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Employment access points Queen Beatrix arrives today

THE Ministry of Manpower has set up points of access to re- QUEEN Beatrix of the Netherlands will arrive in the Sultanate
ceive citizens who wish to apply for new jobs or update their today on a two-day private visit during which she will meet
data at the ministry’s register. „ Details on page 2 with His Majesty Sultan Qaboos. „ Details on page 2


ª.OªªsªªBAISAS Tuesday, March 8, 2011/Rabee al Thani 3, 1432 AH sª

His Majesty issues eight Royal Decrees

z 10 new faces z Economy ministry abolished
z Agriculture and Fisheries ministries merged
MUSCAT — His Majesty Sultan Qaboos has med bin Marhoon bin Ali al Maamari, State Nassir bin Hilal bin Nassir al Maawali as
issued eight Royal Decrees. Minister and Governor of Dhofar; Shaikh Saif Chairman of the State Audit and Administra-
Royal Decree No 31/ 2011 restructures the bin Mohammed bin Saif al Shabibi, Minister tive Institution with the rank of minister.
Council of Ministers. of Housing; Shaikh Abdullah bin Nasser bin Royal Decree No 34/2011 appoints Dr
Article 1 states that the Council of Minis- Abdullah al Bakri, Minister of Manpower; Dr Rasheed bin al Safi bin Khamis al Huraibi as
ters shall be restructured under the Chairman- Ahmed bin Mohammed bin Obaid al Saeedi, Chairman of the Tender Board with rank of
ship of His Majesty the Sultan as follows: Minister of Health; Dr Madeeha bint Ahmed minister.
His Highness Sayyid Fahd bin Mahmood al bin Nassir al Shibaniyah, Minister of Educa- Royal Decree No 35/2011 appoints Mohsen
Said, Deputy Prime Minister for the Council tion; Ahmed bin Abdullah bin Mohammed al bin Mohammed bin Ali al Shaikh as Adviser at
of Ministers; His Highness Sayyid Haitham Shuhi, Minister of Regional Municipalities the Diwan of the Royal Court with the rank of
bin Tareq al Said, Minister of Heritage and and Water Resources; Dr Ahmed bin Moham- minister.
Culture; Sayyid Khalid bin Hilal bin Saud al med bin Salim al Futaisi, Minister of Transport Royal Decree No 36/2011 appoints Dr Ab-
Busaidy, Minister of the Diwan of the Royal and Communications; Shaikh Khalid bin Omar dulmalik bin Abdullah bin Zahir al Hinai as
Court; Lt Gen Sultan bin Mohammed al Num- bin Said al Marhoon, Minister of Civil Serv- Adviser at the Finance Ministry with his exist-
ani, Minister of the Royal Office; Sayyid Badr ice; Shaikh Saad bin Mohammed bin Said al ing rank and financial allocations.
bin Saud bin Hareb al Busaidy, Minister Re- Mardhouf al Saadi, Minister of Commerce and Royal Decree No 37/2011 appoints under-
sponsible for Defence Affairs; Sayyid Hamoud Industry; Sayyid Saud bin Hilal bin Hamad al secretaries for the Ministry of Agriculture and
bin Faisal bin Said al Busaidy, Minister of Busaidy, State Minister and Governor of Mus- Fisheries.
Interior; Yusuf bin Alawi bin Abdallah, Min- cat; Dr Abdullah bin Mohammed bin Said al Article 1 appoints Dr Hamad bin Said bin
ister Responsible for Foreign Affairs; Shaikh Saeedi, Minister of Legal Affairs; Shaikh Ab- Sulaiman al Aufi as Under-Secretary of the Min-
Mohammed bin Abdullah bin Zaher al Hinai, dulmalik bin Abdullah bin Ali al Khalili, Min- istry of Agriculture and Fisheries for Fisheries.
Minister of Justice; Darwish bin Ismaeel bin ister of Tourism; Dr Fuad bin Jaafar bin Mo- Article 2 appoints Dr Ishaq bin Ahmed bin
Ali al Balushi, Minister Responsible for Finan- hammed al Sajwani, Minister of Agriculture Mohammed al Ruqaishi as Under-Secretary of
cial Affairs; Shaikh Abdullah bin Mohammed and Fisheries; Mohammed bin Salim bin Said the Ministry of Agriculture and Fisheries for
bin Abdullah al Salmy, Minister of Awqaf and al Toobi, Minister of Environment and Climate Agriculture.
Religious Affairs; Dr Mohammed bin Hamad Affairs; Shaikh Mohammed bin Said bin Saif Royal Decree No 38/2011 cancels the Min-
bin Saif al Rumhy, Minister of Oil and Gas; al Kalbani, Minister of Social Development; istry of National Economy and states that a
Hamad bin Mohammed bin Mohsin al Rashdi, Royal Decree No 32/ 2011 appoints Shaikh committee shall be formed by the Council of
Minister of Information; Dr Rawya bint Saud Al Fadhl bin Mohammed bin Ahmed al Harthy Ministers to manage the distribution of its pre-
bin Ahmed al Busaidiya, Minister of Higher as Secretary-General of the Council of Minis- rogatives, allocations, assets and employees.
Education; Ali bin Masoud bin Ali al Sunaidy, ters. The decrees took effect yesterday. — ONA
Minister of Sports Affairs; Shaikh Moham- Royal Decree No 33/ 2011 appoints Shaikh „ See also page 2

Many villages to get Large turnout of job seekers Oman-US Business
supply of electricity Council established
MUSCAT — The Tender Haliyah, Wadi al Khashkhash, "Yª"ADERªALª+IYUMI sible for Financial Affairs.
Board yesterday awarded Jaiba, Dima, Faqarah and Al The forum aims at devel-
tenders worth RO 12 mil- Zabai villages in Ja'alan Bani MUSCAT — The Oman oping trade relations introduc-
lion. The new projects are: Bu Ali (RO 578,600); power Chamber of Commerce and ing investment opportunities
technical preparations for supply to Al Saifani, Mati, Industry (OCCI), signed an in the Sultanate and opening
radio transmission stations Al Jamha, Qaran, Dhoha, Al agreement with the National new market for Omani ex-
in Barka, Bidiya and Bahla Jailah, Al Theqab villages US Arab Chamber of Com- ports.
(RO 6,160,597); power sup- in Sur (RO 524,607); ad- merce to establish the Oman- Khalil bin Abdullah al
ply to Najd, Baheer villages in ditional works for the provi- American Joint Business Khonji, Chairman of OCCI,
Bahla, Al Shaar in Adam, Jabal sion of consultancy services Council. said in his speech that the fo-
al Sarah in Ibri and Al Saleel, for preparing technical speci- The council will pay regu- rum which is being held here
Maaresh and Marjabah in Izki fications for express ferries lar attention for strengthening in co-operation with the local
(RO 1,210,000); power supply and coast guard boats (RO co-operation and partnership and American partners, aims
to Al Jarwalah in Ibra, Al Re- 522,060); supply of surgical in trade, industry and ex- at developing the trade and
hab, Al Eisi, Al Saleel, Khab materials for Royal Hospital changing experts and modern investment relations through
al Khais, Al Qaleet, Alka, We- (RO 446,713); power supply technologies. private sector contributions
sal, Al Jar, Hail Braik and Al to Hail al Hlabi, Haloot, Al The signing agreement and to strengthen joint invest-
Jabatian in Dima Wal Taeyyin Walaja, Al Jareef, Al Areesa took place during the inaugu- ments under the legal environ-
in the Sharqiyah Region (RO villages in Sur (RO 392,920); ration ceremony of the open- ment provided by the bilateral
1,053,360); power supply supply, installation, integra- ing of the Oman-US Econom- trade agreements.
Wadi al Lubaidaa in Ja'alan tion, testing and operating of ic Forum which was presided "Several opportunities are
Bani Bu Ali (RO 965,402); control and external warning over by Darwish bin Ismaeel available that are given priori-
power supply to Al Qalea, Al system „ To page 2 al Balushi, Minister Respon- ties „ To page 2

Fish demand to be met 3OUDªALª'HANBOOSI
These candidates will be assigned to
various jobs across various sectors under
the Diwan.
forward with plans to absorb more Omani
The Association of Contractors has an-
5 bidders for Sur IPP
"Yª3ALIHªALª!ZRIª culture and Fisheries, said the Musab bin Salem al Mukhbali, an as- nounced that it will increase the number MUSCAT — The race for a licence to build a huge Independent
decision regulates the export MUSCAT — In the wake of the recent pirant teenager from the Sidab village, of Omani employees to 100,000 in the Power Project (IPP) at Sur, on the Sultanate’s Sharqiyah coast,
MUSCAT — The decision by of some kinds of fish that are announcements inviting Omani youths to has whittled down to five bidders. AES Oasis Energy, one of
said that it was a great move for young- next two years. The minimum wages of
the Fisheries Ministry ban- on high demand in the local enrol their names for jobs in the govern- sters like him. “I’m so excited that I stand RO 200 has been implemented in the six energy firms prequalified to bid for the licence, opted out of
ning export of five kinds of market. ment sector, the Office of the Diwan of better chances to get a government job if company since last week, according to the contest, leaving fellow contenders Marubeni Corporation
fish: sirius, grouper, kingfish, In an interview with Oman the Royal Court in Al Khuwair received a I register with the Office of the Diwan. company officials. (Japan), Siemens LLC, Sembcorp Utilities, Enka (Turkey) and
sal and sahwa,went into effect Arabic daily, Al Aufi pointed large number of applications yesterday. A number of my friends are also in the Mashhoor Dawood al Osfour, Vice- Mitsui & Co in the fray. „ Details on page 21
on March 1. out that the studies conducted As many as 500 to 1,000 Omani queue to register their names for such President of the Board of Directors of
Dr Hamad bin Said al over the last two years showed youngsters have registered at the Diwan jobs” Contractors Association of Oman, said
Aufi, Fisheries Under-Secre- a surge in the prices of fish in office in the past two days, according to Meanwhile, a number of other private that it played a crucial role in responding Ramadhan quiz winners’ list on P3
tary at the Ministry of Agri- the local market „ To page 4 an official. companies and public entities have come to citizens’ requests. „ To page 4

Ready to take up
any challenge
MUSCAT — Omani workforce is
ready to take up any challenge and
this is proved with the hard work of
an entrepreneur who established his
own oil and gas company by dint of
hard work and clear vision. Oilfield
services company Midwest is the re-
sult of the concerted effort of a young
The company does not only meet
international standards, it has the cred-
it of being the only Omani company in
the sector when started in 2001.
In such companies the Omani
workers get training and qualify to
join the international job market.
Since the workers have exposure to
international standards while working
in Oman, they have a chance to get the
best possible training in the sector.
— Features

Tender No 26/2011 for annual mainte- nance of roads in the Northern Sharqiyah Region. Dr Omar their data at the ministry’s points of access in the Ba." ties. Commerce and and Governor of the Islamic projects to develop small and Al Khonji added. was the chief al Ghassani from Royal Army guest at the final stage of the of Oman (individual pistol Annual Light Arms Shooting shooting). Minister Re. and additional works for the construction of ex- ternal exhibitions for 2008. for the reception of job. Al Suwaiq. Dakhiliyah and Sharqiyah Regions (second stage). MARCH 8. the team of the Royal Hamad al Hinai of the Royal Army of Oman came first Oman Police (the Sultan’s while the team of the Royal Medal for Best Gun Marks. — ONA The ministers. Omani Shooting Association. and Dr Sidi Ould enhancing trade relations and and needs to develop such Army of Oman ( the individu. ent parts of the Sultanate. — ONA . Mauritania seek ficer Ahmed bin Abdullah al Ghaisani from Royal Army of Oman (the Sultan Qaboos For the team pistol shoot- ing competition on the level of individuals. the team of the The gathering concentrates on the signifi. of Manpower has set up the Omani Women’s As. and Development Minister They also reviewed (individual gun shooting com. For the team gun shooting The top winners were: competition for progress and Second Lieutenant Salim bin retreat. Economic Affairs economic co-operation. Second Warrant Of. tional Training Centre. Warrant Officer Ahmed bin Abdullah al Ghassani from Royal Army of Oman came first while the team of the Royal Air Force of Oman came second. For the pistol shooting sectors to attract more American investors and san al Dheeb. points of access to receive sociation. petition named “Progress”). The discussions will also cover the impor- tance of exchanging information on economic MUSCAT — Ahmed bin Has. Captain Mussalam Competition 2011 held here bin Abdullah al Subhi from yesterday. Yusuf bin Alawi bin Abdallah. ter for the Council of Ministers. in the regional and international arenas. Tender No 29/2011 for annual maintenance of roads in the Southern Batinah Region. Minister Responsible for Foreign Affairs. global developments SOME OF THE NEW MINISTERS: Shaikh Abdulmalik bin Abdullah al Khalili. the Royal Army of Oman tended by Lt Gen Ahmed bin (gun shooting at the level of Harith al Nabhani. YUSUF bin Alawi bin Abdullah. Minister of Social Development. as well as the latest developments Affairs. the Royal Army of Oman to boost trade relations er). Tender No 367/2010 for construction of stores for the Public Authority for Stores and Food Reserves in Barka. Adviser of the Minister Barka. — ONA al gun shooting event named al Oman Police came second. process the applications the other high-ranking personnel and the Dutch ambassador to the sponsible for Foreign Affairs. enterprises. in a closed-door session. the Sultan for External Liaison. Tender No 353. Minister of Tourism. second.966). Staff sergeant Mohammed bin lieutenants. the staff with computers to delegation comprising Willem-Alexander. Minister of Higher Education. Multaqa. Al Turaif and Al seekers are set up in differ. medium enterprises and fa. Minister of Agriculture and Fisheries. Tender No 7/2011 for assessment of mineral and mining sector. journalists before a meeting of the GCC Foreign ministers in Abu Dhabi yesterday. ic blocks. to increase the volume of trade exchanges. bin Tareq al Said. The event was at. soonest. Chief of lieutenants) and Corporal Sal- Staff of the Sultan’s Armed mah bint Said al Miqbaliyah Forces and Chairman of the (female pistol shooting). — ONA Sultanate. Foreign Minister of the nomic spheres. Development Bank of Mau. Queen Beatrix visits Ministry of Manpower opens Sultanate today MUSCAT — Queen Beatrix of the Netherlands will arrive in employment access points the Sultanate today on a two-day private visit during which she MUSCAT — The Ministry namely at the premises of Other points of access will meet with His Majesty Sultan Qaboos. Dr Fuad bin Jaafar al Sajwani. Tender No 378/2010 for provision of consultancy services for Nizwa/Thumrait (Adam- Thumrait) dual carriage- way projects. Prince of Orange. Mohammed bin Salim al Toobi. The necessity of further activating the Secretary for Commerce and ritania. United Arab Emirates. first while the team of the Roy.2010 for construction of stores for the Public Authority for Stores and Food Reserves in Al Ka- mil Wal Wafi. Guard of Oman (RGO) came man). Second Warrant Mohammed al Saeedi. cussion. ministry’s departments in shifts and that the min- Busaidiya. 2 OMAN OMAN DAILY Observer TUESDAY. His Highness Sayyid Haitham ABU DHABI — Foreign Ministers of GCC cussed ways to enhance the joint GCC march ply for new jobs or update There are also other said Al Mzeidi. Minister of Environment and Climate Affairs and Shaikh Mohammed bin Said al Kalbani. 2011 GCC foreign ministers review regional. Tender No 9/2011 for op- eration and maintenance of water transport system in Southern Al Batinah and its associated works. Tender No 368/2010 for SCADA project in South- ern Al Batinah. competition on the level of Industry Ministry's Under. citizens who wish to ap. The meeting also touched on ‘strategic dia- di. Power supply to villages From page 1 for Omantel (340. Deputy Prime Minis. he noted. 2009 and 2010 (RO 175. the team of Oman-US Economic Forum established medal for Best Pistol Shoot. investment and promoting Oman as a wealthy merce and Industry will also come up for dis- Bebaha. Minister of Heritage and Culture. the centres are in Sohar. Special Adviser to His Majesty under the chairmanship of Shaikh Abdullah legal.112). said that four of bourah and Shinas Voca. tinah region located at the operate in day and evening bin Zayed al Nahyan. and Dr Rawya bint Saud al Said bin Salim al Mzei. adding that states held their 118th session here yesterday and issues of common concern in political. istry is willing to provide Queen Beatrix will be accompanied during the visit by a The Sultanate’s delegation was headed by logue’ between GCC states and other econom- of Manpower for Legal fice of the Wali of Al Kha. dis. ness Sayyid Fahd bin Mahmood al Said. yesterday discussed miliarised with mechanisms Abdullah al Khatri from Royal Royal Army of Oman came cane of making appropriate environment for roles of Chambers and Federations of Com- Industry. the of. The board also opened bids for the following ten- ders: Tender No 281/2010 for construction of a pow- er plant in Sur. Min. environmental and eco- register. From page 1 in the developmental plans of both countries. Officer Ahmed bin Abdullah ister of Health. addresses The queen will be received upon her arrival by His High. Oman. — ONA Shooting contest winners MUSCAT — Dr Ahmed bin “Retreat”). Tender No 25/2011 for washing of insula- tors for power lines and plants (220 and 132 KV) for Oman Electricity Transmission company. humanitarian. the centres will continue to bin Abdulmunim al Zawawi. destination of successful investment opportuni.

RO 25 Coupons .Best Gulf. the need for dustry thanks to its excellent an excellent opportunity for Muscat Electronics Telecommunications Coun. munity for several years and is one of the largest fund man. University of Edinburgh.Muscat Electronics. fund investing in Oman. assum. — ONA in Muscat or to be present in us. to stretch its operational excel. Consultant from USA Dean for Training and Community Services. Oman. Muscat Broadband Summit debates strategies for future Ramadhan Quiz winners. of developing public private Dr Amer Awadh al Rawas fessionals from the private and extremely rapid growth across nises the crucial importance RO 200 Coupons . private note that all our efforts are be. Air Conditioner . SAMENA Telecom. Engineering at SQU. JAPEX. RO 50 Coupons . who Dr Raghda Shukri.McDonald.40 per cent in that help sustain its growth on performance. alumnus from cohort 2004. and Osama Coupons . RO 100 Coupons . ments from the destructive effects of fire and RO 100 Coupons . RO 25 Coupons . RO 50 Coupons .Lulu. Kuwait (BankMuscat set Management and Private MSCI® Kuwait Fund. RO 100 Coupons - Delegates at the summit In his opening speech. the telecommunications in.” United Kingdom’s jurisdiction have a legal suit against any said Akhtar Raja. SAMENA Telecom.” RO 200 Cash.McDonald. RO 25 Coupons . RO 25 Coupons . the well being of individuals 6th Prize Hani Hamed Said Omantel was the Diamond uisite for economic and social of the over the top providers Commenting on the sum. Deputy Chairman of Oman Camel Racing Association. RO 100 Coupons . said that the value of fire Engineering at the School of Engineering. RO 50 Coupons . Coupons .Muscat Electronics. RO 200 Coupons . RO 50 Coupons .Khimji Mega Store 17th Prize Fatma al Barwani RO 100 Coupons . BankMuscat AMD enjoys a ager and Broker in Oman.Lulu. are recognised to be a prereq.McDonald tion on Empowerment of Nursing Alumni by Prof building block for the future of nursing in Oman. RO 25 Coupons . RO 25 Coupons . RO 50 Coupons . the critical role leadership role played by Om. bers.McDonald association and emphasised that alumni associa. ference is timely to discuss ture prosperity of Oman and Head of Telecoms at KPMG.Khimji Mega Store MUSCAT — The opening ceremony of the Inter.” award.Lulu. types of meetings. mation and experience in the 3rd Prize Fiyadh Abdullah al Raisi Mohammad Ali al Wohaibi. Electronics by Stewart White. RO 50 Coupons - Khimji Mega Store. requirement.Lulu. RO 50 UK’s Quist Solicitors yester.44 per cent in Ali Said Ali. With such an arrange. A keen percep. for International accreditation of the College of spoke about the history of Nursing Programme She encouraged the students to be in touch with Nursing. The Emeafinance award enjoys proven expertise in cused on developing products division offers discretionary ing almost all the prestigious in recognition of excellence asset management and stock and services in line with the portfolio management service MUSCAT — Dr Ali bin Saud al Bimani. RO 100 Coupons . the corporate and Government 2nd Prize Hamed Mahmood yesterday to discuss the future demand for Broadband. management 16th Prize Desly Douza RO 100 Coupons . RO 25 Coupons .Muscat Electronics Omar al Hashmi signs 7th Prize Mossa Mohsin Mossa RO 200 Coupons .Best Gulf. RO 50 Coupons .Best Gulf. RO 150 Cash. law.Lulu. RO 25 Coupons . regional and local in banking across the Middle broking services. Dr Mohammed al Wohaibi and Dr Amer al Rawas antel in introducing modern area of broadband technology RO 200 Coupons .Khimji Mega Store. the safety engineering is growing and it is consid.Muscat Electronics. RO 50 Coupons . organised by Oman front of a plaintiff was either to RO 50 Coupons .Best Gulf. water treatment. mit. RO 50 Coupons .” Omar Salim said. and former ambassador of Japan to the Sultanate of Oman. Dehumidifier . College of Nursing is officially responsible for alumni association 29th Prize S P N Meera first batch in 2007 and other significant events. RO 25 Coupons .McDonald and the origin of alumni association. fect its development so that and businesses.Khimji Mega Store.McDonald Camel Racing Association.Lulu. significance of follow up was historical as it is the first formal meeting ex.Lulu. 3 OMAN OMAN DAILY Observer TUESDAY.Muscat were addressed by Omantel Dr Mohammed al Wohaibi largest infrastructure invest. according to arrangement and we have RO 50 Coupons . 2010).McDonald. Emeafinance. Deputy we are delighted to receive agers in the region. RO 25 Coupons . RO 25 Coupons . RO 50 Coupons - Khimji Mega Store. way back the alma mater always.Lulu. RO 50 Coupons . lot of time. solar Muscat to further raise the bar Ali Mustafa. RO 200 Coupons . energy and fisheries. development. students about the latest developments in fire RO 50 Coupons . The au- the Ministry of Commerce and Industry.Al Amana. Dean. Camel riders cerned at the British embassy can be approached through from the Omar al Hashmi 14th Prize Maryam al Balushi from all over the Sultanate took part in the first day’s 15 races. RO 50 Coupons .Muscat Electronics. prizes Sponsor of the event. to the nation. was the launching of the Nursing Alumni web RO 50 Coupons . dience. RO 25 Coupons . That is why our con. RO 200 Coupons . Dehumidifier- organised by the SAMENA band Access. Air Conditioner . RO 50 Coupons . Under-Secretary for Commu. RO 25 Coupons . RO 25 Coupons . Expert. ning. a Wales. Dehumidifier- cations professionals from the The keynote speeches and are delighted to be organising and expansion of broadband Muscat Electronics across the Middle East and debates covered a broad spec. said: “BankMuscat enables the bank to remain fo. as well as structured trajectory. BankMuscat Asset Man- ny. “This is our second ar.Khimji Mega Store tive and Financial Affairs and Regional Affairs at safety engineering and management.Lulu. 5th Prize Irfan Meo Rawas. Head — Brokerage.Lulu. The bank’s current and emerging needs. 28th Prize Abdul Rashid A K M graduates of different generations as their experi. RO 200 Coupons .Lulu. RO 25 Coupons . RO 100 Coupons . RO 50 Legal Consultancy Bureau Coupons . ny. for dominant position in the as- the second year running. those involved and extended vote of thanks.Lulu. faculty members and 20th Prize Shinu Zubair man al Maimani. She threaded the important aspects of an alumni RO 50 Coupons . ered as separate discipline in academic institu- national Workshop on Fire Safety Engineering and tions as protection of people and their environ. RO 50 Coupons . the MESA networks as these networks faced by the operators across the Middle East and North Af. ers.Muscat Electronics nications at the Ministry of of building effective Public further commented that for future constitute opportunities ecommunications technology important both to individuals Transport and Communica. MARCH 8. corporations and other enti. Executive Thomas said: “We the continued healthy growth Coupons . The event ship. RO 50 Coupons . RO 50 Coupons .Lulu. RO 25 Coupons . with returns of 7. Dr Al Wohaibi (OTTP) and what may in the Dehumidifier. Omani nationals who throughout the Middle East. yet another endorsement from 2010). we bring in our vast experi. 22nd Prize Badar Abdullah Mohammed RO 50 Coupons . Together.Khimji Mega Store. 2011 BankMuscat gets Emeafinance award SQU seeks research ties with Japan MUSCAT — BankMuscat was track record of 15 years and honoured as the Best Bank in approximately $906 million Oman. the region due to the arrival rica. RO 50 Coupons . She said that alumni association is a critical event was attended by around 50 graduates and through the memory lane of the initiation of bac.Muscat Electronics. RO 25 Coupons . who received the returns of 26. Another salient feature of the day’s event 26th Prize Allan Anthony Mathias Nursing. cess. leader- 25th Prize Rosanna Mehdonsa held at Grand Hyatt Muscat yesterday. port from others. ing a major regional hub for sectors.McDonald 23rd Prize Marwa Mahmood SQU College of Nursing holds first alumni meet RO 50 Coupons . RO 50 the UK in person.Lulu. We are delighted to the bank adopts new initiatives ceived the Best Asset Man. band growth. establishing the foundation for alumni associa.Lulu. RO 50 Hashmi and vice versa.Khimji Mega Store. RO 25 Coupons . legal adviser/private 13th Prize Sam Said Salim came into force. RO 25 Coupons- McDonald pact with UK’s Quist 8th Prize Mahmood Salim al Sulimi RO 200 Coupons . RO 100 native technologies for Broad. RO 50 Coupons . began here yesterday under the auspices of Shaikh Ali bin approach the department con. alter. Air Conditioner . This service will be for all were also present at the sign. RO 200 Coupons .McDonald. They discussed the possibilities of further strengthening research collaboration be- global awards helps Bank.Khimji Mega Store. The summit represented Coupons .Lulu. in collaboration with the Civ. RO 200 Coupons . Omantel recog.Muscat Electronics. East region was presented at performance has been lauded BankMuscat Asset Man.McDonald clusively planned for the graduates of College of tivities. RO 100 Coupons .Lulu. and debate key issues that af. RO 100 Coupons .McDonald Until such an arrangement through us and any British Nassry. Resort and Spa attracted pro. for the third year run.Lulu. the region and we have seen the summit. products.McDonald British citizen or entity in the ment. link on the College of Nursing official website. years.McDonald lege of Nursing at Sultan Qaboos University was association such as purpose.Lulu. many countries building a next for these to take part in fund. ager and Broker in Oman tion of customer requirements equity funds and a real estate ing noticed and acknowledged lence.Khimji Mega Store tectural Engineering Department in the College of smoke is an matter of high importance.Lulu. such a major event in Oman technology to individuals and North Africa met in Muscat trum of issues including the which is increasingly becom. Vice Chancellor of Sultan Qaboos University.McDonald Omar Salim al Hashmi.Khimji Mega Store. RO 50 a legal transaction with an sim. Dr Raghda led the audience to walk The highlight of the event was the presenta.Lulu. and the Best Asset Man.McDonald 15th Prize Zubaida al Habsi Workshop reviews trends in fire RO 50 Coupons . that is becoming increasingly RO 100 Coupons . RO 50 Coupons .Lulu. Private Partnerships for broad.Khimji Mega Store. Year on year. legal adviser.McDonald 24th Prize Jameela al Balushi MUSCAT — The first alumni meet of the Col. The awards highlighted agement manages mutual BankMuscat’s performance funds investing in Oman excellence and strategic initia. at the set management business in recent Emeafinance Middle Oman. of Broadband at a Summit RO 100 Coupons . RO 100 Coupons - munications Council Chief partnership to build the next highlighted in his speech the public telecommunications the SAMENA region in recent of broadband access — both Khimji Mega Store.Al Amana. pooled in our respective re- signed a mutual agreement yer and legal adviser at the sources in such a way that 10th Prize Nafiz Jamal with the representatives of first party’s office. global funds. RO 100 Coupons . RO 100 MUSCAT — Telecommuni. RO 50 Coupons . vestments and the importance and highly sophisticated tel. in the GCC and London and ing ceremony. any 11th Prize Mishal S al Mayani we made with a French legal we can offer our service to Omani legal suit against any firm. graduation of the Marianne Hattar-Pollara.Al Amana. energy and money “This is a partnership 9th Prize Fatma Mustafa MUSCAT — Omar al Hashmi can be saved. calaureate nursing education. Principal. tives.Al Amana. with focused on strategic initiatives returns of 22. RO 50 Coupons . RO 50 Coupons . who re. RO 50 Coupons - Khimji Mega Store. agement Department (AMD) high net worth individuals. 20 faculty members. munications Council Chief best practice to help ensure RO 100 Coupons . Khimji Mega Store. General Manager Sultan al Mubaihsi.Khimji Mega Store yesterday under the auspices of Ahmed bin Sulei. 12th Prize Jiyad T can be taken care by Omar al British firm or citizen in their Quist Solicitors. RO 100 Coupons . tion.Muscat Electronics. generation national broadband ing investments. by senior bankers. Dr Judith Angelitta Noronha. ence from England and Wales Coupons . foreign.Muscat Executive Thomas Wilson and generation national broadband opportunities and challenges sector from across South Asia.Best Gulf. RO 50 Coupons . RO 50 Coupons . She appreciated the efforts put in for acknowledged the significant contribution of all RO 50 Coupons .Al Amana. RO 25 Coupons .Lulu.McDonald. fixed and mobile — to the fu.Muscat Electronics. RO 25 Coupons- McDonald By Kabeer Yousuf With this arrangement. investments in the fixed and geographic position and the companies to exchange infor- cil under the auspices of Dr mobile areas. Adviser of Japan Petroleum Exploration Compa- awards and accolades.Muscat Electronics.Lulu. was held way for more interaction among policy mak. (BankMuscat Muscat Fund.Lulu. pension funds. and India (BankMus- the bank.McDonald. East Banking awards ceremo. the options in person or company who has law. AGM – As. “Broadband technology — Sultanate and the wider SA.McDonald safety engineering. organised by the Civil and Archi.Muscat Electronics. assets under management.McDonald Prof Bazdawi Mohammed Said al Riyami. The day’s activity culminated tion is a means of connecting the college with the by the election of new president and board mem. Dean of the Col.42 per cent in Best Bank award on behalf of 2010). 27th Prize Nooh Jahad al Baushi He gave an overview of the significance of alumni was the mastermind behind the website with sup.” to suit varied clients. Under-Secretary for Administra.Lulu. rangement after the one which to the Sultanate. RO 50 Coupons . we can share knowledge and 1st Prize Abdullah Ibrahim Hussain By A Staff Reporter RO 350 Cash. With a ties.Lulu.Muscat Electronics. later listened to the address of Dougal 21st Prize Sameer Said Dr Ali bin Salem al Harthy. sistently winning prestigious a ceremony in Dubai attended by the global banking com. The as well with the bank receiv. The 30th Prize Master Anirudh in 2007. Suleiman al Sabei. Omani company or individual al Hashmi.Lulu.McDonald day.Lulu.McDonald lege of Engineering. Drysdale from the BRE Centre for Fire Safety RO 50 Coupons .Khimji Mega Store.Muscat Electronics. companies and individuals RO 50 Coupons . He hoped that the workshop would pave 19th Prize Amor Hassan il Defence Unit of Royal Oman Police. jurisdiction can be put up Prof Dr Sulaiman Badry al Coupons .Khimji Mega Store. 18th Prize Zubaida Moosa al Raisi Management. RO 50 Coupons . Assistant RO 50 Coupons . Con. Under this agreement. Air Conditioner . practising engineers. networks constitute the single The one-day summit held both fixed and mobile — is MENA region. with Banking. tween SQU and Japanese organisations in water desalination. Abbas Mahamood Jas- BARKA — The first stage of a four-day round of annual camel races. hedge funds. RO 50 Coupons . RO 50 Coupons . and the business sector in the 4th Prize Parah Ibrahim Mahrab tions. College of Nursing welcomed the gathering. of regulations to stimulate in. ing a key role to ensure it suc.Khimji Mega Store. . said: “BankMuscat is cat India Growth Fund.Lulu.McDonald ences are valuable in building up the curriculum. including yesterday received Tadatsuna Koda. meetings and calendar of events of projected Shangri-La’s Barr Al Jissah one of the fastest growing in As a diamond sponsor of Electronics Chief Executive Dr Amer al highlighted the importance ment.

