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In the 9/11 Era of

Environmental Terror

rely upon lies, fear–mongering,
misconceptions, coercion,
threats, deceptions, terror,
and paranoid conspiracies.

They concoct fraudulent

and non–existent
alarmist issues such as
the so–called problems with DDT
as well as the imaginary threat of
pest control products !

These Enviro–Basterds
cannot be trusted !
The United Nations'

Against DDT

P A RT 1 Key points in this Outlook :

• UN agencies are mis-

leading the public by claim-
ing that malaria can be
controlled without insecti-
cides, notably DDT. The
J a nu a r y 2 01 1 stated aim is to stop DDT
use globally by 2020.
R o g e r B at e , D on a ld R ob e r t s, R i c ha r d T re n
• UN agencies are com-
mitting scientific fraud by
A E I O ut l o o k Se r i e s deliberately and incorrectly
interpreting data on ma-
S e l e ct ed an d ad ap te d e x ce r p t s laria control using non–
insecticide methods.

• While DDT is no pana-

Malaria can be controlled in many ways, de- cea, it is still a critical
pending on the type of disease and the type weapon in the battle
against malaria and other
of mosquito spreading the disease.
insect-borne diseases.
The most common methods are the use of
Insecticide–Treated Bed Nets ( ITNs ) and
also Indoor Residual Insecticide Spraying
( known as IRS ).
For over seventy
years, DDT has been
It can also be controlled through the prophy- a vital insecticide in
lactic use of anti–malarial drugs by at–risk the battle against
populations and tourists.
Yet it is vilified for
All three methods ( ITNs, IRS, and drugs ) largely illegitimate
concerns about its
work with varying degrees of success and at impact on the envi-
varying costs. ronment and human
For many environmentalists and environ- Through a mix of en-
mental activist groups, the campaigns vironmental fervor,
against DDT in the 1960s and 1970s and the self–interest, and
disregard for evi-
ultimate banning of DDT for most uses in the dence–based policy,
United States by the Environmental Protec- United Nations (UN)
tion Agency in 1972 were D E F IN IN G MO - agencies are mis-
leading the public
ME N T S . about DDT ― mis-
takenly claiming it is
In some cases, E N T IR E O R GA N IZ A T IO N S not needed and can
be eliminated glob-
W ERE F O U N D E D on the DDT issue, and ally by 2020.
S IG N IF I C A N T A MO U N T S O F MO N E Y were
raised in the fight against this chemical. Such claims must be
withdrawn, and the
aggressive timeline
Any revelation that DDT may not actually be for the elimination of
as harmful as supposed would IN F L IC T DDT must be
G R E A T R E P U TA T IO N A L H A R M , so it is little
wonder that many groups and individuals
continue to fight hard against DDT and those
who defend it.
DDT is deployed only through Indoor Resid-
ual Insecticide Spraying, and it has been
Furthermore, the
Unfortunately, it is often vilified as a cause World Health Assem-
of environmental harm, and this claim per- bly, the governing
body of the World
sists even though only small amounts are Health Organization,
sprayed on inner house walls for malaria must prioritize the
control. needs of malarial
countries ahead of
the political agenda
MO S T O F T H E AL L EG A T IO N S MA D E AB O U T of UN agencies and
IT S E F F E C T S A R E F A LS E . set a positive agenda
for the use of DDT
and the development
For instance, it is alleged that DDT brought of much–needed new
the American Bald Eagle to the brink of ex- public–health insecti-
tinction, yet the eagle was endangered many
years before DDT was introduced, and popu- Independent donors
lations recovered during years of heavy DDT should continue to
fund DDT use where
use. needed for malaria
The Bald Eagle’s decline was caused by
The campaign
shooting and poisoning as well as land use against DDT means it
changes, and its recovery was due to im- is used far less than
proved and enforced legal protections and is efficient or desired
by malaria–control
specific activities to reintroduce it. programs.

Similar evidence exists for other bird species

supposedly harmed by DDT, such as the
Peregrine Falcon.
There is still NO EVIDENCE
to satisfy the most basic epidemiologic criteria
to prove that DDT is harmful to human health

Many believe that DDT is linked to a wide range of human ailments; how-
ever, after many decades of use and thousands of studies, there is still NO
E V ID E N C E to satisfy the most basic epidemiologic criteria to prove that DDT
is harmful to human health.

