based on what you've experienced in the past is the best and surest way to remain stuck and never achieve "Real Wealth. Consciousness is the seed. That was then.If there is any lack. All that matters is now... Wealth consciousness isn't focusing on what you see around you in the way of events. discord. Focusing on. That is ALL that matters. Wealth consciousness is fully understanding. Wealth consciousness will produce a much more desirable harvest than poverty consciousness.. There are NO endings. becoming brutally honest with yourself about how and why discord is occurring. stressing about and beating yourself up concerning undesirable conditions that you brought into existence then won't change now and will only ensure that those conditions will repeat themselves in your tomorrows.." Measuring your self worth based on the possessions that you have now and establishing a belief system that reinforces it will keep you trapped in it and NEVER allow you to experience Real Wealth. You can begin to BE something different right now than you were at some point in the past and create different outcomes for tomorrow..this is now.

A wealth consciousness enables you to BE wealthy on the inside before you SEE wealthy in the physical world. Denis Waitley PHD. who has trained Olympic athletes." Another of the great spiritual teachers. Doingness creates temporary." Why would he say that? Because he understands that conventional forms of education are useless until you have the internal understanding. continually fearful of what external event. Traditional forms of education are absolutely useless unless and until you acquire the internal knowledge of who and what you "truly" are. All things on the outside are the result of what's inside. but rather "Beingness. Wealth consciousness enables you to attract and DO the correct things so that you can tap into and HAVE an Infinite supply of real wealth. Doingness without beingness is futile and will have you scurrying around in an external world seeking security and constantly fearful about what the future might hold. The correct formula is Be. One of the teachers who's work I've studied. External knowledge. and the one who has made the most profound and dramatic impact on my life. Wealth consciousness education instills and teaches beingness.Not an external form of knowledge that conventional education provides. instilled the following in me. Infinite wealth." Why does he say that? Because he understands that wealth consciousness is FAR more important and will produce FAR GREATER results "long term" than conventional educational systems could EVER provide.' To first "BE" you MUST establish a wealth consciousness.." . Have. Both of these teachers understand that wealth. the wealth consciousness that enables you to create "Real Wealth.. condition or circumstance might happen to take your "perceived" security away. Leslie Fieger. Doingness produces mediocre and temporary results at best. Internal knowing and wisdom creates a wealth consciousness which is "Infinite" and eternal. real wealth doesn't happen as a result of doingness. Beingness creates "Real Wealth. John Harricharan can be quoted as saying that his MBA is kept in a glass covered frame with a little hammer and a note on it that says."Conventional forms of education teach doingness. "To achieve real wealth you must first 'Be.. physical and "finite" results at best. who is the creator of the Delfin Knowledge System. One of my most influential and all time favorite mentors. like external wealth is finite and temporary. Doingness might provide a temporary and finite supply of what many equate wealth to be but without the beingness will NEVER provide you with the lasting harmony and fulfillment in EVERY aspect of your life that so many are futilely attempting to find and create only through their doingness. "Break here in case of emergency. and is one of the top self empowerment teachers in the US can be quoted as saying that his PHD stands for "piled high and deep. astronauts. Do.

" The first step in acquiring a wealth consciousness is developing a "true" picture of yourself through self awareness and recognizing the fact that all that matters is now. Your perception.If you'll internalize. Just NOW... Wealth consciousness isn't "I'll believe it when I SEE it. which will attract the correct things to "Do". apply and begin to live by that statement you'll soon know what it is to experience "real wealth. Focusing on failure will only keep you haven't failed. the evidence of things NOT seen. so you can "Have" whatever it is that you desire to have. Sure. "Faith is the substance of things HOPED for. What brings those things into the physical realm where you can SEE them with your physical eyes and experience them with your physical senses? Consciousness. There is NO SUCH THING as failure. It's not based on a wealth consciousness. YOUR consciousness. Wealth consciousness CANNOT fail. It doesn't mean it's true. a WRONG "perception" at that and the result of a poverty consciousness. . Wealth consciousness allows you to clearly see it on the inside so that you can see and experience it in the outside." That's poverty consciousness. but you can't fail. Where do ALL things come from? The unseen.." That's why so many are unhappy. but that doesn't mean it's failure. You'll NEVER see it.. Let me share something with you. They do what they feel they HAVE to do rather than what they're passionate about and would LOVE to do. Why?.because they've been taught to fear failure and as result they go through what they "perceive" as failure. The quality of consciousness that you have now.. Focusing on and fearing failure will only insure that you continue to fail in the future. The real truth is that you CANNOT fail..." Wealth consciousness is an internalized understanding that you must first "Be" wealthy on the inside. so that you can "Do" certain things so you can "Be" somebody. You can have a "perception" that you failed. Failure is only a perception in the mind. What you say? Well sure you can fail I have failed!! No.. It's only a perception. you can quit and call it failure if you CAN'T fail. Failure is only a "perception".. There are many today that claim they have "tried" to do things that they loved and were passionate about and "failed" so it must not have been meant to be. Poverty consciousness is believing that you must first "Have" something.. Because of this "failure" they have internalized a "fear" that keeps them stuck doing what they feel they have to do to "survive.. Here's why.