a main export point for Last year’s earnings rose products in terms of hotels. Al Aufi pointed out that canned fish are not meant for markets to monitor the proc. it is the world’s top producer. direc. said last week that further oil price spikes and stockpiling by im. A British court. tive strategies of this ailment the weekend. it was pos. He pointed out that the useful to the fishermen. so they can go down towards the sector’s history. United Kingdom. ers and transporters choose employ Omani manpower tories in Al Buraimi for the markets. large production lines which Fisheries Company own fac. combat unemployment and revitalise came fourth with 19 seats. tor of Agricultural Development at FAO’s economics unit. goslav army column in Sara. cism. — Translated by Khalid of hypertension in relation to He said extradition requests city by UN troops. will negatively affect the na. one dented revenues in 2008. and the FAO to 925 million people last year from an estimated 2009 peak of High and volatile food prices are a growing global concern. dency. A ministerial teamwork Bosnian army general arrested factors. “Our co-operation was really and touted its credentials as a good den in the European Union and one after fellow Baltic states Latvia and budget back in balance by 2014. “We need to market ag. countries against introducing export curbs to protect local mar.3 million to its large Russian-speaking minority. kets as world food prices push further above the levels that trig. the FAO said. This regulation and transparency as well as of statistics on food com. 2011 Huge turnout of job seekers From page 1 “We always respect the laws of the land and this move will benefit the citi- zens in addition to their sal- ary and will stimulate other sectors while improving the ratio of Omanisation”. People have invested “The people have fled the town to hide in kin after Toulepleu. But fighting resumed in the region in late The sector earned 73. jeopardise global food security.” it said. the foreign ministry day due to illness but hoped to The United Nations war the market with the highest were also considered to avoid production of value added The under-secretary fi. tions in a conflict threatening civil war. it bombed Sarajevo in April by experts from the Fisheries librium. won 23. a resources. but would also need to and North America — all coalition. leu in clashes on Sunday with forces of Laurent divide it had been hoped would be healed by million passengers by end of However.” A LOOTED house of a member of Ivorian pro-Ouattara Rally of Houphouetists rection for Liberia. of the lowest fiscal deficits. driven by more high. Al Aufi added: “The min. but it remained unacceptably high. the markets that commission showed. conduct the 7th ‘Think Kid. Estonia has rejected such criti. Residents also feared that FDS forces loyal global economic downturn for wealthy tourists).. In the past few job loss. before in boutique lodges and bou.5 per its beaches and game safa. ister Andrus Ansip won 33 seats in Keeping a tight rein on finances nia for failing to properly integrate Its fiscal situation is sound — the even more this year by in. ever. For instance. The minis. with Gbagbo’s forces backed by lo- billion shillings ($887. released him. Ansip said he aimed to keep Esto. diversify beyond the wildlife ple in an escalation of a dispute over the presi. Pro Patria and become the 17th euro zone member many of whom do not have citizen. The state-run tourist Piracy by Somalia ban- board has been positioning Kenya to appeal to high- spending tourists since 2009 dits saw cruise arrivals fall to 558 last year from 12. been offered safe passage and forces. The ris.” Ansip said after the vote. Ministry of Health’s (MoH) last week on a Serbian warrant Spindelegger cancelled a said that only six people were tion and free trade.481 arrivals in 2009. the companies. as holiday- People flee captured I Coast town and the industry is among makers responded to a rise ABIDJAN — People were fleeing yesterday said.46 billion shillings “The main product that is fighters. under a slogan of “You can be sure” Estonia has the lowest debt bur. including improvement of market people if women farmers were given the same access to produc- ter-productive ‘beggar-thy-neighbour’ policy responses (to high duce their stocks to soften the impact of decreased supplies. — AFP “Our houses have been sacked. in the local market especially companies are being scruti. gered deadly riots in 2007/2008. Shutting these factories nally expected co-operation tute of Health Sciences today. in many cases Gbagbo.may exacerbate international market volatility and is one of the factors causing high prices . — Reuters Kenya’s tourism Winning Estonia PM to keep centre-right coalition earnings up TALLINN — Estonia’s prime minis- ter said he aimed to re-form his cur- rent centre-right coalition after win- but also during the difficult times. We rate-general for fish market. triggering pro. tests in Sarajevo and Vienna at Divjak is one of a group of 19 year arrested Bosnia’s wartime add new measures regularis. but re. Food prices are projected to rise over the next decade and well above the UN’s Millennium Development Goal to halve UN’s Food and Agriculture Organisation said. it said. the charges were unfounded. “There are fears that price volatility may be increasing. Germany “I prefer to continue with the same The Reform Party campaigned dropped 14 per cent during the 2009 cent of gross domestic product. Al Osfour pointed that Minister of Manpower has set up a joint committee be- tween the ministry and the association. short of a 1. — AFP Climate change and biofuels threaten food security: FAO MILAN/ROME — Climate change bringing floods and drought. modity markets. tered in 2004. said yesterday. said Kostas Stamoulis. crisis. like in China for example. The participants stud. nia on a path of fiscal restraint in the with 26 seats. total public sector budget deficit of ing advantage of unrest in 952. The party de. the same year it joined end visitors and the country rival figures. nied the allegations. Kurier newspaper.” he said. were looting houses. — Reuters for Democracy and Peace in Abidjan yesterday. the Estonian economy”.1 million visitors. “Some have taken the di. on its turn. should be treated in certain quantities of fish. ply shock very soon. Nato. Serb forces besieged for 43 which the most suitable was a implement the decision. from a former rebel army called the One local said the capture of Toulepleu was a year earlier.” the “We worry about this. the interests of fishermen and local consumers. Discussion will also focus ceivable. New Forces (FN).” That gave a total of 56 seats in the ed “first and foremost real action to The centre-left Social Democrats cent of output for this year. Russia has often criticised Esto. saying the The symposium will dis.but we all know that coalition The Centre Party. which Bosnian ied a number of choices of ing with all border centres to ministry will set up a directo.096 a year before. OMAN/THE WORLD 4 OMAN DAILY Observer TUESDAY. The next period rent trends in treatment and A ministry spokesman con. should revamp its tourism to clashes in Abidjan reportedly killed three peo. charges. tion and financial resources as men. — Reuters . by far the lowest in the euro zone on marketing to promote kets for Kenya include the ties together won in the last election. fish. — Reuters image. forecast at 9. Austrian police arrested within days either there or in has dropped the case due to months the market saw some He expected that the deci.” Foreign Minister Serb prosecutors say 42 Divjak. taking the credit for negotiations are always very compli. the market is open to competi. an ethnic Serb “The decision came as get will not be achieved soon. part of an FN strategy to reach the southwest- hit a 100 billion target. It came second est countries in the EU. methods approved by the min. decision will be efficient in cuss the trends in diabetes on Thursday.” a teacher said. sion. By A Staff Reporter VIENNA — Austria will not tria’s foreign policy interests. we shall have 1. had to take into account Aus. and the decision will prove using different methods of he described as “a signal to. It will put the fishermen under their and the ministry are partners vascular diseases and chronic national law experts. der with Liberia and was on the frontline of earners for east Africa’s big. “As prices increase. to Gbagbo planned a counter-offensive. for the year but up from ior coalition partner.68 the value of the facilities. Yugoslav army General months.. jevo early in the 1992-95 war. but failed to tired is the beach destination. thus making it unfeasible to Locals feared Gbagbo’s forces would cal militia lined up against the FN. If there is another sup. 65. “According to our inter. February. Still popular in Bosnia. The Rome-based FAO has already warned food-producing will happen amidst low stocks. were undernourished. the FN in the north and Gbagbo in the south. resi. killed that day. safari and beach tourism. “In terms of the been emptied of its residents after heavy fight. mercy. are also issued by the ministry equipment. was hit by allegations it asked for funding from Russia.. economic manager. FAO said in its State of Food and Agriculture report. istry is currently co-ordinat. Jovan Divjak at Vienna airport Vienna. ern port of San Pedro. The from a town captured by forces allied with Alas. the main oppo- sition group. Bosnian officials charged by presidency member Ejup Gan- ing the fish market in order in months of scarcity such as nised to ensure that they don’t pointing out that fishermen as well as shed light on cardio. the FAO said. World Bank has said Kenya sane Ouattara in western Ivory Coast as fresh fighting in 2002 and 2003 between Gbagbo’s gest economy alongside hor. If we have the and suggested that facilities Fighters took control of the town of Toulep. who had international markets. The number of hungry people could fall by 100-150 million The growing influence of commodities markets and “coun. The fish production in providing the required diseases of the kidneys. of which beyond the previous peak of Balala said. Global food prices hit a record high in February. European Commission has forecast a creasing marketing and tak. are down.023 billion.” he added. Urgent co-ordinated international action was needed to en. when the Bosnian army at. 1.” The number of undernourished people in the world has fallen term food security. Produc. The FN “have in their sites the town of Blole- in 2007. which follows the absorption of citizens in the construction sector and this is one of the most important goals of the joint committee. pulling the Baltic state out of reces. and 73 wounded in May 1992 Yugoslav Peoples Army after more than a year conducted or two weeks to regain equi. has of the World Kidney Day. forecast it would rake in stood at 1. 16 per cent of developing countries’ populations cent price shocks triggered by extreme weather and increasing A declining stock to utilisation ratio for major grain stocks markets. He pointed out that the construction sector employs half a million workers and the percentage of Omanis employed in this sector so far amounted to 12 per cent and it is required to increase this percentage to 30 per cent. 1. governments and others are trying to re.6 per cent of output for 2011. The uprising left the country split between gressively. the forest. try. Res Republica Union. We are lacking good quality dents said by telephone.5 per jib Balala said the country did well are India and Italy. presentation of the report. management of renal dialysis firmed the comments. his forces from Sarajevo. who refuses to hand the presidency to the November election. al Kush chronic kidney ailments. the like wheat and maize is a concern. State debt. which tacked the convoy after it had 1992 and joined Bosnian Ministry as well as econo. Companies with Industries and the Omani was set up to manage and co. the to 10 per cent the share of the hungry between 1990 and 2015. Serbia. meet his Bosnian counterpart crimes tribunal in The Hague profitability.” he said. fell due to the lingering ef. fish. which was souring Kenya’s fects of the global financial fruitful during all those good years. Exporting certificates appropriate infrastructure and kidney diseases and the cur. ship and cannot vote in national elec. will be would need to spend more Balala said. it is doing very ing. sending tens lion) in 2010. which it en- 2010. Milutin Kukanjac. ess of sale and purchase of extradite to Serbia a former international law and other ordered the withdrawal of MUSCAT — In observation He added that the home transporters were taken into the Dhofar Company for Fish fish. transporters and companies. regarded with distrust. April and May.1 mil. Estonia’s economic output and well below the average 86. tradition to Serbia is incon. with the euro area average.4 at the coast be renovated. Balala said that with the a successful launch of the euro and cated. Value-added fish and has placed employees in local competition in regional and sion. How.. Periods of price volatility are not new to agriculture. Toulepleu is a large town near the bor- the top foreign currency in cases of kidnappings. ordinate the network of fish Renal Dialysis Centre will demanding he face war crimes planned trip to Sarajevo yester. provides the on the role of iron in chronic Michael Spindelegger told the Yugoslav soldiers were killed who defected from the former a result of a study lasted for because the market needs one istry. was being escorted out of the Sarajevo. treatment as well as the role wards the people of Bosnia”. in January. have placed supervisors to monitor the fish shipment.” the cost of repairs exceeded Alassane Ouattara after losing November elec. Lithuania. Tourism Minister Na. from 62. Traditional mar. year. sure security of food supplies. recession. he said the desired tar. tic markets could drive up global food prices and threaten long. lack of evidence. MARCH 8. prices). the spokesman added. Esto- The government had to cut spend- ing to keep its budget deficit within euro zone limits to adopt the cur- ning an election.. Serbia over an attack on a Yu.” “The town is controlled by the FN and has the Ivory Coast’s vital trade in cocoa. in line North Africa. “The ban excludes treated ing to oversee marketing op- erations across the Sultanate. in an editorial after the vote it want. the best year in well. Regulations target fish availability Symposium on kidney Austria won’t send Bosnia From page 1 due to rise in demand and slump of supply owing to ban on export of five kinds of fish that became effective on March 1. which last intervention of the ministry to the provision of these kinds Al Aufi said the exporting case of co-operation between over the years and the preven. account. an ex. post-election violence and a tique hotels (mainly catering surrounding villages. ic on the same warrant from to orientate part of the fish March. Tourist arrivals The Reform Party of Prime Min.4 billion shillings reached safari circuit. is seen as a hero in mists. down from 18 per cent in 2009 but still use of grains to produce energy have caused great concern. then the shock sion of safety nets. saying production towards the local also reduce fish prices. launch a counter-assault and the pro-Ouattara of thousands of people fleeing into Liberia. the agency said. “Our traditional markets ures on the website of the election Newspaper Eesti Paeveleht said tions. ney’ symposium at the Insti. He added that the ministry care today army general to Serbia Speaking about the deci.” Al Aufi said.. six more than the par. stay at levels on average above those of the past decade. Estonia remains one of the poor- ism earnings hit a record in right resources. up 18 per cent undertake.” he said on condition of anonymity.” Stamoulis said on the sidelines of the agency said yesterday.2 million target Sunday’s election while current jun. to avoid any manipulation by will see increasing finance. debt-ridden single currency zone. against his rule. NAIROBI — Kenya’s tour. establishment of emergency stocks and provi- growing biofuel demand and national policies to protect domes. “. from fishermen. market. 101-seat house.” he said. nia’s neighbour which is traditionally rency.” one local said. the United Nations said. porters keen to head off unrest would hit already volatile cereal In 2010. sible to surpass 2010’s ar. fighters and rebel forces after a failed uprising ticulture and tea exports. fig. changes that necessitated the sion will contribute largely to tional economy”. the third worst in the EU government has pledged to get the reduce political infighting. adding some had gone to San Pedro. allowed the nation of 1.

checking their China. the United States and other nations in China.” he told a parlia. day in Shanghai and growing reports of have expressed concern over China’s re- Yang’s comments followed the brief harassment of reporters. if he does manage to mentary session. military and its proxies. he has failed to get opposition annual session of the National People’s police or tailing by plain-clothed offic. and we abide by the law. already twice the Yang Jiechi yesterday denied that his nalists in the past week in a bid to impose political funding scandal that year term and then letting and critic of China’s military size of the $5 trillion econo- government had tightened its rules for tough new reporting rules on them. especially vided a rare chance to encourage greater ber after the elections has reignited debate from China. It was disbanded they could place serious constraints on ter relations with the West are possible if for opting to boycott the November vote how Myanmar can position itself diplo- they pursue political reform. albeit The release of democracy icon Aung Despite the restrictions on Western one dominated by the military. Yang did not explain his comment CHINA’S Foreign Minister Yang Li Honghai. of a government in disarray. will be able to “I intend to firmly fulfil my unable to resolve fundamental a way to fund the social costs law.” — AFP . struggling to implement poli. resource-rich Myanmar. because the rules seemed designed to bar matically in the future. on Sunday said for- saulted by several men in plain clothes the ongoing annual session of China’s eign reporters must “submit applications who appeared to be co-operating with the parliament. foreign media despite recent restrictions Some foreign journalists said they to quit or call a snap election. according to the In. an influential international as a US ban on imports from Myanmar pressure the military rulers of Myanmar. has added to pressure on him the people decide at the bal. The resignation of Seiji year from April and keeping the government from tackling tax reforms to curb massive BEIJING — Chinese Foreign Minister officials have summoned dozens of jour. has deepened the impression forms including a rise in the 5 protests. MARCH 8. the United States and the EU in response ation and human rights abuses to invest in “But this opportunity can only be to human rights abuses. but suggested the steps were not hurting will give its neighbours a major stake in scribing the punitive measures as “highly the economy and said any changes should the country’s political stability”. a Beijing municipal for- on the Bloomberg reporter. over the sanctions. areas” of the city. ers. He urged foreign media not to “make Rights groups and officials from Ger- something out of thin air” when reporting who were trying to report a protest Sun. Her party has no voice in a newly cant social and environmental cost. — Reuters “We have always followed relevant “At least eight journalists or their laws and regulations in managing the landlords have had phone calls from po- affairs related to foreign journalists in lice in the past few days. Maehara. 5 ASIA OMAN DAILY Observer TUESDAY.” problems facing the world’s of a fast ageing society.” Yang told permission. if they continued Kan.” the Foreign like assaults on foreign journalists despite Correspondents’ Club of China said on reports that a Bloomberg reporter was at. seized if the West changes its failed Suu Kyi’s party in February appealed These projects “will transform the policies of sanctions and isolation. “Carrying out the admin- leader since 2006 and has no clear successor in sight. have pro. China’s nominal parliament. his foreign minister over a istration’s duty for the four. recent days. that Kan’s government may The stalemate is blocking parties to join in talks on the Congress. sanctions against Myanmar have failed to the impoverished country along with an Supporters of the trade and financial achieve their goal and need to be urgently end to broad economic sanctions — such sanctions say they are the only way to overhauled. Jiechi at a news conference during eign affairs official. rights. the ICG add. ing revocation of visas. de. lot box is best for the people contender to replace Kan and Kan has made fiscal re- on reporting anti-government “strolling” were threatened with punishment. per cent sales tax a priority as “China is a country under the rule of to work in public areas without express cling to office. But reporters on the sidelines of the ongoing Others have reported visits from the that has left the government But some analysts warned third largest economy. the National People’s first before reporting in certain downtown police. — as well as restrictions on development where there are about 2. a security hawk public debt. cies to cut into a huge public well collapse sooner rather passage of bills to implement topic. and Brussels-based group said in a report. economic landscape in Myanmar. He is Japan’s fifth a $1 trillion budget for the shift in reporting rules for media lar Prime Minister Naoto Kan refused yesterday to step down after the resignation of divided parliament to enact a new budget from April. But it is far from clear how themselves. oners behind bars. Congress in Beijing yesterday. the ICG counterproductive”. Sunday.” it said. think tank said yesterday. cent treatment of foreign journalists. have overlooked the political situ- ternational Crisis Group. 2011 China’s foreign minister denies Japan’s PM hangs on but outlook grim TOKYO — Japan’s unpopu. who was as. many. be linked to an improvement in human said. detention of at least 15 foreign journalists Public security and Foreign Ministry — dpa Think tank urges overhaul of Myanmar sanctions BANGKOK — Two decades of Western ed. Myanmar’s authoritarian leaders that bet. Asian companies. buildup.” the for talks with the West about sanctions. businesses. It called for a boost to aid money for Suu Kyi from participating. resolve the political stalemate duty until that time comes. tacked while trying to film a protest site Several journalists also reported unau- on February 27 on Beijing’s Wangfujing thorised access to their e-mail accounts in shopping street.” he said. and move to a new political system. and A new approach could also signal to opened parliament dominated by the by further unbalancing external relations. the club said. Thailand and South openness and reform. debt and win approval from a than later. India. enforced notably by Korea.200 political pris- Myanmar’s first election in 20 years assistance. “But they will likely do so at signifi- economic and political reforms. includ. paperwork and reminding them to fol- He said there were “no such issues” low reporting regulations. San Suu Kyi from house arrest in Novem. “Myanmar is in dire need of social. removes a strong my.

which could en. and programmes are gender. women make aware. Rainer yesterday prior to an Employment. Cuddeback. agricultural production could countries for which data are in New Delhi. public details of his new malfunctioned in last week’s Late on Thursday. diplomatic initiative in a bid attack on US troops that killed Air Force identified the dead spring meeting.” said Terri ing countries. palace outside Madrid yesterday. improved tural labour force in develop.000 computers offline at the weekend the UN target of including at of Chirac’s co-defendants had Juppe convicted. On Monday. euros ($14).” Thomas Uber. Young Palestinian activists have released by the government’s press office. holds flags during a protest against Romania’s deal bek law enforcement authorities. a ballistic missile cone — at Netanyahu to swiftly make report that security cameras prosecutors believe. gramme for eight years now. imbalances in order to cut the The plans should offer at with her estranged husband.” it said. 21. their probe against Damascus.. the most controver. found a new medium to protest Israeli occupation: The prime minister’s operation has forced him to cancel a scheduled meeting with Israeli Foreign Minister Avigdor Lie- berman planned for today.000) on charges Paris Match magazine. be affordable to those re- Prosecutors had alleged that Cecilia and the twins. two others after boarding thorities had announced that to give the opening address to sial part of its nuclear drive. Washington in May.” it said. high explosives ministers yesterday urged BERLIN — Frankfurt airport gunman had links to any “in- found themselves in the spot. chambers of parliaments met A lawyer representing one current Foreign Minister Alain the result of the merging of The ministry took 12. trafficking babies “If women in rural areas had the same access to land. Chirac. said there was seasonal or part-time jobs. ers had not been targeted. forms of discrimination sale of a four-month-old baby for $3. Their bodies were discovered following a suspected gas at the Bank for International Premier Wen Jiabao said that gressive reduction of imbal. and copied several documents relat. yahu’s new plan to establish a spokesman for airport oper. Nevertheless. 47. the report cultural development and food Ann Tutwiller. as part transplant and implant under general anaesthetic. mascus was refusing to coop. which is certainly one ministry of industry. for the opening of the trial He has been linked to a Although it was not yet clear whether files had been cop. (agency’s) attention since Au. taken in the coming weeks. G20 finance ministers held talks in France to remained below the 10 per statute of limitations had ex. solved issues about Iran’s November 18 asking the gov. testing and the adaptation of Prime Minister Benjamin yesterday denied a media ternational terrorist groups. the government said.. received ‘new information’ stockpile of low-enriched ura. — Reuters ity in agriculture yesterday to ably. 2011 UN atomic body meet Israel PM told to bare Germany denies cameras failed in discusses Iran. of a campaign aimed to peacefully express opposition doctor Alberto Zangrillo was quoted as saying in a statement to Israel’s occupation. 21. 63. Switzerland — this issue. sustain. matters. which broke the story on its website cant gain. this marked trial for several months. diplomats had sug.000 he said. — AFP indications that the alleged source as saying. al authorities. Pasquale Riggi. emerging economies. the IMF had agreed to a new The group was headed by Ikbarkhon Hamidova. between three and “a growing concern” world.” said Diouf. voices heard in decision-mak. “We must. Syria. Council was to hold a policy debate on the joint IAEA director general UN orders to halt uranium en. gun by magistrates in the Paris The G20 is made up of the world’s leading developed and MPs. said on the eve of International Women’s Day. At Edinburgh’s High Court. — Reuters . anced. Pursued by scaled back. information. diplomats said Iran has dismissed the evi. edge of corrupt payments and December. li planes in September 2007. were also known as Augustino and Gianluca.. operators signed yesterday threat. ever trial of a French former Chirac enjoyed immunity euros ($210.” he at a record high. including new in. including four cases in which the babies were taken 100-150 million. — AFP The doctor said Berlusconi. Social Policy. he faces up to 10 years origin of the attacks.” he said in reference in Afghanistan. — AFP heard charges he embezzled to the 2003 US-led invasion of town hall employees. keen on anchoring inflation. desert site called Dair Alzour isolation. the US for its traditional week-long sure to apply. that he told investigators the have no footage to assist them meeting. wom. it is also crucial for agri. THE WORLD 6 OMAN DAILY Observer TUESDAY. nium in the main branch of its Syria granted UN inspec.5-year highs. and Agriculture Organisation equality and empower women organisations and develop. but they now face a danger of medium. some 43 defendants in the case. They are also between seven and 10 years in prison for selling dozens of education and markets as men. Settlements. cerns. best known inter. ary expectations. However. up Pauthe adjourned the first day of people working for his politi. not because they are less to land. “additional Israeli press has been filled corded has been given to the Airman First Class Zachary discuss two new reports show. ures imposed late last year Just 10 days ago. least until 2003. in response Meanwhile.” from 16. liamston. Gender equality on farms and food output SPAIN’S King Juan Carlos waits for the arrival of Chile’s President Sebastian Pinera at El Pardo Emergency services were called to the modern townhouse ROME — The UN’s Food “We must promote gender on governments. this serviceman. gender parity was still out of Jacques Chirac to constitution. which has already seen The hearings in Paris are ing to the G20. Presiding judge Dominique misused public money to pay but never convicted. “There is a Unrest in crucial areas inflationary and being bal. parliaments. “It is a small but signifi. he fled into The newspaper earlier said about possible military dimen. to land or farming resources Bina Agarwal. Women across the world do not have the same access every agriculture sector. programme and allegations of establish that it is not entirely that prompted “further con. ranging from 20 ing at all levels. are women. which includes sensitive files on the country’s Group of 20 (G20) presidency. investigators. — AFP Yukiya Amano was scheduled richment. not the coming months. On average. matter referred upwards to Nine other people are go- thetic to restore his jaw after an attack by a deranged man in progress from 4. 74. Women must yesterday. one of his lawyers accuse magistrates “What was targeted was the organisation of the G20.3 per cent in 2005. 25. In 2010. — AFP ceiving social benefits. gress in May would be too rested. ernments. it captured in 1967. nuclear reactor at a remote “to move Israel out of its He then allegedly put his an imminent “terrorist” at- member states updated reports rial for a bomb. In his separate report on announced during a trip to airmen and seriously injured A month ago German au. Trichet noted that in the her three children fellow central bankers. a Palestinian state within ator Fraport. ate smaller farms and use fewer up 43 per cent of the agricul. are particularly visible in the tal from depressed Western risk of inflation. “The number of hungry “Women farmers typi.” said the Inter. has come to the with reports about Netan. same access as men to agricul- the children’s bodies were discovered inside. — AFP PARIS — France’s Finance Ministry confirmed yesterday that its information system.” handgun to a fifth serviceman tack were set to be gradually which said that inspectors had In long-term. as a way of turning up work which included uranium connected to Dair Alzour. we could have a pro. has finally two separate cases — one be- in an effort to secure the system. financial services. has called for 2. any possible action against dence as “fabricated” and re. against women.” Amano wrote in his agreement’ — details of Kosovan Arid U. accused either of having ghost bills marked with stickers reading ‘Free Palestine’ Berlusconi “underwent a maxillofacial operation with bone tion of a quota system in dent to go on trial as the court nationally for his opposition jobs or benefiting from those yesterday in the West Bank city of Ramallah.” he told public radio. Baroin said it was very likely the hackers had stolen in. in jail and a fine of 150. unlike struck 2. conversion. who initially included 10 women and two be increased. on additional staff to monitor the EU headquarters in Brussels where the part of Syria.000. “The cameras here Nicholas Alden.” Trichet said. cept that we continue to rule attack was to avenge what he in their probe into the attack gested that some member atomic drive are allegations ernment to provide the IAEA over another people after 43 saw as atrocities by US troops at one of Europe’s busiest states might seek to table reso. be one of gender equality be- cause women are present in in developing countries by 20 to 30 per cent. head of the counterparts.” said economies. website riculture report. an agreement to introduce service plans affordable to yesterday after a meeting with their Western counterparts. litical figures.606 in June 2008. If lawyer working for one of Chirac’s co-defendants suc- jobs for which he is accused of embezzlement and abuse ROME — Italian Prime Minister Silvio Berlusconi was oper. Raney. Riggi. tural resources could increase increase farm production and and extreme poverty. Syria peace plan JERUSALEM — Top Israeli recent attack VIENNA — Iran and Syria the pressure on the two gov. Jacques Diouf told a confer. kilogrammes. South Carolina. The family had moved to the city from Skene. Amano said that Da. who ideal. and board of governors was set to next board meeting in June. riculture and called for action cess to resources is more equal The court hearing “confirmed 70 cases of unlawful child people could be reduced by cally achieve lower yields than to ensure women have access and that agricultural policies fostering. At the end of 2010. which were expected to be Wednesday shot dead the two websites. If found formation. ensure that ac- said.” Diouf “Agriculture policy has to production on women’s farms Uzbekistan jails six for reduce the world’s hungry by at least 100 million.” said the website. Chinese that . called sub-Saharan Africa. were repeatedly struck on the body with a knife or knives between August 2 and 4 last year.” light yesterday as the UN But with countries unde. because enriched uranium can erate on allegations that it had Barak yesterday urged to German federal prosecu. he was overpowered and ar. to end the Jewish state’s in.. international to the report. — AFP current 20 billion euro bailout. the fight against hunger der equality. servicemen as Senior Airman The International Atomic Tehran and Syria would now fused to discuss the “alleged creasing isolation. The dossiers of individual French taxpay. reining in prices is China’s top ances. and the footage re. — AFP ernment and major mobile ing clear signs of inflationary economies have escaped the 2008. the FAO’s almost 50 per cent in Asia and sustainable development. the Press Association re. guilty.7 per cent in female representation in (1230 GMT) today when he would rule on the request. in the case. the head of the counterpart Austrian Rudolf Hundstorfer (LtR) vestigations into Iran’s atomic but has so far been unable to formation recently received” provisional borders as part to a report in the Die Welt German Police Union. was set in order to ported. Riggi was found badly in. with Pauthe said the hearings would resume at 1:30 pm The case could however promptly grind to a halt if a Chirac is charged with con- flict of interest and 21 other face for 2009 attack an average of 11. said the hackers tapped into 150 computers between Parliamentary Union in a ers a constitutional request by from 1995 to 2007. ing on trial alongside Chirac. ily higher and back to levels villa outside Milan and could be back at work for a key cabinet PARIS — The French gov- Emerging economies are fac.” his personal some countries. a pro-government website said yesterday. December and last week. he stressed. Amano be used both to make nuclear been building an undeclared Netanyahu to move faster tors. following the meeting On Saturday. ment agencies to work on gen. — AFP security. but the breach of trust. Over the past week. The IAEA has been inves. were arrested in 2009 on suspicion of organising the 2010-11 State of Food and Ag. She had originally been charged with murder. in agriculture to win. French authorities had unconfirmed “leads” on the mentarians worldwide. France’s constitutional court The first day of hearings suburb of Nanterre in 1995. equality is not just a lofty seeds and tools. European Central Bank 2008 global financial cri. which is close to the Uz. alleged ghost jobs for which Berlusconi operated on his Arab states remained at the bottom of the table. has denied any knowl- mounted a “spectacular” attack on the ministry’s IT system in yesterday that the number of he would rule today whether mayor of Paris in the 1990s. the report’s editor. A MEMBER of small nationalist Pentru Patrie party out of the country. of Stanards- ing little or no progress in the tigating Iran’s nuclear pro. en made up a fifth of parlia. that will examine whether he series of corruption scandals ied. The suspects. Budget Minister Francois Baroin said hackers had sociation of parliaments said PARIS — A Paris judge said public funds while he was of Iraq. Iran is continuing to defy latest 12-page report. discuss global economic imbalances. reach in many countries. sharply. tween men and women in ag. Aberdeenshire. — AFP Hackers break into French government G20 files Number of women MPs Judge to rule today on BULGARIA’S President Georgi Parvanov (R) is welcomed by Austrian President Heinz Fischer for an official visit yesterday in Vienna. thanks to the introduc. in response to indications of circulated to the agency’s fuel.. which “probably” came from “outside. make women’s with the International Monetary Fund (IMF) in The report said that six other defendants received suspend. airport malfunctioned in the but made scant progress in plant had now reached 3. which should guilty to the culpable homicide of her three children on the his counterparts are “all very other commodities all rising economy to be as sustainable be introduced within six grounds of diminished responsibility. Women on farms tend to be lower paid than their male TASHKENT — An Uzbek court has sentenced six people to technology. gorizont. FAO Director-General skilled. 1995. statement. women in parliaments was to refer the corruption trial The 78-year-old. was now recovering at his BASEL. of ‘a long-term interim daily that they had failed. nuclear watchdog convened cided about how much pres. ated on his face for four hours yesterday under general anaes. court in central Paris. the IAEA said Iran’s until it was destroyed by Israe. but said that of France’s former president France’s most popular po. Inflation threat real: Trichet Low-income mobile call scrawling anti-occupation slogans on the currency they share with the Jewish state. For those developing Institute of Economic Growth more likely to be employed in newborn babies. “Just giving women the jured after apparently falling from a second-floor balcony and (FAO) called for gender equal. as men. Wendt. months. FRENCH minister of Employment and health and watchdog’s long-running in. — dpa cent mark and 10 chambers pired on some of the charges day was given to procedural The case involves seven included no women at all. least 30 per cent of women asked the judge to refer to caught up with him. was not present cal agenda. from prosecution as president including embezzlement and yesterday. as also the fissile mate. — Reuters following an explosion on August 4.” deputy director-general. the first former French presi. according to the explosion at the house.” he the 5 billion euro funds only if needed. Prosecutors said on Friday Investigators therefore In the run-up to this week’s Among the many unre. two airmen. Many robust emerging last seen before the bust in meeting on Thursday. following the breakdown of her marriage to the children’s father. under which it would draw on worked as a lawyer at several maternity hospitals. “It is very very important plus 40 text messages per Austin and Luke and their five-year-old sister Cecilia at their Trichet. hearings in the case — the first cal party. A PALESTINIAN activist holds News Israeli Shekels’ 2009. but because they oper. according additional security meas- the closed-door session. entered a plea of The EU central banker said priority in 2011. Natanz uranium enrichment tors one-off access to the site declaration before the Con. Defence Minister Ehud their military bus. had been attacked on the rise GENEVA — The world as- delaying Chirac trial by hackers. case. The first dating to 1998. airports. Nevertheless.3 per cent in Chirac yesterday became France’s constitutional court. with food and of the conditions for the global The plans. president — while he consid. A the terminal building where security cameras at Frankfurt sions to Tehran’s programme. Virginia. in the sense of being non.” she told reporters.” FAO said in its available. oil prices UK mother admits killing chief Jean-Claude Trichet said sis largely unscathed. “We must eliminate all men. gust 2008. tail a delay of several months. per cent in Latin America to be seen as equal partners in deal with Romania. “Such a decision must be but it jammed. that Iran was involved in with prompt access to relevant years. he agrees this could delay the ceeds in getting a procedural of trust. necessary to reduce global cent off call charges. of Wil- Energy Agengy’s 35-member probably be set back until the studies” any further.000 Health and Consumer Affairs (EPSCO) Council at illicit nuclear activity on the peaceful as Iran insists. the report said. it is low-income customers that would shave around 20 per LONDON — A mother admitted yesterday that she killed her “We see clearly that there overheating due to low inter.. employment report before it is adopted. Syria’s foreign ministry on “The world will not ac. least 40 minutes of call time American Theresa Riggi stabbed her eight-year-old twins emerging economy area. 20 per cent of all landholders wide about the disparity be. ence in Rome that “gender inputs like fertilisers. month for no more than 10 home. front of the government headquarters in Bucharest ed sentences. he assured. the worked. deadly attack. Amano sent a letter to late. In February. MARCH 8. according added. who sense of unity of purpose” on has pushed oil prices stead. three children in Edinburgh last year during a custody battle are inflationary threats that est rates and inflows of capi. the Die Welt daily lutions against both Iran and weaponisation studies — information and locations” to Israel’s occupation of land There are however no quoted an unnamed security Syria. of harbouring a hidden politi- told Europe 1 radio. men. said. 62 chambers for a ruling on whether the got under way in a packed and another in the capital itself Last month. to replace the said.

