ARAKAN NATIONAL COUNCIL (ANC) Organization Background: Arakan National Council (ANC) is a decentralized political body representing the

people of Arakan for self-determination, justice, peace, prosperity, equality, integrity, tranquility and dignity in emerging the Arakan State with civilized modernity and democracy. Job Description: The Political Activist Campaign Manager (Intern) will be leading the charge against the military junta in Burma by working to cut off foreign investment in Burma. After arriving at Headquarters (in Asia, site must remain confidential) S/he will be required/provided travel to India, Bangladesh, Thailand, and other South/South East Asian countries where s/he will lead activists in nonviolent demonstrations, trainings, and will liaison with political, non profit, and business officials. She will be campaigning against international gas and oil investments in Burma, such as those of Daewoo, Total, and Unocal (because their investments directly empower the military junta while worsening the conditions for local and ethnic peoples, for example, through slave and forced labor provided for the investors / environmentally degrading activities, for example, offshore drilling on marine life.) Experience: • • • • • • • • • • • 1-3 years working in social justice and activism internationally Grad or professional (particularly Law) degree/student Social activism training Creating marketing tools (i.e. leaflets, bumper stickers, t-shirts, posters) Press releases / leading demonstrations / actions with local people Successful boycotting campaigns / divestment movements Presentation skills Liaison with Asian, European, and US officials Producing news letters, position and academic papers Burmese language skills are a plus but are not required Cultural sensitivity, adaptability, flexibility / intercultural communication

Geographical Background: Arakan, once a sovereign and independent Kingdom and trade centre in Asia, is now one of the states in the Union of Burma after independence in 1948 from the British. The Arakan State comprises a strip of land along the eastern coast of the Bay of Bengal from the Nak River to Cape Negaris and stretches north and south bordering Bangladesh on the Northwest. It is cut off from Burma mainland or Rangoon by Arakan Roma. Its present capital city is Akyab. Total area of Arakan is about 20,000 square miles. Its total population is over 3 million. It is rich with natural resources, especially crude oil, natural gas, marble stoned, forests, agricultural products, and marine lives. Political Strategy: • To end dictator rule

• • •

To restore democracy and human rights To strengthen unity with indigenous people of Arakanese, Mro, Mroon, Khami, Thak (Chakama, Dainet, Chin, Kaman, Maramargri, various religious communities, and civil societies as of wholeness and inclusiveness To make perfect Federal Union of Burma