Planets in 7th of Marriage Muhurta Lagna

Thursday, 30 April 2009 - Sreenadh OG

Marriage Muhurta Lagna – here after denoted as MML Base Thoughts Today I was reading Muhurta Chintamani of Rama Daivajna; a text written in Kashmir around AD 1600. This text on Muhurta is blessed with an excellent Sanskrit commentry with the name Piyushadhara written by Sri Govinda Jyotirvid. Muhurta Chintamani with Piyushadhara commentry is an excellent treasure on which a seeker of astrological knowledge can meditate upon for years. [The same is true for Brihat Daivajna Ranjana written by Rama Daivajna as well. Other two texts of the same class are Jyotir Nibanddha and Jaganmohana by Mukunda Daivajna Unfortunately I am yet to have a copy of these two ancient excellent texts; But I know that they are available.] The quote I went through today reads – Jamitram dwividham proktam garga galava gautamaiH Tasmallagnacha chandracha Jamitram parivarjayet. Meaning, The ancient scholars Garga, Galava and Gautama say that 7th house is of 2 type – one, 7th from Lagna & 2nd, 7th house from Moon. Because of this, planets in 7th (of MML) from both Lagna and Moon should be avoided.

First I thought a bit well about this quote due to the following facts • • The quote refer to the name of some great sages viz. Garga, Galava and Gautama It provides us with a guideline such as ‘Any planet in 7th from Muhurta Lagna should be avoided.

But then on re-thought it revealed to me that it could be one of those misguiding quotes due to the following facts – • • • • Even though the above quote mentions the names of 3 ancient sages, none of the available quotes by the above sages (E.g. Garga) mention anything similar. The quote it self is a father-less/auther-less quote; a quote presented with the words ‘uktam cha’ (it is told that); who tells this? Which sage? There is no info! Too much importance to Muhurta is a Vedic and Medieval concept rather than an Ancient Non-Vedic concept. (Astrology as we know is an ancient non-vedic branch of knowledge) Malefic in 7th from Muhurta Lagna providing bad results is an understandable possibility; well supported by the standard result derivation concepts. But why Benefic in 7th from Muhurta Lagna should provide bad results?! What is the logic behind? It seems totally absurd. I felt that I have encountered a misguiding quote, which pretends to be authentic. If this is true, then certainly there is something to study and discuss in this quote. With these basic thoughts, I decided to spend some time to analyze this concept of ‘Bad results attributed to ALL the planets from 7th of Muhurta Lagna’. Analyze The word ‘Jamitra’ indicate one who is ‘friend from birth’ or the ‘soul mate’; the compliment/soul mate to body (Lagna) and mind (Moon). This concept of ‘soul mate’ (The friend, pre-destined from birth itself) must have been pretty ancient concept as clear from the reference to the ancient sages. Garga Galava Gautama - Author of Garga Hora, Garga Samhita etc - Not much is known about the astrological contribution of this ancient sage - Not much is known about the astrological contribution of this sage as well. Some believe that the

name of Sage Kasyapa was Gautama. This quote is curious not only because it refers to these ancient sages, but also because it tell us that ‘Even as per the ancient sages the presence of ANY planet (both benefic and malefic), in 7th from Lagna or Moon is

This may not be the opinion of real ancient sages. available Vasishta Samhita is NOT an ancient text. As per Vasishta Samhita Sarve Jamitra Samsta Vidadhati Maranam (Vasishta Samhita) Any planet placed in 7th of Muhurta Lagna indicate untimely death. Vivaha Patala.Loss of money Sun in 7th . Definitely the simple Muhurta CANNOT has this much important influence on future results. and follows Tropical Zodiac. I started my search In Support Of As per Madhaveeya – If malefic is present in 7th from Muhurta Lagna then death of husband results. then simply because at the time of marriage the 7th house from lagna was occupied by Venus or so. As per Mihira(?) Mihira in Vivaha patala of Brihat Samhita elaborates the bad results attributed to planets in 7th of MML as – Sourara jeeva budha rahu raveendu sukraH kuryuH prasahya khalu saptama rasi samsthaH vaidhavya bandhana vadha kheya vittanasavyadhi pravasa maranani yadha kremena (from Vivaha patala of Brihat Samhita) Meaning. The texts Madhaveeya. Mihira(?). If benefic is present in 7th from Muhurta Lagna then separation results. But how to prove this? How to prove that original logical opinion was that “Malefics in 7th of MML is Bad. The same seems to be true for the concept ‘All planets gives bad results in 7th of MML’ as well.Murder/Death Mars in 7th . Galava and Gautama our original quote was referring. this may not be the opinion of even the Garga. and Benefics in 7th of MML is GOOD”? Of course we would have to . In general the texts and acharyas who support this ‘Extra importance to Muhurta’ seems to be of Medieval or Vedic origin. Prashna Chandeswara. In the above quote.Death Many scholars think that Vivaha patala was added to Brihat Samhita later and is NOT written by Mihira. The people who support this theory are Madhavacharya. we would have to go through the ancient classic quotes available on this and clarify what they say. If the native’s chart indicates longevity. Please note that. predicting that he will have an untimely death is simply illogical. apart from general though “ANY planet in 7th house from MML indicate bad results”. As per Maheswara Acharya (from Muhurta Chintamani) Lagnat seetakarat graha dyunagata neshta vivahe smrita (Maheswara Acharya) Planets in 7th house from MML is NOT good. Attributing deadly strong results such as death to Muhurtas selected for simple events is nothing but an insult to true and sincere astrology.Disease Moon in 7th Venus in 7th .Divorce/Death . This nasty emphasis on strong results from simple general combinations and events is what makes astrology a trash mount with rare gems only.Life abroad (away from wife) .Vasista Samhita author etc. the above quote seems to over-state the results. the following results can be attributed to planets placed in 7th house of MML – Saturn in 7th Jupiter in 7th .inauspicious (for a Marriage Muhurta)’! Malefic in 7thconsidered as inauspicious is OK. but why benefic in 7th?! Is it a mistake or an intentional misinterpretation? Is there a solid logic behind or as illogical as attributing too much importance to Muhurtas? To answer this. Vasishta Samhita etc are all of medieval origin. Chandeswara.Imprisonment Rahu in 7th .