grounds for her firing. by's late uncle.” Imam Shamsi tee. took charge of the police force in the man who argued the forensic Ruth Bader Ginsburg said for 1993 bludgeoning and stran- congressional inquiry. Ginsburg said. prove innocence. Twila In the run-up to the hear. said she had failed to return to work yesterday without giving Skinner argued that Texas inconclusive. “I am a Muslim but he would appear before the showing up to work after Mexican media reported she received made it easier for convicted of the evidence after his con. and the stabbing of her ings. the first Muslim elected crimination. Justice and sentenced to death for the religious leaders blasted the his country. sense to narrow in on a group of death threats. Ali. have jurisdiction to hear Skin. more difficult legal process oner access to DNA evidence. that has been the target of dis. Texas. DNA evidence. the mother of an infant son.’ “No to Anti-Muslim Bigotry “I just think it doesn't make lum in the United States and said they had received no reports that requires him to prove he which may turn out to help stabbed her sons. MARCH 8. WASHINGTON — The US under the civil rights law by pressed no opinion on the ul- WASHINGTON — A US rain to protest the planned to the US Congress. Officials in Praxedis last week denied she had sought asy. lamic Cultural Center. times with an axe handle and never un-American. fled Mexico after being threatened by gangs. have been committed by Bus- ple turned out under heavy lison. Busby. . capacitated by drink and could White House official saying protesters said amounted to a Russian community or focus. home they all shared. several hundred peo. neighbouring municipality of Praxedis G Guerrero near El evidence could help clear him the majority that federal courts gling of his girlfriend. — AFP any notice. Skinner was convicted hearings on radicalisation as as any Christian or Jew loves Homeland Security Commit. not have clubbed Busby 14 people that ‘being religious is collective attack on Muslims.” he said. the Praxedis mayor's office had been wrongly convicted. guilt or be He said the murders could Square. Representative Keith El. in October. AMERICAS 7 OMAN DAILY Observer TUESDAY. but said that few candidates dared to apply for the dangerous job. — Reuters authorities violated his rights The court in its ruling ex. The top court ruled by a 6-3 ner's lawsuit seeking DNA two adult sons in the Pampa. Mexico — A 20-year-old female student who became the police chief in one of Mexico’s most danger. sparking intense media attention after of a triple murder. Ellison welcomed a con. US authorities have crowd from a stage draped in a radicalisation. In a statement. lawsuit. would testify at controversial I love this country as much House of Representatives death threats. In New York's Times and War!” one placard read. a criminology student in Mexico's violent DNA testing. focusing on a group was like Valles. with a senior and placards decrying what and talking only about the matters but Ciudad Juarez daily El Diario reported she had rights law to seek access to She said success in the law. huge Stars and Stripes. Marisol Valles. ing partnerships with Muslim Participants waved flags looking into organised crime this week after taking leave on March 2 to attend to personal Skinner can use a federal civil dence. head of the New York Is. rather than a suit would only gain the pris. ing only on Irish gangs. was due back at her post vote that Texas inmate Henry testing of crime-scene evi. Skinner claimed he was in- communities. Texas. sought to stress their grow. city of Ciudad Juarez. has said Supreme Court yesterday refusing to grant DNA testing timate disposition of Skinner's ous drug war towns was fired by the mayor yesterday for not lawmaker said on Sunday he inquiries. 2011 US lawmaker to testify at Mayor fires 20-yr-old US top court: death row Mexican police chief inmate can seek DNA tests hearings on radicalisation CIUDAD JUAREZ. death row inmates to seek new viction. ruling for a Texas In a narrow ruling. told the gressional investigation into Paso.

000 people leaving Libya — including the 200. saying that “we continue to think that engaging in some kind of talks is the right way forward. Protesters continued to keep vigil in hundreds of tents in Pearl Square. as part of an international effort to deliver refugees ing awake through the night position plan. reported renewing their weapons in the desert. a dis. Saleh rejected the op- weekend.” he said. It was also have implemented political and electoral reforms while paving the way for his resig- religious leaders for revamp- ing elections. tarian affairs in Libya.” the brink of failed statehood Britain have warned citizens numbering about 94. water and sanitation for up to one cern grew over civilian suffering and “There was an aircraft. and reiterated his for Tunisia.” said the coa. or. “We ter Dahou Oukld Kablia but his team re. the country need humanitarian aid. with one protester asking who would guarantee that promises were kept. in a sign he may be ready to without conclusive result.” Mohammed Hassan. an “The protesters are study. used by Gaddafi to crush the uprising weapons into the desert for safekeep. food. told Hood. including Tunisia and compromise with the revolt. The French ship was equipped with 28 doctors as well as tion last week. in the east for dialogue.” he said. Abdelkader said. and against Al Qaeda terrorists and main. and experts reporters. 2011 Bahrainis take protests to US embassy MANAMA — Activists protested at the US Embassy in Bah- rain yesterday. Jordan ex-minister named en that the regime is incapable unemployment in Yemen. AMMAN — Former Jordanian foreign minister Abdul Ilah lition’s spokesman. Tunisia — A French warship sent to evacuate nearly escalate protest a thousand Egyptian refugees fleeing Libya arrived yesterday at Tunisia’s Zarzis port only to find they had already left. dissident forces and work on the humanitarian crisis it has No Return’ protest. fearing terranean. a dissident fighter who witnessed the strike.000 and 10. spokesman manding the resignation of tests. said the UN.” Demonstrators at the embassy expressed doubts that dia- logue would produce any concrete results. Libya — Government an air strike on the outskirts of the geted only armed individuals attack. in the capital and pushed through several delkader. witnesses said. appealed to opposition chiefs for dia- logue. said. and not give a chance to foreign- Valerie Amos. “We suggested to the delegation that UN spokesman Martin Nesirky. without helmets or bullet-proof jackets. Khatib.000 by service indemnities along the lines of all ing with Prime Minister Ahmed Ouyahia. said: afi’s long rule. the protest. a Libyan African country. UN spokes- who had been speaking to journalists “That’s blunted by the fact that against his 41-year-old rule. ap- a growing refugee exodus. in a bid to escape violence in Libya. with small groups engaging Zawiyah town oil terminals. and a series of defec. could come to the Mediterranean to ing between supporters of strongman Muammar Gaddafi and Human Rights Solidarity said forces military analyst Shashank Joshi. “This appeal is based on planning a scenario projecting up The United Nations said more than one million people fleeing Libya and Mokhtar Dobrug. they had fought off Gaddafi’s forces man Martin Nesirky said. — AFP shift camps on the border. ing several options for an es. which has become the epicentre of anti-govern- ment demonstrations.000 men. a ‘Friday of anti-government demonstra. “I hope that this appeal receives a favourable response worrying following attacks on it by forces loyal to Muammar Gaddafi. which would He also adopted a proposal by 69 beds. The army was moving down the migrants trying to reach Europe. of refugees from Libya would “in. “Look at the way In an interview with the France 24 Egypt. — AFP Tunisia-bound French warship Yemenis vow to leaves empty-handed ZARZIS. to resume battle. — AFP UN calls for $160m to help Libya plane hits town. troops in the face of protests which dissidents release ference. it fired Lanuf in a counter-attack that forced originally from eastern Libya. “It’s clear the government feels a dissidents. according to chief doctor Loic Lemesle. advantage on the an automatic weapon at a government dent leader Mustafa Abdel Jalil. United Services Institute. one angry man told address to elders in Benghazi. a warplane launched reasonably competent fighting by the tains that its security forces have tar. 8 REGION OMAN DAILY Observer TUESDAY. named on Sunday as UN special envoy for humani- med al Sabry. as one opposi- ers to come and capture our country again. The government says it is fighting As the rival combatants prepared in the towns of Zawiyah. than one tion fighter lay on his back and fired Ahmed Jabreel. operate Another said that radicals who were speaker. rockets and mortar undertake “urgent consultations” with Gaddafi’s government report because residents in the town transport. launched an appeal to the dissidents to the east. plays a role in security in the Medi. and Libya dissidents. stay. The appeal will be revised in two weeks. as their tone move family members from gan airlifting more than 40.” said Cherif Ab. 600 km east of the capital z Warplane strikes ing state institutions and depots.” Seddik Chihab. “Any negotiations must be on the ba- dinator. Jadallah Azous al Talhi.000 who have left to date — and another 600. a naval officer said. UN chief Ban Ki-Moon managed on Sunday to persuade attempt to capture Zawiyah.000 Egyptians who had fled Libya against Saleh hardens. which has been they were bringing fighting closer to crisis. parliament and the judicial system. who wore the white turban of a cleric. and for that reason million people live on $2 a it needs to go. food and water to help the UN refugee agency and the Red Crescent. much of the fighting. by telephone were no longer reach. we are seeing extremely poor fight. the state. Tripoli. to discuss their Khatib. He asked them to “give a chance to 400. no leadership and no was an important partner for the West An estimated 100. Thousands remain in by Gaddafi that if he fell thousands raised the prospect that the country is forces strategy. chronic hunger. Muammar Gaddafi’s government on the growing battle with take to the streets. “He will co-ordinate humani- Yemen was teetering on The United States and Algeria’s auxiliary police. We take part in security sweeps The deputy speaker of parliament. where battle is ongo- Swiss-based exile group Libyan sense of momentum on its side. We want the presi- nation within the year. The attack fitted the pattern of assault on dissidents to go home. “We’ve had a US Navy presence here accepted by the great majority of people for many decades. and other tors could evolve into greater regular police dispatched to the scene of a year. in the clearest well as others who remained trapped in the strife-torn north forces struck at dissidents in Libya’s east and were reported attacking a dissident-held oil terminal town of Ras Lanuf.000 mainly foreign migrants have ar- rived in Tunisia alone since February 20. and conditions in dissident. one of his associates ground has swung back and forth million need aid warplane flying overhead. an aide to dissi. 35. after a ceasefire with the militants “have ganisers said. — AFP ties involved in the conflict.” of answering the demands of where 40 per cent of its 23 heavy security to reach parliament in a rare mass show of dissent in the tightly to bring their salaries and conditions in line with those of other security services. A team of 11 was chosen. Aid agencies are also increasingly concerned about the situ- vade Europe”. before travelling to Libya. capital. heading for prolonged bloodshed. announcing Khatib’s ap- calation. Witnesses said government forc- overture yet to their opponents.” one said. heading towards Ras Lanuf which is cross to France and Italy. Gaddafi’s foreign minister to allow in a humanitarian assess- sident-held town 50 km west of the “Government forces have more The dissidents have called for assault by the army. chanting slogans in English. police cordons to move from Martyrs The protesters want the raise to be they have a meeting with Interior Minis.” said ian aid. released from prison under Bouteflika complaints. His associate in Amman said. he added.” Mediterranean coastal road east of “There are millions of blacks who ation of people who are trapped in Libya. each other. In some areas. — Reuters gramme set up in 1994 when the govern. The appeal is expected to cover relief support including town near Tripoli yesterday as con. said he would have “urgent consultations” with a day when all Yemenis will tween pro-government and Square to the National Assembly. to number around 20. key posts.” said In Geneva. — AFP ALGIERS — Thousands of auxiliary ment was battling dissident groups. Gaddafi said Libya dissidents. violence. Moham. dissident forces announced and work on the humanitarian crisis it has caused. arguing that to national dialogue to resolve this expected to need humanitarian aid to varying degrees. two rockets. an Valerie Amos said more than a mil.” z Government residents to flee and dissidents to hide peared on state television reading an million people for the next three months. and Misrata lowed to visit in Tripoli and whether they would be taken to In the east. worry that as protests con. “But part of our ongoing engagement with the government is discussions on human rights and universal rights. term is set to expire in 2013.” added the United Nations under-secretary- Offering a potential olive branch and the bombing often inaccurate. to the im. breaking through called on President Abdelaziz Bouteflika ures in our favour. tions from Saleh’s allies. which would from unrest in Libya to hear speeches and sing have also required him to re- European countries and the United States on Thursday be- national songs.” in containing Al Qaeda and illegal temporary camps facing growing problems of hygiene.000 people inside Libya inside the country needed humanitar. an auxiliary policeman. after what residents ment team to Tripoli. Half of Yemen’s popula. which will enable us to continue to support those in need. to demand a pay raise. US military planes repatriated 640 Egyptians over the major Yemeni cities. The protesters. Dozens of activists gathered at a fence set up in front of the embassy. The hi-tech Mistral helicopter-carrier had left on Satur- SANAA — Yemen’s opposi.” Tens of thousands of mostly migrant workers have been streaming out to bordering countries. will meet all sides in the conflict. Hood told the demonstrators who clustered around him that the United States had a “strategic relationship” with the gov- ernment of Bahrain which included dialogue on human rights. calling for Washington to press the authorities for reform after weeks of demonstrations. for the French navy Lieutenant Thierry Delorme announced President Ali Abdullah Saleh. “Recent events have prov- Protesters are frustrated with corruption and soaring police marched across Algeria yesterday Wearing their uniforms. Anti-government protests in the country entered their 22nd day yesterday. north and curb secessionist Egyptians who had crossed into Tunisia from Libya and bring day to escalate protests that rebellion in the south. Soon after the ship dropped anchor however. braved a ban on demonstrations the other security units. pointment. In Ras Lanuf. a force another protester said. in hit and run raids. to avoid chaos and epidemics spreading at make- Saleh rejected a plan pro. some of them said. Residents of Ras Lanuf. impatient 2011. bombs. It is not immediately known where the team would be al- able. have that it would “not be taking” refugees and would be leaving after he rejected a plan that added to pressure on Saleh to on the same day. tors to select representatives to meet the tarian aid and means to find a solution to the crisis in Libya. urged the demonstra. to help stop the bloodshed. a truce with dissidents in the day from the southern port of Toulon to repatriate around 900 tion coalition vowed yester. but they won’t make a dif- sis that Gaddafi will step down. UN aid chief.” the source added. rapidly dismissed by started in mid-February and their they’re firing at the plane. ing skills by government forces. guerrilla-style. where he should meet with all par- Saleh has struggled to cement recent unrest. — AFP LIBYAN dissident fighters take cover as a bomb dropped by an air force fighter jet explodes near a checkpoint on the outskirts of the oil town of Ras Lanuf yesterday. They have television station. — Reuters . coincided with warnings ability to launch a counter-attack has British special no experience. including organising tinue. chanting: “Bouteflika is the solution. day or less and a third face controlled country. more rights than us. have swept the country de. outskirts of oil town es advanced on dissident-held Ras prime minister in the 1980s who is shelter. 56. Air attacks have been fitful z UN says more Another complained of the dis- sidents’ inexperience. 1000s of Algeria police march for higher pay loaded with medical supplies. them to the Egyptian port of Alexandria. “These sweets are a good gesture. loyal to Gaddafi had launched a new associate fellow at Britain’s Royal lion people fleeing Libya and inside about 60 km away.” he said. estimated by organisers “We demand a rise in salaries and tives returned empty-handed from a meet.” tion of around a dozen of their representa. A letter given to Hood by 27-year-old activist Zainab al Khawaja called for “the American administration (to) refrain from taking negative positions that contribute to the oppres- sion and abuse of the people” of Bahrain. testers are camped out in to end the deadlock. pears willing to compromise ride that would take them three days.” he said. general for humanitarian affairs and emergency relief co-or- to dissidents seeking to end Gadd.” He reiterated US support for an initiative from the govern- ment for national dialogue. against travel in Yemen due to in the country’s villages as part of a pro. The demonstrators decided to march on the National Assembly after a delega- UN envoy for Libya the people. backdated to 1994. options. sporadic clashes be. The growing Yemeni pro. They were quickly surrounded by only have the right to 21 days of leave fused. witnesses said. But the resilience of Gaddafi’s z Benghazi “I believe these youths are ready to die. MARCH 8. posed by an opposition coali. the authorities mediate west of Tripoli. mobility than the dissidents thanks UN-backed air strikes against what cars laden with belongings yesterday said was fierce fighting on Sunday Former Jordanian foreign minister Abdelilah al Khatib will It was impossible to verify the to airlift and a decent amount of road they say are African soldiers-for-hire and dissidents said they had moved with artillery. but we hope it is translat- ed into practical actions. But neither side ap- to reach their homeland in just three hours as opposed to a boat Tens of thousands of pro. The offer. were leaving in In the West. associate said yesterday. ing. — Reuters other cities. would have him step down in end his three-decade rule in Most of the Egyptians had already left by plane. there were no deaths. caused. UN aid co-ordinator the recaptured town of Bin Jawad. the protesters dent to rapidly announce concrete meas. Abdelaziz Ziari. US Embassy political officer Ludovic Hood brought a box of doughnuts for the demonstrators as they gathered down the street from the embassy ahead of the protest rally. held Misrata town were particularly erratic. pledge to resign when his THOUSANDS of auxiliary police march near the Parliament in Algiers yesterday to demand a pay raise. over 1m need aid Libya conflict victims GENEVA — The United Nations called yesterday for $160 million to cover the needs of those who have fled Libya as RAS LANUF.” from donors. There can be no other compromise. transportation. tion is armed. will leave for New York “in the next few days even before recent protests.

More than 7.Agriculture: Mokhtar Jalleli (reappointed) . elite SAS and two diplomats. refused to discuss anything The military. — Agencies .Interior: Farhat Rajhi (reappointed) .Culture: Ezzeddine Bach Chaouch (reappointed) . junior diplomat in a city that From Lampedusa. re. most of them from Tunisia. MARCH 8. — Reuters in more than 10 boats. Meanwhile. said Egyptians. Interior Minister Roberto Maroni said last packed off to Malta on a Brit. He is wide.. “I hate Israel. of whom 17 have been re- appointed from the previ- ous transition government formed on January 17 and five are newcomers. His move into economics yesterday after a botched at.Prime Minister: Beji Caid Essebsi . the Nobel prize. ment. ture of their mission. in- cluding the prime minister. oratory skills and cha- risma have given him a natural head start. migrants escaping political turmoil in North week an aid mission to Tunisia to provide food ish naval ship. REGION9 OMAN DAILY Observer TUESDAY.State Property: Ahmed Adhoum (reappointed) . none of the immigrants Tens of thousands have fled violence in Lib.Justice: Lazhar Karoui Chebbi (reappointed) . In a country where years of oppression have crushed political life. But they were rounded out prior permission. The economic policies of ministration. opposition”. Foreign Affairs: Mouldfi Keffi (newcomer) . foreign ministry in 2001. “a further team to strengthen justice when he hit the cam. position spokesman said the general for the last decade. be done in co-operation with interviews that flagged him as to the Arab League position The team. — AFP been satisfactorily resolved. before being moved fighters. others were in. which he will relinquish soon. But they succeeded only in angering Libyan opposi- left Benghazi for Malta on board the Royal Navy frigate HMS Cumberland. reports said. already preparing for a potential surge of im. The interim president last week called a July 24 election to choose a na- tional constituent assembly tasked with rewriting a con- stitution which he said “no longer reflects the aspira- tions of the people after the revolution”. So far. career. uary.000 illegal im. SAS had felt it necessary to Some of the boats made it to the shores of have arrived in Italy since the overthrow of tially kept silent on the affair. has yet to say whether some. He declined to go the Mediterranean during the night. carry out such a cloak-and- this tiny island on their own..Religious Affairs: La- roussi Mizouri (reappointed) . Agency. marked a step away from the tempt by special forces to that Britain intended to send talked economics and social diplomacy that has defined his make contact with opposi. . barak seemed to be the release security headquarters in downtown Cairo. 2011 Moussa hits campaign trail Britain scrambles to explain SAS’s ‘blunder’ in Egypt presidency race LONDON — The British government was left red-faced They have now left Libya. refugee situation in North Africa.National Defence: Ab- delkrim Zbidi (reappointed) .” he added. Tunisia is moving to dismantle the ves- tiges of toppled leader Zine al Abidine Ben Ali’s era.Youth and Sports: Mohamed Aloulou (reap- pointed) . I love Amr mission was to contact rebel rebel stronghold.Health: Habiba Zahi Ben Romdhane (reappoint- ed) . an op- Arab League secretary. migrants.000 migrants from Tunisia After the government ini.Labour and Profes- sional Training: Said Aydi (newcomer) .Social Affairs: Moham- ed Ennacneur (reappointed) .” the backlog was beginning to grow. Hague insisted mat Amr Moussa (pictured). tion forces in Libya ended in our dialogue in due course” al- paign trail for the Egyptian eign minister for 10 years un.Higher Education: Ri- faat Chaabouni (newcomer) . is the most prom. which is site of Al Ahram newspaper in “overwhelming poverty Moussa said he had ex. ElBaradei. a statement to lawmakers on and the Falklands. profile. believed to play a major role on Thursday showed him with for the majority and obscene pressed “the pulse” of the Africa arrived on this southern Italian island in and medical help was aimed at handling the British Foreign Secretary in the conflict in Afghanistan a big lead over Mohammed wealth for the minority”. of the 2001 Egyptian pop intelligence service whose Ghoqa told reporters in the by a presidential election six “The Egyptian economy hit. We after three decades in power. petence of the SAS. — AFP Tunisia’s new transitional government TUNIS — The following is a list of ministers in the Tu- nisian transition government announced yesterday after the resignation of prime min- ister Mohamed Ghannouchi and four ministers. Moussa’s high must move on two wheels: the free market and social justice. CAIRO — Veteran diplo.” Moussa said in an interview with the Al Masry Moussa”. 74. The Times asked why the International Atomic Energy portion of the population. Moussa said: “I was not merely an employee who would be ordered and arrives in southern Italy tion leaders who denied they had asked for any help and by late on Sunday they had been The bungled operation raised eyebrows because Brit- ain prides itself on the com- An online poll on the Web the last decade had resulted obey. the operation later yesterday.” plans to hold a parliamentary he will run on not. — Reuters from Britain’s MI6 foreign spokesman Abdul Hafiz vote in June to be followed ly expected to.Regional Develop- ment: Abderrazak Zouari (newcomer). that “a small diplomatic team would have been possible for gers taken off. up of six soldiers from the In Benghazi itself. which have now this was not their finest hour. It has 22 members. “They experienced dif. Moussa. ences with the former presi. winning former head of the had not benefited a large pro. illegal immigrants back to Libya. plane to holding centres on the mainland but lowing Italy’s coastguard to return boatloads of ficulties. has been in Benghazi” and the team to simply drive into were believed to have left from Libya itself but ya and crossed the border to Tunisia since an said their intention had been Benghazi. with them due to the way power after Mubarak went.Education: Taieb Bac- couche (reappointed) . As foreign minister. Asked in the Al Masry Al Youm interview whether he was a part of the former ad- New wave of immigrants leaders and open the way for a delegation. sa was an outspoken advocate flew into Libya by helicopter fighters had refused to talk to Moussa. the newspaper said. arrived migrants to Italy. EGYPTIAN protesters confront army soldiers in front of the state lieved to have been officers they entered the country. reportedly made the Libyan opposition. a violent crackdown by security forces. which took figure in the reform move. However.Women’s Affairs: Lilia Laabidi (reappointed) . one of at least three he gave this week. Mous.Industry and Technol- ogy: Abdellaziz Rassaa (re- appointed) . Rome and Tripoli signed a deal al.Planning and Interna- tional Co-operation: Ab- delhamid Triki (newcomer) .Commerce and Tour- ism: Mehdi Houas (reap- pointed) . the team being seized by though he stressed this would presidency with a string of til 2001. Al Youm newspaper. a leading barak removed him from the ports said. To The diplomats are be. but it was William Hague was to make as well as in past wars in Iraq ElBaradei.Transport and Equip- ment: Yassine Brahim (re- appointed) . had entered the country with- candidacy for the position Middle East peace process. from which Hosni Mubarak His popularity was widely up by lightly armed fighters “We do not know the na- stepped down on February 11 assumed to be the reason Mu. the im. The Britons weeks later.” LAMPEDUSA — More than 1. soon after they arrived. adding that growth into the details on his differ. for Palestinian rights as Cairo and made their way to the the delegation because they inent figure yet to declare his played a leading role in the opposition-held city of Beng. dent. would have welcomed them. immigrants are sent by In 2009. the final straw for Mu. the front runner for the job. Hague confirmed on Sunday dagger operation when it tercepted by the coastguard and their passen. hazi. President Zine al Abidine Ben Ali in mid-Jan.Finance: Jalloul Ayed (reappointed) . Taking advantage of good weather. Italian officials fear an exodus from its former uprising against Muammar Gaddafi prompted “to initiate contacts with the “Nabbed while escorting a colony if the situation worsens. He was Egypt’s for.

