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Week ending: 11.3.11 Spring Term: Issue 9

Brampton Bulletin
Inside this week’s issue:
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Members of FOB kindly demonstrated to children some of the new play equipment they have purchased to improve playtimes for all our children. They have got large versions of popular and well known games such as snakes and ladders, ludo, chess, jenga, dominoes and ker-plunk. There will be used with each year group and rotated to ensure everyone gets a go at their favourite game. This was a great launch to our Olympics Week! Many thanks to FOB and all of our parents and families for their support to the fund raising efforts in school.

Forthcoming Dates: Monday 14th March Science & Technology week Wednesday 16th March Arsenal Double Club Friday 18th March Parents to see Science Week work after school Wednesday 23rd March Arsenal Double Club Thursday 24th March FOB Meeting Tuesday 29th March Y4 Money Workshops Wednesday 30th March Arsenal Double Club FOB Mothers Day Pamper Night Tuesday 5th April & Wednesday 6th April Parents Evenings

French in Brampton We are luck this term to be one of 3 primary schools to be supported by Bexley Grammar School with a French teacher, Alix Cox, teaching one of our Year 6 classes on Wednesday mornings. We now also have the teaching resources to use in school and Mrs Jackson has been using the materials in the other class. Many thanks to Mrs Jackson for securing this placement.

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Brampton Bulletin




Choose one of your favourite books or use the one that the child has brought home. Read the book together. Now look at the pictures. Can you think how the characters in the book might be feeling in the picture? How many different feelings did you think of? If you want to do something more: You might like to write some of the feelings down or draw the feeling. Talk together about times when you have felt the same way as the characters in the book.

Feeling better
We all have times when we feel down about something. What can we do to help? Ask each member of your family to think of one thing that cheers them up when they feel down or fed up. The child might like to draw the ideas and stick them on the fridge or wall as a reminder of how we can help to cheer each other up when we are feeling down.

Ask your child to teach you how to relax. They might like to help you using this visualisation. Remember to sit in a comfortable position and to shut your eyes if it feels OK. ‘Imagine you are in your special place. You look around it. Think about all the things that you can see. Think about what you can hear. You reach out to touch the things that are near you. You think about how lovely it is to be in your special place, and this is making you feel happy and content. Your body is beginning to relax …’ (Take a few minutes to relax.) ‘It is now time to leave your special place, so you get up slowly. Turn around and take one look before you go.’ (Leave a couple of seconds, then say)… ‘When you are ready, open your eyes and look around the room.’

Money Activities with Barclays Many thanks to Miss Mason who has arranged for staff from the local Barclays Bank in Pickford Lane along with other colleagues to work with some of our junior classes to understand more about money skills so that they will be able to make more informed financial choices. They had a variety of different activities to try including ‘What can you do with your money?’ and ‘Not too much change?’ Last week they were working in Year 5 and next week will be in Year 4.

Issue 9

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SCHOOL M EALS W E E K B E G I N N I N G - 1 4 T H M A RC H 2 0 1 1
Monday Meat Tuesday Wednesday
Roast Chicken with Homemade Stuffing & Roast Potatoes

Homemade Beef Meatballs with Rice Sweet & Sour Pork with Rice Bubble & Squeak

BBQ Chicken with Chips

Minced Beef & Lamb Curry with Vegetable Pie with Lemon Coriander Potatoes Rice Tuna Pasta Bake Vegetable Stir Fry

Fish or alternative Vegetarian Desserts

Salmon Fishcake with New Potatoes Macaroni Cheese

Tomato & Basil Pasta Chocolate Sponge with Chocolate

Jacket Potato with Sweet Potato Stir Cheese & Beans Shortbread & Yoghurt Apple & Banana Crumble with

Carrot Cake with Custard

Jelly & Ice Cream

A choice of salads, seasonal vegetables, fresh bread, fresh fruit platter, fruit yoghurt, milk and drinking water are also available daily. Peanut Allergies Please can we remind everyone that we are a ‘Peanut Free’ school in our cooked meals and we ask parents not to put any nuts or items containing nuts in their child’s packed lunches. Thank you School Dinners Did you know out of all Bexley schools we are in the top three for take up of school cooked dinners and in the last few weeks have been number one! So well done to all our children who are obviously enjoying our school meals. If you would like to try a sample meal and see for yourself, please contact the office to make a convenient date. Drop In Box Although we encourage children to become responsible for handing in dinner money and other letters etc via their class teachers, there are occasions when parents may wish to hand in letters and other monies directly to the office. In order to lessen the queues in the morning the office staff have introduced a ‘drop in’ box on the reception counter. This should save parents having to wait and is regularly emptied during the day. Year 6 SATS This year the Year 6 SATS will take place from Monday 9th May until Friday 13th May. Please try to avoid making appointments during this week in order to ensure that your child attends school during this time. It is an important week for the children and provides an end of key stage assessment that they can be proud of and is useful for their new schools.

BRAMPTON GOLD BOOK Striving to Reach the Best Every week we print the names of those children who have achieved in either their work, conduct or behaviour around school and have been entered in the Gold Book. They have been mentioned in Monday’s celebratory assembly. After 3 mentions children receive a bronze certificate, 6 mentions for a silver, 9 mentions for a gold, 12 mentions for a Super Gold and 15 mentions for a Platinum certificate, 18 for Diamond, 21+ for a Head teacher’s Award and 24 for a Special Head teacher Award and Badge.
4C– Conor Murphy 4C– Ryan Freestone 4C– Victoria Obinya (Super Gold) 5S– Tom Rye (Gold) 5S– Harry Jackson 5S– Callum Puszyk 5S– Amber Barnett 5M—Jessica Tolliday 5M– George Hills 5M— Holly Tanner 5M— Lenny Bracher (Bronze) Unfortunately there is not enough space to mention the children’s achievements here but if you are interested to see your child’s mention, please pop in and ask to see it.

Weekly Attendance

Week ending 3.3.11 RB: RJ: 1B: 1BA: 2H: 2EW: 3W: 3WH: 4P: 4C: 5S: 5M: 6B: 6C: 97.7% 90.3% 93% 94.3% 90.3% 95.9% 95.7% 95% 98% 92% 97.1% 97.1% 95.2% 97.7%

HOUSE POINTS Week ending 4.3.11
1st— Blue = 153 2nd— Red= 148 3rd—Green= 145 4th—Yellow = 106

Congratulations to Blue House members!
And finally.......Scooters and notifying absences If your child uses a scooter to travel to school please can you ensure that they are aware of other pedestrians and the danger of coming off the kerb into the road. We have had several parents comment that they are very concerned that children using scooters are a hazard to themselves and others on the pavement. If your child is going to be off school due to sickness it is the parent’s responsibility to phone the office before 10.00am explaining the absence. Otherwise it will be an unauthorised absence. Remember if you like what we’re doing —tell us and others! If you don’t, please help us improve! School Office; 020 8303 2873 Fax; 020 8298 0286 Email:admin@brampton.bexley.sch.uk

Well done to 4P and the other classes above 96.1%
Our School Total was 95%. Raffle Prize Winners Due to the special assembly with FOB there was no draw this week. Four names will be drawn next week for the special end of term treat with Miss Fisher.

We’re on the web! www.fronter.com/brampton www.brampton.bexley.sch.uk

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