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Norman Software License Agreement

This license agreement (the "License Agreement") is entered into between you and
Norman ASA.
This is a license, not a sale. The Norman ASA ("Norman", "we" or "us") software
product is provided under the following License Agreement which defines what you
may do with the Product (as hereinafter defined), and contains limitations on w
arranties and remedies.
This License Agreement applies to Product(s) for which license is purchased in N
orway and outside of Norway. In markets where the Product is delivered with a lo
cal license agreement, the local license agreement shall be valid and shall prev
ail in the case of controversy or inconsistency with this License Agreement.
You must read this License Agreement carefully before using the Product. If you
do not agree to its terms, delete the program from all disks or other data media
. Using the Product indicates that you have read this License Agreement and ackn
owledged and agreed with its terms.

1. USE
Norman provides you with an electronic version or a storage media containing a c
omputer software program (the "Program"), and accompanying documents (together c
alled the "Product") and grants you a right to use the Product in accordance wit
h the terms of this License Agreement. The copyright and all other rights with r
egard to the Product shall remain with us or our suppliers, except for the right
s which are expressly granted to you under this License Agreement.
Use the Program only according to the specifications in this License Agreement.
On standalone computers:
You may use the Program on standalone computers. You must acquire a license for
one copy of the Program for each computer on which the Program will be installed
On shared network:
You may use the Program in a network, provided that you have purchased a number
of licenses to the Program which equals the maximum number of copies of the Prog
ram in use at any time.
If you wish to use the Program for more users, you will need a further license f
or each such additional user.
Make one copy of the Program for archive or back-up purposes. Transfer the licen
se to use the Program on a permanent basis to a new user provided that you trans
fer all prior versions and the latest version of the Program. Such a transfer mu
st also include this License Agreement and all documentation accompanying the Pr
ogram. The new user must agree to the terms of this License Agreement prior to t
he transfer. We must be notified of such a transfer.
Make any changes to the Program, meaning modify, merge, translate, adapt or alte
r in any manner. Furthermore, you may not perform any type of decompiling, disas
sembling or reverse engineering to the Program. This does not affect your rights
under any legislation implementing the EC Council Directive on the Legal Protec
tion of Computer Programs, including the provisions of the Norwegian Copyright A
ct Section 39h and Section 39i.
Loan, license or rent the Program or any copy of it. Transfer evaluation version
s of the Program for commercial purposes.


Norman ASA and its suppliers retain and are the owners of all intellectual prope
rty rights to the Product. These rights are protected by intellectual property l
egislation (including, but not limited to, trademark and copyright laws) in Norw
ay and in foreign jurisdictions and by international treaty provisions.
Norman ASA retains all rights to the Product not expressly granted to you.

We warrant that the Program:
Is substantially conform with the applicable user documentation. If the Program
is not substantially conform with the applicable user documentation, we will, at
our option, refund the amount you paid for the Product or issue corrected items
at no charge provided that the defective item(s) are returned to us within 90 (
ninety) days from the date of purchase.
Will be distributed on a media that is free from defects with regard to material
s and workmanship (this section does not apply if the Program was downloaded in
electronic format).
Will be free from defects with regard to materials and workmanship in the manufa
cture of the product in a period of 90 days from the date of purchase. We will,
at our option, refund the amount you paid for the Product or issue corrected ite
ms at no charge provided that the defective item(s) are returned to us within 90
(ninety) days from the date of purchase.
If misuse or unauthorised changes occur to the Program, the rights granted to yo
u under this section 4 will not apply.


The Product is provided "as is" without any other warranties or conditions, expr
ess or implied, including, but not limited to warranties of merchantability, fi
tness for a particular purpose, or those arising by law, statute, usage of trade
or course of dealing - except for the express limited warranty granted to you i
n section 4 above.
The entire risk as to the results and performance of the Product is assumed by y
ou. In no event will we be liable for indirect, special, incidental, tort, econo
mic cover or consequential damages arising out of the use of or inability to use
the Product, including without limitation, damages or costs relating to the los
s of profits, business, goodwill, data or computer programs, even if advised of
the possibility of such damages or for claims by a third party. We will in no c
ase be liable for financial damages that exceed the amount paid by you for the l
icense to the Program out of which such a claim arose.
Some states/countries do not allow the exclusion or limitation of implied warran
ties or limitation of liability for incidental or consequential damages in circu
mstances which are defined at law. The above limitation may therefore not apply
to you.

This License Agreement shall continue for as long as you use the Product. If you
have received or downloaded the Product as an evaluation version, this license
will only be valid for the period of time the evaluation period lasts. The evalu
ation period will be stated in the Product and/or in an accompanying offer or on
the web site from which it is downloaded.
If you fail to comply with any of its terms or conditions, we have the right to
terminate this License Agreement. All copies of the Product must be destroyed if
the License Agreement is terminated. The Limitation of Warranties and Liability
above shall continue in force even after any termination.

This License Agreement shall be governed and construed in accordance with Norweg
ian law.