— AFP Finance Minister Pranab Mukherjee proposed the tax while presenting his budget for fiscal in parliament on February 28. in Kozhikode. but all the political parties have yet to arrive at a consensus on it. New Delhi. stage a sit-in there. A S Chandiok informed the court that African and Brazilian coun. SM Street and person. blind and in a In the absence of any family. He urged (in North Dinajpur district) for entering listed in the Supreme court. roadsides. provided the re. and water until death. offi. help line number (1099) have been depicted into it schemes. terparts Nkoana Mashabane view of the appeals made by it was originally planned. Police commis- parliament after attending the Lok Sabha. has spent three-and-a-half decades Shanbaug’s “next friend” in the eye of the law. groups. Balwa. Telangana. should come from family or a spouse. the Supreme Court is monitoring the to Etisalat to invest in a Chennai. The respondents shared their ex. markets. therefore. postponement of the march in not be on the scale on which ers outskirts of the city includ- were arrested for infiltrating into Indian On Balwa’s plea. who was an adviser nurse at the hospital. jobs and compensation from the government. and contest the state assembly polls from case of former nurse Aruna Shanbaug (pictured). She succumbed to her injuries a couple of categories like students. The million march will 10 districts including Hydera- in the day. cin. it’s better for me to The ministry said he shouldn’t be JAC convenor M Kodan. homemakers. police said yesterday. a request to withdraw life support inject any lethal substance. further intensify the move- Delhi yesterday and claimed that he and the Supreme Court whether it should vice chairman of Etisalat DB Telecom NEW DELHI — India will gana Joint Action Committee nation centres in Hyderabad ment for separate statehood to his son Akhilesh were put under house take up a spectrum scam-related plea India Pvt. 2011 NEWS IN BRIEF Pranab Mukherjee’s son to Supreme Court allows ‘passive euthanasia’ NEW DELHI — The Supreme Court ruled yes. at Mum- back. presented a zero-deficit budget for fiscal vulnerabilities than those who own a car and liv. ‘‘Other areas include hurdles. The ing the IT hub. “I would want this bill to be introduced (in current session of New norms for shifting parliament). Meanwhile. lion march to Hyderabad on be held at Tank Bund on the bad. 2006. quotes one respondent as saying. keeping her alive. therefore. “Hence we have to guard minally ill patients. will give shutters against tax dwellers should not be diluted in any powers to the government to relocate way. He warned Kumar.” read a common poster and has initiated the process for hav. that it had sufficient inputs in this re. FOUR major retail chains and other “Members of some civil society The environmental groups also shops downed shutters at popular malls organisations made representations claimed that the new guidelines con- in south Delhi yesterday to protest to the ministry about some technical. a 52.” said ders. Shanbaug. once identified. ment while using public transport. who has been in a vegetative state in a Mumbai hos.” Mulayam Singh said outside Justice S Muralidhar said: “As Promotion Board to deny permission scheduled for this evening in angana while police have im. ble students of Class 11 and 12 The march is expected to the IT sector. Women are vul. dent of the robbery. — IANS documents. The budget provided Puthiya bus stand. On December 3 last year. Jammu and Kashmir Finance women. sing and dance to highlight the Prohibitory orders ban- ordination on global issues. “The commercialisation of our society has in the country to legalise euthanasia for certain ter- an official said yesterday. Luxembourg. A student shares Over 12. ing of civil society groups on March International Women’s Day (March 8). It has yet to be moved in the The environment ministry’s deci.” said a statement away with the consultation process the 10 per cent excise on garments and issued by the ministry here. We will A plea by journalist and friend Pinki Virani to Virani filed the case in the Supreme Court in considering a law. and bus stops. missioner A K Khan said there expanding the permanent He claimed the restrictions The matter will now be taken up on The central government claimed begin in the afternoon instead JAC convenor Kodan. and they were in favour of Congress Committee office in Kolkata. The Kozhikode study started from October Women’s Resource Centre and Anweshi Women’s number of schemes to help unemployed share this perception. The biggest concern against the Lok Sabha. many of his business deals. tradicted the recommendations of a against the 10 per cent excise duty scientific.” the report tion (KSRTC). polls from Nalhati constituency. her dress the women help line number (1091) and the traffic ANNOUNCING job-generation entity for gender equality and empowerment of and common witness are crowded public transport was torn with a blade from top to bottom by some. pasted at the shuttered outlets. physical assault and murder of Nations Development Fund for Women) initiative It was the 11th occasion when movement than living in a middle class residential nerable to various forms of violence for several 23-year-old Soumya at a time when the volunteers for gender equality. meetings and processions were removed only after he faxed a letter to Lok Sabha Speaker Meira Balwa was arrested in Mumbai gard from the Mumbai ATS and the bership of the UN Security appearing for intermediate ex. Congress president Asit Mal said. ernment yesterday withdrew its new 4 after they sought fine tuning of the The women’s reservation bill.” he said. pital compounds. The ‘problem spots’ include bag. The According to Mal. permitted in our country in certain situations. territory. which was used by him to finance tion in energy and closer co. quota bill introduced medicine which can keep alive severely injured or as Shanbaug. sion came after the Congress chief guidelines was lack of a democratic Sonia Gandhi-headed National Advi.” it said. However. the habitat. officials in the posed ban orders and warned bad. Both of her parents have died and other have cared for Shanbaug. larger scale. The sample population belonged to The findings are similar to the survey conducted Rs 3. commuters. said. IB. “There will with those violating ban or- attend parliament. the high court the Supreme Court was hearing a re. subject”. which comprises arrest in the Uttar Pradesh capital earlier filed by Swan Telecom promoter Sha. was “We consider it as a duty to look after her. who is now 60. that passive euthanasia should be Her attacker. drivers. The project was part of the Unifem’s (United 2011-12 in the state assembly. talks on UN reforms. assemblies. pital since being physically assaulted and strangled crossed all limits. 1999 asking for Shanbaug to be allowed to die with The Supreme Court ruled that the nurses who has left his public sector job a few days preme Court on the grounds that Virani was not eli. youth get jobs. for identification of areas for declaring India (RAI). “They will be handed over to Border Guard Bangladesh (BGB) personnel at Changrabandha immigration checkpost Unifem study says women feel unsafe in Kerala city in Cooch Behar. March 10 to press the demand banks of Hussain Sagar Lake. permission. He stop her being force-fed was rejected by the Su. doctors and nurses. until parliament makes a law on the to the Supreme Court in the case. CONGRESS stalwart and Finance some terminally ill patients in a landmark ruling that examine the patient and speak to hospital staff. ‘Safe journey is the right of women’ and according to a study supported by Unifem. “We protest on behalf of our cation and notification of the critical According to environmental customers. The finance As many as 99 per cent of the respondents iden. When she resisted she was pushed out from the and the survey was conducted from November to Counselling Centre in Kozhikode. Another main factor is the nuisances one from behind. — IANS five permanent members. that related to the process of identifi. standards to reach the exami. JAC. unorganised workers. police made and they had barricaded my house (in links with don Dawood Ibrahim. S Africa after ‘house arrest’ apex court on Balwa’s plea meeting on ban orders in Hyderabad SAMAJWADI Party (SP) chief Mulayam Singh Yadav attended parliament in NEW DELHI — The Delhi High Court yesterday sought a clarification from Justice Muralidhar. Act. the Supreme Court said. 2011. We wildlife habitats and relocation of peo. bus stops. buses.100 million for skill development by Sakhi in Thiruvananthapuram which found the and surrounding areas. lives. the central gov. for carving out a separate Te. passed guidelines for declaring lands as criti. starvation to the point of death. ing for examinations. adding that “we are laying Lawyer T R Andhyarujina.” a ministry official aminations on that day face no procession to Tank Bund and that police would deal firmly circumstances he would not be able to tody in Delhi. ing new guidelines in place. Another respondent was pulled to enable the victims to seek immediate assistance Minister Abdul Rahim Rather yesterday Women who commute by bus face different of drunkards in public spaces. Avijit Mukherjee. who wants to die with lethal medication that the pa- will officially join the party on March 11 The judgement came during a hearing into the scrupulous” family members attempting to kill off tient takes by him or herself. dignity. Manufacturers’ Association of India ministry has decided to withdraw the There was no clarity on the process (CMAI) and Retailers Association of guidelines issued on February 7. mended to the Foreign Investment The ministers’ meeting is for separate statehood to Tel. 10 INDIA OMAN DAILY Observer TUESDAY. and Antonio Patriota. although fasting is Speaker wants women’s that has posed legislators and judges all over the “The court has accepted the withdrawal of a life a part of Indian culture.” ning the assembly of four or gence Bureau (IB) had not found any The central government was to file and other groups fighting for he said. Balwa contended vested large sums of money in Balwa’s enhancing trade. the court in Laws on euthanasia or assisted suicide. earlier asked the home ministry to file lated matter. “We agree .” had links with the underworld. which contribute to this only after everybody gets in. knowledge centres and grammes for the youth. In 1994. railway station running train and physically assaulted by the same January 2011. vary across the world. be no speeches but artistes will ders. a ward boy at the hospital. but has not given the permission to ence leader Mahatma Gandhi. days later. Kodandaram ad. That is the whole reason this (the bill) has been held up. workers.” it said. Hyderabad Police Com- is on intensifying efforts for began yesterday. under exceptional circumstances. that the central government prohibitory orders to prevent said. The march will demand berabad yesterday announced government had put restrictions on his matter. was no permission to hold ral- March 24. cials said yesterday. which would rely on the opinion of In Europe. theatres. of Hyderabad and Secundera. March 11 at the West Bengal Pradesh and the courts. the US state of Oregon became the first Nalhati constituency in Birbhum district. cal high court. so now he can join the party and gible to make the demand on Shanbaug’s behalf. mittee that the march would langana state. co-opera.” Bengal to release 37 of the Mumbai police and the Intelli.143 bus conductors were trained in THIRUVANANTHAPURAM — Women from the Lack of lighting. The only exception to the law on self-starvation LOK Sabha Speaker Meira Kumar handicapped people. leaves women more vulnerable to gender-based another reported they are allowed to enter the bus a sticker with the message ‘Behave decently with budget promises jobs cal assaults in cities than those from the upper class.” Birbhum district But withdrawing life support could be allowed her. a man tried to snatch her 2010. and Other Traditional Forest Dwellers for women in Lok Sabha and the state lines would be put in place soon. social and ecological issues joint committee of environment and proposed on branded apparel. Brazil parents of the students appear. or not. emas and parks are other unsafe areas. places safe for women by holding meetings with of. Clarification sought from India to host Telangana million march on. wealthy relatives. and non-permanent mem. psy. “One of the focus areas anti-government rally in the state that should take up the 2G-related matter a director or in other capacity as he meeting of the steering com. violence. mentioning that under such February 7 and is now in judicial cus. — AFP lower house in the current session. The pilot study began with Rather has presented the state’s budget area. the protesters not to disturb Indian territory without any valid I will take up this matter after it. which cov- release 37 Bangladeshi nationals who underworld don. The state of Montana has also “Avijit Mukherjee will be officially with a chain while at work 37 years ago. Palayam area. he said. sioners of Hyderabad and Cy- He claimed that the Mayawati 2G (second generation) scam-related based firm. When 74 per cent of women feel there is were taking samples for the survey. missioner Tirumala Rao said Bangladeshi nationals who have served yet to do so. the guidelines. ficials and collaborating in training for bus conduc. comprising Telan. said it was the Press Trust of India. Rather announced a disrespect for women only 28 common witnesses from work in a local train.” Sharma said By Ashraf Padanna helmets and snatching away ornaments. bring the city to halt by block.” forest people withdrawn Meira Kumar told women journalists NEW DELHI — Facing the wrath of The ministry organised a meet- during an interaction on the eve of environmentalists. plea were also presented before the many and Japan have been The meeting decided to go ing all the roads... of morning so that students daram said people from two lies. process to determine the critical habi- Shops in malls down sory Council said that rights of forest tats which. The supervision was required to prevent “un. New guide.. hid Usman Balwa. hos- under the employment and welfare pro- lowed by robbery. against the potential of misuse. them as critical wildlife habitats under WIDOWS and relatives of Sikhs who were killed in the 1984 riots demonstrate in New Delhi yesterday. women. guidelines to make it compliant with by the Rajya Sabha on March 9 last cal wildlife habitats and relocating the provisions of the Scheduled Tribes year. suppliers and employees. Mulayam in parliament Brazil. in which is the religious practice of “santhara. patients are helped by doctors to end their own elderly believers from the Jain religion give up food reservation bill to be introduced in the tive state and unable to speak for themselves. from authorities. more people have also been Bangladeshi prisoners evidence against him to support their its reply on the plea of Balwa yester.” which sees yesterday said she wants the women’s In the case of a person in a permanent vegeta. who is bed-ridden. that the Anti Terrorism Squad (ATS) firm. mission which would enable youth start public spaces are increasingly unsafe for women. and his son’s movements to thwart their take clarification from there whether I associated with the company either as daram told reporters after a introduce a bill in parliament any gathering. the UN Security Council’s but changed its timings to ena. sometimes lead to harassment. ing in a slum area poses different challenges to safe chological and economic abuse. but all the parties have to arrive at a consensus.” Court said. the Netherlands and join Congress on Friday terday that life support can be legally removed for a court-appointed panel of three doctors who would Belgium have legalised it under strict conditions. 2G-related matter is apex court which has restrained seeking a status on par with ahead with the planned march be more protests on a much ple from gathering. beaches. Vellayil beach area. Gender-based violence includes physical.” legalised it and the east coast state of Vermont is joining Congress on March 11. with a copy of an official note from Brazil and South Africa for it would go ahead with its mil. Some 69 per cent of the women reported harass. tribal affairs ministries. which divides the twin cities it clear that the march had no Lucknow). the UN feeling of being unsafe as pointed out by women A student said while travelling in a bus. periences of robbery by young men in bikes wearing “The bus conductor instead of asking her to tors with the Kerala State Road Transport Corpora. made famous by independ- world with moral dilemmas thrown up by modern support system. approached the high court host foreign ministers from (JAC) yesterday declared that and Ranga Reddy districts.” Additional Director General of Police (correctional services) B D Sharma said. External Affairs Ministry action against violators. While returning the state capital and was completed by September as finance minister. “There were dozens of policemen allegations by investigators about his In the note. — IANS The protesters were demanding homes. a two-judge bench in the Supreme being fed mashed food and cared for by a team of rather than Pinki Virani. a separate state. met here yes. people from there. Mananchira. will contest the down the law.. MARCH 8. while in Switzerland a doctor can provide a patient Minister Pranab Mukherjee’s son Avijit will allow “passive euthanasia” for the first time. ask for feeding to be stopped. toilets and safe transportation the abusive language used by the conductor while 10 regions of the state in 2009. the ministry recom. The IB alleged that Dawood in. imposed in Cyberabad police THE West Bengal government will today allegations that he was linked to the day but Additional Solicitor General rate talks with his South terday to discuss any possible mitted that the march would commissionerate. the study conducted by the city-based Sakhi reasons. family members have not maintained contact with bai’s KEM Hospital were the only ones who could contest in the elections.” he said. to three points will come in a in the twin cities.” the freed after a seven-year jail sentence. hangouts. Sakhi has started a campaign to make public tors etc and spread across public places such as minister also provided Rs 400 million tified harassment as the main safety problem fol.New Delhi ruled. the guidelines aimed at doing demand that the government rolls back ple from such areas. such The request should then be reviewed by the lo. The basic factors. Foreign Minister S M Bharatiya Janata Party (BJP) demand for a separate state. Sakhi produced Zero-deficit Kashmir lower strata of society are more vulnerable to physi. Council. conduc- self-employment ventures. Krishna also planned sepa. The central government is He said details of the Balwa’s and India along with Ger. JAC had earlier planned to Cyberabad Police Com- “We will release at least 37 an affidavit. He has questioned the union home ministry. In his petition. UN reforms HYDERABAD — The Telan. all other courts from passing any or. The report also points to a widely reported inci. he physically pushed her. according to the petition. into a jeep while waiting for bus. they were “We will announce it officially on quest was from family and supervised by doctors vegetative state. court has recognised our efforts. was quoted as saying by the Jadavpur University. which also move back. “There will the police would prevent peo- their terms in Raiganj correctional home “On Thursday.” Bhanuprita. . first time there had been a ruling on euthanasia by Indian laws do not permit euthanasia or self- The ruling gives some legal clarity in an area the top court. seeks to reserve 33 per cent seats people from such areas. Roadsides. an engineering graduate from court said in its ruling. before notifying a critically wildlife made-ups in full support of Clothing “Taking note of their concerns. gana Rashtra Samithi (TRS). make the announcement on that day.

but they should not play Bengal. injured in Sacramento after unidentified proval. with over Rs 40. wal. International Women’s Day (IWD). terday raided the home of which ground he was denied admission Sabha yesterday passed Rail- way Minister Mamata Ban- erjee’s (pictured) budget. Quashing of Doordarshan Gandhi of rape.” the min.5 mil- named website and tried to lion. announcing railway projects MPs over an alleged suicide Nemam. The scandal. the of the raids or of Khan’s pre. Shares dropped 1. Another 67 Indians who had on a rampage.” questioned “Issue notice to additional director- Mamata’s rail budget MUMBAI — The Enforce- ment Directorate (ED) yes- account in Kerala general. Rajagopal had unsuccessfully con. inflation that has stoked public before parliament. tion if it was approached. the party said it would contin. MV Scotia Prince is on its way Dasmunshi. stashed away around US$8 security of Sikhs working in the US and jee also countered the attacks minor clash between the law. promised one. Baner. the entire focus is on his candidature 140 constituencies. hit by political civil servant to the country’s Safe Homecoming. the latest member of the been attacked by Rahul. tioning in the matter. The court was hearing a petition filed of gang-raping 24-year-old Two million rupees should by DD’s anchors and reporters who Sukanya Singh during a De. Gurmej Singh Atwal. had worked for the family for two months Mumbai.600 Indians new state Youth Congress chief after ruption scandals. added that owing allegiance to the losing candidate But the cracks in the rul. responsibility for naming a on March 9. The election at the Nazrul Mancha offering respite to a govern. “the heart to give more” rail jwadi Party members rushed liminary questioning. which gives Prime numbers in parliament. the minister denied the departed leader. Reacting to the alle. objected to CP03/07/11M ing the country had lost “an summons to him to appear Rajagopal who had already started so. ior leader O Rajagopal (pictured). has six min. returned to Malta from Misurata in India launched Operation Safe of a Swiss-based company. PM told Somebody else may come and pages as per the request of the slogans demanding the dis. Tunisia returned to India early yester. here. as a mark of respect for the notices served to him in De. I do homage in the morning to This time the BJP has fielded sen. sion. accepting Giving an update on Operation three Egypt Air and one IL 76 flight were holding talks to resolve sitive sectors contributing the anger. The coalition was not in ecoms scandal. Ranjit lockers in his presence in gal assembly elections. and five of his friends low-caste Hindus. Lok Sabha Speaker Meira Khan is suspected to have possible diplomatic steps to ensure the Combative as ever.” an angry Banerjee her and her political rival Left shouted. Banerjee said: The minister said she had who died on Friday. exercise mounted since the August Wadhwa was called for questioning in Singh has faced. Leader of Opposition Sushma Swaraj Ranjit was arrested from Harsh Vihar tion during the question hour camping here leading the campaign. ning a high-voltage campaign to open resisted a robbery attempt by a three-man adjournments after Samajwadi its account in the state assembly with jee said the work of the rail. has deeply A chartered Fly Dubai flight with in Sirte. health no point has Singh filed a minister Jawaharlal Nehru and the All India Institute of Medical complaint. confidence to fight the BJP on ideo. Singh and Satish Chandra ing rising political star Rahul said in their ruling. widely scribes himself as a social appointment of 25 anchors and reporters seen as a prime minister-in. Replying to a nearly ED teams raided Khan’s THIRUVANANTHAPURAM — The man for allegedly killing a 58-year- Earlier in the pre-lunch ses. 2011 DMK puts off decision to Over 12. would receive Rs 2. The remainder will go to disobeying court order contact the supposed victim. the dispute that has underlined Analysts said it looked most to losses. in Doordarshan (DD) News channel in waiting. a Samrite said he read about daughter of a Congress activ. The house witnessed a tested from here in the 2004 parlia. with rate sen. Touted to become the state as her Bengal-centric railway Soon after the house paid tions raising hopes of the party. office. coalition vital support in par. to some engine trouble and it is now local election next month.000 Indian nation. national-level.” said Arun Kejri.” said the court. minister A Raja. over two. Presently. state pros. increasingly likely that the prices. ways should go on unhindered last night for further ques. carried out by an independ. danger of collapse even if the isterial posts in the council of ber. following the killing of her detractors that she was makers of her party and Left in three assembly segments. ministerial posts until today. decision last week cancelling and Kingfisher flights. This side the norms of the Planning member Ramchandra Dome’s eminent administrator and a before it on March 10 while liciting votes. (LDF) alternately. activist. They broke chairs. the multi-pronged Naval vessels INS Jalashwa and Sandeep Wadhwa held in the shaky nature of the federal worries and surging crude oil operation to evacuate Indians from coalition. the official de. director of research firm ments on Friday.120 Indians had crossed from Benghazi in Libya on board. in connection regional group that it was They need each other. last four months in the same US city Anybody can have differences leader Sudip Bandopadhyay ian.4 per reached Mumbai yesterday morning culture of corruption or curb Yesterday. India could do better and help of their leader Mulayam Singh its candidates elected to the local self- This was seen as an indi. “The first list gifts like clothes. 11 INDIA OMAN DAILY Observer TUESDAY.” he said. er bad the Congress is with the “The uncertainty over the of judgement and I accept full Indians and 29 foreign nationals on back its nationals — the biggest such overlays scam. the house witnessed two Pune home and detained him old woman at her residence when she ary 25 railway budget. come Tax Department last the electoral battle in Kerala very seri. ly to be brought to Mumbai gang. had said its six min. He was like.. Among other things. public broadcaster Nehru-Gandhi political dy- self as a champion of the poor Prasar Bharati and asked them to file nasty to be tipped for high by sleeping in the houses of their replies by May 10. which has been gress and the DMK have been the appointment of the tainted “All our nationals have thus been Jordan from where they were flown “Wadhwa was held in connection in parliament. including their seats went unheeded. he bowed to day morning. Minister Manmohan Singh to take all services. and it has triggered panic among the of opinion with me on my pol. which represents tained for selling 2G telecom tered flight bringing 155 people from now set sail for Sirte in Libya today people with rods and flag poles. Samrite had accused Ra. Youth Congress activists isters would quit the coalition A political party based in over to Tunisia. “This is absolutely con- cocted and false. back to Alexandria with 972 people Soon after the results were liament. said to be the lence-torn north African country. top anti-graft watchdog even Libya. weaker without the other.000 for falsely accus. in the past. upturned tables and chased tion put off its plan to resign DMK ministers left because ministers. ing the function and there is no need Sikhs.” DMK leader M K Stalin patch things up. the Trinamool likely to open some bank The woman was alone in her Harsh Vi- Congress. She also objected to the Lucknow ahead of their agita. but there has to be missal of the Uttar Pradesh January 2007. Woman killed while but not without the expected but this allegation is totally the alleged $8 billion stashed acrimonious scenes between away abroad. MV Red Star One would furniture. investigation into the scandal yesterday because of a row the north has said it would since returned home safely. central government. announced. third of nearly 18. up some of the Congress workers with But a leader of the south. forced thousands of Indians to flee to a CBI official said. opposition stalled the assem. crossed over to Salloum in Egypt cloth used to decorate the stage and beat tion adrift. all of whom have The ministry. doing. constituency of Amethi. towards the chair and raised that Khan has been raided. of the candidates will be released in chief minister if the Trinamool budget. however. health. in Hyderabad yesterday on the eve of International Women’s Day. All passen. portable an court yesterday fined a was a political design behind cabins.” he said. the External Affairs Ministry INS Mysore are headed for Tripoli and CWG overlays scam “The resignations are on Congress and the DMK would “DMK’s pullout will add though the officer was himself said over 12. the company which was part of Switzerland- Gandhi over smear based Nussli India Consortium. holds talks strife-torn Libya Youth Congress polls PANDEMONIUM broke out at the venue of the West Bengal Youth Congress committee elections yesterday as the NEW DELHI — A key mem. was fired from and de. the THE Central Bureau of Investigation hold. containers and other items for six former lawmaker more than the move. the last push for the breakthrough and The BJP is going it alone in all the abroad. was killed and for West Bengal that had no popularity in the constituency rather Banerjee’s residence in Kolk. ist. “The party has no role in organis. 81-year-old former federal minister. last day for evacuating the remaining (CBI) yesterday arrested Sandeep told reporters.” he said fol. not agree with this. was critically Planning Commission ap- ata because he was denied Rajya Sabha also mourned evading taxes on income BJP leader in charge of Kerala. THE Delhi Police have arrested a MPs. Tribunal (CAT) order quashing 40-year-old Gandhi. through dubious means and than its political strength. home. corruption scandals to an ina. originally called International despite the court’s order last week. issued notices for contempt of court to failing to track her down. cies investigating the money when she refused to part with her jewel- the economy to grow faster.000 crore. Congress leader Arjun Singh. (UDF) and Left Democratic Front government. To a question on alleged distribu. Singh Badal yesterday asked Prime some system for proper rail for more when the available presence in the state’s bipolar politics.” judges Uma Nath venues. ent agency to find out if there Rs 140 crore for supplying tents. said. attacking her on what it termed ruling Bahujan Samaj Party. which don’t have self incident of attack on Sikhs at California. board. this year marking 100 years since its creation. Samrite is a former legis- lator of regional opposition staff appointment stayed The High Court in the northern city of Lucknow Samajwadi (Socialist) Party THE Delhi High Court yesterday ordered Kishore Samrite to in the central Indian state restrained a Central Administrative pay Rs 5 million for smearing of Madhya Pradesh and de. allegation. est in a series of problems that DMK. ue to give conditional support government. there are 1. “I have not done anything without the approval of Plan. for being airlifted the backing of Deepa Dasmunshi. Nussli India was given a contract of nearly LUCKNOW — An Indi. a DMK mem.” gation. unable to tackle a bly’s last session. who have a sizeable population in icies. Mousam Benazir Noor becoming the public trust after a raft of cor. forced their way onto the dais and went ing alliance have reinforced after months of protests by the the ship’s arrival has been delayed due over seat to be contested in a consider supporting the coali. expected to reach today. Chartered ship MV Red Star One Indian nationals in Tripoli. sconding. also seek support from other ter of chemicals and fertilisers country’s biggest. MARCH 8. train services and stop. have been evacuated so far. said besides Swaraj tion of sarees to women by a prospec. “The BJP will play a major role Kumar’s requests to the pro. — AFP Chief Justice Dipak Misra and Justice Sanjeev Khanna said: “Why have you not allowed the child to take admission Lok Sabha gives nod to Tax evader BJP hopes to open even after this court has directed on March 4 to allot a seat? You have committed contempt of this court order. embarrassed Singh who has the last batch of 155 people who had for Tripoli by road. on special Jet Air 1990 Iraqi invasion of Kuwait that the afternoon and arrested in the evening. expected to reach on March 10. a job in railways after being the death of Arjun Singh who with a suspected liability of Muralidhra Rao. said the Left MP was anti. It holds two positions — ernment $39 billion loss. He made similar com.” said the official. a goldsmith. They will have to file their reply by March 15. by a Gulf Air flight. ways was one field in which The ED and other agen. as each was to the already weak investor facing allegations of wrong. for questioning. more than three years ahead of bers in the 545-seat Lower In February. Howev. istry said. KRIS. who Sanjiv Khanna issued notice to the has sought to establish him. 71. as Singh’s coalition has a ma. . house twice. Baner. Banerjee said rail. court and said she had not Chief Justice Dipak Misra and Justice hul. — IANS reporters here yesterday. he said “We are very shocked over this ning Commission. — AFP Working Women’s Day is celebrated annually on March 8. long dominated MPs. lines. and son of Italian-born Sonia Sciences (AIIMS) for denying an MBBS “The court also considers Gandhi. At son of independence prime the additional director-general. and reach its destination in 24 hours. “It is not correct. wife zhagam. logical level. It is expected to evacuate 600 people in south Kolkata saw Congress MP ment fighting to win back to the government. the full range of the federal licences at low prices which Libya yesterday morning. The passengers returned to In. Bharatiya Janata Party (BJP) is plan- half-day debate on the Febru.000 Indian nationals. the police. be given to Rahul.” resources were looked at.” said Mahesh Rangarajan volatile market. sentiment. but there was no scope the previous one being in for the party that wants to establish its by the rival United Democratic Front PUNJAB Deputy Chief Minister Sukhbir take over. — IANS cember 2008. Yadav and his son Akhilesh in governments only had come second cation of her future moves in laundering racket are also lery and cash on Sunday. assailants opened fire at them. It is a suspected case of hate crime. supporters of a losing candidate broke ber of the Congress-led coali. within the norms and not out. many of who may be heading defeating Arindam Bhattacharya who had The Dravida Munnetra Ka. in at least two constituencies (Kasara- case her party.” The upper house ad. Sama. was a sitting member. to Malta. Senior Trinamool distinguished parliamentar. regional groups to boost its — in the 34-member cabinet. seen his reputation dashed to crossed over from Libya to Dzerba in from there. I will do it Trinamool MPs strongly chairman Hamid Ansari say.000 citizens NEWS IN BRIEF evacuated from Violence mars Bengal quit UPA. — IANS politics with development. schedule. implicated in a massive tel. Ties between the Con. ern party said the two sides cent yesterday. “The top BJP leadership has taken and raising baseless allegations. who currently heads ACTIVISTS of National Federation of Indian Women (NFIW).. BJP-ruled Karnataka) in 2006 elec. demands for a parliamentary In all. irrespective of whether she she said. of the University of Delhi. ranging from it.” Rao told for BJP to canvass votes by extending California. adding that Singh. mentary elections though he came first in the electoral politics of Kerala this testing members to return to billion in Swiss bank ac. he was quizzed by the In. tore up the image of an administra. count in Kerala Assembly. with 273 mem. $100. transferring cash strong and creative opposition party of a Sikh in California. police said. AIIMS questioned for the alleged attack on an un. Party members forced disrup. 1.” lowing the Supreme Court’s dia on Sunday night. — IANS with alleged irregularities in the award of overlays contracts for over Rs 6 billion. THE Delhi High Court yesterday but turned to the courts after Rahul is the great grand. an audit said had cost the gov. als have been evacuated from the vio. the entire top brass of the party will tive BJP candidate in Palakkad. Recently. of ailing Congress leader Priya Ranjan Minister Manmohan Singh’s few want to face an election jority of one. during a rally doctor admission in a masters course it necessary that an inquiry is the ruling Congress party. Wadhwa. clined to reveal the outcome Delhi on Thursday after the formal ap- Congress ousts the Left par. 68. counts. time and the party will emerge as a in other countries.” she said. central government and AIIMS. The Congress Party could minister of textiles and minis. was promoting violence was the second such incident during Commission and constitution. the ED issued soon be in Kerala campaigning for the Left parties.” Badal said. from Nemam constituency to make election committee of the party”. NEW DELHI — With a special char. “There has been an error Libya on Sunday morning with 301 Homecoming on February 26 to bring with the Commonwealth Games (CWG) leaving the cabinet was the lat. The two accomplices are ab- However. Ensure safety of Sikhs “I may remain tomorrow or This is the second time not (as the railway minister). Bharatiya Janata Party (BJP) tion against Uttar Pradesh’s god and Manjeshwaram bordering the har home when the men broke in. — Reuters brought back from Malta. bility to push through reforms The DMK. challenged the CAT’s September 2010 cember 2006 trip to his home ecutor Devendra Upadhaya order annulling their recruitment. Court clears Rahul Wadhwa is Managing Director of Comfort Net Traders India Pvt Ltd. police said yesterday. the official said. the women’s wing of the Communist Party of India. director of the India operations The announcement by the “I expect a compromise. they are worse without political scene will lead to a responsibility. We have to do it. proval by the core committee and the ties in the state. House of Parliament. Singh appeared in the 2010. strained since former telecoms officer. over the alleged “house arrest” The party which could so far get was the minister or not. The BJP just banks on his attempt by a youth outside forcing her to adjourn the and assets out of the country in the state as it has been doing at the Surinder Singh. the ground. wins the West Ben. wife of Shiv Charan Soni. He can speak anything about the railways Hasan Ali Khan and quizzed him on the allegations of money laundering including in coming elections twice. the ministry said. Singh appeared gers will be flown back to India on rods and flag poles. in north Delhi for murdering Kiran Soni. officials said By Ashraf Padanna resisting robbery wrong. with a clarification on NEW DELHI — The Lok incident took place. journed for the day soon after month in connection with ously and the party will open its ac.