Good that we have found at least one acharya who speaks logically. if the 7th house from MML is occupied by any benefic planet such as Venus. Mo) are present in 7th then. Mercury. Vasishta and Parasara attributes good results for the same (and NOT bad results). Mo in 7th of MML will give beneficial results. Muhurta Chintamani) Meaning. Ve. Atri. any of these planets (Ju. Rama Daivajna. But as per others opinion. To emphasis this point. Bhujabala is of the opinion that benefics like Ju. provided in Muhurta Chintamani. Ve. Chandrat Saptama Rasige dinakare tyekta dhanaiH kanyaka Bhoume cha pramada prayati vilayam saurena vandhya saruk JeevaH sukra sasankajau subhakaraH kechidvadanti kramatBhartrir prepsita deekshitastabhavane nityam pravasanvita. bound in sadness waiting for the husband in distant land could be the result. Against Let us start from a quote of ancient scholar Bhujabala. Are such quotes available? Did the true ancient astrology able to survive the thunderstorm caused by the FAKE Muhurta theorists and specialist (most of whom are of vedic and tropical astrological followers and Brahmins)? Yes! In the next section. if the 7th house from Moon sign at the time of marriage Muhurta is occupied by planets then the following results can be predicted – Sun – loss of money to wife Mars – death/loss of wife Saturn – impotency to wife/disease Jupiter. Brihat Daivajna Ranjana) Meaning. Actually Bhugabala is NOT alone – it is the opinion of ALL the ancient sages! For example Brihat Daivajna Ranjana provides us the following quote of Sage Atri – Yamitrago yadi bhavedusana budho va geervana natha sachivaH sitapaksha chandraH Kanya vivaha samaye subhamamananti Manv-atri-narada-vasishta-parasaradyaH (Sage Atri. Narada. The above quote and meaning seems to be unique as Acharya Bhujabala tells us that ascribing bad results to Benefics in 7th from MML is NOT his opinion but of others. Moon – gives good results. the author of the great text called Brihat Daivajna Ranjana quotes the following sloka as well – Manu-Sandhilya-Mandhavya-Bharadvaj-Atri-GautamaH Yamitre tu prasamsantiH budhajeevosanaH subhaH (Brihat Daivajna Ranjana) .provide some evidence – some sage quotes that mention exactly the same. Jupiter or Waning Moon then great ancient sages like Manu. Venus. (BujabalaH. I will try provide some such quotes.

I feel that the 2nd opinion is better. Parasara etc including Gautama is of the opinion that “Benefic in 7th from MML gives GOOD results”. Sandhilya. Atri. But the authentic quote of Atri and the quotes provided by Brihat Daivajna Ranjana reveal that it is not so. Gautama are all of the opinion that ‘If benefic planets are present in 7thhouse from MML then benefic results should be predicted (and NOT bad results)”. To save astrology from the irresponsible fake masters who theorize without sincerity as if astrology is like instant coffee – a use and throw subject! • The hardest task for us is to unlearn the trash learned and start again from the basics! . Earlier in the quote given at the beginning of this article we saw that. Bharadvaja. The available quotes of Garga too prompts us to think that he too supports this opinion itself and not the first. and supported by sages. End Note • • The hardest task in astrology learning is to differentiate the worthy knowledge from the trash mount present. Mandhavya. Manu. they clarify that almost all the sages such as Atri. some unauthentic quotes by FAKE scholars tried to attribute the owner ship of the wrong argument “Benefic in 7th from MML gives bad results” to ancient and revered sages like Gautama. fame and money. The 1st opinion seems to be medieval origin and seems to depend on some fake quotes. Garga etc. Sages like Manu. scholars who make instant theories in an effort to earn name.Meaning. logical. The hardest task at our hand is to save this beautiful knowledge branch astrology from the fake scholars. Mandhavaya.

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