Þrophets of Mammonť

Þurveyors of L|bertyţ 5ervants of Corrupt|on
8v ÞeLer uŦ Coodaame
When l was flrsL approached abouL wrlLlna Lhls chapLer lL was recommended LhaL l wrlLe someLhlna
abouL monevţ bllnd falLh and bad credlL alona Lhe llnes of mv Ametlcoo 8obvloo serles LhaL l publlshed
aL redmoonrlslnaŦcom wav back ln 2003Ŧ Slnce LhaL Llme l had onlv rarelv sLudled up on Lhe sub[ecL of
economlcsţ buL durlna Lhe Summer of 2010ţ due Lo Lhe pollLlcal season and all of Lhe economlc debaLesţ
l was drawn back lnLo lLŦ Alona wlLh Lhe numerous books l read on Lhe sub[ecL l also had a dreamţ a
vlslonţ and a remarkable propheLlc encounLerŦ As a ChrlsLlan l am somewhaL new Lo Lhe supernaLuralţ
and l undersLand how manv ChrlsLlans are apprehenslve abouL Lhese klnds of Lhlnasţ buL l feel led Lo
share Lhem anvwav because Lhev dlrecLlv relaLe Lo our sub[ecL maLLerŦ ln facLţ lL was laraelv because of
Lhem LhaL l knew LhaL l was meanL Lo be a parL of Lhls wrlLlna pro[ecLŦ

n Lncounter
@he propheLlc encounLer happened flrsLŦ l was wlLh mv wlfeţ Lorlţ aLLendlna a conference for Lhe heallna
mlnlsLrv we are a parL ofţ ln Spokaneţ WashlnaLonţ ln SepLember of 2010Ŧ l had [usL flnlshed readlna Lhe
book 1l 8onkers abouL Lhe lederal ballouL of our blaaesL Wall SLreeL banks whlle passlna Llme beLween
conference sesslonsţ and so economlc maLLers were on mv mlndŦ @he book remlnded me of Lhe bla
dlsconnecL beLween Wall SLreeL and Maln SLreeL Ŷ how Lhe flnanclers on Wall SLreeL aeL rlcher each
vearţ whereas Lhe mlddle class and small buslnesses of small Lown Amerlca's Maln SLreeL sLruaale
harder each vear [usL Lo aeL bvŦ We were Laklna a walk alona Lhe Spokane 8lver and sLopped aL a map of
Lhe rlverfronL park area LhaL showed porLlons of downLownŦ l was drawn lmmedlaLelv Lo Lhe facL LhaL ln
Spokane Lhev have boLh a Wall SLreeL and a Maln SLreeLţ and Lhev happen Lo lnLersecL each oLher! lL
was onlv a few blocks awav so we declded Lo ao Lo Lhls lnLersecLlon Lo Lake some plcLuresŦ lL seemed a
llLLle sLranae Lo me and as we walked l beaan Lo feel a sense of anLlclpaLlonţ as lf we were meanL Lo ao
Lhereţ Lo Lhe acLual place where Wall SLreeL meeLs Maln SLreeLŦ
When we arrlved l had hoped Lo aeL a plcLure sLandlna under a pole wlLh boLh Wall SLreeL and Maln
SLreeL slans on lLţ buL Lhe slans were on separaLe polesŦ So we Look a plcLure of Wall SLreeL flrsL and Lhen
headed across Lo Lhe Maln SLreeL slanŦ As we reached Lhe sldewalk on Lhe oLher slde we heard a volce
velllna aL us from down Lhe sLreeLŦ We looked up and a man was approachlna us velllna aaaln loudlvţ
ºl wanL Lo ao Lo Pawall!"
Pe was dlrLv and unshaven and he looked llke a sLreeL personţ perhaps ln hls earlv forLlesŦ We had never
seen hlm beforeŦ Pow dld he know we were from Pawall? We weren'L wearlna lels and our aloha shlrLs
had remalned aL home! Pe kepL approachlna us and we could feel LhaL he was raLher aalLaLedŦ
ºPow dld vou know we were from Pawall?" We askedţ as he aoL closerŦ
ºl've alwavs wanLed Lo ao Lo Pawallţ" he saldŦ
We kepL Lrvlna Lo flnd ouL whv he had asked LhaL quesLlon unLll we reallzed LhaL he dldn'L have a aood
answerŦ @here was no reason for lLţ he [usL spoke lLŦ Cnce we reallzed Lhls we Lurned our aLLenLlon Lo
hlmŦ We asked how he was dolna and whaL we could do for hlmŦ @hls chanaed hls aLLlLude lmmedlaLelvŦ
Pe beaan Lo seLLle down and open upŦ We llsLened as he volced hls frusLraLlon aL Lhe uncarlna aLLlLude
of all Lhe people LhaL walk bv hlm everv davŦ Pe Lalked of hls menLal condlLlonţ Lhe medlcaLlon he has Lo
Lakeţ and hls problems wlLh Lhe copsţ and he Lalked of how he loved hls momŦ We shared wlLh hlm
abouL our heallna mlnlsLrv and Lhen he shared abouL some of Lhe aood churches ln Lhe areaŦ Pe
parLlcularlv remembered a prevlous conference when Lhe SouLhern 8apLlsLs came Lo LownŦ Pe sald LhaL
when Lhev came Lo Spokane Lhe heavens opened up! As we Lalked Lears came Lo hls eves and he beaan
crvlna ouL savlnaţ
ºl don'L wanL Lo be anarv all Lhe Llme!"
We spenL aL leasL Len mlnuLes wlLh Lhls man and we each praved wlLh hlmŦ As l praved mv wlfe felL a
sensaLlon on her shoulder LhaL she knew was noL hersţ so she asked hlm lf hls shoulder was ln palnŦ Pe
sald LhaL lL wasţ so mv wlfe praved and Lhe paln lefL hls shoulder! @hen she aave hlm her red scarf as a
parLlna alfLŦ We Lold hlm LhaL we loved hlm and we encouraaed hlm Lo conLlnue Lo LrusL !esusŦ Mv wlfe
sald LhaL her red scarf represenLed Lhe blood of !esus and Lold hlm Lo alwavs remember LhaL he was
foralven and loved as a son of CodŦ As he lefL us walklna down Lhe sLreeL Lhe man who was aL flrsL anarv
and aalLaLed was slnalna ºl love vou!" aL Lhe Lop of hls lunas!
As Wall SLreeL conLlnues Lo sLeamroll Maln SLreeL we can be assured LhaL manv more slmllar
opporLunlLles wlll arlse for ChrlsLlans Lo show love and compasslon for Lhose Lhe economv ls sure Lo
leave behlndŦ As Lhe rlch aeL rlcher Lhe poor wlll aeL poorerţ and people wlll be even hunarler for
auLhenLlc demonsLraLlons of Lhe love and power of CodŦ