boost imports and hurt local industries. in which the boat and Japan Coast Guard ity and good government Commission. States competing to offer the lowest tax for whistleblowers have been S foreign goods. Only 40 per cent of a protected duce emissions from deforestation or criticising the authorities on their response to terror attacks or velopment and half-finished villas. The 16 members and Sato Edano. with much forest be banned. “For the moment this protest has water and where building is meant to the world average. Luiz Inacio Lula da Silva.” Government regulation is weak. far and wide. tine’ will sit in people’s heads. Despite commanding a large majority in Brazil’s Congress. has been the western Kaliningrad exclave and the Far East. “In your opinion. taking over from Putin who had served a maximum two economic troubles and mount. cite timing as the main how bricks were harassed for pursuing similar reason for the move. session. Even Palestinian officials have That has led it to water down or delay legislation that It could be “Free Palestine” en. reached a crisis. But she began distancing herself from the reform agen- da before taking over from her predecessor. who founded the against authorities. even with political stability. foreign minister. Now the government has watered down the planned tax overhaul. but few countries has allowed activists like whistleblowing shareholder Alexei the worries facing Sierra Leone’s for. the Gaza ment. grained across those familiar images. government or corrupt officials. already razed. Five students from the Gaza Strip. defined as an “everywhere also demands “Stop the Gaza block. on students.” a statement said on the Strip ruler Hamas. eral elections. another Facebook page Facebook page. among other things. China a “vicious neighbour” Kan called the visit an “un. may be sent to Congress for better civic amenities in Last September. coal or cleared for rice fields to feed be cut. offshore believes was fired by con. oversaw austerity measures opposed by launched on Saturday with one 50.” Vaccarezza said. This vital message into a plea by the authors for the Palestinian acting Prime Minister Rousseff. building wood. being plundered for logs and char. Kan. public service culture. when that failed. shekel ($13. has also been cleared the powerful lower March. a voluntary we don’t have. pledges before the 2009 gen. Justice by mid-year. guilty officers. “Just ‘Free Pales. Dependence on water cutting and stone mining have all re. a UN scheme recognising the role this REDD. ised water and electricity The authorities reacted stand again as president. the only natural sand mining scam allegedly audiences cheered wildly at what they saw as a subliminal said Kenji Kosaka.” has quickly spread ade. has a water defi. according to its leaders. mid-February when a group to ask chief cabinet secretary Russia have been especially the western state of Gujarat. Foday Koroma said water supplies in a US-funded programme fears se. By Takehiko Kambayashi opposition Liberal Democrat.000 ha or 0. daughter-in-law of a man shore oil deposits more attractive to multinationals seeking leaving him in hospital for who exposed a pension scam to boost their reserves. in light of the the strong real currency. the O through your wallet some isers said..” Analysts sanctuary. ending more than a of islets.” A bill that would define the distribu. The Bihar Human Rights ic Party (LDP). Senate leader for Rousseff’s were never built in the organisation who has been ruling Workers’ Party. trees 3. cit of 12 million gallons (55 million buckets down then dries up. things clear — they will not compete against each other and before the April 1 start of the accept the resignation. campaign to provide safety oil reserves.” Previous efforts continues to get messages of support the person. according to RTI by trying to bribe him and. global economy. especially from the brick scam. from the party as she ques. murder of 12 people in a farmer’s house in south Russia in forest loss are routinely flouted. Freetown. called murdered RTI activists tors. said. It’s not so easy. parliament session in the lower house of parliament in Tokyo in a file photo. duced the forested area. premier to pick a new foreign breakthrough for India’s ment of people who made authorities on the Internet present a new test for the Naoto Kan’s government. non-violent. simplify the unwieldy tax system. government leader in the lower Chamber Palestinian groups to use the social. Seiji Maehara. the 16 law. Critics said Kan is Kan told a parliamentary unleash. they OON after he exposed attacked. espe. On a continent where rain often ter shortages in a country that gets a long way off working out the de- analyst Dmitry Oreshkin said. mainstay of the booming economy. say delays in the police’s Pandey refuses to be put off and is determined to un- response would still provide ample opportunity for any earth other corruption scams “vested interest” to plot their using RTI. officials worry it sets a Hydrology. lence that the RTI Act would Sumankant Raichaudhari. resist” Israeli occupation. has been fighting exposed. non-violent. joined the chorus of voices calling for the country to keep to its reform agenda on a visit to Brazil on Thursday. state of Bihar released a is adding to the troubles the entire cabinet to resign or half-century of almost unbro. is trustworthy and has leadership and make financial instability” by attempting to pass the reforms. onerous red tape and high tax burden With the help of Facebook. “There are a lot of interests in. but RTI activists etary Fund. elections. . by storing carbon. and it is one of many attempts by launched. showed photos of Indonesian rupi. last year more about money budgeted livered Dmitry Medvedev to the Kremlin for a four-year man. Putin. hookups. to be released later. a doctor from edly murdered by a village months.” And there is much fodder for It highlights a common problem ture Organisation (FAO) shows Sierra In Moseh.” he said. has struggled tioned Kan’s political leader.” Russia remains in suspense over which of hilfe on a project to preserve the for. from daughter. “No matter what country you are national resistance. preventing the The bullet. de. Mumbai-based Sumaira United Russia in regions which have seen the biggest protests and opposition parties em. but government to suspend 54 fore presidential polls. tractors who were benefiting to whistleblowers. Some international community. attract REDD money. who is the person you believe “At this juncture. by Palestinian protesters against Is. out why roads were not be. The government now seff’s government is likely to increase. an upper tion tax. Kosaka said. Movement against Intimida- burg as well as further-flung regions with a tradition of liberal of Maehara are pressing the initiatives by Kan. are a jumble of haphazard de. passed in 2005. Kan decided yesterday Japan’s relations with activist Amit Jethwa. village chief Scott Bode. vere water shortages if the peninsula be more easily protected. big black letters. facing protracted Yuko Sato offered to resign leader Ichiro Ozawa despite to name a permanent minister after exposing corruption in for government schools and date. “By the law of Sierra Leone no a number of African countries where run-off and soaking up precipitation could cash in on carbon credits under oped a national strategy. clipped In the latest case.” tion’s 5 per cent consump. habitat of the endangered involving politicians. the name of an initial group formed as shown by a message sent in ad- reform the oil royalty structure and tighten oversight of the The new message is the product of a from. still seen as Russia’s de-facto leader. fiscal year. They argued the hike sions between the neighbour. they do not — for now — pose the risk of an Egypt. some environmental no defined political expression but if it gets one. they said. but the according to the organisers Gaza City stormed a rally for politi- cal freedom and the end of Palestin- concerns about its spending. often per year of forest from 2000 to 2005. where efforts to halt Leone lost 19.645 “like” clicks. saying it would help ensure sustainable economic growth.” raising hopes among business leaders of more reforms to come. the Fatah admin. compared with 84 per cent in Brit- struction site in a forest reserve that is losing forest at a rate of more than try spokesman. “The house lawmaker of the main would violate DPJ campaign ing countries after a collision gravated diplomatic tensions. campaign. party unity. He and Medvedev have made two through a divided parliament eral Katsuya Okada did not who had harshly criticised cially since Kan took office. activist groups in New Delhi. biggest forest. organisers said they hope to turn “This message must be spread sending a vital message to so many site railing against Israel. ing public debt. “You undertake such changes when things networking site to get out their mes. it could change the election campaign. way to resist Israeli occupation. who works just over a million. Sierra Leone is one of help moderate the cycle. “This pre-election year promises to be more stormy than the last. bought for six times crusades. 35. you initiative. of 16 DPJ lawmakers said Yukio Edano. cal people were carrying water in loses its trees. Investors were eagerly awaiting the legislation.” liberal political said Jochen Moninger. istration in the West Bank and the distinguished scientific skills that Candido Vaccarezza. to fight against illegal mines attacked twice for expos- In one bizarre incident in the Far East Kamchatka region. criticised by fellow members house. “But the situation has not yet for the German NGO Welthunger. they threat- they will decide who will stand nearer the time. out last year to conserve 80 per cent of Forums like Live Journal and social networking sites have above Sierra Leone’s capi. entrenched in internal feuds session yesterday that “for. — Reuters allocated by the government in the current parliamentary Dominique Strauss-Kahn. 2011 Reform hurdles Palestinians using cash. be it tal. Corruption remains endemic and events like the across Africa. ing campaign donations from of his Democratic Party of Ja. in November to Russian-con.” said Richard Harding. by slowing Environmentalists say Africa “Sierra Leone has not yet devel- the ruling duo will choose to stand and win an almost certain est. with the message. 2008. the African continent Leone Forests and Agriculture Minis. head of the International Mon. Jethwa. “The ratings for the authorities remain very high but the protest mood is growing in the country.” said Samuel Serry. those changes would make it easier to operate in Brazil. or died in unexplained 150 applications to find out The last presidential elections held on March 2. forgivable outrage. strations in recent weeks. Some won’t. Edano said he expected the It was hailed as a major report last year on harass- R UMBLINGS of protest and increased criticism of the of embattled Prime Minister to dissolve the lower house ken LDP rule. decades. the Internet. minister before a meeting of bureaucratic and graft-ridden RTI requests and asked the Russian ruling elite led by Vladimir Putin one year be. the world’s second- ain.. around the world. ter since 2006. says he has filed style turnaround. The organisation has initi- be discussed until the second half of the year. January in a political funding sile threats from North Korea. had been us. “We don’t know how to deal with that weeks. which Rousseff had highlighted as one of her top It’s dangerous economic priorities. a United Russia MP in the State Duma parliament. of Japanese law. Kan’s plan to raise the na. It Facebook page. its page said. Amarnath Pandey RTI to encourage its use. fifth of the nation’s six million peo. The page. few people foresaw the vio. a village on a penin. Hamas has B RAZILIAN President Dilma Rousseff is backing away G from a reform agenda that the business community. has formed a huge programme for rate is still only 45 per cent. this could be a Right to Information (RTI) was needed to protect those lost opportunity. putting the brakes on overhauling costly pension benefits and rigid labour laws. but they are United Russia will see a drop in its support. no matter what currency you ple. ests — which like many neighbours water catchment area of Freetown’s UK-based Centre for Ecology and Gabon began working on a plan Putin is building a lavish new dacha on the Black Sea. mocking the mascots for the 2014 Olympics. At least 11 people were city.” The Internet — finally now penetrating deep into Russia — Forest loss threatens S Leone water resources By Simon Akam And house building is the least of Although the house building on (the water) comes off in the wet sea. between a Chinese fishing to promote accountabil. called claims. trolled islands that Japan also ing the RTI act for two years against Activists. But while Russia has in as a possible successor to Kan. “This is an ingenious way of published a furious manifesto on the ongoing discussion to form a govern- make it hard to compete. makers skipped the vote on the Group of Eight major in. tion of oil royalties between Brazil’s states also is unlikely to was shot near his home. the as the recent rise in global oil prices had made Brazil’s off.” pro- Kremlin analyst Sergei Markov. killed.” said WHH official Jo- media support. Japan has been plagued distribution and unauthor. ahs. to serve as interim Dmitry Medvedev travelled a motorbike outside a court. organ. But debate over a possible mining royalty hike the area for more than two Minister Veerappa Moily is held up and will continue to generate uncertainty for inves.7 per cent sula south of Freetown. Leicester Peak is outside the main son. public utilities. to official data. said his comments further ag. 56. Maehara was one of those by diplomatic troubles. last year amid mounting ten. George Washington on the US dollar or Jew- Israeli shekels are used in the West Bank and Gaza Strip. I don’t see us voting on it for at least three to four Pandey. not during an international economic crisis. a resource specialist (WHH) are seeking to make new. mood has changed and there are reasons to be worried. innovative way to in January to protest all sides in the new non-violent resistance campaign vance of anticipated parliamentary country’s massive mining industry. “When you take forest off. one of Africa’s poorest nations. to find who exposed wrong-doing. palm. Along with Queen will show up on paper currency eve- rywhere. as Brazil’s economy JAPAN’S Prime Minister Naoto Kan (R) speaks with Foreign Minister Seiji Maehara at the start of a regular ing constructed despite funds plans to propose the new law slows following breakneck expansion in 2010.” The three organisers said they success and recognition. in Haryana state was alleg- issue yet. “Opposition supporters are particularly speaking out on supplies the city of Freetown with its 4 million hectares per year — twice problem enforcing the regulations. demonstrated that Kan’s cabi. tails. the budget plan although it dustrialised countries in mid.” said Rogerio Cesar de Souza with Iedi. Patna. analysts said. charities like Welthungerhilfeare complaint. sirens used by officials to a highway through a forest and time ing responsibility for receiv. the last months seen unusual protests on issues ranging from Kan. servants and police.” “This is a sim. tion. MARCH 8. precedent that protected forest can to sea. “The only ways to break party won a historic landslide vessels near a disputed group through giving open access body working in the eastern By Stuart Williams pan’s foreign minister through this situation are for victory. These include Moscow and Saint Peters.” its forests on the UN scheme to re- given critical Russians a chance to spread their views. Data from the Food and Agricul. as soon as possible” to hold a Last week. A tender is out for projects to “There is dissatisfaction and for the State Duma elections “There is a huge encroachment. Sierra sula south of Freetown is left. mining. Pradesh. litres) per day. who lacks a dip. northern Indian state of Uttar spreading awareness about volved. the Congo basin. which has now turned isterial portfolio?” are calm. Salam Fayyad asked on his personal in a 2010 election. shouting the slogan on a £20 note is handled in every part of the globe has received 20. an Act.” fringed capital with a population of jerrycans. might see something new. threatened or say.000 mm rain per year. said Manish Siso- “It’s not worth tackling that because it requires agreement their value for roads that dia of Kabir. Rousseff’s defenders. He used India’s new “martyrs” and said action “The government’s attitude is worrying. every time you get any note. More troubles for premier ered nearly cost him his life.” said Markov.” Humberto Costa. In July 2010. This is a simple. food whether it was all being used terms and instead became a powerful prime minister. a sleepy city council head whose role Framework legislation that would heighten government 640 kilometres from New in the corruption had been control and tighten concession rights in the mining industry. could be relied on to be given a min- of Deputies. said. manufacturers and other companies frequently complain that rael’s occupation. In Sierra Leone. Russia’s Internet penetration tangle of trees and vines — a con. recognition who didn’t provide their identities. Pressure on Rous. have met with varying degrees of ian division. his repeated insistence on soon. once again. a protected rainforest on a hill in Africa’s humid. Facebook for freedom By Raymond Colitt By Laura Villena appeared the handwritten slogan in from all over the world. environment ened to kidnap his teenage A crucial indicator will be parliamentary elections at the His popularity ratings have volt within the ruling party in case. no activity is supposed to deforestation is impacting water sup.” sage. were getting more irregular and lo. where write on it in pen or permanent mark. forested belt are main dam. he said. operating inside the Gir lion ing a multi-million-dollar the authorities tried to ban a production of Cinderella when net “lacks governing ability. which he ated a “RTI-brotherhood” government from auctioning rights to explore vast. ANALYSIS/OPINION 12 OMAN DAILY Observer TUESDAY. er ‘Free Palestine. innovative Despite that push. now has the right to to get key budget measures ship. you could it into a worldwide movement. “Our efforts have not yielded forest of 17. — and the facts he discov. Threats and Revenge thinking and a string of local gripes against the Kremlin like premier to step down. and has surrounded himself eign policy is extremely im.” he added. “Name the place and unions and other key supporters of her Workers’ Party (PT). civil protest against a Kremlin-imposed time zone change. a law introduced Test for Putin revenge. stepped down after tak. euros and US dollars stamped will look into it more. Ozawa. end of 2011 which will test the dominance of the ruling party fallen to around 20 per cent. “It’s crazy that there could be wa. inflation and uncertainties in the ish leaders on the Israeli shekel. “It will all be lost . an economist who defeated a centrist challenger The most recent campaign was Queen Elizabeth II seems to be will reach people on something that end of Palestinian internal division. happen in these areas. they hope “Free Palestine” continued to block all street demon- IMF and others say is needed to spur investment and day and you might see a surprise. said. to a few targeted payroll and capital in- vestment tax breaks. and illegal farming. all of trees in fighting climate change chen Moninger. how to do victory on the back of continued popularity and slavish state settlement. a Delhi. another critic tense since Russian President was shot dead by two men on Abdulali. yet a The African Development Bank Renaissance Capital brokerage. DPJ lower house member with opponents of former DPJ portant” and that he would try circumstances. Maehara’s resignation were particularly opposed to lomatic background. industry-financed think tank in Sao Paulo. Asiatic lions.80) note across which while a note of 20 Canadian dollars each and every day. Business leaders have said use. his ear and grazed his skull. Robertsganj. but broadband Internet access is now expanding fast. Industry leaders have long complained that the current to fight graft system favoured imports over exports and penalised adding By Rupam Jain Nair Hundreds of other value to goods. downsized protected areas that can November by a known criminal group expose how anarchy with the consent of a cash-strapped as it emerged from a brutal civil war.’” the Facebook Success. Palestinian-Israeli conflict. report in 2008. the fifth prime minis. a foreign national in violation pan (DPJ). has been allowed to rage unchecked in some places. Navalny to expose abuses at state firms or bloggers to claim T HE slopes of Leicester Peak. a government T HE resignation of Ja. Rous- seff’s centre-left coalition government has been spooked by Elizabeth on a British pound. Before long. Sato’s move followed a re. but party secretary-gen.482 hectares on a penin. Hamas security forces in sustained growth in Latin America’s largest economy. a teacher in Bihar’s capital zones. once seen snap election.” One day after being people. have a “firm belief in non-violent “Gaza Youth Breaks Out” was tried to make greater use of Facebook would. On Feb- ruary 28. degradation (REDD). of the plan to. boldened by the resignation they would openly challenge of Ozawa.” ply. The big task of harmonising state taxes will be postponed. “There is a serious ple depend on it for water. who was indicted in while facing nuclear and mis. a rundown. According to the Concrete buildings cluster against a According to a United Nations much fruit.

due to improved customs and income tax Government and rebel negotiators ters in the South China Sea last week. day said that no evidence had been produced earlier offered assurances about the affectees. who won the claims Yunus has been in his Supporters say Yunus’s with Prime Minister Yusuf Raza Gilani in funded by Saudi Arabia.” senior scholar housemaids in Gulf states. also plans to visit the main commercial city helped to partially offset these factors. tion ensure rights and freedom for mi. violence. Pakistan troops stormed fighters in Is.11 billion in 2010. at domestic level but also to led International Security As. chief engineer Abdullah al Shoaibi had an important meeting he added. with blunt exchang. King Abdullah bin Abdul Aziz of Saudi Arabia dispatched invitations for the first project would be turning to work at Grameen’s mainstream banking has since “sucking blood from the poor” The US had claimed that Davis was a US huge assistance on both the occasions for relief and rescue pur.” — Agencies .” jor non-Nato military ally and the two countries killing when the guerrillas ambushed he added. will receive a fair hearing. up would establish the kitchen trip. Sri Lanka’s remittances he said. following a reduction in import duties. Of the dead by one of his police bodyguards. said national police spokesman “As I speak. “During 2010. headed by for his pioneering concept not seek its approval when he he floated the idea of form. to avoid paying tax. who taught are heinous acts and have nothing Over 1. week rekindled international fears attacks blamed on home-grown Tali. mostly targeting security of- at district level in Punjab. Gates is expected to visit cording to a statement released come under attack in the area “The country’s present situation lamabad in July 2007. preparing to sail our as a high endurance cutter with close-in weap. serting that the Spratlys. and seen his bank minister told Grossman that the issue would contracts and investors lose millions of million in Muzaffarabad on the occasion of the visit of the del. Yesterday’s announcement came amid fresh Purisima said yesterday. Manila.” Aquino said in a part of a political vendetta in 1983. meet President Hamid Karzai. winter and it’s going to be a Catholic minister Shahbaz Bhatti baz Bhatti tried to create a “wedge” said the government had not previously Punjab Kitchen Garden Gates. Commander General David way and I think you’ve proven Minorities Affairs Minister Bhatti. that civilian casualties rest. a Cannon-class yesterday. scholars vowed month. this mean the Nobel Prize was a new access route to the South Luzon ISLAMABAD — The three-member Saudi high echelon engi. Run After Tax Evaders and Run After The which is close to the disputed Spratly Islands. The country’s economy is aimed at stabilising the country’s stock exchange and boost. succeed in their objective. Cruz added.11 B’desh sets up $700m Yunus ‘apprehensive’ over fair trial Tajik president billion over that of 2009. contest the decision to remove him from his post in Grameen Bank in Dhaka. re. for bidding. would get a fair trial. “The project is still in the phase of plan. told troops at the base. Meanwhile. will help us to meet our electricity needs in PHILIPPINE President Benigno Aquino form package that includes tighter regulation and other measures an. as he as. 70. Philippine Navy officers are gine or gas turbines. that Islam and the Pakistani constitu.” Gilani told the participants.5 million Sri Lankans are mad Asif said the kitchen manders say they have weak. mainly in “You’ve had a tough pected fighters gunned down his lone He said the murderers of Shah. In their speeches.” Gilani to do with Islam. day in protest. a liberal politician and oppo. as well as a toll road to unclog traffic around Manila airport. the Fund. Presidential spokesman Edwin He has defied the central lions of villagers and farmers TV documentary critical of and killed two Pakistanis in the eastern city of affected areas for the rehabilitation of the people of the areas. in a bid to stabilise the highly billion. but a local court on Thurs- the auspices of Saudi organisation for the rehabilitation of the To attract investors. terrorism and attacks yesterday. which are under completion and Yunus. arriving but had no immediate to follow teachings of tolerance and message of tolerance and understand. a crucial ban and Al Qaeda linked fighters since home a record $4. — AFP for the South Asian nation which has a population of 20 million. growth in 2011. Marc Gross. — AFP/Internews Yunus’s lawyer Rokonuddin tent authority to fire him. for Afghanistan and Pakistan met yesterday The government also plans to sell different parts of the country. Rahmon arrived in Islamabad yesterday to Import costs were sharply higher. The SDF has initiated a speech to an investor conference. Gilani’s appeal came after sus. a CIA contractor. said M Fayequzzaman. The announcement was made by the new destroyer escort. create the planned 50 billion taka ($700 million) Bangladesh Asif Ali Zardari and Prime Minister Yusuf Better prices for Sri Lankan tea. US President Barack bell. ac.” the bank said in a statement. tremism in the country. “We have sent more soldiers to the tensions between Manila and China over alle. Air Force world’s oldest warships. Finance Minister Cesar wounded. at 5. by several Tajik lawmakers and a delegation 3. Prophet. ons systems. Ministry said. and its microfinance In December. ducting a seismic survey in the Reed Bank. most came during “esca. as when a car failed to slow The minister’s assassination last killed in bomb blasts. with your Afghan partners that 42. ment probe. about his diplomatic status. by nearly a quarter from the previous gardens. summoned to court three times An official privy to the talks between the corrupt business environment. parts of southern and eastern by the presidential palace. help the people living in calamity-hit areas. operation. Afghanistan where Nato com. from the vigorous implementation of the negotiations in 18 months. istan. the Prophet Mohammad. who was hailed as a hero by religious ficials. ning out of control. become the target of a govern. “And with an estimated investment with Saudi Ambassador in Pakistan. MARCH 8. and adjourned yesterday after his “problems” as a result of rep. — Agencies egation to the project site. ince of Punjab launched a retary Robert Gates arrived clouded the relationship and hospital at the vast Bagram sought scholars’ help in curbing ex. campaign against tax cheats helped the Philip.” Energy Minister Garden Project” to increase a time of increased strain be. following countries are strained because of the arrest of members of the visiting delegation. The process is to caused by foreign troops were lation of force” incidents such groups. against the fighters. Jose Rene Almendras said in the vegetables’ production as tween Kabul and its Western es between Karzai and US comment on civilian casual. statement. security transition milestones accidental killings. year. The Saudi Development Fund (SDF) delegation.000 people have been rise by 23. and that to Grameen. high of 8. The boys were killed while this thing is going to work. lodging the high court case countries around the world. who complained angrily last Petraeus was “not enough”. were a “great mistake”. or right now but its vital for Pakistan since it worth of rail. The plan is part of the government’s drive to restore calm to discuss bilateral relations and economic co. mainly as labourers or gardens would increase ened the Taliban and created of strained relations between chanting “Death to America” told a conference of scholars. a heli. Some 4. Philippine oil exploration boat in disputed wa. He said the oil-poor country’s well as provision of cheap backers and with important leaders after a string of recent ties. sent out at the end of the month. Such acts violate employed abroad. up from ing liquidity in the crisis-hit market. The new ship will replace the Philippine na. work offering credit to mil. after the talks were stalled for more than Benigno Aquino ordered coast guard escorts ternal revenue) agencies have benefited six years. resumed formal peace talks last month After lodging a formal protest. Some 300 scholars from Pakistan Mufti Abu Huraira Mohiuddin told the biggest single source of foreign exchange income of the growers. which it calls the Nan. against him. Manila’s Light Rail Transit and Metro Nobel Peace Prize in 2006 position illegally since he did troubles stem from 2007 when Islamabad to ease growing tensions over the Rail Transit systems to improve service. the navy has said. by 2014. Obama has also expressed his forces in eastern Afghanistan.4 billion ($7. said the objective of in. ing preached and practised by the Holy statement. lion).3 per cent compared with 2009. looming. — AFP light of the court verdict. market’s capitalisation since its benchmark index hit a record healthcare. but the navy said in January that ac. commander of Nato-led Bhatti’s murder came months after opposition to bombings. caused by insurgents. casualties were the main cause Hundreds of Afghans us tolerance and brotherhood. 2011 Philippine Navy gets patrol NEWS IN BRIEF craft to guard its borders Three police killed in Philippines attack MANILA — The Philippine Navy said yester. ISLAMABAD — Tajik President Emomali the previous year. SRI Lankans employed abroad sent sistance to the people who would be the focus of Gates’s for the killings. them.000 barrels or 48 million litres. who was an outspoken campaign. and the headquarters in Dhaka and been copied in developing and pulling a financial “trick” Embassy official and therefore enjoyed dip- pose and subsequently a number of projects were started under second project in early April. Chief Executive Officer of the Raza Gilani during his three-day visit. investment. future. mainly because of surging oil prices and the market. At least 100 kitchen gar. were struggling to spread message of to Libya and beyond. a high-profile name-and-shame Regional army spokesman Major closed. after sharp falls triggered angry protests by inves. vy’s flagship. which of King Abdullah University was handed over to the project will decide. Lacierda told reporters formal bid bank’s dismissal order. cash-strapped government build more confidence. tolerance in the Middle East and North Africa. The central bank to the throne?” Mahmud said. reas. President “Collections in both (customs and in. — AFP command ceremony inside the Camp Aguinaldo military headquarters in metro Manila. Equipped with a retractable hangar. these projects give us more what his supporters say was Yunus founded Grameen licly disparaged his work. 870 kilometres south of sumed his post. the bank said. which Petraeus at. what Islam stands for. government. “During the 12 years you New special envoy rail projects. died in the ambush while five were aimed at boosting its border patrol capability. who has pub. Saudi team visits projects ing into whether Bangladeshi Nobel laureate Muhammad Mahmud said the central bank’s charges against Yu- say he held the post illegally. was shot peace.5 per cent a year earlier.7 per cent on volatile Dhaka Stock Exchange. DHAKA — Bangladesh will create a $700 million mutual on three-day visit but the overall trade deficit grew to $5. a timetable for the start of a a meeting of security advisers casualties in his area were nent of the blasphemy law. Mahmud told the court. “The Philippines needs to be resilient revolutionary step “Kitchen in Afghanistan yesterday at diverted attention from transi. inventory sufficient for 15 days.. Karzai will soon unveil “deep regret” but Karzai told said 90 per cent of civilian Taseer. Karzai in turn said such and his forces had responded. the head of a state-owned in. lomatic immunity. where the boys were killed demands that we follow the life of “Extremism. the Hamilton is described Chief Superintendent Agrimero Cruz. extrem. Inflation surged to 4. collection.” Gilani said The energy ministry puts the nar. “I imposed a minimum inventory Project Director Asghar announced in advance.” said the Pakistani official who spoke yesterday invited investors to help his nounced by the government to prop up the market and boost investor MICROFINANCE pioneer Muhammad Yunus emerges from the high court building to on condition of anonymity. They are the environmental beauty and “bubbles” of security they the United States and Afghan. Pakistan has been wracked by dens would be established handover of security respon. His lawyers have argued Yunus has since been vili. lawyers expressed doubts he resenting his client against the given to a usurper. pines. arrest of a US national for killing two people. saying they point. country’s daily fuel consumption at about troducing this project was week after nine Afghan chil. workers’ remittances increased by 23. copter flight deck and powered by a dual en. amid tensions over territorial claims. He said an ISAF base had ally in the US-led war in Afghanistan. now in the United States. a pretender ISLAMABAD — The new US special envoy neering delegation has undertaken inspection of the projects in tollway. be handled “in a responsible way and in the dollars. saying that they protests spread from Tunisia and Egypt the people of the province.918. the wrath of Prime Minister man held talks with Foreign Secretary Sal- Saleh al Ghadeer. Abdul Aziz Ibrahim bin poverty. Smugglers programmes. Punjab provincial governor Salman ism and terrorism. its highest level in nearly a year. hope to link up. the statement said. the Central Bank of Sri Lanka said Hafizabad District Co. toll roads 160 points. will and candid apology by ISAF but you’ve made a lot of head. begin in July and be complete “no longer acceptable”. he told reporters. died in a hail of bullets as he left his norities. the country’s biggest ever. But civilian casualties have Gates visited a military Minister Yusuf Raza Gilani yesterday at hammering out a strategy to end ex. Eight state-run financial institutions will invest cash to Rahmon is expected to meet President the bank said.697 points in morning trade on the back of Sunday’s announcement of the fund’s creation. police and army spokesmen said notably with China. warn such elements they will never requirement. 300. Sri Lanka The Dhaka Stock Exchange has shed more than 40 per cent of businessmen who will discuss agreements expects to maintain 7 to 8 per cent in the past three months. two vehicles en route to the village of pines. “We shall Washington considers the Philippines a ma. in Malaybalay town in Bukidnon Lieutenant-General Eduardo Oban. ordination officer Muham. sports and agriculture. earning On his first trip to the region. Magsaysay to investigate a report of a sustain efforts to modernise our armed forces. The ministry said Rahmon is accompanied grew 8 per cent in 2010. of small cash loans to tackle was reappointed to the post of ing a political party.25 bil. who do not have access to Yunus. US officials said it Petraeus again apologised down as instructed at a check.3 billion in calendar 2011. “It is the largest ever mutual fund in the country’s history. an official of Pakistan’s Foreign a flood of vehicles and consumer goods tors in the capital Dhaka and across the country.2 fund.” he added. sibility from foreign forces tended. — Reuters boost inventories THE Philippine government yesterday Kitchen Garden Project Casualties take focus from Pakistan prime minister ordered oil firms to ramp up imports and stocks amid growing concern about potential supply disruption due to unrest launched Gates’s Afghan trip urges peace.” Purisima said in a SOLDIERS stand atop a vehicle during an Armed Forces of the Philippines (AFP) parade and change of Govt orders oil firms to China has brushed the protest aside. It and southern port of Karachi. Khan. the release of a Norwegian Raymond David. Raja Humabon. The visit came as the relations between two Yaser al Bakri and Muhammad al Masood are the other reason to be optimistic. the site project this courtroom and what it “implied consent” by not rais. “The world is watching that the Bangladesh bank gave fied in the Bangladeshi press. Yunus received the Nobel in Islamabad to ease Aquino said he wanted the private sector to build this year a road linking Manila’s North Luzon and South Luzon in calamity-hit areas Yunus was illegally sacked from his microfinance bank nus were baseless and that he had personally encountered Prize — does this mean the award is illegitimate? Does diplomatic tensions toll highways. 380-foot vessel was pines keep its 2010 budget deficit from spin. as bloody provide cheap vegetables to sistance Force (ISAF). The fund is in addition to a re. adding that experts to Afghans. an expansion of 66.90 per cent. fund to prop up stocks arrives in Pakistan It said Sri Lanka’s exports also hit a record $8.” Fayequzzaman said. in cases nominally connected US envoy and Gilani yesterday said the prime has seen governments not honour contractors to initiate the execution at an estimate costing $60 apprehensive of whether he ment for 12 years. base north of Kabul soon after tremism and urged the country’s youth “Today we need to follow the true in light of these events. But. which was con. Julio Eugenio Osias said three policemen quiring the refurbished.” they were also not the compe. and adjacent waters have always wounded in an attack by suspected com- craft from the United States to help it guard its been part of its territory.3 per cent last trend of growing vegetables by helicopters from the Nato. man Bashir before meeting Gilani.6 per cent to $4. trade. The energy ministry said in a statement it had ordered oil companies to HAFIZABAD — The gov. whose visit was not Karzai has said a rare tougher spring and summer. and clothing Investment Corp of Bangladesh. Sheikh Hasina. They agreed to complete the for the oil exploration vessel.6 per cent in the Agriculture Depart. KABUL — US Defence Sec. are bound by a 1951 mutual defence treaty. The police officers were aboard first Hamilton class navy (vessel) to the Philip. Major-General John Camp. week. THREE policemen were killed and five day it had bought a large Hamilton-class patrol sha islands. — Internews and abroad are attending the privately gathering. peace. on Sunday.” he said in a speech to troops. mother’s home on Wednesday. main concern was supply security. Philippines’ notoriously poor and According to Saudi embassy in Islamabad. gathered in the capital on Sun. THE PHILIPPINES/SUBCONTINENT 13 OMAN DAILY Observer TUESDAY. Ministry spokesman Joel Gaviola officials said yesterday.51 points on December 5. which is probably one of the The ambush occurred late on Sunday Philippine military chief of staff. suicide and gun ment would provide as. He main export commodity. remote eastern provinces . tile eastern province. tion plans. munist fighters in the southern Philip- waters. The government said last year’s funding area to help conduct pursuit operations gations that Beijing’s patrol vessels harassed a gap was limited to P314. Details of the acquisition were not dis. the government contesting his firing. vegetables to the consumers. about violence in Pakistan. Hasina accused him of Lahore on January 28.6 per cent in January. Philippines to tender $1bn ning and we are not expecting an agreement The benchmark DGEN index was trading up 2. province. was removed from Grameen Bank managing di. he said. in broad daylight in Islamabad last between two groups. vestment bank said yesterday. — AFP than a billion dollars’ worth of road and DHAKA — A court hear. addressing a semi. wiping over $16 billion off the share in the fields of hydropower. who shot number of projects in the 2005 earthquake and 2010 flood. not only to create a new dren were mistakenly killed collecting firewood in a vola. and discussed with him about the plans to of more than a billion dollars lined up Grameen Bank last week in rector in 2000. up 17.” he er against Pakistan’s blasphemy laws. ISLAMABAD — Pakistani Prime arranged three-day conference aimed step up imports and maintain a minimum ernment of Pakistani prov. from 3. My client is very ing the issue of his reappoint..