discord and disharmony but it successfully creates it. So what's that got to do with failure? What you perceive as failure is the result of consciousness too.EVERYTHING began as a thought. You can choose to be and remain "unconscious" as to what you're creating. "Poverty consciousness" is about quitting and "believing" that it was unanswered prayer or just wasn't meant to be. You are always successful in creating something. You only need to become "CONSCIOUS" of WHAT you are creating. You only have to become keenly aware and conscious of your consciousness and you'll CLEARLY see that whatever you're experiencing.. YOU are successfully creating. A crabgrass seed planted can only create crabgrass. It's a failure to accept responsibility and will keep you stuck. But what you "wrongfully" perceive as failure is really a successful creation. Shift your consciousness to success and wealth and you create success and wealth. A thought is consciousness. . currently exists or will exist that is NOT the result of consciousness. your computer. It would violate every law of nature. your house." Creation is constant. In other words it simply can't happen.. Everything physical in the room you're sitting in right now exists as a result of consciousness. A wealth consciousness successfully creates wealth.Everything in the entire universe exists as a result of consciousness.. EVERYTHING originated from a thought. but it successfully creates it. A poverty consciousness is successfully creating lack. making adjustments and going forward. A seed that grows those pesky little burrs that get stuck in your foot can only grow those pesky little burrs but it successfully creates it. your phone. your car.. the kind and quality of which is determined by the kind and quality of the consciousness that created it. Wealth consciousness is about accepting responsibility for what you created. shift the consciousness that will automatically and effortlessly shift the result. There is nothing that has existed."Real Wealth. A seed of poverty consciousness can only create lack. REGARDLESS of how you might "perceive" it. limitation. EVERYTHING you own. Choose to focus on fear and you'll draw to you and create more of what is feared. If you desire to to be successful in a different way. an ideal.. You can NEVER mis-create. EVERYTHING. You are creating every minute of every day. your job. absolute and perfect 100% of the time without fail. Eliminate a consciousness of failure and you eliminate failure. your TV. limitation and what you perceive as failure. It's about giving your power away to someone or something other than yourself. but you can't mis-create. Wealth consciousness recognizes "perceived failures" for what they "truly" are which is a creation that YOU created based on YOUR quality of consciousness which can be changed by changing the quality of consciousness which created it. "Poverty consciousness" creates what you might currently "perceive" as failure.

.Failure is merely a perception. If you don't like the kind and quality of your success. The only thing that's not perfect is your understanding. Shift from poverty consciousness to wealth consciousness and you will reap a harvest of "Real and Lasting Wealth. Wealth . An abundance of money is successfully created by a money consciousness. government. in armies. change the kind and quality of the seed that is creating it.. The kind and quality of the seed ALWAYS determines the kind and quality of the harvest. unwavering and absolutely perfect 100% of the time. Whatever it is. Attempting to create a desired result. THAT is impossible!! The point being. plant new seeds and you'll produce a different harvest. Real power isn't found in money.Failure is impossible. the Creator. To change what you perceive as "failure" into success. A lack of money is successfully created by planting seeds of poverty consciousness which can only produce a lack of money." Shift from a broke consciousness to a money consciousness and you will harvest a crop of money... whatever you might perceive Source to be.. it is YOU that is creating it through your consciousness. Are you getting this? No I mean REALLY getting it? Real power lies in consciousness. Acquiring a "wealth consciousness" will enable you to experience that power for yourself both internally and externally but it ALL starts from within. you only need to become conscious of what seeds you're planting. A wealth consciousness will consciously create "Real Wealth" in your life." Power that is limitless in nature. You only need to become aware of the Universal Laws also known as Laws of Nature put into place by the Source to govern creation perfectly.without fail EVERY TIME. but you ARE doing it. Those are merely a form of external and very limited "finite" power..precisely. Real power is "Infinite. Real power lies in the kind and quality of consciousness that YOU choose to have. Both are seeds planted that MUST produce a harvest.. WHATEVER it might be with a poverty consciousness is like putting a biscuit in the oven and expecting to pull out a German Chocolate cake. traditional forms of education. your "perception" of what's happening. The process is immutable. A poverty consciousness is unconsciously creating undesirable results in your life. You might very well be doing it unconsciously. Real power isn't found in ANY thing external to yourself. Real power is found within you. The quickest and simplest way to know what seeds you've been planting is look at your current results and you'll know what you've been "successful" at creating.perfectly.. precisely and with unwavering certainty and adjust your consciousness to change what you're creating and harmonize it with what you have a desire to create so you can experience it in the future. You only need to become aware that you were created in the image and likeness of the Source. "Real Wealth" is only created and experienced by acquiring and holding onto a wealth consciousness.

Source. Universal Intelligence. No one can do that for you . respect and LOVE where EVERYONE wins. Real power let's EVERYONE win. This form of power isn't based on what MOST perceive power to be. Your inner beingness. "As you believe.. External "finite" power is based on fear and taking. You only need to awaken and rediscover the "REAL You" establish a level of Self Awareness that enables you to see it and to become "conscious" of the fact that it's true..consciousness will enable you to experience the joy. do and have. so shall you receive. you will discover the infinite power and potential that has been freely provided to you. Higher Power. That's how God. you reap.. Gaining a "True Sense" of self will provide you with an inner knowing and a power that is untouchable and "Infinite. The kind and quality of the consciousness that YOU possess the inalienable right of free will to acquire. not fear and competition. or whatever you may perceive Source to be created it. Real power is based on love and contributing.It is SO you."What you sow. all the beliefs. all the preconceived notions about what's "logical". harmony and fulfillment in life "regardless" of what's going on in the external world around you. Most people have it ALL backwards. what your "limitations" are.It is SO real. simplest and least painful way to do that is gaining self awareness.". do and have ANYTHING that you make the choice to be. When you wipe out all the self limiting and self sabotaging filters. what is or is not "possible" for you. As a man thinketh so is he. "Ask and you shall receive. They try to do it from the outside in. When you shift your consciousness to that which you love rather than that which you fear you will discover that you "truly" are an "infinite" and limitless being existing in an infinite and limitless universe with infinite and limitless potential who has been provided the ability to be. Attempting to create wealth that way can ONLY produce temporary and limited results and is operating from a poverty consciousness.. that someone must lose so someone else can win but "Infinite" power that is boundless and limitless in nature where EVERYONE wins. whether it be finite in nature or infinite and boundless in nature will reflect the kind and quality of the life that YOU choose just as a mirror reflects back at you perfectly and precisely what you project toward it. I can't do that for you. "True Power" isn't based on competition where someone must lose but mutual cooperation. It will NEVER work long term. The kind and quality of your consciousness determines the kind and quality of your life in the physical world." That's how the Universe operates. your consciousness is what you're projecting outward and the mirror symbolizes the Universe reflecting it back at you perfectly and precisely just as you ask. It is SO simple. The quickest. all the perceptions.

