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1 Weaving Standards


Weaving Standards ........................................................... T.1-2

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Weaving Standards

When starting up a new style fabric, the motions and units will have to first have their conditions set on the function panel, and then have their adjustments made, based on the following: • “Weaving Condition Table” (See the sample given below.) • Settings and adjustments in each chapter “Weaving Condition Table” sample


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T.1 Weaving Standards


Startup Flowchart for New Style Fabrics


Choose fabric type. (Plain weave, front or back weave) "Weaving Standards for Typical Fabrics" ("Weaving Condition Table")

Set the conditions of motions/units on the function panel and make necessary hardware adjustments.

Go on to trial weaving on 1 to 2 machines.

Settings and adjustments in each chapter

Pick out problems.

Take necessary actions.

· Complete finishing and processing stages, and quality assurance by end users. · Review the operating rate and machine speed.

Go on to full-scale practical production. Never go on to full-scale practical production without first confirming the fabric quality. TOYOTA is not liable for any claimed defects of fabric products woven by our weaving machines. You (the user of our machines) are responsible for the quality control of fabrics in the production process. Operating state is OK? Y N

Not good on all of the machines

Not good on particular machines


Troubleshooting in weaving

Troubleshooting in weaving

See Section T.2.1 "All of the Machines Do Not Work Satisfactorily."

See Section T.2.2 "Particular Machines Do Not Work Satisfactorily."

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