Yet thanks to years of negative and biased publicity about DDT, these fears
persist ― such allegations of harm have limited DDT’s modern use.

Malaria scientists and officials with responsibility for malaria–control pro-

grams still see G R EA T VA L UE in DDT.

Richard Nchabi Kamwi, M.D., Minister of Health for Namibia, writes ―

« U n fo r t u n a t e l y b e c au se o f t h e s t i g m a a s s o c i a t e d w i t h i n s e c t i -
c i d e s a n d D DT i n p a r t i c u l a r , we a r e o ft e n l e ft t o d e fe nd t he se
i n s e c t i c i d es a l o ne . »

« I f w e a r e t o a ch i ev e o u r go a l s o f m al a r i a e l i m i n a t i o n t ho u gh ,
w e a r e go i n g t o ne ed a mo r e ro bu s t a nd g lo b a l e ffo r t t o d e fe nd
t h e t o ol s we n ee d t o g e t t he r e . »
DDT is the most effective and affordable
chemical we have to control malaria

Leslie Ramsammy, M.D., Minister of Health for Guyana, explains that ...

« D D T i s t h e m o s t e ffe c t i v e a n d a ffo r d a b l e ch e m i c a l w e h ave

to control malaria. »

« T h e g l ob a l r e sp o ns e t o t h e bu r g e o ni n g m a l a r i a r a t e s i n t h e
w o r l d s ho u ld a ll o w fo r D D T r e s id u al sp ra y i n g . »

Given these statements and DDT’s P RO V E N E F F E C T IV E N ES S IN MA L A R IA

C O N T R O L , one might imagine that the United Nations would be working to
secure the rights of sovereign nations to use the most appropriate public–
health tools for their circumstances.

Regrettably, that is not the case.

DDT use is not governed by a rational debate about its merits amongst rela-
tively balanced, if opposing, interests, but by vested interests opposed to its
Far from being an impartial arbiter and defender
of sound scientific evaluation in the debate over DDT,
the UN is merely a conduit for anti–DDT interests

Donald Roberts is Emeritus Professor of Tropical Medicine at Uni-

formed Services University of the Health Sciences.

Richard Tren is the Executive Director of Africa Fighting Malaria.

Roger Bate is the Legatum Fellow in Global Prosperity at American

Enterprise Institute for Public Policy.

It has been predicted that so–called GLOBAL WARMING

will affect the Arctic, as well as the African and Asian
countries, North America, and Europe.

Consequently, it is expected that dozens of millions of

refugees will be created, and that famine will affect 80
to 200 million people.

We should all be reminded that many experts view


We are also advised to get a grasp on factual existing

problems that plague our entire planet.

As we speak, we have real problems, with poverty,

AIDS, polluted drinking water, and Malaria, which are
afflicting and killing many times more people than
global warming ever will.

Hunger is the most extreme form of poverty.

Presently, 854 million people across the world are hun-


Every day, almost 16,000 children DIE from hunger–

related causes ― almost 6 MILLION CHILDREN DIE
ANNUALLY due to hunger.

The latest statistics on the world epidemic of AIDS and

HIV indicate that 39½ million people are living with it.

AIDS deaths for 2006 were 2.9 million, despite recent

improvements to access to anti–retroviral treatment.

Equally serious is the fact that a world–wide shortage

of fresh drinking water affects forty per cent of the
planet’s population.

Each year, 11 MILLION PEOPLE DIE of diseases related

to water that is not clean enough for consumption.

Finally, some observers believe that Malaria acutely af-

515 MILLION PEOPLE is MORE PEOPLE than live in Canada, the United States, and Mexico,

Two–thirds of all Malaria cases occur in Africa.

Additionally, Malaria causes more than 1 MILLION DEATHS PER YEAR, principally among
children under the age of five years and pregnant women.

At least eighty–six per cent of these deaths are in Sub–Saharan Africa.

Globally, an estimated 3,000 women, children, and infants DIE from Malaria every day.

Twelve billion dollars per year is lost to Malaria.

In some countries, more people die of Malaria than HIV/AIDS ― and recently, a new study
showed that people who contract Malaria become more likely to spread HIV.

For over one–half century, DDT has been used as part of the solution to one of the world’s
great problems.

Through the policies of depraved indifference of Environmental Terror Organizations, DDT

has been prohibited in a manner that can only be described as « Eco–Manslaughter ».