What could seeking security possibly have to do with Love or fear? Seeking security is "based on fear.. Anything and everything that you do or think you can or can't do is categorized under one of these. Every thought every action ANYTHING that you do in the physical world is based on. When you change the belief you hold with regard to it. What could possibly be wrong with seeking security? That seems honorable enough. You tune into it. correct? WRONG.. "Real Security" you don't seek it. Seeking and wanting security is based on a poverty consciousness. It is merely an illusion that YOU have created and which YOU have the choice and the ability any time that YOU choose to change it. there are only 2 possibilities.." There are so many things that people "unconsciously" do today that keep them from acquiring this wealth consciousness fully unaware of what it is that they are doing.. That seems harmless enough. Under the umbrella of consciousness. it is only because of the kind and quality of your consciousness.. You must place your focus on the LOVE of it. Why are you seeking and desiring something that is already available to you? In fact why are you seeking security that is already yours? IF you are not already experiencing it. It is only because of the filters. To provide just one quick example. That seems like a "logical" thing to do. the beliefs. YOU must make the choice to do that. You don't need it. which I think we have discovered and agree is responsible for EVERY conceivable outcome.. of already having it." How so? Seeking and desiring security is a fear that at some point in time you will not have enough. When you do you will have acquired a wealth consciousness that will enable and empower you to experience real power and "Real Wealth. To have security... Let's see why it's NOT correct and based on a "poverty consciousness". the perceptions. YOU are creating the illusion of NOT having it by "believing that you don't have it. As far as I know that's what NEARLY everyone is taught to do. .. You don't WANT it. That's what the "majority" have been taught to do.Love or Fear. you change the illusion that is keeping it from you and you will have it. It MUST be right. How? Change the kind and quality of consciousness that is creating the illusion.except YOU. That's an inner game NOT a physical external "doingness" game. the result of. You cannot create something that you desire by placing your focus on the fear of not having it. That's what I was taught to do. ONE of these two dominant aspects of beingness. "Knowing" that you already possess it is based on a wealth consciousness and the result is that you will experience it. the preconceived notions that YOU have attached to it which is blocking it from you here and now.Seeking Security.

The result? You will become wealthy. you just haven't figured out how to get your share. Think about the times that you feel fearful. you will develop and acquire a "wealth consciousness" enabling and empowering you to plant more "conscious" seeds and the "poverty consciousness" will dissipate.a harvest. Focusing on Love will draw to you what you love. focusing on love is wealth consciousness. To get it you have to eliminate the fear you have of not having enough of it. .. It can NEVER be lost or taken away. The point being.. It's acquired through your "beingness. When you develop the ability to tune into this inner security. The process is identical. Focusing on fear is poverty consciousness. Focusing on fear will draw to you what you fear. When you choose to shift your consciousness to the Love end of the spectrum you are experiencing wealth consciousness. External security is "finite" in nature and can be lost MUCH quicker than it's won. Want + Fear = More of what you fear. Most people seek "financial" security.. "Truly wealthy. You have the free will to choose. Love sets you free and "feels" incredible!! They both produce an outcome. what you choose to focus on." Wealth and poverty cannot co-exist any more that Love and Fear or light and dark can co-exist. You already have FAR MORE money available to you than you could ever hope to spend. The only difference in the outcome is one of degree. You have the choice as well as the ability to choose which end of the spectrum that you will place your focus on and as a result reside on.. When you make the choice to establish a "true sense" of self awareness and discover who and what you "truly" are. Desire + Love = All you ever hoped for.although that is how MOST attempt to secure it. It is within your ability to choose which end of the spectrum you will place your consciousness on. Love and fear are on 2 ends of the same spectrum. External security is based on fear. The closer you are to the end of "fear" you are projecting a poverty consciousness.. Neither is right or wrong but only determines what you will experience based on the choice that YOU make. Internal security is "Infinite" in nature. When you feel fearful about something you cannot feel love for whatever it is. To retain what you have you have to eliminate the fear that you might lose it. external security falls into place." It is "true power" based on love.Contrary to popular "belief" seeking security is based on an underlying fear which equates to a poverty consciousness. Seeking financial security if you'll dig deeply enough is based on a fear of not having enough money. You have the free will to choose fear or you have the free will to choose Love. Fear restricts you and doesn't "feel" very good.