@he dream LhaL l wanL Lo share Look place on Lhe nlahL of CcLober 13/16ţ 2010Ŧ l remember l was
waLchlna a wellŴdrllllna operaLlonŦ lL was a huae machlne wlLh a hvdraullc arm LhaL reached deep lnLo
Lhe earLhţ pulllna ouL buckeLs of waLerŦ @here were several men ln work sulLs supervlslna Lhe operaLlon
and so l walked over Lo one of LhemŦ As l waLched l could Lell LhaL Lhls waLer was Lhe mosL cleanţ pure
and refreshlna waLer ln Lhe worldŦ l beaan Lo ask Lhls man abouL Lhe operaLlonŦ Pe sald LhaL hls
companv drllls wells for Lhls waLer all over Lhe worldŦ @hev were a verv wealLhv companv and he sald
LhaL Lhev even drlll wells for cllenLs LhaL can'L pavŦ @hls companv was absoluLelv professlonal and Lhelr
equlpmenL was spoLless and ln perfecL condlLlonţ so l was lmpressed LhaL Lhev even had Lhe Llme and
resources Lo drlll wells for freeŦ @he nexL Lhlna l knew l was hlL bv a wave of waLer! lL was Lhe same klnd
of waLer LhaL was comlna from Lhe wellsţ buL now lL compleLelv covered me! @hen l woke upŦ
@he flrsL Lhlna l dld when l woke up was run Lo mv lapLopŦ WhaL was also noLeworLhv was LhaL l clearlv
remembered Lhe name of Lhe companv LhaL was embroldered on Lhe sulLs of Lhe men worklna Lhe drlllŦ
@he companv name was ºCroesusŦ" l Lvped lL lnLo Cooale and read whaL lL sald on Lhe flrsL slLe LhaL
came upŦ
l found ouL LhaL klna Croesus was e tlces moo lo e wotlJ when he ruled from 360Ŵ346
8C over Lhe klnadom of Lvdla ln anclenL @urkevŦ Pls klnadom conLrolled Lhe rlchesL aold mlnes ln Lhe
worldţ and hls leaacv spawned Lhe expresslonţ ´os tlc os ctoesosţ´ whlch shows up ln Creek and Cld
Lnallsh llLeraLureŦ lurLhermoreţ and Lhls ls where lL relaLes Lo our sub[ecL of monev and economlcsţ Lhe
webslLe Lold meţ ´1e lvJloos lo e lme of ctoesosţ l ls belleveJţ ere the first peop/e to mint coins os
As far as Lhe dream aoesţ mv bellef ls LhaL Lhe pure waLer pulled ouL of Lhe wells ls Lhe ºllvlna waLer"
menLloned bv !esus LhaL represenLs Lhe Polv SplrlLŦ @hls ls Lrue wealLhţ a splrlLual and heavenlv wealLh
areaLer Lhan anv maLerlal wealLhŦ Croesusţ Lhe CLC of Lhe Companvţ represenLs Lhe laLher ln Peaven
who ls Lhe wealLhlesL belna ln Lhe unlverseŦ @he Companv lLself ls Lhe Churchţ Lhe 8odv of ChrlsL on
earLhţ whlch can access Lhls heavenlv wealLh anvwhere ln Lhe worldţ and share lL wlLh anvone free of
charaeŦ LasLlvţ Lhe wave LhaL crashed over all of us ls Lhe Clorv LhaL wlll be released over Lhe earLh ln Lhe
near fuLure Lo Lhose who LruLhfullv and humblv obev Lhe commandmenLs of our Lord !esus ChrlsLŦ

A few davs afLer Lhe ºCroesus" dream l happened Lo be cllcklna on Lhe urudae 8eporL onllne and l
noLlced an adverLlsemenL for a wellŴknown webslLe LhaL offers commenLarv on economlc and pollLlcal
lssues from a LlberLarlan perspecLlveŦ @he adverLlsemenL showed a red leLLer ºA" ln a clrcle ŶLhe
ºAnarchv" svmbolŶ wlLh Lhe wordsţ ºAnLlŴSLaLeţ AnLlŴWarţ ÞroŴMarkeL" underneaLhŦ 8ack ln 2003 l had
done some research lnLo Lhe leadlna Lhlnkers behlnd Lhe LlberLarlan movemenLŦ l had also [usL flnlshed
readlna an excellenL crlLlque of LlberLarlanlsm from a CaLhollc perspecLlve called @he church ond the
Libertorion bv ChrlsLopher AŦ lerraraŦ So l was dlsLurbed bv Lhls parLlcular adverLlsemenL and for several
davs l could noL aeL lL ouL of mv mlndŦ
Cn Lhe mornlna of CcLober 22ţ 2010ţ as l was ln beLween sleep and waklnaţ l recelved a menLal plcLure
of Lhls red ºAnarchv" svmbolŦ As l focused upon lL l waLched as lL slowlv chanaed lnLo Lwo hands folded
ln praverŦ @he flnaerLlps meL aL Lhe Lop of Lhe ºAţ" Lhe palms faced LoaeLherţ and Lhe Lhumbs meL ln Lhe
mlddleţ replaclna Lhe ºA" of Lhe anarchv svmbol wlLh ºÞraverŦ" @he messaae was clearť we musL prav Lo
prevenL anarchv from overLaklna our naLlonŦ

ºklna Croesusţ" hLLpť//wwwŦallabouLLurkevŦcom/croesusŦhLm

1he 5p|r|t 8eh|nd L|bertar|an|sm
LlberLarlans deflne Lhelr movemenL as Lhlsť
º@he LlberLarlan wav ls a loalcallv conslsLenL approach Lo pollLlcs based on Lhe moral prlnclple of
selfŴownershlpŦ Lach lndlvldual has Lhe rlahL Lo conLrol hls or her own bodvţ acLlonţ speechţ and
properLvŦ CovernmenLƌs onlv role ls Lo help lndlvlduals defend Lhemselves from force and