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Contact: 99337159/99359628 Fax: 24582664. 24 years. seeks job. Contact: Administration HR Dept. CALL: 99333095 documents.000 Gallon 99529327. licence and has an Professionals who lecturerjobsoman@ areas in the Sultanate Contact: 99747714. SITUATION com/member/ Tel : 24791485/ morningstar S ITUATION VACANT SITUATION VACANT documents related to Ministry of Manpower. experience in Banking ((ERP). 95564971. etc. Fax: APARTMENTS family join immediately.drsajjay. E-mail: transportation.

the South’s Red through land and sea borders Aventis. in southwest France in late February who had been terday. INDIAN. job. INDIAN female. Java placement. Authorities decided to suspend them after the by Pfizer. LLB. in Import Export Secretary/ Administrator. 95310423. experience in finance. placement. CCNP. the ministry istry valid Oman D/L. Config & 98081756. Tally. finalisation. now working as a Administrator. into South Korean waters Cross said in a statement. roced_ years experience. INDIAN female. tion by a group of medical experts. industries looking for a M COM. up to experience in HR & 92983456. on visit visa. 594. Engineering) (CCNA. graduate. Fire & Safety engineering having 9 years experience year). construction projects. hardware. 27. seeks suitable (Telecom) projects. Indian ITIL. pursuing PG diploma in MS Office. gmail. experience in India. EXPERIENCED seeks stuitable finance and accounts Indian employed in Muscat. MIS. BE admin and also 1. seeks suitable audit.O. The North under two years & OEPPA Ruwi Office. & logistics sector) in (steel fabrication). seeks a suitable gmail. 92454665. E-mail: in Oman (transport experience in plumbing 98454766 or e-mail: reshma_barnes@ job. Double chauhanchani@gmail. of Panmunjom on their heav. family visa. “Our company has try to resolve a row over the of forcing the North Koreans had yet to reply to Seoul’s re- this month after receiving the vaccinations or in two vaccine shots. Location: OEPPA HEAD OFFICE. Good Bachelor of Homoeopathy in Net.24476999 S ITUATION WANTED SITUATION WANTED SITUATION WANTED INDIAN male. INDIAN female. In a statement Pfizer said it was fully co-oper. 27 years. BA. Entry. can handle BE. seeks suitable Admin. 30 years. BTech various other cuisine. BE CIVIL. in Seoul rejected the North’s the North’s soil and was bom- There have been no reports so far from the doc. — AFP told a news briefing in Seoul. 96093722. ASP. seeks IT NETWORK and Medical Sciences knowledge in VBNet. and tetanus. according to the company. consolidation experienced MBA ACCOUNTS Assistant/ INDIAN male Office financial statements (CMA professional looking for Oman. 96431491. management.5 years (Marketing). INDIAN male BCom with Indian. the ministry said. Oman) in finance. suitable placement and co-ordination of 99284879. SOFTWARE Engg. with 12 INDIAN Engineer. seeks suitable SVS. Change. More than 9 96274923/ 92398489 or placement. OFC . seeks suitable 98806986. MBA com over 8 years experience in seeks suitable placement in customer care and Currently on visit & INDIAN male. MIS. seeks INDIAN male having 9 FA Engineer in Thailand.Net. looking for needs immediate placement. Oman. year Oman experience. E-mail: ammarirfan@ construction projects. seeks jobzzzzzzz. 2 administrator/supporter. 20 YEARS Oman ARCHITECT graduate SOFTWARE Projects/ 26. BCom. SDLC. fate of 31 of its nationals in to defect against their will. 3 suitable placement. Health authorities on Thursday said the deaths on a fishing boat that drifted the issue.C. MBA (Mkt).in experience in shipping / PROJECTS Co-ordinator. placement. officer. Indian and with OSHA certification. XHTML. AutoCad. ISA fire 92684002.Com. Indian. 15 ASIA/CLASSIFIEDS OMAN DAILY Observer TUESDAY. 3 in Accounts (upto engineer. a drug made by the adding that some of the infants had underlying ill. placement. Oman local market and Viewmaking. Looking YOUNG dynamic male Office. the min. budget. Photoshop. Near Ministry of Information 24649 593. male. but the North re- Sanofi’s ActHIB is used in over 120 countries. knowledge in computers (BHMS) one year diploma MALE.” proposal. Contact interior with Omani 97528928. manager. proficient in MS Office. years Hotel Management. BCom on &CBO requirements). 97920717. on February 5 in thick fog York-based Pfizer and ActHIB. Wall Hardware. suitable placement. B.” have said they want to defect. Reliance and Tata USB — in Muscat till 10 March having 26 years experience budgeting. Looking for suitable up to finalisation. a spokesman said. audit. Muscat. seeking suitable job. Rich exp (10 in production. Indian female. 98443288. goozzd in experience in transport co wilfsome_tall@yahoo. Indian male with 8 years sheikcok@yahoo. web design. 99100926. Store- experience in corporate diploma Engr. Medinat Al Alam. suites and Meeting Hall. 3 years Muscat. Contact: independently. mas@rediffmail. administered Prevenar. Contact: 98075840. GULF experienced 3D six years experience in Seeks suitable Acct. having valid Omani 99147922. suspended distribution and quarantined a to stay. Indian. gmail. in IT. 5 years Oman ACCA. In 2009. Support (including suitable position. Oman experience. placement. with two of the children also re. 98427610. Call portfolios. Indian. Behind Ruwi Police Station 24785668 ZAJEL for advertising contact  weekly magazine evry saturday along with ZOMAN DAILY [ Mobile 96224397 95181747 Tel 24649593 Fax 24649590 Email  zajeloman@yahoocom . gmail. banking. be brought to the talks. — Reuters Sahara Hotel Apartments Rotana Hotel We are glad to receive our honourable customers in our new hotel (Rotana Hotel) at our distinguished location at Al Khuwair area opposite the Ministries Street next to Al Zawawi Mosque. Oman with knowledge of co. seeks for e-mail: Josephabraham@ driving licence. 12 years UAE & 1 licence. 7 years com. knowledge of Tally seeks MCSE. 95392940. Contact: years experience in opening in a senior level. four of whom North Korea’s Red Cross The 27 returnees and the said in a statement. seeks experienced in execution 92474376. Coral draw. sponse. Contact: 92118648. estimated 1. SEOUL — North Korea has The North has lashed out at to “confirm the free will of The infants. enjoylife@ back office. reputed organisations in 95775221. accusing Seoul the four people”. around two years ago. placement. with 3+ years experience years experience as safety finalisation) and office 99274639. MALE. over AN experienced and 14 years. with 4 years keeper. reputed organisation. seeks job communication (optical Contact: 99342044/ INDIAN male. in oilfield industry Mechanical Engineer. 99421537. with Oman driving HTML. combination with other drugs.” linked to the recent deaths of four infants. MBA (HR). CHARTERED Accountant. Data assignment in Admin/ operation. the official said. Indian male. MCTS. 595. determined there was no correlation between the a Foreign Ministry official the South was still willing to Korean artillery. logistic operations. PGDHRM experienced male. 95420917. “An investigation is under way to which Sanofi three deaths and the vaccine injections. hold discussions tomorrow people. as a team leader with career. Tally and ERP. Presently on visit — Continental. Contact: Oman. ATM. 2011. For further information please contact us on the following numbers: For further information please contact us on the following numbers: 24483888/+968-24487799 /+968-24488117 / fax : 968-24488221 +968-24476000/ 24394444 /99449009 fax: +968. CCNA. MBA. MALE. but an official said barded in November by North tors who treated the children that establish a causal es”. 596. 13 years E-mail: wilfsome@gmail. with regard to South Korea. in Diet and Nutrition. who 10 years experience with Accounts & Admin Products: Indian Male. with 4 years (IT). B Tech GULF experienced INDIAN female. BSc Electronics. Admn/HR visit visa. IT/Telecom. Oman) working in a yrs Oman exp). 3 years experience for suitable placement in with 12 years experience hospital administration. visit. HR/ placement as Office 95775221. graduate. production engineer (BE) PG in HR. qualified sales executive saviorodrigues2002@ ACCOUNTANT/Asst yahoo. QMS/ Admin. — proficient in MS ACCOUNTANT script. MCP). 4 years experience STLC Life Cycles. experience in indoor sales. position is that the will of in. BA. seeks HR & Administration multimedia and animation. 24 years. SRLC & EXPERIENCED project e-mail: thameemr@gmail. Contact: mohammed_ co. QC. Contact: 92353285. 98096644. 99590287. while the remainder who wished to defect should The boat was spotted drift- The two vaccines have been administered to an four deaths occurred between March 2-4. Has Networking and Tele 92203891. holder of FIATA/DGR labour laws. nesses. 26. AUTOMOBILE diploma 95248485. foundation with 5 years inter personal skills. Prevenar and ActHIB became available in Japan were not linked to the drug. is looking Broadband. would be allowed North Korea said the four fused to allow their re-entry. 95857316 auto mobile industry. hardware/ telecom. Indian male. could handle accounts driving licence seeks with 23 years experience (including 6 years in M Tech. ports of the deaths of three infants around the time “The government’s official The Unification Ministry which lies just 11 km from said. 96458518. P. Oman HR practice. Dutch authorities and Wyeth in February 2010 dividuals must be respected. aged from around six months to The ministry reported that three infants under the ating with the ministry’s suspension and was in the proposed Red Cross talks to its neighbour. batch of Prevenar in the Netherlands following re. Also worked in computer 93530687. professional MCom. 8 years experience Incident Management). Next to Dhofar Bldg. would be sent back home. On family placement. a suitable assignment in Mailing Address: OBSERVER CLASSIFIEDS SECTION. visa.zzzcom experience (4 years in INDIAN male. needs immediate 20 years experience in HR/admin/sales co-ord/ budgeting. 100 documentation. L/C suitable placement. Has AIG also worked as years Oman experience in 4 years experience in experience in networking/ HOTEL Management and e-mail: garimellar@ handling major Computer Hardware. The suspension follows the deaths of two infants officials in the South said yes. the health ministry ceiving DPT shots for diphtheria. BSc in Information Technology Generalist with 14 years 3D visualiser. sales/ co-ordination/ having Omani driving plant manager in a large suitable placement. ing near Yeonpyeong managerial positions. 597 Contact: 93364154. studied and assessed accumulated information. seeks INDIAN male. BCom. 4 yrs years experience in (Mech). Accounts. 996248925. shrinivas. seeking suitable Indian company.5 million children in Japan. shareef786@hotmail. Oman. 22024553. Contact: driving licence. which was later bought last month. CVS. 2011 Japan suspends 2 vaccines after infant deaths North Korea proposes talks to TOKYO — Japan’s health ministry has suspend- ed two widely-used vaccines made by Pfizer and resolve row over defection Sanofi-Aventis as it investigates whether they are according to the Ministry of Health. well versed with ACCOUNTANT. Implementation & seeks immediate HR Asstt/ Back licence. In Japan the precautionary suspension remain un- til at least today pending the results of an investiga- Pasteur intends to fully co-operate with health au- thorities by providing all data available regarding HIB. enjoylife138@gmail. Personally suitable Financials 11i Module. rediffmail. E-mail: 96416273. XML. condolences to the families affected by these loss. seeks Testing. accounts & reports. for the position of Commis as project/ planning fibre networking for 1 99540876. requested working-level talks vessel they sailed south off The two drugs — used to prevent forms of pneu. 32 yrs. seeks suitable banking. (R) senior Accountant post. BCP. 34. A one-year-old died a day after being adminis. INDIAN male. Box 974. on visit. on Friday. administration. 99850227. killing four relationship between the vaccines and their deaths. CHARTERED Accountant. BCom. 594. in. ily fortified border to resolve were meant to be repatriated Sanofi Pasteur wing of Paris-headquartered Sanofi. financial statements. The South says the four. part-time. postgraduate Sales. seeks suitable placement yahoo. 95516807. out of which 19 years in for a suitable placement. MARCH 8. 2 years experience in diversified MS. on 5-star hotel experience.devang@ support. on visit visa. 28 years. whooping cough cluding that on causal relationships. 3½ years working in sales challenging and exciting completed Oracle placement. graduate seeks suitable knows AutoCad. We have suitable position in rediffmail. MBA (finance). CIF archival. 10 years experience in accounts. “Sanofi Pasteur would like to express its sincere of vaccination. PGDBM. P. the side effects of all products including Prevenar. looking for suitable 98441907. MBA. seeks catering tech. E-mail: technical desktop & server E-mail: amrubhusari@ 97221993 holder. died over a three-day period age of two died within three days of receiving the process of gathering information. tomorrow at the truce village the peninsula’s west coast monia and meningitis — are Prevenar made by New tered Prevenar and a DPT as service adviser in Knowledge in QMS. clerical works. (Computer Science Administration. US firm Wyeth. placement. also now at family visa.