Malaria has wrought an enormous economic toll, by incapacitating otherwise productive


The burden of Malaria costs Sub–Saharan Africa an estimated twelve billion dollars per year.

Thousands survive the disease with brain damage, thus keeping millions at home to care for

It is the principal reason why people in Africa are living in abject poverty.

Both North America and Europe have not harboured Malarial mosquitoes since the 1940s.

This was accomplished through the use of a range of public health measures, as well as
generally increasing health and living standards.

In fact, the beginning of the decline of Malaria was due principally to the drainage of
swampland and the removal of mill–ponds.
It had been known since 1914 that Malaria could be
controlled by fluctuating water levels.

Nonetheless, DDT contributed to the final eradication

of Malaria in the developed world.

In 1955, the World Health Organization ( WHO ) began

a program to eradicate Malaria throughout the ENTIRE

The program RELIED GREATLY upon the application of

DDT to control mosquitoes, with a practice called DDT
Residual House Spraying.

As a result of this program, by 1967, Malaria was

eradicated from all developed countries where Malaria
was endemic.

Large areas of tropical Asia and Latin America were

freed from the risk of infection.

In Sub–Saharan Africa, the campaign was only

launched in three countries since it was not considered
feasible in the others.

Swaziland and Mozambique are examples of countries

that have very successfully REDUCED Malaria infestations with DDT.

Throughout the years, spectacular DECREASES in Malaria infections and deaths were seen
after implementing an extensive anti–mosquito program with DDT.

Here are five examples. ―

• India ■ 1945 ■ Only 9 cases were reported, and

■ Almost 1 million Malaria l deaths re- shortly thereafter, Malaria was
ported eradicated from the island

India ■ 1960
■ Only a few thousand cases were • Skri Lanka ( Ceylon ) ■ 1946
reported ■ 28 million cases of Malaria

Skri Lanka ■ 1961

• Republic of China ( Taiwan ) ■ 1945 ■ Only 110 cases were reported
■ 1 million cases of MALARIA. DDT was
soon adopted Skri Lanka ■ 1969
■ The DDT program was halted,
Republic of China ■ 1969 and Malaria rebounded with 2½
million cases
• South Africa ( KwaZulu Natal Province ) ■ After the return of DDT, com-
■ 1996 bined with the introduction of new
■ DDT was stopped and the number of therapies to treat Malaria patients,
MALARIAL deaths rose from 8,000 to MALARIAL deaths have been re-
42,000 duced to less than 50 per year

South Africa ( KwaZulu Natal Province )

■ 2000 • Venezuela ■ 1943
■ There was a 400 per cent in- ■ 817,000 Malaria l deaths reported
crease in Malaria deaths
Venezuela ■ 1958
South Africa ( KwaZulu Natal Province ) ■ Only 800 cases were reported
■ Modern day

In 1970, the U.S. National Academy of Sciences summed up the situation with the following
excerpt from their book Life Sciences. ―

« To only a few chemicals does man owe as great a debt as to DDT. [ … ] In little more
than two decades, DDT has prevented 500 million human deaths, due to MALARIA, that
otherwise would be inevitable. »

The situation concerning Malaria eradication can be summarized with the three following
points ―

• DDT contributed to the final eradication of Malaria in the developed world

• Spectacular decreases in Malaria infections and deaths were seen after im-
plementing anti–mosquito program using DDT

• Our modern day world of politicized science refuses to admit that DDT has
prevented hundreds of millions of deaths with its life–saving eradication of
human diseases

For over one–half century, DDT has been used as part of the solution to one of the world’s
great problems.

Through the policies of depraved indifference of Environmental–Terror–Organizations, DDT

will be prohibited in a manner that can only be described as « Eco–Manslaughter ».

Additionally, these Enviro–Terror–Organizations prefer seeing money wasted on investigat-

ing myths like so–called GLOBAL WARMING rather that solving some REAL world problems,
such as with POVERTY, AIDS, POLLUTED DRINKING WATER, and MALARIA, which are afflict-
ing and killing many times more people than GLOBAL WARMING ever will.
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HUJE is a term used to describe Enviro Maniac Activists that routinely concoct FEAR MONGERING, FRAUDULENT LIES,
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and DESTITUTION for THOUSANDS of hapless victims throughout the Green Space Industry. The DEPRAVED INDIFFER-
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Today, Mr. Gathercole is the ONLY TRUE RELIABLE WITNESS of the Hudson Affair. Mr. Gathercole is personally credited
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