I warn you again about the dangers in this room just to make sure you understand and I leave. that my intent is to keep you safe. Although the lights a little dim you can see that everything is laid out in the room just as I said. A few good things too. I tell you that I've been in this room and know based on my experience where the safe spots are (the good things) and where there are things that can harm and hurt you. You have no fear of it but you are really curious about it. I and a few other things that I need to share with you. I tell you that if you'll flip that switch up you'll see that everything I've shared with you is true. You have no idea what's in there.. but MUCH danger. a more physical perspective by using the following analogy. As you look around you see that everything is just as I told you. tell you to the best of my ability about this room and feel you are prepared to venture out to see and experience it for yourself. I have some things to do. You are standing in this room and it is pitch black.Let''s look at it from a different perspective.very closely.. Next I tell you that I must leave. You can't see anything except darkness. After all you're my friend. More dangerous things than good things. I tell you that I know this room. I warn you where the danger is and the best way to avoid it. Let's assume for a moment that I guide you into a room. I tell you that if you are not very careful and listen to everything I say you could be very badly hurt or even killed. You aren't at all familiar with this room. You know that I care about you and am only looking out for your best interest so you listen to what I say. . I tell you that there are a few good things but there is also all types of danger in this room. You do it and this dim light comes on. There are no windows.. I set the limits. I tell you that this room is fairly small and limited in size. That there is nothing in here except you. You're glad that I'm your friend. I begin to tell you all about my personal experiences in this room. but first before I show it to you there are some things that I must share with you because I care about you and I want to do everything within my power to keep you safe. You start to become fearful but you and I are friends so you trust me. Then I tell you if you'll raise up your right hand about 2 feet you'll find a switch. There you are standing there with absolutely no ability to see anything except this pitch black darkness wondering why I have asked you to come. You're not sure what it holds. I tell you that you can remain safe in this room if you'll follow my instructions carefully. I tell you that there is a switch in this room. I tell you that I know everything about it because of my experiences in it. because you see that it is true.. That I've been here and experienced it. I do this for awhile making sure that you understand how important it is that you listen to me.

You begin to explore deeper and deeper into this room and the more you explore the more you find that this room continues forever. The more you explore the more you find that's available to you and the more joyful you become. But then you look up close to where the switch that I told you about was and you see a little round knob. a little further it gets brighter and brighter and brighter until you've turned it as far as it can go. Because the light is a little dim you stumble from time to time and a couple times you even fall down and hurt yourself because you can't see everything clearly due to the dim lighting. wow I'm glad Chuck told me all these things. what I warned you about was right. You think to yourself. In fact there are SO many things in this room that you can't see where the room starts or begins. fall and get hurt again. Things that I didn't tell you about. You walk up to them pick them up and find that they actually excite you. you bypass them because you don't want to stumble. You turn around and you are literally AMAZED at what you can see. It even contains things that you never thought of or could even conceive!!! This room contains EVERY conceivable outcome. You discover that there is MUCH more in here than you "thought" there was due to what I told and "taught" you. You turn it a little further and it gets brighter. It contains things you have thought of or desired in the past. You turn it to the left a little and it gets darker so you stop. You're curious what it is so you walk over to it and discover that it's a dimmer switch. You see all those things that I had told you about but now you can see far beyond them too.You fumble around in this room for awhile just kind of experiencing. So you stumble around for awhile longer staying as safe as you can. In fact you find that it contains ANYTHING and EVERYTHING that you have ever wanted and even more. make you really happy and bring you joy. It causes you to go in a few areas that I told you that you shouldn't and you stumble and get hurt. With the light on you can clearly see your way around them and find only those things that YOU choose to experience. You can easily stay clear of those things that had you stumbling and falling a few minutes before. This further validates in your mind what I told you. What he said is exactly true. It looks TOTALLY different in here now!! You're all excited and you begin to explore a bit and start discovering that there are some really incredible things in this room. Although there are things behind them that you would like to pick up and hold and experience. You turn it to the right and the light brightens a little. the fear is still there a bit so you bypass them and go to another part of the room. . You look around and see that some of those things that I warned you about are still there and because of what I told you.

your friends. stumble and fall.. with all the best intent and with your best interest in mind shared with you what they "thought" was right and true. that the person who took me in this room never showed me that. this is incredible!! We find that those things we feared only blocked us from those things we desired because we chose to allow them to. your preconceived notions concerning what is right and what is wrong. With the light turned up. what you should . pick up those things behind what we feared and find that they can't hurt us unless we choose to pick them up. relatives. So very cautiously we walk around the undesired things. I rush back and sure enough there is. The directions I gave you initially. We bypass them because we don't want to get hurt. WOW!!! This is amazing. There was A LOT more that they "didn't" know. He told me that I must be very careful or I could get hurt. The dimly lit room represents a poverty consciousness. your perceptions. You tell me about finding the dimmer switch and everything available in this room. who most times unknowingly.The more you discover and experience the more excited you become. It represents what you should fear. clergy etc.. there is MUCH more good in here to experience than what he told me. I'm as amazed as you are!! I tell you that I didn't know there was a dimmer switch. represents the teachings from your parents. your siblings. But then as we explore further we begin to think about how badly we desire to experience those things that are being blocked by those things we fear.. get the courage to walk beyond them and. I apologize to you and assure you that I care about you and only told you the best I knew because I am your friend and only wanted to keep you safe.. Ok. what does all this mean? The dark room represents you when you were born. but it wasn't. What is safe and what is danger. your view of the world based on much of what you have been taught. You understand and we begin to explore this place together with a whole new set of eyes in a whole new way enjoying everything that is in here with the exception of those things that are being blocked by those things that we both fear. It represents your current beliefs.But Chuck told me that there was much danger in here. although a little apprehensive at first. Wow. all your teachers. You're unafraid of the darkness and unafraid of the light. Although he was "partially" right. You know nothing of the world. what would keep you safe in life because that is what they were taught as right and true. You're neutral and curious but totally susceptible to outside influence. But you become a little frustrated because some of those things you fear are blocking those things that you truly have a desire to experience. Then it dawns on you. your fears. You're a little angry at first so you call me on your cell phone and tell me all about your experience. we can easily go around them and experience the things that we desired.

