The Fadel Educational Foundation, Inc. (“FEF”) P.O.

Box 212135 Augusta, GA 30917
Assalamu-alaikum. Thank you for your interest in renewing your application for a grant from the foundation for the next academic year. Renewals are not automatic. Renewal applications are considered along with the pool of new applicants for this year's grants. Enclosed is a renewal application form. You must answer all questions. You must also send an official transcript showing all work completed since your last application. The completed renewal application form, along with the transcripts, must be postmarked no later than the deadline on the website. If your term’s grades are not complete by this time, wait until the grades are complete before having the transcript sent and notify FEF when you expect the transcript to be mailed. The renewal application will be processed by mid-July, in sha'Allah, and, at that time, you can see whether you received an award at The duration of the award is for an academic year. Recipients are encouraged to re-apply in subsequent years. If you have questions, you may write to FEF at the address in the application or send e-mail at All correspondence is limited to regular mail or e-mail. Include your FEF ID in any correspondence. No phone calls will be accepted. Add to your address book to prevent FEF’s e-mails from being caught in your Spam folder. May Allah ‫ ﷻ‬bless your efforts and make you successful in your endeavors. Wassalam.

Hossam E. Fadel, MD President FEF, Inc.

Fadel Educational Foundation Renewal Application. Updated 3/13/2011

The Fadel Educational Foundation, Inc. FEF Renewal Application Form 1. Provide the following personal information: Legal Name _______________________________________________ Sex _______ Address ____________________________________________________________ City __________________________ State ____ Zip ___________ Phone Number __________________ E-mail Address _________________________ Date of Birth _____________________ FEF ID # ________________ Marital Status ___________________ Social Security No. ______-_____-_________ 2. Give an update on any changes in your academic plans and your progress in achieving the goals you mentioned in your last application. Use an additional sheet if necessary.

3. Estimate your cash flow for August 1-July 31 based on the educational program described above. Be sure to include other grants and loans you are to receive for school. Outflow Tuition Books Living Expenses Rent Other (describe) Inflow Family Grants Loans Work Savings Other (describe)

_______________ _______________ _______________ _______________ _______________ _______________

____________ ____________ ____________ ____________ ____________ ____________ ____________

4. List the sources and amounts for all grants/loans received.

5. If you are going to receive a grant from the institution you attend (or other sources), will a grant from FEF, Inc., be deducted from the amount you will receive? No____ Yes*___ Note: You must immediately notify FEF, Inc. of any changes in the financial resources available for your education, e.g. if you receive any grants or loans not mentioned above.
*If this is the case we may consider other ways of disbursing the grant.

Signature ___________________________________Date of completion: _________________

Fadel Educational Foundation Renewal Application. Updated 3/13/2011

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