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Governors of all 50 states... - Page 1252 I will be shortly stepping off this roller coaster and moving on to the OP COMPASSION, OP PROJECTS and OP JUSTICE Operations. ... http://www.godlikeproductions.com/forum1/message1029116/pg1252 87% NESARA NOW and REPUBLIC Restore America Operations: INTEL 2/11 ... Feb 11, 2011 ... I will be shortly stepping off this roller coaster and moving on to the OP COMPASSION, OP PROJECTS and OP JUSTICE Operations. ... http://nesaranews.blogspot.com/2011/02/intel-211-end-of-ride.html 84% Vera Housing Co-Op Association - Vancouver, Canada | Company ... Companies like Vera Housing Co-Op Association usually offer: Housing Justice Project, Department Of ... information; information on the identity, operations ... http://www.manta.com/ic/mt627p5/ca/vera-housing-co-op-association 83% Thank You White Knights: INTEL 2/11 - END OF THE RIDE! Feb 11, 2011 ... I will be shortly stepping off this roller coaster and moving on to the OP COMPASSION, OP PROJECTS and OP JUSTICE Operations. ... http://thankyouwhiteknights.blogspot.com/2011/02/intel-211-end-of-ride.html 78% Intel 2/12 « My Home Portal My Home Portal Feb 12, 2011 ... Our focus shall be on Op Compassion, Op Projects and Op Justice Operations. It was my wish and hope that this intel report did help reveal ... http://ggomezjr.mysiteinc.net/2011/02/12/intel-212/ 75% It has mutated into an organision with projects and partnerships all over ..... Vivaldi Violin Concerto in G minor Op. 8, No. 2, RV 315, "L'estate" (Summer) ... http://www.oxfordplayhouse.com/ticketsoxford/?venue=2 69%







End Of The Ride « My Home Portal My Home Portal Feb 11, 2011 ... I will be shortly stepping off this roller coaster and ... http://ggomezjr.mysiteinc.net/2011/02/11/end-of-the-ride/ 69% Such contradictions abounded in a society where assumed values such as compassion and freedom were manipulated in the service of the military industrial complex. http://www.zmag.org/znet/viewArticle/16206 68%


9. DPA is the leading organization in the US working to end the War on Drugs and envision new drug policies based on science, compassion, health and human rights. http://www.news2020.com/drugs-policy1.php 68% 10. Community Profiles Their latest venture a gently used clothing depot, is becoming very popular with the public. For mere pennies or dollars, an entire family can be outfitted, with proceeds helping to fund operations at the Centre. A special of $5 per large garbage bag full http://www.saint-john-foundation.nb.ca/CommunityProfilesList.html 67% DIRECTOR'S PRIORITIES September October November December January February March April May June RESPECT EMPATHY JUSTICE PATIENCE RESPONSIBILITY COMPASSION FORGIVENESS STEWARDSHIP TOLERANCE HONESTY Committee members will provide principals with the following resources each month http://www.pvnccdsb.on.ca/library/DirectorMessage/DirectorsPriorities2007-08.pdf 67% "Pro-life " they trumpet their compassion, their determination to preserve the lives of the unborn but have no hesitation in sending the living to the electric chair or putting a bullet into... http://www.mairs.me.uk/page/2/ 65% 13. Atkinson Charitable Foundation An accomplished executive leader, policy expert and social justice advocate, Ms. Nuamah will spearhead the Foundation's groundbreaking social and economic justice work and continue to forge bold new initiatives to realize its mission. http://www.atkinsonfoundation.ca/updates 65% Annual Report - 1994-1995 He was often heard to say that "the law should not stand in the way of helping people", and this attitude, animated by his common sense and compassion, made him an ideal counsel for an ombudsman's office. ... He also conducts research on his own behalf or http://www.priv.gc.ca/information/ar/02_04_03_e.cfm 64% Monday, May 15, 1995- com: Finance (140) We are a coalition and our membership includes community groups, social planning councils, social justice coalitions, ... These values of fairness, compassion, ... In fact, one of the projects of our Ontario Social Safety Net/Work right now is to collect s http://www.parl.gc.ca/35/Archives/committees351/fine/evidence/140_95-05-15/fine140_blk101.ht ml 64% 2nd-36th, Volume 12 - Budget Debate THAT this government's 1996 budget document points out the real meaning of their 1995 campaign promise "Manitoba Strong" which we now know to mean "Manitoba for the Strong" and thereby demonstrate their lack of caring and compassion for Manitobans.