you begin to acquire a "wealth consciousness. But as you become more conscious of what's REALLY available. Anywhere in between represents all other emotions. your ability to stay in total darkness of fear. acceptance. The experiences you had with these feared things in the past based on what you were taught and as a result experienced. courageousness. Every conceivable outcome is is here. lust. Even more than you ever conceived possible. There is nothing that is not in here. But those things that block you." You begin to discover that with this new light you can see alot better and begin to think that perhaps you can get around and bypass what you fear to experience and gain access to what you love. anger. The light switch and the dimmer switch represents your choices. joy and Love. . You get to choose which setting it is set on. grief. more self aware. Turned all the way to the left is apathy and fear and all the way to the right is joy and love. It represents your ability to choose to flip the switch up or flip it down any time you choose. When you turn it to the left the light is dimmed and you can only see a very limited perspective of what's "truly" available. It blocks you from experiencing what you desire and love because of what you've been taught to fear. You have the ability to turn it to whatever setting you choose to experience. All things grand and all things painful. You get to see a few of those things desired but mostly those things that can cause you to stumble. only where you choose to put it which determines your ability to see what's truly available in the room. fall and hurt yourself due to what you have been taught to fear. All things that you love and all things that you fear. lack and limitation or in the light of love where there is only wealth. fulfillment and harmony. The brightly lit room represents your choice to develop an expanded consciousness and begin becoming more aware of all that you are and all that's available to you in the Universe. that fear still pops up from time to out for and represents your apprehensiveness of venturing out too far for fear of getting hurt. It represents a very limited life. When you turn it to the right as the light brightens you can see far beyond the fearful things. You can clearly begin to see everything in here and you begin to understand that you get to choose whatever you like. limitation and discord or "Infinite" potential. those things that you fear that have caused you to stumble and fall down in the past block some of those things that you have a sincere desire to experience. pride. There is no right or wrong setting. The dimmer switch symbolizes your emotions and your ability to choose which you'll allow yourself to feel ranging from apathy. fear. has made a strong impression on you and although you are now becoming more aware of how much more is available to you. peace. It's based on these settings that you get to choose lack.

recognizing it for what it truly is and then begin to gather the strength to go around it. You see that this Infinite possibility is available and maybe. falling and sometimes even getting hurt. just maybe it could be yours just by dispelling the fear. Wealth consciousness enables you to see and choose what you love without limit.. you will never have to fear anything EVER again. You find that there is NOTHING to fear as long as you choose to keep your focus on what you love. Beyond these things that you feared due to what you experienced as a result of the dim lighting. Self awareness and Wealth consciousness. but you have discovered that if you'll just keep your focus off of them you can easily bypass them and choose to experience only what you love. ever was or ever will be. a light that those who taught you weren't aware of. You have evolved from poverty consciousness to wealth consciousness. taking your focus off of them and placing it on the things behind them.. you can see all that is. based on your inalienable right of free will you get to choose whatever experience that YOU choose to experience.. You finally have discovered that not only is there infinite possibility and potential but YOU get to experience it because you made the choice to venture out a bit and discover for yourself. The point of this analogy boils down to this. There is no right or wrong in this room any more than in your life. facing it and accepting it as such. the desired outcomes that they block. Poverty consciousness enables you to keep the light dimmed down or even off... Once you discover the "real truth" concerning those and begin to "consciously" apply what you discover in your day to day life. you get to experience those things that you love and desire and the fear begins to dissipate even more. You begin to see Infinite possibility. Once you discover and internalize that there is nothing to fear. the things that caused you to stumble fall and get hurt. There are only 2 things required to tap into and achieve Infinite wealth and Abundance. Whatever that might be is honored and you are granted your wish unconditionally. Yes the things that you were taught to fear and look out for are still present. enabling you to see only what you fear and you continue stumbling. This edition of "Enlightened Journey" boils down to one simple truth. by walking up to it.Although they are still here and they make you a little uncomfortable you can see all the incredible things that are here and you begin to lose sight of the fear. As you explore deeper and begin to gain wealth consciousness you discover that those things that you fear can be easily bypassed and that by carefully going around them. . You'll know what it means to acquire and experience "Real Wealth" that no one will ever be able to take away from you.. all else will become illuminated and fall into place. Only choices that.