LssenLlallv Lhe splrlL behlnd Lhe LlberLarlan aLLlLude lsţ ºuon'L Lell me whaL Lo do!" @helr moral cenLer ls
vlewed as ºselfŴownershlpţ" deflned as Lhe llberLv Lo do whaL vou wanLţ as lona as vou are noL dlrecLlv
hurLlnaţ robblnaţ or cheaLlna anvoneŦ Cbvlouslvţ Lhls ls noL qulLe Lhe same as Lhe LlberLv we read abouL
ln Lhe new @esLamenLţ whlch ls noL a selfŴcenLered ºllberLv" Lo do whaLever vou wanLţ buL a LlberLv
ftom Lhe lmpulse Lo sln and Lhe carnallLv of Lhe world Lhrouah Lhe lnfllllna and dlrecLlon of Lhe Polv
SplrlLŦ ln oLher wordsţ whaL Lhe world mav ofLen call ºpersonal llberLvţ" Lhe ChrlsLlan calls ºbondaae Lo
slnŦ" @he Lnallsh phllosopher Ldmund 8urke (1729Ŵ97)ţ reaarded as Lhe founder of modern conservaLlve
LhouahLţ puL lL Lhls wavť
ºSocleLv cannoL exlsL unless a conLrolllna power upon wlll and appeLlLe be placed somewhereţ
and Lhe less of lL Lhere ls wlLhlnţ Lhe more of lL Lhere musL be wlLhouLŦ lL ls ordalned ln Lhe
eLernal consLlLuLlon of Lhlnasţ LhaL men of lnLemperaLe mlnds cannoL be freeŦ @helr passlons
forae Lhelr feLLersŦ"

ºWhaL ls Lhe LlberLarlan ÞarLv?" hLLpť//wwwŦlpŦora/lnLroducLlon/whaLŴlsŴLheŴllberLarlanŴparLv
CuoLed bv ChrlsLopher AŦ lerraraţ 1e cotc ooJ e llbetotlooţ pŦ100ţ from Lhe orlalnal ºLeLLer from MrŦ 8urke
Lo a Member of Lhe naLlonal Assemblv ln Answer Lo Some Cb[ecLlons Lo Pls 8ook on lrench Affalrsţ" (1791)
Anarchv ls whaL happens when people alve ln Lo Lhe unlnhlblLed pursulL of Lhelr selflsh deslres and
carnal passlons whlle aL Lhe same Llme Lhe role of aovernmenL ls reduced Lo Lhe narrow LlberLarlan
ldealŦ Anarchv ls noL a aood Lhlnaţ and Cod never lnLended for lL Lo be lnfllcLed upon anv naLlonţ veL lL
appears LhaL we are headed ln LhaL dlrecLlonŦ

1he 8|b||ca| Þurpose of Government

ln 8omans 13 and 1 ÞeLer 2 Lhe 8lble explalns Cod's purpose for human aovernmenLŦ 8aslcallv lL ls Lhlsť
o testolo evll ooJ o ptomoe e oooJŦ @hls 8lbllcal ldeal ls perhaps nowhere beLLer expressed Lhan ln
Lhe preamble Lo Lhe uŦSŦ ConsLlLuLlonţ
we e leople of e uoleJ 5oesţ lo OtJet o fotm o mote petfec uolooţ esoblls Ioslceţ
losote Jomeslc 1toooolllvţ ptovlJe fot e commoo Jefeoceţ ptomoe e oeoetol welfoteţ ooJ
secote e 8lessloos of llbetv o ootselves ooJ oot losetlvţ Jo otJolo ooJ esoblls ls
coosloloo fot e uoleJ 5oes of AmetlcoŦ
8esLralnlna evll relaLes Lo esLabllshlna [usLlceţ lnsurlna LranqulllLv and provldlna for defenseţ whlle
promoLlna aood relaLes Lo promoLlna Lhe aeneral welfare and securlna Lhe blesslnas of llberLvŦ !usLlce
and LlberLv musL ao hand ln handţ and our founders undersLood LhaLŦ Poweverţ Lhere wlll alwavs be a
Lenslon beLween !usLlce and LlberLvţ especlallv amona a populaLlon LhaL shares radlcallv dlfferenL moral
valuesŦ Laws aaalnsL hard drua useţ aambllnaţ prosLlLuLlonţ eLcŦ are vlewed bv manv as lnfrlnalna on Lhelr
ºllberLlesţ" veL ChrlsLlans supporL such laws because we undersLand Cod's purpose for aovernmenL as a
auldlna force for soclal morallLvţ peace and sLablllLvŦ

1he Masterm|nd of L|bertar|an|sm
Ludwla Mlses and lrledrlch Pavek are Lhe Lwo prlmarv lnfluences on Lhe modern LlberLarlan movemenLŦ
8oLh of Lhem
look Lo Lhe ldeas of one lndlvldual as lavlna Lhe phllosophlcal foundaLlon LhaL allowed
manklnd Lo break free from Lhe supposed moral Lvrannv of Lhe Church and Lhe economlc Lvrannv of Lhe
SLaLeŦ Pls name was 8ernard Mandevllle and here ls Lhe svnopsls of hls career and hls ldeas as Laken
from mv onllne serles Ametlcoo 8obvlooţ publlshed back ln 2003ť

Mandevllle was a uuLch docLor and wrlLer who llved (1670Ŵ1733) ln London aL a Llme when anLlŴ
ChrlsLlan LnllahLenmenL ldeas were comlna Lo Lhe forefronL and when London was qulcklv
becomlna Lhe occulL caplLal of Lhe worldŦ Pe was alleaedlv a member of Lhe PellŴllre Clubţ laLer
led bv Slr lrancls uashwoodţ LhaL enaaaed ln aluLLonvţ drunkennessţ and orales and pracLlced
Lhe ƍuo As @hou WllLƍ saLanlc phllosophv LhaL laLer lnsplred AlelsLer CrowlevŦ Mandevllle
became a champlon of Lhls lnfluenLlal underaround neLwork of upper class hedonlsLs Lhrouah

