The Piccadilly at Manhattan


7201 Piccadilly St. Louis, MO 63143 Monday, February 14, 2011

Meeting Minutes for February 14, 2011
1. The meeting was called to order at 7:05 PM with the reciting of Pledge of Allegiance 2. The minutes from the November 08, 2010 meeting were approved as written. 3. Mayor Francis Slay addressed the meeting. He thanked everyone for being involved and active in the neighborhood. The main focus of his talk was the upcoming vote on the 1% City Earnings Tax which will be held on April 5, 2010. This makes up 30% of the City¶s budget each year or nearly $140,000. If it does not pass, it will be phased out over a ten year period. This means there will have to be reductions in City services including but not limited to the Police and Fire Departments. Public Safety accounts for over 50% of the yearly budget. It is important that we vote to maintain the Earnings Tax. Also, addressed was local control of the Police Department. Right now there are 5 members of the Board of Police Commissioners, Mayor Slay and 4 members who are appointed by the Governor. We have no control over their actions and they answer only to the governor. The state audit of the police department was not good. The new system will have a chief who will report to the Public Safety Director, the same was the Fire Chief does. This will not affect their pension as has been talked about. Right now talks are going on to find ways to fund new officers. 4. Officer Don Viele: Larceny is up in the neighborhood. They are stealing copper and catalytic converters from cars. The Cavalier and Sun Bird are the most popular target, along with trucks. They are also hitting dealerships and fleet cars. 5. Andrew Hernandez is our new Neighborhood Stabilization Officer (NSO). He has asked that no bulk items be put out before the pick-up week. There seems to be people putting items out early. 6. Alderman Waterhouse: The Wellington Avenue Bridge will be rebuilt this year with a total replacement cost of $5.4 million dollars. Federal dollars will be $4 million and the city will be responsible for the rest. Alderman Waterhouse negotiated with the Greenways group and they will provide the $500,000 that the ward needed to contribute. The construction will begin later in the spring with it being completed sometime in 2012. Our ward is still 3,000 roll out carts short. Refuse decides who gets the carts and when. The Cheshire Inn renovation will begin with the city giving TIF money of about $8 million dollars for the renovation of the restaurant which is in the city. Richmond Heights gave $28 million for the hotel. The MSD building is being looked at for possible redevelopment. Forest Park Hospital is up for sale. 7. Chad Garrison: Chad stated that the building purchased at 6406 Oakland is in the process of being renovated. The building at 6905 Wise is not worth saving and will probably be torn down. The Housing Corporation will begin monthly meetings.

8. Meeting was adjourned 8:45 p.m. New Neighborhood Stabilization Officer: Andrew Hernandez 657-1368

NEXT MEETING WILL BE MARCH 14, 2011 @ 7:00 PM The Piccadilly at Manhattan

Respectfully submitted,

Judy Holstein, Secretary

Officers of the Association: William Rapp, President Randy Munton, Vice President Lou Clauss, Treasurer Judith Holstein, Secretary