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BASE24-e ps ™

In the world of payments processing, managers are increasingly challenged to improve the
profitability of today’s business while they accommodate a steady stream of new transactions,
channels and technologies. Many have found it difficult, even impossible, to extend their
transaction processing systems for new initiatives. As a result, organizations have lost money
and competitive advantage as they’ve tried to compete using outdated platforms.

It’s time for a new approach. It’s time to evaluate a system that can function as the
core processing engine for all transaction types — both the traditional transactions that
organizations manage today and the transactions of the future.

The BASE24-epsTM Solution

channels and transaction types. This eliminates
BASE24-eps is an integrated software
the cost and complexity of maintaining
solution to acquire, authenticate, route,
duplicate functionality and information for
switch and authorize financial transactions
each channel while providing a single point
across multiple channels. It provides a full
of integration to back-office legacy systems.
range of functionality to support payment
A powerful scripting engine can define
transactions — both the traditional transactions
application logic (for example, to introduce
that are mainstream today (such as debit and
new authentication rules or relax authorization
credit at the ATM and point of sale, branch
parameters) without the need to modify
banking and telephone banking), as well as
source code, resulting in lower cost and faster
the transactions of the future (such as mobile
time to market for new products and services.
commerce and Internet banking).

Enhance Customer Service

BASE24-eps represents the next-generation
implementation of ACI’s world-class BASE24-eps helps ensure consistency of service
payments platform. It’s the culmination levels and information across consumer touch
of our three decades of experience in points. The fault-tolerant application takes
developing and supporting payments advantage of the best in systems software
software, leveraging the input of a global for reliability and availability. In addition,
customer base. Since 1975, ACI has BASE24-eps can integrate real time data from
been known as a trusted provider of multiple sources within the enterprise to allow
industry-leading software to meet the needs for more complete views of each customer, in
of the world’s most sophisticated systems. turn allowing organizations to better manage
transaction risk and personalize service.
With BASE24-eps, ACI is investing to bring
the best in functionality and fundamentals Improve Flexibility
to an open systems environment, with a unique
With BASE24-eps, organizations can leverage
enterprise services architecture that allows
off-the-shelf support for leading card types,
organizations to increase profitability, enhance
devices, national switches, international payment
customer service and improve flexibility in a
schemes and host systems. This speeds
dynamic business environment.
time-to-market and provides a feature-rich
solution that customers can operate in-house
Increase Profitability
for maximum control over their business.
BASE24-eps improves the cost-efficiency of State-of-the-art object technology enables
payments processing by allowing a common software reuse for rapid development of new
set of transaction services to support multiple functionality. Scripting allows new services,
transaction types and business rules to be Provides comprehensive and extensible
deployed more quickly and profitably than with support for consumer e-payment transactions

at a glance
traditional systems. Furthermore, BASE24-eps Supports customized authorization processing
is engineered for scalability, accommodating through a powerful scripting engine
growth in transaction volumes and allowing the Allows a common set of “middle-office”
integration of merged or acquired organizations services to be accessed by multiple channels

without disrupting service. Supports a wide range of POS devices
and ATMs
The ACI Advantage Supports new e-commerce delivery channels,
including Web-based devices, PDAs and
BASE24-eps provides a rich set of functionality mobile telephones
to support payment transactions across multiple Provides flexible switching and routing
channels. The software is parameter-driven, to major networks, card associations
allowing users to configure a system to meet and processors
unique business requirements. ACI’s product Supports EMV and multicurrency processing
investment strategy ensures that periodic new Integrates with other products within the ACI
releases of software provide support for both Payments Framework™, including chip card
regulatory changes as well as new trends in management and fraud detection, to facilitate
electronic delivery. With built-in flexibility and acquisition, processing, and management of
ongoing investment, customers can be assured transactions from any channel
their ACI software will meet both short- and Supports high-volume, high availability
long-term business needs. processing through a scalable, fault-tolerant
software architecture that runs on a variety
Platform Independence of platforms
BASE24-eps supports a broad range of computing Gives users the ability to define application
environments, allowing customers to operate logic such as authentication and journaling
ACI’s best-of-breed software on their choice of without having to modify source code
industry-standard platforms. BASE24-eps operates Facilitates high productivity with a user
on a range of HP, IBM and Sun servers. On each interface built around task-oriented workflow
platform, our software takes advantage of the to streamline management and operation
best in systems software for reliability, availability, Represents a true international product with
scalability and high-performance throughput. its multilanguage user interface, including
double-byte character support
Experience, Expertise Uses industry-standard technologies such as
Every second of every day, more than 800 Java, C++ and XML
customers around the world rely on ACI solutions Engineered using Object Oriented Analysis
to process payments, manage risk, automate and Design (OOAD) methodology
back-office systems and provide application Supports multiple communication protocols
infrastructure services. More customers use ACI
software to manage higher payment volumes,
of greater diversity, across more platforms and
geographies than any other provider in our field.
Since 1975, ACI has provided software solutions
to the world’s innovators. We welcome the All product names are trademarks or registered trademarks of their
opportunity to do the same for you. respective companies.

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