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(8) 19 Illuminated (3) 11 Aged (3) YESTERDAY’S 8 The only one to lose out 20 Sprinted (3) (4) 21 Infectious disease (7) 13 Nourished (3) QUICK SOLUTION — Germany’s popular defence minister 10 Kicked a fellow with a 22 Scientist’s room (3) 15 Trudge (4) ACROSS: 1. . CINEMA 19 Partly undress and return YESTERDAY’S CRYPTIC 25 Consumed (4) Lessee 34. . Al-Athaiba. Dated 19. . . Tel: 26781384 Al Sharqiyah Headquarters.26836443 . . . . Emergency Al Buraimi . 26840096 WY326 B737-8 Islamabad 0920 WY403 A330 Cairo 0920 Al Rustaq Division. . 10. . Hives 13. Arch 18. You’ll find that your family November 21) Omani Centre for Traditional Music: mitment may put a heavy don’t seem to want to listen If you have received an in- strain on your resources just now so don’t to your exciting plans. endlessly. Information received in a Football Lounge (Rumaitha). . . . 26 Stuffed and framed (3. Tel: 24675542. at half-time. you have to say. 3. DOWN going around (7) 26 Take unlawfully (5) Bighead 10. Joy 13. . . Lope 24. . . 3. Others 22. 27 Mistake (5) 22 Look (4) 17 Changed in appearance as 28 Twitch (3) Merry 24. . 25570100 DHX881 SA227F Bahrain 1130 WY917 ATR42 Khasab 1030 NIGHT DUTY GF562 A319 Bahrain 1250 BAIT ADAM MUSEUM.40 Mix (6) 30.25440244 . Benefit 15.26840099 Sinaw . quits over accusations he 25 Trusted adviser (6) 19 Bedroom (7) 14 Sound catty (3) Novice 15. . Weather Forecast and Pharmacies fle in your business dealings pleased to come to your You will be able to resolve on Duty. . www. . Debacle (4) 32 Catered (8) e-mail: info@shura. news. . MARCH 8.00 Forts and Castles of Oman — Laxmi Repeat of Monday GEMINI LIBRA AQUARIUS 3.24599000.25499011 .24845003 GF566 E190 Bahrain 2250 WY635 B737-8 Abu Dhabi 2010 ICU SQH.02 Piano. . E-rr. 16. Tel: 24701289 WY321 B737-8 Karachi 0200 DAY DUTY Muttrah. 8. . . . . You will either vitation you are unable to accept try to www. . . 4. . 24875999 WY132 A330 Paris 0750 BG022 A310 Chittagong-Dacca 0315 Al Hashar 24833115 CURRENCY let anybody persuade you to sign any. 3. 9.ropoman. with worries about your health. . Prohibition (5) Praised 21. . Consumer Complaints Cell. . .07 Around the World in 30 mins. . 24560021 TK858 A320 Istanbul 0210 WY651 B737-8 Bahrain 0055 Scientific ph. . Madly 10.25404018 EY388 A320 Abu Dhabi 2240 WY669 B737-8 Doha 2005 Quriyat . don’t indulge in extravagantly expensive hospitality. . . . 24817013 WY660 B737-8 Bahrain 0010 WY661 B737-8 Doha 0055 Tel: 24605368 BG021 A310 Dacca-Chittagong 0145 Muscat Governorate Headquarters.25491990 WY626 ATR42 Ras Al Khaima 2310 FZ048 B737-8 Dubai 2105 Nizwa . Board . you may overlook the more important home over the Easter weekend if you an emotional conflict in short order by 7. WY664 B737-8 Doha-Bahrain 1550 Special Task Force. SEWN 28. Duo the eddy swirled (4) 30 Titled woman (4) 23 Swellings (7) 29.24590491 Sur . to ride party (3) 19 Sensational (5) ADAM @ HOME by Brian Basset 20 A backward yob? (3) YESTERDAY’S EASY around recklessly is not so 21 Italian city (5) SOLUTIONS Keep in touch with Majlis Ash’shura’s bright! (6) 21 Catch something and 22 Dead language (5) there’s apt to be a remedy 23 Injury (4) ACROSS: 1. Sedan 27.15 Radio Station Jingles and (May 21-June 21) (September 23-Oct 22) (January 21-Feb 19) Programmes. Weekends & Public Al Nahda. . 24560088 WY906 A330 Salalah 1615 9W533 B737-8 Cochin 1125 Sur Ibn Sina 25540669 PK192 ATR42 Gwadur-Turbat 1130 PLANETARIUM. 24714888 WY204 B737-8 Bombay 1700 WY905 A330 Salalah 1130 Ibri Al Aryaf Al Omania AQUARIUM at the Marine Science Dhofar Governorate Headquarters. Cheat 6. Salalah . 24702542 Tel: 24600946 ROP Public Relations. 23279099 WY284 B737-8 Bangalore 1755 WY101 A330 London Heathrow 1305 Barka Muscat 26885372 SALALAH MUSEUM. Instrumental Music. . . Urged.00 National Anthem. Loss 26. We-stern 30. . 24513999 WY102 A330 London Heathrow 0840 WY293 B737-8 Calicut 0900 Fransa). . . 25650199 WY3302 ATR42 Mukhaizna 1330 EK863 A330 Dubai 1045 WY918 ATR42 Khasab 1330 G9114 A320 Sharjah 1045 Apollo 24787766 OIL AND GAS EXHIBITION Ibri Division. Abated Or write to the Majlis’s postal address: a moving experience (7) 26 It’s fun touring around.23436055 Burkha . . . . .om An additional financial com. . Plied. Unlit 20. Tel: 24641300 QR166 A321 Doha 0950 WY243 B737-8 Delhi 0950 Al Dakhiliyah.25340033 . . 4. Avian 29. Travel Tel: 24510344 / 24521427/ 28 Lady in a brown uniform 5 Vapour (5) 6 Darling. (5) Discard 15.26836443 WY684 B737-8 Dammam 2335 GF567 E190 Bahrain 2335 Weekends & Public Holidays: Parents may visit Haima . . . . 2 Afflict (3) 12 Widow (7) 24 Fasten (4) Keg 33. . . . 16 Not the full name? (5) 26 Form (5) 20 Fake (4) Yet 19.25491011 . . . . . Leader 3. 01. Pecan www. 6. 2:50 Mix Music ed your correspondence very A confidential discussion An important letter should Except Thu & Fri. 23436099 RJ600 ERJ175 Amman 1515 WY223 B737-8 Cochin 1045 Mahaq 24421644 CENTRE AND PLANE-TARIUM. Sumayil.25470535 WY624 ATR42 Al Ain 2300 WY659 B737-8 Bahrain 2010 Police . . . . 17 Adhesive strip (4) A DDRESSES 33 Mid-summer. Divine 19. . .25434055 IC685 A319 Ahmedabad-Bombay 2310 WY625 WY623 ATR42 ATR42 Ras Al Khaima Al Ain 2010 2015 Working Days: 16:00-17:00. Nizwa Division. Ajar 14. AI-Khodh. . stacles. 2 In Detroit. . Pop-u.00 important issues. De- 24540856. . doctor straight away. . 24569603 KQ318 B737-8 Dubai 0005 BA072 B777 Abu Dhabi-London Heathrow 0015 Al Hashar ph. Al Dhahirah Headquarters.30 News Bulletin. 24692656 (after 2pm) (3) 12 As blamed by a fathead for 1 Toll (5) 11 Marsupial (7) 21 Insane (3) Easier 28. QURUM. .oman-tv. in the tropics (5) 2 Whole (6) Baton 14. Rabbit 22. .23211151 Ibra . Tome 24.25483535 . . Muscat. Ends 36. . . 25425099 WY818 A330 Bangkok 1000 WY3301 ATR42 Mukhaizna 1000 Tel: 26844758 G9113 A320 Sharjah 1005 WY381 A330 Male-Colombo 1020 Salalah Al Hadeeqa Samayil Division. 25650099 WY605 B737-8 Dubai-Abu Dhabi 1040 IX815C B737-8 Mangalore 1255 WY203 B737-8 Bombay 1040 Muscat Scientific 24537127 Tel: 24605033. . . GARFIELD by Jim Davis www. OMAN RADIO ARIES LEO SAGITTARIUS (March 21-April 20) (July 22-August 21) Your friends will be just as (November 22- 6. . WY404 A330 Cairo 1900 FZ046 B737-8 Dubai 1630 net and WY312 B737-8 Chittagong 1905 WY671 B737-8 Jeddah 1650 Salalah Al Eman 23290170 BAIT AL BARANDA. 6. 2011 FLIGHT SCHEDULE PHARMACIES PHARM MUSEUMS IN OMAN R OYAL O MAN P OLICE ARRIVALS LSS — TUESDAY S DEPARTURESS 24-HOUR SERVICE FAISAL BIN ALI AL SAID MUSEUM. Haste 13.26840022 . 25545070 WY604 B737-8 Dubai 1040 WY663 B737-8 Doha-Bahrain 1020 PK191 ATR42 Gwadur 1045 WY101 A330 London Heathrow 1030 BAIT AL MAKHAM. . . Tin 5. Preview of If you bicker over every tri. Squeal 9. 6. .most helpful in connection with a busi- 11. .00 News Headlines. 23234599 IC885 A320 Delhi 1700 WY335 B737-8 Kathmandu 1145 WY244 B737-8 Delhi 1710 WY701 B737-8 Dar-es-Salaam 1210 25689715 and Fisheries Centre (located next to Salalah Police . . 24521099 WY602 B737-8 Dubai 0800 WY674 B737-8 Jeddah 0800 GF561 E190 Bahrain 0655 Center 24479664 Tel: 24739005. 24792360 30 Samuel’s servant? (6) 13 She’ll give a bit of discreet 10 Stop working (6) 13. Ran-Ted 25.25470533 . . . Tel: 24714262. 12. Ruwi. . 33 Over there (6) 3 Told fibs to music? (4) 25 Painter of what might be 4 Sleeping in such a car was true about the navy? (6) DOWN DOWN: 2. . . I 1 Tower (6) 4. Lichen 12. . . Mohair 3. while.00 & Fri 2. . . Cyan 6. . Ten-Ch. Plead Log on to the Majlis’s website: 1 Delved into a professional 22 Chelsea hair-style? (3) 28 Brown (3) 12. Bare 24. Muscat Yankee (5) 4 Skin pigment (7) 16. Arid 18. ACROSS 31. .24876322 . Niche 15.24603988 . EY383 A320 Abu Dhabi 1050 Haima Division. . 10. WY3304 ATR42 Mukhaizna 1800 GF563 A319 Bahrain 1340 26730299 GF564 A320 Bahrain 1820 IX816C B737-8 Abu Dhabi-Mangalore 1345 Rustaq Bader Al Jashmi CULTURAL CENTRE. and the Majlis’s caused great commotion 24 Skilled in bale bundling? 31 Performs (4) Hades 28. . ther upset or delay. . . Captain 7. . (December 22. Ruwi 24783334 DG of Customs.oman-radio. Menace 25. . Close Down. 7. . . til someone asks about them. www. Weekends & Public Health Services Department BA073 B777 London Heathrow-Abu Dhabi 2230 Tanam.26854427 . 23436211 FZ045 B737-8 Dubai 1545 QR167 A321 Doha 1110 Muscat 24485740 Tel: 24677834.25425033 Saham . Oak 31. . scoring at the wrong end? 1 Yarn (6) DOWN: 2. .26830187 .00 Don’t allow yourself to An urgent domestic ex.15 Good Morning Oman. in need of a treat.24877361 Ibri. If you you had anticipated and it may be nec. 12.40 pm. M AJLIS A’SHURA concept (4) 32 Check what the reserves 15 Unites meltingly (5) 18 Sing high in the Alps? (5) 14 16 Mineral (3) Called (5) Ut-ter-ed 21. . . 24566601 NATURAL HISTORY MUSEUM. Biscuit 18. there’s 30 Fictional operative in Banana 19. . . . .02 Health Matters. 25689099 WY606 B737-8 Dubai-Abu Dhabi 1450 Al Wusta Headquarters. . atmosphere of the office. . .25650855 . . But get at the station (6) 13 Tree (5) 7 Against (4) 34 Decorate (3) 15 Flower (5) 8 Tool (6) I have reached the limits of my 7 Take shocking 18 Gemstone (5) 35 Insect (3) 9 Thrust (5) strength. 12. 24420099 MS931 B737-8 Cairo 0545 FZ043 B737-8 Dubai 0800 QR171 A320 Doha 0550 Al Rimah Medical MUSCAT GATE MUSEUM.24603980 Adam . 24831809 (after 3pm) (4) 6 Suffered (5) 17 Allow (5) 9 He left contradictory lar 26. .25499033 QR168 A320 Doha 2235 SV535 EMB170 Riyadh 2000 Holidays: 10:-12:00. WY682 B737-8 Riyadh 0005 IC686 A319 Bombay-Ahmedabad 0015 Traffic offences. . 6. . . . Dance 14. .40 News Summary. Emu STARS CINEMA: (3) 7 Creator (8) work of art? (6) 8 Stalk (4) Aged 8. . . 24695536 CHILDREN’S SCIENCE MUSEUM. Float 6. 4 Sheep (3) 14 Ordered (7) 8 Thus. Tel: 24736688 Al Batinah Headquarters. . Bed plot (6) 23 Series based on familiar 29 Using plants (6) 17. Bet 17. . .15 Mix Music. 26731502 G9117 A320 Sharjah 1855 WY233 B737-8 Hyderabad 1550 SUR MARITIME MUSEUM. 26875099 EK862 A330 Dubai 0930 WY213 B737-8 Trivandrum 0945 050-693504 BAIT A’NAMAN. . . Abler 28.25 Mix Music.02 Midday Edition (Live) Sat-Wed.-t 25. . . C-rusty 36 Cake (6) cided 12. . . Bazaar 30. Tel: 24312646 WY114 A330 Frankfurt 0740 Al Amerat. Legal 26. . Steed 31. En-treat 7.25350055 .26828397 9W540 B737-8 Bombay 2340 QR169 A320 Doha 2335 WY702 B737-8 Dar-es-Salaam 2355 LH619 A340 Abu Dhabi-Frankfurt 2355 at any time Sohar . . . Rite AL NASR CINEMA: 23 A crew member with taste 37 Instrument (4) 5 Black (3) 16 Branch (5) evidently more to come (4) carbon dating (4) 22.have to keep them to yourself or wait un. 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his partner Anishad quota of 20 overs. Praveen Edatt 31 (13b. Jersey Devils maintained told reporters. mate Loeb. 6-3. 1x4) the pair were associated 1x4). race in the state of Guana- ami Heat 87-86. joined Jaison and remained overs. skipper Anil Koshy two Enhance Eagles registered skipper Jaison Manjila strik.o and Mohammed Nayaz 50. . 5x4) and Ghulam Abbas The bowling honours were AL Hassan players pose for a photo. Mohammed Ali 20 (8b. last month. missed his by squaring for Adebayor to led the game. two for 36 off four overs each. 2/17 and Ghulam Abbas 2/25). Anishad K P claimed all top. Mames. defeat against Birmingham The leaders beat Real spurned a chance to hit back moved on to 41 points from who now occupy the last relega- 63. 5x4). Tony Park. League qualification slot. Julien Escude brought tie to enter the quarterfinals on Germany v France over Martin Fischer which sets for the second leg of their Ronaldo. Praveen Edatt 31 and Nitin Cheruku- lal 93 n. brand new Citroen DS3 out. mean. told reporters. Finns Mikko Hirvo- Kobe Bryant led the Lak. “The important thing is 16 clash in Barcelona to. — Reuters TAISM 106-61. In the other match. six overs. — Reuters behind Hirvonen. 4x4) to make ets off the 20 allotted overs in an unfinished partnership of and 1x4) and Nitin Cherukupalli 167 for three wickets off 18. wearing Andrey Golubev. Van Persie Benzema double helps Real outplay Racing France to face Germany in squad to MADRID — Karim Benzema scored twice as Real Madrid or scored in the 23rd minute following the type of move when he scored from a fine move in the 70th. Zaragoza 1-0 at home on Sat. handing the Capitals bt Florida Panthers 3-2. thanks to K P 39 (27b. Sarco OCT unbeaten on 50 (36b. their recent sizzling form “We had an almost per- with a 3-2 shoot-out victory fect weekend. a head bandage after a colli- shocked Tomas Berdych 7-5. who has netted 27 Racing open and he finished very compact and control. bt Washington Wizards 113-102. New Orleans Hornets bt Cleve. Shehzad Anishad K P 3/23). reverse singles as the world in Buenos Aires.1 overs (Khurram Bi. But his inclusion was an. moorthy 2/25 and Ikram Nasir 2/38) Ceva Logistics 135 for eight wick- full 2/36) lost to NBO 167 for three Sharath Krishnamoorthy lost to Enhance Eagles 165 for 1 ets off 20 overs (Daley Mathias 41. 1x6 and 7x4) and the contributions from open- Shameer K C 21 (15b. urday. nen. sponsored ‘C’ Division T20 2x6 and 6x4) and a haul of two tournament with a convincing for six off three overs helped seven. ing 29 the duo putting together Ceva Logistics fared disastrous- board but recovered through a sion T20 match played in the 60 runs for the first wicket off ly and managed to reach 135 for third wicket partnership of 125 afternoon at the same venue. sidefoot into the empty net. a bruising encounter at San Cup World Group first round United States v Spain a 2-6. stage and broke his front delphia Flyers 7-0. ni Iraola gave Athletic Bilbao Almeria climbed two points No 7 showed the strain of Eduardo Schwank eased was the hero of the weekend injurying his knee during side on to 67 points with 11 Racing. Brian Rolston scored the deciding goal in fast. major contributions were Brief scores Sarco OCT Hatat the wickets. Detroit Pistons juato. but Three minutes later. (28b. 6 pts). first league game of the cam. 6 pts) and Sarco OCT Hatat games. oglu threatened a comeback fourth-placed side lost 3-1 at win over Getafe. them to fifth. BTT won lead to fellow-French- New Jersey Devils bt New York 70-55.” said France other boost to manager Ar. Anishad K P 39 and 39. Rally of Mexico for the ing Lakers still trail the Spurs fifth year in a row on Sun- by six and a half games in the day after overnight leader Western Conference but ended Sebastien Ogier crashed out on the first stage of San Antonio’s record home the final day. 13x4) and his partner With a required run rate of NBO in their turn lost both the teams met in a Raha Poly Sharath Krishnamoorthy mak. Los Angeles second place in the stand- Lakers bt San Antonio Spurs 99.” said Chardy. battled into the next face Barca survived without Cristiano Ronaldo to win 3-1 at Racing more usually associated with their arch-rivals Barca. 3x4) ing batsman Shehbaz Butt scored 163 for six wickets off and his partner Nasir Awan36 the 20 stipulated overs. when Pablo Pinillos’s weak 27 games. 2-6. grounds during the weekend. 7-6 (10/8). taking the score to 165 for 1 two for 17 off three and Ghulam three wickets to fall conceding The other batsman to make wicket off 17. under new coach Marcelino. road 13 kms into the 20th Results NY Rangers bt Phila.” Loeb. Germany midfielder set up and a late penalty from Ando. Enhance Eagles started off 0 pt (7 games. the toss. wickets off 18. — Reuters NBO maintain unbeaten record MUSCAT — NBO maintained SHEHBAZ STARS their unbeaten record in the Al Opening batsman Shehbaz Ansari Group of Companies. ranked 6-2 with Adrian Ungur getting point by beating Jurgen Melz. was then feted as a hero by a point back for the visitors er in Friday’s opening match. opening batsman Nayaz Mo. Next time maybe day night. Atletico Madrid on Saturday. at the Sardinero.score of 52 (23b. 6-2.wicket win against Dy. but Kennedy Bakirci. tion place in 18th on 26 points. and Sharath Krishnamoorthy 29). paign with a muscle strain. — AFP sene Wenger. dominating Jan Hajek 6-4. The bottom three with a 2-0 home the decisive point. 6-3 win over “We qualified with extraor.o. in 3-2 in Ostrava in their Davis Kazakhstan v Argentina scoring the decisive point with Robin van Persie has been on La Liga leaders Barcelona was at the centre of a series of also missed a late penalty. Al Hassan defeat Ceva Lo- namos cricket team in a morning gistics by 42 runs in an Oman match played during the week. MARCH 8. pt (5 games. one-touch passes which sliced “We played very well. make an improbable charge Ogier went off the towards a play-off position. up a meeting with Germany in Champions League last. Mikhail Kukushkin. Sharath Krishna. hitting the break. 2x4) and Mohammed Ali 20. 6-3 win added to Arsenal’s squad to seven points on Sunday. 2x6 and were Daley Mathias 41 (48b. who had not lost a 2-0 home win which lifted above Malaga into 19th with a playing three days in a row. The major contributors out (43b. sizzling form who was one minute 38. who pected to miss the tie after bayor led Jose Mourinho’s Benzema to score the second. a Sevilla own-goal sion with Sevilla’s Alvaro Ne- 5-7. third respectively in the Results: Chicago Bulls bt Mi.” added Loeb of the the sixth round of the shoot. goals this season. FILCOSOC defeated man and Citroen team- Islanders 3-2. 2011 Kazakhs shock Czech Republic. 6-4. wickets each conceding 25 jila 76 n. 6 pts) and Ceva Logistics 0 games. Al Hassan scored man skipper M G Shankar 49 177 for seven wickets off their (47b. The Basque club 2-1 comeback win at Hercules. — AFP crossbar twice before Adebay. as he also achieved their first Arsenal’s League Cup final games left. OCCI basketball championship yesterday. the fight with Ogier was fierce. Abbas 32. Sebastien Loeb won the The Pacific-division lead. eight 83. Abdullah (Nadil Yousuf 52. ranked 43. Punit Mehta 2/24. less than eight runs per over openers with 18 runs on the Products-sponsored ‘D’ Divi. ing to bat. 3x6 and 13x4) and ning the toss. down Oscar de Marcos for a Sunday. Shehzad overs. Abdullah Mohammed 21 and Butt 54. Sameer Mehrab seven wickets off 20 overs (Shehbaz G Shankar 49.” Mourinho penalty which Iraola. “It was a very difficult Devils maintain weekend. Loeb moved up into land Cavs 96-81. three wickets conceding 23 for 28 and Abhishek Prafull a thumping nine-wicket win ing an elegant unbeaten 76 runs off four overs. 6-0 to seal Juan Monaco. 32 (22b. winning streak at 22 games. 4x4). runners-up France.2 overs. 6-7 with a 6-4. winner of the season- ers with 26 points and Pau opening race in Sweden Gasol scored 21. Batting first after winning tributions from opening bats. nine short of Vil. 17 SPORT OMAN DAILY Observer TUESDAY. Benzema and Emmanuel Ade. captain Guy Forget. Praveen Lewis 3/23) bt Anil Koshy 2/28 and Abhishek Pra. I’m happy over the New York Islanders with the new car. Real made a flying start penalty was saved after the larreal and the last Champions Sporting Gijon moved out of the (4/7). 4x4). and Jari-Matti er was the only Spurs starter Latvala were second and to score in double digits. Last year’s dinary matches. gredo. Points NBO 2 pts (6 games. games. 8 pts). 3x4). Deepak Nicholas 50 n.40 seconds faster than Hirvo- NEW YORK — The New nen at the finish in Leon. 6x4). and 38 runs respectively off Points Enhance Eagles 2 pts (5 Points Al Hassan 2 pts (4 12 pts) and Dynamos 0 pt (7 four overs each. Brief score Dynamos CT 163 opening batsman Sameer Me. converted in the 88th. two points. against Sarco OCT Hatat when (43b. Washington ACTION during the BTT-Oman Cement match at the left wheel. 2x6 hammed 50 (44b. 7-6 (7/4). Shehbaz Butt 2/6. Deepak Nicholas eight wickets at the end of 20 between Khurram Bilal 93 not Electing to bat after win. 2 pts).2 overs (Jaison Man. The Kazakhs next meet July. on February 27. shared by Punit Mehta two for ENHANCE EAGLES WIN briskly with opening batsmen Praveen Lewis picked up 24. the Earlier. and Ikram Nasir claimed two wicket off 17. Benzema curled in his second soon after following a er Federico Fazio knocked a cross into his own net with shocked the Czech Republic Sweden v Serbia round with Jeremy Chardy LONDON — Injury doubt Santander and close the gap The outstanding Mesut Ozil counter-attack and Adebayor his knee after 66 minutes. Mohammed 21 (28b. Hatat made 164 for six wick. 164 for six wickets off 20 overs Brief scores Al Hassan 177 for for three wickets off 20 overs (M hrab 39 (25b. The Devils continue to car’s first victory. ings with 35 points. T20 match played at the PDO Winning the toss and decid. in the day’s first Americans beat Romania 4-1 it will be another who will get Van Persie had been ex. Abbas two for 25 were amongst 23 runs off four overs.1 with Nadil Yousuf making a 105 runs for the second wicket a run a ball 22 (2x4). it’s very on Sunday. Argentina after the South to advance. past Victor Crivoi 7-6 (7/3). — Reuters Lakers brush Loeb wins aside Spurs Rally of SAN ANTONIO — The Los Angeles Lakers brushed aside NBA leaders San Antonio Mexico Spurs 99-83 to record their seventh consecutive win on MEXICO CITY — Sev- Sunday and bring the Spurs’ en-times world champion hot home streak to a halt. Dynamos with con. Nasir Awan 39 and Ghulam Shameer K C 21. Butt with a brilliant 54 (34b. Cricket-organised ‘E’ Division end at the OACIII grounds.o palli 22. Sevilla’s Argentine defend- PARIS — Kazakhstan QUARTERFINALS QUARTERFINALS DRAW DRAW while.

Sooner match. nator’ over the years though more than seven per impeccable bowl. Sad to leave India. who Flower said Pietersen the replacement.” new game at a new place. They bring a lot to the table. after the nine-wicket Group Bangladesh’s elite force “Of course. believes will give both teams plenty to think about.” an ICC ing an interesting opening a problem that he has been England 4 2 1 1 0 0. but has de. bowler who can run through a The lack of a Malinga. lost. We released him ‘A’ with six points after three following a request by the matches. Bangladesh have tained a fan in Chittagong The 36-year-old has an. against Canada. have handled ourselves been woefully out of form On Sunday one of those no point looked even remotely the available technology lack of any genuine wicket. tied. question he is now tired of As his scores of two.296 2 the bounce is often ately to avoid further com. the depth in India’s bowling. “We have done well against Led by skipper Shahid Af. It’s good Sri Lanka 4 2 1 0 1 2.” we have done. it adds to the ‘B’ defeat by West Indies with Rapid Action Battalion challenge because we don’t stones thrown at the visiting (RAB) arrested at least 28 in know how the pitch will be. star batsman Kevin Pie. — Reuters DRS has improved Yuvraj Singh’s bowling exploits England expose S Africa’s correct can’t hide attack weaknesses batting vulnerabilities decisions by BANGALORE — An un. challenge. vraj came into the attack. Not for nothing has has improved correct Khan. who to determine if the on. MARCH 8. no result. bowlers underlines the lack of “I would not say so. “This England won by six runs. CHITTAGONG — Bangla. different Bangladesh team. bowlers Munaf conference. Mohammed Hafeez. the start of the innings to that That a part-timer has a bet. was promoted to open the had been struggling with Zimbabwe 3 1 2 0 0 -0. which has gar. (86) and Brendon McCullum match here. in the showpiece event. connection with the stoning have but that’s the same for “I request the fans not to of the bus. “They can probably “We know to win these big (76) chasing a 186-run target Lanka and the West Indies in ODI total of 58 runs. have four points after with openers Martin Guptill and the only international West Indies attack skittled in their next match on Friday cent one-day series win over also be available after miss. England’s lower order That. land. is mostly be. A the England squad.083 2 number of (appealed) medical team thought the surgery could be postponed cal Committee of the ICC a good job. infuriated by the chase rather than the bowl. Andy Flower said the team to have him back. Cricket World Cup has ap. Lanka in the English sum- turn. “I think this is the first (outing) they had af- best five for 31 with his slow ralitharan.663 5 erage of 90. — Reuters letter to ICC chief ex- ecutive Haroon Lorgat pointing out the inad- equacy it perceives in the system. back foot. the Bangladesh team. lem surfaced during the Council granted England player in Pietersen. Lanka and a hard-fought 37 in beating Ireland in between PAKISTAN’S Misbah-ul Haq (centre) and coach Waqar Younis (right) play football during a team training session at the Pallekele Stadium yesterday. but England’s “The Event Techni. partnership with Andrew dealing with for a number of West Indies 3 2 1 0 0 2. charts and no surprise then Harbhajan has been the feat by England in Sunday’s thriller. Absolutely devas. the game’s governing Bangladeshi fight belong to fast In the post-match press of South Africa’s batting just find one such bowler. The right-handed batsman. by piling on the runs. 2011 Pak ready for Kiwis on mystery pitch Tamim urges emotional Bangladesh fans PALLEKELE. net run rate and points) . I’ve seen the scan myself. It’s India 3 2 0 1 0 0. coupled with the lack of a Mu- Ian Bell’s apparent ing. where he was doing the injury for some time but Canada 4 1 3 0 0 -2. The Indian Cricket fearless batting succumbed to have conceded fewer runs per stage fright that led to their World Cup semifi. over. won. with paceman Shoaib Akhtar after of Akhtar.” said Vet.786 5 in the statement. is a middle.764 2 lower and where there plications. In three of the weeks now so he has got to go South Africa 3 2 1 0 0 1. Group ‘B’ ICC general manager struggling in the match replacement player for the Flower as saying. Yuvraj Singh took a career. form glossed over some and some luck. and Eoin Morgan is an ex- Pakistan 3 3 0 0 0 1. put on significant partner.” Pietersen was.584 4 the DRS.” said Australia 3 2 0 0 1 1. number four. — AFP and lose some days as that is repentant. ing that tamed the bowling figures Group ‘B’. was drawn with.058 0 is a greater amount of “I fly home tonight. played in 38 ODIs for Eng. answering — whether his four and 15 in the three four bowlers. 24. The next best and the result threw open In fact. a fac- Their supporters in Dhaka sonnel carriers to accompany tor which vice-captain Misbah reacted with fury on Friday team buses. of Pakistan’s 3-2 win off-spinners Saeed Ajmal and against co-hosts Sri Lanka in six World Cup matches against in the last match. Steyn or Tait to partner Khan Board. a Test between Sri them out for their lowest ever in Chittagong would change New Zealand will count for ing the last match due to a leg Vettori. The team owe their victories against West wicket-taking bowling line-up dia’s saviour more than once that he has bowled most of the most economical Indian bowl. shattered after their demoralising six-run de. their defeats. South African vulnerability which the Indian captain Mahendra hunt in pairs but that saying For the first time sational three-wicket burst that Patel (seven wickets) followed captain Graeme Smith English attack so cruelly Singh Dhoni has categorically has clearly fallen on deaf ears at a World Cup.” Group ‘A’ vealed that correct deci. who lost to first in 1983. New Zealand fourth with four resting him in the last match hab Riaz.82 per cent due to Pietersen’s hernia prob. World Cups. round performance that saved runs his mouth at almost the field officials were cor. them home. hosts India in the tournament ers. So far.” Tamim said all of them were released are concerned we are up to the told reporters in Chittagong on bail. and by Yuvraj (six wickets). De Villiers’ rich tional team. Seeking a third successive win in the tour. — Reuters that was conducive to spin. could not make much Throw a stone at India’s wickets so far which is very Review System (DRS) speedster Zaheer Harbhajan Singh. out a single innings completed ladesh team at the ground and “I am sure one good them in World Cups and in the ridi’s leg-spin. nal heart-breaks in 1992. muscle injury. to-head. the build-up to the tourna. while left-arm “I think we know how good bawe by 10 wickets in each the upper hand in batting. nament.” — Reuters of the WC (World Cup) cluded in the original World ships that have kicked off mer. the nature of their bowlers. most a run-a-ball and has at A third umpire uses On all three occasions. we wanted matches before the World Cup road in front of their bus on scenario and you will see a will count for nothing as it’s a 14 wickets. The warm-up threw their shoes on to the game will change the total recent series there but that win nered a tournament-leading Pakistan successfully de.” said complete performances out were also moved because of their return to the team hotel. It is said that fast bowlers body said yesterday. sive victories in the first two matches meant the disturbing fact that India and Ashish Nehra. left-hander. each halted England’s charge. however. together they have looked hopefully he will be ready Bangladesh 3 1 2 0 0 -1.” Misbah said yes.754 4 the subcontinent where need to be done immedi. who prom. Australia by seven wickets but Unlike the bowling head. Smith assured. after breaking a finger in es. Sri Lanka — In-form Pakistan batsman Misbah-ul Haq said his team to calm down was ready for the double chal.747 6 have risen from an av. CHENNAI — Whatever pretensions South The pattern so far suggests South Africa’s beaten run in the World Cup ers went wicketless. Police said they also de- terday. but was invariably posed the exposed. ners. matches so far would sug- who can turn their arm over a Patel. though. The attack on the West In- lenge of facing New Zealand desh opener Tamim Iqbal has dies team bus was taken very as well as a mystery World called on fans to cool their seriously by Bangladesh se- Cup pitch today. full time spinners Harbhajan The match. Out an average of 40. batting.813 5 to 97. ations over the last couple ter an injury lay-off. Umar Gul and Wa. coupled the two of their three matches. was with off-spinner came unstuck chasing a modest 172-run target. PICTURE RIGHT: New Zealand’s coach John Wright (left) and team captain Daniel Vettori his mistake and was also Pakistan sit top of Group “We will win some days watch other players during a practice session at the Pallekele Stadium yesterday. Strauss. safety measures including the Stadium in the first-ever one- tions. threatening. December. their lower middle order was not really tested. “He’s a world-class play. who is on a an easy debut for DRS almost cost India the match. return in time for a busy mal average for ODIs. In fact the part-timer spin. back. While the Bangladeshi’s and Piyush Chawla and they The team seemed to have inherited the big So when the chips were down on Sunday. who is leaking al- it during an innings. haul in a warm-up match on Sunday. followed by co-hosts Misbah. far to lead India’s bowling per over. though local media both teams. passions and be patient if the curity forces and politicians. performances and that’s what ing separated. you might also now.” said game.” said the missioner of Chittagong told and defending champions Aus- tralia (five after three). we gest. suffered from persistent rains wrath of fans after a rampant a good show against England Misbah said Pakistan’s re. 1999 and 2007.403 0 decisions in this event is way above the nor. JP Duminy or Morne van Wyk could not guide batting line-up. Khan has picked up eight livered little — two wickets Africa had of having overcome their tendency total depends on the start provided by Hash- over 7 pct. order batsman and has four games they’ve played and get that sorted out and Ireland 3 1 2 0 0 -0. battling a back problem. yesterday. against Australia. since joining the squad af- part-timers put in a sterling all. Swann or Tahir to let-off for lbw in the swatted the Indian bowlers to cause of Chawla. Pakistan since winning their tori. “He’s got a problem and P W L T NR NRR Pts Dave Richardson said against South Africa which injured Kevin Pietersen in “I thought he was form. The Group ‘A’ rivals meet World Cup co-hosts do not leading to the tightening of at the newly-built Pallekele meet their sky-high expecta. wrote an angry milked the bowling until Yu. “I’m not sure you could ask in five days.” Sky Sports News quoted summer. on Sunday for showing his chored the Pakistan team in losing also by 87 runs to co- thumbs to Bangladesh play- the World Cup with two half. International Cricket was losing an important Flower. team has the right to again it was his two wickets at with more economical figures. Twitter.054 5 is because of the type of re-look by the medical team statement said. defend any score because of games it needs complete team against Zimbabwe without be. He was in. reporters. Yuvraj and Yusuf Pathan. — AFP a huge insult in the country. whose country has lost of ourselves and that we gave bad weather. times have seven batsmen and Khan’s choices to lead the question at least two de. New Zealand hold The hill town of Kandy has Bangladesh faced the Vice-captain Tamim hoped in three matches. is enough to paper over most The only other bowler wickets in the tournament so and leaking over seven runs to crack under pressure in big tournaments lay im Amla up front and then AB de Villiers at cracks and India so far have worth a mention in the match. introduction of armoured per- day match at the venue. ECONONICAL lower order batting was and that effectively led to almost certainly hit a batsman he been nicknamed the ‘turba- umpiring verdicts by It was Khan’s FIGURES exposed in the process South Africa’s downfall. simply do not have a front-line well paid medical leave. and as far as we do any silly things. Morgan is replacement STANDINGS calm the nerves a bit CHENNAI — England’s and IPL (Indian Premier Cup squad but missed out good batting performanc- for the ICC.” web around Ireland on a track back to haunt India. League). which re. Pakistan are set to face New Zealand today. tersen has been ruled out of Love the people & the hos. scoring 1. The statistics will Kevin Pietersen out with injury. But I think we need to show a left-arm off spin to weave a partner Harbhajan might come tied India vs England eke out a draw and the Irish ised much after a five-wicket laid bare by England’s inspired bowling attack little more faith in the guys.” Deputy Police Com- Sri Lanka (five points in four) in New Zealand last month. well in a number of situ.079 2 “It is a fact that the tournament. while the regular tweak. whose team have made Pakistan will bring in with a strong new-ball attack New Zealand. won one of their three games. spinner Abdur Rehman will their bowling can be. The team did not put a foot wrong against Indies and the Netherlands to De Villiers’ back- MUMBAI — Cricket’s with the ball this overs (29) along West Indies and the Netherlands but suddenly to-back centuries. and really nail the opposition have between them taken al. “We’re moving on now P W L T NR NRR Pts sions in the World Cup the World Cup with a hernia pitality.” — IANS (Played. er but only has a modest two controversial Decision tournament. team’s bus. New Zealand captain Daniel three matches.160 runs at good up front and they for the first Test against Sri Netherlands 3 0 3 0 0 -3. suggested otherwise.” he said. ment. who can walk into any interna. Their brittle middle and of an impact on Sunday 15-man squad and you will surprising. says ICC managed to hide the lack of a and indeed who has been In. however. till after the World Cup. said that his side will at all in the Indian camp. of years to be able to say Also the comprehen- India’s blushes and covered up same rate he gives away runs rect. the semifinals in the last three well as bad times. rather than later. New Zealand 3 2 1 0 0 1. proved Eoin Morgan as a er. and his sen. he said. the perception of fans about nothing. again a big insult in the centuries against Kenya and Sri opener on February 19 but country. With a careful aim that sounds a misnomer right cent in the World Cup. South Africa’s batting frailties were ter a long time.” said variety in their bowling with target against Canada and 278 Vettori. Pakistan possess fended a below-par 185-run against the harder teams. remains hopeful that he will Kenya 4 0 4 0 0 -3. condition and Eoin Morgan tated!!” Pietersen posted on England team director citing cricketer. it’s just one game. “It’s a matter of stepping up for too much more. eased past Kenya and Zim. taking bowler to partner Khan ners. cricket and they need to sup- port us through good times as players. The fans booed the Bang.667 4 wickets that prevail in indicated that the surgery Morgan. with a couple attack are: cisions which go against firmly pushed the Irish on the ter analysis than the front-line team choked yet again.18 per cent will replace him. “He (the fan) realised the last match against Canada. Jacques Kallis has bit making up the fifth bowler. But it has not been with a couple of more wickets most double the wickets than we can cope with pressure. 18 18 TUESDAY. Sreesanth.


w-11......... bowlers have passed Kenya's done a fantas- total of 198 tic job and our with 27 balls to fielding too........199 the start..... and register their first win in The burly fast bowler got the World Cup yesterday at the the ball to move a bit at the Ferozeshah Kotla... North Ameri............ — AFP pay after the dropped catch.. Odhiambo comfortable with... Ngoche 10-2-26-1 (w- field back and rotated the sin. SCOREBOARD T Odoyo b Baidwan ..64 8...51 Baidwan 10-1-41-2 (w-2).” storm and ensured respectabil... Hansra said... But a patient 52-run partner......... ted intelligently thereafter to Kenya had been bundled wrest the control back in their out for scores of 69....... Hansra said....14 Canada Total: (5 wkts........31 Extras: (lb-4.... 2-37.. TUESDAY..... 3-48...4 3-0-20-0.......0 E Otieno c Hansra b Cheema .3 overs) ....... Davison 5-0-26-1. Medium pacers Harvir run partnership for the fourth Baidwan and Rizwan Cheema wicket that sealed the Group also chipped in with two wick- 'A' match for the ets apiece......8 3-0-15-0... World Cup our They sur..... Balaji Rao 10-0-36-1 (w.70 10-0-45-2. pushed the (51) and captain Kamande for tempo.... 7-166................. J Davison (not out) .......51 5-57........... 5-186................... 4-41.. nb-1) .....13 It was good to be positive at and tottered at 57 for five at Tanmay Mishra also added and one six managed to take C Obuya b Baidwan . Tikolo 5-1-24-0. R Cheema b Etieno ... 9-193.2 Total: (all out.2 J Ngoche (not out) .. “The whole cans.. MARCH 8...... I am happy that dated hard after Canada were we worked things out today........ Desai J Hansra c Ngoche b Odhiambo .. in their last three outings be- “I made sure I made them fore yesterday and they once CANADA’S Henry Osinde (centre) celebrates with team-mates after taking the wicket of Kenya’s Seren Waters during their match at the Ferozeshah Kotla in New Delhi yesterday...... w-4)....10 Bowling: Odoyo 5-1-18-0..... turned to add one more to his tain Ashish Bagai (64 not tally off his last over.. 112 and hands..4 2-0-15-0 (w-1)....... Obuya gles in the middle.... S Tikolo lbw Cheema ..198 R Gunasekera st Ouma b Ngoche 18 Fall of wickets: 1-19.....” a content looking one stage.. Etieno “I hit the shots that I was ship between Tanmay Mishra he fell while trying to up the J Kamande c Bagai b Rao ... start to take three quick wick- Right-handed batsman ets in his opening spell and re- Jimmy Hansra (70) and cap. 50 overs) . again got off to a sorry start ity for the African nation...3-0-45-1 (nb-1.. 45...” reduced to 48 for three and bat... 3-21......... pitch and with five boundaries S Waters b Osinde ..... Extras: (b-1... 57 runs with Thomas Odoyo Kenya close to the 200-run D Obuya c Bagai b Osinde ......... 6-109.. out) stitched together a 132......1 5).. A Bagai (not out) ....... Our batting had Hansra and let us down so Bagai consoli. the sixth wicket weathered the Odoyo (51) looked the most Kenya N Odhiambo b Osinde .17 4-180. Kamande 5-0-25-0 (w-1).......... 8-171....... .......22 Bowling: Osinde 10-2-26-4 (w-3)....... Cheema 9-1-30-2...12 Fall of wickets: 1-0... fluent Kenyan batsman on the M Ouma c Baidwan b Osinde .......... for the seventh wicket before mark.... 2011 Canada down Kenya to win battle of associates NEW DELHI — Canada Paceman Henry Osinde overcame some early jitters took four wickets as Canada with the bat to eventually win shot out the Africans for a pal- the battle of the associates by try 198 runs after they opted to beating Kenya by five wickets bat first on winning the toss....3 1). w-10) .. spare.... 2-7......... Hansra T Gordon b Odhiambo . helped in part by a few 142 — amassing just 323 runs dropped catches........... T Mishra c Surkari b Davison . Z Surkari run out .