http://www.gov.mb.ca/legislature/hansard/2nd-36th/vol12/h012_3.html 62% 17. Edited Hansard * Table of Contents * Number 135 (Official Version) The Aga Khan succeeded his grandfather as Imam of the Shia Imami Ismaili muslims in 1957. As a religious leader he has promoted a view of Islam as a faith that teaches compassion, ... I hope that this flurry of trade talks is not just an effort to provide http://www.parl.gc.ca/37/1/parlbus/chambus/house/debates/135_2002-01-30/han135-e.htm 62% Edited Hansard * Number 090 (Official Version) What we need today is a commitment from the justice minister to announce changes to the YOA before we recess this summer. ... Two weeks ago representatives from the Canso Trawlerman's co-op and Seafreez in Canso, and today ACS Trading in the town of Mulgra http://www.parl.gc.ca/36/1/parlbus/chambus/house/debates/090_1998-04-22/nsmfq70.htm 61% February 24, 1995 IRIS Research Projects Mr. ... Mr. Speaker, I will just say that I was glad once again to be reminded of the fine people I represent in the BengoughMilestone constituency. They well exemplify the qualities of community, compassion, and cooperation. ... My http://www.legassembly.sk.ca/Hansard/22L5S/95-02-24.PDF 61% Hansard - Thur., Nov. 20, 1997 They remind us that it is our character, our care and compassion that make Nova Scotia the most wonderful place in the world to live. On behalf of my government and all Nova Scotia, I wish to thank them. ... My government will go forward with a Restorative http://www.gov.ns.ca/legislature/hansard/han56-6/h97nov20.htm 61% http://www.kingstongreens.ca/mainPages/ViewHTML.asp?Issue_ID=56 We are gearing up to once again join our sisters and brothers around the world in a global call for peace and justice for the people of Iraq. All welcome! ... Hearthmakers Energy Co-op invites you to join us on this Field Trip. Learn more about biodiesel a http://www.kingstongreens.ca/mainPages/ViewHTML.asp?Issue_ID=56 61% Post33.indd - racial profiling in law enforcement and criminal justice; - ... These remarkable retailers include three of our biggest sellers Mountain Equipment Co-op, Uprising Breads and Chapters on Robson Street." ... Pivot's legal strategy includes three tactics: L http://intraspec.ca/PivotPost1.pdf 61% Legislative Assembly of Alberta It's symbolic when a cheque goes forward, in terms of a photo op, to show that the community has worked hard in terms of raising their funds. I think it's just part of the process in terms of acknowledging the hard work that volunteers in Alberta have done http://www.assembly.ab.ca/ISYS/LADDAR_files/docs/hansards/han/legislature_26/session_2/20060 511_1330_01_han.pdf 60%








March 30, 1984 I ask the minister: will she show the same measure of statesmanship, compassion, and flexibility in dealing with a formula with respect to school matters that the Minister of Urban Affairs has shown with respect to municipal matters? http://www.legassembly.sk.ca/Hansard/20L3S/840330Hansard.pdf 60% Watershed Sentinel Vol 11 #5 (Devember 2001/January 2002) Environmental News from Georgia Strait (British Columbia, Canada) and the World ... Woodlot owners nearly always live in the communities most affected by their operations and are accountable for their activities. They hire local loggers and contractors and http://www.watershedsentinel.ca/Archives_WSS/ws115.htm 60% Center for Law and Social Responsibility: April 2009 CRIMINAL JUSTICE PROJECT ... legal predictability, proportionality, compassion, and ... Conducting media outreach and drafting op ... http://neslclsr.blogspot.com/2009_04_01_archive.html 58% http://www.ontla.on.ca/library/repository/mon/24002/299259.pdf The relationship between the security of the community, and the health of the community, extends beyond justice, and touches on a host of other associations including economic/family welfare, and the environment. http://www.ontla.on.ca/library/repository/mon/24002/299259.pdf 58% Graduate Certificate Program - Sustainability Leadership ... The Sustainability Leadership curriculum is project ... Dominican values of Community, Partnership, Justice, Compassion ... Willy Street Co-op for their supporting gift of ... http://www.edgewood.edu/academics/graduate/sustainability/ 26%





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