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721 Westside Avenue
Jersey City, New Jersey 07306

Testing for the week of May 10, 2021

Monda Tuesday Wednesda Thursda

y May May 11 y May 12 y May 13
9:00am- Grade 2 Reading 9:00am- Grade 4 Reading 9:00am-Grade 6 Reading 9:00am-Grade 8 Reading

10:30am -Grade 3 Reading 10:30am- Grade 5 Reading 10:30am- Grade 7 Reading Make-ups after

Make-ups after
Make-ups After

***Remote Parents, please remember to make sure that your device can handle the testing browser. Go to if you are able to see the window with the words session name and session password
students will be able to take the test no problem, if not, they either need to disable their pop-up blocker or lower
their resolution. Please let me know if need assistance. ***
Visit us: P: (201) 433-4270 F: (201) 433-6916 email:

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