Mlses pralses Mandevllle ln 1eotv ooJ nlsotv (1937)Ť Pavek does so ln loJlvlJoollsm ooJ £cooomlc OtJet
(1948)ţ as well as ln hls ºMasLermlnd" lecLures on Mandevllle alven ln 8rlLaln on March 23ţ 1966Ŧ
ºAmerlcan 8abvlonţ ÞarL 3ť @he @rlumph of Lhe MerchanLsţ"
hls poem 1e Ctomblloo nlve publlshed ln 1703 and released aaaln as parL of hls book 1e loble
of e 8ees ln 1714Ŧ @he baslc polnL LhaL Mandevllle Lrles Lo araue for ln hls poem and ln hls
book can be summed up ln Lhe shorL phraseť ƍÞrlvaLe vlce makes publlc vlrLueŦƍ
ln Lhe lableţ Mandevllle descrlbes socleLv uslna Lhe parable of a hlve of beesŦ Accordlna Lo
Mandevllleƌs undersLandlna of human naLureţ manƌs prlmarv moLlvaLlon ls Lo saLlsfv hls own
selflsh senseŴdrlven deslresţ and Mandevllle concludes LhaL bllndlv pursulna Lhose deslresţ even
lf Lhev cross Lhe llne lnLo sln and vlceţ acLuallv works for Lhe beLLermenL of Lhe socleLv as a
wholeŦ Pe wrlLesţ
1e otove loJostloos wete e 5omeŦ
All 1toJes ooJ lloces koew some ceoţ
No collloo wos wloo uecelŦŦŦ
1e lowvetsţ of wose At e 8osls
wos tolsloo leoJs ooJ spllloo cosesŦŦŦ
lvslcloos voloeJ lome ooJ weol
Above e Jtooploo loleoƌs neolŦŦŦ
Amooo e moov ltless of Ioveţ
nltƌJ o Jtow 8lessloos ftom Aboveţ
5ome few wete leotoƌJ ooJ eloooeoţ
8o 1oosooJs o ooJ loootooŦŦŦ
Mandevllle aoes on Lo descrlbe how vlrLuallv everv professlon exlsLs hand ln hand wlLh a
parLlcular vlceţ and Lhen he wrlLesţ
1os evetv lot wos foll of vlceţ
)e e wole Moss o lotoJlceŤ
lloetƌJ lo leoceţ ooJ feotƌJ lo wots
1ev wete ƌ£seem of lotelooetsţ
AoJ lovls of elt weol ooJ llvesţ
1e 8ollooce of oll oet nlvesŦ
5oc wete e 8lessloos of o 5oeŤ
1elt ctlmes coosplteJ o moke ƌem CteoŤ
AoJ vetoeţ wo ftom lolllcks
noJ leotoƌJ o 1oosooJ coooloo 1tlcksţ
wosţ bv elt oppv lofloeoceţ
MoJe ltleoJs wl vlceť AoJ evet sloce
1e wots of oll e MolloJe
ulJ someloo fot e commoo CooJŦ
@hen Mandevllle Lrles Lo explaln how Lhe vlces Lhemselves are Lhe verv enalnes of prosperlLvţ
1e koo of evll Avotlceţ
1o JomoƌJ lllŴoootƌJ booefol vlceţ
wos 5love o ltoJloollvţ
1o Noble 5loŤ wlls loxotvŦ
£mplovƌJ o Mlllloo of e lootţ
AoJ oJloos ltlJe o Mlllloo mote
£ovv l selfţ ooJ voolv
wete Mlolsets of loJostvŤ
1elt Jotlloo lollvţ llckleoess
lo uleţ lotoloteţ ooJ utessţ
1o stoooeţ tlJlcƌloos vlceţ wos moJe
1e vetv weelţ o otoƌJ e 1toJeŦ
Accordlna Lo Mandevllleţ everv soclal evll acLuallv works lLself ouL as a publlc aood slmplv because lL
helps Lo promoLe commetceŦ And commetceţ accordlna Lo Lhe LlberLarlan Wavţ ls Lhe prlmarv force LhaL
unlLes manklnd and brlnas peaceţ [usLlce and prosperlLv for allŦ naLlons LhaL Lrv Lo reaulaLe commerce
onlv do harm Lo Lhe common aoodţ whereas naLlons LhaL allow monev Lo flow wherever lL wanLs Lo are
promoLed and esLeemed as beacons of LlberLv! And whaL ls Lhe areaL enalne LhaL drlves commerce? Cf
courseţ lL ls Lhe love of monevţ or CreedŦ ln Lhls wav LlberLarlans puL all of Lhelr falLh ln Lhe love of
monev as Lhe rooL of all LhaL ls oooJ ln socleLvŦ

1he koot of a|| Lv||
@he CodŴalven role of aovernmenL ls Lo resLraln evllţ and ln Þaul's flrsL leLLer Lo @lmoLhv (6ť9Ŵ11) he
warns abouL one of Lhe prlmarv sources of evll ln Lhe worldť
8uL Lhev LhaL wlll be rlch fall lnLo LempLaLlon and a snareţ and lnLo manv foollsh and hurLful
lusLsţ whlch drown men ln desLrucLlon and perdlLlonŦ lor Lhe love of monev ls Lhe rooL of all evllť
whlch whlle some coveLed afLerţ Lhev have erred from Lhe falLhţ and plerced Lhemselves
Lhrouah wlLh manv sorrowsŦ 8uL Lhouţ C man of Codţ flee Lhese LhlnasŤ and follow afLer
rlahLeousnessţ aodllnessţ falLhţ loveţ paLlenceţ meeknessŦ
lf Lhe love of monev ls Lhe rooL of a mulLlLude of evllsţ Lhen lL naLurallv follows LhaL a rlahLeous
aovernmenL LhaL values !usLlce should be verv aLLenLlve Lo economlc lssuesŦ @haL means havlna a
susplclous eve and a heavv hand Lowards Lhe wealLhv who coveL monevţ whlle aL Lhe same Llme acLlvelv
looklna ouL for Lhe lnLeresLs of Lhe poor who cannoL speak up for LhemselvesŦ SocleLles LhaL fall Lo check
Lhe schemes of Lhe wealLhv and upllfL Lhe poor have alwavs fallen under Cod's [udamenLŦ @haL ls whv
Þaul wenL on Lo wrlLe how Lhe Church should requlre Lhe wealLhv Lo share (1 @lmoLhv 6ť17Ŵ19)ť
Charae Lhem LhaL are rlch ln Lhls worldţ LhaL Lhev be noL hlahmlndedţ nor LrusL ln uncerLaln
rlchesţ buL ln Lhe llvlna Codţ who alveLh us rlchlv all Lhlnas Lo en[ovŤ @haL Lhev do aoodţ LhaL Lhev
be rlch ln aood worksţ readv Lo dlsLrlbuLeţ wllllna Lo communlcaLeŤ Lavlna up ln sLore for
Lhemselves a aood foundaLlon aaalnsL Lhe Llme Lo comeţ LhaL Lhev mav lav hold on eLernal llfeŦ
ln Lhls passaae Þaul was merelv reflecLlna !esus' warnlna LhaL ´)e coooo setve CoJ ooJ mommooţ´
(MaLLhew 6ť24)Ŧ lL all aoes back Lo Mammonţ whlch ls slmplv Lhe new @esLamenL word for ºwealLh" or
ºpossesslonsŦ" A modern name for Mammon ls slmplv ºCaplLalţ" from where we aeL Lhe name for our
favorlLe economlc svsLemţ ºCaplLallsmţ" whlch we can refer Lo as ºMammonlsmŦ"
lor Mlses and Pavekţ boLh aLhelsLsţ Lhe ulLlmaLe ob[ecL of llfe ls Lo enaaae ln commerce and acqulre
possesslonsŦ And personal properLvţ or Mammonţ ls elevaLed Lo Lhe level of socteJŦ @haL ls whvţ ln
parallelţ Lhev vlew Lhe onlv lealLlmaLe role of Lhe SLaLe as LhaL of belna a pollce force LhaL helps Lo
proLecL properLv owners from LhefLŦ @hls ls a verv appeallna phllosophv lf vou happen Lo be rlch and vou
don'L wanL Lo share! WlLh LlberLarlanlsm Lhe rlch are released from anv moral obllaaLlon Lo plLch ln for
Lhe aood of socleLvţ plus Lhev can counL on Lhe aovernmenL Lo help proLecL Lhelr wealLh from Lhe
arowlna mass of poor people LhaL envv and desplse Lhem!
@he 8lble ls absoluLelv full of warnlnas aaalnsL Lhe prldeful arroaance and areed of Lhe rlchţ whlle aL Lhe
same Llme naLlons are repeaLedlv [udaed for Lhelr fallure Lo dellver [usLlce and provlde rellef for Lhe
poorŦ Pow sLranae lL ls LhaL so manv who call Lhemselves ChrlsLlans ln Amerlca Lodav have an
unabashed admlraLlon for Lhe rlchţ whlle aL Lhe same Llme Lhev harbor a deep mlsLrusL of Lhe poor and a
deeper susplclon of anv aovernmenL pollcv lnLended Lo upllfL Lhe poor!

