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2nd Grade

Unit 4: House and home

The right house for me

You’re an old lady living You’re a future husband. You’re a couple with two
alone. You’re looking for You want a small, nice children who need more
something small with no apartment not far from space. You may consider
stairs. your job in the city center. leaving the city.

You’re a single mother You’re a very successful

You’re a group of
with an 8-year-old son. single young businessman
university students who
You want something with who likes to give parties.
need an easy-access
enough space and a You don’t have time to
place with furniture.
garage. decorate.

You’re a 5-member family 4 BEDROOM HOUSE FOR RENT
with two cars and a dog. FOR SALE Small, street level studio in
You are currently renting 2 bathrooms, fully the North, 1 bedroom,
and you’d like to buy. equipped kitchen, garage small bathroom,
and small back garden. kitchenette.

Small house with a First floor apartment FOR SALE

great view for sale FOR RENT Exclusive Pent House
2 bedrooms, 2½ 2 bedrooms, living and 250 m², 5 bedrooms, 4½
bathrooms, large living- dining room, kitchen, bathrooms, Jacuzzi, fully
dinning area, front 1 full bathroom. No furnished. Garage for 4.
yard/garage. garage.

Colonial house in the Convenient apartment in

FOR RENT country FOR SALE the city center
Large apartment in the One floor, 3 bedrooms, FOR RENT
South. 4 bedrooms, 3 studio, 2 bathrooms, large Single bedroom and
bathrooms, furnished, front garden. Very good bathroom, small kitchen,
excellent location. No pets. condition. newly decorated.

La página está dividida en tres columnas de cinco filas; los bordes son líneas punteadas que sirven de guía para
cortarlas. Debe haber además unas pequeñas tijeras en medio de la tabla y en la primera fila para indicar el corte.
Cada celda tiene la información incluida en un formato tipo anuncio clasificado (hay que jugar con las fuentes y los
tamaños de las misma, así como con los colores).
ACTIVITY: The right house for me – Groupwork: reading, speaking
TIME: 25 min
AIM: To talk about accommodations by means of a role-play
LANGUAGE: Function 4.1 Describing accommodation Grammar: There is and There are, linkers and and but

Before class: Make one copy of the worksheet for every 15 students and cut it out as
If you have a non-
indicated. multiple of 15
In class: class, for
1. Take the classified adverts’ section from a newspaper to class and use it as a prompt to example, 36
students, you can
elicit what classified adverts are for (selling, buying and exchanging things, offering a
divide them into
service or a job, finding a job, etc.) uneven groups,
2. Divide students into groups of 15. Tell them they are going to play a role using classified making sure the
adverts: some are going to look for accommodation with certain characteristics, and some cards they work
PE with are possible
are going to sell or rent state properties. If necessary, elicit from students the kind of matches.
vocabulary they will need in order to find the best accommodation for them. (There are 3
R on L bedrooms and 2 bathrooms, There is a large front yard, is it a house or an apartment?, Is
there a garage?, etc.)
3. Give a card to each student in every group. Ask them to read it without showing it to
SC anybody in order to spot vocabulary difficulties. Tell them to go around their groups asking
and answering questions in order to find a property that matches their needs.
4. Monitor the activity and encourage students to ask for and give as much details as
5. Once students have finished the activity check the matches they made at random
(remember there may be more than one correct option for each situation) asking students
to give reasons for their choices.

PERFORMANCE EVIDENCE: Students can recognize and REFLECTION ON LANGUAGE: Students notice that there is
understand quotidian texts (classified advertisements and and there are indicate existence in singular and plural forms
conversations) in order to use them purposefully (obtain the respectively, the different meanings that a single term may
characteristics of accommodation). have depending on the context of use (sink, yard) and that
Students can use language creatively and appropriately by some linking devices indicate addition (“,”, and) while others
selecting lexis, phrases and grammatical resources in order indicate contrast (but), and use such language features
to produce short, relevant texts (conversation) regarding appropriately.
descriptions of accommodation. STRATEGIC COMPETENCE: Can use some verbal and/or
non-verbal information to ease and enrich communication.
Can recognize when confused and use verbal and/or non-
verbal language to repair communication breakdowns.

POSSIBLE FOLLOW UP: You can have students write classified advertisements of their own house/flats or short
descriptions of their dream house or flat. You can also recycle comparative and superlative forms of adjectives from
the previous unit by asking students to write both descriptions and make a list of the differences between the places.

IDEAS FOR EVALUATION: While monitoring Procedure point 4, focus on the questions and answers. Make note of
any common mistakes to go over them once the activity has finished.