an area encompassing financial offers and final tech. region.4 per achieved through the sale of unused as- ing 2010. ranging from 1. equiva. down to five bidders. Amanco has been operational since 1998.” he said. The was significant in 2010. to be or 374 MW per year. initiatives that balance risk and reward. OPWP has set projected to rise from 3.6 billion to $1. growth of the Salalah Free Zone also said. one of implementation of the IPP at pair of recently awarded IPPs six energy firms prequalified Sur in line with its mandate to (Barka 3 and Sohar 2) under to bid for the licence. Strong growth in general cargo traffic at Salalah Port By A Staff Reporter tors driving the growth are commodi. Japanese corpo. for electricity within the Main LLC. the Chair- Sultanate’s southern coast. Taqa in bidding for the IPP of the project. uments is slated for April 30. March 8. Oman’s largest port by over 10 times management in taking costs out. mained unchanged at 3.043 MW by the country’s largest green. creating a ‘Process Excellence’ culture “The General Cargo business has of volume change was a result of the formance by the general cargo business within the organisation. substantial growth being offset by a have made it possible to achieve the newer markets and products. The lack ing performance. said TEUs during 2010 when compared to er terminal remained similar to previ. 2016. Sembcorp Utilities. is overseeing the The Sur IPP. West Power.000MW is slated pendent Power Project (IPP) The state-owned electric. driv. Oman Power and of peak summer demand in Sharqiyah coast. the Tender Board yesterday. The IPP’s full capacity licence to build a huge Inde. as well as a AES Oasis Energy. will go a long way in fellow contenders Marubeni OPWP is eyeing a March meeting the galloping demand Corporation (Japan). which could escalate to nearly a consortium that includes of the IPP’s output. Amanco (National Factory for Security Resort recently. Multitech in its bid. ● Page 23 Sultanate. Despite this. Dakhiliyah. while further gains were made in Salalah Port Services Co SAOG. Improvements in efficiency were also contributed to the excellent results. which on the company’s performance during the consolidated net profit was record. Siemens LLC heads a Q1 2013 time frame for part MW in 2009 to 6. the efforts undertaken by the management keen on pursuing strategic fuelled by a hefty increase in commod. and exploring been growing rapidly and the main fac. .7 million last year.500 to 2. elec- final phase.8 bil. Project Mitsui & Co has joined hands Underscoring efforts to According to OPWP. Abdul Aziz bin Ali al Shanfari. “This continues to make Salalah ous year.” the Chairman moves per hour by over 11 per cent. revenue growth ity also resulted in improving the crane handled at the Port of Salalah surged 68 economies surrounding Oman. 2011 Contest for Sur IPP down to five bidders By Conrad Prabhu ration Marubeni has teamed brought into operation ahead up with Qatar Electricity and of summer peak demand that MUSCAT — The race for a Water. The execution of project doc. the Governorates of Muscat nical submissions from the lat. of 1.76 million. (OPWP). costs are estimated to range with Oman Oil Company and fast-track the implementation tricity demand in the MIS is The successful bidder from $1. business partners and members of the local introduce SERGI — France’s Transformer Protector (TP) in the community. list of bidders. leading to the selection of a customers are served by the Envelopes containing the preferred bidder by April 16. MIS. according to a top official of Shanfari stated in the Director’s Report cent to RO 52. was positive with the rising general cargo volumes were 2009. South Batinah. Chubu Electric and year. leaving related water capacity. man said. generation capacity. tigious licence now enters its megawatts (MW). and Buraimi. compared to any other port.000 Japanese conglomerate in earnest. per cent increase over 2009 results.500-2.48 million “Though the volumes at the contain. ity exports. and unparalleled per. Shanfari stated. Container traffic on the hand re. Dhahirah regions. as tion work on the IPP to begin Sharqiyah.500MW project. who will then Interconnected System (MIS). an impressive 27 and the ability to turn rights for interest container transshipment terminal on the 2010. Carillion Alawi office in Salalah New transformer protector THE newly established regional office of Carillion Alawi in EXPANDING on its top of the range safety and security product Salalah was officially launched at an event in Hilton Salalah portfolio in Oman.424 will secure a licence to build lion on a 1. lent to roughly 400 MW of increase of around 8. Siemens 30 deadline to finalise a short. has whittled Water Procurement Company 2014. sustainable savings of financing costs operates and manages Oman’s largest the financial year ended December 31. ed at RO 5. ● Page 23 Tuesday. ties such as limestone and cement that customer from transshipment to direct Energetic efforts to boost productiv- MUSCAT — General cargo volumes are exported from Oman to developing shipping. mandate. Al in a small terminal in Jordan. The outlook for the company. Enka (Turkey) and Mitsui & be called for final negotiations An estimated half a million Co in the fray. opted procure all new electricity and development in the Batinah out of the contest. North Batinah and the competition for the pres. for full commissioning ahead at Sur. Shanfari said. Saudi Oger and Korean East. on the Sultanate’s ity off-taker.” Al Consolidated revenues rose 10. strategy change implemented by one record profitability in 2010. The event was attended by government and Safety Equipment) has earned sole representative status to officials. while sets.5 per cent installed generation capacity ity limit. per cent to over six million tonnes dur. Al Chairman of Board of Directors. and most of the ter five bidders were opened at paving the way for construc. representing an average field power project with an $2 billion at the higher capac.


“We have strengthened “We rarely find companies working togeth. lah office of the company SALALAH — The newly Andy said Carillion Alawi has presently achieved 50 established regional office offers professional services per cent Omanisation. Amanco introduces France’s transformer protector By A Staff Reporter MUSCAT — Expanding on its top of the range safety and security product portfolio in Oman. Over the years the company has supplied to almost all major players in the country who required fire-fighting equipment.” Das added Year to be more pro-active in addressing our This partnership has been announced in customers’ needs and issues. said the new Sala- ernorate. The Royal Opera House 2010 and is expected to grow quality construction. this is what the winning exposure in different markets on board. March vironment safety.” he added.7 billion in has a reputation for high sort. in the market. meet the senior management and briefed the gathering Reiterating company’s team of Carillion Alawi. to Omani nationals through event in Hilton Salalah Re.” he said. men. We have a portfolio of government is ramping up lion Alawi. MEP services. of the largest and most reput.” he added. “With expertise in all ar. I believe that. The Chairman adds. we can employ and move The launch event was fol- Company’s partner and key professionals quickly lowed by dinner and later the sponsor Alawi bin Qais al to suit the needs of specific guests had an opportunity to Zawawi welcomed the guests projects. prestigious landmark projects spending on infrastructure tioned in detail the plans of for key clients in public and development.23 OMAN TUESDAY. The quality and innovative tech- nology that drives this product makes it indis- pensable in this market. Regional ed construction companies in 8th Five-Year Plan as the Managing Director of Caril. AMANCO has been operational since 1998 and enjoys the reputation of being the only company in Oman manufacturing fire-fighting equipment under all relevant licence catego- ries. the success in Dhofar region members of the local com. SERGI-France has always provided us with top quality products which we have been privi- leged to bring to the market here. Andy Jones. bal procurement capabilities. maximum benefit from the In his address. Barr Al Jissah Re. General Manager. Oman.” at an average annual rate of standards and quality.” said G Mu. tanate and we will replicate ficials. ing zero compromise on the quality of the ing the innovative technology of transformer product which in turn assures people and en- protection during this conference today. our top management team by positioning expe- er with sincere consideration for each other's rienced professionals with varied skill sets and needs. 2011 Carillion Alawi office launched in Salalah By A Staff Reporter contracts in the Dhofar Gov. al Ghafri. “Transformer Protector is a product that addresses the need of the hour in fire-fighting technology. in various regions of the Sul- attended by government of. “Carillion Alawi is one in Oman is set to derive the since 1965. AMANCO. on the history and progress commitment to Oman. safety and Majlis Oman. move ahead through the challenges by ensur- tan Qaboos University. AMANCO. AMANCO (National Factory for Security and Safety Equipment) has earned sole representa- tive status to introduce SERGI — France’s Transformer Protector (TP) in the Sultanate. rali Das. Arnaud will be present. joinery and our training centres located sort recently. from 3:30-4:10 pm. was valued at $3. munity. which Mosque. We equation for SERGI — France and AMANCO have declared 2011 as Customer Satisfaction has been. The event was facilities management.” line with the arrival of Arnaud Magnier. too. “The company. business partners and eas of construction and glo. 8. The product is set to face the home-run SERGI — France in Muscat to participate in challenges that are typical for any new item the International Workshop on Fire Safety En. CEO. he The construction sector of Carillion Alawi in Oman said.” said Salman Rashid al Fannah al Araimi.8 per cent between 2010 to better support construction Carillion Alawi Mohammed and 2014. but AMANCO is equipped to gineering and Management organised by Sul. “It is a privilege that AMANCO has been chosen to introduce this technology in Oman. Chairman. The Sultan- the company for the Salalah private sectors like Grand ate’s construction industry region. hopes Omanisation Manager of 5. MARCH 8. “We of Carillion Alawi in Salalah such as pre-construction regularly provide training was officially launched at an tasks with in-house design. .



turbine The company favours summer drilling services. the capabilities of Omanis and sug- The company has its own for. ly experienced. less than RO 500 and all those who were getting RO 300 are now get- cation and training to get better po- sition in companies. The company understands that ting RO 500. So the need of the hour is emphasis on better training and education’ . Oilfield services job without caring for the difficul. MANI workforce is ready the credit of being the only Omani so qualified that none of them gets to try and address the needs of edu. competent and The company responsibilities dedicated staff. During the time of only hard work. The company has exhorted peo. The company keeps them abreast with the latest in by the hard work of an entrepre. Midwest is equipped with high- reer plan. first 100 per cent Omani owned lo- So the need of the hour is emphasis cal company to specialise in per- on better training and education. It insists on and HSE.” The company suggests that derstand their Corporate Social Re- sponsibility. as in its scheme of things issue with a “need to operate and and gas company. but it comes only when you It urges the big companies to un- O to take up any challenge company in the sector when it start- and this has been proved ed in 2001. “Luck may be one of the market. deliver in a controlled manner. facing hurdles. when vacancy arises. It also feels the need of The company has an Omanisation level of 90 per cent and none of them is inferior to anyone.” ‘A trained and educated Omani does not carry any complex and he is as good as a trained expatriate worker. The company has en. versity students for short-term on.young entrepreneurs work until realising the human side of the job neur who established his own oil Omanis are prepared to take up any sured a hike of 30 to 50 per cent to company sponsors college and uni. The company is do not end with earning money reputed in maintaining the highest and finding some jobs for youths to levels in business conduct. The company is strict on not are prepared to do hard work. 2011 Omani workforce ready for any corporate challenge Oilfield services company Midwest meets international standards. the-job training. The company’s policy is it hurts. The company knows that there sure that Omanis can match anyone are Omani companies meeting in- in the job market and do not carry ternational standards that are still the stigma of being inferior to any.the market and every six months the compromising on quality while of.a trained and educated Omani does nothing comes easy. better training and education to en. it has The employees at Midwest are ple not to overreact and urged them training the company identifies the to success. gests the authorities to give them mula for success: “Hard work and proper education and training to By Kaushalendra Singh company Midwest does not only ties. quality meet the present crisis.” can lead anyone meet the requirements of the job meet international standards.fering jobs. It has strong faith in one. talent and offers them jobs as and factors. youth to chart out their proper ca. formance drilling services. It has also the credit of being the only Omani company in the sector when it started in 2001 not carry any complex and he is as Midwest Oilfield Services is the good as a trained expatriate worker.all the employees. directional drill- camps for training and advises the ing services and supervision. March 8. Wave of women-centric Witherspoon carries Sudden impact to kids’ films her make-up kit chest can prove fatal ™ Page 28 ™ Page 28 ™ Page 28 100th year of International Isla Fisher writes own Women’s Day comedy script ™ Page 27 ™ Page 28 Fea ures Tuesday.

ing of representatives from disparities exist in salary structure and representation in vi. sector and many mechanisms tions built and made strong only by the faithful efforts of the and a fair globalisation de. and we have maintained our national unity in ures can ensure equal op. was further expanded in three Changes are definitely taking place. tolerant tightly will also focus on the policy has been made in advancing Major progress has been adherent to their land and to the nation they built over four mechanisms that need to be gender equality. the right entitle: ‘Equal access to ed. of course. women. it works the other way round as well. edu- • Being a woman is a terribly difficult task. women have paved tional Women’s Day (IWD). of ‘UN Women’. empowerment of women. landmark agreements such healthcare. since the launch The UN office also played a termination. Great missions can tributions made by women. up the implementation of the guidance of His Majesty the with specific themes for each year to focus attention on I N a historical occasion heels of the establishment cation and empowerment marking the 100th an. The Government of Unicef has been working prominence and are benefiting right to work in the private International Conven. since it con. the state rie. political and social achievements and that of the State’s Basic leader of Oman. sists principally in dealing with men. were also improved to expand In 1979 the UN agreement people. but its issues and challenges faced spirit of solidarity and national identity among themselves ization (ILO). has played a significant role In Oman women have been accorded dignity and equal to implement the international opportunities in crucial areas like education and healthcare agreements in accordance to in the Renaissance era and the results are there for all to see. implementation and effective- perity of their nation in all There are. also ratified the CEDAW So this is the kind of ethics that distinguishes the people Developed Countries. Oman. and other kinds of material The Sultanate also formed achievements in the education of the objectives of celebrating this day and had even des. practical action and conditions that are not necessarily similar to other nations’. the entire community rights. Mother Teresa and Kiran Bedi. it is a set of cultural values that it comes to jobs and work. which guarantees safeguard the nation and protect His Majesty the Sultan. of life. In many developing tablishments and the Non- and under-developed nations the degree of discrimination Governmental Organisations and exploitation are far worse. enjoy among the nations. and provisions of the this country currently enjoy is women as applied in the prin. the Sultanate’s the Youth Development Fund. woman in the pension of the en’s Day. principle of complete gender derail from the track of civilisation. history a remarkable ability to cope with the toughest of Enhancing policy meas. which re- The recognition of their importance was demonstrated last sulted in the establishment of a year by the institution of October 17 as Omani Women’s national committee to address Day (OWD). ditional grants. we ought not to ignore the implicit call to ther tasked to raise awareness think globally and act locally. Further. the United of women. basic human right. judicial. collaboration began National CEDAW Committee needs and aspirations of women. especially the Least mandates for greater im. to upgrade Omani women’s legislative. promote aware- The access to gender equal. — Joseph Conrad agriculture and many other aspects. istrative. bring. he should not resort to strategies and development Intilaqaah Projects which Bill of Rights for Women. The people have to be aware plans has taken on board the works to encourage the Omani treaty addresses the advance. “May God bless plays on the economic UN reform agenda. pare the first national report be knowledgeable. We have to take a stop and rethink the events so as to of male-only domains is fast vanishing. downturn has served to un. even when this was not so. distant dream. new paths on the socio- today. cation. There are still parts of the compensation of the insured and wise leadership ushered in the stability and welfare of world where this demand for justice and equality remains a upon death. According to the der equality is not only a cussing and addressing the from the equal rights in education. as well as from the employment opportunities under the banner of national unity. but it has significantly more and more women taking up challenging careers and of the Convention and other enabled women to effectively pursuits it is easier for a woman to become high achiever periodic reports. Today it is observed worldwide and is an official holiday in gardless of age. Omani women have gained also offers Omani women the tion for a loan. Marie Cu. some challenges still re. growth. portunities and treatment Women (CEDAW). The concept public office. of its responsibility towards the welfare of women. We are allowed to de- cial programme held in the Development Plan (2006. history of our forefathers. that dialogue is the best way to achieve their demands. As far as history is concerned. In doing to stand for the membership ucation. that’s because they savoured the fruit of the land remains a major challenge. as well as politi. Equality and the Empow. as well as securing a sustain. en’s Association in wilayats with the Ministry of Social in preparation and drafting the stands to gain. women’s awareness about the concern to women’s issues and of the treaty on the rights of stance who overcame heavy odds and prejudices to make Since the Sultanate rati- Majesty the Sultan. 2011 By Mirfat al Araimiya mirfat@omandaily. women who have created history ness of the provisions of the walks of life. ferent areas of women empowerment that demand urgent advantage of available in- The empowerment in- attention. in July economic front including observe this day under the 2010 by the United Nations the right to vote. be accomplished only when we come together. a historic step in accelerat- ing the Organisation’s goals State Council. will. law. the economic achievement has enormous to further enhance the role services. the significant progress that These days the habit of emulation has prevailed in the place for the advancement of neurship was also established the first national report on the has been achieved by Omani Arab world. decades. I N observation of this great elements to accord special care and ownership of small and forth guidelines on how to What we need is to express our opinion in a responsible day the Sultanate joins the and rights to women in many medium SMEs and the Sanad achieve it. a special committee to follow- of Omani women under the ignated 1975 as ‘International Women’s Year’. Those who lived in Oman in the pre-Renaissance era are derscore and aggravate pre. human rights. concerned government es- tal spheres like business and politics. tee is also obliged to follow-up fare. it’s the for women and men when Remarking on the occa. as the Convention on the cal and economic participa. ing together resources and process. are not only restricted to ad- Quotes: dress women’s rights but also involves a broad spectrum • A woman is like a tea bag. In1913 the observance was moved to March 8. of women and His Majesty health. where we can easily make our voice heard. (SMEs) with the support of — a Treaty for the Rights of the nation or hinder its progress. the Indian super cop. Also we have got to know that the process of nation All the same. It is a positive sign teams comprising of the me- that on this day. we are utterly proud of the good reputation we put in place to make it hap. Well. and technology: Pathway to decent work for women’. ate means of notification. Significant Progress convention in 2005. including achieved in education. country’s development the people of Al Qubairaa who believed in my message growth of developing coun. admin- women through determined countries. saying. all civilisations were able and equitable recovery Oman has demonstrated in partnership with the Gov. blessed Renaissance of His the State. tries. law and research and stud- the negatives to a celebration of the positive achievements ies sections. sponses. which emphasises the be as stable and great as it is. and relished its water in the days of childhood. loans and to facilitate training stitutions. A sound sense of belonging to the country entails relentless efforts on the policies. But that called for greater de. sion. ternational experience. women in the Sultanate. the people tend to clone the events in other Omani women. CEDAW provisions. This is the land flect upon the role that en. Women and the International have a great love of the country. Oman will of women all over. you wouldn’t have been harmed”. of Oman. titled to pension benefits and building cannot be achieved overnight. The young- existing inequality therefore fuels thriving economies. the Sultanate’s laws. know what we did wrong. The commit- contribute to their social wel- and trail blazer if there is a supportive male — the spouse. the world unites to erment of Women. political commitment and ernment of Oman since 1971 tion. this world a better place for all are Helen Keller. The nation is not just geographical boundaries. The committee compris- Even where the status of women is fairly satisfactory. taking Sultan. fied the Convention. General Assembly. The theme for 2011 is: Equal access to education. ness among the public. and in areas of hit us. which were far- by women. It comes up forms of social welfare for ing the role of Omani Wom. Omani women are also en. In the past four niversary of the Wilayat of Rustaq to mark 2010) has given an important of Omani women in entrepre. an astonishing way. We must do all we can to about the rights of the women. the deceased. and to maintain the International Labour Organ. While areas of the legislative field His Majesty Sultan Qaboos will remain the aspiring celebrating the economic. we are moving away from concentrating on dia. women’s participation in pri. sion. This is in addition to Oman’s active participa. help women realise their full potential to build a vibrant and The articles of the CEDAW happy world. Empowering women power them in all spheres facilitated in all provinces and regions of the Sultanate the ones who feel the true value of the nation. ignoring the fact that every nation has its special Women’s rights participation in private busi. training and science so. and in such a manner that doesn’t affect the people’s rest of the world in a spe- Dr Rajan Philips walks of life. The vandalism and destruction. tion in the annual global celebration on March 8. it happens to be centenary year of the annual observance that began in 1911. Dr Laila Omar Gad. The Omani labour law procedures related to applica. The Omani people will never to be redressed. social and health part of the citizens to build the nation. way. We will be strong in the No sphere of human endeavour is today beyond the equality in rights and duties in face of crises as we did when adverse weather conditions reach of women given the right opportunities. self reli- It is said that ‘Behind every successful man there is a to monitor the Sultanate’s im- ant and reputable in their own woman’. SPOTLIGHT 27 TUESDAY. education and social ment opportunities facilitated vate businesses and Small All Forms of Discrimination The genuine citizenship manifests itself when every in- The 100th year com. on gender equality and the merce & Industry and other of Oman. rights to all support in addition to enhanc. and the symbol of the nation. MARCH 8. The Day reminds the world significant measures to en- sure women’s rights in several This has led many countries to fall in the trap of violence and chaos. the right of an unmarried IWD was originally called International Working Wom. Nations Entity for Gender decades. development and pros- father or brother — backing her. The Omani Women’s lies deep in our collective mindset. socio-economic ramifica. and ity in areas of education and of the UNFPA GCC office significant role in assisting the But if men are positively inclined towards the legitimate the relevant authorities of the empowerment that women in in 2006. equal rights and opportunities. Other women’s rights in. formed to facilitate access for governmental and private in- The observation of the day several countries. and mark October sters who travel abroad feel nostalgic of Oman in the di- achieving gender equality spurring productivity and 17 of every year as Omani asporas. we realise that despite the undisputed con. we all belong to this ing conditions through skills development and training Unicef Representative in the Sultanate said: “Gen- Symposium held in 2009 had set a platform for dis- Omani women have gained prominence and are benefiting land. was formed to Eliminate of unity which is the most important pillar of nation building. Convention. They had to struggle hard them the right to pension and architect of its blessed Renaissance. re. protect rajanph@yahoo. youth (both male and female) ment of women. The good citizen should Since social and health services. The Omani people are civilised. nesses and a committee was result of co-operation between enlightened policy making. The Sultanate has taken T ODAY is International Women’s Day (IWD). — Translated by Khalid al Kush kind of education they can hope to achieve economic inde- pendence which in turn ensures equality. from the equal rights in educa. those with a will to succeed. . main. With plementation of the provisions right. struggle and strength of character on their part. tions. about whom the prophet said. Elimination of All Forms tion of women. and by work that is based on tolerance and national mand for gender-aware re. the land of the people who believed hanced access to these fields The creation of UN Women In an effort to promote in the prophet and his heavenly message right from the for women and girls which came about as part of the women to be part of the beginning. the right of women Oman. The Sultanate Ratified the freedom or damage their properties. the Board of Oman Chamber of Com- T HE Prophet Muhammed (Peace and Blessing Be Upon Him) addressed a messenger of his who was beaten and verbally abused. the Sultanate. of national women and em. 2005 up on the completion of the common interest. bodies. and that comes as a advocacy. May God rity system. is indeed one of the fruitful The UN has been playing a key role in the promotion clude the right to have ad. It pact. the 7th projects among others. In fact. The vested in women’s education training and science and technology: Pathway to decent committee was tasked to pre- has not only enabled them to work for women. By Maryam Khalfan aspect of human resource de. all sorts of human rights. the Day reminds us of the disparities still Statute. the government without seeing me”. however conditions. whose farsightedness to win even the minimum rights. Convention through appropri- of no doubt the results of the ciple set forth in the Statute of in regards to terms of raising Development in all aspects of Sultanate’s first official report A few of the outstanding examples of women of sub. A study for the development CEDAW Convention in May liver whatever message we want on one condition. Sky is the limit for social development. We have developed throughout pen. of Discrimination against despite these achievements. describes the Modern technology has turned the world into a small velopment as one of its basic to engage in entrepreneurship meaning of equality and sets global village. pensioner. Sultan Qaboos is dedicated services for children and in all provinces and regions of and Medium Size Enterprises Against Women (CEDAW) dividual stands firm in the face of attempts aiming to dwarf memoration comes at the to building the nation’s edu. Yet. and we are firmly tied to the nation. to promote the rights with the aim of improving as well as from the employ. for centuries they were denied comprehensive social secu. In fact. “Had you been sent to the people This year’s theme will re.” Women’s Day. of Al Qubairaa. gender. But wherever they have access to the right to receive early old age pen. UN member states took of the Consultative Council. — Nancy Reagan aspects related to health. She knows her strength of issues in addressing other only when put in hot water.

it can speed up to 500 mil. the struggle of Sabrina Lall’s emancipation. P. A study of data contained on a register compiled by the Witherspoon carries her make-up kit cessful women-centric films in the years to come.O. but “At the moment. fibrillation (Commotio of them will go soon. ac. The Wedding Crashers star. 24699437 Š Fax: 24699643 Š Website: omanobserver. Tel: 24649350/24649360. Tel: 24649444. which she will co-star in with Turning 30 murder of model Jessica Lall to Germany’s Association of them not to fend off an op. are trying to break the mould beat lasts about 1. one in my handbag and one at male leads in strong and pow. Postal Code 112. Turning 30 and sister. — IANS less mother. I try to keep them small. — dpa Chief Executive Officer ABDULLAH BIN NASSIR AL RAHBI. must be used instead. told Glamour magazine. devoted girlfriend. Witherspoon. but I have about five erful roles. Groupies is pretty close movie were two leading Š Salalah Office: Tel: 23292633. vibrant and uncon. a ball or a puck with On how her script is developing.” said Shukla. They should you mean Groupies? After Wedding Crashers I was do well without a strong male or a puck could induce try another form of defence just surprised as to the lack of comedic female mate- Š e-mail: editor@omanobserver. puck can also help protect tiple National Award-winning project Godmother. reports contactmusic. Editor-in-Chief FAHMY BIN KHALID AL HARTHY Printers and Publishers OMAN ESTABLISHMENT FOR PRESS. N O One Killed Jessica. was an attempt to bring alive with four stories of women’s off rhythm by a sudden im. degree of force and during a specific 10 to 20 millisecond US Heart Institute Founda- tion in Minneapolis showed A CTRESS Reese Witherspoon always carry her make- up kit with her whenever she goes out. can prove fatal for children ary for years to get justice for A CTRESS Isla Fisher was so frustrated with the lack of good comedy scripts for actresses her murdered sister. accidents with a lighter centre and 35-year-old actress has also written two novels but has previously revealed she has no plans Director Vinay Shukla. It’s more frustrating being in development than it is just to be cast in something. Film-makers and realistic.C. Muscat. cording to the cardiologist.O. with a certain your child. rial there is. This isn’t Isla’s first foray into writing — the with open arms. 2011 Wave of women-centric films Sudden impact to the chest Isla Fisher writes own comedy script fight with the Indian judici. hates to 7 Khoon Maaf — all directors like Vishal Bharad. Gupta’s No One Killed Jessica whose latest film Mirch dealt before a heart can be thrown and above made up just nine eyeliner pencil. Sultanate of Oman. Hopefully one in whatever they “I have a bunch of different make-up last few months show the fe. It’s a a theme. but it will grow In most people a heart. Ruwi.C. P. Box 974. but times are chang. Amy Poehler. the movie created a buzz O NE of the dangers young sports enthusiasts should watch out for are blunt blows “Trainers should warn children about the risks as- sociated with a blow to the that she wrote a script on her own. mascara. 24649450. P. ues in future. submissive wife. daughter or a vamp. Sultanate of Oman. per cent of cases. . and present women in a more liseconds but during sport A quarter of the record- tential to run a movie on their home. softer covering or a lighter to return to her old job. according chest region and advise was to pen Groupies. lipstick and blush.Box 974.O. life-threatening heart instead. The movie talks about Isla’s and comedienne Amy’s rock groupie ing and people are accepting it Kahl. ENTERTAINMENT 28 TUESDAY. as she believes it keeps her looking re- en are usually seen as a help. Isla replied: “Oh prehensive that his film won’t with another player.” she actors hope this trend contin. PUBLICATION AND ADVERTISING Oman Establishment for Press. easy to make a film on such ical professional. 24604563. However. subscribe@omandaily. shoulders much like their male Paediatricians. Publication and Advertising. association’s Herman Josef A much thicker protector lot of things involved. and they are also set to produce it. overcaring Mirch. So I had to start working and getting “The protagonists in my fibrillations. the phase of the heart’s electrical that young boys between who is engaged to Hollywood agent Jim Toth. P. Chest. 100. felt the only way she could get a good role Gul Panag in as it was inspired by the 1999 to the chest region. DIRECT: 24649430/24649437/24649401. Commotio cordis. is confi- dent there will be more suc- That’s because the blow must occur at a certain point on the chest. Tel: SWITCHBOARD: 24649444.000 mil. A number of cir.” warns the cordis). best known for his 1999.O. like these are very rare. a ball their chests. nowadays have got huge po. under the age of ten years. Balls characters. P. Fax: 23293909 Š Nizwa Office: Tel: 25411099. Starring Vidya Balan and Rani Muk- erji. Postal Code 100. reports women-centric films in the waj and Alankrita Shrivastava higher risk of experiencing with time because actresses femalefirst. ventional way. Fax: 24649434 Š DISTRIBUTION AGENT: AL OMANEYA FOR DISTRIBUTION & MARKETING. 24649451.” says Kahl. A collision ponent. One-film-old Rajkumar counterparts. Fax: 24649379. MARCH 8. ed cases involved children lipglosses. protectors available in stores stuff out there for myself”. insists she tries to limit what she takes with her. who is married to actor Sacha Baron Cohen. “Fibrillation can lead to cannot guarantee that a blow to being ready and I’ve got another movie called Life dies who were very powerful death within minutes if it’s to the chest will not induce Coach which I’ve been working on.” Gupta said. P. mul. freshed. Sultanate of Oman. cumstances must coincide Young adults aged 25 years The actress also doesn’t forget to keep a white On the silver screen wom. bags — one in my car. It’s not not quickly treated by a med. number of women-centric activity. — IANS pact to the chest. Box 3303. 611 Š ADVERTISING: AL OMANEYA ADVERTISING & PUBLIC RELATIONS. though she movies is less. Box 955. and the director was never ap. 10 and 18 years old are at a be caught without her favourite cosmetics.