1he k|ch Get k|cher and the Þoor Get Þoorer
8efore l provlde examples of Lhe 8lbllcal perspecLlve on Lhese lssues l'd llke Lo share some sLaLlsLlcsŦ
@hese numbers show LhaL slnce Wall SLreeL's lnfluence beaan aaLherlna momenLum ln Lhe laLe 1970sţ
whlch had aL lLs rooL Lhese mallananL LlberLarlan economlc ldeasţ Lhe wealLh of Lhe naLlon has been
sLeadllv sucked ouL of Lhe poor and mlddle classes and lnLo Lhe hands of Lhe wealLhv fewŦ
Accordlna Lo uS Census sLaLlsLlcsţ
ln 1976 Lhe percenLaae of LoLal lncome LhaL wenL Lo Lhe Lop 1Ʒ of
Amerlcans was 8Ŧ9ƷŦ ln 2007 Lhe Lop 1Ʒ of lncome earners Look home 23Ŧ3Ʒ of Lhe wealLhŦ @haL's a
[ump from less Lhan 10Ʒ Lo almosL a full oootet of all earned wealLh aolna lnLo Lhe hands of Lhe Lop 1ƷŦ
@he lasL Llme LhaL Lhe Lop one percenL's share of earned lncome was so hlah was back ln 1928 [usL
before Lhe CreaL uepresslonŦ 8uL LhaL's [usL earned lncomeţ whaL abouL owned wealLh? Wellţ ln 2007
Lhe rlchesL 1Ʒ owned 33Ŧ8Ʒ of Lhe naLlon's prlvaLe wealLhŦ @haL's over a Lhlrd of Amerlca's wealLh ln Lhe
hands of Lhe rlchesL 1ƷŦ @he Lop 1Ʒ also possesses more wealLh Lhan Lhe combloeJ wealLh of Lhe
boLLom 90ƷŦ
Cf course Lhls would be absoluLelv no problem aL all lf waaes for Lhe poor and mlddle class were
lncreaslnaţ and cosL of llvlna bllls were decreaslnaţ buL LhaL's noL Lhe caseŦ WhaL has been happenlna ls
Lhe ouLworklna of Lhe baslc paradox of CaplLallsmŦ ln Lhe manlc world of Lhe free markeLţ as aovernmenL
has lncreaslnalv Laken a ºhands off" approach Lo economlc affalrsţ buslness owners and corporaLe
execuLlves have done all Lhev can Lo reduce labor cosLs and sLash awav everv blL of proflL Lhev canţ whlle

ºlnequallLv bv Lhe numbersţ" hLLpť//wealLhforcommonaoodŦora/wpŴconLenL/uploads/2009/12/lnequallLvŴbvŴ
aL Lhe same Llme Lhev expecL waaeŴearners Lo conLlnue spendlna lncreaslna amounLs of monev on Lhe
aoods and servlces Lhev provldeŦ lL's llke a snake forced Lo eaL lLs own Lall for nuLrlLlonŦ LvenLuallv Lhe
peopleţ and Lhe aovernmenLţ wlll run ouL of monev and credlL and Lhe svsLem wlll collapseŦ
Where does Lhe Church sLand as our socleLv wlLnesses Lhls areaL wealLh Lransferţ whlch ls parL of Lhe
process of Cecll 8hodes' deslre
LhaL an ellLe aroup would ´otoJoollv obsotb e weol of e wotlJ´ as
a means Lo esLabllsh World CovernmenL? Should we sLand wlLh Lhe poor and mlddle class and demand
a reŴevaluaLlon of our baslc economlc prlnclples? Cr do we slde wlLh Lhe rlch and aaree LhaL monev
rulesţ and Lhe aovernmenL has no rlahL Lo lnfrlnae on Lhe sancLlLv of Mammon?

Je||s J|thout Jater
ln Þaul's flrsL leLLer Lo @lmoLhv he warns Lhe vouna aposLle Lo wlLhdraw hlmself from proud and
araumenLaLlve men of corrupL mlnds who Leach LhaL worldlv aaln ls aodllness (6ť4Ŵ3)Ŧ
@he AposLle ÞeLerţ ln 2 ÞeLer chapLer 2ţ warns aaalnsL false propheLs and false Leachers who wlll come
lnLo Lhe Church brlnalna ln ºdamnable hereslesŦ" Pe warns LhaL manv wlll follow Lhelr pernlclous wavs
and because of Lhem Lhe ºWav of @ruLh" wlll be spoken of as evllŦ @hese hereLlcsţ drlven bv areed and
explolLlna Lhe Churchţ wlll follow Lhe lusLs of Lhe fleshţ desplse aovernmenL and show no fear of
speaklna evll Lowards Lhose ln auLhorlLvŦ ÞeLer conLlnues (2ť17Ŵ19)ţ
@hese ore e//s ithout oterţ clouds LhaL are carrled wlLh a LempesLŤ Lo whom Lhe mlsL of
darkness ls reserved for everŦ lor when Lhev speak areaL swelllna words of vanlLvţ Lhev allure
Lhrouah Lhe lusLs of Lhe fleshţ Lhrouah much wanLonnessŦŦŦ whi/e they promise them /ibertyţ
they themse/ves ore the servonts of corruptionť for of whom a man ls overcomeţ of Lhe same ls
he brouahL ln bondaaeŦ
8oLh ÞeLer and Þaul seem Lo be dlrecLlv confronLlna Lhe modernŴdav heresv of LlberLarlanlsm LhaL has
so deeplv lnfecLed Lhe 8odv of ChrlsL ln AmerlcaŦ @hrouah Lhls lnfecLlon Lhe ºWav of @ruLh" Ŷour
messaae of Lhe CospelŶ has been spoken evll ofţ and Lodav mosL Amerlcans now no lonaer vlew Lhe
Church as aenerous and compasslonaLeŦ We have been sLeadllv bewlLched Lo belleve LhaLţ aL leasL ln Lhe
realm of commerceţ selflshness ls aood and alLrulsm ls badŦ Pere ls how Lhese clever ÞropheLs of
Mammon brouahL Lhls abouLŦ

