Couple of days ago I was playing some 3.

5 with some friends and it kind of frust rated me how dependant on purchasing magic items the characters were. During th e game we managed to kill a red dragon and then came the innevitable vivisection of the corpse for useful body parts. I also recently saw clash of the titans and thought the best part of that movie was the monster hunters that made that shield out of scorpion bits. Got me to t hinking about a low magic setting were most of the "magic items" were crafted fr om bits of monsters. Any thoughts? Any other sources that have handled this be fore? I don't really play that much D&D, so this isn't system specific. I figu red I'd get the brainstorming out of the way and then conform the concepts to wh atever system I was running. HOW TO AVOID ADVENTURERS STAPLING CORPSES TO THERE BODIES This idea is largely the result of trying to make magic items more inter esting (to me anyways) in D&D. Since the PC's will love aquiring as much power as they can (since these items cost no gold or xp to "create" than things should be taken into consideration Using bits of a monster that you killed in self-defense or seeking out a particularly powerful foe to test your prowess and then "accepting the gifts th at they granted a skilled warrior" can be considered heroic. Genocide and farmi ng sentient creatures for their body parts is evil. Although a cool flip for on e night would be to make the PC's goblins and fight their old characters as the BBEG's. Evilness isn't necessarily a bad thing. How far are the PC's willing to go to get power? What are the stories repercusions for this?

Monster hunters would use lots of traps. Maybe a ranger/rogue There should also be use of a herbalism skill in order to get the bits necessary to make the nature bits work... Necessary to make monsters more terrifying in order to make getting the items in to more of a milestone. Way's to do this: Monsters are loners and the worlds expression of magic. Actu al day to day conflict would be between more human "sub species" (maybe orcs/gob lin equivilents. Troglodites in dungeons. Probably have tales of humans being corrupted in a certain way and thus resulting in their corruption/abberation/wea kening.) Monsters might have an elemental association, but not necessarily Earth/fire/wat er/air. Maybe human traits, like courage, rage, yadda yadda yeadda. Maybe an e lemental equivilent Courage=earth, rage=fire, water=compassion, air=..... May be "easily" converted to Reign, with the monsters having a might/territory r ating. If this was the case, they may also have minions with the "paragon creat ures" being gods that father the smaller races. The paragon creatures are what can be harvested for parts..... The kingdoms would probably be immune to soveri gnty attacks. Another premise is that Magic is suffusing the creatures that you get the items from, which is why altering them makes them more effective. In this setting the re would be a difference between "magical creatures" and fauna. Fauna may becom e magical by some how consuming some other source of magic in the world. Symbol ism effects how the magic gets expressed. Hey, maybe PC's can just make up thei

Ogre bone is stronger and lighter than steel. providing more armor. and becomes rid ged. Goblin Pancreas Highly acidic and noxious due to the consumption of garbage. they just get blacker and blacker. plus the creature must make a sa ving throw based on the consitution of creature or be sickened. -settings equivlent to mithral -"After killing an ogre you need to make a large fire around the corpse and keep it burning for at least a day. I've heard some people say you can cool the bone off in blood and it gets stronger.r own rituals and I decide what happens.. People shaping orgre bone look more like they're whittling rat her than forging.. No amount of fire will ever get rid of th ose bones. providing a camoflauge bonus. but they still hold a fierce edge. This monster hunting would work well in a tech/cyberspace setting where you hunt down rouge robots to get better parts. you can't rip out its heart and throw it at something) this particular one is nice. This is when they're as strong as steel. The smell will be terrible and may attr act terrible things. -using tron like ideas you could get nice bits of code. After killing a monster you can use its parts make it easier to kill others. The pancreas mu st be preserved using an herbal mixture in order to be preserved in this manner. Near the end they begin to take o n a slight crimson tinge. but you don't have to kill an ogre in order to make a steel sword. because it allows for low level monsters to have some type of small function. Ideas: a collar lined with sea-serpent scales could allow waterbreathing. Since bridge trolls are memitic (can take on the properties of other physical matter) it can be "tapped" against something to tak e on the visual appearence and physical qualities of the item (if tapped against stone the cloak looks like stone. (or they need to be loaded into clay flasks. but you have to keep the fire stoked until the flesh is bur ned away and only a skeleton remains. without being overpowering in the game. There's enough bone there to carve just about any weapon and when I say carve I mean it. . either way. but I never heard what kind and to tell you the truth I don't wanna know." Skin of a bridge troll -can be made into clothing or a cloak that provides some measure of dama ge reduction/increased armor. but making it difficult to move fluidly. but light as wood. various par ts of the goblin can be employed similar to grenades and have an effect like alc hemists fire (1d6 first round. 1d6 next round).

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