"Unconditional Love. Wealth consciousness allows you to attract and experience the events. You also get to choose whether you will have a wealth consciousness or a poverty consciousness. perfectly and precisely EVERY time with unwavering certainty. Regardless of your current perception of reality or the current results you're experiencing. 60. 60. In a perfectly constructed Universe. What you choose. It is constantly creating based only on love. you get to choose to change them.experiences based on the kind and quality of consciousness that we have the inalienable right and the ability to choose and project... There is no judgment or condemnation. There is no judgment only physical outcomes. anxious and stressing about what tomorrow might bring continually worrying and anxious that something outside of you that you "perceive and believe" that you have no control over might cause you to stumble. only outcomes. EVERY second of everyday is a miracle. It attracts to you what you fear. fearful. your prayers are answered unconditionally. you receive and experience... Poverty consciousness has you scurrying around in the external world dodging what you fear." Whatever we choose. Wealth consciousness turns the light switch on and the dimmer switch all the way to the right. what you place focus on. Do and Have whatever you desire to experience in your life. What you have faith in. a knowledge that will enable you to clearly see and know at a deep level who and what you "Already" are and the limitless power that you already hold to Be. 70 or even a 100 thousand dollar piece of paper called a diploma. fall and even get hurt. You get to decide whether you like the way things are and if you discover that you don't. There is no right or wrong. All it requires is an internal shift. Changing them doesn't require a 50. To do and experience what you Love. It doesn't require 50.Whether or not you currently realize it. a harvest based on the choices that YOU choose to make...the seeds that YOU choose to plant. The best doing that I've discovered thus far is acquiring a depth of self awareness that will enable and empower you to make the internal shift from a poverty consciousness into a wealth consciousness. A creation unfolding precisely and perfectly based on what YOU choose to create. a paradigm shift. The real beauty of it all is that you have been provided an inalienable right of free will... 70 hour work weeks stuck in a career that is unfulfilling. Wealth consciousness is Love . whether the things you love or the things you fear. we exist in a perfectly constructed Universe that NEVER wavers. we get to experience.perfectly and precisely. You get to choose. attempting to fill a void. YOU get to choose. If you truly desire change then it's going to be necessary to do something different than what you've been doing. conditions and circumstances needed to achieve real wealth in every aspect of your life.creations. faith and abundance is all there is. Whatever you choose is OK but that choice WILL determine your outcomes in the physical world.

fulfilling and joyful" life whenever YOU choose to.and Infinite potential.physically. Wealth consciousness is about shifting focus from the "seemingly" real external focus. even joyful and fulfilling. In reality every second of every minute of everyday is a miracle. Set your intention. the things you look at change. retain and fully enjoy what I choose to refer to as "Real Wealth". Modern day Science has proven it and the greatest and most insightful spiritual teachers in the history of mankind have taught it for thousands of years.. Wealth Consciousness is a powerful ally and the ONLY way to EVER acquire. Creation NEVER rests. Making the shift from a poverty consciousness to a wealth consciousness isn't a complicated process once you have the knowledge. Wealth consciousness isn't as much about learning how to create wealth as it is "unlearning" the previous self limiting and self sabotaging programming and removing the baggage that is keeping you from accepting and receiving the wealth that is and always has been yours and has always been readily available to you simply by asking and remaining open to receive it. Remain unattached. Wait for the ways and means to show up. Most are just unconscious as to what it is that they are creating. Choose to develop a wealth consciousness. It is an internal doing that makes all the other doing in the physical world MUCH simpler. . relationally. wisdom and the precise steps needed to instill and awaken it within yourself. financially. inner peace and prosperity when you make the conscious choice to do so. emotionally. When you change the way you look at things. fulfillment. Do and Have whatever you choose to experience..exponentially. FAR more pleasant. oftentimes in what "appears" as miraculous ways. The Higher Truth is that you can Be. I can tell you that you're not. Take action. fully believing that they are creatures or victims of circumstance.. Wealth Consciousness WILL draw it to you without fail. internally where "higher truth" and "true power" lies enabling you to experience a "desired. I can tell you from many years of trying it the wrong way and believing that same thing that you can experience a life of joy. I hope that what I've shared today will somehow assist in turning the light switch on and the dimmer to it's brightest position. and spiritually.. Your choice to enhance the kind and quality of your consciousness will enable and empower you to enhance the kind and quality of your life.

are serving or working against you in the fulfillment of your desired outcomes. The Delfin Knowledge System provides everything necessary for exposing and changing the underlying subconscious beliefs which are creating disharmony and which keep so many stuck in less than desired conditions throughout their lives. Here it is. seminars. What enabled me to escape doing what I thought I had to do to doing what I love to do. Those who master their mind and those who allow their mind to master them. Something that was instrumental in changing my quality of consciousness from a poverty consciousness to a wealth consciousness. Those who ... and has served me in ways that would take numerous books to properly convey. The Delfin Knowledge System will greatly enhance your level of self awareness enabling you to acquire the wealth consciousness that will change every aspect of your life if you find that you're at the place in your life that you're ready to make the choice to allow it to. after spending literally tens of thousands of dollars on numerous personal empowerment products. but provides timeless wisdom. The Delfin Knowledge System includes what I consider to be THE most powerful and effective tools EVER offered or created based on countless numbers of others that I've utilized over the years. books etc. an extremely powerful personal empowerment system called "The Delfin Knowledge System" created by Leslie Fieger that not only provides an IMMENSE value. There are 2 types of people. The Delfin Knowledge System also provides you with all the tools necessary and a profoundly powerful step by step plan which enables you to make the necessary internal shift from a poverty consciousness to a wealth consciousness. profound insight and an uncommon depth of knowledge and understanding that will enable you to awaken to and discover your individual ability to begin consciously creating for yourself the desires that you hold as sacred but may have previously considered to be "unrealistic" and/or out of your reach.I am going to introduce you to something that provided me with the level of awareness and provided a depth of understanding that made that shift possible for me. In addition it will provide you with the simple steps and all the tools necessary for becoming "conscious" of and discerning if the current beliefs that you hold as well as the actions that you are taking. The Delfin Knowledge System In 1999. (The first of those will be out in the near future by the way) It will quite literally enable you to achieve life/self mastery through discovering how and providing the steps that will enable you to master your mind. I discovered a system. As it has done for me and countless others it will enable you to clearly see who and what you are and the limitless potential that you do and have always had available to you but have allowed yourself to become blind to.