1he Þromot|on of 5e|f|shness
ln 1776 Adam SmlLh publlshed 1e weol of Noloosţ a LreaLlse on economlcs LhaL LlberLarlans vlew as
a rav of llahL LhaL paved Lhe wav for CaplLallsm Lo flourlshŦ 8oLh Ludwla Mlses and lrledrlch Pavek speak
alowlnalv of SmlLh's araumenL LhaL ºselfŴlnLeresL" ln economlc affalrs ls acLuallv more effecLlve aL
promoLlna Lhe common aood Lhan ºbenevolenceŦ" lurLhermoreţ SmlLh lnvenLed Lhe rldlculous noLlon

ºAmerlcan 8abvlonţ ÞarL 4ť A Cne World vlslonţ new ?ork ClLvţ and Lhe Cl8ţ"
LhaL a mvsLerlous ºlnvlslble hand" ls alwavs aL work ln Lhe ºfree markeL" ensurlna a wldespread publlc
beneflLţ even as Lhe lndlvldual merchanLs are slnaleŴmlndedlv focused on lncreaslna Lhelr own proflLsŦ
kenneLh Lux ls Lhe auLhor of AJom 5ml#s Mlsokeť now A Motol lllosopet loveoeJ £cooomlcs ooJ
£oJeJ MotollvŦ Accordlna Lo Luxţ who breaks lL down qulLe slmplvţ lL was SmlLh who lald Lhe
phllosophlcal aroundwork for Lhls areaL moral lnverslon where ºlove of self" and ºlove of monev" (see 2
@lmoLhv 3ť1Ŵ2) ls vlewed as beLLer for Lhe common aood Lhan LradlLlonal 8lbllcal benevolence and

@he promoLlon of selflshness shows up clearlv ln Lhe ldeoloav of Ludwla Mlses ln hls hlsLorv of
economlcs enLlLled 1eotv ooJ nlsotvť
@he older eLhlcal svsLems were almosL unanlmous ln Lhe condemnaLlon of selfŴlnLeresLŦŦŦ
8eferrlna Lo Lhe Sermon on Lhe MounLţ Lhev exalLed selfŴdenlal and lndlfference wlLh reaard Lo
Lreasures whlch moLh and rusL corrupLţ and branded selfŴlnLeresL as a reprehenslble vlceŦ
8ernard de Mandevllle ln hls loble of e 8eesţ Lrled Lo dlscredlL Lhls docLrlneŦ Pe polnLed ouL
LhaL selfŴlnLeresL and Lhe deslre for maLerlal wellŴbelnaţ commonlv sLlamaLlzed as vlcesţ are ln
facL Lhe lncenLlves whose operaLlon makes for welfareţ prosperlLvţ and clvlllzaLlonŦ

WlLh Lhese words we see LhaL Lhe archŴenemv of LlberLarlanlsm ls acLuallv 8lbllcal ChrlsLlanlLvţ whose
prlnclples Mlses Lrles Lo dlsmlss and dlscredlL uslna none oLher Lhan Lhe aLhelsL llberLlne 8ernard
@he noLlon LhaL selfŴlnLeresL and areed are morallv superlor Lo aeneroslLv and compasslon ln Lerms of
Lhelr soclal usefulness ls blaLanL unblbllcal sophlsLrvŦ 8uL Lhls ls exacLlv Lhe klnd of nonsense LhaL
LlberLarlans promoLeţ as exempllfled bv economlsL MllLon lrledmanţ Lhe celebraLed dlsclple of Mlses
and Pavekţ who LhrouahouL hls llfe defended Lhe ldea LhaL Lhe onlv soclal responslblllLv of buslness ls Lo
lncrease lLs proflLsŦ

1he Jar on Love
Cne of Lhe dlsclples of Mlses and Pavek was Lhe 8usslanŴAmerlcan novellsL Avn 8andţ who was ln Lurn
Lhe menLor Lo Lhe lonaŴLlme Chalrman of Lhe ledţ Alan CreenspanŦ ln AJom 5ml#s Mlsoke auLhor
kenneLh Lux shows how some LlberLarlans ao far bevond [usL promoLlna selflshness and lnLo Lhe realm
of denlaraLlna alLrulsmŦ Pe wrlLesţ
Avn 8andţ howeverţ ls much more cerLaln LhaL alLrulsm ls morallv badţ and ln facL she sees lL
purelv and slmplv as Lhe cause of socleLv's lllsŦ ln Avn 8and we have ŧ an ulLlmaLe case of moral
LransvaluaLlonŦ ln her book 1e vltoe of 5elflsoessţ Avn 8and seLs forLh her phllosophv of

kenneLh Luxţ AJom 5ml#s Mlsokeţ 1990ţ ppŦ 80Ŵ84
Ludwla Mlsesţ 1eotv ooJ nlsotvţ 1937ţ ppŦ166Ŵ7
º@he Soclal 8esponslblllLv of 8uslness ls Lo lncrease lLs ÞroflLsţ" bv MllLon lrledmanţ 1e New )otk 1lmes
Mooozloeţ SepLember 13ţ 1970ţ from hLLpť//wwwŦcoloradoŦedu/sLudenLaroups/llberLarlans/lssues/frledmanŴsocŴ
moral prlnclplesţ whlch she calls ObjeclvlsmŦ @hls she deflnes as Lhe ºphllosophv LhaL holds
man's llfeţ Lhe llfe proper Lo a raLlonal belnaţ as Lhe sLandard of moral values Ŷand reaards
alLrulsm as lncompaLlble wlLh man's naLureţ wlLh Lhe creaLlve requlremenLs of hls survlvalţ and
wlLh a free socleLvŦ"
lor Avn 8and Lhe ulLlmaLe free socleLv ls one compleelv JevolJ of oltolsmţ whlch she belleved ls
locompolble wl moo#s oooteŦ @hls ls Lhe woman LhaL Ludwla Mlses once pralsed asţ pun lnLendedţ
´e mos cootooeoos moo lo AmetlcoŦ´

lrledrlch Pavek also expressed conLempL for 8lbllcal alLrulsmţ and hls vlews on Lhe sub[ecL are
hlahllahLed bv auLhor uavld !Ŧ ÞeLerson ln hls bookţ kevokloo e Motol OtJetť 1e lJeoloov of losllvlsm
ooJ e vleooo cltcleť

