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This is a Christian home, which will be modeled on the principles in the Bible as a
guideline for a healthy, happy home. In any such environment, rules and
consequences are necessary for the peaceful coexistence of several people living
together in an enclosed space.

We will strive to promote honesty, responsibility, kindness, courage, integrity, and

most of all love of God and each other. Our home and its occupants are
encouraged to demonstrate these values on a daily basis. Any adults living in our
home will be expected to help the younger members achieve these same goals.

We believe that living here is a privilege, and not a punishment; and would expect
that you will treat it as such.


Before you sign this contract, understand that this is a one way trip towards adult
treatment. We will not, after acceptance of this contract, continue to treat you as a
child in our home. You will be considered an adult, and responsible for your own
behavior. Please consider carefully that this is a big step, and has a lot more
implications than you are likely immediately aware.

One such implication is that if you violate certain rules, or with great frequency, you
will be asked to move out and make your own way.

This is not a sign that we don’t love you; rather that we acknowledge and respect
you enough to not coddle you through life. If our rules are no longer bearable, then
you are able at this point to take care of yourself, make your own decisions, and live
with the consequences of those decisions – both good and bad.


One of our primary goals for you is to help teach you responsibility and life skills
that you will need when you are out on your own. It costs a lot of money to support
you, and we believe that with adult privileges come adult responsibilities. It is for
this purpose that we will charge a nominal rent that will include your room, any
meals you eat with the family, or make for yourself in the kitchen, use of all family
resources (pool, tv, internet, etc…), and inclusion in any family activities. You are
on your own to provide a vehicle, insurance, and any spending money that you
might want or need.

Rent = $100 per month plus full payment of any fines accrued over the
previous month.

Equivalent services and facilities would cost you about:

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$300 a month for rent in a fairly cheap apartment. You could of course split
this with a roommate.

$150 or so for food, depending on how much you eat out and how savvy a
shopper you become.

$75 - $100 for utilities if you have a small, efficient apartment. This amount
changes a ton depending on the time of year. Spring and fall can be very
cheap; summer is a killer if you like air conditioning. Again, this could be split
with a roommate.

$45 for cable internet. $10 if you are willing to live with dial-up.

$40 for basic cable. Free if you just want network channels.

Don’t even think about the 60” tv… it’s currently out of your price range. 

The pool is in terrible condition, I wouldn’t ever pay a penny to swim in it as it

is now. 

Total expenses (assuming a roommate) = $422.50

If you become more than 60 days behind in rent or fines, you will be asked to leave
unless you have made prior arrangements.


Monday - Thursday 11:00 pm - 5:30 am

Friday - 1:00 am - 5:30 am

Saturday 12:00 am - 5:30 am

There will be a 15 minute grace period if you call at least 15 minutes ahead of the
curfew. If you wish to remain out after curfew you may (about once per week)
contact us in advance and obtain permission. Subject to approval.

Minor Curfew Violations (Less than 30 minutes late):

First Offense - Warning

Second Offense and subsequent offenses per month- $25 fine

Major Curfew Violations (30 minutes or more late):

First Offense: $50 fine and an additional $25 for each additional 30 minutes.

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Second or subsequent offenses per semester: $75 fine, an additional $25 for each
additional 30 minutes, and a curfew of 9:00 pm every day for one week.


Permission must be obtained in advance for overnight stays. You must inform us of
all people that will be present, and provide us with the contact number for the
parent at whose house you will be staying.

Failure to obtain permission will be treated as a severe curfew violation.


Family night is every Sunday evening, usually around 6:30 pm. Regular attendance
is expected; although permission to miss this function may be obtained in advance.


Members of the opposite sex must remain in the den, kitchen, or dining room unless
a parent is present in the room at the time.

First Offense - $50 fine

Second Offense - Grounds for eviction


To protect the home and occupants we require a safe, clean, and sanitary
environment. Rooms will be checked occasionally for safety, reasonable cleanliness
and sanitary conditions. No notice will generally be given before these checks.
Notice might be given, but is not a right.

If not up to standards, you will be given 24 hours to comply.

If not up to standards within 24 hours: $10 fine per day.

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You are expected to participate in cleaning common areas. Our system for cleaning
requires $5 of chores performed per week from the chore list.

Failure to perform any of the selected chores will result in a fine equal to the cost of
the chore, and you will be given an additional 24 hours to complete the chore
before another fine is imposed, and no requests for additional privileges (ex, later
curfew) will be approved until the chore is complete and all fines are paid.

If your failure to complete the chore on time affects another house member's
ability to perform their chores (ex dishes) you will be required to perform their
chore as well.


Everyone must leave and enter through the downstairs doors. Anyone that enters
or exits, or aids anyone entering or exiting through a window will pay a $50 fine for
the first offense. Second offense is considered grounds for eviction.

Any missing or damaged screens will be replaced by the resident within 24 hours,
and the resident will pay a $50 fine.


Movie or music content that conflicts with the values of the home is not allowed.
Any such music that is heard or discovered will be removed

First Offense: Warning and removal of the content.

Second and subsequent offenses: $20 fine and removal of the content.


No sexual immorality, pornography, or profanity; either in the house, or outside of

it. Unapproved overnight events with members of the opposite sex, or the
appearance of impropriety will be treated as violations of this policy, even if no
evidence of impropriety is present. Violation of this policy is grounds for eviction.

Theft of someone else's property is prohibited. Each incident will result in a $25
fine, and restitution of the property. (This includes illegal software and music

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Spiritual growth and regular attendance at church services is encouraged. If non
attendance becomes a stumbling block for other members of the home; this may
become mandatory.



Tight or form-fitting attire and garments designed as underwear or sleepwear

should not be

worn as outerwear.

Shorts should be mid-thigh or longer in length no shorter than the tips of your
fingers when your hands are at rest by your side.

Clothing that is unusual or displays material inconsistent with the values of the
home is not allowed.

No underwear should be showing at any time.


Tops must have at least 1-inch shoulder straps. Clothing must not be low-cut and
may not reveal

cleavage or the midriff. Halter tops are not allowed.

Skirts and dresses must not have hemlines or slits that reveal skin above the tips of
your fingers when your hands are at rest by your side.

Banquet dresses should be modest and becoming, conforming to the guidelines

listed above. Dresses may be strapless; however, the back must not extend below
the natural bra line.


Shirts must be worn at all times.


Our position as parents must be respected at all times. If you disagree with a
decision that the parents are making regarding another person, voice that

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disagreement privately, not openly. This is a serious issue of respect to the
authority in the home.

First Offense - Warning

Second Offense - $10 fine

Third through fourth offense in a given month - $25 fine

Fifth offense in a given month - Grounds for eviction


Cursing or swearing is not tolerated in the home, or anywhere within hearing of

household members.

First Offense - Warning

Second and subsequent offenses - $25 fine


The consumption, possession or storage of alcoholic beverages or illegal drugs is

not tolerated. This includes in or out of the home.

Violation of this policy is grounds for eviction.

The consumption, possession or storage of any products containing tobacco are not

All violations - $25 fine.

I agree to abide by these rules and respect the values of this home. If at any time I
am asked to leave the house, I will do so immediately. I understand that living in
this home is a privilege, and not a right.

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