Those who allow their mind to control them are those who believe they are victims or creatures of circumstance. In fact it's FAR GREATER than ANY university education. enabling you to begin consciously and purposefully creating desired results in your life. In addition it provides an extremely detailed and clearly defined plan providing precisely the steps and direction needed. . the unwavering process of creation and how you fit into the bigger picture which enables and empowers any individual to rediscover the truth with regard to what's "truly" possible for themselves through awakening an uncommon depth of self awareness that so few today possess. Universities and so many other "conventional" education systems teach you a whole bunch of things that aren't even necessary for you to know that will NEVER benefit you in any form or fashion in the physical world. In addition it consists of 2 additional modules known as the Journey and The Quest which build upon the previous. How so? Because Universities don't teach you how to acquire a wealth consciousness. consists of 10 CDs and a book which provides a "profound" depth of knowledge. The Delfin Knowledge will enable you to transform from where the majority find themselves allowing their minds to control them and enable you to begin to consciously control and master your mind which will change the physical aspects of your life. Here's a Brief Overview Of The Contents That Make Up The Delfin Knowledge System The first module of "The Delfin Knowledge System" known as The Initiation. to instill and apply what you discover at a subconscious level. The Delfin Knowledge system will enable you to establish an unshakable faith or belief concerning what's "Truly" possible for you which is an essential aspect of making your desires a physical reality and dramatically raise your level of self esteem and/or self worth allowing you to open up to and accept what is and always has been your birthright to receive. the "real" you. wisdom and a profound understanding of you. The Delfin Knowledge System Trilogy which is quite literally at the university level (PHD) of self empowerment/self awareness/life enhancement systems. Universities teach you how to manipulate effects with effects that can and will produce only temporary results at best without the necessary "Inner Paradigm Shifts" that are essential for experiencing change in your life.master their mind are conscious and purposeful creators. wisdom and insight that makes it crystal clear as to who and what you truly are and will awaken a wealth consciousness that will enable and empower you to become keenly aware of and reach your "true" potential. The Delfin Knowledge System provides a depth of knowledge.

After those many years of searching and tens of thousands of dollars spent on a countless number of personal empowerment type products.DO . It doesn't matter how good any business model might be. the "inner knowing". books. etc.and HAVE EVERYTHING that you have a desire to attain. ." Until you have your inner being in alignment and harmonizing with success. Do. Remember the correct formula is BE . The Delfin Knowledge System is in and of itself a "Total Transformation System" providing everything you'll need to begin producing and experiencing the kind and quality of life that few experience or ever discover is available to them simply by changing themselves. Be to Be.It instills an unshakable internal power. "Real Power" far greater than any external power that can NEVER be taken away. seminars.DO . The educational portion of the Delfin Knowledge System provides the transformational system that enables you to make the internal transformation to BE wealthy inside which is essential to DOING the correct things and taking the "correct" actions which will lead to HAVING and experiencing the physical aspects of wealth on the outside in the physical world. If you are "Truly" serious about creating a wealth consciousness. The Delfin Knowledge System in and of itself instills the necessary mindset needed for maximizing results in ANY career or business endeavor and as I have come to know the most effective system in existence for instilling and achieving "true wealth". to "real power" that comes from within which is a limitless and infinite power based on love. The Delfin Knowledge System provides EVERYTHING you'll need to accomplish it with the exception of your choice and willingness to utilize it and apply what you discover. It will shift your self limiting paradigms from the mentality of the majority. The Delfin Knowledge System provided a depth of understanding. It enables you to recognize and instill the necessary shift from what most "perceive" power to be which in reality is extremely limited and finite physical power based on fear. providing FAR greater value than ANY personal empowerment system that I've ever utilized in more than 28 years of searching.HAVE. Have. The internal paradigm shift which you become enabled and empowered to experience as a result of internalizing the wisdom and knowledge gained will. success will continue to elude you. Have. throughout the years. The Delfin Knowledge System provides EVERYTHING required to BE . how grand or spectacular an opportunity might "appear. and the clearly defined steps which enabled me to recognize my "true" worth and value and internalize a wealth consciousness that countless other programs couldn't even begin to provide. Do.

That is not hype. Follow this link which will take you to a page that provides all of the additional information providing an overview of The Delfin Knowledge System and the additoinal tools which I have personally utilized and found to be life changing. I not only believe it can. it is based on fact through my own . For your own sake. Only you can decide if you're ready. Don't confuse strong words with hype. lack and limitation. let me first say that I fully understand. "Real Wealth" is FAR more simple to do than most have been taught and as a result believe is possible. anxiety. But don't confuse strong words with hype. What I have gained from this system and Leslie Fieger the creator of the Delfin Knowledge System. FAR SURPASSES ANY and ALL of the personal empowerment programs and seminars I've ever utilized over the years combined. If I didn't believe it could do the same for you.The Delfin Knowledge System will show you how to do precisely that in a way that will transform your life. What I share concerning the Delfin Knowledge System is an understatement if it is anything. your wealth and your fulfillment in life. Acquiring and retaining wealth. who I have come to know on a personal level and deeply respect. but the Delfin Knowledge System was instrumental in opening my eyes to the simplicity of it as well as providing the inner change that would serve to change my entire life. I know those are strong words but they are based on truth. There is FAR too much stress. It is what gave me the insight as well as the courage to discover my "true" purpose and enabled me to do what I am passionate about. relationally. It. emotionally and spiritually and it will do the same for you. dramatically enhance your level of self awareness and will instill the wealth consciousness that is absolutely essential to experiencing true and lasting wealth IF you make the choice to utilize it. Depending on your current perspective. There doesn't have to be if people would just make the choice to "awaken" from their slumber and take the time to discover the simplicity of it all. I wouldn't be making this offer. Delfin DOES provide EVERYTHING needed to shift your paradigms. financially. that may be a baffling statement for you to grasp right now. For those that might be a bit apprehensive. I know and understand from personal experience that there are numerous claims made that are exaggerated to say the least. I hope you will. which is contributing to you. I KNOW it can and will IF you are serious about seeking change in your life and willing to internalize and apply the simple process provided for doing so. This is the ABSOLUTE best way that I know how to contribute to you. That's precisely what keeps so many from ever experiencing it in their lives. physically. They're MUCH different. your health. Our world has become SO complicated. combined with another system which is also included in The Wealth Consciousness package truly did open my eyes and change my entire perspective regarding life in general and what's "Truly" possible.