ŦŦŦÞrofessor Pavekƌs aLLempL Lo dlssecL economlc hlsLorv conLalns an lnsldlous lle whlch reveals
hls deep seaLed raae aaalnsL moral law and Lhe !udeoŴChrlsLlan ouLlookŦ Pavek clalms Lwo
culLural aLLlLudes he labels ƍprlmlLlve lnsLlncLsƍ had Lo be rooLed ouL Lo allow modern
lndusLrlallsm Lo developŦ Pe savs prlmlLlve culLures burdened manklnd wlLh ƍsolldarlsmţƍ a
concern for Lhe welfare of Lhe communlLvţ and ƍalLrulsmƍţ a charlLable and self sacrlflclna
aLLlLude Loward oneƌs nelahborsŦ Accordlna Lo Pavekţ aL Lhe sLarL of Lhe elahLeenLh cenLurvţ
Lhese ƍlnsLlncLsƍ ln WesLern culLure flnallv broke down and aave wav Lo naked self lnLeresL and
areedŦ lL was ln Lhose realons and Lowns where ChrlsLlanlLv proved LoleranL Lo Lhls culLural shlfL
LhaL free markeLs and modern caplLallsm blossomed forLhţ whlch creaLed unprecedenLed wealLh
and prosperlLvŦ

Solldarlsm and alLrulsm are unequlvocallv Lhe essence of a Lrue ChrlsLlan clvlllzaLlonŦ @hev are
Lhe culLural expresslon of ƍaaapeƍ or charlLvţ derlved from a devoLlon Lo Lhe aospel of !esus
ChrlsLŦ @he AusLrlan School phllosopher pralses caplLallsm and lndlvldual freedom because he
belleves Lhev are a Lrlumph over Lhe rldlculous supersLlLlons of ChrlsLlanlLvŦ Pavek lnslsLs LhaL
aLLempLs Lo resurrecL Lhe ouLmoded ƍlnsLlncLsƍ of human solldarlLv and soclal [usLlce wlll lead Lo
caLasLrophe and desLrov freedomŦ All such laws musL be sLoppedŦ ln hls vlewţ ƍe Jlstlbolve
joslce olmeJ o ls os locooslseo wl e tole of low ooJ o fteeJom wlc e tole of low
ls loeoJeJ o secoteŦƍ

Pavekƌs lndlvlduallsm ls so exLreme he speaks of soclal [usLlce as a devlous ploL whlch wlll lead
Lo fasclsmţ
ºMv baslc conLenLlon ls LhaL ln a socleLv of free men ŦŦŦ Lhe Lerm soclal [usLlce ls whollv
devold of meanlna or conLenLŦ ALLempLs Lo LnlC8CL l@ ln a free socleLv musL make

Wlklpedla enLrvť Avn 8andţ hLLpť//enŦwlklpedlaŦora/wlkl/Avn_8and
uavld !Ŧ ÞeLersonţ kevokloo e Motol OtJetţ 1999ţ ppŦ112Ŵ3
lrledrlch Pavekţ 1e lool coocelť 1e £ttots of 5oclollsmţ pŦ70ţ unlverslLv of Chlcaao Þressţ 1988
lrledrlch Pavekţ º@he Mlraae of Soclal !usLlceţ" ln lowţ leolsloloo ooJ llbetv volŦ3ţ unlverslLv of Chlcaaoţ 1976
socleLv unworkableŦ Soclal !usLlce can be alven meanlna onlv ln a dlrecLed command
(lŦeŦ LoLallLarlan) economv ln whlch lndlvlduals are ordered whaL Lo doŦ"

ln Pavekƌs pesslmlsLlc vlslonţ democraLlc socleLv ls enLlrelv neaaLlveŤ Lhere ls no poslLlve naLural
lawŦ CovernmenL can onlv llmlL desLrucLlve behavlorť lL ls buL a referee LhaL conLalns Lhe clash of
Lhe combaLanLsţ Lhe sLruaale LhaL Soclal uarwlnlsLs callţ ƍLhe survlval of Lhe flLLesLŦƍ

s God Concerned about 5oc|a| Iust|ce?
ln Lhe LlberLarlan world Lhe sLrona domlnaLe Lhe weakţ Lhe rlch domlnaLe Lhe poorţ and larae plles of
caplLal become laraer bv sucklna up smaller pllesŦ @haL ls slmplv Lhe naLure of Lhe ºfree markeL" lf lL ls
lefL Lo run wlLhouL Lhe sLrona hand of aovernmenL lnsurlna [usLlce and supporLlna Lhe needs and
asplraLlons of Lhe poorŦ 1o ls ls loJeeJ e ptopet tole ooJ foocloo of oovetomeo ls proven
LhrouahouL Lhe 8lbleţ because rulers and naLlons LhaL folleJ ln Lhls responslblllLv were [udaed and
punlshed bv CodŦ
!eremlah Lhe propheL spoke Lhe followlna words abouL Lhe klnadom of !udah before she was Laken bv
8abvlon (!eremlah 3ť26Ŵ29)ť
lor amona mv people are found wlcked menť Lhev lav walLţ as he LhaL seLLeLh snaresŤ Lhev seL a
Lrapţ Lhev caLch menŦ As a caae ls full of blrdsţ so are Lhelr houses full of decelLť Lherefore Lhev
are become areaLţ and waxen rlchŦ @hev are waxen faLţ Lhev shlneť veaţ Lhev overpass Lhe deeds
of Lhe wlckedť Lhev [udae noL Lhe causeţ Lhe cause of Lhe faLherlessţ veL Lhev prosperŤ and Lhe
rlahL of Lhe needv do Lhev noL [udaeŦ Shall l noL vlslL for Lhese Lhlnas? salLh Lhe Lordť shall noL
mv soul be avenaed on such a naLlon as Lhls?
lsalah prophesled aaalnsL Lhe klnadom of lsrael before she meL her punlshmenL LhaL came from AssvrlaŦ
Pe warned her Lo ºseek [udamenL and ºrelleve Lhe oppressedţ" savlna (lsalah 1ť21Ŵ23)ť
Pow ls Lhe falLhful clLv become an harloL! lL was full of [udamenLŤ rlahLeousness lodaed ln lLŤ buL
now murderersŦ @hv sllver ls become drossţ Lhv wlne mlxed wlLh waLerť @hv prlnces are
rebelllousţ and companlons of Lhlevesť everv one loveLh alfLsţ and followeLh afLer rewardsť Lhev
[udae noL Lhe faLherlessţ nelLher doLh Lhe cause of Lhe wldow come unLo LhemŦ
ln Þsalm 82 Lhe verv anaels LhaL were alven auLhorlLv over Lhe paaan naLlons of Lhe world are [udaed for
showlna favor Lo Lhe wlcked whlle lanorlna Lhe pllahL of Lhe poorť
Pow lona wlll ve [udae un[usLlvţ and accepL Lhe persons of Lhe wlcked? SelahŦ uefend Lhe poor
and faLherlessť do [usLlce Lo Lhe affllcLed and needvŦ uellver Lhe poor and needvť rld Lhem ouL of
Lhe hand of Lhe wlckedŦ