follow this link for all the details about "The Delfin Knowledge System" . This is that way. chances are you are not at the point where you're ready. The Delfin Knowledge System can and will assist you in stirring and awakening the "inner power" that you already possess and provide you with the specific steps to utilize and put into practical application the wisdom and knowledge gained.. no pie in the sky promises or theories.." Should you decide that the time is right for you. remember this.. no professionally written sales pitch. only a "Wealth Consciousness Package" that I know can and will transform your results and your entire life if you choose to allow it to. If it sounds like hype. Finite power comes from without. To ALL of you. It IS my intent to contribute and assist in enhancing your quality of life in the best way I currently know how. I Look Forward To Meeting and Visiting with those of you who choose to take advantage of this offer personally and contributing further to your success and fulfillment in the future. Whether you decide that you're ready or not ready. 73099 . No hype. Ok. It's not my intent to sell you or convince you to take advantage of this offer. "Real power comes from within..personal experience as well as countless others who have experienced the same benefits. As within so without. Chuck Danes Enlightened Journey Enterprises 11821 SW 3rd Street Yukon. in a way that creates "Real and Sustainable Wealth.." For those that ARE ready. Have An INCREDIBLE and Prosperous Month.

Ye are gods. the whole body is full of light.” — Albert Einstein “The light of the body is the eye. and his feelings as something separate from the rest — a kind of optical delusion of consciousness.Gandhi 1869-1948 “A human being is a part of the whole called by us universe. they can never be solved.The Bible “All the greatest and most important problems of life are fundamentally insolvable. and all of you are children of the most High. then we must change our level of consciousness. there is a source of strength which will always spring up if thou wilt always look there. and hardly that.Luke 17:21 .. and through this broadening of his or her outlook the unsolvable problem lost its urgency..PS : Always remember that you "truly" can be. This 'outgrowth' proved on further investigation to require a new level of consciousness. but only outgrown. you CAN make the choice to learn how. call it Allah.D. It has nothing with keeping wary over your problems or trying your best to control your impulses. -. everything else is momentary. If you're not. thinking.” — Carl Jung 'Truth alone is eternal. . Some higher or wider interest appeared on the person's horizon. He experiences himself. If we want to change our existence meaningfully. It is more correct to say that Truth is God. God or Parmeshwara.” — Deepak Chopra M.I Believe In You!! Timeless Wisdom and Insight To Enhance Your Understanding Of This Months Edition Of "Enlightened Journey Newsletter Look well into thyself.. Talking. do and have ANYTHING that you have a sincere desire to experience.Psalm 82:6 . a part limited in time and space. All life comes from the one universal source.. arguing..Marcus Aurelius I have said. it is real.The Bible “We simply act as our level of consciousness dictates.Luke 11-34 “Most people live in a very restricted circle of the potential of their being. and of their souls resources in . hoping and praying for a better life only satisfy a superficial level of the mind.. It was not solved logically in its own terms but faded when confronted with a new and stronger life urge. "The Kingdom of God is within you" .” — Jesus of Nazareth The Bible . PPS : Discover your greatness. . They make use of a very small portion of their possible consciousness. When real change occurs. than to say that God is Truth.' . They are your reality. it is not a mood. therefore when thine eye is single. his thoughts.

should get into a habit of using and moving only his little finger. Therecomes a leap in consciousness. while everyone else is created by their lives. unboundedness and abundance are our natural states. The difference between the two is the difference between living fully and just existing.Matthew 6:33 . Gerber “The intellect has little to do on the road to discovery. . .general.Orison Swett Marden "If you don't change your beliefs your life will be like this forever. we need only to recapture what we already know. make ourselves become whatever we long to be.Johan Taft .” — William James “Affluence. and you don’t know how or why. Is that good news?" Dr Robert Anthony Energy is the ultimate currency. make ourselves do whatever is possible. call it intuition or what you will. Much like a man who. passively waiting to see where life takes them next.” — Deepak Chopra The difference between great people and everyone else is that great people create their lives actively." .” — Napoleon Hill "But seek first His kingdom and His righteousness.The Bible "We fail to see that we can control our own destiny.Michael E. out of his whole bodily organism. . and all these things will be added to you. Infinite. Many focus on the physical currencies but ultimately if focus is placed on the Ultimate Energy the physical will become automatic. and the solution comes to you.” —Albert Einstein If the doors of perception were cleansed man would see everything as it is. William Blake “Genius is a man who has discovered how to increase the intensity of thought to the point where he can freely communicate with sources of knowledge not available through the ordinary state of thought.

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