Lven Sodom was desLroved bv Cod because her rulers were arroaanLţ wealLhv and conLenLţ and she dld
noL ´steooeo e ooJ of e poot ooJ oeeJvţ´ (Lzeklel 16ť49)Ŧ
CovernmenL's CodŴalven role ln malnLalnlna !usLlce on behalf of Lhe poor ls conflrmed ln Lhe book of
O @he klna LhaL falLhfullv [udaeLh Lhe poorţ hls Lhrone shall be esLabllshed foreverŦ (29ť14)
O Pe LhaL oppresseLh Lhe poor reproacheLh hls Makerť buL he LhaL honoureLh hlm haLh mercv on
Lhe poorŦ (14ť31)
O @he klnaƌs hearL ls ln Lhe hand of Lhe Lordţ as Lhe rlvers of waLerť he LurneLh lL whlLhersoever he
wlllŦ Lverv wav of a man ls rlahL ln hls own evesť buL Lhe Lord pondereLh Lhe hearLsŦ @o do [usLlce
and [udamenL ls more accepLable Lo Lhe Lord Lhan sacrlflceŦ (21ť1Ŵ3)
O Whoso sLoppeLh hls ears aL Lhe crv of Lhe poorţ he also shall crv hlmselfţ buL shall noL be heardŦ
O lL ls noL for klnasţ C Lemuelţ lL ls noL for klnas Lo drlnk wlneŤ nor for prlnces sLrona drlnkť LesL
Lhev drlnkţ and foraeL Lhe lawţ and perverL Lhe [udamenL of anv of Lhe affllcLedŧ Cpen Lhv
mouLh for Lhe dumb ln Lhe cause of all such as are appolnLed Lo desLrucLlonŦ Cpen Lhv mouLhţ
[udae rlahLeouslvţ and plead Lhe cause of Lhe poor and needvŦ (31ť4Ŵ9)

1he J|cked 8|ess the Greedy
Þsalm 10 ls an lndlcLmenL aaalnsL Lhose who ploL Lo Lake advanLaae of Lhe poorŦ WlLhouL Lhe supporL of
a rlahLeous aovernmenL Lhe poor are vlrLuallv defenseless aaalnsL Lhe schemes of Lhe rlchť
Whv sLandesL Lhou afar offţ C Lord? Whv hldesL Lhou Lhvself ln Llmes of Lrouble? @he wlcked ln
hls prlde doLh persecuLe Lhe poorť leL Lhem be Laken ln Lhe devlces LhaL Lhev have lmaalnedŦ or
the icked boosteth of his heortƌs desireţ ond b/esseth the covetousţ hom the Lord
obhorrethŧ Pls wavs are alwavs arlevousŤ Lhv [udamenLs are far above ouL of hls slahLŧ Pls
mouLh ls full of curslna and decelL and lraudť under hls Lonaue ls mlschlef and vanlLvŧ hls eves
are prlvllv seL aaalnsL Lhe poorŦ Pe lleLh ln walL secreLlv as a llon ln hls denť he lleLh ln walL Lo
caLch Lhe poorť he doLh caLch Lhe poorţ when he draweLh hlm lnLo hls neLŦ

1he 1rue Iast of God
ln lsalah 60 Lhere ls an amazlna prophecv abouL Lhe comlna of Lhe Clorv of Lhe Lordţ
Arlseţ shlneŤ for Lhv llahL ls comeţ and Lhe alorv of Lhe Lord ls rlsen upon LheeŦ lorţ beholdţ Lhe
darkness shall cover Lhe earLhţ and aross darkness Lhe peopleť buL Lhe Lord shall arlse upon
Lheeţ and Pls alorv shall be seen upon LheeŦ
l have heard sermons preached on Lhls sub[ecL and l have heard ChrlsLlans crvlna ouL ln praver for lL Lo
happenŦ Þlease Codţ send vour Clorv! LeL vour people shlne wlLh vour Clorv! @he darkness ls areaL and
we need vour Clorv! Ch Codţ lf onlv we had vour Clorv!
8uL whaL few ChrlsLlans reallze ls LhaL Lhls was a condlLlonal prophecvŦ ?ou seeţ all of lsrael was dolna
Lhe same Lhlnaţ crvlna ouL ln praverţ puLLlna on sackcloLh and ashesţ and fasLlna for Cod Lo release Pls
ClorvŦ 8uL Cod was noL lmpressed wlLh emoLlonal praver meeLlnasŦ lnsLead Pe wanLed evldence of a
hearL chanae ln Pls peopleŦ Pe wanLed a dlfferenL klnd of fasLţ a fasL LhaL Lhe earlv Church laLher !usLln
referred Lo as º@he @rue lasL of Codţ" whlch ls wrlLLen ln lsalah 38ť6Ŵ8ť
ls noL Lhls Lhe fasL LhaL l have chosen? @o loose Lhe bands of wlckednessţ Lo undo Lhe heavv
burdensţ and Lo leL Lhe oppressed ao freeţ and LhaL ve break everv voke? ls lL noL Lo deal Lhv
bread Lo Lhe hunarvţ and LhaL Lhou brlna Lhe poor LhaL are casL ouL Lo Lhv house? When Lhou
seesL Lhe nakedţ LhaL Lhou cover hlmŤ and LhaL Lhou hlde noL Lhvself from Lhlne own flesh? @hen
shall Lhv llahL break forLh as Lhe mornlnaţ and Lhlne healLh shall sprlna forLh speedllvť and Lhv
rlahLeousness shall ao before LheeŤ Lhe alorv of Lhe Lord shall be Lhv rewardŦ
l had a dream abouL a wave of Lhls Clorv falllna on and compleLelv enveloplna Lhose who work for our
laLher ln Peavenţ Lhe Lrulv wealLhlesL and mosL aenerous CLC ln Lhe enLlre unlverseŦ lL wlll happenŦ Wlll
vou be a parL of lL?

uthor 8|o
ÞeLer Coodaame llves wlLh hls wlfe Lorl and Lwo chlldrenţ Lll[ah and Cabrlelleţ ln kalluaţ PawallŦ Pe ls a
consLrucLlon worker and a LlLLle Leaaue baseball coachŦ ÞeLer and Lorl are Lhe dlrecLors of kahuhlpa
Peallna 8oomsţ a heallna mlnlsLrv ln Lhe Lown of kaneoheŦ Slnce 1999 ÞeLer has been Lhe edlLor of
wwwŦredmoonrlslnaŦcom LhaL deals wlLh 8lble prophecv and Lhe slans of Lhe endŴLlmesŦ Accordlna Lo
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